what a good show ugh


Okay not saying I have a *type*….

But yeah I totally have a type and it’s scruffy, long-haired Rutgers grads in red shirts who can rip out your heart with one soulful gaze.

Cause of death– Thomas Astruc admitting that he’s seen our umbrella shoot and slyly asking us to do another one

Bury me

what a heartbreaking way to end this season. 

peggy gets to take steve home, gets to give him her final goodbye, make peace with his death, and keep on living. And this whole season, besides all the spy stuff, has been about peggy moving on, peggy moving forward, peggy moving from this space where she is still mourning steve. and with her giving up steve’s blood, she gets that. 

she gets to move on past her lover who is dead.

 its just so heartbreaking because its so mirrored with steve. such a full circle concept. because he gets to sleep through an entire lifetime, gets to wake up and start again, only to find that the love of his life will also soon be a lover who is dead.  

steve’s journey starts in the same place where peggy’s begins.