what a good show ugh

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Stay strong!!! Dont stop making content we need u more than ever lets make it throught this

after the crazy storm today, man, i wish all 101 the best and the top 11, despite the fact that not all, or not even 2 members of nu’est made it :( i also hope that minhyun, baekho, ren, and jonghyun maintain the recognition that they deserve and get the most out of everything after what they have been through! even aaron lol even though idk where he’s hiding lol come out pls 

also i wish i can provide more new content for you guys to watch but i’ve been busy, i’ll try to finish up sat practice hw earlier this weekend in order to sneak in some time to make videos. however, if i cannot make it in time, i’ll reblog the vids i’ve made already on this blog for the next couple days! stay strong everyone, please keep supporting nu’est no matter what happens!  ❤

Am I gonna have to watch Gotham now? Sid, how dare you make me do that.

Farewell, Samurai

Just finished the last episode of Season 5 of Samurai Jack with a few tears in my eyes. It was a huge part of my childhood and a damn good finale. 

There were a few rushed parts that I wished had a few more minutes (no spoilers, but the last half feels super rushed), but a lot of great send offs for some amazing characters. 

From 2001 to 2017, thank you Samurai Jack for everything. I know that this is will not be the last time I see this show and I hope it lives on forever.

me trying to decide what my favorite song from Waitress is
  • Me: "She Used to Be Mine" is just amazing
  • Me: But "Everything Changes" and "I Didn't Plan It" are such amazing solos too!
  • Me: And "Door Number Three" is lowkey a really good solo too (minus Earl talking)
  • Me: But the group numbers...
  • Me: "When He Sees Me" is so funny omfg
  • Me: "Bad Idea" though (and its reprise because who doesn't love some "In the dark dark-chocolate pie")
  • Me: "It Only Takes A Taste" and "You Matter to Me" are both so GOOD how am I supposed to decide on this?
  • Me: And "What's Inside" starts off the show on such a good note ugh deciding this is so hard.
  • Me: "Lulu's Pie Song" will probs make you cry but like I don't mind because it's so adorable????
  • Me: Also any time Ogie sings...like "Never Getting Rid of Me" and "I Love You Like A Table." HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THOSE?
  • Me: OH MY GOODNESS I FORGOT ABOUT "A Soft Place To Land." THE HARMONIES!!!!!!1111!!!11!!
  • Me: But "Waiting Room" has literally been stuck in my head all day so maybe that's my favorite?
  • Me:
  • Me: Yeah I can't choose either.

Cause of death– Thomas Astruc admitting that he’s seen our umbrella shoot and slyly asking us to do another one

Bury me


marcel gerard in 211 ‘the brotherhood of the damned’


Okay not saying I have a *type*….

But yeah I totally have a type and it’s scruffy, long-haired Rutgers grads in red shirts who can rip out your heart with one soulful gaze.


what a heartbreaking way to end this season. 

peggy gets to take steve home, gets to give him her final goodbye, make peace with his death, and keep on living. And this whole season, besides all the spy stuff, has been about peggy moving on, peggy moving forward, peggy moving from this space where she is still mourning steve. and with her giving up steve’s blood, she gets that. 

she gets to move on past her lover who is dead.

 its just so heartbreaking because its so mirrored with steve. such a full circle concept. because he gets to sleep through an entire lifetime, gets to wake up and start again, only to find that the love of his life will also soon be a lover who is dead.  

steve’s journey starts in the same place where peggy’s begins. 

Setting the Clock Back 3 Hours

Throw the sheets in the air 

and dive into me. 

Our courtship is impatience.

Be still; 

bodies now immovable in 

grateful disconnect.

            Frustration is every pillow 

on the floor.

             In the morning, I 

 reach for a man made of feathers 

who is never there. 

I wait for the blue world 

                                       to rain gold- 

unwelcome in unadjusted eyes. 

Throw the sheets in the air 

to escape colors we disagree with.

                                        Throw the sheets in the air.

                                        Throw it all off the bed.

you know what i love about daredevil? they did the whole dark and gritty thing without falling into the trap of being cynical or reveling in the violence of the world they created. a lot of ~grimdark shows leave me feeling frustrated and vaguely ill but daredevil doesn’t. yes, it’s dark and scary and violent, but it’s also about hope and faith and friendship and real heroes helping their fellow humans. the grittiness of the show emphasizes the importance of those things instead of mocking them as foolishly optimistic. it’s not “oh the world sucks and we all become monsters in the end.” it’s “the world sucks and our choices matter, we can make it a better place but how we go about doing that also matters” and that’s a really important difference??? ugh what a good show i’m going to rewatch it

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Same anon from the other day. I want to tell you that Hugh Dancy wouldn't be as known as he is now if it weren't for his wife. Claire Danes is the reason he is known. She's the great and talented actress, not him. He's just her husband. He's never done anything remarkable. Claire is one of the best actresses of her generation. She's the new Meryl Streep. And Homeland is the best show on TV. There's nothing like that on TV. Not even Breaking Bad. That show is overrated.

This message is extremely disrespectful towards Hugh Dancy. If you love an actor you don’t need to be disrespectful toward other actors just to prove that the actor you like is awesome. It’s stupid.

Hugh Dancy is a very good actor and he has proved it. Have you seen Elizabeth I, Hannibal, Adam, Evening or Deadline Gallipoli? He’s not an “accessory” as you seem to think.

“And Homeland is the best show on TV. There’s nothing like that on TV. Not even Breaking Bad. That show is overrated.“

To each his own, but seriously…..

Homeland is a good show, Breaking Bad is a masterpiece.