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Who’s Who of the 2017 Grand Prix Series, Part 3: Men

The third part of our Grand Prix previews will cover the talent-packed discipline of men’s singles! Remember to check out our previews of the ice dance and pairs disciplines as well, and our playlist of program recommendations for currently-competing singles skaters.

The last two seasons have brought about a technical revolution in men’s skating the likes of which have never been seen since the advent of triple jumps. Although the men have been attempting quadruple jumps for many years, up until the 2015-16 season, most skaters included 1 quad in the short program and 1 or 2 in the free program, and most attempts were limited to the toeloop and salchow jumps. Everything changed when Chinese teenager Boyang Jin brought a catalytic spark to men’s skating in his senior debut season, making waves with his consistent quad lutz and 6 quad attempts across two programs. Reigning Olympic Champion Yuzuru Hanyu of Japan then increased his own base value, smashing world records into the ground, and it was all history from there.

The last two seasons have seen the successful completion of the world’s first quad flip, quad loop, and quad lutz and quad flip combinations. The top men of the field now include 2 quads in the short program and 3-6 quads in the free program. The ripple effect has spread throughout the entire men’s field, with more and more skaters attempting the harder quad loop, flip, and lutz, and continually increasing the quantity of quad jumps in their programs. While there are very real concerns about the direction men’s skating is taking and the long-term effects of so many quad jumps on skaters’ health, there is no doubt right now that men’s skating is in a uniquely exciting position. With at least 6 skaters vying for the Olympic podium and potential dark horses waiting in the wings, every competition this season promises to be a thrillingly unpredictable battle.

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Updated heights

I’ve rearranged the characters from tallest to smollest.

Jumin Han 184 cm
Hyun Ryu 182 cm (ZEN)
Yoosung Kim 180 cm (Valentine DLC)
Jihyun Kim 179 cm
Saeyoung Choi 175cm (707)
Yoosung Kim 171 cm
Jaehee Kang 165 cm
Rika 159 cm


So people keep questioning whether it is possible for Yoosung to grow 9 cms after age 21. There’s several people who claim this isn’t possible at all.

First of all. Yoosung is not 21, he is 20 and just turned it a couple of months ago if you go by launch date (08/07/2016). Which I did for birth dates (see ages ), Babies born in Korea is regarded as 1 year old when they are born. Which means that all the characters are 1 year younger than what they claim in game. 

Now to answer the next question. Can you grow after the age of 20? Yes, it is possible. However very unlikely. The closest I can get to a real life example confirmed (so far) is the case of Glee Star Chris Colfer. Chris Colfer grew a good 3-4 inches over the matter of 1 year in first season of Glee. Chris was 19 then.  READ MORE >

So it is possible, however unlikely. However it is confirmed by both Jaehee and Yoosung that Yoosung ls still presumably growing. Yoosung says that he grew a bit more than an inch last year. And Jaehee says she thinks he’s still growing. Jaehee usually speaks the truth when she claims something. If you want to debate this, I’m more than willing.

Your local Voltron meta trash nerd is back at it again folks

Ok so bear with me if someone’s already done this but I couldn’t watch the newest season until now and I think (again this is all theory) that the last ep of Voltron was EXTREMELY important in terms of foreshadowing and learning more about the Paladins

So we’ve seen some common characteristics between the old and new paladins, ranging from straight up parallels to merely gender/build similarities. Pre-Comet Zarkon is stern but caring, Alfor is impulsive in battle, Blaytz is fun-loving (whooping with joy as he flies his lion for the first time like Lance) and flirtatious (gAY???), Trigel is the only female paladin (before Allura of course), and we didn’t see much of Gyrgan but he seems to be just as fond of one-liner snappy comebacks as Hunk. Shiro and Keith have a similar bond of friendship to Zarkon and Alfor, while Blaytz and Alfor have each other's backs (there is a scene that really parallels a scene from season 2)

But for me, this season has confirmed what I think are the weaknesses of the paladins because now we’ve seen multiple paladins and have been able to draw parallels between their personalities. The greatest things about these weaknesses are that they are actually the Paladin’s strength, but unmoderated they become weaknesses. For example, the Red Paladin’s strength is their instincts but its weakness, impulsiveness and self-centered thinking, is the result of relying too much on their instinct and not others. This one was quite obvious from the start, but the rest of them haven’t been explored much.

The foil to the Red Paladin is the Blue, whose weakness is self-doubt and relying too much on others, unlike the Red (which is interesting because Lance can pilot both thereby reinforcing the fact that he is multi-faceted, not having a “thing”). They are quick to doubt themselves because they can so easily see other’s strengths, but not their own. I mean “rely too much on others,” more so to mean emotional validation, to feel needed, etc. They see their worth through others’ eyes. Allura and Lance also share this willingness to charge in thoughtlessly or sacrifice themselves for the sake of their friends or family. Lance would give up his role as a Paladin for the sake of the team while Allura was lured into two traps because she wanted to see Alteans again.

The Yellow Paladin’s weakness is fear, but not necessarily like Hunk’s. Again, we don’t know much about Gyrgan but after seeing this line from Hunk

I think the weakness has more to do with not wanting to explore the unknown. A foil to the Green Paladin who is inquisitive, the Yellow Lion values security, therefore it’s weakness is not taking risks or sticking with what it knows instead of trying something new.

Which brings me to the Green Paladin, whose weakness is being willing to sacrifice everything for the pursuit of what they want (knowledge, family, etc.) Their inquisitive nature will sometimes lead them to make decisions that are too risky because they are too focused on what they want, like Pidge wanting to collect that data on her family instead of avoiding a giant falling object from the sky?!?!?! I think Honerva/Haggar would’ve made a great Green Paladin pre-Comet.

Finally, we have the Black Paladin and this is THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE. Their weakness isn’t apparent at first but when Shiro said

I realized it was this very decisiveness that is necessary to be a leader that is also their downfall. You have to be confident in your commands on the battlefield in order to avoid chaos and confusion. You have to make split-second decisions, sometimes really hard ones. All the Black Paladins must have this trait (Keith is v decisive. He knows what he wants, it’s just he’s immature and thinks with his anger, not his head), but being too firm in your decisions you make means you may not listen to your team. Zarkon refuses to close the rift, Shiro brings Keith to the Blade, Keith is… Keith.

Zarkon refusal to listen was his undoing and I think this episode foreshadows the same for Shiro. Shiro won’t turn all quintessence crazy, but I think this whole Kuron Phase 3 business is gonna stir things up (there’s a lot of theories about this but no matter what is actually going on, shit’s gonna go down) and maybe something inside him that he can’t control will mean Voltron loses its head… again.

But it won’t have the same ending as Zarkon’s story. This is where the right hand comes in. Zarkon and Alfor, Shiro and Keith, Keith and Lance. Think Hand of the King in Game of Thrones. It’s their job to make sure their leader doesn’t make dumb decisions. The right hand has every capacity of a leader but they aren’t because they see that another has traits that are stronger and they respect that person more. They instead lead by keeping their leader in check, challenging and pushing them to be better. But whereas Alfor failed to keep Zarkon from making the worst decision, I think Keith and Lance will write a different story.

I say Keith and Lance, not Shiro and Keith because Shiro has been retired from his post, he’s not the leader anymore even though Keith still feels like he should be. The writers have made it pretty clear that Shiro is to step aside from Voltron duties, but will still be important plotwise. If Shiro falls into Galran hands once again, maybe even becoming their weapon, Keith will lose it. He will stop at nothing to save him, just like Zarkon stopped at nothing to save Honerva/Haggar. It’s going to have to be Lance who will have to help him through this trial and talk some sense into him. I think this is why the writers have included a Keith and Lance bonding moment each season. Whether you ship them or not, it’s pretty obvious they have become more amicable and friendly as the show has gone on and this will be crucial in the seasons to come. Lance is canonically Keith’s right-hand man and if the story arc really does mimic the old story of the Paladins then this could be how it will go. I have faith Lance and the team will be able to reason with Keith and work out a plan. And they will still rescue Shiro but as a team.

Again, this is all theory so don’t take it too seriously, but I think it would be AWESOME. Let me know, too far-fetched? Waste of time? Didn’t make sense at all? lmao I’m trapped in meta hell


Episode of the Week - 6x20 “The Pinocchio in the Planter”

Back to the lab. Here we go. Come on.

Booth is always so amazed at what the squints can do and find in their science and results. Compared to season 1 when Booth wouldn’t even listen to the squints. He’s grown so far :) All of them have! <3 And as always Hodgins is so fascinated with the soil and bugs and I’ve never seen someone get *that* excited about their work. God I love Hodgins’ character so much. What an adorable human being <3 Love him so much.

praying for Claire and the child

A dozen times a day he touched the small cross that lay over his heart, conjuring each time the face of a loved one, with a brief word of prayer—for his sister, Jenny; for Ian and the children—his namesake, Young Jamie, Maggie, and Katherine Mary, for the twins Michael and Janet, and for Baby Ian. For the tenants of Lallybroch, the men of Ardsmuir. And always, the first prayer at morning, the last at night—and many between—for Claire. Lord, that she may be safe. She and the child.
As the snow passed and the year brightened into spring, Jamie Fraser was aware of only one fly in the ointment of his daily existence—the presence of the Lady Geneva Dunsany.
Pretty, spoilt, and autocratic, the Lady Geneva was accustomed to get what she wanted when she wanted it, and damn the convenience of anyone standing in her way. She was a good horsewoman—Jamie would give her that—but so sharp-tongued and whim-ridden that the grooms were given to drawing straws to determine who would have the misfortune of accompanying her on her daily ride.

I have loved the first 3 episodes, with a few minor exceptions. Thus far in season 3, we’ve yet to hear Jamie say these words or some variation thereof…”Lord, that she may be safe, she and the child.” Thinking of Claire, praying for Claire, seemed to sustain and comfort Jamie. So I hope we will hear him utter these words in the next episode. 

(still photo from https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=20&v=Fb0ICzU-dpc)




It’s SO. GOOD.

The first three episodes of season 3 were just INCREDIBLE

I think Shut Up and Dance is my favorite so far.

(It’s kinda weird because it’s like backwards on Netflix. When you first play it, it starts with season 3 and goes backwards. So I’ve watched all of season 3 and now I’m on season 2).

The first episode “Nosedive” made me feel bad about using social media. And the second episode made me question what reality is.

But Shut Up and Dance was just so…like what are the words? To be forced to do all these things thinking that if you just play along everything will be fine but then it all just blows up in your face anyway.

This fucking show is genius (and I don’t often use that word because I think people throw it around too much) but Black Mirror is truly genius.

And the fact that each episode is a standalone thing means that, theoretically, the show could go on forever.

Supergirl star Odette Annable previews big bad Reign

A new kind of big bad is coming to Supergirl this season, one that doesn’t actually know she’s a villain.

At the close of season 2, it was revealed that another pod escaped Krypton’s destruction, housing a bio-engineered weapon called Reign, also known as a Worldkiller. In the comics, the Worldkillers are bloodthirsty, super-powered beings that set out to conquer Earth. But when Odette Annable makes her debut as the character in the season premiere, she is far from the villain fans know in the comics, appearing as a single mother named Samantha who has no idea about her true lineage. To get the scoop on Reign, EW sat down on set with Annable, who also reveals she initially auditioned for a very different Supergirl character:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Reign doesn’t actually know she’s a Worldkiller when we first meet her. Tell us about Samantha as a character outside of that.
ODETTE ANNABLE: Samantha is a single mother, she’s a hard worker, she’s very much a working mom in the sense that she’s trying to juggle it all, as one does, as I do in real life. She loves her daughter more than words can express. They have a really special bond. What I think is really special about this storyline is it’s a slow play and you’ll get to see this whole heartbreaking story unfold in a really — they’re taking their time with it, and we have the time to do it. I think the audience is really going to hopefully relate.

How will Samantha feel when she discovers what she actually is?
It’s great because I’m discovering her journey along with these scripts. I don’t know what’s going to happen in episode 8, or 9, or 10, or however many episodes I’m doing. It’s really exciting to see these scripts and see the little bits that start to happen and start to reveal who she really is. It’s creepy.

What is it like playing both sides of her? Is it a split personality?
For right now, it’s her discovering. Clues are coming up and she’s slowly discovering that something is happening. That’s all that I know so far.

What’s it like playing that duality?
It’s interesting. The great thing about it is I’m discovering it with her. There aren’t any big reveals that are happening. It’s tiny little things that are really catching her eye and making her pay attention. It’s not something yet that she’s going to go to the cops over. It’s a very, very slow burn and all the pieces are starting to come together as we speak.

Can you tease anything about her motivations?
No, mostly because I don’t necessarily know them myself. I know that everything she does is for her daughter and I know that they have this brilliant relationship and she’s this working mom, but I don’t know where the story is going to unfold or when that left turn is going to happen. I’m very excited for it, and I know that this is such a different character than they’ve ever had on the show. But that’s really all I know. I wish that I knew more, I’m excited to know more.

What can you tease about Samantha and Kara’s first meeting?
What I said at Comic-Con, which is the truth: I have been working with Kara and we will be working together very closely, whether that’s Sam or Reign, you’ll have to find out.

They’re both struggling with what it means to be human. Can they relate?
They can absolutely relate to each other on that, on very polar opposite playing fields, but they have so much in common — not just because they’re from Krypton and from the same place, probably came in on a pod, but absolutely. Their storylines are very parallel — one will go one way and one will, unfortunately, go the other.

Will Reign cross paths with any of our other main characters?
I don’t know. I hope so. I want to work with David and Chyler and all of them. I don’t know.

What’s been the most difficult part about playing this villain? 
I haven’t explored enough of her to know what is difficult yet. I haven’t even seen my suit. I’m not even trying to cover anything up. I really don’t know.

Can you talk about your casting and how this all came together?
It was really great in the way that I’ve been wanting to work with these guys for quite some time, for years now. I actually auditioned for the role of Alex, but even just in that audition that I had, I loved working with them in the room, so for this audition, I think as an actor, all your job is to portray your interpretation of the performance that you want to give, and that’s what I did and they responded to that. For me, I’m a working mom, I have a daughter, and this story is really specific to me and where I am in my life right now, so it’s a really special and important story to tell. I’m so happy that it’s part of the DC world and that I’m putting a toe in. These guys are so amazing. Andrew [Kreisberg] is so, so great to work with, he’s so collaborative, he’s so reachable, and he’s so busy and for him to make the time and for us to try to make this the best character she can be is the most important part. I think we’re doing that.

What has that training been like for this role?
Training as far as fighting? Nonexistent so far. As far as preparation, diving into the comics, there’s not much about Reign out there, so I think that we talked about this a little bit before where the pressure is off me a little bit, which is kind of nice so I can have my own interpretation of who I think this girl is.

Reign wasn’t the only Worldkiller in the comics. Is that something in the back of your mind? Have you asked if you’re the only one?
Or do I have a backup? No, that hasn’t come up. So far, it’s just me, from what I know, but it would be cool if I was fighting and had this epic showdown and all of a sudden my buddies came along to play. I mean, being bad is good. It’s always fun.

Supergirl returns Monday at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

RANT: Rumplestiltskin and all Anti-heroes

It’s a bit late (6 seasons late) but I recently became a fan of “Once Upon A Time” and marathoned essentially the entire thing. Unfortunately, as I’m sure loyal fans already know, the majority of the cast, with the exception of 3, are not to come back for the 7th season. As a new fan, this feels jarring for me too because I just got to understand the characters and dynamics of the series, only to learn that the structure will completely change for it’s season return.

A part of me feels miffed but there’s another part that has thought this through and thinks that perhaps this is a much warrented change needed for the series. That’s the part I want to discuss; again, I binged through 6 seasons and watched a ton of clips on Youtube but it wasn’t long before I caught on to a pattern that I suddenly realized is in a lot more shows/movies than I realized.

First, I want to point out that without a doubt, my favorite character is Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold. Particularly in the earlier seasons (1-3) he’s fantastic! By fairytale standards, Rumple is certainly a villian and even in “The Land without Magic,” he’s seen to be pretty messed up. But as the series goes on, we see that this “monster” was once a human man with fears and dreams as real as the neighbors. Not only that, but we also learn that Rumple was meant to be/do great things (*cough* if it wasn’t for the Black Fairy *cough*). Based off of that information, instead of villian, I think it’s fair to say that Rumple is an Anti-hero.

BUT! There in lies the problem! Ever notice how ridiculous anti-heroes are treated? In the series, Rumplesiltskin, known for making deals, is constantly approached by numerous main characters for help. They make a deal, KNOWING the kind of man Rumple is, and then when things get serious/tough, they either back out of the deal or backstab Rumple for their own gain. Prime example is Cinderella! For those that don’t know *SPOILER!* she, on her own, makes a deal w/Rumple, promising whatever he asks for, in return for getting her out of poverty. True to his word, she ends up rich and marries a prince. He asks for her 1st born child as the price, so she rats him out, “tricks” him, and gets him arrested. The entire time, Cinderella is praised for…something(?) but Rumple is called a scumbag for deceiving the poor girl (NOT deception though, she signed a CONTRACT!!). What’s worse is that the same people (Prince Charming!) that call him names, later come back asking to MAKE. A. DEAL. for help.

Okay, but all that could be done on purpose though to invoke drama in the show, right? Well here’s the thing, I’d go along with that, if the “good guys” were written in a way that showcased they understand the consequences of their actions–that they are aware of what they’re dong and they respect the villian that’s helping them, even if the reason for the help is selfish. Take for example how Belle, from the get-go, declares that she loves Rumple so much that she’ll never abandon him. She confesses this several times through the span of several seasons. Except whenever Rumple does something selfish or angers one of the good guys, she backtracks and grows distant, even going as far as dumping him (they broke up like 3-4 times -_-). The problem isn’t just that she’s playing an emotional tug-of-war with Rumple, it’s that at some point, she never takes a moment to understand him and why he does what he does/is what he is.
It’s sad because she ends up learning everything about his past, yet still villianizes him.

This is what Rumple’s life is like through the series (in case anyone’s confused):
1. Abandoned by mother because she didn’t want to give up her powers
2. Abandoned by father when he was a child because he wanted eternal youth
3. Grew up as the “son of a coward” and was called one himself by community
4. Married Milah, who later left him for another man and who confesssed she never even loved him (also she abused him frequently during their marriage)
5. Lost his son due to PTSD and a moment of fear of the unknown
6. After becoming the Dark One, had a lover named Cora, who abandoned him for power, but also because “he was her weakness,” as she puts it -_-
7. Meets Belle and has the ups and downs with her (through seasons 2-6).
8. Learns that his son is alive and well but is hated by him
9. Learns that ex-lover did love him but she’s too power hungry and later tries to kill him.
10. Discovers his father is Peter Pan and ends up killing him (killing himself in the process)
11. Is brought back to life only to become a slave to Zelena (who later kills Neal!)
12. Has to deal with Hades who wants Rumple’s 2nd (unborn) child
13. Discovers his mother is the Black Fairy and ends up killing her too!

Belle knows most–if not all–of this and yet she still blames Rumple for him being, well, himself. Just looking at what he’s been through, how can she expect Rumple to be a good guy when nothing he’s previously experienced gave him indication that he should even try. And instead of helping him or sticking with him when shit got real tough, she abandoned him too; acting no different than anyone else!

This all brings me back to my original point; characters made as the anti-heroes get the short end of the stick. I’ve seen this in shows like House, M.D., Sherlock Holmes, 24 (Jack Bauer). Don’t get me wrong, I get it; the whole point of an anit-hero is that deep down, they are good, they just don’t go about it in the morale or conventional way. But again, my problem isn’t with the anti-hereos themselves being assholes or that they are hated within their own shows, it’s that DESPITE being hated by other characters, they are still used or demanded for assistance, even guilt tripped on many occasions. And when these anti-hereos do just that, they either don’t get any credit or thanks or those deeds are forgotten the moment they do something for themselves. What continues to bother me is that a lot of the times, the anti-heroes end up buying/believing what the good guys are saying. Like in OUAT, everyone tells Rumple that he’s selfish even though he’s murdered members of his own family to SAVE THEM!

It’s never acknowledged by the shows how messed up that is. So far in the 6 seasons I have yet to see Belle or Emma <–ESPECIALLY HER, or Snow or any other good guy admit that Rumple is a jerk but that they’ve messed up too and that they respect him. That they’ve needed him more than he’s needed them. That if they still believe he’s a monster, then they need to stop using him when its convienent for them.
This trope is just getting dumber the more it appears and it’s ruining how writers WRITE their characters; there’s no love or respect if you just have all of your “good guys” hate the one guy that’s labeled selfish.

I don’t know if this is just me or if I’m even wording any of this correctly. I keep re-reading it and feel as if my point isn’t being made. To quickly end this before it’s another 23 pages long, I love the anti-heroes and think they deserve a lot more love/respect than what they are getting. I think more in-depth writing is needed for these characters so it doesn’t just look like lazy cliches thrown together.
Trust me, it’s possible to have someone as pure-hearted as Belle love someone as dark as Rumple but feel conflicted in doing so, without it looking or sounding so hypocritical. One major break up was all that was needed between those two to heighten the drama but also highlight the pros and cons of their relationship; that way it doesn’t compromise who each character is and it properly showcases WHY Belle loves Rumple so much but feels conflicted for doing so.

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College Advice


I thought I’d share some tips I’ve learned in college so far (in no particular order) 

1) Understand the Ebbinghaus Curve of Forgetting. Basically, constantly revise your notes or else you’ll forget all of what you learned from the previous day/week/etc. Plus, it’ll be easier come midterms and finals season when you’ll have to review all the material anyway. 

2) Don’t cram. The brain is not built to process a lot of information very quickly. All cramming does is make you overwhelmed and stress, and stress won’t do you any good. Going along with this, used space repetition, and keep revisiting your notes.

3) Use active recall. When reading from a textbook, don’t take notes. Once you finish a section of the chapter, close your book, and write down notes from memory. Then go back and fill in the gaps. Forcing your brain to think this way best consolidates memories. 

4) Don’t overlearn. If you feel like you understand it well, you probably do. Don’t over-revise, that may sometimes make you more confused. This tip is best if you have an exam coming up soon and you’re worried about it. You’re going to do fine :D

5) Figure out your music situation soon. If you like listening to music in the background, listen to instrumental music, but not music you already know. 

6) Take practice tests. I can’t stress this enough. Ask your professors for some. Google some. Do whatever you have to do, but definitely do them. 

7) Study before sleeping. Sleep consolidates memories.

8) Do you have test anxiety? Write your concerns on an index card/post it note/loose leaf paper/etc! If you put your concerns on paper, it clears your mind so you can focus on the test. :D

9) Vary your study locations. Everyone needs a little change and sometimes this can make recall easier. For example, say on a quiz the question is, “What is Hofstadter’s Law?” You can link the information to a specific place, as in you studied that at a library as opposed to your usual studying spot, homeroom.

Speaking of Hofstadter’s Law…

10) Hofstadter’s Law states that things will always take longer than you expect them to. So, make a home-stretch schedule. For example, if you want to do homework from 12-3 thinking it’ll only take three hours, add an extra half hour to one hour. You’ll more than likely find something else to study. (but don’t forget to take breaks!)

11) Find out what study methods work best for you (flashcards, mind maps, concept maps, etc.) but don’t forget to vary them, and tailor them towards the subject(s) you are studying. Also, if something isn’t working for whatever reason, don’t be afraid to fix it, even if you think it’s too late. It’s better to realize something isn’t working and change that before you actually lose any points. This could be applied to note taking as well. :D 

12) Don’t be afraid to use apps! There’s nothing wrong in utilizing sources. Rather, you should take advantage of all resources, that’s how to optimize your learning, whether that’s school related or general life related. 

13) Go to Office Hours. I did an entire post on this. It will save your grade :D

14) Get a planner and organization system down the first week of classes. This will help you to not fall behind. Especially with research projects. (Post coming soon!)

15) Don’t constantly study. Take a break, go out, have a good time with loved ones. You’ve got your whole life to study :D

Wakfu Season 3 so far

Wakfu fanbase: Yo Ankama give us that sweet, good yumalia stuff 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

Ankama: Aye alright, here you go- would you like a side of S U F F E R I N G with that order?

Wakfu fanbase: What? No, we–


SVTFOE Season 2 Finale Recap: “Wandside Attraction” and “Star and Marco vs The Future”


I knew this season finale was gonna kill us all, but I was SO off on how it was gonna turn out.

And by the way, if you’re waiting to watch these episode at 8 PM tonight… turn back now. I just saw ‘em at 7 in the morning, and as I said in my last post, there WILL be huge spoilers here. It’s not too late to look at another post until tonight, but if you’re willing to take the chance or have already seen it…

…then here we go.


Song Day is upon us, and Queen Moon Butterfly sends the new songstrel Ruberiot (voiced by Patrick Stump) to the Diaz household to write a song about Princess Star. Star, who is absolutely NOT a fan of these princess songs, tries to avoid hanging with Ruberiot until he realizes he hates those same songs, too, and they team up to write a song that really shows people who Star is. Meanwhile, Moon heads to the Forest of Certain Death trying to get some answers on where Ludo’s whereabouts might be. And who better for her to go to than his father Lord Brudo, his mother Lady Avarius, and his little brother Dennis? However, when she finds Ludo’s new lair and discovers what he’s wielding, she realizes the situation is much more serious than she could’ve imagined.

Before she can proceed with her mission, though, she, her husband King River, and the Magic High Commission along with Star and Marco attend the Song Day event, where it starts off great with Ruberiot subverting the kingdom’s expections and bringing them a rock ballad about Star being the Rebel Princess of Mewni… but then the songs gets to the part where Ludo shows up and takes Glossaryck and the Book of Spells, and the King and Queen proceed to keep retrieving the book and Glossaryck back a low-key effort, which horrifies both the Magic High Commission AND the entire Mewman audience.

But that’s not what the fandom’s gonna be talking about when they bring up the song. No, when they bring up the song, what they’re gonna really talk about– Aside from how awesome and catchy it is. –is that it straight up reveals that Star is in fact in love with Marco Diaz, a point Ruberiot glorifies for the finale, and one that he didn’t even talk to Star about to begin with. This all leads up to the following 22-minute episode…


And if you thought Storm the Castle or Bon Bon the Birthday Clown were the darkest this show could get, this is here to prove you completely wrong.

At the Diaz Family’s end-of-the-school-year party, Marco is still in shock as to Star’s true feelings for him, and things hadn’t really been so normal since Song Day. Of course, Star isn’t handling it much better, either. So, to avoid having an awkward conversation with him, Star calls an emergency friend meeting with Pony Head, Janna, Kelly and StarFan13 (who was there the whole time!), and they try to get Star to forget about his straining relationship with Marco by bringing her to a more dangerous bash on a rooftop, where Star finally hangs out with her other crush, Oskar Greason.

But meanwhile, on Mewni, Queen Moon and the MHC bust into Ludo’s ancient temple lair, easily dealing with the rat army, Eagle and Spider before contending with Ludo himself, who tells them that Glossaryck showed him a page of the Book of Spells (which, of course, was Queen Eclipsa’s chapter), and then suddenly he was gone. As the others leave to search for Glossaryck and the Book, Moon tells Ludo that she saw his family before coming there and pleads with him to let her help him. And as soon as you think Ludo’s gonna accept her help and listen…

…Toffee completely hijacks his body and steals her magic off-screen, turns the wand into a new, giant right hand with the crystal embedded within the palm, and easily curbstomps the others and steals THEIR magic. After being revived by Lekmet, who dies immediately after, Moon goes full-on Mewberty mode and battles Toffee, who this time around comes up the victor as the temple crumbles and Moon retreats, getting the fainted MHC to safety, but not before Toffee warns Moon that he’s coming for Star and seeking to reclaim his severed finger.

When Star and her friends come back home, Star decides to suck it up and she and Marco have a chat and agree it’s best the two remain friends. However, upon going to her room upstairs, she finds her mother there, telling her that she’s in danger and has to come back home to Mewni. Star tries to stand up and tell her she’s staying on Earth whether Moon likes it or not… until she’s told that Toffee has returned, bringing Star into a state of shock and disbelief. So she complies with her mother’s wishes, but before leaving, Star heads downstairs and tells Marco, in front of everybody in the house, that she is indeed in love with him, in a moment that every Starco shipper has been waiting the entire series for… which ends up being twisted into the biggest tearjerker in the series yet, as Star runs up to her room with Marco chasing her, but when he gets to her room, Star’s already left and her tower is dissipating from existence.

If there was one thing I was right about in my predictions for this, it was that it was gonna end in the biggest cliffhanger/downer ending yet. This hour starts fun, light and cheerful, like any normal SVTFOE episode, but then it slowly starts getting darker and darker for our cast as things keep taking a turn for the worse, from Star and Ruberiot’s princess song revealing not only Star’s crush on Marco but also the revelations that the Book and Glossaryck have been stolen, to finding out just how diabolical and dangerous Toffee really is. The entire thing is like a perfect mixture between the Holy Shit Quotient-level storytelling in Storm the Castle, where so many things have changed by the end of it all. and the way Bon Bon became increasingly more somber as the episode went on, giving us this gut-punch of a tearjerker ending that’ll have everyone asking themselves what’s next until Season 3 premieres.

Of course, it’s not all tearjerkers and nightmare fuel from beginning to end (at least, Face the Music isn’t); there are several light-hearted moments where we get not only some great laughs, like with the opening Princess Moon number, Janna scarfing down the whole popcorn bowl before zooming over to the Diaz house and the rooftop party (where Oskar somehow managed to park his car on top) but even a good deal of sweetness like Dennis’ concerns for Ludo and the surprisingly well-written conversation between Star and Oskar at said rooftop party, setting up that maybe they’ll be hanging out more when Marco and Jackie are dating. But sadly, the makers of this show don’t go that route… yet, as far as I know.

The route they do take, however, works just perfectly within the context of what this entire season’s given us: A deeper story that’s just starting to get real good, throwing twists and turns at us at every chance it gets and just when you think things are gonna be normal, dynamics change, relationships are affected forever, and we end up being left hanging for our heroes’ adventures to continue. And thankfully, like I said, there’s a Season 3 coming our way soon (albeit not soon enough), so in that upcoming season, we’ll get to see how everyone’s gonna deal with their new situations, and what fate will have in store as the plot continues to develop.

In fact, I have an idea of how Season 3 could start off that I’ll share some point after the season finale re-airs tonight, but for now, it’s time for the hiatus that’s hopefully shorter than the last one we had inbetween seasons. And when SVTFOE3 starts up, oh ho ho, boy, things are gonna get really weird and really wild then!

markhamillz  asked:

I always felt Azula's breakdown, while making sense from a broader narrative perspective (especially if you view her as a dark mirror to Zuko, who easily could have gone down a similar path), was disgustingly rushed. She went from Evil But Calculating to Evil and Crazy in the space of two episodes, instead of say, a subtle arc that has her steadily slip into it, as she grows more egomaniacal and self absorbed. Instead, it felt like Bryke was running out of ideas, and they just shoved it along

In a way, I think you’re right because I’m dead sure Bryke never meant for Azula to be as layered and complex as she comes off in the show. I mean, yes, they say she’s a very interesting villain but from what I could gather, they think Zaheer is super interesting too. Not great criteria in general, if you ask me…

As a curious example of how Bryke actually characterize Azula… these are the episodes that feature Azula, that were written by the creators: The Drill, The Guru, Sozin’s Comet Parts 1, 3 and 4.

While Azula is of course rather cold-blooded through all of Book 2, there are quirks to her personality that come through in all other episodes. In those Book 2 episodes they wrote, we see an Azula who’s following fit with her attitude from her first episode: we see her cold, conniving, virtually flawless. Yet this comes after episodes like the Chase, where she makes jokes at her brother’s expenses, or Appa’s Lost Days, where she makes a seriously bad pun. It comes after we see sides of her character that may have been unexpected, such as her conflictive relationship with her mother (she even seemed scared when Ursa wanted to have a serious talk with her). So we had indeed an initial product who was the flawless and cold Azula from episodes 2x01 and 2x03, but as the show progressed, she showed other sides of herself. Not in the episodes helmed by Bryke, though. Gotta wonder why (*cough* their perception of Azula is that of a static villain *cough*).

Book 3 is largely NOT written by Bryke, some people may think that’s good, some may think it’s bad. What I think? It explains why the most interesting aspects of Azula’s characterization shine during this season. Her social awkwardness, her strange, tug-of-war relationship with Zuko (one moment she’s helping him, the next she’s insulting him, and so on), many of the complexities about her are far more clear in this season.

Thing is… as you well said, if Bryke always wanted her to be clearly mentally ill, and to be coded as that, they could have used those episodes of Book 3 and instead of exploring her more humane sides, her other complexities, they could have explored her mental instability. They didn’t. And so, it can result in what happened to you: her downfall can feel rushed and forced.

I honestly like it fine the way it is, even if I’m not happy at all about how Azula ended up (as I’ve said many times, my problem isn’t that I thought her downfall made no sense, but merely that she was set up to fall from the start and never given an opportunity to have a different destiny than to lose against her brother). I like the way the other writers developed her because it genuinely makes her character more real, and not just another evil villain with mental issues. But I do understand your problem fairly well. While the fans said she’s a psycho or a sociopath through all the show, there’s really no signs of mental illness per se until the last episodes. Her ability to lie so well always struck me as a sign of how absurdly in control she is of herself, not of how much of a sociopath she is.

All this is why, while I know people always will say Azula was mentally ill, and the show and comics insist that she is, I’ve always thought her breakdown isn’t really caused by a specific illness. Someone once wrote an essay about her breakdown, where they explained why most diagnosis don’t even match with the symptoms she displayed. I don’t have the link right now, but in short, it said that for a fourteen-year-old girl who came from such an environment, her breakdown can simply be a matter of circumstance and not a product of a major mental illness. Yes, clearly her mind was not alright, but it also may not have been caused by the kind of diseases most people are using to label her.

I’m not by any means a professional, but I think this is what makes most sense, not just because of the diagnosis, but because of what you’ve said too. Had she been suffering from serious mental illnesses from the get-go, there should have been actual signs of it, other than “she’s a great liar”. And this as well is why I think her breakdown is what it is, a breakdown. Breakdowns definitely can be the consequence of something bigger, but they can also be something that happens to people who lose control of their very minds when their circumstances become really harsh. At least, that’s what I think.

I can be wrong, but I do think you’re right to say they should have taken her mental illnesses more seriously if that was what they were. They’re handling a very serious topic in a very simplistic way, in show and comics. Mental illness isn’t something that manifests itself out of nowhere.

They never did write Azula as too megalomaniac through the show though (with the finale being the only possible exception), and while some of her actions came off as selfish, she always was working for her father and her nation, not for her own advancement and ambitions. When the finale arrives, her father betrays her, and even then she’s talking about how she means to become a great leader for the Fire Nation. She’s simply not a conventional villain, and I appreciate that quite a lot, or else she’d be a lot less interesting to me. But with all this in mind, the show didn’t do a great job at convincing me that she’s evil and needs to go down. 

And that’s really where Bryke and Yang have failed for me. They’re not writing her the way the show developed her: no actual jokes initiated by her (the few comedic scenes featuring her in the comics really aren’t like those the show gave us), many of her complexities are left untouched (makes a ton of friends out of nowhere, yet back in the day she couldn’t seem to do it without using her title to achieve it, according to The Beach, so an explanation would’ve been nice?), always seems to be using Zuko for her own ends without ever doing anything selflessly for him (which she did in the show, namely in Book 3). They’re trying very hard to sell the Evil and Crazy idea, when the “crazy” really wasn’t part of her character until the last leg of the show. They’re leaving aside everything else that made Azula who she is, and not even treating the matter of mental illness with the seriousness it deserves.

They really could have done better. In a way, I’m glad they didn’t because I love the sides of Azula that come to light in Book 3, but at the same time, I think their perception of Azula is stuck in that of Book 2′s initial Azula, just, with mental illnesses sparkled in whenever it suits the story, as it has been in all comics featuring her. And honestly, the complexities she shows in Book 3 could have been explored while delving into her mental instability from early on, too. It wouldn’t have been impossible.

'Riverdale' season finale: Is [spoiler] really dead?

WARNING: This post contains major spoilers about the season finale of Riverdale!

The CW’s Riverdale wrapped up a great first season with a major dramatic cliffhanger: Fred Andrews (Luke Perry) was shot by an intruder at Pop’s Diner and seemed to die in his son Archie’s arms. Also, Jughead (Cole Sprouse) joined the Serpents, Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) burned down Thornhill, and Betty (Lili Reinhart) has a secret brother! EW talked to executive producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa about all of this cray cray and what’s in store for season 2.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Is Fred Andrews really dead?
ROBERTO AGUIRRE-SACASA: The only thing I can say is you will definitely see Fred in the season premiere of season 2. That’s really all I can say.

Hiram Lodge is coming in season 2 and being played by Mark Consuelos. How will his move to Riverdale affect season 2?
That’s one of our bigger casting additions. Hiram has created a lot of chaos in Riverdale for someone who wasn’t even in Riverdale. He was operating behind bars through his wife, through his business associates, through his mafia connections. I can only say that when Mark Consuelos arrives, as handsome and charming as he is, we’re definitely going to get a sense that a young Michael Corleone has arrived in Riverdale. Our characters aren’t going to be quite sure what to make of him or what he’s up to. He obviously plays a huge part in the series. One of the classic dynamics from the comic books, which we love to honor and subvert, in a way, and sometimes both, is Hiram-versus-Archie. Hiram hates Archie in the comic books. We’re going to play a much more complex version of that, of course. But yeah, there’s going to be an interesting triangulation between Archie and Veronica and Hiram that’s going to be one of our big engines this season.

Will there be a time jump? Or do you imagine picking up right after Fred is shot?
I think time jumps are great, but in this case, since we ended on such a big cliffhanger, I think we really have to own it. And the way we’re thinking about what happened in the diner, I talk a lot about Archie being the hero of our show and, to me, what Archie witnessed in Pops is the equivalent of what Bruce Wayne witnessed when he saw his parents gunned down in that alley or when Peter Parker learned his Uncle Ben had been murdered by a burglar he could have stopped. It’s such a huge mythic moment for Archie. I think we have to play it, and I think we have to see what happened to Fred in real-time, almost.

Does this mean Molly Ringwald will return as Archie’s mom?
Listen, I love Molly Ringwald as Mary. The world loves Molly Ringwald as Mary. I’m going to do everything in my power to get her there. I think Molly had a good time, so I think she’ll be wanting to come back and have fun with us again.

Hermione warned Fred he should sell. Then Fred was shot. Should we assume Hiram is responsible for the shooting?
That’s really interesting, especially since Hiram sent those goons to trash Fred’s site. But also remember that Hermione in that episode also fired a bunch of Serpents. I think what we’re going to discover is it might have been a random robbery, and there are a lot of possible suspects for who shot Fred Andrews, and, hopefully, the reveal will be very, very surprising.

Speaking of the Serpents, Jughead basically accepts membership. Is season 2 like Bad-Ass Jughead?
Yeah, kind of. Referencing The Godfather, there’s that great shot of Diane Keaton looking at Al Pacino as the door closes. That’s kind of the last moment for Betty and Jughead. She’s looking out, and he’s put on this symbol. You think if FP was the king of the Serpents, is Jughead the crowned prince of the Serpents now?

Will we meet Jughead’s mom and sister next year?
That’s a really good question. It’s definitely a possibility, and we’ve talked about it. But right now there’s nothing definitive. We’ve worked up through episode 3 or 4, and so far they haven’t shown up, but that doesn’t mean they won’t.

What about Betty? You’ve been teasing Dark Betty this whole season. Will that grow in season 2?
Absolutely. I think a lot of season 1 was Betty trying to control or suppress her dark side or contain her dark side. A lot of season 2 is about her owning it and harnessing it. Without saying too much, the idea of Jughead joining the Serpents is very provocative. Even more of a Riverdale subversion would be the perfect girl-next-door joining the Serpents, so that’s something we’re going to play with as well!

That’s so Sandy in Grease!
For sure!

Will we meet Betty’s secret brother next season?
That’s out there for sure. Like a true student of Chekhov, if you introduce something, you better pay it off. In a weird way, the Coopers’ story for the season always has to do with family. The first season obviously had to do with Polly. I think it’s safe to say that this mysterious son that Alice gave up might be coming to Riverdale, or Betty might be seeking him out.

What can you say about the Blossoms?
With Cheryl and Penelope, my idea is now that Clifford and Jason are dead, it’s just Penelope and Cheryl living in that half-burned mansion which is a little like Crimson Peak. It’s going to be a very dark, twisted version of Grey Gardens or Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

Aaaaand we have a special treat: a deleted scene from the finale. Watch it above!

Everything you need to know about 'Outlander' Season 3
Settle in with a scotch and distract yourself from the droughtlander.
By Laura Prudom

Starz recently announced that the hotly-anticipated Season 3 premiere of Outlander will hit our screens in September — an agonizingly long wait, considering that we got our last glimpse of Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) way back in July 2016.

But anything worth having is worth waiting for, and that’s especially true of Outlander Season 3, which will explore that very theme, as Claire and Jamie must defy the odds and find a way to reunite after decades apart.  

Here’s everything we know about Outlander Season 3 so far:


Fans of Diana Gabaldon’s beloved series of novels know that Season 3 is based on the third book in her Outlander saga, Voyager — a rip-roaring adventure that spans multiple years and countries.

Here’s how Starz describes the new season: The story picks up right after Claire travels through the stones to return to her life in 1948. Now pregnant with Jamie’s child, she struggles with the fallout of her sudden reappearance and its effect on her marriage to her first husband, Frank (Tobias Menzies).

Meanwhile, in the 18th century, Jamie suffers from the aftermath of his doomed last stand at the historic battle of Culloden, as well as the loss of Claire. As the years pass, Jamie and Claire attempt to make a life apart from one another, each haunted by the memory of their lost love. The budding possibility that Claire can return to Jamie in the past breathes new hope into Claire’s heart… as well as new doubt.

Separated by continents and centuries, Claire and Jamie must find their way back to each other. As always, adversity, mystery, and adventure await them on the path to reunion. And the question remains: When they find each other, will they be the same people who parted at the standing stones, all those years ago?

That means we’ll jump back to the Battle of Culloden and its aftermath to see what became of Jamie (since Claire spent decades assuming that he had died in that infamous clash), his men, and Black Jack Randall (Menzies). We’ll also spend some time with Claire, Frank and Bree (Sophie Skelton) throughout Bree’s childhood.

The show has a lot of ground to cover before we catch up to Claire and her headstrong daughter in 1968, where the Season 2 finale ended with Claire contemplating the possibility of traveling back through time to find Jamie after 20 years apart.


In addition to Balfe, Heughan, Menzies and Skelton, we’ll see a number of other familiar faces returning for the new season, including Richard Rankin as Roger Wakefield, Laura Donnelly as Jenny Fraser Murray, Steven Cree as Ian Murray and Romann Berrux as Fergus, to name a few (but definitely not all).

The show has also been busy casting some new additions for the upcoming year, including an older version of Fergus, played by Cesar Domboy.

He’s not the only character getting a makeover: Australian actor David Berry has been cast in the pivotal role of Lord John Grey, a character we encountered in Season 2 as a naive (but honorable) young British solider who attempted to defend Claire’s honor from the Scottish barbarians John assumed were holding her captive before the Battle of Prestonpans.

When we encounter him again, Lord John will be all grown up, and he’ll be sticking around for a while. Here’s how Starz describes him: “He’s a steadfast and honorable British subject, torn between a finely-honed sense of familial duty and a strong moral compass of right and wrong. He is boyishly handsome with an upper class rearing — the consummate gentleman. However, a scandal from his past has relegated Lord John to an undesirable position as governor of a desolate prison in Northern Scotland.”

Following his introduction in Voyager, Lord John has earned his own loyal fanbase over the years, and Gabaldon has written a series of novels and novellas centered around the dreamy and upstanding soldier. So if Starz and Sony are ever in the market for an Outlander spinoff at some point, Berry might have plenty of career security ahead.

Among the other newcomers for Season 3 are John Bell as Young Ian Murray, Jamie’s adventurous nephew; Wil Johnson as Joe Abernathy, Claire’s closest friend and coworker, whom she meets during medical school; Gary Young as Mr. Willoughby, a Chinese man with a deep knowledge of Eastern medicine who befriends Jamie; Lauren Lyle as Marsali, the 18-year-old, high-spirited daughter of Laoghaire (Nell Hudson); Hannah James and Tanya Reynolds as Geneva and Isobel Dunsany, two privileged young noblewomen who cross paths with Jamie; and Charlie Hiett as Thomas Leonard, the inexperienced, by-the-book de facto captain of the British Naval ship Artemis.


Hiett is playing the captain of a ship, so it’s not a spoiler to note that some of Season 3 will take place on the high seas, which probably won’t sit well with Jamie, since we all know how he feels about boats…

Showrunner Ronald D. Moore was already expressing his enthusiasm for the show’s nautical turn back when he was promoting Season 2: “I can’t wait to get out to sea … The technology now, between real ships like what they have in Black Sails and CG, it’s now developed to a place where you can believe it,” he told CinemaBlend. “Now you can really realize on a television budget what Pirates of the Caribbean was doing 8-10 years ago. Now, we can actually do better CG than that on the television front.”

Undoubtedly the biggest change for Outlander Season 3 is that in its final five episodes, the series will shift its production from Scotland, which has been the show’s home for its first two seasons, to Cape Town, South Africa. There, it will utilize the sets and ships previously used on Starz’s Black Sails to adapt Gabaldon’s elaborate sea voyage scenes, with the balmy new location standing in for the Caribbean.


Season 3 of Outlander will be 13 episodes in length, and will air on Starz in September, with a specific airdate yet to be announced.

Four new writers have also been drafted to join Moore, Matt Roberts, Toni Graphia and Anne Kenney for Season 3: Joy Blake, Karen Campbell, Shannon Goss and Luke Schelhaas.

Because the season will be jumping around in time to cover various periods in Claire and Jamie’s years apart, we’ll see the duo transform from their twenties to their forties over the course of the season — subtle but noticeable shifts which will no doubt showcase the incredible work of the hair, makeup and costume departments, as well as the consistently compelling performances of Balfe and Heughan (who are long overdue for some awards recognition).

Production on the season began in September 2016 and will conclude in June 2017, Starz confirms, and the show will make a triumphant appearance at San Diego Comic-Con this July to give fans a preview of what they can expect when Outlander returns to our screens this fall. So close and yet so far!


The “droughtlander” may seem endless now, but the gargantuan effort involved in shifting an entire production to a new continent can’t be overstated, especially when Voyager is such an ambitious and sprawling novel, which takes its characters through an evolution that few shows would dare to tackle. You can’t rush perfection, after all.

The good news is, Outlander has already been renewed for Season 4 in addition to Season 3, meaning that we’re guaranteed another dose of Starz and Sony’s time-traveling epic in the next year or two. Season 4, based on Drums of Autumn, will bring the show to the halfway point of Gabaldon’s currently published Outlander novels, but the prolific author is already at work on a ninth installment and sees no end in sight yet.

The takeaway? We can look forward to plenty more adventures from Claire and Jamie on the page and the screen for years to come — and doesn’t that make the dry spell a little more tolerable?


TV Show writers SOOO underestimate the power of a healthy, loving, understanding, just GOOD in general relationship that’s not all about the unnecessary drama that usually comes in the form of lies, cheating, random insane jealous ex’s we never heard about popping back up suddenly and, of course, love triangles (Good lord don’t even get me started on my hatred of the overuse of this one)

I mean, I get the need for drama and angst because without complications we wouldn’t exactly have a plot and that’s boring, but more often than not TV show’s overdo it, and the result of it is rarely ever, if at all, a good relationship. Instead, after all the aforementioned problems arise and are never really discussed maturely but instead pushed aside, the result is a toxic, superficial, sometimes outright abusive, and bad relationship that I just cannot ship anymore.

My favorite example would be Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson from Glee, a perfectly good relationship ruined by the shows need to create unnecessary angst. I stopped shipping Klaine, who used to be an OTP for me, during season 4 because I just couldn’t anymore with them.

A great parallel to them would be Shadowhunters’ portrayal of Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood. While far from perfect, this ship gains so much attention because it is well written and displays beautiful relationship growth and a healthy, loving, supportive couple.

5/18/17 recs

1.  a hundred ways to say i love you by Defiant-Dreams (baterina_1234) || Rated M, 3.7k 

In a world where you only have 100 words a day, how else can you say I love you?

Growing up, Viktor never really saw the point of saving his Words and Yuuri never really saw the point of using them at all.

And then Sochi happens.

  • Comment: an interesting premise, and the execution is really good! Defiant-Dreams is usually a name that I associate with Good Shit™ these days tbh. wonderful short read to end the day.

2.  The nostalgic feeling of the familiar by myoue || Rated G, 19k (WIP)

Yuuri’s the one who suggested being fake engaged in the first place, tugging Victor along on such a convoluted plan at the start of cherry blossom season.

“So, I brought him as promised. My boyfriend.”

Victor’s hand jerks. “What?”

“My fiancé, actually,” Yuuri talks swiftly over him.

Victor’s hand jerks again, nearly spilling tea over the sides of his cup.

  • Comment: This??? This fic is like??? Finding a sudden treasure in the middle of the fucking desert??? It’s so good??? I did not expect to suddenly find such a good fake relationship fic in the middle of Hell Month??? It’s contemplative and touching and quiet, and it looks fantastic so far. 
  • HIGHLY recommend, like goddamn.

3.  A Truth Universally Acknowledged by saltycvs || Rated E, 11.2k (WIP)

Yuuri Katsuki, under the name of Eros, is an exclusive dancer, performing for a high class audience. Phichit is his closest friend, making it a two-person act. He’s young, desirable, but with the popularity of male dancers dwindling, he’s struggling.

Viktor Nikiforov has a huge inheritance on his name, a large estate, and too much time on his hands. Though a popular painter, he’s struggling to find his muse again. That is, until he sees a man by the name of Eros dance. After introductions, Viktor finds that same spark that he hasn’t felt in a long time has suddenly flared up again.

  • Comment: The author describes this as “ self-indulgent, homoerotic victorian au” and I gotta say so far, fuck yeah. Off to a great start, I looked forward to the upcoming spiiiice. 

4.  He Calls Me… by stillmadaboutpetra || Rated T, 2.7k (WIP) 

Yuuri moves to Russia to live with Victor and be the dance sensation he was always meant to be. Everyone has to deal with how in love they are. They get a dog.


Five times Yuuri is accidentally overheard calling Victor by his nickname and the one time he totally means for someone to hear.

  • The moment I saw that there waas a sequel I screamed. 
  • Anyway, if you haven’t read “Dog People”, drop what you’re doing now and fucking read it it’s great and just. There are no words I love iiiiit.

anonymous asked:

So far Sea.3 sucks balls. I don't know what all the OMG, give them/Sam all the awards right now talk is about. I ain't seen nothing to write home about yet. Cait hasn't been given much to work with, Sam's wigs are distracting and Rik and Sophie's acting plus lack of chemistry just brings the entire thing down. Season 1 was the best. I doubt it will ever be that good again. They were hungry and unjaded then. Now they are just looking ahead and it shows.

In general, S3 does not “sucks balls” for me but everything feels so rushed and disjointed. Like there is a finish line they need to get to. S3 does not feel like a fluid storytelling. It does not feel like Outlander. There is definitely room for improvement but with this production, I am not that hopeful. Waiting anxiously for print shop and brothel scene and a few other pivotal ones but I try not to be too invested in what I want to see adapted to the screen because of the elevation of Frank and devaluation of Claire, and the Jamie- Geneva bit.

To be fair, there were amazing scenes with both Sam and Cait in every episode. Award worthy? Maybe, we shall see.

I agree that the wigs are distracting. Super distracting and laughable. Sad, really. With the budget this production has, you’d think the wigs would be more realistic.

Rik and Sophie makes me cringe. Every single time. Bad acting plus lack of chemistry makes for a bad combination. I have nothing against Sophie but I just can’t watch her. Not the Bree I have in mind at all. Maybe Rik would not have been so bad without her. Either way, a forgettable pair for me.

I just want Jamie and Claire. They matter. Always. As it should be. Bring on the reunion!

Lucifer’s 2x18 Ending - Sanoiro’s Theory & Speculation


This time I’ll begin this a bit differently.

First, if you want to know where I believe Lucifer is then, check this post . Be warned that I’ll not repeat what is written in that post aside from a minor detail.

Second… What makes a mystery? Let’s take this like any other mystery that has ever been written. When there is a crime, there are three characters you should check out. The Suspects, The Detective and the Witnesses.

Scene 1

The Suspects:

We have plenty and everywhere I go I always hear about Lucifer’s siblings. As I have already told you the next episodes do not credit any kind of angel. We get to have an Assistant, a woman who will appear in the first three episodes at least but that’s it. If she is Azrael… Again though I doubt it. You have to realise that just because we got Uriel and Mum in one season it doesn’t mean we get to have a new celestial being in the mix so soon. I mean season three is not a holiday resort for feathered siblings!

Therefore instead of speculating about an unknown villain I would say keep your eyes in the room and not who might or might not be behind the door!

The Detective: Is of no consequence here… I mean both Detectives as clueless as you can get them to be.

The Witnesses: As far as we know there was none or was that the case?

Scene 2

Every mystery has:

A problem that needs to be solved: Lucifer has wings

An event that cannot be explained: Lucifer founds himself in a desert

A secret: Who has did it?

Something that is lost or missing: Obviously his clothes but not really…

Scene 3

Two things can be found in a mystery:

The Clues and the Red Herring. The first helps you solve the mystery while the second misleads you. The Red Herrings most often that not are false clues… And so far my dear readers you all have been hoodwinked. You are in a wild goose chase without a goose.

The answer to this mystery for me is simple and although I might be wrong I believe that I have all the right clues to support it without being fooled by the false ones. So you may ask who is the one behind Lucifer’s kidnapping? If you don’t want to know please stop and go back to your headcanon because this will be a crazy ride.

Let’s start from the first clue… While Lucifer is talking to the phone we can see a person walking behind him aside from the 2 paramedics and 1 nurse who have left the scene. Now when I say see, I mean on the ceiling.

At first, you believe it’s the nurse that has just passed Lucifer but the direction and the pace are totally different. Of course, I might be mistaken and it might be indeed the extra who played the nurse. Still, I’m just going to leave this here as it is the most harmless “clue”.

Now In order to proceed, you need to know who I’m suspecting. Who I believe has the motive, the ability and of course the reason to knock out Lucifer and even manage to give him his wings back.

How does this pic do it for you?

No? You don’t see anything else aside a bunch of paintings, Lucifer, Linda and Maze. Okay, now how about this?

Scene 4

Let’s take things from the very beginning. In the show, Maze cuts Lucifer’s wings and after he burns them in 1x07 she tells him 

“I cleaned up your mess at the beach”. 

Maze knew exactly where she had disposed the wings and from 1x13 she also knew the power they held. How could she ever heal Amenadiel if she didn’t a have an inkling of what they were capable of?

Now according to the comics as I have mentioned before the wings can regenerate themselves to their former glory. No.Matter.What. This means that wherever the wings were they slowly healed on their own. Also if you didn’t notice in 1x07 the flesh on the wings was still fresh. The wings in a way healed and waited patiently for when their owner would reattach them So the wings can be reattached easily, the detachment was bloody painful and for a good reason. 

-They have remembered their former state. The Form and Substance that they had before his Fall. 

-They have healed themselves.

At this point let me speculate something. In the comics, Lucifer’s wings were bat-like. All leathery etc. It never made sense why Lucifer’s wings were white and Amenadiel’s fell off. Now my theory on this is simple:

Maze and Lucifer come to Earth and Lucifer has the Hellish wings if you like. Or the bat wings as I call them. When Maze cuts them off, the wings as a piece of divinity get back to their original angelic form, in short they heal themselves. That is why perhaps Maze used them on Amenadiel. Okay so far so good… But that creates the issue for Lucifer in season 3.

If the wings were restored to their original form after Maze cut them then what that means for Lucifer to have back his wings all feathered and oozing divinity? As Henderson has said season 3 is all about identity. Is Lucifer [still] the Devil, is he [now] an Angel?

Now in my opinion Maze wanted.. wait this is part of the next question…

But many may ask… Why would Maze do that? It doesn’t make sense and yet it does. 

Maze has started to experience feelings. Feelings she never knew that existed before and the most troublesome part is that she is finally rebelling. But feelings are a scary thing as we have seen from Lucifer himself.  We saw previously in season 2 that Maze still has issues with admitting she has human feelings, no instead she is awesome and that she has become more human than most of the humans Linda knows. 

With that knowledge, we can speculate 2 things. First, that Maze now knows that Lucifer used her. As the showrunners have hinted Maze will try to turn against to Lucifer in order to claim her independence. With her first adult friend badly injured because of Lucifer, remember that Maze wanted Mum back to Hell since day one, we can say that she would do anything to come to Linda’s aid. That would also mean a foolish hope that perhaps another feather had made it from the fire. 

Now plenty to speculate that a simple cig could not have burned the wings. I partly agree but mostly because: a) Lucifer is the Lightbringer and wouldn’t that be oxymoron and b) because as I have said according to the comics they heal themselves. 

My speculation here is that Maze tried to find a feather and found the wings intact. 

Scene 5

But why would she attach them to Lucifer?

As Lucifer said Maze cares for certain humans and Chloe is one of them. When she realises what happened to Linda can happen to Chloe because Lucifer suddenly wanted the Detective to know a very hasty plan is formulated. Maze failed to protect Linda but she can protect Chloe and Trixie, also she has not forgiven Lucifer neither for his manipulation in season 2 but nor for the fact that by showing Linda his Devil form, her friendship with the Doctor almost ended. Maze has come close to losing many friends and people she cares about because of Lucifer and this time she rebels very much like Lucifer did to his Dad. 

So she decides to get the wings and then what you will ask. Again let’s go back to 1x07. 

Lucifer says to Amenadiel:

“I mean, you were willing to let a human die and unleash the wings upon the world just to remind me who I was.

To fool me into desiring the wings and the hellish throne they accompany.

Severing the wings was a half measure. I did leave myself an out. A ripcord back to the life that dear old Dad chose for me.But I don’t need it now, because, in case I haven’t made myself abundantly clear, I’m never going back to Hell.

As we know the wings were not just part of his angel form. Oh no, they weren’t. Shocked? Well, you see what we learned from season 1 and what Maze knows, the wings are a ticket back to Hell. A ticket that can include her as well as she cannot leave otherwise. Lucifer himself apologised about that in 1x07 and that is why Maze kept that feather. 

So Maze gives Lucifer his wings back in hopes that they might finally return to Hell. Not because she missed home but because she finally cares too much for the ones she feels she has to leave behind in order to protect. Let’s not forget that Maze in the show declared that she would protect Lucifer from danger even if he didn’t it was coming. Now she is determined to do the same thing for Linda (too late), Chloe and Trixie. 

So Maze needed Lucifer back, no she needed the Devil back but she got an Angel instead… Now that was a twist…

Here is where I end the first part

Now let’s see some other clues…

1) Maze’s daggers are shaped like angel feathers. That was perhaps a clue from the writers since the very beginning. Also, Maze has access to the weird baton… or as I say that weird batton-vibrator… I would totally believe that Maze could have used a vibe to kidnap Lucifer…

That’s a baton by the way, not a vibe…

2) Is it really weird that 2x19 or now the episode 3x01 is called Mr and Mrs Mazinkeen Smith? If we take the reference out of the movie Mr and Mrs Smith we can tell that Maze is still pissed and now has her own agenda. Yes, it is also a Maze centric episode so I would again bet my money on Maze being behind Lucifer’s feathery problem. Still, the pic that has been uploaded for that episode doesn’t show Maze being injured or anything… 

3) Lucifer still carries the injuries from his confrontation with Maze but if you notice how the make-up has been applied then you will realise that the injuries are not just from the sun. Only one of his ears is bloody as well as parts of his chest. It is like he was dragged on the coarse ground or dragged while he landed on the dessert. My best speculation would have been that the Wings got him back to the first place they remembered since his fall. 

Now you see his ear injured and several other bloody spots but the Maze’s bruise and his forehead cut are still there although they have faded a bit. 

Whilst his right side is fine…

(The next two paragraphs have been posted before)

Here I have to remind you again what Linda had said to Lucifer. “When angels fall, they also rise. All you have to do is embrace all that you are.” We also know that season 3 is going to deal with the issue of identity according to Henderson. Is Lucifer a devil or an angel and why? So keep in mind Linda’s words and let’s go back to that forsaken desert.

Now in San Bernardino, there is the Amboy Crater… The Amboy Crater is just a volcano crater but according to the region’s legends, it’s so much more. It’s the spot Lucifer landed when he Fell from heaven.

Scene 6

How did Lucifer end up in the desert and why is he hurt? 

My theory here is again simple. When the wings reattached themselves his body should have been vulnerable for the scars to open and the wings to be set on his flesh and bones. Now if you believe that the wings are a new pair the same logic applies. You cannot have an invulnerable body and suddenly you sport wings, that’s not how the show works. The series loves a good mystery and for God to just give him a pair magically without Lucifer suffering is simply not the way the Writers have done things so far. 

Yet the injuries are not really explained… Yes, you are right. The peeling and the scrapped skin is not explained totally by the sun exposure. They are explained though by a very bad landing. If you see the ending again his left ear is bloody as is his chest and a good part of just one of his whole arm length. That talks of his body being dragged over a coarse ground. Therefore I would say that Lucifer actually flew there…

Again why in the middle of the desert? I’ll go again with the legend and say that the wings either took him as far as possible to a place that resembled Hell (heat etc.) or the writers thought it would be cool if the Wings went to the first familiar place on Earth, the Amboy Crater. The spot where Lucifer landed the first time.

But for how long has Lucifer stayed in the desert? That’ s debatable but I’ll say not for very long. The reason is simple. Lucifer’s injuries which Maze caused in 2x17 are still there at the end of 2x18. (See the pics above)

Have I missed anything?

Any questions?

(By the way, I wanted to write this theory into a one-shot or a 2-3 chapter fic. But A03 is filled with 2x18 ending fics and I’m simply not in the mood right now… Perhaps in a few weeks or a month… )

anonymous asked:

do you have any mary/matthew fic recs (besides your amazing fic, dear!)

Do I have fic recs? Yes, I have many, many fic recs. :P This fandom is so lucky to have so many incredible writers. Even if some of them aren’t writing anymore, we still have their fic and it’s wonderful. So I have a lot of fics to rec, and honestly that’s not even going to cover everything good in this fandom.

Long Fics

All That Is Left by Orangeshipper: This is kind of the definitive MM fic I think, it’s such a fandom classic. It’s a rewrite of S2 where Mary and Matthew are married, and it’s excellent 

Never Such Innocence Again by Chickwriter: Everything Chickwriter writes is gorgeous, but this is my favorite fic of hers. Matthew goes missing and everyone thinks that he’s dead. Meanwhile Lavinia dies in childbirth and so Mary kind of adopts Matthew’s daughter and eventually he comes back home to everyone’s surprise and they get together. That description does not even nearly do justice to how good this fic is though.

Love On Any Terms by R. Grace: This is a really excellent fic, and I’ve read it so many times. Mary’s story gets published and she convinces Matthew to marry her after he gets injured, and it’s just a beautiful depiction of their love even in the roughest of circumstances.

Home is Where the Heart Is by miss Kittyplank: Mary marries Carlisle and moves to America. Ten years later, after the Wall Street crash, they move back to Downton and Mary and Matthew reconnect. As much as I hate the idea of Mary marrying Carlisle, this fic portrays it so well. And it gives a very good depiction of an older, more mature MM, in a different world than the show.

Lady Mary Crawley’s Diary by IlPostino: Okay, I normally hate first person fics. First person fics are like my nightmare. But for this one, it works. It’s a rewrite of S1, but from Mary’s point of view through a very humorous diary. It’s definitely the funniest fic I’ve read, so if you’re looking for something lighter, this is it.

The Fox Hunt by Rap541: I think Rap’s fics are absolutely wonderful, but they are weird. I’m not sure how she comes up with these ideas, but they’re out there and yet she manages to make them believable and I love it. This is probably my favorite of her fics, but there are so many good ones. Basically in this one Matthew comes back after a year of wandering around with amnesia and it sounds cheesy but it works and it’s such an intricately plotted fic.

Things Hidden by Lala Kate: This fic hasn’t been updated in a while (which I get because Laura is a very busy woman) but I live in hope that someday soon we’ll get another update because it’s so good. It’s pretty apparently that I love angst, and this fic is plenty angsty, but it’s also so beautifully done. Basically the premise is that Matthew and Mary sleep together once and then Matthew abandons her after she confesses to the Pamuk scandal, and Mary gets pregnant and has to escape. Eventually they get themselves together but there’s a lot of healing that has to go on for both of them. It’s such a good fic.

This Modern Love by Willa Dedalus: I’m not usually a modern au person, I prefer canon MM pretty much all the time. But this fic is my favorite modern au. It’s told in a nonlinear way, which takes a little getting used to, but makes the fic very interesting.

A Very Modern Arrangement by Kavan: This fic hasn’t been updated in quite a while but I still live it hope that it will be updated again soon. It’s probably the most intricately plotted fic I’ve seen; every time I reread it, I find some new thing that adds yet another layer to the story. If you like dense, fascinating plot, this is a fic for you.

Hearts and Bones by ameliapemerson: Mary and Matthew meet in Paris after the war and pretty much immediately fall in love, which makes it both convenient and awkward when Matthew ends up being the new heir. This fic shows a different sort of MM, older and more disillusioned, but also more mature. It’s a different dynamic but a fascinating one which I love.

Made Different by MMarieRose: Kind of a 2x05 AU, except not really because it delves so much deeper into the effects of the war than the show ever did. It’s a beautifully researched fic and definitely gives me what I was missing as far as the depiction of WWI in canon went. It’s also recently completed, although I’m hoping more will be written in the universe since it’s so well done! 

An Exceptional Love by Apollo888: The only good fic where Matthew dies. Basically, after his death, Matthew is brought back to be Mary’s protector, where only she can see and hear him. It’s pretty much a rewrite of the last 3 seasons and it’s so much better because Mary actually remembers that Matthew exists, unlike in canon.

The Center of My Heart by lilyrowan1: This is seriously one of my favorite fics ever. Words cannot express how much I love it. Mary and Matthew get married when he is injured, and it depicts their love so well, as well as such a well researched depiction of Matthew’s paralysis and recovery. I’ve probably reread it more times than I can count, because it’s such a wonderful fic.

Shorter Fics

Nothing to Mar Their Joy by Orangeshipper: Ok, basically every one shot Orangeshipper writes is excellent (and there’s a lot of them so if you want one shots, that’s a great place to start) but this one is personally my favorite because it’s such a wonderful little piece about their honeymoon and some of the struggles and joys they have.

Dark Despair Around Benights Me by Pemonynen: Angsty, beautifully written one shot set after Sybil’s death. Very angsty, very powerful imagery, but beautiful.

Snow Falls by Silvestria: How MM’s story should have ended. Beautiful, but you probably will cry reading it.

Linger by Kaitsy: Fills in the gaps between 2x08 and the Christmas Special, showing how Mary and Matthew managed to become friends again, and their healing after Lavinia’s death.

All Sorts of Things by miscreant rose: Are you like me and really bitter we didn’t see any of the MM honeymoon? Because this fic is everything I wanted the MM honeymoon to be, and again I live in hope that someday it will be updated again.

Baby Fever by Evangeline1920: This is pretty much my go to fic if I want fluff- it’s pretty mcuh what it sounds like. Matthew is very overprotective of his pregnant wife but this leads to a rather unconventional birth.

The Nightwatch by Lala Kate: Set during WWII, an absolutely beautiful AU. It’s pretty short but it’s a lovely read.

Hunting Ghosts by Chickwriter and the sequel: Such a good shortish fic, if I want a whole fic to read but I don’t have a ton of time, this is usually my go to. It tells of Mary and Matthew reconnecting over her shellshocked horse, and it’s such a beautiful depiction of them healing from the damage the war brought on them.

I’ll Have a Salute by kahhtina: Adorable fluffy fic of MM raising George, and loving each other deeply through struggles.

Now this isn’t nearly a comprehensive list of all the fics out there and I’m sure I’ve forgotten a bunch of my favorites but this should be enough to get anyone who wants to read MM fic started. there’s so many good MM fics out there!

A couple things I noticed from today's clip

1) Sana seemed remorseful about the account. Whether it was because she was afraid for herself, or because of how Sara was taking it.
2) Sara’s friends are worried about her, even though supposed messages of her shit-talking them were released. If it comes out that Sana was the one to release them, she’s probably going to get a lot of backlash. I loved the Girl Squad in the beginning, but now it seems like they really aren’t good friends to Sana. Something was said about Sana, too, & yet the girls are more worried about the girl who said that shit? It’ll probably be very hypocritical.
3) I believe that what Noora & Yousef discussed was his feelings for Sana. However, Sana misunderstood the situation & was still upset with both of them. Noora was probably being a good friend, & if she finds out the IG account was made with her email & that Sana was the one to do it, she’s going to be confused & hurt. I’d be, too, in her case.

& that’s all I really have to say so far. It’s probably what y'all have noticed, too.