what a good lyric

Lay my heart down with the rest at her feet
Fresh from the fields, all feeder and fertile
Bloody and raw, but I swear it is sweet  

no flex zone - jeon wonwoo (ft. a very excited kim mingyu)
aka the best 49 seconds of your life

Evermore (Belle’s Version)

For me the world was much too small.
Some said I can’t control my fate.
I only ever had my father in my life,
I hope I’m not too late,
For I’ll never shake away the pain
If you are gone but I’m still here.
I let you steal into my open, lonely heart
It’s more than I can bear.

But I swear I’ll never leave you
Even though I went away. 
I will always love you, hold you, kiss you,
Save you, come what may.
Living in a golden tower,
Laughter heard beyond the doors,
I swear to you I’ll walk back in
To be with you for evermore. 

I’ll conquer all the trials of love,
Darkness will flee before the light.
You believe my heart to be beyond your reach?
It’s never out of sight.

So I swear I’ll never leave you
And I’ll never fade from view.
This love will inspire us,
Be a part of everything we do.
Living in a golden tower,
Laughter heard beyond the doors,
I swear to you I’ll walk right in.
These long, dark nights will have an end.
Watch the light come pouring in.
I’ll love you for evermore!

I wrote this a couple days ago because I was wondering what Belle might have been thinking as she rode back to the castle to stop the mob. We know she cared about the Beast obviously, but I think while she was on that ride she was beginning to understand just how deeply she cared for him. So I listened to “Evermore” about thirty times in a row while writing out a version of the song that I think Belle would sing as she goes to try and stop the mob. Hope you guys like it!

Some people have expressed wishing to do a recording of this version of the song, which flatters me to no end and would be freaking awesome. All I ask is that you credit me with the creation of this version and also Alan Menken and Tim Rice for the original song. Thanks so much!


“For words have the power to change us” I believe this lyrics truly have that power. Part II of aesthetic Hamilton greatness.                                   -Part I (x)