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You ever think about the fact that the only way to save everyone from the squip was with red mountain dew and michael’s main color is red 

Like im not saying Michael is the main hero of BMC but im saying Michael is totally the main hero of BMC and I love him 

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in retrospect (now that we know guan shan better), do you think it was out of character for him to grab a rock and smash xixi in the fucking head? guan shan seems to me hotheaded just enough to pick a fight with jian yi out of nowhere, yeah. but not mean or vile to use a freaking rock... then again maybe in the heat of the moment it was more of a desperate attempt at self-defense? then again! he brought a whole gang to fight one single fluffy idiot? and started strangling him? nah, man #notmymo

i actually think that it was in character? 🤔

the whole gang is there i think just because they’re there to represent guan shan (and she li?) jian yi would have brought a gang too but all he had is zhengxi, and he tian just happened to tag along.

i don’t think guan shan is intentionally cruel or malicious, or that he had a specific intention of bashing zhengxi’s head in. i saw the rock as a last-ditch attempt at self-defence. a moment of sheer panic and helplessness of having someone pinning him down and beating him. if we agree as well that the fight was orchestrated/ordered by she li (see ch. 117 ‘his name is jian yi?’ and guan shan punching the wall in rage), then perhaps he would do anything so that she li didn’t punish him for losing.

also with the strangling jian yi thing: guan shan is very driven by anger and a sense of wounded pride; he’s acting out based on some petty incident (possibly bc she li told him to?), which is in character. & also look at how volatile his and he tian’s relationship is. it’s not really that different except that we see jian yi as this ‘single fluffy idiot’ so the dynamic between them is really imbalanced and guan shan’s actions seem extreme in comparison.

i would only say it’s out of character based on old xian overdramatising the fight and trying to create tension that doesn’t really exist over something very stupid (a shoulder-bump), but then again, if the fight really began because of she li’s orchestrations, then who knows.

mostly i’m just inclined to say it was panic and desperation, esp. based on this panel:

A hand, some cards, and a familiar cottage decoration



Wow I waited so long bc I heard there was supposed to be dancing and I wanted to see them dance but literally nothing happened and then as soon as my mom and I left Nagifa texted me that they brought the bride down and started dancing


actual footage of me, looking for where to turn the availability option off: 

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jasammy week day 7 - future!! i like to think they rewatch a few td seasons every time the new one comes out and whenever they get to tdpi they’re just gobsmacked all over again by How Very Gay they were/are.

this jasammy week was seriously seriously a lot of fun!!!! thank u mod and everyone who participated!! o3o/

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» Gintoki (accidentally?) groping Tsukuyo