what a good day look at him

None of Their Business

Yandere comes home with a black eye and her fathers are not pleased

TW: mild transphobia

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Dark silently sipped his coffee as he read the reports of the day at the kitchen table as usual. It was passed the time when most the other egos had their dinners so it was peaceful and quiet for once, thank god. The only sound was Wilford’s humming as he made them something to eat. Dark wasn’t entirely certain what it was but it smelled good and that was enough for him.

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Can we all just take a moment to appreciate this shot of Jaebum because it’s just gorgeous and i want him to constantly look this happy because he’s a beautiful being and he deserves all the best in the world and i’m ready to cook good food for him and watch him eat and get fat all day and i’d still think he’s extremly beautiful because it’s a fact that he’s really beautiful and the other fact is that i’m an adult and i need some time to sit in a corner and think about my life and what i should do to just find a job as someone that just points out all the beautiful things about Im Jaebum ?

Please , if you have an answer , just tell me .

that’s the day i knew you were my pet

narry | 31k | rated explicit for a good bit of smut | fluff | written for the @1drarepairfest

“Why don’t you make a listing, like, on Craigslist?” said Louis.

“What?” asked Niall. “A listing for what?”

“A fake boyfriend,” Louis told him, shrugging and taking a sip of his beer. “Like, ‘Looking for someone to pretend to be my boyfriend at a wedding in Dublin on the twenty-first of October.’”

“Yeah. That’s not weird at all,” said Niall, rolling his eyes, sarcasm heavy in his tone.

“It could work though,” said Liam, considering Louis’ idea. “Some guy in Dublin looking for good craic. Sees an offer of free alcohol and food and thinks, ‘Sure. Sounds like a proper party.’”

“Put a picture”—Louis paused and looked at Liam—“You can post pictures, yeah?”

“Probably. I’ve never searched the personals—”

“Put a picture where you look sweet and boyfriend-y—”

“Boyfriend-y?” asked Niall.

“All soft, like you’re ready for a cuddle,” explained Liam.

“El always says you look like a perfect boyfriend,” added Louis. “Doesn’t know how you’re still single.”

“Yeah, right. Great,” said Niall. “You’re both off your nuts if ya think I’m going to make a personal advert looking for a fake boyfriend.” He frowned. “Ya know how pathetic and desperate that sounds?”

Hoseok was stuck in his class, surrounded by people who didn’t like him, again. He figured because it was his literature class it couldn’t be that bad. He would just focus on his class and ignore the idiots around him, bragging about how good looking they were or mumbling lines from their book again, or leaving their jackets unbuttoned in an attempt to look cool. It would just be another day where he sat in class, and read his poems, rubbing his eyes like he was tired to hide the fact that he was tired. At least, it was supposed to be a normal day. Then she walked in.

“Class, we have a new student here today. Please be nice, and try not to overwhelm her.” The class president,Jimin, smiled the same way he always did, sweet and innocent, then motined for the girl to come in.. The door cracked open and a small figure shuffled inside, standing next to him at the front. She didn’t glance up much, but made sure to look at all the boys in the class before Jimin got her attention again. “Can you introduce yourself for us?”

“Oh, right. My name is Min Yoonji and uh, I hope to have a good year here.” The girl smiled softly then nodded, wandering back to her seat. Everyone in the room gawked, including the shy girl in the back corner. Hoseok watched her the whole way to her seat, spinning back to face the front when she sat down.

“H-hi, Yoonji-ssi. I’m Yun Daeji and uh, I just wanted to say that you’re really pretty.” Daeji shrunk back into her chair when Yoonji turned to face her. The older’s expression seemed bored, on the brink of cruel, but her turning away gave Hoseok another chance to get a glance. She soon smiled, thanking the girl behind her and turning back around, still wearing the soft smile. She glanced up to meet Hoseok’s eyes, and the boy found himself frozen on the spot. Yoonji smiled, and looked back down at her book, Hobi finally able to blink.

He hardly paid any attention the rest of class, which was rare as literature was his favorite subject besides his dance class. He could only think of the sweet smile on the girls face, how Daeji actually spoke up to someone for the first time since he met her, how Yoonji smelt slightly like flowers when she walked past. Jin elbowed his side to ask if he was okay, and all he could manage was to shake his head no and go back to reading.

For the anon over on @pjimints blog, and anyone else who wants to read. This is just a preview, I’m still working on the rest, I hope to be done sometime tomorrow but meh exams and school.


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Yo! The liveshow lover! What'd you think of Dan's first livestream of the year??

haha! I totally pictured you assuming I’m the person that makes love to liveshows. amazing. (But I get what you mean and I appreciate it, always call me the liveshow lover)

I missed him so fucking much. I know we just got a 33 minute video of him rambling on about his memes, but I really did miss liveshow Dan. The Dan that sits with us for an hour and mumbles on about usual shit. 

This liveshow was so nice. He was all over the place and was very spastic but as he said he had a pretty busy day so I think he was just tired and he was hitting a wall of exhaustion/mental drainage (that sounds so gross but you get what I mean) towards the end. 

He just looks and seems so…good? Like he seems he’s finally enjoying where his life is going. He’s doing amazing things and feels like he’s finally important and I’m just so happy for him. I COMPLETELY understand what he means about being active/nonactive on twitter and social media. It’s a goal of mine too to make myself do something and feel the joy of sharing on social media instead of feeling capable of sharing something because everyone else is. So I appreciated how he went into detail about that. 

I also love him being back on younow. Even though I don’t ever really go on younow because unless you have premium messages him answering a question is like 10/10,000 (literally) so I’m happy watching it on youtube, but he seems more relaxed at his desk rather than slouching on a chair or on his bed holding his phone. Nevermind the fucking filters I will NOT miss the stupid youtube filters. He talks more, and is more interactive that way I feel like. I don’t remember half of what his liveshows consisted of when he did the youtube livestream but his younows always seem more memorable to me. I think he’s also said it himself that he likes younow more because the chat is easier/better. It makes it more of a connection rather than a waterfall of fans screaming into a chat box. 

Overall, I’m happy he’s back, I’m happy he’s happy. I’m so glad he had a nice relaxing week before stressing himself out over the memes video. I loved his little mini talk about procrastination and his therapist! It just inspired me more to make me see a therapist myself honestly. 

2018 will be a good year for him. I’m excited for him and Phil and to see what they come up with for their journey and this new chapter. 

“What can I do to fix this?”

Originally posted by shawndreaming

Requested: “What can I do to fix this?”

You and Shawn have been together for about 2 years and things aren’t as good as they used to.

Shawn was spending more time at the studio, rarely talking to you, only saying bye when he left and hi when we came back. 

You would sit on the couch, days on end, looking in to space, wondering what the hell happened between you two.

You hear the click of the front door and it is followed by a tall, brown-haired, handsome guy, who you call your boyfriend. 

You sigh when all he does is quickly look at you and says ‘Hi’, while putting his keys down. 

“Hey.” I tell him and he quickly goes in to the room we share and gets changed. 

While I’m waiting, I aimlessly through Twitter, occasionally liking tweets.

When he walks back into the living room, he is in a white shirt and grey sweatpants and he sits down on the couch, with a generous space between us. 

“We need to talk.” I finally say, turning my phone off and stand up so I’m in front of him. 

“Yeah” Shawn says, looking at me for a few seconds then looking away again, I can tell he doesn’t want to talk about it, but out relationship is on the line and I don’t want it to just go away after two years. 

“What is happening to us? What can I do to save this?” I ask him and he looks away even more than he was before, if that is possible. 

“Shawn come on.” I tell him, taking his hands and pulling him up so he’s standing up as well. “What is going on with you?” 

“It’s nothing.” Shawn says, shrugging it off

“You can’t just say it’s nothing, it’s definitely something.” I tell him, trying not to raise my voice 

“By you saying it’s nothing just makes me think, it makes me think that you’re cheating on me and I know you would never do that, but now I’m not too sure.” I say tears brimming my eyes and my voice cracking slightly and Shawn looks up and shakes his head

“It’s definitely not that, like you said, I would never do that. I love you too much for you to get hurt like that” Shawn tells me and pulls me into a hug 

“I love you too, but please tell me what’s going on, I’ve missed you so much, we don’t talk anymore like we used to do and it’s killing me.” I tell him

“Okay.” He says sitting down and I sit down next to him 

“You know how I’m always going to the studio?” And I nod “Well it’s cause Andrew is always texting me saying ‘Get to the studio, let’s get this album finished.’ and of course I have to listen to him, he’s my manager and I know I should go cause I do have to get the album done and I don’t anyone to get hurt, but then I started hurting you and I was too stressed and dumb to realise how much I was hurting you, then I finally did and it was only a few days ago.” Shawn said this time tears making there way to his eyes and I hold his hand.

“Hey, I’ll talk to Andrew and tell him you need to to stay home tomorrow because you’re stressed and you need some time away from the studio for a few days.” I tell him and he nods 

“And you do not have to do everything that everyone tells you to do, you are your own person and no one is the boss of you.” I tell him

“Thank you so much Y/N, you are so amazing and I do not deserve you at all.” He tells me and I smile and kiss him quickly before pulling away 

“How about you go to bed and I’ll call Andrew, cause you need the rest.” I tell him 

“Hurry up please, so we can cuddle.” Shawn tells me and I laugh and nod 

“Of course, I’ll be there 10 minutes max.” I tell him and he gets up and walks to the bed room and I grab my phone to call Andrew. 

A Gintama chapter a day keeps the ending away...Lesson 379



Just because Sacchan and Tsukky look like they’re performing aerial acrobatics behind Zura and Hasegawa. Gave me a good chuckle the first time I saw this.

I think the words “what the fuck?” might have gone through my head. 

This was like meta disturbing.

Good way to shut a yammering robot up.

It’s rare that Gintoki gets brutally violent, and of course he would never rip off a human being’s head like this, nor would I want him to, so there was a certain thrill to see him do this.

I actually…couldn’t stop laughing. I am sick in the head, I know.

And then I probably got a bit weepy here.

Definitely got weepy. Up until this point, I thought Sorachi-sama was just joking around, but just about here, I started thinking, what if Sorachi-sama was serious and they’ll all forget everything?  

This was very concerning. But here’s the thing, I think at the time the whole arc might’ve already been out since I did lapse a bit in my reading, so I might’ve known there was already another chapter of Gintama. So it’s like I was troubled, and I figured there was a high possibility all four of them would really forget each other, but I also believed they would regain their memories somehow since, obviously, Gintama hadn’t really ended. Basically I remember being worried but not like super worried.


None, other than Yorozuya family love.

Disclaimer: Gintama is not only about shipping. Gintama is hilarious, clever, exciting, poignant, heart-breaking, loving, brilliant, and just so freaking amazing.  It is only due to Sorachi-sama’s generosity that I can enjoy Gintama on yet another level, the shippy level, and I am forever grateful for that. GINTAMA IS LIFE AND LOVE.


Sneak peak

Lance groan waking up his head hurt, what happen? Oh yeah he crashed after being hit by…by…by what? He didn’t remember but he crashed his…his…Ugh that was definitely important! Lance didn’t remember a good portion of how he end up wherever he was he remember that the alarm of the castle went on and Allura says they needed Voltron, oh yeah!his lion he crashed his lion…right? But wouldn’t Blue be around if he crash her?


Day 57

Fuck it they’re not gonna come for him, lance was sure about that now


“Oh my god!” Lance heard a woman says as she saw him

“he doesn’t look good” a guy said “of course he doesn’t he’s on fire” the girl said “help him get into my back” “don’t worry buddy Father will fix you” the guy said


“you said acrobats is this?” Lance says but get cut by a man who walks in “a circus indeed” the man says “i am the ring master but people call me Father”

“I wanted to ask you…do you have anywhere to go?” Father ask







You remember the first time I drove you?

Yes. Of course. I remember looking at you and thinking: What a handsome man, that kind of face never gets old.

How right you were.


Eoin Macken napped from day one. Tomiwa Edun imparted wisdom from day one.Santiago Cabrera made us all feel less good looking from day one. Rupert Young gave me tips on how to drink coffee and chat from day one. Bradley James led us from day one. And of course…I was sleeveless from day one. Being a part of Merlin was one of the best experiences of my life. - Tom Hopper

You know what? I really love this and here’s why.

You have Draco, who has never been much of a (physically) touchy person, even more so after the war.

Draco, who feels as though he has no other option than to isolate himself from the students at school because of this web of guilt gripping his insides.

Harry, who is crushed under the weight of being treated like a celebrity; of constant inquiries of whether or not he was okay; of everyone treating him like one of Aunt Petunia’s antique China cups.

Was there reluctancy behind the friendship Draco and Harry found in each other? Perhaps. But that didn’t mean they didn’t immediately gravitate towards each other.

Befriending Draco, Harry thought, felt like a small act of rebellion. Like dunking your head underwater but emerging feeling new, feeling clean.

And befriending Harry, Draco thought, was everything he never said he’d wanted from the first time he saw his picture in the papers. Like coming home for the holidays to a fire burning and soup on the stove. Like sharing secrets on the playground as a kid.

Like a giant crush he would never admit to anyone.

They really did mesh well together in an unconventional way, much like mixing hot and cold water to create something mild. Maybe with a few added drops of hot sauce.

The hair, though. That was going to have to change.

Here’s the thing. Draco liked control. Adored control. He needed control in order to breathe.

But Harry? He made Draco lose his grasp on the reins of reality. His palms got clammy. The urge to constantly lick his lips increased by a factor of twenty. His clothes felt entirely too tight to fit him anymore. All because of that damn hair.

Harry let it grow out, and now it fell lazily over his shoulders in a way Draco thought should be illegal (no one should be allowed to look that good with hair that atrocious). Hairbrushes and combs and products seemed nonexistent to Harry. His hair draped itself across his eyes when he wasn’t paying attention during one of his dazed-out moments. It probably smelled like Irish Spring.

Draco wanted to roll around in it forever.

He hated it.

He couldn’t stop thinking about it. The hair. He couldn’t stop thinking about the boy on which it dwelled. Maybe if it didn’t look so damn good all the time Draco wouldn’t have to deal with the unwanted feelings cropping up every time they were in the room together, lingering somewhere between his stomach and his rib cage. He couldn’t handle it.

He finally caved one day, barging into the eighth year common room armed with his combs and products and a slew of other hair-related items, and announced to an amused but compliant Harry that he was going to “fix” his hair. It was only for the good of humanity as a whole (so Draco said).

Yes, yes, this was exactly what he needed. Get the hair out of Harry’s face. Out of sight, out of mind. If only he could do that with Harry himself… God, his hair was softer than he had imagined it.

No, fuck, no! He looked damn wonderful with a French braid in!

Harry kept the braid in all day, twiddling the end with his thumb and forefinger while he slouched in an overstuffed chair and read a book. He was just trying to taunt him with his devastatingly good looks, Draco thought. He’d have to have another go the next day. He was determined.

A goddamn ponytail was no better. Hell, Harry looked bloody fuckable in space buns, for heavens sake! Draco was running out of hairstyles to try out, and out of excuses as to why he was so desperate to “fix” Harry’s hair. “It’s bloody atrocious” was not going to be a suitable excuse for much longer.

It became routine, however, somehow: Draco shoving his feelings down his throat each morning, approaching Harry in the common room armed with a wide variety of products, sculpting his hair into some style Harry would somehow use to unknowingly taunt Draco from across the room for the entirety of the day… a routine they both secretly enjoyed immensely but would never say anything about.

The hints of reluctancy loitering uninvited behind their newfound friendship were gone.

Harry told Draco everything now. Not just the hard stuff. His favorite color. His favorite quidditch moment. Why he thought the sky was blue. Things he never talked about with Ron and Mione.

All while Draco did his hair in the mornings and tried with every fiber of his being not to blurt out how he really felt.

Until the time everyone was gone for the holidays, and they were the only ones in the common room, and they had both had far too much firewhiskey to drink. The few embers remaining in the fireplace cast a warm orange glow across the room and Draco didn’t think twice before absently reaching up to wind a lock of Harry’s hair around his finger. It was the softest thing he’d ever ever felt.

Harry smelled like Irish Spring.

He wasn’t sure why he’d felt prompted to touch it. He just thought Harry looked like what might happen if Draco took all the magic out of his body and made a person out of it and forgot about everything else.

They were sitting limply against the front of one of the couches, forced to the ground with drunkenness and sleep. The clock said it was past midnight. Midnight was dangerous. Midnight was full of lowered inhibitions and regrettable conversations.

Draco didn’t see it happen. He didn’t know it was happening, even after it was over. They just were. They were drunk. They were content. They were Harry. They were Draco. They were… kissing.

Harry was kissing him.

Kissing, with more meaning (and tongue) than Draco had ever been kissed with before. And there was so much hair everywhere, hair to roll around in, to smell, to touch, to feel, to love, and they were kissing

“Why fix my hair? What was wrong with it to begin with?”

Draco scowled, internally scolding his feelings for not forcing him to regurgitate them before Harry made the first move. “Nothing at all, you idiot. That was the problem.”

  • My friend: So you have a thing for guys rolling up their sleeves, gloves, and suspenders?
  • Me: (thinking about Ignis) yeah

Title: video message incoming

Summary: The League are just wrapping up their meeting when a call comes through the Watchtower servers.

It’s for Batman.

read it on ao3

The Justice League meeting was just about coming to a close. They had discussed everything that was actually important and were now getting to the more insignificant domestic disputes – such as who it was who ate the leftovers Barry had been keeping in the fridge.

“I know it was you!” he yelled across the table at Green Arrow.

“For the last time, it wasn’t me!” Oliver yelled back.

Everyone else sitting at the table looked like they would rather be anywhere but there. Clark’s hands were inching towards his phone, Diana was carving something into the table with a knife, Batman was just about ready to take off his cowl just so that he could put his head in his hands, so on.

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Can you do some Cheerleader!eddie and Punk!richie AU ? I love your writing, they make me haPPY 🌻

- Eddie Kaspbrak was known as the clean and precious seed of Derry.

- He was loved by almost everyone, especially the elderly.

- Parents would comment to his mother on how Eddie was going places, whether it was academic, or something to do with cheerleading

- As Eddie was one of the best cheerleaders on the Derry High School Squad.

- He was also imfamously known for being the only boy on the squad that wore shorts instead of long legged pants.

- “Shorts are more comfortable and allow more room for kicks!”

- Richie Tozier was infamously known as the ‘bad egg’ of Derry.

- Parents tell their kids to cross the street when they see him. Not to make eye contact and not to make conversation.

- Eddie’s mother was one of these parents, warning her precious little boy to stay clear.

- Eddie did. He avoided Richie as best as he could. He focused on his subjects and his cheer practice, but sometimes Eddie would find himself staring at Richie in class.

- He’d watch when Richie got his tests back they’d all be in the 80-100% region, which Eddie found odd for someone that had the reputation of being a waste of space.

- Then they are paired up for a project.

- Eddie lies to his mother by saying he’s putting in more cheerleading practice, but he is in fact meeting up with Richie Tozier in the library.

- The first few meetings are awkward, they barely speak to eachother and get on with their work. The only conversation they make is Richies crude jokes about his mother.

- Until the third night in when Eddie compliments Richie’s leather jacket, which earns him a smirk that makes Eddie’s head swirl.

- “Thanks cutie. Has anyone told you how good your ass looks in those shorts?”

- Eddie flushes bright red but mumbles a quiet “no”

- Richie is SHOOK.

- Because WTF? Eddie is smokin! How had no-one told him this before? He’s like the only reason Richie attends the stupid pep ralleys the school throws.

- After that day, they start spending time together outside of the library.

- Richie takes Eddie to the roller rink diner and they spend the night skating and eating burgers.

- When Richie dropped Eddie off a block away from his house he smiles this shy smile.

- Eddie is about to ask what was wrong before Richie just went for it, leaning over and pressing his lips to Eddie’s.

-Eddie is flushing red, but kisses him back because he really really likes Richie Tozier.

- After that, they spend more and more time together.

- But in secret.

- Because if Eddie’s mother found out she’d never let him leave the house ever again.

-The only people who know are Eddies friends Bill, Stan and Ben, and Richies friends Beverly and Mike,

- They all start hanging out as a group, spending all their free time together.

- After they’d been together a year, Richie, in a rate burst of romance, gives Eddie the ring he wears on his right hand.

- Eddie might think Richie is disgusting for smoking, might fins his crude jokes annoying, and his motorbike his just plain dangerous.

- But he loves him anyway.

- At graduation, two years after they’d gotten together, Richie surprises everyone by being named Valedictorian and Eddie surprises no-one but his mother by getting up onto the stage and kissing Richie in front of his whole school year.

- He can still hear his mothers screech drowned out by Richie’s chuckling to this day.

(as always thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed the HC form for this ask! If anyone wants to be added to the taglist just let me know! <3)

taglist: @smol-and-annoying @absolutenerd @wolfhardly @kylieee827-blog @im-not-psychotic @eddies-inhaler @of-outerspace @doujinsvar@feelinsorad @temptedtozier @fabulousprinceali @avrilik 

BTS / Their S/O undresses at night

REQUEST: Can I request a reaction to BTS waking up in the morning and seeing that you took your pants off in the middle of the night?

This might not be exactly what you requested, but I hope you still enjoy!


Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

It was the first time you were spending the night with him, so it was normal that you were a little awkward. When you basically insisted that you were going to sleep with jeans and your sweater on, Jin just laughed, telling you that you were probably going to regret it.

Telling him that you wouldn’t, you got into bed with him, trying to calm your beating heart down. He was really close to you. So close that you weren’t sure you were going to be able to sleep at all.

But his soft breathing and the feeling of his warm body next to yours calmed you down enough to realize that you were actually almost sleeping. And then Jin’s prophecy came true. You just couldn’t sleep with jeans on. It was hot and uncomfortable.

At first, you decided you’d just suffer, but a few hours later, you realized that sleep was more important and sat up in bed to slip your jeans off. When you sleepily lied down on your pillow again, you saw Jin’s smiling eyes.

“Oh. Did I wake you?” you asked awkwardly.

“Yeah,” he said, smirking. “I told you you’d regret it.”

You groaned. “Sleep.”

“I’m trying,” he replied, wrapping an arm around you again. “But I can’t sleep unless you’re sleeping, too.”


Originally posted by chimtae

Yoongi kept trying to convince you that you undressed in your sleep, but you never believed him. You were always too exhausted to remember what you wore to bed but you were certain that you woke up in the same clothes.

“No,” Yoongi disagreed. “I’ll prove it to you.”

You just shook your head, dismissing this topic and went back to what you were doing before he interrupted you.

Once it was time to go to sleep, Yoongi gave you a sneaky smile. “Let’s take a picture.”

“I’m too tired,” you sighed. “Let’s just—”

“Come on, just a quick one. In front of that mirror right there,” Yoongi pleaded.

Groaning, you agreed, simply unable to tell him no. Your exhausted brain didn’t see through his plan as you smiled tiredly at the mirror while he took the picture and then finally allowed you to go to bed.

You fell asleep as soon as your head touched the pillow.

When your alarm rang in the morning, you extended a hand to reach for your phone to stop the annoying noise. When you opened your eyes to put the phone back, you noticed that Yoongi was awake. For the first time in your relationship, it looked as if he woke up first.

“You never wake up before me,” you said matter-of-factly.

“Get out of bed,” he told you.

You frowned. “What—”

“Do you remember how we took a picture before going to sleep last night?” he asked while you sat up, stretched, and stepped out of bed.

“I remember… something,” you said, yawning.

Yoongi extended his hand, not saying anything. He was showing you the picture he presumably took last night. It was you and him in front of the mirror, both of you wearing sweatpants and warm sweaters because the heating in your house wasn’t ideal. Only, as you were looking at the picture, you realized that Yoongi was still wearing the same clothes, while you were only wearing the sweater. Which was inside out for some reason.

Groaning loudly, you realized what he had just done.

“Did you seriously just take that picture so you could prove this to me?” you asked.

Yoongi grinned. “Yes. And see? I was right.”

“You’re unbelievable.”

“Have a good day today,” he said, still smiling, but closing his eyes and cuddling into his pillow. “I’m going back to sleep.”


Originally posted by mvssmedia

You had just come home from the cold weather outside. Even though you took your coat and shoes off, you could still feel the snow on you and you couldn’t stop shivering. Hoseok made you hot tea so you’d warm up and told you to go to bed. You were exhausted after a long day, though, so you fell asleep before he even brought you the cup.

Smiling at your sleeping face, he wrapped the sheets tighter around your body so you’d stop shivering even in your sleep, and then he went to take a shower before he joined you in bed.

When he left the bathroom forty minutes later and got under the sheets, preparing to wrap his arms around you, he almost screamed in horror at the feeling of your cold feet against his legs. He swore you were wearing three pairs of socks before you got into bed.

“Y/n?” he whispered, checking if you were awake.

You didn’t reply, clearly still sleeping. Hoseok didn’t want to wake you to tell you to put your pants and socks back on so you wouldn’t be cold. Clenching his teeth, he threw his leg over yours so his body warmth would warm you up. For the first few moments though, he felt as if the opposite was happening – your cold was passing to him. But soon, he felt you warm up and he wasn’t as cold anymore, either.

In the end, he decided that he preferred warming your body with his, instead of telling you to dress as warmly as you could.


Originally posted by wreckitrapmon

Namjoon liked to hold you in his arms when you slept together and the first few nights he was awakened by you trashing feverishly in his arms. He woke up in shock, releasing you from his grip and watching you take your sweatpants off. Raising his eyebrows in surprise, he realized that this is what you were trying to do all along. You must have gotten too hot in your sleep but his strong arms around you didn’t allow you to relieve yourself from this warmth.

Obviously, as soon as you lied back down in bed, he wrapped his arms around you again, hearing you sigh in content, and smiling to himself.

He got used to this habit of yours later and it became somewhat of a tradition. Whenever he’d feel you nudge him at night, he’d let you go, wait until you undressed so you were comfortable and then hugged you again.

“Why don’t you just not wear pants to bed, to begin with?” he asked you one morning.

“Because I’m cold before I fall asleep,” you said, shrugging your shoulders. “I take them off when I warm up.”

“I’d warm you,” he suggested.

“No offense, Joon, but you’re just as cold as I am when we go to sleep,” you told him. “We’re a mess of chattering teeth and shivers until we fall asleep.”


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Normally, you brought your pajamas when you stayed over at the dorm with Jimin, but this time, you showed up, not planning to spend the night. Which is why when Jimin convinced you to stay because it was snowing outside (“Baby, it’s cold outside,” was what he said and you had the song stuck in your head the whole night), you didn’t have what to wear to bed.

Jimin had offered you his shirt but for some reason, you felt uncomfortable wearing so little clothing when the rest of the boys were just outside of his bedroom. So, you went to bed wearing the same clothes that you came with.

Needless to say, it soon got really uncomfortable to sleep in jeans and a hoodie that was comfortable during the day but was going to kill you at night. When did it get so uncomfortable? It was starting to get too much for you, so still not being fully awake, you slowly took your jeans off and then a few minutes later removed your hoodie, too.

It felt much better and you swore you haven’t slept that well in months.

What you forgot, however, was that you tended to throw your covers off of you when you slept, which is why in the morning, you found yourself on your stomach with your arm hanging outside of the bed while Jimin was forced to sleep in a pile of blankets.

And like it tended to happen a lot in the dorm, Hoseok burst into Jimin’s room, opening his mouth to say something until he noticed the sight in front of him: you in your underwear and nearly out of bed while Jimin was in a cocoon of blankets.

“That’s an interesting scene…” Hoseok mumbled, pulling his phone out to take a picture of the scene so he could tease Jimin later.


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He always had to cuddle when you slept with him. It was natural that you got hot and undressed as much as possible at night. Sleeping next to him was like sleeping next to a heater in summer.

“Why do you always undress at night?” Taehyung asked after he woke up one morning.

“Because you’re too hot,” you answered simply.

He smirked at this. “Is that so?”

“No, wait, that’s not what I meant,” you replied, suddenly blushing. “I mean, you produce so much warmth when we sleep, it’s impossible.”

“It’s probably because you’re hot too,” he said, still smiling. “And extremely cute when you’re blushing.”

“Let’s not talk about this,” you asked, covering your face with your hands.

“No, don’t hide your pretty face from me,” Taehyung said, trying to peel your hands away from your face, so he could see you. “Do you think if I wore extra clothes to bed you’d be even hotter and therefore take more of your clothes off?”


“I’m just checking,” he shrugged his shoulders, laughing. “I’m probably going to have to try that.”

“I’m going to refuse to sleep with you if you do stuff like that,” you told him.

He gasped dramatically. “How could you say that?!”


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Jungkook usually slept with the covers off. That is, he threw them all off of him at night, and all of them landed on you. Naturally, you were suffocating under a large number of blankets, even if it was winter. More often than not, you found yourself waking up just so you could throw your pajama bottoms off in hopes of feeling some more air.

Obviously, you tried to throw the covers back to him but his cat-like reflexes blocked your throw and the blankets found their way back to you in a second or less.

“Jungkook,” you said loudly one morning after you woke up sweating.

He was startled awake and looked at you in shock. “What happened?!”

“Look at us!” you said, struggling to get your hands out from under the covers. “I’m dying in here.”

“Why do you have so many blankets on you, then?” he asked cluelessly.

“Because you threw them all off!” you said. “Honestly, I love you, but this is driving me crazy. Not even taking my clothes off is helping me endure this.”

“Not even—wait, you’re not wearing clothes?” he asked, his eyes lighting up instantly.

“Of course not. It’s already as hot as it is, I don’t need—” you were cut off by Jungkook who gathered every blanket and started to pull it off of you. “What are you doing?”

He pulled all of the blankets away from you and threw it off the bed. You felt yourself shiver instantly but Jungkook seemingly didn’t notice that as his eyes scanned your body that was only hidden behind a white see-through oversized shirt.

“We’re not using blankets anymore,” Jungkook said, decidedly. “We can keep each other warm if we need to.”