what a good callback

Sanji is such a good kid…and I mean I sorta did expect him to say that but still…and yet…what does this mean for my dream of everybody beating up the vinsmokes….

High School Musical: Sharpay Evans [ENTJ]

UNOFFICIAL TYPING by http://idinacarlyle.tumblr.com/

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Sharpay knows how to get what she wants. She is confident, bold, and assertive to the point of being aggressive. Her songs are great demonstrations of this (“Bop to the Top” and “I Want it All”, specifically). She constantly bosses people around and becomes vicious when her plans fall apart (as seen in HSM 2 when she sees Gabriella at Lava Springs).

Introverted Intuition (Ni): She has clear vision of what she wants, whether it’s to be the star of the musical or to win Troy over. She has a knack for knowing which strings need to be pulled in order to get what she wants, as well, for example, telling Troy about Gabriella’s Honors Program letter and telling Ms. Darbus what a good idea it would be to reschedule the callbacks to a time that will make it difficult for any competition to be there.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): This is best demonstrated in her flashy sense of style and love of performing. The way she moves on stage, the way she sings and dances, and her ability to live in the moment while performing are examples of how she uses Se. 

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Sharpay sees herself as a unique individual, and prides herself on it. Her actions are based on what she wants for herself with little regard with who else will be affected. 

Let’s just take a second to talk about

How Hannibal eating Dr. Fell by himself at the table was SUCH A GOOD CALLBACK to Aperitif. He did exactly what I thought he would do in the first minutes of this episode, throw the walls back up, kill a man fancifully and then treat himself to an enormous dinner spread for one that he couldn’t possible eat. Pretend that nothing had changed that he could go back to the, the buzzword, I believe, was, “Peace” of less complicated times. The Hannibal of Aperitif would not have dreamed of being accused of what Gideon accuses him of, wanting to eat with company. Or he would have laughed really hard and patted him on the head. He’d have been at perfect, amused, peace eating all by himself, but no longer. And this Hannibal tries and fails for that over and over. He kills Dr. Fell, but has to eat alone, he kills Anthony, but has to kill alone. And he’s just thinking of Will. 

And Bryan, of course, frames everything perfectly like he always does: “ We see this guy who’s dealing with his emotions in a very different way, and so much of that first episode is informed by Hannibal’s heartbreak. We really see a heartbroken man acting out.”

I thought for a minute too, that maybe there wasn’t enough pining, but this whole episode is one big ode to Hannibal missing Will. This is Hannibal pining, killing and throwing his carelessness around, AND LOOK AT ME, I’M WITTY AND PUNNY AND MONSTEROUSLY MURDEROUS. And maybe that’s taking off the person suit, but the point of the end of last season I think, was that he was starting to build, you know, just a person, but those little wisps just got all shattered and painful, and we’re back to trying to be at square one.