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hi your andriel 'I hate Neil Josten and his pretty face' headcanon is beautiful and pure and wholesome and has healed my soul and i was hoping you'd be open to expanding on Neil's 'revenge' calling out Andrew and being dorky in the process?

Hi! Sorry for the late reply! Thank you so much and, sure, here you go!

  • Andrew is waiting for it
  • he knows Josten’s too much of an actual child to let go of the video
    • no matter that he solved the coming-out problem
    • and made Renee and Reynolds a tonshit of money
    • fucker never knows when to back down, does he?
  • so really
  • he’s not that surprised when Nicky sends him a link to some live streaming website
  • there’s 10-reasons-to-hate-Andrew-Minyard-by-Neil-Josten in the page name so it’s not hard to guess what’s going to happen

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My babe @blackdonuthole asked for some post-Missing Meals and Second Helpings-verse Lance licking frosting from his hands which is obviously very inspiring imagery ohoho. With bonus closeup.

(Casually hoping she writes a little somethin’ to go with this pic when she’s done w the fic………………😘)

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Apologies if you've been asked before, but i'm in love with your glutton knight concept and I was curious. Do you think there'd be any non-human ones? Often horses and occasionally even dogs wore armor when brought into battle, (I live near an armory museum so I've even seen some on elephants and the like) so i'm curious to know if it only affects humans !!

Nope! Becoming a glutton knight requires some form of intent. It’s not just magical contamination and armor that makes them what they are; the combination of duty, the doggedness in which they are trained to pursue their quarry, and the righteous aggression towards supernatural creatures all play into what REALLY makes a glutton knight: their preternatural thirst for magical blood.

Which isn’t to say that animal armor doesn’t become part of a knight at times. Glutton knights will shed irreparably damaged, undersized, or otherwise unsuitable armor like hermit crabs and replace it with whatever metal they can find. Those not driven by vanity (or maybe just with weird fashion sense) may make…odd…choices.

An older knight known only as Kerberos is known for incorporating the helms of its fallen steeds into its armor, for example, and even mutating around them to form false ‘heads’. It’s not the only knight to undergo pronounced bestial changes due to deliberate choice in animal-themed armor.


tfw this is the closest I’ll ever get to a onho subunit………..

The Most Belly Full Time of the Year

(Notes for this at the end)

When they “Tis the season to be jolly”, Tsukiyama Shuu took the Christmas carol seriously; the next part of the carol was already covered by the ghoul though no one ever said anything. At least not to his face. He wanted to throw the biggest holiday party in the area, which is why so many people were now mingling inside his house.

Though in this instance it was pretty clear that the one “donned now in gay apparel” was Kaneki Ken, dressed to the nines as an elf, complete with tights and green hat with a bell on the end. His usual scowl seemed ever so slightly worse thanks to Tsukiyama. The “Gourmet” ghoul had begged him to dress up in a partnering costume, going so far as to promise sexual favors in an effort to convince the half human/half ghoul to dress up for the party. Begrudgingly accepting, Kaneki rolled his eyes when Tsukiyama let out a shout of joy and unveiled an already prepared costume for Kaneki, while he pulled out his own costume. But now that the party had started, Tsukiyama was clad in a form fitting Santa suit, mingling around the party while Kaneki tried to pretend he wasn’t mortified by his outfit and that the green tights weren’t riding up. It was making his crotch and butt extremely uncomfortable but he soldiered on even though he scowled to try to at least attempt to keep up appearances.

Tsukiyama for his part was all smiles as he flitted from group to group, greeting those that filled the room. Smiling to those he greeted, he left special invitations to a few in the room saying that they had been selected to have their pictures taken with “Santa” as part of the party. When someone received an invite, once Tsukiyama had left, the group would rush over and talk to the person in jealousy, wondering what they had done to deserve such an exclusive gift. It was well known that when Tsukiyama chose you at a party that you were among the elite and would be treated well over the course of the party.

Once Tsukiyama determined he had visited at least the majority of those at the party, he decided to propose a toast and made sure that his “elf” was close by. Clearing his throat and speaking loudly but still in his usual sing songy pattern he welcomed them all, “Bonjour à tous and Joyeux Noël! Thank you for coming to my most humble fête de Noël! May all of you have a wonderful night full of delicious gourmandise and cheer. And for those of you special enough to receive a special invitation to spend time with Santa, I’ll see you shortly! Just come to the next room and see me behind the curtain at your appointed time for a special picture and rendezvous. Ta ta!”

With that, he left Kaneki in charge of the list and gave his elf special instructions. “Now make sure that when someone comes in that we aren’t disturbed for any reason. I don’t want anyone ruining the perfect shot? Alright, mi dulce?” Tsukiyama asked as he left a clipboard of a handful of names and times and when they should be let inside. Kaneki thought it odd that there seemed to be at least 15 minutes between each guest but with Tsukiyama it was always hard to tell how extravagant his plan would end up being.

Strutting proudly, Tsukiyama left for the other room with a loud “Ho ho ho!” but somehow with a French twist on the sound while everyone still at the party laughed at the cheer of their jolly host before going back to their conversations and merry making. Once in the room, Tsukiyama made sure to check the setup of the set to make sure that it was just right.

He had grand red and gold throne set against a white background with lights all around to brighten the scene. The chair was a mix of red stained wood with gold leaf on the edges and rich red leather on the seat and on the back of the chair with dimpled buttons as one would expect of such a high quality chair. The perfect throne for Santa. Tsukiyama mentally noted that he was glad that it was so wide, allowing him to sit across it in repose or to sit forward and even let his legs spread wide. The smirk that crossed Tsukiyama’s face proved that he thought of both positions coming in handy very soon. Several feet away from the ornate throne was another pair of lights for a flash, and a camera with a long cable leading from it to the throne to a trigger button laid next to the foot of the overly large chair.

Taking a moment to check all the connections, Tsukiyama went in front of the camera and took a few pictures of himself both standing and sitting in the chair and verified the focus. Not only did the pictures serve as a test for the photography setup, it would serve as a great before picture to be able to show his progress. Unable to help himself, Tsukiyama unbuttoned his suit and struck a few poses to show off his currently defined abdominals. Chuckling to himself at even his personal display, he quickly buttoned up his suit once again to complete his Santa ensemble before sitting down on the Santa throne.

Giving the signal to Kaneki, Tsukiyama awaited the first guest to arrive. He licked his lips and already his stomach was growling with hunger ready for his plan to get into action. The first person walked in, a foreign male model with blonde hair that just seemed to label him as a “rare delicacy.” The young man came in all smiles, having already been directed by Kaneki with the instructions that were given to him, telling each guest that they were going to have their picture taken with Santa Tsukiyama and that it would be part of a new centerfold.

Tsukiyama stood up to greet the man, shaking his hand. “Thank you so much for coming to my party. Santa would just like some pictures, why don’t you tell me what you want for Christmas and I’ll tell you what I want,” The Gourmet Ghoul said seductively. Tsukiyama sat down on the throne, then patted his legs to indicate for the handsome model to come sit on his lap. Tsukiyama grabbed the trigger just before the model sat down. “Let’s take a regular picture first. Say ‘Fromage!’,” he said as they both took a smiling photo. Then relaxing a hit, Tsukiyama asked, “Now about what you want for Christmas…” leaning in close so that his guest would be able to whisper in his ear. 

The young male model blushed then whispered in Tsukiyama’s ear, the quiet puffs of air tickling his ear drum in a way that nearly made Tsukiyama shiver. He nearly did but more in anticipation of something else. “I want to be able to turn left…I’m not an ambiturner. And I want to be part of the great Tsukiyama’s fashion spread.” Tsukiyama smirked before returning the whisper to the young man. “I want nothing more than to have you as a delicious treat and inside me, mon cher,” he paused raising an eyebrow. “I think we might be able to help each other out. What do you say?”

The model gave him an odd look thinking that perhaps Tsukiyama was trying to come on to him or trade sexual favors at least to be part of the fashion spread but he was soon blinded by the sudden flashes as the camera started to go off every few seconds. During this time, Tsukiyama smiled then opened his mouth as wide as it would could and slowly creeped his head toward the model’s and then quickly shoved their head in. He swallowed deeply, and with one hand started to force the attractive man into his throat. He nearly purred as he tasted the man, his throat vibrating around his meal while the other hand continued to press the camera button to take a new picture every few seconds, capturing his progress. He yanked the man into him, swallowing fast, mentally whining that he wasn’t able to spend more time on the taste the fine specimen but to keep up the rest of his plan he had to act at least with some speed. He continued to swallow, sending the man down and starting to bulge out his previously rippled abs as they still tried to continue the bulk being added to it.

Having previously prepared for his stunt, the suit was partially made from some elastic fabric along with his powerful abs that compressed the bulk much smaller than one would think. Finally the last of the young man crossed his lips and he sent the lad to his fate, waiting in his now bloated belly. His Santa suit rounded out in his lap, giving him a more traditional appearance of the holiday icon, though its jiggly was not due to a bowl full of a jelly. He burped softly, then added, “Mi dulce amor, you were perfection. As delicious as I expected.” Tsukiyama patted his rounded belly in satisfaction. “Now I’ve had my wish come true, now it’s time for yours.” Grabbing his belly, he forcibly shifted the bulk around (all with the model still squirming) until the bulk made a 180 degree counterclockwise turn to make his head near the top of his distended stomach. “See and now you’ve turned left and….” Tsukiyama clicked the trigger again to continue the mass of capture of pictures by the camera. “I promise you’ll be part of the fashion spread. Paron if it wasn’t exactly the way you imagined.” He said as he burped again into his clasped hand.

The now rounder Gourmet Ghoul called out in a sing-song voice “Oh Kaneki! Be a dear and send in the next person tout de suite!” He could feel Kaneki rolling his eyes without even looking at him. The second person (or course, snack, victim, meal, or other such words that raced through his head) waltzed into the room anxious to join the exclusive photo shoot. “Tsuki! Darling! My my! Getting even more into the holiday spirit I see!” She remarked looking at his rounded paunch. This morsel was quite a bit older than the model already in his gut, heavily covered in makeup and covered in gaudy jewelry. He’d have to do something about that. “HON HON HON! Just getting into the holiday spirit! Now would you mind taking off your jewelry? I’m afraid that for this photoshoot it will ruin the picture because of the reflection off such marvelous pieces.” Quietly she obeyed and placed them out of sight of the shot. “Why don’t you tell me your Christmas wish my darling?”

He could tell she even smelled like excess and slightly drooled already. Already the camera took shot after shot as they got in position on the throne. “I want to meet more interesting and sexy people. Surrounded by people of my social status!” Tsukiyama chuckled. “I think I can manage that. If you give me a bit more time tonight,” he winked. “In the meantime, I wish that you’d join me for dinner,” he said opening his mouth and proceeded to swallow her down, sending her down to join the model.

Tsukiyama swallowed quickly, holding her over his head and still taking pictures of his progress. He contentedly hummed around her form, his throat vibrating around her and tickling the pair of them as she moved down his bulging throat. His already rounded belly stretched, groaning slightly to contain the added bulk until she curled up next to the model and Tsukiyama’s suit filled out more to a large belly that befitted a Santa. If it wasn’t for the straining abs and hard mass underneath his stomach muscles, his suit would have looked properly padded, a sharp contrast to what he had looked like when the evening started. He burped loudly, rubbing his felt covered belly and feeling the struggles of those within. He rolled his eyes back in delight as he enjoyed their squirming and the epic fullness of his belly as it weighed on his lap. “Dulce splendeur…I must…” he panted as he slightly bucked his hips against his weight. “I must…have more…”

And have more he did. After he took a few moments to enjoy his fullness, the weight and squirming in his belly, a fleeting pass by his palms to dig into his stomach, a slight thrust to let his crotch graze against the bulge in his lap; Tsukiyama called for the next sacrifice, and then another. Each swelled out his gut larger and wider, spilling into his lap, and made it harder for the next victim to properly sit on Santa’s lap as it soon was becoming at best Santa’s knee. Still the suit seemed to stay fast over the growing massive bulge jutting out from the rest of Tsukiyama’s torso. The material strained a bit but as his eyes litted up into his skull in ecstasy as waves of pleasure and pain rocked his body.

The mixture of the struggling mass within and the pain of his stretched stomach along with the sensation of tasting so many flavors at once was sending him overboard. Each additional belch both soft and loud after each victim was almost a joy. It helped to let some pressure in his overstuffed gut but also let the mix of flavors from his occupants briefly come back to his palette. The gourmet savored it, wishing for his meals to never stop.

He paused a moment after his fourth to change his position for the camera. He put his legs up on one of the arm rests and his back on the other, letting his heavy belly rest in the middle. He took picture after picture of him examining his belly then putting his head back in pleasure as it wobbled in his lap and crotch. He nearly let out a scream as he felt his meals bounce around along the ever growing harder rod in his pants. Tsukiyama thanked his forethought (for he knew his own size on these matters) that while the suit was stretchy and form fitting, the pants were much looser allowing for the necessary growth and rise of his manhood. The weight against it was driving him mad but he didn’t want to allow himself to indulge too fully in that yet.

After Tsukiyama thought the necessary shots were taken and he was as close to the brink as he’d allow himself to get, he resettled back in the throne and called for the next person. Tsukiyama tried to hush his protesting belly as both those inside and the organ itself tried to rebel at adding more into it. But Tsukiyama would not let something like that get in the way of his plans, even if he would be sick by the time he was done. Stroking his belly with a finger, and trying to clench his abdominals tight to stop the struggling for a moment, the next person walked in.  

In walked someone that Tsukiyama nearly drooled over just to know what her taste was. She was a young blonde that was very “gifted” and attracted lots of attention during the party and it was very obvious from her conversations that it definitely was not due to being a good (or intelligent) conversationalist. “My I have never seen someone looking so sweet mon cher, “ he said motioning for her to come closer so he would not have to get up from his perch. She sat gingerly on what remained of his lap and batted her eyes trying to flirt badly with him. “I have not visited that part of America but I can now say that I have seen ‘Les Grand Tetones’ in person,” He said with a chuckle as he glanced at the front of her blouse.

She paused for a moment to try to figure out what the ghoul meant before realizing where he was staring and then covered herself and went to slap his face in indignation. Tsukiyama was too fast for her though and caught her hand before it made contact with his handsome face. “Tut tut my dear, not so fast. I apologize for remarking on your assets. I first want to know what your wish from Santa would be.” Trying to flirt with Tsukiyama once again, she threw her hands around his neck and got close to his ear. “I wish to be taken care of by Santa…I like big men,” she said seductively into his ear. Tsukiyama blushed momentarily flustered from the unexpected attention. “Well don’t worry mon amour, I know this Santa plans to take care of you very well. Now close your eyes.”

Doing as she was told, Tsukiyama opened his mouth wide and pulled her head into his mouth and started to swallow. Before she could know what was going on, she was slowly descending into his already stretched throat and belly. He let his tongue travel a bit and let himself taste her breasts ever so slightly, flicking around to cover them with saliva and get a taste for the mounds before they plopped heavily into his mouth. With a strained swallow, he finally was able to force them down his throat and forced her down with the rest of his internal occupants. But he kept on letting his tongue taste all over the buxom body just to taste the flavor that he had never tried before. Then gulping hard over and over, the last of her body was sent down into his packed gut.

As she spilled into his belly, he could feel the fabric straining, finally reaching its breaking point. Tighter and tighter it pulled but powerless against the bulk that was being forced against it as it surged out and to the sides to accommodate the latest meal. Then finally the front of Tsukiyama’s Santa suit gave way and forced to spill out the heavy bulge that had been contained behind it. The stomach groaned at the additional meal and at its freedom to spill out into Tsukiyama’s lap. He nearly yelped as it ended up forcing more pressure on his erection, then lolling back a moment as he enjoyed the continued mix of pleasure and pain. “El Dorado! Paradis sur terre!” He shouted as he squirmed and enjoyed poking the stretched ab lined stomach. The tightness of the belly was now on full display and was obvious that it was not padding but an immense formerly fit gut now packed to bursting. He bucked his hips again, now fully forcing his erection into the bottom of bulge but soon gained control of himself.

Tsukiyama had never stopped taking pictures the entire time and was thankful that he got a shot of him literally eating himself out of a Santa suit. He leaned forward to provide some added pressure on his gut enjoying the fullness and squirming. The gourmet ghoul clenched his belly again then wiggled as he leaned forward to be able to fully let his belly move about and enjoy the wonderful sensations. He cooed slightly and grasped the sides of his belly, marveling at how big he’d made himself but still he wasn’t done. He was going all out and going to have one more meal before he revealed himself.

He hiccuped, making his belly bounce roughly in his lap and groaned as it shook his entire body. “Come on Tsukiyama. One more then you can get the greatest dessert of them all!” He said trying to coax himself on. He called for the last person.

This one was a partier, known for being a drunkard at all the parties around town and that was just how Tsukiyama wanted it. For as big as he was now, he wasn’t sure he wanted someone that was fully aware, lest they run away at seeing his exposed gut. Plus he was curious if the young man would taste like all the alcohol he had consumed. The young man staggered in, “Is *hic* this where the party is?” He said getting closer to Tsukiyama and his now ill-fitting throne. “Why yes! The party has already started but can’t finish without you!” Tsukiyama said as he slapped his massive belly. “Come closer so we can really have something to celebrate this evening.” Doing as he was told in his drunk state, the young man came over and before he could do more than drunkenly smile as he put his hands on Tsukiyama’s belly to steady himself, the gourmet ghoul with a grunt of exertion, leaned forward and pulled the man into his mouth.

Noting the man tasted like a mix of various drinks, from sake to bourbon, he ran his tongue over the surface of the man to decipher the various alcohols running through the doomed man’s body. Deeper and deeper he pulled the man into his throat and sent him into the already packed full to bursting belly. But Tsukiyama would not be deterred and when the man’s descent slowed, grabbed the sides of his torso and pushed the body more into his mouth then repeated the process as he fought against his own body trying to say that the ghoul had gone overboard. Gulp after painful gulp, he swallowed until finally the blessed moment when the young man was fully contained inside his belly.

Unable to hold it any longer, Tsukiyama let out a massive belch and then hiccuped as his belly tried to settle now fully taking up his entire lap even with his powerful abs trying to pull in the gut as much as it could. He moaned loudly almost crescendoing into a yell of pain but was really a sound of immense satisfaction. There was on side effect of all this noise, intended or not. Since this was the last guest that Tsukiyama had planned for, Kaneki was able to hear the various sounds of Tsukiyama’s exertion and fullness that echoed into the photo shoot area.  

Confused and worried about his companion, Kaneki came into the photo area searching for Tsukiyama. What he was greeted with was not something he expected at all. It was Tsukiyama bloated beyond the size of a beachball, his belly burst out of the Santa suit, filling every square inch of the previously oversized throne. The belly squirmed and had a life of its own with the exposed middle occasionally shifting from side to side in his lap. Tsukiyama for his part seemed to have recovered from his earlier exclamations and now was licking his gloved hand in a look of utter contentment and pride.

“Mmmmm mmm good. Just as wonderful as I imagined. Don’t I look like a proper Santa now, Kaneki-kun?” He said jutting out his belly slightly with pride. He took a finger and stroked over a portion of his belly, trying to guide Kaneki to marvel at his stretched out form. “I *hic* may have gone a little overboard *hic* but it was worth it to see the look on your face….” Tsukiyama winced and clenched his eyes shut for a moment as a visible cramp took hold and his belly tensed up. He inhaled in and out (making the marvel of nature still grow in and out from his breath) until the cramp passed. “Do you want to come over and touch it?” He said lifting one eye as the other squinted in pain.

Kaneki only brought his hands to his head, gripping his white hair, shocked to see Tsukiyama in such a state. This was a level beyond gluttony and Kaneki wasn’t sure if he should be helping Tsukiyama or those that he had obviously devoured. Either way this was not what he had expected when he had been dressed up as an elf. Collecting himself he cautiously went over to the throne and gently poked the belly then rubbed to feel its tightness. Tsukiyama purred under the touch, nearly bucking at just Kaneki’s touch and made his whole body vibrate.

Kaneki was still unsure of what to do on if he should let the gluttony stand or if he should go get help. He slowly backed up, trying to collect his thoughts. Tsukiyama pouted when he noticed that Kaneki was no longer touching him, wanting the half human to do more as his touch on his belly had been his aim the entire time. Bracing himself against the throne, Tsukiyama struggled to his feet, almost falling once or twice since he was unused to such a change in his weight. He licked his lips and waddled toward Kaneki. His immense belly swayed side to side to try to match his movements but because of its mass, seemed to be just slightly behind and made Tsukiyama stagger as he progressed towards Kaneki.

Kaneki soon found himself against the wall of the room, unable to escape as Tsukiyama came toward him. “Kaneki-kun, I need you. I want you with me,” he said getting close to Kaneki. He forced his packed belly into Kaneki’s body and pinned him against the wall. He leaned closer to Kaneki. He inhaled Kaneki’s smell and lightly nibbled at his neck playfully, all the while the packed belly pressed into Kaneki’s body. “Please…this was all for you…” he said panting. Tsukiyama kissed Kaneki taking in the wonderful flavors of his lips as he moved his belly just enough to let his groin grind against the half ghoul. Kaneki gasped when he felt Tsukiyama’s large erection press into his leg. The stretchy pants allowed for greater movement of Tsukiyama’s manhood and let it glance against Kaneki’s leg

“Fine but not here,” Kaneki said as he acquiesced. Tsukiyama’s eyes went wide as he realized that Kaneki was agreeing. “Yes! Yes! Let’s go to my room upstairs! I have a way to get up there with no one noticing.” Kaneki rolled his eyes. “Good because I do not want to explain that.” He said motioning towards Tsukiyama’s gurgling stomach. Not wanting to let this opportunity pass him by, Tsukiyama led Kaneki by the hand and up a separate staircase to his room above.

His massive belly led the way, swaying side to as he tried to bring Kaneki with him. Kaneki just kept his now characteristic straight face as he watched Tsukiyama and his tight backside be in contrast to the rotund front that he now sported. He could still hear the party going on strong downstairs but ignored it as he focused on Tsukiyama, hiccups and grunts in all.

The pair made it into Tsukiyama’s bedroom, the sheets covered in luxurious silk, and arranged nicely. Tsukiyama had spent time to make it nice on the astronomical chance that Kaneki would accept his company as he wished so often and the gourmet ghoul was not disappointed that he had taken the time to prepare. With a huff, Tsukiyama sat on the bed trying to regain his energy after having to lug around such a heavy belly. The bed creaked under his weight as he pants for a bit, placing a hand on his taut belly to try to calm it down.

Kaneki stood over Tsukiyama and was quickly losing his patience. If he was being talked into this, he was going to do it now. “No more waiting. Let’s do this,” He said being able to see Tsukiyama’s erection from his laid back position tenting underneath the belly mound. “Now strip.” Tsukiyama blushed at Kaneki’s upfront manner and tried his best to take off the jacket but was not having much luck due to his current state. Cracking his knuckles, Kaneki got on the bed and help the bloated ghoul out of his Santa jacket. Tsukiyama winced at the effort as he had to move slightly side to side. Then Kaneki got off the bed took off the high boots and tossed them across the room, wanting them out of the way. Next with a rough yank, Kaneki pulled down the oversized red pants, taking them off in one smooth motion. Tsukiyama winced as the waistband tugged on his erection and moved it painfully for a moment before being set free from the pants.

Tsukiyama was left bare save only his silk boxers, bright paisley and purple though his manhood looked to stretching the fine fabric to its breaking point.  Kaneki licked his lips and then pulled down the remaining cloth off of the bloated man, leaving him naked. “Well, get comfortable on the bed, no way am I doing it from that position,” Kaneki demanded. Doing as he was told, Tsukiyama heaved himself onto the bed with a grunt, pushing himself back. The weight of the belly threatened to make him topple over and he tried to support himself and make his way to the mounds of pillows waiting at the head of the bed.

Kaneki for his part, quickly shed out of his elf costume, grateful to be free of the terrible outfit. Naked himself, he climbed onto the bed on all fours and directed Tsukiyama to part his legs to make room for his belly and erection. Tsukiyama whimpered a bit, his greatest dream in life about to come true. Kaneki licked his lips again, and took the large member into his mouth and used his tongue to playfully dance around the shaft. Tsukiyama moaned loudly, and bucked his hips into Kaneki’s face, forcing the white haired ghoul to swallow more of his length.

Kaneki continued on, tasting as much of he could of Tsukiyama, bobbing back and forth a mix between his own actions and Tsukiyama’s. Unable to help himself, Tsukiyama reached down as close to his torso as possible to reach around his engorged belly and grabbed onto Kaneki’s white hair, gripping it tight. Partly to force him to continue and take more of him and partly just to enjoy the moment of sheer ecstasy that he was feeling of having his greatest fantasy and Christmas wish was coming true by having a full to bursting belly and by having Kaneki in bed with him. Tsukiyama panted and bucked, sweat beginning to drip from their brows. Kaneki teased Tsukiyama with his tongue, holding him off of climax for just a moment to reach up and playfully knead the hard underbelly that he could reach while still using his mouth to tease the moaning ghoul.

“S'il vous plaît…. Kaneki!” Tsukiyama begged as he was kept from climaxing for what felt like an eternity. Kaneki smiled then winked at him, then finally went back and brought the pleading ghoul to climax. Tsukiyama bucked his hips one more time and held it there, somehow strong enough to hold the bloated balloon of a belly in air long enough for him to blow his seed into Kaneki’s waiting mouth. The pent up ghoul exploded into Kaneki’s mouth, the white haired ghoul forced to swallow all that he could as Tsukiyama rode his orgasm. Finally as the wave of pleasure subsided, Tsukiyama relaxed and fell into a naked heap. Kaneki wiped the trails with his finger and licked it, the burped slightly. “This is not exactly how I was dreaming of having a white Christmas but I’ll take it.”

Tsukiyama panted, his massive belly struggling to contain his meal and yet he didn’t want the moment to end, enjoying the sweet bliss that he felt at having the most amazing experience he could ever hope for happen. That was until Kaneki crawled on all fours towards him, his own erection now in full force. “Now it’s my turn. I hope you still have some room left in there for some dessert.” Tsukiyama had his best Christmas ever while the party goers downstairs wondered whatever happened to their host.

This is a story inspired by an amazing Christmas pic given to me by the amazing @dumdumdrawstumtums that inspired me to write this. Yes that means I’ve at least had this planned since then. 

I know this is very outside of canon especially with Tokyo Ghoul but I have a very large soft spot for Tsukiyama Shuu and love the idea of him being a gluttonous full size vore eater as well, so sorry if you think I ruined him.

Also this is probably the smuttiest thing that I have ever written at least publicly that I remember so hopefully everyone enjoys it. 

Thanks again to @dumdumdrawstumtums for being so awesome and doing such amazing inspiring art!

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Since bucky stayed while tony was sleeping with other people, does he have an advantage over Steve as to wat tony likes/dislikes?

To be honest I’m not exactly sure?

Bucky was literally sitting in the closet with the door shut the entire time so sometimes he couldn’t even smell what they were doing. He was just listening, poised for a ‘no’ or ‘stop’ that went unheeded so he could burst out and scare the living daylights out of Tony’s partner. Now I’m sure sometimes Tony got chatty and bossy and told his partners what to do to him (my head canon is he’s a bossy little shit in bed) but ya know, not every time? So Bucky may have a better idea of what Tony likes and dislikes but he has to do some experimenting and asking, too.

Also Steve’s a nosy little shit and asks what happens because he’s a glutton for pain and Bucky tells him because he doesn’t see the point of keeping it a secret. So Bucky and Steve are on a pretty even playing field actually.

Thoughts about chapter 855

Ok it happened again, when you try to convince yourself that it’s better to write the review after re-reading the chapter couple of times but you’re just so hyped that you simply can’t wait… !

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Sorry to bother you but I saw a thing about Savoyard helmets and I immediately thought of what cool glutton knights especially the skull or center-split ones so I was just wondering if you'd heard of them??

Ooh, I had TOTALLY forgotten about the skull ones! I absolutely need to make a dude for those, thank you for letting me know! Always down to check out cool armor.

The only Savoyard-inspired glutton knight I’ve done so far is a bit different than the specific helms you suggested–I went with the weird grinning design instead. They’re not fully fleshed out yet so I’ve only got these sketches:

Vanderost seems remarkably normal for a glutton knight, and they are very good at setting folks at ease with their silly, light-hearted sense of humor. It’s only when people get very close that they notice the many small, crawling shapes that writhe behind the narrow slits of the helm.

I really hate these “Look how relatable and quirky I am” webcomics. They’re the epitome of laziness and there’s so damn many of them that the whole thing became over saturated.

Like I get the appeal of self depreciation. John Pinette is one of my favorite stand up comedians and his whole thing is “Look at what a fat fucking glutton I am! I sure do eat a lot!” And at the end of the day, that’s sort of what people like Simple Sarah or Adam Ellis or Shen do…but I think there’s still a lot of difference between someone like Pinette and the “Relatable crowd.”

These people base their comics on the most mundane crap and somehow have made a career out of it. Oh, I’m rather tired today. I don’t want to go to work/school/social obligation/etc but instead sleep! Life can sometimes be sad! I get nervous when talking to people I find attractive!

Is this really what everyone is clamoring for? Can I make a comic where I complain about the time I got a soggy burger at Five Guys and get a shit ton of unwarranted praise? Maybe I can open a Patreon and get a few hundred dollars for “<i>World and Centuries Unexcellent Burger Adventures</i>” where I complain about all the poorly made burgers I’ve faced in my life.

Want to know the formula for this shit? I want to do something. I’m unable to do that thing. I’m sad.

There you go. Now you can make your own quirky relatable comic. Don’t forget to take no more than 5 minutes. Your author avatar should be simple and copy/pasted across comics.

That’s another thing that pisses me off. The art of these comics are always so lazy. It’s not even a matter of quality. These people just take the absolute biggest shortcuts possible when pumping out these comics like there’s no tomorrow. A lot of the time they just copy/paste their characters or even entire panels, changing only where the eyes are looking at and the mouths. Comics are a visual medium yet these people just aren’t interested in taking advantage of that. If you want to explain what stupid benign thing happened to you that day but you don’t want to draw, start a podcast!

Maybe I’m just being more salty than I should, but it really bites me in the ass drawing something over the course of a week, trying to have an interesting joke I haven’t made before, making sure the panels are interesting to look at, making sure I’m not copy pasting anything unless it’s absolutely necessary, etc and the comic is an utter failure but one of these chucklefucks shits out another “Being an adult is haaaaaaard!” comic in 5 minutes and get all the adoration they can take.

Like yes, I know that other people’s successes doesn’t diminish your own and I’m very grateful for the audience I have, but it just bugs me so damn much putting work and effort into something that seems to only become popular the less of that you put in. Like someone making a really high quality, intelligent film reading about how much money the latest Transformers movie makes, I just can’t help but to feel so incredibly salty over it.

This is something I’ve been holding in for a long while. I think I might have made a post on tumblr or two about it but really, it’s something deserving of it’s own comic. If these pricks can cry about every mundane bullshit thing than so can I.

I don’t care that these comics are relatable or the artist is drawing them to help with his depression or it’s part of their jobs or whatever. They’re shit. They’re absolute shit and the people who make them have either no talent or no integrity. 

I can’t be the only one who thinks this. 

Rin’s First Thanksgiving

You know what happens when you think you’ll do short drabbles and start them off with the same theme so you can get them out quickly? You end up making one story double the length you intended and probably more scatterbrained then you wish. 

This story is based on the idea that Rin Matsuoka is still a super glutton and really wanted to experience his own Thanksgiving.

Imagine Rin is wearing this but as pants. Because that’s what I did…

Originally when Rin heard about his family’s vacation to the United States, he was less than enthused. Why on earth would he want to miss school and swimming to go to the United States? That was at least until he found out when they would be going. They would be visiting theme parks during Thanksgiving. The infamous holy grail of gorging holidays in America and he’d finally be able to experience it. He phoned Gou immediately saying “Sign me up.” The whole trip he looked forward to his eating, making sure that they planned to go to a Thanksgiving feast that was planned at their hotel. As the week, while Rin enjoyed his time with his family at the various parks and rides, he thought about the massive binge that was to come.

He ate sparingly, focusing on keeping his stomach expanded by making sure he was sufficiently hydrated, with the effect of keeping him starving. He was slightly moodier than usual, which Gou noted from his attitude and the constant growling of his stomach. “Grrrrrrrrr” went his stomach as they waiting in a long line for a roller coaster. After days of hearing his stomach protest, Gou snapped. She turned around and lifted up his shirt, exposing his chiseled abs. “Holy hell Rin, have you not eaten anything? It sounds like you want a horse!” She said as she took the opportunity to place her slightly colder ear against his stomach flesh and listened to his stomach protest.

“Grrrgrrrgrrr” it went again before he blushed deeply, doubling over from the slight tickle and laughter and trying not draw attention to himself. “HEY STOP THAT!” he half laughed and put his shirt back down. “I’m saving up for the big feast okay?” Gou looked at him a little concerned. “More like draining the funds dry! Just don’t make yourself sick just so you can theoretically eat more later.”

Those words rang in his ears, though he was now in a much different situation than her words had intended. “Ughhhhh *URP* Okay I did make myself sick. *Hic* Just not the way you meant little sis.” He groaned as his stomach now growled in protest for a different cause. He rubbed his bloated bulging belly, jutting out from the rest of his muscular frame as he waddled away from the hotel feast.

He clutched his stomach as a cramp hit him, wincing but trying to keep in the urge to yell as the cramp made his abs contract violently around his middle. “Oh yeah really made myself sick,” he thought to himself as beads of sweat started to form on his forehead.

Rin thought back to his earlier that afternoon, when it was finally time for the Thanksgiving feast. He arrived with Gou and his mother as the other guests that elected to participate shuffled in with the giant spread. Rin tied up his hair to keep most of his bangs out of his face, though was dressed in his tight black and pink polo and gray jeans as he entered the ballroom being used for the feast. He drooled at the sight of the spread meant to all the guests.

Once he was given the go ahead, Rin lept up and grabbed as much as he could of food and started chomping away. He was grateful that the feast was prepared for so many hotel guests so that they wouldn’t complain that he was getting up for seconds before people had finished their first servings. The feast had several turkeys, giant bowls of potatoes, stuffing, and every other traditional Thanksgiving food that Rin had heard about and he was determined to eat as much as he could. Gou and his mother were used to his ravenous eating at this point, and only rolled their eyes as he chowed down. After a few plates, Rin finally paused and undid he belt buckle, pausing a moment to rub the red marks that formed from it being stretched around his growing middle, but soon went back to eating.

It wasn’t long after that that the other patrons started to pack up and leave, having eaten their fill of the Thanksgiving meal. But Rin ate on, barely even showing signs of slowing down as he moved on to his sixth then seventh oversized helping of food. He was an eating machine he told himself and was going to make the most of this holiday. He silently acknowledged in the back of his mind that his polo was definitely feeling tighter and that he should be a tad concerned but it wasn’t until somewhere between his tenth and eleventh helpings that he was shaken out of it.

That’s when he felt a pop, then sudden rush of relief and stomach jut out a bit further. In confusion, he let his fingers fall down to his stomach under the table and his digits made the discovery that his jeans had popped open on their own and forced the fly open. The jeans had been pulled low after he had adjusted his belt earlier but he still grown enough to now force them open on his own. Suddenly nervous about his surroundings, he glanced around to see the room. Luckily for him, the room has vastly cleared out and his mom and sister were talking to each other. Gou noticed her brother’s state of worry. “What’s wrong? Did you break something? Finally realize you have a limit?” she teased. Rin frowned especially that his capacity was called into question. He thought to yell back but fought off the urge as he leaned over and whispered into her ear “I sorta popped my pants button.” A look of shock passed Gou’s face then a huge smile. “You what?! Rin, glutton! You gotta stop!” she said as she tried to look under the table to see the evidence. “Don’t tell me what to do! I’m going to eat until I feel like it!” He said getting up and trotting back to the table.

That was cue that Gou needed and told their mom about her son’s state, who just shook her head as he came back with another 3 plates piled high. “We’re not going to wait around anymore. Just try not to make a fool of yourself okay?” Then the pair exited, leaving Rin alone at his table and only a few stragglers of the hotel behind, both with late arrivals and those that ate slowly due to in depth conversations. Rin beamed. “All the more for me!” he thought as he spied a turkey that he wanted to claim as his own. He quickly ate his latest plates then went back for the turkey and every other food he could get his hands on.

It went like that for what seemed like an eternity, and truthfully, he wasn’t sure on how much time had passed. He hadn’t eaten every scrap of food as it was a feast for an entire hotel, but by the time he left, he was proudly the last one out. Rin had accomplished his goal of cleaning the entire turkey, plus at least 3 pies a la mode, a mountain of potatoes, and more. His stomach was double the size or more it had been when Gou had left and it showed.

That is what left Rin in his current predicament. All that food was quickly catching up with him. His belly looked like he was full term pregnant at least with his polo shirt forcefully pulled up to his chest. Every time he tried to pull it down, it would maybe reach his belly button but any movement would send it right back up. His distended abs glistened a bit with a tinge of sweat as he struggled back to his room. He was grateful that his hair had been tied up, though free strands clung to his sweaty forehead. Rin waddled to the elevator that thankfully was empty and laid back against the elevator wall, spreading his legs wide as he tried to control his aching belly. “Oh my god, this was a mistake *hic*,” he said to himself as he tried to rub into the sides of his gut. Every time he hiccuped he wished he hadn’t. It caused his overloaded organ to jump on it’s own, causing his whole body to move without his permission. Thankfully with his wide stance he was able to mitigate a bit of the movement as he wince again with another cramp. “Why did I think this was a good idea. I mean who eats a turkey on their own? I mean it was good and I’m kind of proud…” He thought to himself as he remembered how proud he is of his gluttony and the amount he ate, and truthfully the size of his stomach to match.

Still, he was grateful when the elevator dinged and announced he had arrived at his floor. He fished for his key card, made all the more difficult by his stuck open fly making it hard to get his hands into his pockets. Finally, after some additional grunting and groaning (which he was sure a sight as it made his belly move around in odd directions) he was able to get his key and enter he room. He made a beeline for the front room. He shucked his pants to let them cease to cut into his sides and laid on the couch. Rin marveled over his size as he rubbed over it back and forth trying to will it to digest and calm down. He belched several times to try to get the offending mass to go down just a little but it continued to rise and fall, growing and shrinking as he breathed.

Finally after several minutes and thankful that his mom and sister had already gone to bed, he turned on the TV as he rubbed his belly and thought of his first successful Thanksgiving. As the pain died down, a overdue food coma set in and Rin drifted off to sleep with dreams of his next Thanksgiving and what he would eat then.