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Vanity Fair 

everybody was looking super good and classy on the covers… and then there is those three. The First Order trio at its best !  

Simmer // Archie Andrews

Summary: Archie and you have a fight when Veronica can’t seem to understand that Archie isn’t single but that doesn’t stop her from kissing him. During ‘Secrets and Sins’ some things you didn’t know are revealed causing a rift but with the sex be enough to convince you how much Archie cares?

Characters: Reader x Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper x Jughead Jones, Veronica Lodge, Kevin Keller, Cheryl Blossom, Chuck Clayton, Dilton Doiley, FP Jones, Jason Blossom (mentioned) and Ms. Grundy (mentioned).

Words: 3126

Disclaimer: Disclaimer: I do not own Riverdale or the characters involved. Some parts of the dialogue from the episode has been changed to fit the fic.

Warnings: Swearing, underage drinking, party, fighting, and smut.

Author: Caitsy

A/N: This was two requests I put into one!

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The minute Archie told you about Betty throwing Jughead a birthday party you knew it would go bad. When you were young Mrs. Jones would babysit you for extra cash, your parents doubled the average pay to her. That meant you grew up close with Jughead as if you were siblings or really close cousins and you knew how much he hated his birthday.

You were shocked when Archie allowed the get together build into a fill fledged high school part with two kegs in attendance. Your boyfriend was acting odd but refused to tell you why and you didn’t appreciated Veronica making eyes at your oblivious boyfriend.

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“Don’t score my cooking.”

So I watched Trollhunters!

Don’t get me wrong, its not a bad show, but i do have some gripes… (Jim could still turn out to be a changeling, and believe me, i already imagined a superdramatic scene about it and ill probably draw a troll!Jim just cause but i am still dissapoint)

Life of the Zodiacs #3 (unedited)

Missed The Last Chapter? Read it Here :)

thank you to @kaylaofcastaway @books-beast-and-readerry and @azurekid for helping me edit and/or cowrite chapter 3!

“Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!”

Cancer groaned from being woken up so abruptly and rubbed her eyes, “What time is it?”

“Pancake time!” Aries and Pisces cheered and pulled the half asleep redhead out of bed.

They dragged her into the kitchen only to find that it was no longer empty as it had been five minutes earlier. Capricorn sat at the table with a steaming cup of coffee reading the newspaper, Aquarius was laid out on the couch watching the news with Virgo, and Libra was sitting next to them, but she was much more concerned with whatever was happening on her phone than the tv.

“Where’s Taurus?” Aries looked around for her food enthusiast friend. “I totally thought she would’ve woken up earlier if it meant she got Cancer’s rockin’ pancakes.”

“Sagittarius texted she’s still asleep,” Libra updated the small group.

Aries frowned, “What about Leo?”

“Ya, I wouldn’t expect him for a little while,” Libra spoke without looking up from her phone. “It takes him forever to get ready. Oh, and Sagittarius says he’ll be here when pancakes are ready.”

“I guess I better start making them then,” Cancer yawned and began searching for bowls.

Pisces plopped down in a chair across Capricorn, “You know, with Taurus being an actual chef and all you’d think she’d at least help you out.”

However, everyone seemed to have forgotten that a crucial part of making pancakes was missing, except for Capricorn who was smirking in his chair waiting for them all to realize what he’d already known since the night before.

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Different (Bad Boy Jungkook Au): Part 1

Request: Can i request a school au with Jungkook? New transer student in a private and elite school with bad boy jungkook! It would be nice if it was multiple chapters👍 and no love triangles because its too sad for me😭 sorry if im too specific! Of course you dont have to write it and take as long as you need :) ❤️❤️ 

Sorry this took forever and this is only part one so we will see how I do with updating! thank you for requesting this! It was a lot of writing and deleting but I think I have something that I like now so enjoy!

Part 2  

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Walking towards the doors of that school were hard. You didn’t know anybody and you probably stood out like nobody’s business. You already missed the normality of being at a regular school. You couldn’t help but tug at the ends of your jacket. You were nervous and you weren’t used to wearing this uniform. You touched your hair for the hundredth time and kept your gaze down on the ground.

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My biggest question right now is how looks everyone’s hair. I mean, what about my potato girl, sasha?? Did you cut it?? And connie, can your hair actually grow??? Is my queen Mikasa with long hair???? And my baby armin?? Jean, what about you my stunning horse???? Levi I don’t really expect anything of your hair but i want to see you anyway!!!! HelloooOOO??!!!?1!!!1

Imagine Seijou third years chillin on a grass field at school during lunch break and Iwaizumi falling asleep, so Makki starts to pat his hair “it’s actually much softer than it looks like” and Mattsun pulls some grass off the ground and puts it on Iwa-chans face and finally Oikawa puts flowers in his hair and when Iwa-chan wakes up he has no idea. And even went to class like that.

Black and Silver

Carmilla Week 2017
Prompt 5: Beach

Summary: Most people associate the beach with holidays or ice cream or surfing or something. For Laura, it’s a little different.

For her, it’s a place of friendship, love and heartbreak. Most importantly, it’s where her best friend saved her from drowning. It was where their hearts broke. Eventually, it became the place their hearts healed as well.

AO3 link for those who prefer it: http://archiveofourown.org/works/11695818

Yo, Creampuffs! Day five, we’re getting closer and closer to the end, guys.

Fair warning, this one wound up kinda long. You ever have an idea and then you start writing and you have 493 more ideas? Yeah, that’s kinda what happened.

This is also the only one I managed to get to smartassducky in time for her to check, so a shout-out to her!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading and let me know what you think, Creampuffs!

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