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  1. coke or pepsi: uhm water please, I hate sweet pop
  2. disney or dreamworks: How could I decide?! See, I love the quirky dreamworks style but seeing as they still have to give me a good female protagonist i’ll have to go with Disney (and especially Mulan)
  3. coffee or tea: coffee AND tea, jeez, why not both?! 
  4. books or movies: Ok , well see here, movies adapted from books usually suck but I love me some good cinematography and I currently own about 200 DVDs (I’m not kidding) and regularly spend my money on movie theatre tickets, but then I read almost always at least 3 different books at once. Ugh fine I chose movies.. no books… bovies!
  5. windows or mac: windows
  6. dc or marvel: team marvel!!! have you guys SEEN LOGAN??!! fdjkfdhsaj soo good
  7. x-box or playstation: uhm don’t own either but playstation, i really wanna get one
  8. dragon age or mass effect: don’t really have an opinion
  9. night owl or early riser: night owl trying to become an early bird
  10. Cards or chess: …board games, but in this case cards, I’m not a strategic thinker
  11. chocolate or vanilla: chocolate <3
  12. vans or converse: uhm I own 2 pairs of converse and no vans so I have to say converse
  13. Lavellan, Trevelyan, Cadash, or Adaar: who?
  14. fluff or angst: fluff, I just hate reading angst
  15. beach or forest: forest by the beach (see, I’m good at wiggeling out of things haha
  16. dogs or cats: I’m severly allergic against both so turtles, especially greek turtles, testudo hermanni boettgeri :)
  17. clear skies or rain: clear skies all the way
  18. cooking or eating out: cooking, unless I’m lazy
  19. spicy food or mild food: depends, I like spicy food if its done right, like not peppery spice but like ginger etc spice. So don’t just put hot sauce on stuff but actually season it spicy
  20. halloween/samhain or solstice/yule/christmas: halloween is not so big where I live so really solstice/yule/christmas, when the whole family comes together :)
  21. would you rather forever be a little too cold or a little too hot: I’m always cold so being a little too hot but balance things out a bit. Because I mean if you can make the a little too cold feeling go away by putting on more clothing, ok, then I’ll chose that, but in case it’s something that never goes away, I’d rather be a little too hot all the time
  22. if you could have a superpower, what would it be: lol, I just dreamed about being an OC marvel mutant that could influence the feelings of people nearby and that shit is pretty powerful, so I’ll chose that. closely followed by being able to fly, I mean, who doesn’t want that right?
  23. animation or live action: animation (by the way, I’m still really freaking out about how bad they can make the fullmetal alchemist live action… anyone still as worried as I am?)
  24. paragon or renegade: what?
  25. baths or showers: baths <3
  26. team cap or team ironman: team iron man! c’mon, he has spidey <333
  27. fantasy or sci-fi: BOTH IS GOOD, I hate deciding! also, as a lit major let me tell you the boundaries are pretty fuzzy, so I probably can get away with this :D
  28. do you have three or four favorite quotes, if so what are they:      1:  Stories of imagination tend to upset those without one (Terry Pratchett)                                                                                                 2: A heart’s a heavy burden (Howl’s Moving Castle)                                3: Oooh! All right, that’s it! Dishonor! Dishonor on your whole family! (Make a note of this:) dishonor on you, dishonor on your cow, dis…(Mulan)                                                                                              4:Udo: Hallo Kinder, ich bins der Udo. Das schreib ich mal eben an die Tafel, so.Kinder :äh, hä?! Kind 1: Da steht gar nicht Udo! Udo: Boah weißt du wie egal mir das ist, ich bin doch nicht euer Deutschlehrer! Ich lehre hier das grausamste Fach an der gesamten Schule, ja?! Kind1: Mathe? Kind 2: Sport? Udo: HAUSWIRTSCHAFTSLEHRE!!! *ziiing* *grillenzirpen* Udo: Was is? Kind1: hust Udo: Boah, das ist ein ernst zu nehmendes Fach, ja?!! Das is voll wichtig! (by the one and only coldmirror, Harry Potter und der Plastikpokal <3)
  30. harry potter or percy jackson: Harry Potter all the way
  31. when you feel accomplished: I don’t know, when I’ve done something for my BA thesis paper?! I guess…
  32. star wars or star trek: star wars <3333
  33. paperback books or hardback books: hardback look nicer but I need books with me when I travel and since I move a lot, I have come to prefer paperbacks
  34. to live in a world without literature or without music? ???!!! 
  35. who was the last person to make you laugh? my boyfriend <3
  36. sour or sweet candy: neither, I like all things chocolate though.
  37. do you believe in aliens? I think its pretty cocky to assume we are the only lifeform out there, the universe is huge, man
  38. dawn or dusk dusk :)
  39. piercings or tattoos tattoos, I want one soooo bad, but I dont have money
  40. girls? HOT????? damn yes we are <3
  41. snow or fog fog, because I’m sooo sick of winter at this point
  42. do you sleep facing the wall or the room? I move sooo much in my sleep, I face everywhere
  43. TRC or AFTG: what does this stand for? 
  44. horror or drama: uhm, I recently got into horror, so for today I’ll say horror
  45. ocarina of time or majora’s mask? never played :( but I want to start getting into games more :)
  46. would you rather live in an area of more nature or city? City, i’ve grown up in one and lived in a rural area for a year and hated it :D but I still like to have nature close to the city
  47. what’s your addiction right now? gilmore girls, just got into it :D also, cosplay as a big convention is coming up :D
  48. what languages can you speak? German, English and Polish
  49. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? I honestly like living in Germany, we have good healthcare and the government isn’t so bad, but I think Sweden is cool, if it wasn’t for the long winters :D
  50. sun or moon? moon :)
  51. potato bread or banana bread? banana bread!
  52. are horses good? yeah, I’m allergic but I especially LOOOOVE iceland ponys :D, I used to horseback ride until my allergies got to a point where I couldn’t see anymore after a lesson so my mom made me stop
  53. Edward Elric or Alphonse Elric? dammit @steampouda, why did you have to make it so hard :D ok, well, I’m gonna go with Alphonse but never make a mother choose between her children 

Logan or Deadpool?

anonymous asked:

Do your parents know you have a tumbler? What do they think of it? I'm scared of what will happen if my mom finds out about mine because she doesn't really understand the internet and I'm afraid she'll think my tumbler friends aren't who they say they are(even though that rarely happens and I don't share personal info)

They know I have one, but they don’t really know what it is and they’ve never seen it or anything. I just tell then I only post funny cat photos and memes so they don’t know what a huge comic geek I am 😂 

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13,16,21,43,66,78,98,121, and 165(want to know me better),thanks ,please don't mind as I asked you so many question)👍☺

13- Favourite word?
Probably flabbergasted or supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
16- TV show I always recommend?
I actually haven’t even finished it but I loveee freaks and geeks 👌👌👌
21- What am I most afraid of?
My own thoughts
43- Favourite hobbies?
Acting, singing, playing ukulele and piano
66- Something I worry about?
That my internet friends will hate me if I ever get to meet them irl
78- Early bird or night owl?
It’s past midnight on a school night… imma have to say night owl
98- 3 things I love?
My friends, animals, music
121- Am I allergic to anything?
Yeah, dust and pollen ;-;
165- Do I believe in fate?
Yeah I guess so

Wow you must really want to know me ☺️☺️☺️ 💕💕💕

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what cosplays are you wearing to comic con?

@aria-is-greek-trash and I are going all three days, with a different pairing each time, because we’re geek-ass nerds with a death wish.

The first day we’re doing Rhys and Vaughn from Tales From The Borderlands, second day is MacCready and Deacon from Fallout 4, and third day is Tucker and Dale from Tucker and Dale vs. Evil.

We’re planning on taking pictures and posting them before the actual con days, mostly for shits and giggles but also in case anyone wants to stop us and say hi!


albeit very, disappointingly localized, lol

in case you are wondering what kind of a geek i am for environmental engineering, i just went out at 4:30 am to snap a couple of pictures of some water under some bridges

so yeah

Here it is: all finished! This one wouldn’t let me go! This is my personal tribute to photographer #jamesclewis (@rawnoire). I’ve been following his work for a long time now. His work is strong and hits hard. His piece We Are Not Thugs with model Chri Anthony was my inspiration for this. And it resonated with me because I’ve always been the non-threatening black guy. And I thought if I was that kind of guy and was nice to everyone, then I’d be under the radar. Ofcourse, the world changed, so i grew out of it. It’s not so easy now with what’s going on in the world. There are still people who generalize us as one kind of people; not willing to realize that there are so many layers to us as a people. One thing is for sure, I will not be generalized. What I know I am is a comic book/animation geek who loves God with a nerdy black (and HOT!) wife and three awesomely strong and smart children. Don’t let the public/media generalize you. Know who you truly are. Thank you, James C. Lewis!

“I am what was, what is, what will be  the Black Angel, Chaos-Bringer!  I AM POWER!”

My Dark Phoenix Costume from SDCC 2016 - I added the fire and eye effects in Photoshop to a photo that was taken on the Skyloft of the convention center by 0_orchardphotography.