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ok but a sad add on to ur tags on that post abt neil during movies: neil commenting on the realism (unrealism??) of the films they watch becomes p common, everyone just expects it/gets progressively less horrified, until one movie they watch a guy be brought back after his heart stops and nicky (of course) is talking abt how he wants to know what that would be like, what you would see etc and neil snorts and goes "it's not like that, u don't remember shit" and all the foxes just kind of. freeze

dude… dude im gonna steal this for a fic

that’s so perfectly fucked like obvs they understand loss and shitty situations but it all becomes a sort of nod and move on yep neil had it rough as do we all kind of thing

but sometimes it gets really heavy. things break. and it’s always when they’re like walking to get ice cream and neil sees a guy and says, mildly, that he can tell that he’s a hitman, or when some new young fox mentions their fake ID and neil produces a box of wildly better counterfeits or some movie villain has a tragic backstory and neil’s like hmmm 4/10 tragic shitty motive, next

it’s easy to forget that neil has been smashed to pieces because he’s so good at demanding your attention and ripping YOU apart that you forget the scars

but that’s the perfect little jarring moment where nicky’s like huh i wonder if god yanks your spirit around when you die and Neil’s like ‘obviously nothing happens when you die, nicky’ like it’s common knowledge

and renee starts frowning and andrew starts clenching and neil tells the story of his momentary death with like a handful of popcorn and the kind of blasé attitude that makes it seem like he wouldn’t have minded staying dead so much

  • Abby: (as Kevin stumbles through front door)Kevin. I can't believe how drunk you are.
  • Kevin: I am not drunk.
  • Abby: Yes you are.
  • Kevin: I am not. Fucking. Drunk.
  • Abby: Can you tell the time?
  • Kevin: Yes. (Turns to clock) I am not fucking drunk.

so i finally finished my exams and i’m celebrating with a list of completely pointless and very messy tfc headcanons

  • the foxes have an ongoing debate as to which high school musical movie is the best one. its gotten to the point that they can’t even watch them anymore without someone throwing down
  • one time when andrew and neil come back from one of their trips nicky asks them where will be left to go for their honeymoon if they keep using up destinations. andrew just stares at him
  • allison won’t tell any of the foxes her middle name. they only find out when wymack pulls the full name card on her
  • the future andreil apartment is definitely an absolute mess of interior design. we know andrew doesn’t care about decorating but neil definitely just gets attached to anything orange. can u imagine what a disaster
  • contrary to popular belief, allison’s favorite color isn’t pink, it’s red. it’s pretty much the only thing she and kevin have in common besides being bi as hell
  • dan is the kind of person who is generally very organized, but also shows up to the gym in workout clothes in three different colors, none of which match each other
  • the next time the foxes go to eden’s for halloween renee and allison dress as harley quinn and poison ivy bc they’re dating
  • matt unironically thinks the star wars prequels are good movies
  • neil might not be a runaway anymore but he will always have that (terrible) fashion sense. even years in the future if he ever looks good the credit always goes to andrew or allison
  • andrew is ambidextrous. he had broken arms/wrists/etc growing up and had to learn to use both hands
  • renee’s hair is naturally black. she’s pretty good at upkeep but u can tell because her roots show once in a while. allison likes to fix them for her.
  • kevin day, certified history buff, thinks the world wars are boring as hell, but will talk your ear off about ancient civilizations if he gets the chance
  • aaron 100% believes in aliens but would never admit it of free will
  • nicky is surprisingly good at poker. you’d think he’d be terrible at bluffing but he’s not?? which is good because i firmly believe the foxes’ tendency to put money on anything extends to gambling
  • allison has stretch marks on her thighs. they show most of the time because of her short dresses and she kills it
  • andrew has Standards™ when it comes to sweets. even if it’s an emergency 1am visit to the store he will walk out emptyhanded if all they have is candy corn or some other nasty shit
Vampires Part 4

Uuuuugh. Another chapter yay. This chapter will probably focus more on Cupcake and Palette and not Goth and Fell! Pallette. If you aren’t familiar with the nicknames then um.. Cupcake is Fell!Goth (Though he wanted to be called pepper) Palette and Goth is Original them and Fell!Palette will be Fell.


Anyways Palette and Fell!Palette belongs to @angexci and Goth and Fell!Goth belongs to @nekophy

Undertale belongs to Toby Fox and uh Vampire au/verse belongs to @blogthegreatrouge? dunno. Sorry! Anyways enjoy the story!

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BatFam X Reader "New Family" Part 1

You work at wayne industries as a computer expert writing code for new tech. One day you asked by ypur boss Mr. Fox to come with him to a meeting with Bruce Wayne.
You type frantically on your keyboard. The code that you are writing is suppose to be going on new GPS that the company was planning on revealing soon and you had been working on this code for… H ow long had it been. You stop your typing to think. What time was it? You look down at your computer to see the time. You do a double take you had been typing for five hours straight! This often happened when you got into your coding, dut still five hours!?!?
Your stomach growls telling you that you deserve a break that involved food. Opening the drawer at the end of your desk you pull out a protein bar. You unwrap it and take a huge bite. Yum you think.
Office is small and secluded just the way you like it. You do like to be around others, but it is just safer that you do go around making friends. You never knew when you might have to leave because they might find you. You have been hiding from them for a long time. They had found you before and what had happened to you was not pretty. Your back was still a gorgeous canvas of scares. It was a miracle that You had escaped that time, but you were sure that if they found you next time they wouldn’t let you leave their grasp that easily. But for now you are happy to have a job that pays and being far away from them as possible
You are so content eating you protein bar that you don’t hear the door to your offing open.
“Y/N, Do you really like those or are you just so hungry that you think u like them?”
You take another bite before turning around to look at your boss Mr. Fox. “Well,” You tell him. “After hours of coding you can get really hungry.”
“You are very right.” Mr. Fox replies with a laugh.
You laugh with him. “What can I do for you Mr. Fox?”
“Well I was wondering if you could come with me to a meeting with Mr. Wayne?”
You stare at him in shock. Wayne as in Bruce Wayne?
“Uh yah sure,” You reply flustered. “but i may i ask why?”
“I am suppose to give a report on our GPS code and I thought that you would be better at giving it to him then me.”
“Okay when is the meeting?”
“Right now.”
“Right now?” You gasp. “No i can’t go and see Bruce Wayne looking like this!”
you gesture to your wrinked pencil skirt and blouse. You are now faintly aware of the fact that you stink a bit from the sweat under your arms. If there are sweat then there are sweat stains. Oh no there was no way that you were going to see you bosses boss looking and smelling like this.
Mr. Fox seeing you right out terror knew that he was losing you. “Y/N I will give you five minutes to get yourself ready but that will be it.”
Before you can say anything else he turns on his heel and yells behind his shoulder. “I will see you in five minutes at Mr. Wayne’s office.”
Five minutes were not going to be enough time, but that was the time you were given and use it you would.
“You really think that she will be a good fit?” Bruce asked Mr. Fox.
“Bruce you gave me the task to find a new Oracle and I think she will make a great one.”
Bruce looks down at the file again. It has everything about you in it and he had read it a overr and over again. You were qualified for the part. He had looked over the codes that you had written it was good, but he wasn’t that good at coding. Bruce had then given your codes to Barabra Gorden to see what she thought about them. She had been very impressed and said that he would be very luck to have you on there team.
But Bruce was still skeptical about you. It had nothing to do with you qualifications, no you passed those with flying colors, it was you background or lack of there of.



My fave solder bun, featuring poppies, for military service.

Suddenly Woundwort spoke.

“Thlayli,” he said, “why do you want to throw your life away? I can send one fresh rabbit after another into this run if I choose. You’re too good to be killed. Come back to Efrafa. I promise I’ll give you the command of any Mark you like. I give you my word.”

“Silflay hraka, u embleer rah,” replied Bigwig.

“ ‘Ah ha,’ said the fox, 'tell my fortune, eh? And what do you see in the water, my friend? Fat rabbits running through the grass, yes, yes?’ ”

“Very well,” said Woundwort. “But remember, Thlayli, you yourself can stop this nonsense whenever you wish.”

“ 'No,’ replied El-ahrairah, 'it is not fat rabbits that I see in the water, but swift hounds on the scent and my enemy flying for his life.’ ”

Bigwig realized that Woundwort also knew that in the run his body would be nearly as great a hindrance dead as alive. “He wants me to come out on my feet,” he thought. “But it’s Inlé, not Efrafa, that I shall go to from here.”

-Watership Down

All for the Game extra content

If you can’t find the extra content like me then I’m gonna tell u a thing. For so long I was like omg the whole fandom just adopted two cats? Omg how do people know the final draft was the only one in which Jean didn’t die? Is Nora’s Tumblr. I don’t know how to do links and shit but what I did was stumbled across her Authors Profile on Goodreads which has a direct link! Go there. Read the stuff. Laugh. Cry. Cry some more. Don’t forget tissues. Ull need them big time and I haven’t even read all of em yet!

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Could you please write something about the progress of andrew and neil's relationship after the king's men? like in the small things, touching, time spent together etc.

people have been telling me things when i wrote out ‘guidelines for loving andrew minyard’ (tumblr, ao3), so this is sort of something like that. poetic prose, all that jazz. i’m pathetic, let me be!!!! p.s. there’s a tfc reference down there so this is not just post-tkm, but rather, the relationship’s progression in general— yeah, i need to stop explaining myself

(neil’s pov, second person, + title’s taken from this song by passenger!)

things that stop you dreaming (ao3)

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Okay, like. I'm fictionkin. The thing is, I am so weirded out by otherkin/therians??? Like.. what the hell you people aren't... animals ?? Half of it seems like total damn bs, just act like a fucking human, it's not like it's hard to act like a person and not your kintype, I can't take them seriously since they act like they're so ✨special✨ for kinning a fox or whatever. Who you used to be doesn't affect u that much sit down and read a book Sharon

okay normally im all for kins telling us their input, but a troll like this isnt even… amusing

like, at least therians are spiritual (if they are) and kin with things that may possibly actually have the ability to reincarnate instead of a fuckin fictional character….


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do you have any hc for Nicky Hemmick accidental mom friend?



  • we all know renee and matt r the usual mom friends,
  • but nicky has his moments
  • after all, he took care of the twins for around 3-4 years before they made it to palmetto 
  • nicky’s stopped fights when renee isnt there
    • the most memorable one is when he stopped kevin from attacking neil for giving andrew a gigantic bag of candy for his birthday 
    • he only got to stop him by yelling “jeremy just texted you” because kevin left his phone on the table 
    • kevin glared at neil and turned around and went to his phone, 
    • and nicky gladly took the brunt of his frustration and winked at neil over kevin’s shoulder and made sure neil and andrew got out of the dorm before telling kevin to “shut up it was an honest mistake it’s not my fault ‘dad’ and ‘jeremy’ look alike” “thE Y’RE NOT EVEN CLOSE” “don’t forget i can make u add to the diva jar” “UG H” (s/o @delphyc , ask one of us if u wanna know what the diva jar is)
  • when the monsters host a movie night, nicky’s the only one who bothers to make sure everything is good and everyone has drinks and food and is comfortable before the movie starts
    • the vixens are there too with their boyfriends and girlfriends and the foxes are all there and it’s really adorable
    • and nicky’s a little lonely so he keeps himself busy by making sure everyone is good
    • “andrew do u want more m&ms” 
    • “marissa are u good on rum & coke? i can top that off for u”
    • “matt, dan, ur hurting my eyes, my poor virgin eyes” ”shut it, nicky. ur eyes are anything but virgin. it was just a kiss, anyway.” “having dirty eyes is better than having straight eyes! it burns, oh, it burns.” (one of the lgbp vixens: “true dat!!!!!”)
    • “kevin r u sure u don’t want anything??? more vodka?? got it”

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JOHN: don’t worry, i am not a villain.
JOHN: i’m just passing through, looking for someone.
JOHN: i was told to find a girl named roxy.
ROXY: roxy huh
ROXY: sounds like a babe
JOHN: heh.
JOHN: yeah, maybe.
JOHN: do you know her?
ROXY: kinda
JOHN: really?
JOHN: have you seen her??
ROXY: nope not in a while i am fraid
JOHN: darn.
ROXY: i could help you find her though
ROXY: w a series of vexing riddles + clues
ROXY: each more bewildering than the last
ROXY: each less infuriating than the next
ROXY: for i am the sphinx of this pyramid and that sort of coy bs is the shit i get up to ery day
ROXY: (all pyramids have sphinxes i decided j now)
JOHN: no, that sounds really dumb.
JOHN: i would rather just have some straightforward information as to her whereabouts.
ROXY: ummmmmmmmmm
ROXY: *strokes sphinxly chin enigmatically*
JOHN: can you at least tell me what she looks like?
ROXY: well the thing is
ROXY: shes hard 2 recognize lately
ROXY: she started wearing a mask for some fukin reason
ROXY: maybe so as to avoid detection from snoopy boys??? ;)
ROXY: (just wonked @ u fyi)
JOHN: you just what?
ROXY: nothin!
JOHN: alright, well…
JOHN: can you tell me where and when you last saw her?
ROXY: heck yes
ROXY: it was last time i looked in a mirror
ROXY: theres no mirrors in jail though
ROXY: which is a shame
ROXY: could use an eyeload of that stone cold fox 2 get me thru the long nites
ROXY: hardest time i ever done :(
JOHN: oh my god.
JOHN: it’s you!
JOHN: how could i possibly fall for such a stupid prank.
ROXY: ell em ay friggin OH
ROXY: youre almost as gullible as english
ROXY: how perf is it that thats some kinda family trait

I almost forgot just how perfect John and Roxy’s first conversation was.

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  • they’re at championships again!!! 
  • erik came for this one too, arriving just in time for the game again
  • nicky’s so happy. he’s so happy
  • and it shows on the court
  • he plays harder than he does any other game
  • he wants to show erik that palmetto was Good, a Good Choice 
  • they win against the trojans again and it’s AMAZING
  • two years in a ROW 
  • they all see the score and freeze as the stands start screaming so loud they can hear them through the walls of the court
  • the players who were benched for palmetto are banging on the court walls and screaming 
  • it’s just this moment of triumph that overtakes the burning in nicky’s lungs

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