what a flawless face


“The best moment of my life truly (being a part of The Walking Dead). It has been such a joy to work on this show. Not only do I love it, but I respect it as an artistic endeavor. It’s shot beautifully, directed beautifully, and acted beautifully. Everyone who shows up on set loves what they do. You don’t always get the opportunity to work with a crew like that. It’s not always like that. There isn’t always joy there. But everyone loves showing up and doing their job. I wouldn’t even call it a job. It’s like going to summer camp.“

EXO Reaction when they see their childhood (guy) friend looking good after some years

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*Really shocked* “Is that… really really you? when did you… what is your secret man?”


“I can’t believe this… I almost didn’t recognize you! And here I was thinking I looked handsome” *Someone wants to change his style now*


*Graphical description* “Damn….. woah”


*Someone’s a bit jealous* “I still love you tho… but how dare you? xD”


“Oh look at you! You are still as cute as you were in high school! Let me pinch those cheeks!” *A sweetheart as always*


“so… do you want to go out and tell me how you did it? Maybe share some other things with me? ;);)”


*Feeling intimidated* “Why can’t I stop staring at his flawless face… who is he and what did he do to my childhood friend….”


“Never on this Earth I thought someone would be manlier than me… you boy… just became my idol”


*Trying to show off a little* “See? I became handsome and strong too!”


*Kyungsoo approves* “I always thought you would become the most handsome one! I’m glad I wasn’t mistaken” 


“Come here… I want to see your face closer. Lay likes this!”


*Really nervous* “Oh hey there… how u doin… remember me? I’m.. Suho… you know…. hi”

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Shingeki no Children - Part 1.

Who do you think wants to kill people? What kind of person do this for fun? Who would want to do this? With what we did, of course you despise us… But please, someone, someone… Find us…

 -Bertolt Hoover

Victims of war they did not started… No matter which side they are.

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For Your Convenience (Part 2)

Story Summary: To help you finally make a move on your long-time crush, you get assistance from your newly hired co-worker. (Retail/Department Store AU)

Originally titled “Can I Be of Assistance?”

Word Count: 953

Part One 

A/N: For a little clarification, the reader works as a fulfillment associate, the person who is in charge of getting items for online orders and preparing them for shipment. Yeah…that’s what I do for a living. 

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After giving the tour of the department, you led Bucky back to the registers and left him in the hands of Sharon who just came back from lunch. “My offer still stands,” Bucky reminded with a grin as Sharon raised an eyebrow at the both of you. 

You shook your head and walked off without saying another word. For someone you just met, Bucky was pretty insistent on helping you out with Steve. It was strange and you began to wonder if there was some sort of secret agenda behind his proposition. Someone couldn’t be that nice to help you with your guy troubles. 

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“I’m terrible at practical jokes. I do them too well, so they’re not funny. I end up saying, ‘Oh, no, I’m joking, I’m joking.’“

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say it to my Flawless Face yOu limp NooDle

       what a shame he refuses to speak. if he could however, he would have GLADLY told her that her ‘ Flawless Face ’ would look better with a knife between the eyes :)

But I’m Useless: Pack Imagine

Okay so I told you it was long! But you guys wanted it that way! Plus I really loved how this turned out!

“You don’t get it.” I cried, looking between Scott, Liam and Stiles. “I’m not like you.” I looked at Scott and Liam. “I’m not supernatural like you.” I corrected. “Nothing I do ever helps. I’m just a distraction or in the way.”

“But Y/N, you saved my life when I had an asthma attack. You knew where to find me and what was wrong before you even got there.” Scott argues. I shook my head, another tear rolling down my cheek.

“Do you know the behind the scenes of that? I collapsed in the middle of maths, clawing at my throat, feeling like someone was strangling me. The closer I got too you the worse it got, before I thought I was going to pass out. It wasn’t until after that I realised that I could breathe fine. It was in my head. But I will never think that at the time. Remember when I punched that lacrosse player in the face?” I continued, “I could feel the anger rolling off in waves from Liam, so hard that all I saw was red. When that cleared I had burst someone’s nose.

“I have no control over it. All I want to do is help. And my body will make me do whatever I can to help. But I can’t save you. I can barely look after myself, I couldn’t actually live with myself if something happens to you. I- I…” My words choked in my throat and I turned around and ran from the room, new tears on my face.

“Y/N!” Liam shouted but I kept going, out the front door and onto the road, following it to trees.

I didn’t stop running until I physically couldn’t. Which was surprisingly far seeing as I don’t run. I couldn’t help but marvel at how far I had gotten. If only coach could see me now.

Once my breathing had evened I looked around and realised two things, that I was a) hopelessly lost and b) completely alone.

I decided that walking back was my best hope on getting out and I continued walking for around three minutes before I heard the snapping of twigs. I freeze, Perhaps we should take b) off of the list.

On instinct that wasn’t mine I began running again, twigs and branches scratching at my skin.

Almost instantly I was on the ground, a dark shadow of a hoodie looming on top of me.

“Don’t worry sweetheart.” The voice of Theo Raeken filled my ear as I got a face full of leaves. “You won’t feel a thing.”

A painful slit to the back of my neck told me, that actually I would but before I could protest the familiar feeling of Kanima venom worked its way around my body. A bag was thrust over my head and everything was dark.

When the bag was pulled off my head I was both pleased and horrified by what I found. Pleased in the sense that Theo Raeken’s literal flawless face was in mines, a playful smirk on his lips. Horrified by the fact that I was tied to a chair and being held in a very dingy and dirty underground room.

“Welcome back, sunshine,” Theo continued the nicknames as he smiled.

“What the hell” I say through gritted teeth, “are you doing?”

“Proving something to you, and these guys.” Theo motioned to his pack behind him. I looked at them all in turn. Tracy was definitely trying to be the most menacing. With her half scally green skin, bright yellow eyes and long sharp claws that inject paralysing venom, she definitely scared the crap out of me.

Next to her was Josh, who had his mouth crammed with his fangs, his eyes their awful cloudy colour that made me shiver. I didn’t like him either.

Then there was Corey, I almost looked passed him. I found nothing about him threatening. Hell, the kid looked around twelve. Next to Corey was Hayden. My eyes rested on her the longest. She didn’t have any of her claws out and it took a long menacing look from Tracey for her to make her eyes glow. I rolled my own normal eyes at her. Pathetic.

I focused back on Theo. “So please explain to me, what you’re trying to prove?”

“All in good time.” He laughed, his white teeth flashing even in the dim light.

He walked over to me and crouched down, just at my side. He made a big deal of removing my hair away before leaning in and whispering. “I need you to scream for me.”

And with no word or warning, Theo sunk his teeth into my shoulder.

My throat was ripped raw at the sudden piercing noise that left me. I was high and shrill, echoing all around the room and causing everyone to cover their ears. I sounded like a freaking dog whistle.

“I’m sure Liam and Scott will hear that!” Theo shouted triumphantly over the top of me and on instinct, one that I knew wasn’t mine, my voice shut off, so abruptly that I choked.

“They’ll be here soon.” Theo stated, looking up at the ceiling.

As it was Liam and Scott I could hear them too, heavy thumping of footprints and ragged shouts.

There were three heartbeats.

My own quickened… they brought Stiles. The thought of what Theo might do to my brother sent my heart racing.

Theo, sensing this, bent down low in front of me, even smiling, as if he hadn’t just took a chunk out of my shoulder like I was some god damn meal.

Slowly he reached out and cupped my chin with his hand, his eyes glowing their chimera yellow.

The dark veins of pain appeared on his wrist, travelling up his arm.

Quickly my pain began to subside before I couldn’t even feel it. In fact my energy levels began to rise and when Theo let go, gasping, I couldn’t help but smile.

It only lasted for like three seconds before I heard more loud thundering footsteps running down the stairs. They were getting closer.

“Why did you do that?” Tracey asked, growling at me when I struggled with the ropes.

“You would fatten a pig up before slaughtering them, wouldn’t you?” Theo replied and my blood ran cold.

“What!?” I shouted, my voice high and screechy. And loud. I earned myself a roar from Tracey as she advanced on me, but Theo grabbed her wrist.

“No!” Theo yelled at her, grabbing her around the waist in an attempt to grab her. “I told you, no one touches her until they get here!”

Tracey leaned into Theo but he threw her away, turning around to face the rest of his pack.

Tracey had stumbled to my side and she leant in and hissed, “I cannot wait to kill you.”

She walked away and I could see her smiling with confidence.

“It was my chemo signals,” I thought. Because at the moment I was terrified. Genuine fear and panic was coursing through me as tears began to drip down my face.

“Y/N!” I heard the distant shout of my name and Liam’s voice made my head hurt.

The calls got louder and louder until suddenly all three of them burst through the doors.

“Oh hello,” Theo said, acting mock surprise, “care to join our little party?”

Liam’s anger hit me like a slap in the face and I wasn’t sure which one of us it was that was growling.

The fighting broke out like an awful horror movie. Blood was suddenly everywhere, and horrendous shouts and roars filled the air.


My head snapped to the side, eyes wide when I saw Hayden with her hands around Stiles throat.

“You can save him,” A voice filled my ears, “you can save them all, Y/N, but you need to fight.”

And it was like the light was switched on in my mind. Suddenly everything made sense. And this time when the feeling, no the instinct in my gut told me to fight, I listened.

Sharp claws sprung from my nails, slicing through the ropes like ribbon, and I leapt from my chair, on one knee.

My eyes were burning with an unfamiliar feeling but whatever it was I liked it. The first person to go for me was Tracey. I wasn’t surprised. Or disappointed.

I ducked her swing at me, using my own new nails to slash at her stomach. She roared out in pain and an urge of my own made me roar right back at her. She stumbled backwards in shock and I slashed at her again.

She growled at me and dived forward, her claws piercing my stomach.

The whole room collectively gasped. “Y/N!” Liam sobbed, his blue eyes looking right into mines. And a thick flow of strength surged through me and I stared down at Tracey, my own eyes glaring at her bright yellow eyes. A low threatening growl echoed deep from my throat and Tracey looked confused as she could probably feel her venom running into me as much as I could.

Long sharp fangs jutted out of my mouth as I twisted round and sunk my new set of teeth in Tracey’s arm.

Tracey let out a horrified scream as she dropped me to the ground. I was up in a flash and threw Tracey as hard as I could into the wall.

As soon as one was down another was on me. Literally. I was pinned to the ground, cracking my head off the concrete.

I immediately knew it was Josh by the energy buzzing through me. He growls menacingly in my face. I do what my body tells me too and trap him with my legs, pinning him to me before rolling over so I was on top.

I clench my hand into a fist and hit him one, two, three times. Electricity was beginning to spark of him at this point, whether this was his body’s natural way to deal with pain I didn’t have time to think before I threw him to the wall to, were he landed with a painful sounding cracking noise.

“Corey!” Theo shouts ferociously. A hard punch was delivered to my jaw, by an invisible Corey. A kicked was launched at my stomach and I doubled over slightly.

The more me part of myself hatched an idea. I fell to my knees and clenched my fists before thumping down on the ground, screaming as well for added help.

And just like I hoped dust rained down from the concrete ceiling, coating everything and everyone in a fine white powder. Including Corey. I caught sight of a slightly blurry body straight ahead of me and I launched myself at it. I rugby tackled him to the ground, the surprise of it shocking Corey back to normal.

But when I was on top of him, I didn’t want to hurt him. He hadn’t done anything without being forced into it.

I pulled him to hit feet before throwing him, more gently to the side.

The only person that was left was Hayden. My brain was working on over time. Liam was here, I couldn’t do that to him. But as I watched her now, with her claws against my brothers throat I decided that he was my top priority.

I screamed at her, my eyes burning intensely into hers.

“Let him go.” My voice was nothing more than a deep growl.

Hayden’s own fangs appeared as she threw Stiles to the side, Scott reaching out to catch him before he hit the ground.

Hayden ran at me, claws and fangs at the ready. We both grabbed each other around the neck. She screamed at me, gnashing her teeth violently but I reacted first by pounding away relentlessly at her, punching every part I could.

She collapsed at my feet and I immediately stopped. I thought of Liam’s blue eyes boring into me and I even backed away from her.

A slow steady clap echoed around the room and I jumped to look at Theo grinning at me.

“And you thought you were useless.”

I was gasping for breath, my lungs burning as I came back to myself.

“What…what did you do to me?” I sobbed, my knees buckling. Scott ran out and caught me, his warm arms still holding me like they normally would. Least he wasn’t afraid of me.

Theo chuckled, which developed into a cackle before he was doubled over in a crazy maniac laughter which cemented my thoughts on him being crazy.

“Sweetheart, you think I done that to you? Oh no, you did.” He was still chortling, which sent a shot of anger through me. What was this a game to him!

“They call it Mater Pack.” Theo spoke like it was obvious. Also pleased, like he was admiring his own handiwork on what I had done to his pack.

“Well?” Liam snarled from behind us, his eyes glowing.

“That means Pack Mother in Latin. It’s an ancient myth, an offspring from an Alpha. Someone who has a bond with their pack so strong that they feel what they feel, know when they’re in danger and is forced into protecting them. Like a motherly instinct you could say.

“A Pack Mom is protected to the death by her pack.” He finished his last sentence with a gorgeous smile that made my skin crawl.

Both Stiles and Liam had walked up behind us, Stiles grabbing my hand. He opened his mouth to retort to Theo, probably with something cheeky or sarcastic when a sound echoed round the room.

A loud droning noise, layered with a dull buzzing but the loudest thing was the heavy thundering footsteps. The Dread Doctors.

“We gotta go.” Scott said, his arms wrapping around my waist as he pulled me towards the door.

“Stop!” Theo shouted, holding his hand up, “They’re coming this way, you’ll be running straight at them.”

Scott froze, one hand on the door handle.

“Scott.” I whispered. My head was reeling, and nothing was staying still. And I was just so tired.

“Hang on Y/N,” Scott whispered, pressing his lips to my temple. “I’ll get us out of here.”

His promise sent a rush of warmth through me. More buzzing and droning boomed through the room.

“Scott!” I heard the warning in Theo’s voice, and with one snap decision Scott picked me up and threw me away, and I hurtled far away into the corner.

My whole body screamed betrayal, my eyes burned and a feeling in my gut roared liked crazy. As I was bracing for impact, Liam’s muscular arms wrapped around me and everything vanished. Every feeling. Damn my boys were smart.

It wasn’t until Liam was ripped away from me did I fully realise what was happening.

The Dread Doctors were here. And they had ginormous needles filled with terrifying green liquid. Oh no. Oh hell no.

A feeling pooled in my stomach. Protection. I turned round to Stiles, who was ducking and backing away from a Dead Doctor, who was backing him into the corner.

Growling, I lunged myself at them, knocking the Doctor into the cement wall. His mask left a long crack on the wall, shards of glass flying from his broken goggles.

I crouched down in a striking position, my long fangs bared and a loud snarling noise told him to back off. Funnily enough he turned and stumbled away.

“Liam!” Stiles roared, flailing around and trying to get to his feet. I spun and actually screamed out in horror.

Liam was pinned to the wall by a Dread Doctor who had his needle jammed in Liam’s neck. Green liquid was drooling from Liam’s mouth and oozing out his ears.

My scream steadily turned into a roar, which grew louder and louder before it was almost became unbearable. The Dread Doctor staggered away, glass cracks on his glasses lenses and his head bobbing from side to side. I hurled myself at him, my arms head locking him around the neck. We hit the ground together and with one loud crack I realise my grip had broken its neck.

I recoil, horrified by what I’d done before I heard a choked gargling noise.

I collapse down next to Liam, cradling him in my arms.

“I’m sorry.” I cried into his hair, feeling his body shudder and twitch, “I’m so sorry, Liam.”

Slowly Liam reached for my hand, clasping it, his eyes dulling back to their normal blue. His body twitched and shook more violently until it suddenly stopped. I screamed out a sob as I felt his breathing stop.

“Liam!” I shouted, shaking his shoulders desperately, shouting and yelling his name.

My eyes started burning again, and whatever was over taking me I willingly let it as I clutched the dead boy to my chest. My lips sloppily kissed his forehead, my tears dripping down onto his face.

He jerked, leaning into me more. Gasping I opened my eyes looking at him. His body began to shake and contract but I held fast, before with one loud strangled cough he opened his eyes, re-tightening his grip on my hand.

“Hi Y/N.” He whispered.

Now or Never (Bias x Reader) Pt.8

At the concert in Japan, B/N performs with a clear mind. He doesn’t let his thoughts get in the line of work until the music stops and he’s off stage. 

At the fansigning event, he puts on a smile. Signing everything being shoved his way. He holds basic conversation, amused at many of the fans behavior and messages to him. But he can’t help but think of Y/N. Would she act like this if they hadn’t met the way they did? Would she be screaming and jumping up and down? Would she be neutral and calm? 

By the time it’s over and they get back to the hotel, B/N is more exhausted than usual, all this thinking taking a toll on him. 

“What am I doing?” B/N asks himself.

“I told you so,” his members ruthlessly chastise him.

Was he way over his head here? What was he doing moving so fast with a girl he just met? He was someone always on guard with his feelings, not giving in so quickly. Why this sudden change? He can’t imagine the mess he would be in if his manager found out. 

He checks his phone and sees the few messages of encouragement Y/N left him. He feels the tug of a smile forming on his lips but sighs instead. He tosses his phone but it misses the bed, falling on the floor.

She didn’t bother him as he worked, already grasping his hectic schedule. But why was she so understanding? Call his phone endlessly, be clingy and psycho. Give him a reason to do what he’s about to do.

He falls on the bed covering his face with his hands, “I can’t believe I did this,” he’s mumbling to himself aloud, but of course everyone else hears him. 

“Was she that much of a bad kisser?” 

“Far from it,” 

They’re yelling now and jumping on the bed around him, teasing him endlessly, “So you did kiss her!”

“She couldn’t possibly be a bad kisser. You saw her lips, imagine how they felt,” 

“You always move so fast,” 

“Is she no longer interested? Were you a bad kisser? That’s a huge turn off for some people,” 

“Shut up,” 

B/N covers his face with the pillow, his mind drifting back to her again. She had a normalcy about her that he didn’t know he craved. Someone that didn’t jump at every opportunity to be with him. Someone who actually questioned why he was interested in her. Majority of the girls he spoke to either attempted to use him for their own gain, or were so caught up in the stage version of him that they didn’t bother to actually get to know him

He groans into the pillow, trying not to think of those brief moments with her. He wants to think rationally, something he’s supposedly good at. 

“Just call it off, say our manager found out,” 

“That’s cold,” 

He thought about that option. Many idols have done that, taken the easy way out. They pay off the girls figuring that’s exactly what they want and they’re on their way, relationship forgotten. But remembering how she spoke to him, the sincerity in her words and the look of affection in her eyes… Could he do that to her?

“Do you not like her anymore?” 

He exhales sharply, getting more annoyed by the minute, “I do but-”

“You’re scared,” B/N says nothing because they’re right. They know him so well.

If he wasn’t a celebrity, if he was unknown like before, he wouldn’t hesitate. He’d flaunt their relationship and wouldn’t be afraid of displaying his affection towards her. 

But he has to be careful with the life he has. Careful of the people he wants to get close to, wary of them stabbing him in the back. He couldn’t trust just anyone. Even people like Y/N. 

“What are you going to do?” 

B/N sits up, “Something only a coward would do,”

None of his members tell him if it’s a good idea, but they don’t stop him either. 

In a few days B/N returns and you’re more than excited to see him. You know he’ll be tired but he insisted on seeing you anyway. 

“Look at you,” Kara puts her magazine down as she watches you get ready. You’re wearing a pair of jeans and a sweater, but you’re makeup and hair is what will draw the attention. Casual tire, flawless face, “You’re even wearing perfume, God must be coming,” 

You can’t help but smile. Kara is dressed as well, but she’s going on a date with another man you haven’t met yet. A new date this time.

“My date is hotter than yours though,” she teases. 

“How well does he kiss?” 

“He needs a bit of work but-” she suddenly gasps, “You kissed him?” 

“Well, he kissed me,” you glance at her, “Twice,” 

She slaps the magazine on the table, “How was it?” 

You feel shy at the thought of it, your face heating up, “You know that thing they do with your bottom lip when the kiss is about to end?” 

Kara sinks into her chair with a satisfied sigh, “No he didn’t,” 

You fan your fake tears dramatically, “He did,”

She suddenly yells in frustration, frightening you, “This guy better not disappoint me!” 

Your phone goes off then and you see the text from B/N saying that he’s here. You jump up and grab your bag, waving Kara bye. 

B/N is parked farther away this time. You get in, bashfully greeting him. He’s prepared food for a picnic this time, since going to an actual restaurant is out of the question. 

“How was the concert?” you ask him as he drives. The sky is bright and blue, not a cloud in sight. 

“It was great. Crowd was lively too,” you watch him as he drives, realizing his hands are gripping the steering wheel too tight and that he’s barely looking at you. 

When you arrive, there’s barely anyone. You sit on the blanket by the lake, B/N setting the food out. You’re curious about what has his mind so occupied, so you take his hand, “Are you okay? If you were busy or even stressed out, we could’ve put this off for another day,” 

He shakes his head with a smile, “No. I had to see you today,” 

You almost don’t like the way he said that. He sits beside you with a smile, “I hope you like it,” 

He starts to eat but you’re stomach is uneasy, remembering the way he looked at you a few days back to the way he’s behaving now. 

“Why aren’t you eating?” he asks, still stuffing his face with food. 

“Why can’t you look at me?”

He pauses mid-chew, waits until the food is down before turning to you, “My manager found out,” 

Your heart sinks, “About us?” 

He nods, “He told me to call it off,” He sounds too casual about this.

“And you complied, just like that?” 

He puts his food down, “I didn’t have a choice,” 

You’re quiet for a moment, “When you looked at me the last time, you looked as if you were ready to say goodbye. So right now I think you’re lying. Am I wrong?” by his silence you know you’re not.

He sighs, “Y/N we both saw this coming. It wouldn’t have worked.” 

You feel so stupid, “Wow. Was any of this genuine? You were the one pouring your heart out to me before and now you’re stone cold? I think you’re a scared little bitch who couldn’t come to me and explain that you’re terrified. How many girls have you done this to?” 

He turns his face, the muscle in his jaw moving. You hate that your eyes are flooding. You hate that you’re feeling so betrayed.

“I understand if you hate me,” he says softly. What you hated was the fact that he’s not fighting for you. Fighting for someone he barely knows…

“I would’ve understood if you had just explained to me. I have to leave in about a month, I know how this will end.”

He bows his head, “I’m sorry,” 

You’re infuriated, but you know it’s because you’re hurt. You’re still holding the food he made for you and it’s the only thing you can throw at him without it actually hurting him. The food stains his clothes. He finally looks at you and you can’t stand the softness in them.

“I wish I could hate you. You were just the last person I expected to do this to me,” 

Nico di Angelo would be the first to tell you that it took an awful lot to surprise him. He’d seen some shit, been through time, he’d been through Tartarus, but nothing NOTHING prepared him for this.


“Niconico! I’m so exhausted, come here, sit with me!” Nico raised his eyebrows but begrudgingly joined Apollo, god of the son, music, and healing, on the lofty loveseat that he had sprawled himself on. His usually flawless face was covered with what looked like soot and vegetable peelings, and his hair was curled and messy. He looked absolutely miserable, or at least as miserable as an all powerful olympian god could be which was…OK, Nico would admit, pretty pathetic.

Nico looked around Apollo’s high-rise New York condo, which the God didn’t really need but had anyway, most likely for entertaining mortal guests. It was a mess, especially the kitchen, as if there had been an epic battle inside. Nico repeated his question, looking down at his immortal lover.

“What happened?”

“Oh, darling Nico, my beautiful angel~” Nico sighed but Apollo didn’t seem to notice, he never did, “I heard your prayers and tried to-”

“What prayers? I never prayed to you.”

“What, yes, of course you did. A couple of hours ago. You were hungry. You prayed for me to descend from the heavens and whisk you away for a divine feast where we’d-”

“Oh, that?” Nico scowled, remembering earlier when he had been with Hazel and had casually said ‘Gods, I’m starving, we should eat something soon.’ to his sister. “That wasn’t exactly-”

“ANY.WAY. As I was saying,” Apollo pressed a finger against Nico’s lips and continued his story, “I heard your prayer and so I, being the benevolent and loving god that I am and you being my favorite and deserving nothing but-”

“Please, my lord, don’ start. Just continue your story.” Nico interjected quickly, knowing where this was going.

“Very well, if you insist on being so impatient,” Apollo frowned at him, “I knew what you wanted, so I tried to make it the mortal way, but it was so hard. So. Hard. Nico. So stressful, how do mortals do anything? I got so flummoxed and dizzy I had to lay down, which is when you showed up and made my whole world brighter with your love and-”

“…you were…making me…mashed potatoes?”

“Mashed sweet potatoes! Well, I tried at least but,” Nico bit his lip and tried not to laugh. It wasn’t good to laugh at gods, he knew but….but…

“Do-do you want me to teach you, my lord?”

“Oh, Angel, how sweet of you to offer. I’ll repay you grandly, I’ll-”

“Yeah, I get it. Come on, let’s go teach the sun god how to properly boil water.”