what a flawless face

anonymous asked:

What do you use on your skin to keep it so flawless? Especially your face. And what's stuff do you use in your hair

Shea Moisture hair products. And I use St. ives facial products on my face and Shea Moisture coconut oil. Also cut out soda completely from my diet. Teas & water only.


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gabriellaclaire  asked:

“What are your favourite brushes for creating a flawless and well blended face? (like foundation, blush, highlighter etc)”

Without the right tools your makeup isn’t going to look the best that it can possibly be. Good quality brushes are essential for creating a flawless face and the right ones should help make your makeup application process quicker and easier. Now good quality brushes don’t necessarily have to be expensive ones, in-fact some of my all-time favourite brushes come from the very affordable Beau-Make brand.

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