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Halloween Week Prep!

I’ve decided that I definitely want to do an event for October/Halloween! But for this to work, I’m gonna need to plan way ahead so I have time. So here we go!

For the week of Halloween (and potentially longer?), I will be posting October/Halloween themed fics from your prompts! They’ll be the usual Askbox fic length, but with those sweet Halloween vibes we all know and love.

Despite the season, I still won’t be doing anything with character death, and this unfortunately also includes zombies, but if your prompt can somehow twist it into a happy ending, fire away!

Here are some ideas that I had with the upcoming season! This whole event will be tagged tsshw, and I hope you guys enjoy! 🍁🍬🎃 

  • Creatures (werewolves, vampires, ghosts, witches, skeletons, demons)
  • Halloween Night (candy, parties, costumes, trick or treating)
  • Aesthetic: Spooky Edition (hauntings, blood, horror stories, graveyards, thunderstorms)
  • Aesthetic: Soft Edition (scarves, PSLs, crunchy leaves)
  • Sickfic Stuff (colds, infections, seasonal allergies, too much candy)
Pittsburgh CLO Newsies 😍😍

I’m serious guys I almost died last night. This show was SO FUCKING GOOD! I’ve been dying to see this show since I was 12 and I finally got to and I’m just super happy 😁 Here is a veryyyyy long post of me rambling. Enjoy!
1. Before the show I was screwing around on Instagram and I found the video of Danny Quadrino (Crutchie) doing the splits and ripping his pants between the matinee and the evening show, 10/10 it’s the funniest thing ever
2. During the Santa Fe prolouge right after Crutchie’s “watch me stand, watch me run” part when he got all sad, Jack walked over to Crutchie and grabbed his face
3. Racetrack Higgins 😍
4. Specs and Romeo being adorable as usual 😘
5. Carrying the Banner was fantastic and it got a very long applause which it deserved
6. Right at the end of Carrying the Banner Davey walked out with Les and immediately grabbed Les protectively and I melted
7. Stephen’s Davey is fantastic!!
8. Will (Les) was such a bean good god
9. Right after Davey’s “that’s disgusting” line Les walked over and showed him the hand that had Jack’s spit on it with this really cute “I’m never washing this hand again” expression and Davey just gave him this horrified look and wiped the hand on Les’s shirt 😂😂
10. The guy who played Pulitzer had a very good voice
11. I loved the evening scene between Davey, Jack and Les too much! Joey and Stephen play off each other so well!
12. You could actually hear their chatter when Synder was chasing them
13. The Medda was vv talented
14. BETH 😍😍😍 she was an utter princess up there
15. “Somewhere out there someone cares!” Will always be one of my favorite lines
16. Joey’s voice during I Never Planned On Someone Like You was gorgeous
17. Danny’s delivery of the line “in the worst neighborhood” utterly killed me
18. My inner Javey shipper was dying during the scene where they form the union
19. Seriously what is it with Joey and grabbing people’s faces he did it like 3 times to Stephen in that scene
20. The pause after “unioned we stand” was great
22. I swear these kids started rehearsals like 2 weeks ago and they sounded like the OBC recording
23. “Take away our vote!” made me melt
25. Race, once again, was perfect in the first scene at Jacobi’s Deli
26. Everyone (except Les and Davey) putting their heads down when Jack said Brooklyn was so funny 😂
27. Watch What Happens was fantastic
28. Beth did flub a line but she recovered very very well
29. Crutchie’s battle yell when he showed Jack the strike banner was precious
32. I loved how Davey slowly gained more confidence as the song went on
33. “Behold the brave battalion that stands side by side, too few in number and too proud to hide. And say to the others who did not follow through, you’re still our brothers and we will fight for you” was so gorgeous. My heart was already a puddle at that point and it just melted further.
34. I loved that Jack immediately started yelling Crutchie’s name when they started fighting. Crutchie was his first thought.
35. Watching Crutchie get dragged off was depressing 😅😥😭
36. Santa Fe. Santa Fe. Santa Fe. When Joey hit that last note the audience erupted into cheers.
38. “Why do old people talk” “to prove they’re still alive” got the biggest laugh of the night
39. They gave Les the cutest little tap solo during the dance break I was so in love with it
41. They didn’t list it in the program and I was really upset cause I thought they had cut it but then I saw the bed being wheeled out and I almost screamed
42. I will never be able to get over Danny Quadrino’s voice. Ever.
43. There was a collective whimper after he said “your brother”
45. Stephen and Ben Fankhauser have very similar voices and I love it
47. Davey wiping his hand on his pants at the end of the song was so funny
48. There was a collective gasp during the daughter reveal and I loved it
49. They kept Katherine on the stage until the “You can’t have mine” line of The Bottom Line reprise and then she stormed off
51. Sky as Spot was perfection. His biceps are just 😍😍😍
52. When Davey realized he was gonna have to do the rally by himself I was not okay at all
53. There was about 15 or so seconds of total silence where Davey just stood there all nervous and shy and my heart melted all over again
55. When everyone saw Jack take the money Les went over and tapped on his shoulder. Jack wheeled around and went to punch him before he realized who it was. Les scurried back across the stage with a kicked puppy expression
56. Almost immediately after that everyone left the stage except for Jack and Davey
57. Davey just stood there shocked for a few seconds and then he made a very quiet dying animal noise and his expression was just… A mixture of shock, disappointment and a little bit of anger. Then he ran off stage.
58. Jack ran after him and once again my inner Javey shipper was dying
59. Something to Believe In was beautiful
62. During the scene in Pulitzer’s office right after Once and For All, Spot did this really adorable laugh and I melted AGAIN
63. When Crutchie came out during the last scene Jack ran over and hugged him so hard that he picked him up it was beautiful
64. The cat calls while Jack was kissing Kathrine 😍
65. The biggest cheer was for Joey during the curtain call but Danny, Stephen, Beth and Race also got quite a few as did the Delanceys (mostly Morris)
Side note-
1. When Roosevelt was speaking at the end I noticed Morris glance very tentatively at Oscar and when he saw that Oscar wasn’t looking he started clapping with the other boys and I just
2. They’ve acknowledged the existence of the “Morris is a bean and doesn’t want to fight anyone at all” part of the fandom. He’s no longer a one dimesional character.
3. The cast started dancing around after the curtain call finished and I saw Danny jumping around in the back. He then flopped down like he was going to make snow angels. He’s so cute it should be illegal.
In conclusion: I just spent over an hour making this post. This show has taken over my life.

Fearsome Trash Panda

In A Galaxy Not Quite Far Away: Part One | Part Two

Paring: Rocket Racoon & Reader

Tags: gender neutral reader, neutral pronouns, angst, fluff.

Summary:  Three times you and Rocket Racoon get on each other’s nerves.

Word Count: 1,867

Posting Date:  2017-05-09

Current Date: 2017-06-18

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A/N: here’s part two of HIMYM! sorry it took me forever to post!

  • PAIRING: Remus Lupin x Reader
  • SUMMARY: In which a 40-year old Remus Lupin tells the story of how he met his wife.
  • WORDS: 2013

Okay…so where was I up to?” Narrator Remus says, trying to remember what part he was up to in the story he was currently telling his two kids. “Oh right! So, when Y/N threw a drink in my face your Uncle Sirius came in…”

Sirius came in after he saw the scene that had unfolded between Y/N and Remus, “De…wait for it…nied! Denied.” Chuckling, he retorted.

Remus held up the business card his dream girl gave him up Sirius’ face, “we’re going out tomorrow night.” He smirked, putting the card safely into his jacket pocket.

Sirius felt hurt by him, “wait, I thought we were going to do something tomorrow night.”

Moony grabbed a napkin to wipe off the spilled Martini on his face by the girl, “believe me Pads I want to but she’s probably the one, just be happy for me for once.” Sirius just nodded, still feeling a bit bummed.

“The next day, I took her out to this small restaurant, out in Manchester.” Older Moony told his kids.

“Wow, that is one badass blue french horn.” The American girl said as she looked to her side to see a large blue french horn hanging on the wall, opposite the pair.

“Yeah,” her date answered, “sort of looks like some sort of smurf penis.”

“Teddy, a piece of advice. When you go on a first date with a girl, you really don’t want to say something along the lines of smurf penis. Girls don’t usually like that.”

She laughed, almost spitting her drink.

“But this wasn’t some ordinary girl.”

“Do you even have the Smurfs in England?” She questioned between fits of laughter.

He smiled, the chuckles dying down. “You’ll be surprised.”

On the walk back to her apartment the pair started up a conversation. “I gotta get one of those blue French horns for over my fireplace. It’s gotta be blue, gotta be French.”

“No green clarinet?”


“Come on, no purple tuba?”

The young woman gave the charming young man in front of her a playful death glare, “It’s a smurf penis or no dice.” To which he chuckled at the sentence.

A van came by, stopping right when it caught sight of Y/N. “There you are! We got a jumper back at the Tower Bridge. Come on, you’re covering it!”

Y/N just looked at her colleague that was behind the wheel in bewilderment, torn between her job and the amazing guy she met 24 hours ago. “Um, okay you know what, I’ll be right there.”

She turned to Remus, “I’m sorry. But, you should know I had a really great time tonight.”


At the trio’s shared apartment, James was sat on the cream-colored couch surfing through a muggle newspaper, Lily seated next to him an eyepatch on her left eye reading the daily prophet she somehow gets delivered at the apartment.

“Lily…” James started, scaring his fiance half to death.

“How long have you been sitting there? Stupid eyepatch.” She frowned, covering the eyepatch.

Right at that moment, Remus came through the brown wooden door, “Mum, Dad, I have found the future Mrs. Remus Lupin.” He joked. “James, how have I described my perfect woman?”

“Ah, let’s see…she likes dogs?”

The charming sandy-brown headed man nodded, “she has five dogs.”

“Drinks scotch?”

“She loves a scotch that’s old enough to order its own scotch.” Moony quoted remembering what his dream woman said during their fantastic time at dinner.

“Quotes lines from The Godfather?”

“Yup, ‘I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.’” He said imitating the character from The Godfather, Vito Corleone the same way Y/N did during their date. He sat down getting enthusiastic for what he’s about to say, “And I’m saving the best for last…she’s also a wizard.”

The couple beamed with happiness for their best friend, “That’s amazing! But the two of you literally just met, how did she come clean just like that?”

“She told me she had a hunch that she knew I was a wizard. However, she went to Ilvermorny whilst we went to Hogwarts.”

Lily interrupted the conversation, “Wait, it’s only the brick of 10:30, what happened?”

“She got called by her job.”

“So, did you kiss her?”

Moony shook his head, “no, the moment wasn’t right.” The young fiancees rolled their eyes, adjusting themselves in their spot on the couch. Remus saw their unimpressed faces and continued his sentence, “look, this woman could actually be my future wife I want our first kiss to be amazing.”

Lily awed, “Remus that’s so sweet. So you chickened out like a little bitch?”

The messy sandy-haired man lulled his head to the side, looking at the redhead before him, “what? I did not chicken out, y’know what…” he trailed off sitting up from his spot on the armchair, “I don’t need to take first kiss advice from some pirate who hasn’t been single since the first week of the 7th year.”

The redhead stood up to meet Remus’ towering height, “Rem, anyone who’s single would tell you the same thing. Even the dumbest single person alive, and if you don’t believe me call him.”

That’s when the man grabbed the telephone next to him and called the first person that came to mind when his friend said ‘the dumbest single person alive.’ Sirius Black.

“Hey, Pads, sorry to interrupt you on whatever…you’re doing. But, I need your opinion on something.”

The ebony haired man furrowed his brows through the phone, “wait who is this?”

Remus rolled his light green orbs, “It’s Moony.”

“Oh! Hey Moons, meet me at the bar right now. And suit up!” He yelled through the phone, hanging up.

“So, they’re thinking I chickened out,” Remus started, pointing at the redhead and brunet as the quartet was sat in their usual booth of their all too favorite bar. “What do you think?”

“I can’t believe you’re still not wearing a suit,“ Padfoot shouted at Moony.

Remus rolled his eyes, “she didn’t even give me the signal.”

Sirius aggravatingly set his drink down, “what is she going to bat her eyes at you in morse code?” He started to mimic exactly what he said, blinking uncontrollably, “Rem…kiss me. No! You just kiss her.”

“Not if you don’t get the signal.”

Sirius frustratedly grabbed James’ face that he was conveniently next to and locked lips with him to prove his point.

“Did James give me the signal?” He pointed at Prongs.

“No! I didn’t, baby, I swear to Merlin.” James gave a pleading look to Lily, who nodded her head at him giving him a forgiving look.

“But at least tonight, I get to sleep knowing James and me, never gon’ a happen. You should’ve kissed her.”

“Ugh, I should’ve kissed her.” Remus said looking down, “well, maybe in a week when she gets back from Scotland.”

“A week? That’s like a year in hot-girl time.” Sirius retorted making a face. “She’ll forget all about you, mark my words you will never see that one again.” The jet black haired man jabbed a stern finger at him, drink in hand.

Remus looked up at the television up at the bar area, “There she is.” The rest of the quartet’s turned towards the box TV. The screen showed a gorgeous girl standing in front of the Tower Bridge.

“Oh, she’s pretty. Hey bartender, turn it up.”

“…persuaded him to reconsider. At which point the man came down off the ledge, giving this bizarre story a happy ending. Reporting from BBC News, back to you Bill.”

“Wow and she’s American.” The redhead gushed.

Remus stood from his seat, “I’m going to go kiss her, right now.”

“Look, mate, it’s midnight. As your future lawyer, I’m going to have to advise you that’s fucking crazy.”

The light brunet man put his hands up in the air, “I never do anything crazy. I’m always waiting for the moment, more importantly, planning the moment. Well, she’s leaving tomorrow this may be the only moment I can get. I have to do what that guy couldn’t. I have to take the leap,” He paused, “Okay, maybe not a perfect metaphor ‘cause for me it’s fall in love and get married and for him, it’s resulting… death.” Remus furrowed his brows at his confusing speech.

“Actually, that is a perfect metaphor.” The ebony haired man said looking up at Remus from where he’s sat at, he then turned towards Lily and James raising his glass in the air, “by the way, did I congratulate you two?”

“I’m doing this.” Remus said about to walk out of the bar until Lily uttered a ‘let’s go’ grabbing her purse.

“We’re coming with you.” The redhead responded her purse in one hand, James’ hand in the other. “Sirius?”

“All right, but under one condition. You suit up.”

The quad was now in the taxi, about to drive to Y/N’s apartment.

“You suited up!” The ebony-haired man said happily from the back seat, “this is totally going in my journal!”

Remus was in the front seat when he told the driver to stop the car, “uh, pull over right over there.” He gestured to the parking space, “I gotta do something.” The light-brunet man told his friends getting out of the taxi.

He jogged towards the bistro the pair went to not long ago, “excuse me, sorry,” Moony uttered grabbing the blue French horn that was hung up on the wall, “enjoy your coffee.” He told the young couple he previously stood on their table to grab the fake instrument.

The waiter called out after him, “hey!”

The moment he got in the car he’s already telling the driver to step on it, his friends just watched him in wonder. “Everyone brings flowers.” The young man shrugged.

After the seven-minute car ride, they were right outside of her apartment. He huffed a breath of air he didn’t know he had been holding, “okay…moment of truth, wish me luck.”

Sirius was rooting for him, smiling a goofy smile, “Remus is gon’ a get it on with a TV reporter. ‘This just in,’ okay.” He held out a hand for his friends to high five.

Lily just looked at him from beside him shaking her head, Sirius shook his head with her realizing the pun he came up with was dumb, putting his arm down. “Kiss her Rem, and kiss her good.” The redhead gushed, fangirling already.

James encouraged him patting his back, “kiss the shit out’ that girl.”

Remus turned towards him, “Prongs, remember this night. When you’re the best man at our wedding and you give the speech, you’re gonna tell this story.” Then he exited the taxi.

The handsome dark-haired man shook his head, “why does he get to be the best man?!” He shouted after him, “I’m your best friend!”

Older Remus’ raspy voice started to explain, “As I walked up to that door, a million thoughts raced through my mind. Unfortunately, one particular thought did not. The fact she had five dogs.”

Once younger Remus had ringed the bell from outside for her to answer, the dogs started barking from the other side. He got scared half to death, “not good, not good, not good, nope.” Lupin kept repeating walking away towards the car.

The taxi was right next to him, the windows rolled down so he could hear his friends yell, “No! Get back in there! You’re wearing a suit!”

“Remus?” Y/N said, questionably from the window of her apartment on the second floor.

“Hi.” He greeted rather sweetly. The girl smiled at him, secretly asking in her mind why the hell he was outside of her apartment all dressed up on the brick of one AM. “I was just uh…” Remus wasn’t really good with words no matter how many books he’s read, without thinking he just held up the French horn.

The Y/H/C headed beauty beamed with surprise and happiness immediately understanding, “come on up.”

“And, that, kids is the true story of how I met your mother,” Remus told his kids.

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Upcoming Watchalong Dates


Hope You’re having a wonderful summer! As my regular watchalongers know, I am taking a five week hiatus to enjoy a bit of the summer and to stock up on some sunshine before the long LONG LONG Canadian winter starts and my SAD kicks in. That and I’m away for 3 of the 5 weekends, so I thought it best to take a holiday. THANKFULLY, the wonderful and amazing @tali-zora​ has offered to fill in for ALL FIVE OF THOSE WEEKENDS!! So please, go follow Tali and keep up with her blog to find out when and were the watchalong will happen! I’ve been informed that they will start at the usual 4PM EST (which is AMAZING since that’s like… 5 AM her time and she’s such a doll to do it at the regular watchalong time <3). Here’s her upcoming schedule for y’all! 



  • Aug 5 - Action Night: Kingsman / X-Men First Class / Ant-Man 
  • Aug 12 - Pride Night: Fingersmith / 3 Generations (AKA About Ray) / A Single Man  
  • Aug 19 - Shakespeare Night: Ben’s Hamlet (Double Showing) 
  • Aug 26 - Martin Freeman Night: Wild Target /  Nativity / Svengali 
  • Sept 2 - Benedict Cumberbatch Night: Vincent Van Gogh: Painted With Words / Hawking / The Imitation Game

GOD!! What a fantastic line up!!!! I’m so jealous I’m gonna miss both Ben and Martin weekends!! Thank you so much again Tali for hosting while I’m taking a little break.

I will be returning Sept. 9 with a brand new schedule for you. I haven’t picked the movies yet, but if there’s something you absolutely want to see right away, then we can have it in September! I’m hoping to have the list updated and prepped before my holidays at the end of August, at least for the Sept. 9 showing lol. 


  • Sept  9: TBD.
  • Sept  16: TBD.
  • Sept  23: TBD.
  • Sept  30: TBD.


Stuff below the cut are for my own reference. Thanks! Hope you all have a wonderful August!! :D See y’all in September!

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Harve Bennett with William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy on the set of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. The screenplay by Bennett and Nimoy was embraced by everyone involved in the production…with one notable exception.

In Shatner’s Star Trek Movie Memories, Bennett discussed his experience dealing with Trek creator Gene Roddenberry and his habit of noting the script to death during the film’s pre-production.

I would just type out “Per your memo of…” and then I would take all the positive stuff that was helpful and I would say, “Page two, line four, what a fantastic idea, like’s do this ‘n’ this ‘n’ this,” or “You say this line is not appropriate for this character, and you’re probably right. Why don’t we revise it as follows?” And sometimes, when we were dealing with more than just lines, I’d write back “You’re absolutely right. We’ll look into a fresh approach immediately.” I simply found the best way to deal with Gene was to accentuate the positive and forget the rest.

Borra: The Greatest Bromance Ever Told

After re-watching Book 1, I found myself wondering why it was that Korra wasn’t into Bolin. On the surface these two seem like a great match: they’re both amiable, tend to joke around, are at times socially obtuse, and fearless. Moreover, Bolin loves Korra’s strength and proactivity, and is perfectly content with women who call the shots. Korra, for her part, thrives on feeling emotionally supported (hence all her arguments with Mako about “sides,”)…something Bolin offers in droves.

Yet the thing is, Korra simply didn’t feel chemistry with him. On her end, there was no attraction. And that’s fine, that happens. What is absolutely fantastic about the Borra bromance is that aside from one line, “haven’t you already hurt me enough, woman?” (which could be read as a joke), Bolin takes no issue with that. He has a crush on Korra initially, but even despite a remarkably good date (and yes, Korra knew it was a date), was quickly able to let go of the idea of pursuing her once it was clear her feelings lay elsewhere. And then…that’s it! They work wonderfully as friends throughout the rest of the series. And in fact, a mere two episodes after total rejection, we see Bolin begging Korra to come hang out at Asami’s mansion simply because he wants to have fun with his friend.

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anonymous asked:

I just watched the episode where the Avengers switched bodies. And I'm still fangirling over the fact that Captain was in Iron Man's body. Also it wasn't that hard for him to get used to it.

well what can I say, Steve clearly has a lot of practice playing with Tony’s body, if you know what I mean 😏😏😏

and tbh this line is just so fantastic because literally no matter how you spin it, it at least implies that Steve spends a significant amount of his time (presumably during battles or training) paying special attention to Tony and how he uses the Iron Man suit

as always, our boys aren’t very subtle :)

In an effort to get my mind off of all this angst and finale speculation (kudos to @hedaswarrior), I’m going to write about Lexa. Specifically, her love and her connection with Clarke. (I’m not tearing up I’m just—)

Love is born from the fragile remnants of courage and fear, and Lexa knew that. She knew the stakes and the costs. She knew that the dead were gone, the living were hungry, and the cruelty of the world would never cease. She knew that she had to protect her people. And yet, and yet.

Given the infinitesimally small odds of existence, it should have been impossible for Lexa to fall in love the way she did with Clarke, and vice versa. It should have been impossible for her to open her heart and see the stars in this girl. But despite the blood and the cold, despite weakness, she met Clarke and their lives fell into place, second by second, breath by breath. It was a tender, glorious, humble thing to behold. I often wonder what it must have been like for Lexa, deep inside. Was she terrified? Was she in awe? Was she aware that she was holding humanity’s kindest and cruelest weapon in her chest?

We should probably consider that Clarke and Lexa might have been an inherently tragic couple, given the world in which they lived in. Opposing sides, political barriers, the inevitability of fighting in a damaged world. What’s mind-boggling, though, is that they tried. They tried to love each other deeply and fully, and, for a brief moment, they got there. They found each other. Their love was (is) the strongest type of love I’ve ever witnessed. It was built on an unspoken, mutual understanding, and it touched every corner of humanity: survival, trust, betrayal, bravery, fear, loyalty, selflessness, tenderness, even death. That’s the tragic part. 

Perhaps, in a different universe, in another lifetime, there are no wars and battles for them to fight. Perhaps they get to have what Miller and Bryan were dreaming of: a house by the lake, a farm, some peace and quiet. It’s nice to imagine that. Forehead kisses, clasped hands, giggling and laughter, intensely aware of each little nuzzle and nudge. Clarke watching Lexa train with nightbloods. Lexa watching Clarke paint the city. Clarke and Lexa loving each other without the terrible urgency of death and survival looming over their bodies. Maybe someday.

Love, especially in the apocalypse, is terrifying. Some say that it is weakness, but that’s only because it has the potential to be our greatest strength. We’ve seen how it has crushed Clarke, but we also see how it keeps her clinging onto threads of hope. We’ve seen Alie manipulate love as a method of torture, but we also see that love is what drives people to stand up and fight. It’s a double-edged sword.

People say that Lexa died for nothing—in terms of how it played out, I agree that it was terrible. But I refuse to believe that she died for nothing. The aftershocks seep into every single post 3x07 episode. In a cruel way, she died showing us how important that little line is: life is about more than just surviving. It’s about being able to face all of the harrowing and horrid corners, and, despite the depravity, being able to find a reason to live with it all. Clarke and Lexa are the direct antithesis to Alie and the City of Light: they prove that there is in fact something strong enough to overcome pain, hate, and fear. Their love is the only weapon capable of battling such a ridiculously powerful force. It’s stronger than familial love and platonic love—it’s unconditional.

And if Lexa kom Trikru and Clarke Griffin had enough heart to fall in love in the goddamn apocalypse, then perhaps we can learn to live with the same intensity that they lived with, to be able to say, “it’s a good day to die, it’s a good day to live, and it’s a good day to love,” all in the same breath. Perhaps, someday, we’ll be able to look back at Lexa’s legacy and smile rather than weep. Perhaps we’ll find a moment to murmur, thank you. Thank you for showing us. Thank you for your love. 

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Review (SPOILERS)

I am a HUGE Harry Potter Fan. And that might even be a bit of an understatement. I first picked up the series in Elementary School and they literally have changed my life. So many friendships started and strengthened by a shared love of Harry.

When it was announced that there was going to be an eighth story, a play, I was excited. Then it was announced that it would be published and I was thrilled. I pre-ordered, I made plans to be at the midnight release. I remained spoiler free, refusing to read reviews of the play or to read any of the leaks that made their way into the Internet. I wanted this to be pure. HP is like a close friend and I didn’t want anything to ruin this experience for me.

I just finished Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. It took me less than 3 hours to read through it, and to be honest, I wish that I hadn’t read it at all.

My first thoughts as I read the book were “I can’t believe I’m reading a NEW Harry Potter book!” Within the first few scenes my thoughts changed to “I can’t believe I’m reading a new HARRY POTTER book.” To be honest, I’ve read fan fiction that held truer to the original books and characters than Cursed Child. I’ve read BAD fan fiction that was more accurate than Cursed Child.

This book, to me, read like they had taken every bad fan fiction troupe and threw it all together. Time travel? Really?? That is the most used deus ex machina in fan fiction. To have some one go back to the past and completely screw things up? Been there. Done that. Voldemort having a child? With Bellatrix Lestrange of all people? Honestly, not surprised. Dead characters miraculously revived by a butterfly effect? Seen that fan service before.

The fan fiction vibe is really just the tip of the iceberg here. Albus kissing his Aunt while disguised as her husband? Was that really necessary? How did that further the plot? Scorpious and Rose becoming an echo of James and Lily? Why?

While there are parts of the book I was pleased with (Hermione as MOM, Ron and Hermione still being happily together, Ginny being sarcastic and witty like book Ginny) there are far more instances of characters feeling out of character than in. While a lax student, Harry doesn’t strike me as someone who would shirk the responsibilities of being Head Auror. Professor McGonagal and Ginny were very quick to pass judgement and place blame. Ron told awful Dad jokes and really served no purpose other than comic relief (which is a true injustice, but that would require a whole other post to truly get into).

I am very disappointed with Cursed Child, and I am perplexed as to how JKR could have had anything to do with this mess. She treated the original series like those books, like those characters were her children, and I can’t believe what she has done to them now. I wish that I had never read this book, not because it was that bad, but because I fear that this will forever alter my perception of a woman and a series that shaped my childhood. Was this story just cranked out to generate revenue? What can we expect form Fantastic Beasts? Will those characters and plot lines be treated as loosely as these, or was it just a struggle to return to old characters?

I think I might pull a wand on myself and obliviate this from my cannon. 8th Harry Potter story? What 8th Harry Potter Story?


Zendaya & Val || Cross That Line

I made this for but-wendy in honor of her fantastic one-shot titled What You’re Thinking / Cross That Line. It was one of the first Valdaya fics that I read and one of the many things that made me fall in love with Zendaya and Val as a couple. So thank you to her and hope you all enjoy.