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You know why Japan fans disliked the JoJo part4 action movie trailer? (mostly the first trailers on youtube)

Stuff like this anon, watch how the trailer opens:

All the girls at the start of the clip run out calling Josuke “Jojo” and the narrator goes “People call him … JOJO.”

But …

No one calls him Jojo in the manga.  Obv it’s Miike establishing the whole “Jojo” thing but I think the Japanese fans you’re talking about see it as symptomatic of a larger fault with the film, apparently it takes a lot of liberties with both the plot and the dialog, leaves stuff out, and also takes itself too seriously. They feel Miike’s lost the stuff that makes Jojo feel like Jojo, that it doesn’t honor the spirit of the original work. They want to see the stuff they love from the manga - iconic scenes, dialogue and visuals - faithfully done as a live-action, not a “Hollywood-style” loose interpretation.  

That’s maybe a lot for someone to take away from a series of short trailers but that’s how I’ve read it.  (There’s other stuff too like the choice of Kento Yamazaki to play Josuke, Jotaro seeming sort of weak, etc.)   Guess we’ll see how it’s received after it opens.

Pledge Pt. 1

Story Summary: It began as an attempt to keep Kevin safe. You barged into his fraternity and intimidated everyone in sight, looking for that bastard Sam Winchester. You’re quickly distracted from the main mission when a pair of blue eyes and a soft smile catches your attention.

Chapter Summary: You’re on a mission: Kick Sam Winchester’s ass. Sadly, his frat brothers won’t tell you where he is.

Pairing: Frat boy!Castielxreader, Frat boy!Kevin tran

Rating: Mature

Warnings: language, smoking, mention of weed, mention of hazing. WARNING: Sam’s a scadouche in this fic, my bad g. 

Word count: 1800+

A/N: IT WAS A ONE SHOT I PROMISE I'UNNO WHAT HAPPENED *sobs softly* (It’ll be three chapters, tops!) Tags at the bottom!

Kevin shifts awkwardly as you knock on the door, shooting you a concerned look. “It’s not that serious –”

“No no no, it’s that serious to me,” you say, resisting the urge to grab Kevin’s hand in yours. A tall, brown-eyed boy wearing a snapback hat and a Bob Marley sweater cracks open the door, a puff of smoke wafting out as he does. With a lazy smile, he waves a blunt at you, flinching as you point an accusing finger at him.

“The baby’s not mine, condom squad,” he says, glancing down. Frowning, you shake your head.

“Are you Sam Winchester?” you growl, gaining a groan from Kevin.

“No, but close. I’m Gunner Lawless, eldest of the Lawless men.” He bangs on his chest, letting out a high pitched scream that makes you flinch back. Pausing, Gunner scratches his head. “Well, like, besides my dad and shit.”

“Show me Sam,” you say. Gunner glances between you and Kevin, drawing his eyebrows together.

“Pledge Kev, tell your girlfriend to chill –”

“NOW,” you snap, making both men flinch.

“What’s the problem here?” a rasping voice says from inside. You push past Gunner, dragging Kevin along with you. A blue eyed man puts out a cigarette in an ashtray, tossing it to the side with a smirk. “She’s cute pledge Kev,” he says, slicking a hand through his hair. You scrunch your nose at the compliment, staring around the house. It wreaks of sweat and bad decisions; you can tell that many mistakes have been made by the stains on the floor alone. The blue eyed man clears his throat, extending his hand. “I’m Castiel, call me Cas –”

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Things that I don’t feel like screaming about ever:

Rollercoasters, spiders, cute things, jump scares, great news, seeing people I haven’t seen in a long time, meeting someone important, most things that scare me.

Things I do feel like screaming about:

When the instrumental version of the Spider-Man theme song from the cartoons plays at the beginning of Spider-Man homecoming.

Louis saying how frustrating it is reading about headlines pitting the members against each other before Dan wrote that ugly, planned article is the same as him saying he likes watching conspiracy theories videos before he talked about larry and the conspiracy of iPhones(????). He is so fucking smart and ready to debunk all the bullshit himself.

Let Lips Do What Hands Do - Ten

A/N: It’s finally an update! I hope you enjoy it and thanks for sticking around! The last half of this is pure smut so be warned. ;-) Thanks as always to @treefingers for being my beta!


Taron sighs when Addie’s ringtone springs from his pocket and he quickly connects the call. “Hey cariad, what’s up?”

It’s true he’s not expecting a call from her as she should be teaching, but he’s happy to hear from her.

“I am on my way to the fucking drug store to get a fucking pregnancy test.”


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