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It would be a friendship built on LIES

Chara can’t help being really, really, ridiculously good looking.

There’s too many of them to fight– it’s not worth it!

It’s just a regular canine tooth, but yes.

If you still have your soul, then yes they’ll chase you.

Throwing humans into the snow really captures their good side.


“Before you and after you.”

I used combination of pencil, ink water color, & acrylic paint.

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Phil: Contractions function almost identically to the full two-word phrase, but are only appropriate in some places in a sentence. It’s one of the weird quirks of this language we’ve

Dan: This information needs some kind of warning

Dan: I did not see this coming

Phil: Some people say the English language is confusing. To which I say… It’s

Just a reminder, since some of the boys are confirmed to release new music this year...

I know we all have our favourites and we are excited for what they have to offer for their solo music careers. But that is not a reason to pit one against another (or all of them). It is not a reason to pull one or all of them down to make the other look good. It is not a reason to attack their fans and to spread hate and tension among the community.

They are all talented and have unique voices that separates them from one another. They also have different taste in music, so you can guarantee it that their solo music will NOT sound similar at all. There is NO reason to compare them to see who is doing better or to say “Liam is a flop” or “Harry’s music is gonna be better than Niall’s” or “Louis is never gonna do as well as the others” or “When Zayn does this everybody’s at this throat but when the others do it nobody says anything”. None of that bullshit when it comes to their music.

Liam, Niall, Louis, Harry, and Zayn are brothers; they were part of a band for years and saw each other’s faces more than their own families and friends during that period. They’ve spent so much time with each other and formed bonds that cannot be easily broken. DO NOT PIT THEM AGAINST EACH OTHER.

To the fans: DO NOT ATTACK THOSE WHO ARE FANS OF THE OTHER BOYS. You may not like their favourites and that’s cool; nobody’s forcing you. But don’t attack them or their favourites to make yours look better.

WE ARE FAMILY and we look out for each other; not drag each other down.

Indecent Proposal - Chapter 1

I got an amazing request from @legolasothranduilion to start writing this story, and the idea was so incredible that I couldn’t deny it. I honestly hope you’ll like my interpretation of your vision, and that you (and the rest of you guys) will enjoy reading it. 

By the title itself you may figure out what the story is going to be about, but I won’t reveal anything juicy. :)

Feel free to comment, and leave feedback, and thanks for reading.

Reader’s POV

“These fucking reporters will seriously drive me crazy one day”, Jared said and tossed the tabloid across the yard.

“I told you not to go to that after party, but you just had to, didn’t you?” Emma bickered at Jared not looking away from her iPad. I swear this woman was a robot. And one of my idols for sure. She’s working 24/7, and Jared doesn’t even try to make it easy on her. 

“Don’t I deserve some fun? Can’t I relax the way I want to? No, because being a rock star and an actor, director and everything else I do just puts me under the spotlight that I don’t even want to be a part of” Jared was frustrated and started pacing across the yard. 

“Melody, would you please take care of the next week’s flights and hotels? I have to take care of this weeks errands” Emma asked me, still being all in her iPad.

“Of course, no problem” I said and immediately started browsing through available flights. Jared had to travel to New York, and later to Milan so I was helping Emma arrange everything. She hired me as her assistant almost a year ago, since she was too wrapped up with planning her wedding, and of course dealing with Jared’s job and life. She needed all the help she could get at the time. And now she got used to having me around, so I stuck around. Hopefully for a long time.

Jared wasn’t so pleased with that decision of hers at first, but since she really had too much stuff going on, he decided she could hire someone, but the final decision had to be unanimous. Which basically meant that he’s the one deciding who’s in and who’s out - as always. That man always had his way with everything. It’s either Jared’s way or the highway. 

“Melody…? What do you mean… Emma, are you even listening to what I’m saying? ” Jared started to freak out and raised his voice at Emma.

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If you’re actually letting the cut scene of Kimberly and Jason kissing effect how much you enjoyed the movie, then what kind of fan are you honestly?

This movie modernized the Power Rangers and we got to see them doing all the kickass fighting/morphing/zord action that we never really got to see in the originals because TECHNOLOGY, the robots were AMAZING, the characters were the heart of all of it and the DIVERSITY AND REPRESENTATION and UGHHH EVERYTHING WAS SO GOOD!

But you’re gonna be pissed because they cut a kiss that would have served no purpose other than to actually downplay Kimberly’s significance and make Jason look like a creep?

Get outa here!

anonymous asked:

When you say he's not an innocent little cinnamon roll, has there even been things he's done? Because Ive never heard or read anything bad about him, other than what some bitchy fans keep saying, that he's this and that. To me he sounds very sane. I read in an interview where he said he is very business oriented and he got a compliment once form an agent that if the band doesnt work out he could be an agent.

He’s just human, really. People can say he’s greedy and and money hungry but I think he’s more selfish than anything. And I know greedy and selfish are similar characteristics, but they’re also different. Saying he’s greedy is saying he only cares about money and his own empire. The music and the fans don’t matter.
You can’t listen or watch a single interview and say that guy doesn’t love creating music. He always has.
Being selfish though, is not allowing anyone else’s input on things. Like being able to work on side projects or not touring so much. Take a look at the tour schedule this summer, they have May off and then June/July is non-stop just about. The guy has straight up said, if you can’t handle the schedule this isn’t for you.
A huge opportunity arose with the Iron Maiden tour…there is an interview at the end of the US Popestar tour where Special said something like “sometimes you’re offered opportunities you can’t turn down. You have to make sacrifices and disappoint friends and loved ones. That’s just how it is”.
If you’re given a chance to expand your career, why wouldn’t you take it? If everyone isn’t on the same page and would rather live low key lives at home rather than live most of their life on a tour bus, why does that make T so awful if that’s what he likes? He’s said he loves being on the road but is comforted to know that he has a place to call home to rest up at before heading out again.
That lifestyle isn’t for everyone, and he’s said that’s how he wants to live out the rest of his life until he dies. It’s better for him to do it with people who have the same mindset or people who can come in and tour for 6 weeks or so. Ghost has that advantage. Or at least they should…being masked and anonymous and all. But people can’t and won’t accept that.
Yes every past member had great stage presence and personality…so do the new ghouls. The only “bad” reviews I’ve heard are from people who refuse to even give the new lineup a chance. It’s stupid.

And people are going to continue to be snarky brats because they have nothing better to do with their lives apparently since it’s impossible for them to move on with things. That’s their issue, not mine. I’m pretty stoked about where things are at.

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You say Naruto has bad female characters but you love One Piece? One Piece's women are 100 times worse. Robin is supposed to be freakishly strong at first but then gets nerfed hard and is constantly sidelined. Has she ever even fought, apart from that 1 time in the Sky Island? Nami doesn't really fight either. They're the main females in a shounen series and they hardly fight. At least Sakura and Hinata are fighters.

I never said I hate Naruto because of the female characters. Actually I don’t care about them much, I always said Naruto Uzumaki is a worse character than Sakura and Hinata combined. 

I never said I like One Piece because of the female characters. I said I like the plot and morals.

What you said about Robin and Nami are also what Sanji and Usopp fans complain about, no solo fights. This is not because they’re female characters. Robin does fight a bit in most arcs, Nami and Usopp’s abilities are less suited for fighting, that’s why they don’t get to fight much. If you ask me, Usopp is even more “sidelined” than Nami. Nami can control the weather, she’s the navigator, she has unique value to the crew. Usopp is a sniper, but situations where a sniper shot would be decisive are rare.

Kishimoto often made Sakura and Hinata “fight” and fail so that some boys can save them. Or he just used them as ship fuel. Hinata’s speech bubbles are “naruto kun….” 80% of time. Hinata thought about Naruto kun’s big hands 5 mins after neji was killed because of her. Sakura’s main contribution to the kages arc is making a fake confession. They’re just obnoxiously written.

Nami and Robin even when they’re not fighting or contributing to the plot, they’re mostly used for some harmless comic relief, not some obnoxious ship teases. Also they have complete character arcs. They also have goals and interests that’re fitting for the story, they’re about adventures and discovery.

Sakura and Hinata are solely in the story for a love triangle to happen. All they want in life is a bf. You just wonder why’re they in a ninja story.

“I’m a fan of both AKB48 and Hello!Project groups as a whole and all that I can say is that recently, (despite what most fans think) in my opinion Hello!Project groups have better songs than the other. H!P is trying to find its groove again after the whole Tsunku thing and I think it’s working- which is why. Each of the groups are finding their zone again and has stable footing, having songs that fit the groups’ personalities.”

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What do you think is etiquette for actors who get sent a lot of snacks and candy by fans: what does one do? Does one throw the food away, or does one hand them out to ppl in other departments (like wardrobe, make-up and lighting?) Probably not the latter.

I don’t know what is done on sets.  I know a lot of it gets thrown away at cons or given to volunteers.  @oparu has stories about the con side.