what a fab lady

that time show pony bought fun ghoul at tommy chow mein’s

(based off of this

None of them noticed that Fun Ghoul had left the building. 
To be fair, Fun Ghoul himself didn’t notice either. He was asleep. 

“What do you mean ‘you sold him’?” Party Poison asked, leaning onto the counter at Chow Mein’s. “He didn’t have a fuckin’ price tag.” 

Tommy shrugged. “Round here everything has a price tag. I know what I’d sell you for.” 

Party paused, finger in mid air, mouth open. Kobra Kid nudged him. He closed his mouth. “We’ll discuss that more later,” Party settled on. “Who did you sell him to?” 

“Can of Power Pup and I’ll tell you.” 

“Two seconds.” Party said, then turned around, spinning Jet Star and Kobra around with him. They had a brief, loudly whispered conversation about the merits of handing over precious food versus holding Chow Mein, “that rat bastard”, at phaser point (Baby Girl’s suggestion). Tommy heard every word, but didn’t react. The only sign he was alive was a slow blink and the rise and fall of his suited chest. He didn’t tend to take things personally. The three-out-of-four turned back around, and Baby Girl pushed her way to the front. 

A can of Power Pup was placed on the counter. 


“Show Pony!” Jet yelled, banging a fist on the plywood that passed for the door of Dr. D’s station. It slid open and Show Pony leaned against the wall, the picture of words such as “casual” and “suave”. 

“You rang?” They said, blinking at Jet through thick, glittering eyelashes. 

“I think you have something that belongs to us.” Jet stated. He heard a crash from inside the station, muffled cursing, and then Fun Ghoul appeared under Show Pony’s arm. 

“Fuck you! I belong to no one!” Ghoul shouted, pointing a finger in Jet’s face. “I am my own damn person!” 

“Of course you are, honey.” Show Pony said absently to Fun Ghoul, then levelled Jet with a stare again. “I bought him fair and square,” they said. “What can you give me?” 

Jet thought. “Power Pup?” “Hate the stuff.” “A new jacket?” “Do I look like I need any fashion from you?” “Fair. Uh, A back rub?” “Jet Star, if you want me just say so. No deal.” “Shit. We can get your roller skates new wheels?” “Now you’re getting warmer.” 

Jet wracked his brain. Fun Ghoul was watching, very amused. He grinned like the Cheshire Cat. Jet pointed toward the Trans Am, where Party and Kobra were waiting in the front seat. “I can give you Party Poison.” 

“I already have Party Poison in all the ways that matter,” Show Pony responded. They raised their voice, shouting to the car. “Don’t I, sweet thing?” 

Party stood up through the sun roof. “They do.” He sat back down. Jet sighed. 

“Ghoul, just get in the damn car or I’ll break all your bombs and have Kobra bury the parts where the sun don’t shine.” 

“See what I have to deal with, Pony?” Ghoul whined, leaning exaggeratedly into Show Pony’s side, wrapping his arms around their middle. 

“It’s just awful, darling.” Show Pony crooned. Ghoul grinned wickedly at Jet. He was playing a game, and Fun Ghoul played to win. But so did Jet Star, and he had a secret weapon. It was time to break out the big guns.

“Well gee, Ghoul, what am I going to tell Angel Face?” Ghoul froze, and Jet knew he had an in. “You know, she was the one who noticed you were gone in the first place.” 

“She was?” Ghoul asked, voice suddenly higher. 

“You bet your ass I was!” Baby Girl appeared from behind Jet, hands fisted against her hips. Her tiny face was creased in rage. “’Cuz you hadn’t been running your damn mouth for ten seconds! C’mon.” 

She grabbed Ghoul by the hand and tugged him all the way back to the Trans Am, verbally abusing him the whole time with some very creative swear words until she had gotten him into the backseat and sat firmly on his lap. Show Pony slid up to Jet on their skates, grinning blissfully and blindingly.

“What a charming young lady.” 

Lemme tell ya I may not be today’s societies model of supermodel thin (which is 100% ok if you are btw you do you) but back in the renaissance I would’ve been all these famous painters’ muse and a highly sought after model to be painted on church roofs and shit because girl I got them thick thighs and body rolls that would make da Vinci weep so own those curves and remember that if you’re feeling down about how you look, it has nothing to do with you or your flawless body, it’s all reliant on how we’re being perceived in the environment around us

this girl is rocking in look at her

body rolls and thick thighs these girls are beautiful 

like, just look at these fab ladies. So please please please don’t let what any one says get you down or start feeling bad when you look at your cellulite in the mirror because YOU ARE A FUCKING BEAUTIFUL RENAISSANCE MUSE. 


❅Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from all of us here at FuckYeahEssieDavis!❅

May you share this season with those you love and may all your series 4 and/or movie wishes come true this holiday! (But really, what would be a greater gift than more of this fab lady on our screens?)


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