what a dump eh

Request 2- Protective Meihem

“N-no! No, it’s fine! It’s…kind of nice?”

Junkrat stared at her, yellow eyes gleaming brighter than ever, his hands clasped and wiggling impatiently. “Do you like it really? You don’t gotta like it! Aw, are you just saying that to make me feel better? I know it’s a trash heap, I hate it, it’s the worst, don’t even know why I ever wanted to head back to this pit, eh? Heh! What a dump!…Do you like it though?”

Mei stood there for a few long moments, trying to find something nice to say about Junkertown. And eventually she settled on a rather meekly stated, “Well! W-well, it’s…a lot cleaner than I thought it would be?” Which was not a lie. It was literally a town made of junk, trash, and spare parts, but at least she wasn’t wading knee-deep in grease and blood like she was afraid she would be. She looked around again, deciding not to comment on an animal that she wasn’t really sure was a rat, a cat, or a dog, (or some mutant creature she didn’t even recognize) that was staring menacingly at her from the shadows of a nearby alleyway, hunched atop an overturned garbage can. “It’s, erm…nice?”

“We can leave, darl. We can leave at any time and I won’t say a thing about it…Roadie, we’re turning around, we’re leavin’!” He did an abrupt about-face, spinning about on his peg, but found his path blocked by the enormous gut of his bodyguard. Roadhog merely uttered a tired sigh, and Mei grabbed onto his mechanical hand to help jostle him back into place, walking ahead. The lanky junker groaned a little, stumbling back into step as Hog placed one enormous hand against his bony spine and brusquely pushed him forward. “Are you sure you don’t mind?”

“Jamison, it’s fine. I never got to see Junkertown proper before, and it’ll be interesting to see where you came from.” Mei squinted at the furry monstrosity in the alleyway and she could have sworn it squinted back at her before slinking into the dark. Shaking her head, she held Rat’s hand and shepherded him along. For the past few hours he had ping-ponged rapidly back and forth between being overly excited to ‘show her the sights’,and bemoaning Junkertown’s very existence as beneath her and how they never should have come here. Several times now he had tried to convince her to leave, only to become distracted by some familiar landmark or favorite hiding spot and drag her towards it a moment later.

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Stars? h2ovanoss

If everyday were like today Evan would’ve killed himself a while ago. To top of the excessive amount of worrying he has done over his college finals, it was cold and damp, which was his least favorite type of weather. Even though he cringed when he stepped out his front door  he decided to take a late night depression walk, and as if his heart was guiding him towards salvation, he ended up at Jon’s house.  Although right now his best friend was laying down on his old porch roof instead of hanging out with him inside. He watched Jon peacefully look up at the stars as he effortlessly stunning, but he was on his old porch roof. Which spiked his anxiety because damn that thing was built so long ago and probably wouldn’t hold his weight for much longer.

“How is that thing holding you? ” Evan asked while he shoved his then cold hands in his hoodie pockets.

“I don’t-” Jon adjusted his position to look at Evan “Hm, I don’t know but I hope it falls; I have to go to work tomorrow and I’d rather end it all then do that shit” he said flatly while he turned his eyes back to the night sky. He thought about how easy it would be to just be another lost life in the sea of death humanity has created, but the thought of Evan suffering just because of him, made him constantly push that thought back and keep on moving. Everything he’s accomplished by doing this was and is, for Evan.

“Trust me I get it, but I’m not letting you die tonight,” he shifts his weight “Wanna join my depression walk?” he asked looking up at Jon worriedly.  He knew how Jon felt about life, and it constantly plagued his mind that one day he could wake up and Jon could be gone.  Everytime he saw him thinking too much he would sleep over or take him to sleep over at his, because he would never have Jon die because he didn’t.

“Is this to end depression or is it because you’re depression?”

“Yes I am the human embodiment of depression, come with me former college student and let’s think about all your debt.”  

“Fuck you I’ll be down in a second, bitch.”

He watches Jon stand up and crawl back through his bedroom window and about two minutes later he’s at his front door to walk with Evan.  Evan got tired of standing about twenty seconds in, so he stood up when he heard Jon’s front door open behind him.

“Sorry it took so long,” he jumped the from his door to the porch. “I had to leave a note for my Mom so she won’t call the cops when she sees I’m not in my room.”

“Yeah, you’re in that room so much you don’t need the rest of the damn house.” Evan stated then turned back to walk with Jon.

“Nah,” he briefly turns to look at his porch roof then back up to the sky. “I like star seening.”

As he turned back and walked to where Evan waited on the sidewalk, he saw a weird look on Evan’s face, and for a brief second he could see the stars he was just looking at in his eyes. Every goddamn time he looked in Evans eyes he saw how he viewed the world, and how he saw all these good things that Jon never saw. The pure bliss that came with looking him in the eyes drew him in and made him forget everything that was drawing him towards his demons. Jon almost doesn’t hear Evan when he continued to press him about how he speaks.

"I really need to find you an English class,” he said while turning to start walking down the sidewalk.

“For your information,” Jon grabbed Evan’s arm and turned him to face him while he bitterly makes this point. “I’ve had English classes all my life, it’s just that I’ve never listened.” But at this point Evan was only trying to make himself taller ‘cause fuck he feels so tiny compared to this giant bitch.

“Yeah I could tell you illiterate fuck,” he said after he puffed out his chest to compensate for being looked down at.

“Now who isn’t speaking well now huh?” Jon said amused cause Evan looked like a stuffed bear trying to be intimidating.

“What are you even talking about,” Evan sighed and looked at the ground, giving up trying to be threatening.

“I-I don’t fucking know,” he muttered, and smiled down at the now defeated tiny man.

Jon looked up then took a deep breath and pushed it out of his chest quickly.

“Come on, where to?” he said while turning Evan back around and pushing him away from his house.

“I don’t know, I was just walking and I subconsciously walked to your house.”

“So now I know that if you were sleepwalking you would end up at my front door,” he huffed out a laugh. “Comforting.”

Evan laughed and glanced at Jon who was adjusting his thin-rimmed silver glasses. “If that were to happen what would you do?”

“Eh probably take you in and dump ice water on you,” he joked.

He fake gasped and shoved Jon off the sidewalk. “Straight cruel dude,” he said with amusement in his tone.  

“You know I wouldn’t do that to you.”

“Yeah,” he hummed happily. “I know,” he said smiling .

They ended up at the Sunset Beach Pier, and as they walked to the end of the old wooden thing, it reminded Evan of Jon’s old porch roof he was previously laying on.

When they reached the end of the pier and leaned on the wooden railing he finally turned to Jon and asked when he started looking at the stars.

Jon looked out at the ocean taking in the sight before him. “Not long before you moved here actually,” he cleared his throat. “So around six/seven years ago. It started because I needed a quiet place to calm down after studying, and the entire house just felt lonely, since it was just my Mom and I at the time. So I went out and looked at the stars and I didn’t feel it anymore,” he laughed lightly then turned and looked Evan dead in the eye, “But you know something funny?“

Evan lightly shook his head trying to keep listening and not get lost in the most capturing eyes, that were looking dead at him.  

“A couple days before you moved in I saw a shooting star, and I wished for someone.” he looks down fidgeting with his fingers, “Just someone to be with and distract me, not that my was was horrible enough to need a distraction, but I didn’t have no one. I just find it weird how you moved in a couple days later.”

There was a long pause before Jon cleared his throat to speak again, although this time his heart was beating like he’d just ran a mile. He knew what was happening next and there was only two ways it could play out, but he just thought fuck it and spoke.

“I never told you there’s an alternative way to get better, it helps me more than star seening,” he said in a wavering tone, anxiety getting a better grip on his head now that he was actually doing this.

“What is it,” Evan asked noting how nervous Jon had suddenly become.

“Well there are two places to find stars besides my porch,” his eyes darting left and right still looking at the water in front of them.

“That’s imposs-,” he started to say but Jon’s anxiety had gotten the best of him and just made him blurt out his thought.

“I like the stars in your eyes better anyways,” he said as he pushed himself off the railing and turned and walked back down the pier,  while shoving his hands in his pockets. Hunched over he walked as quickly as he could to get away from the situation he had just caused.

To be Continued?

anonymous asked:

Hello! My God, i saw Cherol photos in Paris and wondering about her ring on left hand. I'm really scared now. My God... I hope it's only ring.

Hey Nonnie!

First off, don’t be scared. Keep in mind that this is still a contracted relationship and it has an expiration date that I assume is approaching. I did see Chernobyl’s pics from Paris, and I am unimpressed yet again. For having months in hiding to plan this comeback, her and her team really should’ve invested in a stylist, just saying.

As far as the ring goes, at first I didn’t even notice it, despite her clear effort to get it into every picture. Idk if you’ve seen HQs yet, but it’s literally just a golden circle with no stone. Not exactly engagement ring quality, considering Liam is worth upwards of 50 million dollars. Reasons I don’t think we are going to wind up with Zerrie 2.0:

1) Chernobyl is 34 and already has been divorced twice. Chiam will! Not! Last! No intelligent woman would want to have three high profile failed relationships on top of the numerous other flings she’s had. Society is still pretty sexist, and people *will* wonder what’s wrong with her if she continues to go through marriages like they are underwear. Either she’s dumb for jumping in head first without thinking, or there’s something wrong with her as a person for these men to be unhappy with her. Both are a bad look.

2) Liam has done an excellent job of shutting down marriage rumors thus far. If we get an engagement now, after he’s made it clear that he isn’t interested, it’s really gonna look like she nagged him into proposing. So now she’s 10 years his senior, previously his mentor, making all the decisions regarding their child, scolding him like she’s his mother *and* she’s pushing him into marrying her? That reads as extemely desperate, manipulative, and toxic, and it would be a very bad look.

3) Chernobyl has already gone the surprise shotgun wedding route (see husband #2) and the GP didn’t care at all. Getting married for a second time did nothing apart from getting the public interested enough in her trashy personal life to buy one of her singles. Her album as a whole (released 4 months after her marriage) flopped big time. At this point, the GP are expecting a marriage because Liam isn’t looking like the brightest bulb in the box. A marriage wouldn’t be a surprise, and nothing about it would make the GP suddenly interested in listening to her album, or listening to Liam ramble about her superpowers.

In short, I don’t think a marriage/engagement will boost her public image enough to make the inevitable split worth it. Of course, anything is possible but I don’t see it happening at this point. After having a kid so quickly, an engagement is logical and won’t garner enough shock factor to make people curious about what she’s up to. What would pique the GP’s interest, however, is a sudden dramatic split. Liam is apparently living up her arse these days, and a split would probably make people wonder what happened. *Cue the dramatic lighting and soundtrack so Chernobyl can sell the details to the highest bidder*

Also, wearing a ring on that finger when you aren’t engaged but are in a public relationship is asking for attention. Idk whether it’s just to start speculation because she’s a dramatic hoe and needs all the attention she can get, or if she’s gonna use the rumors to deny an engagement and remind people that Liam isn’t willing to commit to her. What a great reason to dump him, eh? 😉

Blue night radio 14 / 09 / 19
  • 9: Are you the type to get dumped or dump others?
  • J: I'm more of to get dumped? I can't say those things to the people that I loved.
  • 9: So you lead the person on until you get dumped?
  • J: Eh~~ That's bad!! What~ You're trying to make me into a coward?! Then there are no good guys.
  • J: Love can be started simultaneously. I haven't seen love ending at the same time though. It's always one who gets left behind, waiting (for the other person) to come back.
  • cr: GTG0408
  • tr: cosmicsticks