what a dork right


i feel like this is an accurate representation of Tords character

Edd: Hey, are you two ok? you’ve been in here a long time-

Tord: Oh? Hello Edd

Tom: Help.

Edd: uhh hi

Tord: Goodbye Edd!

Edd:PFFF yeah, omg


We’re only getting older baby - Santa Clara, CA | July 11, 2015

Tryna act casual after he knocks the glasses off the cactus. Calm down, Matt. They’re just glasses. I love this idiot so much.

I think this is the most beautiful thing I have ever received in my entire life. Thanks @stitch-xiu-up, I will use this meme as my new blog note book.

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Please could you please make a dipper b4 please please? (Was that polite enough? If not, please add more 'please's)

“How…how dare you insinuate I might be a demon! Me! An upstanding, outstanding civilian! A model of modern society!! By the name of Tyrone Ferdinand Pines–by my name–I am just–I am just appalled!! How dare you! I have done nothing to deserve this disgusting treatment!”

Send me a character, send me a pose, and I’ll draw them! 

kk so when annabeth & tyson bake percy that cupcake for his 16th bday percy’s inner monologue says that he makes a wish before he blows out the candle but he doesn’t say what the wish is………………could he have wished for annababe to kiss him?????? but he didn’t say bc wHEN YoU sPEAK YOUR WISH ALOUD IT DOESN’t coME TRUE???? and then it DOES!!¡¡!¡
food for thought

The Center Console Does Nothing to Support You (M)

Jungkook x Reader
Smut (roadhead)
Words: 3,009 (just four more from being a Childish Gambino song)

*A/N: To my handy dandy Jungkook stan @jungshock and Admin Kaycie from @houseofbangtaninternational for encouraging me to write this filfth. Twas fun. PS: who even invented roadhead? o.O*

Lake Shore Drive after Rush Hour is beautiful, empty. That, plus the added late night summer air rushing through rolled down windows, it all makes you feel weightless, free, adventurous.

But tonight’s adventure is not really one of your own, but your boyfriend, who sits behind the wheel with one hand gripping the tattered leather and the other rubbing at your bare thigh. It’s a situation you two have been in more than a handful of times this summer, sneaking out of the gated community of your north side homes, travelling the half hour path to get to your friends waiting for you on the south side, your and Jeongguk’s safe haven. On eroded streets littered with potholes and weeds growing from sidewalk cracks is where you feel the most at ease.

Electricity thrums from the palm wrapped around your skin. Jeongguk is excited for the race tonight, ready to show his friends how much he has improved since their last race. You truly have no interest, unaffected by your boyfriend’s competitive side. You have been with him too long to care, but also because you know your disinterest makes him work even harder to win.

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Little Andromeda things I’m loving:
-The epic friendship developing between the arms merchant and armor merchant on the Nexus
-The way Dutch Smith says “hello” with a sigh, like you only exist to bother him
-Ryder can’t make baby noises at their pyjak pet without the crew going “that thing has been dirty everywhere!!!”
-“Pathfinder.”  "Director Addison.“  "Goodbye, Pathfinder.”
-The way Ryder goes down the stairs, going from left to right and almost jumping??? What a dork
-SAM being a sarcastic little shit sometimes like “perhaps we would know more by scanning our surroundings, Pathfinder”
-Vetra judging the people on the Docking Bay moving crates and stuff like “what are those idiots doing?”
-That soldier who is sitting near dad Ryder’s quarters with a gun looking ready to defend it with everything he’s got for some reasons???
-Harry going “I’m too old for this shit” and switching jobs with Lexi like no worries, there hasn’t been a selection process and everything, you do your thing
-Everyone asking Ryder to handle problems but always telling them to tell no one so Ryder’s like “sure, I’ll scan the entire station… *whispers* discreetly.”

Moonbin, Gryffindor

Defining Trait: Courageous
Ready to jump right into any situation, Moonbin has the courageous soul of a Gryffindor. He is extremely loyal to his friends, and always tries to do what is right. A bit of a dork with a tendency to wear his heart on his sleeve, Moonbin is the type to do anything for the people he cares about, making him a great fit for Gryffindor.


“Well, while we were preparing for the fan meeting, everyone, we were… It was a time when we were able to see how much the fans appreciate us and how much you guys really like us and how much you care about us and support us. From now on, we will show you how much we care about you guys. I will show you guys. I will show you.” - 161113 JIMIN