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when u’re trying to support ur bf but u’re bad at it verbally but still trying


i feel like this is an accurate representation of Tords character

Edd: Hey, are you two ok? you’ve been in here a long time-

Tord: Oh? Hello Edd

Tom: Help.

Edd: uhh hi

Tord: Goodbye Edd!

Edd:PFFF yeah, omg


We’re only getting older baby - Santa Clara, CA | July 11, 2015

Ok but losing your virginity with Peter Parker:

- You would have defs talked about it beforehand because Peter doesn’t do well with spontaneity
- You would do it at his place on a night when May is out
- He’d be kissing you and your heart would be pounding
- and is he shaking or are you making that up??
- after the foreplay starts heating up a little he’s like
- “Do you still want to?” all breathy
- and you’re like “uh hi yes.”
- so you’re laying there and he’s pulling his pants down & you’re like
- “you bought condoms right?”
- And Peter’s like “……..I thought you were on birth control?”
- And you’re just staring at him like hoW COULD WE HAVE MISCOMMUNICATED HERE
- slowly you’re like “no….I thought you said you were buying condoms”
- THANK GOD it’s dim in that room bc Peter is blushing so hard at this point
- He’s all like “Uh uh, no, I, uh, didn’t. B-but I can go get some!”
- He’s immediately jumping up and grabbing his backpack like
- “I’ll just run to 7/11! It’ll only take me 5 minutes! Not even! 2 minutes!”
- Of course this would happen to you two on this night of all nights
- And you’re like “wait but what am I supposed to do just lay here naked????”
- (answer: no way in hell)
- You’re going to come with him even if it’s the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to you
- PETER is trying to figure out wtf to say to to you
- he was just gonna change into the suit and swing into the convenience store all cool-like in the mask
- Maybe grab a pack of condoms and just toss a ten dollar bill at the cashier
- and swing out like a badass
- But he’s already fucked it up enough at this point so he’s gotta let you come
- Cut to the two of you standing awkwardly in the checkout line 20 minutes later
- Some biker dudes in front of you buying beef jerky
- Some grandma is behind you buying a redbull
- And let’s be real neither of you are really making eye contact with the guy behind the counter
- Then you’re RUNNING back to Peter’s
- You don’t even know if it’s the humiliation or the nerves spurring you on
- but you and Peter literally run up to the 7th floor and you’re breathing SO HARD when you get back to the apartment
- But it’s cute and it works and he’s kissing you and then he’s CARRYING you back to his bed
- And yes it is the bottom bunk whatever
- It’s kind of awkward and it’s slow but he’s so gentle
- he just keeps saying how much he loves you and how beautiful you are
- Afterwards he just holds you
- And you guys can’t help but giggle about the whole situation
- Peter may or may not have texted Ned and told him after you left
- You may or may not have gone home and started researching different positions to try in the future
- Peter definitely webbed the box of condoms to the bottom of his bed
- and still checks daily to make sure Aunt May hasn’t found it


Jack Frost though he knew what pretty was with his frost. He could spend mere seconds or hours on their designs. Jack Frost thought he knew what pretty was when he saw all the lights in North’s workshop or the carful paints in Aster’s warden. 

But this boy took it to a whole new level.

The other boy’s eyes were a toxic green, and his hair was a pale dying white, with perhaps a bit of grey.

The boy moved in a way that was light and gave Jack Frost the impression that if he tried to touch him, the boy would dissolve into fog. Which wasn’t illogical considering the fact that the boys legs, or where they were supposed to be, was nothing but a mere black mist that smeared into the surroundings.

No, all the things that he saw before? They were nothing compared to this boy with the dangerous green eyes. With the almost eldritch, dangerous beauty and soft glow led Jack Frost’s eyes to him like a moth to a flame.

This boy reminded Jack of his lake that they were currently next to. Both were calm, still, but had unimaginable depth.

And in both, Jack can see himself drowning in.

From experience, Jack knew that ghost that were once human couldn’t see spirits. Unfair but true. The law of spirits still clinged to them, even after death. They had to believe to see. And a scarce few ever believed in the infamous Jack Frost.

“What the hell are you look’en at?”

Jack Frost blinked, This ghost seemed to prove himself once more to be the exception. “Your radiant beauty, what else?”

The ghost raised a brow, amused, “Are you flirting with me?”

Jack Frost swallowed as ghost still had a unwavering green eyes soly on Jack, “maybe.”

The ghost stared at Jack Frost for a long time, The black and damning mist that the boy had waist below solidified into two solid legs as he walked closer to Jack over the ice.  “what’s your name?“

Jack mocked a bow, “Jack Overland Frost, at your service.” He straightened his back, “And what’s your name, if I may ask?”

The ghost paused, trying to revise a old memory, and returned the bow, “They call me Phantom, but I believe that I once had a much older name.” Then the ghost, or Phantom, gave Jack a strange look, “Your name is Jack Frost? Seriously?”

Jack Frost snorted, “Hey, you’re the last person to judge. I mean, you’re a ghost that calls himself Phantom.”

Phantom chuckled, “Fair enough.” Phantom moved closer to Jack Frost, “I’ve never really seen a person quite like you before…” Danny cocked his head, “Not quite human, and defiantly not a ghost. Half, whole or otherwise.” Phantom, oblivious to personal space, was comfortably nose to nose with Jack Frost, “So, what are you?”

Jack Frost’s knees felt weak. The green eyes were electric and had Jack’s insides buzzing with a strange energy, “I’m a spirit. That’s, uh.” If it was possible, Phantom leaned closer, listening, cold breaths mingling “A, uh. A spirit, you know?” Jack Frost floundered.

Jack Frost was both disappointed and had to hold back a sigh of relief when the spirit leaned back in mild surprise. “A spirit? That’s new. Don’t meet many of those quite often,”

Phantom’s legs merged back into fog and mist. “How long had you been a spirit?”

Jack Frost paused to think about it. “A very long time.” It was more than true. For whatever reason, Jack had long out-lived the rest of Guardians. Even Sandy, the man of dreams. “What about you? How long have you been a ghost?”

Something Phantom’s face made Jack instantly regret his question.

“Longer than I care to remember,” Phantom finally said.

“Ah.” Jack Frost nodded, “Lets just agree that we’re the same age then.”

Phantom’s unwavering eyes analyzed Jack Frost in a intimate way that tightened Jack Frost’s chest and made his head spin, “ … I can agree to that.” The ghost finally said slowly.

Jack Frost floundered, “I… what brings you to my lake?”

Phantom raised a brow, “This your lake?”

Jack gestured to around them, “I live here for the moon knows how long, if not all else, I would hope that this warrants the lake as my own.” Jack Frost leapt to the crook of his staff, “So, what brings here?”

“I found this place by accident and found it…” Phantoms cutting eyes glanced to Jack Frost, “Well, I found it rather beautiful.”

Right then and there Jack Frost’s legs nearly buckled, And his head short-wired, now Jack Frost could only be on autopilot.

“Oh.” Was the only response Jack could make.

Phantom, looking back at the lake now, nodded. “You won’t mind if I come back to your lake, would you?”

Jack Frost shook his head, “I- no! I mean, um… I wouldn’t mind.”

Phantom rose higher in the air, “Till next time then.”

And then he was gone.

The next time Jack Frost saw Phantom was when instead of a ghost with dangerous green eyes and mist for hair, he was a boy with hair as dark as the lakes depths where the light doesn’t dare touch and sad blue eyes.

Also unlike the first time, Phantom had his legs curled close and was gazing at the stars by the shore.

Jack Frost found him just as striking as his other form. “Phantom! You’re back,”

Phantom jerked his head towards Jack. “You… you recognize me?”

Jack Frost nodded, “Always.” He blinked. “I mean yes! Yeah I recognize you.”

Phantom seemed a bit star-stuck, “No one ever recognizes me. Not like this.”

Jack Frost looked to the star spotted sky, and thought of his once human form. “I can relate to that,”

Phantom slowly looked back to the sky as well, and eventually said, “You can see the stars so well here, that’s so rare in this day and age.”

Jack Frost nodded, it was what he always loved best about this lake, was that the light from the cities and lamp posts were so far way from here that the sky was always dark enough to see the stars. “I don’t know why, but most mortals tend to stray away from here.” Jack cautiously sat down next to Phantom.

For a long time, they both sat there. Unchallenged by time.


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Cr: VS Arashi 20.07.2017

I think this is the most beautiful thing I have ever received in my entire life. Thanks @stitch-xiu-up, I will use this meme as my new blog note book.

meliss-cake  asked:

Kakasaku 22!! :D (I'm asking you so many things lately)

you can ask me all the things. never stop asking me things. in honour of ks month, let’s make this a same age au.

22. “Can I open my eyes yet?”

Sakura’s hands are sure as they unwrap the gauze, quick brushes of skin that spark something he dares not name along his nerves.

Her hands disappear and he hears her moving around the room.

Can I open my eyes yet?” Kakashi asks.

“Don’t you dare.”

Sakura is all no-nonsense, the sharp crack of her doctor tone.

It’s the kind of voice that means “do as I tell you or you’ll regret it.”

Kakashi doesn’t open his eyes.

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