what a dork right


We’re only getting older baby - Santa Clara, CA | July 11, 2015

I have some embarrassing stories but at least they’re not as bad as some of charlie brooker’s:

  • once jumped on the end of a bench and the entire thing toppled over on top of him, somehow
  • once got dumped by his girlfriend because he drew her an anatomically correct heart on her valentines card and she thought it was a threat
  • once ACCIDENTALLY kissed his friends mum on the lips and said “mmmmm… delicious” because he mixed it up in his brain
  • once had an argument with someone over the phone in public and she hung up on him so he tried to pretend she hadn’t and was still pretending to speak to her when his phone rang again
  • once gifted his then-girlfriend a painted bin but she wasn’t in so he gave it to her dad instead

this man is a mess

I think this is the most beautiful thing I have ever received in my entire life. Thanks @stitch-xiu-up, I will use this meme as my new blog note book.


“Well, while we were preparing for the fan meeting, everyone, we were… It was a time when we were able to see how much the fans appreciate us and how much you guys really like us and how much you care about us and support us. From now on, we will show you how much we care about you guys. I will show you guys. I will show you.” - 161113 JIMIN



I’m finally a graduate!!!! <33

Links to playlists of some MX shows

The original, the one that formed MX, No Mercy. Be ready for second hand embarrassment, laughter, and a lot of tears. 

Deokspatch was the next thing they did. Classic moments that should not be missed. Truly shows what dorks they are. 

Right Now they filmed last year. My bestie and I have watched this through twice, and you can learn a lot about these kids.

A few random things I have saved in a playlist for some reason. 

There is a ton on VLive as well, they have shows all the time. Those playlists above are the roots of the group, though. It’s a lot to watch, a lot of hours, but you find out a lot about the boys, so it’s worth your time.

Monsta X is one of THE most hardest working groups out there. I stan a lot of groups (like all the boy groups) but I still feel like MX is at the top of the list of groups dedicated to their fans and busting their asses for their performances. They are talented and worth every effort to get to know. 

Namjoon’s reaction when Hobi said Namjoon’s dancing has improved the most (●´ω`●)

Second Stream!!!

We just finished the second stream with Alex Hirsch and Dana Terrace, with guest stars, Jason Ritter and Kristen Schaal (voices of Dipper and Mabel)! Here are the memorable things that happened:

  • Jason Ritter drew Dippy Fresh but hey, A+ for effort, Jason
  • Kristen came in and this happened: “aH- DIPPER- DIPPER TOUCHED MABEL’S BUTT. DIPPER-” “What?! No I didn’t!” (Tell me they don’t sound like actual siblings omg)
  • Kristen drew a unicorn while they all sang in the background are they dorks or what
  • “You guys can’t see this right now, but Jason and I are comparing chest hairs” -Alex Hirsch 2k16
  • Human Waddles™ aka Soos and Canon Bill’s love child
  • “Your job as an artist is to express yourself. You can draw what you want, okay? Draw what you want, let others draw what they want.” Awww Alex
  • “Can they be satanic? Hell yeah they can be satanic!” A preacher to this in 2.01 seconds amirite
  • The Dream Patrol Alpha getting back together after a while, yo
  • Kristen Schaal for president in 2020 (running mate being Waddles)
  • “Let Dipper be happy! D:,” says Jason.  “Haha nah,” says everyone else
  • Kristen’s virtual hug for everyone
  • Jason sings Hamilton in his car
  • Hamilton in general
  • Everyone hates Dippy Fresh even his own mom, Alex Hirsch
  • “Can Jason sing Dancing Queen? He doesn’t need to sing it, he is the Dancing Queen.”
  • “I love you, Jason,” Alex says jokingly or did he
  • Jason singing Hamilton again can be compared to witnessing the ascendance of an angel ok fight me on this
  • “I secretly wanna sing 20,000 more songs. But next time! :D”