what a delightful lady you are

“I couldn’t function,” Adrien grinds out between clenched teeth. “It was our wedding night and I couldn’t touch you without all hell breaking lose every five minutes, and it’s like they know that Ladybug and Chat Noir were getting married and decided to wreak havoc just to spite us. I almost couldn’t protect you… and after that I had to repeatedly tell myself that you weren’t mine just so I could focus on the fight without going insane.” ……

At her prompting, he pulls away from her, only to bring their foreheads together. His eyes are still closed.

“Well, I am yours,” she tells him.

“And I, yours,” he answers.

“We’re married,” she adds.

“We’re married,” he sighs.

“And you can touch me. In fact, you already are.“

His eyes open, then, and what she sees is not her laughing, gentle Adrien, nor her playful, flirty Chat Noir. It is a combination of the two, and she’s seen this version many times before, but never has his gaze contained such electric ferocity of delight, worship, and starvation.

"Believe me, My Lady,” he purrs against her lips. “I haven’t quite touched you yet.”

Super duper incredibly fun commission for @sarahcada from her AWESOME fanfic, “Try and Try Until You…”

On Adrien discovering LB has a crush on him...

Instead of him being upset that LB doesn’t like Chat, his “real self”, which even then I don’t quite see. Seems to me Chat is more Adrien allowing himself to have fun and be at eased with those that he’s comfortable with and doesn’t really separate the two sides. So! How about:

  • Adrien being super DELIGHTED that LB has a crush on him. 
  • on him, Adrien Agreste. 
  • she notices him, and likes him and he is delighted and giddy he can barely stay still. 
  • she likes him.
  • his lady really does has a crush on him!
  • and he gets so damn smug when LB teases that she could resist him when he’s untransformed and he knows the truth.
  • “Yes, sure Bugaboo, whatever you say.”
  • And he has that dumb smug smile that he knows something that she doesn’t and she’s just all, what? 
  • but there’s a job to do so she won’t think about it too much. 
  • and Adrien, flirting with LB as a civilian, watching her get flustered and shy and so damn cute around him. 
  • it’s too much for this lovestruck fool; he’s just falling more and more in love. 
  • and since he flirts through puns, LB kind of mentally crying
  • Adrien is punner
  • she still loves him but he puns too
  • she can never escape puns it seems 
  • and Chat noticing LB fondly staring at a poster of Adrien
  • and he’s blushing
  • so delighted, but also so sheepish cause that him she’s admiring and adores and loves
  • And Adrien, being unable to resist, constantly reaches out to touch LB
  • touches her shoulders
  • leans into her space, just to watch her blush cutely, and to be close.
  • and once, while gazing at Adrien’s poster, she asked Chat, “Have you ever seen anyone so amazing?”
  • LB you’re killing this boy.
  • just, Adrien being super happy that LB has a crush on, that she does love him and he so wants to reveal himself so they could be together but he resists because there’s solid logic in keeping identities secret and he does agree with it. 
  • but he’s also so wishful
  • and knowing his lady does like him is just so torturous. 
  • but she loves him, she really does
  • and it just sets his heart aglow
  • and like the romantic that he is, he believes with all his heart that they’re meant to be and will be together
  • this romantic nerd
  • this lovesick fool 
taz fandom gf poll

yesterday evening i asked the taz fandom which girls from taz they would most like to date.

from 265 reblogs, here are the responses.

  1. Lup - 147 -  23.9%
  2. Killian - 96 - 15.6%
  3. Lucretia - 79 - 12.8%
  4. Carey - 59 - 9.6%
  5. Ren - 58 - 9.4%
  6. All - 46 - 7.4%
  7. Hurley - 31 - 5.0%
  8. Sloane - 29 - 4.7%
  9. Noelle - 23 - 3.7%
  10. Julia - 17 - 2.7%
  11. Jess - 7 - 1.14%
  12. Antonia - 5 - 0.81%
  13. Cassidy - 5 - 0.81%
  14. Troth - 3 - 0.48%
  15. Lydia - 3 - 0.48%
  16. Istus - 3 - 0.48%
  17. The Raven Queen - 2 - 0.32%
  18. Maureen - 1 - 0.09%

here is a pie chart.

i’m very bad at wrangling with excel.

findings of the study:

  1. people love lup. people really, really, really, love lup. there was even someone who mentioned they don’t listen to taz but still wants to date lup.
  2. our collective taste in women rocks.
  3. there was much talk of wanting to date BOTH killian and carey, although as you can see, more people said killian.
  4. i saw a lot of “lup and ___” - usually killian or lucretia.
  5. people often cast about for favorites and when the favorites kept piling up, just said “all of them.” hell yeah.
  6. some also just said “is this a trick question? all” which, yknow what? tru
  7. i did have one “none” response, but that was from someone saying “they’re all gay” (which is true) and “they’re too good for me” (which… awww buddy i believe in you, you have good opinions from what i know)
  8. the only ladies not mentioned are, to my knowledge: brogden, terra, paloma, hathaway redcheek-fangbattle, hecuba, petrilda, renee, sabine, and june & mavis (which is good, i didn’t have to block anybody).

here’s a couple of my favorite tags. they’re all a delight, but these gave me a chuckle.

conclusions of the study:

  1. you’re all gay.

littyr  asked:

what do you think drives lady macbeth's cruelty and do you sympathise with her at all?

This post and this post might be of interest. But I think ‘cruelty’ is the wrong word. Cruelty implies violence for the sake of violence and enjoyment of violence. (See here.) Lady M doesn’t revel in the violence. She doesn’t delight in it the way some of the characters in, say, Titus Andronicus do, or even Margaret in Henry VI does after the murder of Rutland/during the murder of York. For Lady M violence is always a means to an end. “Infirm of purpose” is what she calls her husband when he starts to get faint-hearted. He’s too full of the milk of human kindness “to catch the nearest way.” For her, it’s all about the outcome. The ends justify the means. Like I said in one of those posts, I think her driving force is ambition. She wants more than what she has. 

Interestingly, she never expresses any personal desire to be queen. She does, however, use the singular possessive pronoun ‘my’ when she says “The raven himself is hoarse / That croaks the fatal entrance of Duncan / Under my battlements.” She claims the crime as her own, and even though the idea of murder occurs to her and her husband independently, she is the criminal mastermind. She says,you shall put / This night’s great business into my dispatch; / Which shall to all our nights and days to come / Give solely sovereign sway and masterdom.” And at the end of the scene: “Leave all the rest to me.” This regicide is her baby–and I use that word very deliberately. There are a million possible explanations for why Lady Macbeth is so desperate to seize this power for her husband. My guess is it has something to do with that baby she mentions in 1.7 which doesn’t appear in the play. A woman’s function at this point in history was basically to be a baby-making machine and ensure the survival of her husband’s line. She hasn’t been able to do that (for whatever reason) and her husband, at least, is already middle-aged, so that procreation window is rapidly closing, if it’s not closed already. By early modern standards, that’s a huge dynastic failure. My guess is that her power-grabbing is about agency and compensation. Maybe she can’t continue Macbeth’s line, but she can make him king. And she does

But here’s the other part of it which I think is really important and often gets overlooked, and it goes back to the fact that Lady M never expresses a personal desire to be queen. She wants her husband to be king, and she thinks he is fully deserving of that office. “Thou wouldst be great;” she says, “Art not without ambition, but without / The illness should attend it.” AND THIS IS SO KEY. Because Lady M is nothing if not full of ambition. What she’s saying here is “You don’t have enough darkness in your soul to do this, so I’m going to do it for you.” Now. Is that somewhat fucked up? Absolutely. However, that is an enormous sacrifice to make. I’m not going to get into this in depth, but there’s a lot of natural law theory floating around in this play. What’s important to know is this: In the protestant ethos of this play, if you commit regicide, you are 100% going to be damned for eternity. There’s no doubt about that. So, in an insane backwards way, this is actually an incredibly loving, selfless thing to do on Lady M’s part. She is willing to sacrifice her own salvation to make her husband king. Let that sink in. That is so much more hardcore than just saying, “I’d take a bullet for you, babe.” She is willing to burn for all time to put him on the throne, and not only is she willing, but it’s her idea, not just something she does with her back against the wall. That is a crazy kind of love. And that’s one of my favorite things about this play. This is not a unanimous opinion by any means, but I firmly believe that even though the Macbeths are terrible tyrannical people, they are desperately, devotedly in love with one another. Their language is incredibly intimate. In his first letter Macbeth addresses his wife as “My dearest partner of greatness,” and throughout the play they are constantly struggling to help and heal one another. Theirs is a relationship built on love and equality, whatever else they do (and however their relationship is also sometimes toxic and fractures through the play). Look at Macbeth’s conversation with the doctor in 5.3 when his wife’s health begins to fail: “ If thou couldst, doctor, cast / The water of my land, find her disease, / And purge it to a sound and pristine health, / I would applaud thee to the very echo, / That should applaud again.” That. Is. Love.

So. Why does Lady Macbeth do the terrible things she does? There’s no certain answer. Ambition has a lot to do with it. But I think that ambition is rooted in guilt about what she hasn’t been able to provide her husband with, and a passionate yearning to make up for that, somehow. Leo’s character says in Inception that positive emotion trumps negative emotion every time, and I think that’s true here. Lady M doesn’t orchestrate Duncan’s murder because she’s inherently cruel. She does it for love.


Cross my heart and hope to die doll’ Bucky laughed leading a small brunette to bar to order her a drink. ‘It really did happen’

The restaurant was full of soldier’s uniforms and twirling dresses. The air filled with expensive perfumes, alcohol, nicotine and sweat coming from people moving to the band playing swing. The last night before soldiers were going to leave the country to fight. The night to remember. 

The smile quickly disappeared from Bucky’s face when he looked at the red bar chairs. He had been looking there for over an hour trying to see yours reaction at him changing partners and dancing with them through the night. This time though you weren’t alone like you had been only minutes ago when he escorted his current partner outside because it was too stuffy for her in the room. This time you were in a company of a man. Also soldier judging by his uniform. A soldier who just made you laugh and whose hand, in Bucky’s opinion, really didn’t have to rest on the back of your chair.

James?’ a high-pitched voice next to him brought him back from his trance ‘Is everything okay?’ 

‘Pardon me sugar’ Bucky looked at her quickly before his gaze returned to you ‘Let’s get you this drink shall we?’  before she could answer he already started walking towards you making the girl move faster to reach his pace and don’t lose contact with his arm.

One apple blossom please’ Bucky said leaning against the counter. He moved to the right bumping in the soldier’s back. ‘I’m so sorry I didn’t notice you’ he said waving his hand around.

That’s alr-’ the man turned around and started but was quickly cut off by Bucky.

Y/N!’ Barnes almost shouted ‘I didn’t see you here’ 

‘That’s surprising since it’s where you left me and Steve and left with Dolores or Claudia or Jane’ you said taking a sip of your drink.

What can I do? I couldn’t let beautiful ladies stay at their tables all the time in a night like this’ Bucky laughed but his gaze was focused on man next to you ‘Oh I didn’t introduce myself’ he reached his hand ‘James Barnes. Sargent James Barnes’ he said shaking man’s palm and emphasising his military rank. He knew it wasn’t the highest one but still hoped that the man would be impressed. 

Nicolaus Johnson’ the man smiled.

He is captain’ you said smirking when Bucky’s smile fell a little bit ‘And who is your companion right now?’

Well this lovely lady’ Bucky said looking for the first time at the girl at his side since he had stopped by the bar ‘Gave me an honour to dance with her for the last couple of songs and I must admit she is a delightful company’ he added making the girl giggle when he put his arm around her waist. 

I don’t doubt that’ you smiled squeezing your glass a little bit tighter. ‘What happened with your previous one?’ 

‘Her boyfriend interrupted us’

‘What a bastard’ you said sarcastically turning a little bit more in your chair so you sat on it sideways. 

Right? Fortunately this beauty helped me with my misery’ he said winking at his companion making her blush.

You cleared your throat and looked at the edge of your red dress fixing it a little bit. Looking at Bucky with this girl made you feel hot outside in the worst way possible and it wasn’t something you wanted to admit.

Well aren’t you a lucky lad?’ you said. Just then the band started playing new song.

The girl made a high pitched sound and started lightly pulling Bucky towards dance floor ‘It’s my favourite song James! Come on’ 

Yes James go’  you said ‘Don’t worry about me. I have a good company’ you added putting your hand on captain’s wrist and smiling at him.

Bucky felt like he was boiling. He clenched his jaw and was about to say something when the girl pulled him harder and made him follow her on the dance floor. 

You looked at the wall opposite the bar. Colourful bottles with alcohol reflected the lights casting shaking, rainbow-like shadows on the floor.

Is he someone important for you?’ Nicolaus’ voice brought you back. 

No one you should worry about’ you put on a fake smile and looked at your companion ‘Absolutely no one’ sweet liquor made its way down your throat. 

Good’ the soldier’s voice went an octave lower as he moved his chair closer to you.  He gently grasped your free hand and raised it to his mouth. 

Bucky twirled his partner completely deaf for her cheerful laughter and comments. The more he was looking at you and Nicolaus the more and more grim his face looked. When captain’s lips moved softly to your wrist Bucky’s feet stopped moving. 

James?’ the girl almost lost her balance ‘Why are…’

‘I’m sorry love’ Bucky said letting go of her hand. ’I’m feeling sick’ he gave her a tight smile before started manoeuvring through the crowd. As far as it was possible from you, from the captain, from the burning feeling in his chest. 

Chill evening air kissed his flushed skin the moment he opened the door. Outside the street was almost empty except few drunks leaving one bar to enter another. 

The music was muffled and the light coming from the bar was dimmed when he approached the wall and started kicking it before hitting it with his fist. 

Big guy try to find someone your size’  the music became louder for a second the moment your voice torn through the air. ‘Did your date not appreciate your dancing skills? Hurt your pride so decided to leave her?’ 

Bucky didn’t even look at you as his hands moved to the buttons of his jacket to put them in place. ‘What are you doing here? Weren’t you busy?’ 

‘Could ask the same thing’ you approached him slowly crossing your arms over your chest. Your heels made a soft clicking sound that made James look at you. 

Not feeling it. But go. Nicolaus is probably lonely. Especially his lips. Must be getting cold poor things’ 

Clicking stopped ‘Excuse me?’ 

‘Why are you here Y/N?’ Bucky sighed pinching the bridge of his nose for a second. 

You left…’

‘I did. And?’ James interrupted you shrugging ‘Didn’t know I had to report myself’

‘Girls weren’t enough or their boys got mad?’ 

‘Not my type of crowd’

‘Well you are surprising me’

‘Because you must know everything?’

‘What’s your problem?’

‘My? I don’t have a problem’

‘Oh of course not… Steam is coming out of your ears you noticed?’ 

‘Cold weather. Maybe you should go back inside. I believe nice and warm soldier jacket is waiting there’

‘Are you jealous?’

‘Don’t be ridiculous! About what? Him?’ Bucky laughed bitterly ‘Why would I care?’

‘Oh my God! Why are you such a baby?!’ 

‘Sorry it is not the way you want it to be princess!’

‘Could you just calm down and talk to me?!’ 

Talk to… DAMN IT!’ Bucky shouted spinning in place‘You drive me wild!’ 

‘What?!’ you moved closet to him so you were almost chest to chest 

You spent the night with some fella who seems to be glued to your skin and then expect me to just talk to you?!’

‘What the hell James!’ you pointed your finger in his chest ‘Oh so you are allowed to swim around and catch every lady that is fainting over your square jaw but I can’t have a company?! I can’t believe you!’ 

You moved away ‘I do what I want with who I want and who do you think you are to make decisions for me?’ 


‘My WHO?!’ you shouted ‘You’ve just said you don’t care’ your voice went lower ‘So don’t. I’m done. Goodnight’ you swallowed hard and looked him up and down before turning around and heading back to the bar. 

I’m an ass Y/N’ soft voice made you turn around ‘A player. A coward’ you have never seen Bucky’s face this sincere, desperate and hopeless at the same time. ‘It’s my last night before I’m leaving and I’m still nothing more than that’ 


He raised his finger ‘You wanted me to talk so I talk’ a humorless laugh escaped his throat. ‘I’m a coward remember, might stop every moment’ 

You closed your mouth listening intently. 

Bucky took a shaky breath ‘As I said it’s my last night and I’m fighting with someone I never wanted to fight with. Nor hurt. And I must have a talent because I achieved both’ 

‘So before anything else - I’m sorry. Truly. I am sorry. But the thing is you do drive me wild. You can be cocky, talk too much, completely ignore me and my fragile masculinity is not ready for that’ your soft laughter stopped shaking of his voice ‘You can annoy me and anger me and make me jealous and be a real pain…’

‘I thought you were apologizing’

‘And interrupt me’ Bucky raised his eyebrow pointedly ‘But…I like it. And I can’t give up on you, especially not because of my own stupidity. So if it is the last night then Y/N Y/L/N you must know one thing and I expect nothing in return’ he closed his eyes before his blue orbs met yours ‘I love you’ 

Your breath hitched the moment those three words left his mouth. You had no idea how long you had been frozen until you saw a small, sad smile quirking Bucky’s lips. He took out his cap from the pocket of his jacket and put it on his head before turning around and slowly walking down dark street. Next thing you remembered was your hand on his elbow, his surprised face and his soft lips meeting yours.

When you pulled away the world came back to its regular motion and bubbly laughter left your lips upon seeing Bucky’s face - eyes still closed, cheeks flushed, lips puckered. His blues slowly came to view when his face turned into silent question. 

Ditto soldier’ you whispered taking hold of his lapels and pulling him once again ‘I love y…’ the last word was swallowed by James’ lips closing on yours and his arms caging you in the most desperate and loving embrace.

Oh yes you drove him wild. 


Friday Night

Pairings- Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings- Attempted fluff.

It started when your favorite TV show changed its timings.

  Now, you had to work at four in the evening, and couldn’t be watching TV at that time. Even though new episodes aired once a week on Fridays, it wasn’t worth your hide playing hooky- you worked for Nick Fury, directly under Steve Rogers. And paperwork sucked, but all the Avengers had to do it. Well, except Tony, he paid Peter to do his.

  Your only other option was to stay up Friday night and catch the show’s repeat at one am. 

  So at half past twelve you settled down in the huge living area of the Avengers compound, with plenty of candy, a fluffy pillow and a blanket.

  Bucky woke up screaming, as usual. 

 He found himself sitting up in bed, gasping for breath, his mind a mess of broken images and chants of “Heil Hydra!”

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Something Special

Thomas Shelby x Reader

Summary: After a family meeting, the boys tease Tommy about marriage. Aunt Polly predicts he’ll find Mrs. Thomas Shelby soon.

Word Count: 2678

Warnings: Smut and cursing.

A/N: I honestly hope you guys enjoy this random idea that kept me up until 4 A.M.

The Shelby family remained lounging in the wager room after a family meeting. You sat on the stairs below Ada, who was plaiting a braid into your hair. You considered yourself fortunate that the family thought so highly of you. You were neither related through blood nor marriage, but they’d kept you close nonetheless.

Polly had been worried about the recent deals Tommy had been making. She’d done some digging with the help of Ada and the Londoners could not be trusted. You’d only mildly helped by pretending to be a flapper girl interested in a couple of “businessmen”. You were entirely too good at conversation.

The family meeting turned into quips. John had begged the point no one else could have gone undercover except for you because all the other girls were married women; all except Ada, but John claimed she was still a grieving widow.

Arthur took a stab at Tommy’s love life. He claimed he’d never find a woman at the rate he was aging.

“It’s not his age,” Ada roused from the stairwell,” it’s his goddamned moodiness.”

Laughter bellowed from everyone but Tommy, who was eyeing you with a look that didn’t forebode well with you. However, you’d never had trouble staring danger in the face. A smile tugged at the corner of your mouth and you turned your eyes away.

“Is it because you can’t get a girl off, Tommy?” John prodded him. “Or is it too small?” He grabbed at his junk. Ada and you groaned.

Polly slapped John,” Shut it, John. Your brother will find a wife in due time.” She glanced over at you, which caused you to look down at the floorboards. “Won’t you?”

Tommy didn’t even flinch. Arthur piped up before Tommy could reply,” She’s gotta have something no other woman has.”

“What, like three tits?” John leaned in. Esme seemed unamused from her seat next to John. You couldn’t help but laugh. Laughs were not in short supply around the family.

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anonymous asked:

But you don't know Benedict.

Ah, now this is a topic I’ve been lucky enough to discuss with some dear mutuals over the years, so let me see if I can do an answer justice.

Of course, we can never know the man, not truly; that is only for the very lucky few that are a part of his life, his world.  But there is so much we can deduce of him, based upon his work, his words, his public deeds and behavior.  

If you look at his work alone, you see incredible natural talent that he has refined through dedication & physical and mental discipline; you see a love of the written & spoken word; and most especially you see a keen & compassionate understanding of the human condition–for how else could he bring such breathtaking truth to all of his characters?  Even the wicked ones, like Khan & Richard III–he makes us feel that even they have reasons for the things they do, often rooted in emotional/psychological pain.  Though the evil they do is no less evil, we can sympathize to some degree, with what brought them to that place.  In my lifetime I have seen no player more truly & more lovingly—in Shakespeare’s words—hold the mirror up to nature.

In interviews & public appearances, you find a humble, self-effacing man, a bright wit, & sense of humor generous enough to make himself as likely a target of jesting as anyone or anything else.  He values home, hearth, family, the environment, although he could easily give over to hedonism on his bank account. How many times do we see him wearing the same clothes, carrying that same blue water bottle on set, even brown bagging his lunches at times?Choices, I’m sure, that reflect his commitment to simplicity and to reduce his carbon footprint. Benedict’s charitable works have been well-recorded on this site, so I’m not going to research it, but when I run across a post about it, I’ll be sure to reblog for info’s sake.

I won’t speak at length about his personal relationships, except to say that’s a man who loves his wife thoroughly. It would frankly break my heart to learn he had the same feet of clay of so many other public figures & celebrities in this regard—what I see tells me he and Sophie have the real thing. And that he guards his little family’s privacy so jealously is further testament to that.

In short, (though this runs long) I trust my eyes & ears, and they tell me to trust in the public image that is clearly on view.  I see a man who gives as much positive energy to the world as he can, and embraces life with complete joie de vivre.  And as I believe in the human soul, I see a most spectacular one that shines luminously, not only enhancing his unique physical beauty, but reminding me that true good is possible in a world that is often quite selfish & mean.

I could probably go on with dozens of more examples, but let me just finish with one of my favorite photos of him, which for me reflects (I hope) a bit of what I’ve written here.

Thank you for your ask–it was a delight to answer! ❤❤❤

Jon Snow

Originally posted by xsciamachy

Jon x Reader

Your father sighed when he turned and caught you dawdling behind, watching Jon with a smile slowly forming on your face.

“Hurry child, it would do you no good to be caught staring at him, his is a son of our Lord… bastered or not.” He chided and hurried you along.

“You know most of the girls talk about Lord Robb but I think Jon is far more handsome.” You mumbled which made him scoff.

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Tiny Dancer

Hi there! This was a headcanon requested by the lovely @hirkaryishtar :3 Thanks for the ask!

“The chocobros reactions to their s/o walking over with a box or small stool then putting it down in front of them and then climbing up on it and kissing them because they are too smol to do so. (I’m like 4'11 I’m too short for a lot)”

Note: I’m using a Fem!S/O for this. It’s easier for me to imagine, especially since I know + have seen a lot of girl friends of mine go through something similar. (Never had this experience myself, tbh. I’m 5′6.5″ :p)

Also tagging: @itshaejinju @blindbae @themissimmortal @ohgodsnowwhat @stunninglyignis @misssarahdoll @insomniacapples @chocobabyporcelain @misaki-kurenai @femmescientia @alicemoonwonderland

Noctis Lucis Caelum

- At first, he’d be confused as to why you were dragging over the box/stool.

- Did you need to reach something? Why didn’t you ask him to help you grab it like you normally did?

- His curiosity is piqued even more when you stop dragging it and are directly in front of him. Expect a confused look on the sleepy prince’s face.

- It’s only when he sees you step on the object and struggling on your tip toes to reach his lips does he realize your intentions.

- He chuckles and finds this quite cute, leaning down ever so slightly to help your lips reach their destination.

- The next time he sees you about to try that, however, Noct simply walks over and pulls you into his lap (if he’s sitting down) or on top of him (if lying down) so you can have easier kissing access.

Prompto Argentum

- He’d also be confused to suddenly see you grabbing that nearby box/stool, but he grabs his camera and positions it, waiting to see what you’ll do.

- He also feels a bit sad seeing you do this, since there’s a little voice nagging him at the back of his mind saying you don’t need his help anymore.

- Almost drops his camera in shock when he suddenly sees you dab smack in front of the lens and almost at his height.

- Begins blushing like a madman when he feels your lips on his, and finally understands what the box was for.

- Flustered and finds this action completely adorable; he proceeds to pepper your own face with kisses

- It becomes sort of a weird tradition between you two now: all it takes is a tug of the wrist and Prompto is immediately dragging over the box/stool. Plenty of kissing and snapshots are to be expected.

Gladiolus Amicitia

- As soon as he sees you dragging the boxes/stools (plural this time because, damn that behemoth of a man for being so tall!) around, he immediately picks them up and asks you where you want them stacked.

- You’re slightly embarrassed at being found out, and asking him to put the objects down. This makes him feel a bit hurt, since you never objected to his help before. Seeing the expression on your boyfriend’s face, you immediately feel ashamed and quickly explain your intentions. This causes him to sigh in relief before setting the objects down.

- You then proceed to stack them up until you’re close enough to his height. The tower you’ve created is somewhat unstable, however, and proceeds to tumble over as soon as you try to climb it.

- Gladio catches you in time, thank goodness. He chides you gently for being so reckless before planting a big one on your lips.

- From then on, you’re forbidden from climbing the boxes/stools in the house unless he’s nearby. He prefers if you’d ask him to help you get the objects himself.

- As for kisses, he simply lifts you up to face-level. He also does this in public, much to your delight and embarrassment.

Ignis Scientia

- Similarly to Gladio, he immediately offers his assistance as soon as he sees you dragging around the boxes/stools (plural too, since Iggy’s pretty tall at six feet). He’s loath to make a lady dirty her hands, after all…especially if it’s his girlfriend.

- He’s not offended when you dismiss his help though, and simply goes back to what he was doing beforehand. He’s really confused when you tell him to stay where he is, however.

- As he’s about to ask you what you’re up to, he sees you climbing the boxes/stools and immediately understands what you’re planning.

- Ignis takes precautionary measures, making sure the stack is stable enough for when you climb and him leaning down as much as he can to prevent you from falling over.

- He gently scolds you for trying something so dangerous, and makes sure to buy you something safer to stand on (most likely a small step-ladder) in case you’re in the mood to try that again.

- On occasions that the step ladder isn’t there and you’re in that particular mood, he either bends over or sits down and pulls you into his lap. Anything to stop you from creating another tower of boxes and stools.

Yoongi Scenario: Daddy’s Girl.

Request: Can I request protective yoongi scenarios (since i like this side of him but wanna see toward his family) where Yoongi let Taehyung and Jimin take Taeyeon to theme park with their kids. Then Taejun tell his dad he likes Taeyeon and since Taehyung adoresTaeyeon, he likes the idea. Later when Yoongi joined them, he saw his daughter hand in hand with Taehyung’s son, he got over protective. ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you so much.

Genre: Family / Friendship. 

-We will be joining you later- Yoongi said to Taehyung who was the one taking the bag you had prepared for Taeyeon, you had to go run some errands together so it had been great when Taehyung had offered to take Taeyeon with him to the park since he was taking his son too and soon Yoongi learned Jimin was going as well with his twins. 

-It’s all fine hyung, you take your time, we will have fun-

You were talking with Jimin as Taeyeon was greeting Minah and the two boys. -Be careful, don’t let them go by themselves-

-Come on hyung- Taehyung laughed patting Yoongi’s back. -I’ll take care of her as if he was mine-

Yoongi nodded dedicating a fond glance to his daughter. -I’m just saying, none of your wives are going, and you two like parks too much-

Taehyung laughed at that and Jimin busted in the conversation. -Hey, we are perfectly responsible people-

-He’s just nervous to let go of Taeyeon- you whispered to Jimin who whispered to Taehyung making both of them laugh and Yoongi glare.

-Yah, what are you whispering there Y/N? And you too, rascals-

You laughed too going back to his side. -We were just saying you are bitter because you are not going-

Yoongi snorted placing his arm around your shoulders to pull you closer, you saw the four children, they were all around the same age, Taejun, Taehyung’s son, being the oldest with six, but they all interacted well together, it wasn’t the first time they met so they were pretty friendly with each other, little Taemin, Jimin’s son, being the shyest.

Taeyeon you knew would be perfectly ok, her uncles adored her, and she was a pretty capable five year old, playful and just a bit shy with strangers, but with them she was in her comfort zone, she was specially close with Taejun since they were just months apart in age and they got along well.

Instead of going to Lotte World, they were going to Seoul Children’s Grand Park which was likely to be less crowded but it was a great park too. You were a bit anxious too, a natural thing to see your little girl go out when at her short age it were rare the times when she went out, to anywhere that wasn’t school, without you. For Yoongi you knew it was a hard thing as his little girl was the apple of his eye, he was overprotective with you and the same thing translated to his daughter.
They accommodated all the children on the back seat, the four of them going comfortably in Taehyung’s SUV. 

-Call us if anything- you told them and both men nodded. -Have fun!- you cheered making the children wave and cheer back. 

-Daddy!- Taeyeon threw a kiss at him and you could almost see Yoongi’s spirit falling and melting, it was a wonder how he just waved back cooly instead of clutching his heart.

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Helion, Feysand Threesome Smut Fic.

So I sat down a few days ago after finishing A Court of Wings and Ruin and I thought. 

I would pay money to read an erotic fiction piece featuring these three. Sadly none existed yet. So I had to write it myself. The only problem….I haven’t written smut in so long I had to actually go back and read over some old stuff so this has taken longer than I anticipated to write. 

Here’s the first three pages..I’ll finish the rest later when I’m done with the whole “adulting” for the day. @squaddreamcourt my fellow Helion smut queen. This is for you and me. LOL

Rhys paced circles around the sitting room of his and Feyre’s palace atop the Court of Nightmares. Why had he chosen the Moon Palace for this?? Was he really this nervous about impressing Helion? He stopped pacing long enough to ponder why he was so nervous about this. He was over 500 years old it’s not like this would be the first time he’d joined Helion in the bedroom. No, no it wasn’t Helion that was making him nervous about this upcoming encounter. It was Feyre.

When he had suggested at the Dawn Court all those months ago that she might like having two men worship her in the bedroom he didn’t think she’d take him seriously. Then the war had happened and he’d forgotten about it. Forgotten until one day he’d come upon her in their Town House bedroom asleep and moaning. She was napping in the middle of the day and it was obvious by her moans and gasps that she was enjoying the dream. Feeling a bit naughty himself he decided to slip in and see what had her flushing so prettily in her sleep. The surprise was on him when he saw she was dreaming of not only him but High Lord of the Day Court Helion and what the two of them were doing to her; well he had no idea his Mate had such imagination. Reeling himself out of her dream he contemplated asking her about it, chuckled to himself imagining the fiery blush that would sweep across her freckled cheeks. Tongue in cheek he crawled on the bed and began kissing her neck and shoulders to wake her.

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sourcatsmiles  asked:

Ladynoir for the shuffle song fic!

“It’s boring in the VIP,” Ladybug moaned, giving an annoyed look at the rich socialites that surrounded them. “Can we go back to the main festival yet?”

“I was ready to sneak back out half an hour ago,” Chat Noir told her with a playful pout, “But someone was too busy with Chloé to give her poor cat any attention.”

“So sorry. Next time I’m being dragged around against my will I’ll make sure I don’t neglect you.” Ladybug deadpanned in response.

“That’s all I ask, my Lady.” Chat beamed. “In such lovely company, even a dull purr-ty like this one can be great.”

“Oh?” Ladybug arched an eyebrow under her mask at that, one corner of her mouth tilting upward in an absolutely sinful smirk. “Then in that case, you better work hard to make sure my eyes stay on you, kitty.”

“A worthy challenge with an priceless prize.” Chat purred back grinning in delight when Ladybug giggled.

“A prize now, am I?” the heroine questioned with a grin. “Well you’re up against some pretty tough competition if that’s what you’re after.”

“Then it’s a good thing I’m a tenacious cat.” Chat responded happily, before falling to his knees at Ladybug’s feet, one hand at his heart as the other was held out to her beseechingly.

“What are you doing?” Ladybug asked dryly, ignoring the odd looks they got from the other partygoers. Her partner had done much worse and she didn’t care much what anyone here thought of the two of them, so she couldn’t bring herself to be embarrassed even though she knew it probably looked ridiculous to everyone else.

“Keeping your eyes on me, of course.” Chat answered. “Would my Lady be so kind as to honor her humble cat with a dance?” Ladybug gave a snort at the question, but grinned as she put her hand in Chat’s making his face light up in delight.

“Give it your best shot, Chaton.”



Sorry for the late post. Lost my original post, so here is the do over of my thoughts and observations.

My first Con and honestly did not know what to expect. So glad I went and now can cross this off my bucket list. Almost did not make it as a 100’+ tree came down in my yard a few days before but I was determined and with a little luck, made it happen.

Much has already been said about the panel so I won’t rehash too much. The lines. OMG the lines. They were as terrible as everyone said, but in the end definitely worth it. A man next to me and all alone said he came for his wife who hated crowds. Ahhhh. He also came for the games at the con but still! I was impressed. The first pic shows the sea of people there. Unbelievable. It also shows my empty seat far right in the FIRST ROW!!! The second shows how close the first row was to the stage. Yeah I was star struck. Sam was very playful and his accent amazing, and the kilt twirl a er um…visual treat. Cait was all legs and more legs and beautiful skin. I found myself mesmerized by them and not even wanting to look at the large screens but to just watch them in person. Figured I could see the tape later but could never really look at them real time probably ever again. Unfortunately my iPhone pics are crap, but @sileas84 had some good pics. Many touching moments and then it was over too soon. I remember being surprised it was mainly made up of audience questions.

Then over to get my first photo which was with Sam. It was very disorganized, the lines were too long and it started to heat up with all the bodies. Fun talking in line with others and listening to the conversations of this diverse fandom. Yep some scary. Finally to the front of the line and a quick peek in the small mirror showed that the rain, the lines and now the heat had me looking my absolute best, but hey, it was only Sam! My first glimpse of him, he was wiping the sweat from his brow (hey I’ll throw that rag away for ya 😜). It was click, next, click thx you verra much and I was quite honestly a little speechless (so not me). He of course has a smile and a big hello for everyone. He was skinnier than I expected from his VF pic but honestly you just can’t imagine how handsome he is in person. Sucks the air right of out of ya. No lie. In my last 10 seconds with him, I thanked him for something and then remembered I had brought a gift. I tried to give it to him, but a handler whisked it and me away as I heard him say “for me?”. Smooth Perri. Not.

Then off to stand in line again for pic with both Sam and Cait. More conversations with new friends in line and lots of positive reinforcement that I am not nearly the most crazy fan out there. Seriously. My girlfriend was with me in all three pics, but in this next one, I did not get to say anything to Cait as I was next to Sam and she was next to Cait (ok yeah I told her where to stand). Again very rushed, but Sam makes a point to say to me “thank you for the gift”. I fell over that he remembered it was me and that he had not said thank you before I was pushed out for the next person. It was genuine and I was impressed. I looked to see if the gift was still there in that area (I had put it in a distinct blk/wh polka dot nylon bag) and not seeing it, I asked the handler who said it had already been taken upstairs. Not sure what that means exactly…

Back in more lines for last pic with Cait only. Feet are screaming at me by now. But heck, now I get to meet Cait! I have to tell you I was not prepared. Guys I was gobsmacked by the man that is Sam Heughan, but I was blown away by the devine human being that is Caitriona Balfe. She is charming, engaging, warm, friendly and immediately puts you at ease not to mention drop dead gorgeous. What a treat. Who could not love and admire her. In my 5 seconds with her I think I thanked her for a bunch of stuff that I hope made sense and then she said she liked my bag. That jogged my memory to tell her that I had left a gift for her in an identical blk/wh polka dot bag earlier with Sam and to look for the bag that matched her socks (she must like polka dots) and again I was sent on my way.

All in all the photo ops were worth the wait to meet SC up close but I was oh so glad my autograph session was the next day as I am sure my dogs would not have survived another 69-90 min line. All I could focus on was getting to my room and the bottle of wine we had the forethought to have waiting for us.

Then time to go meet the other ladies from Tumblr and swap stories and down a few margaritas. What a hoot! This by far was one of the highlights of the trip. To finally meet some of you was very special for me. Having only found your blogs about 10 months ago, I felt kind of like an outsider going in but your warm reception touched me greatly. You guys are the best and we can never underestimate what we have here. I hope we can meet again someday and can be joined by others that missed this current meeting. As Val offered her place in NY, Christine hers in Hawaii, I offer mine in the wine country of Sonoma CA for a future get together or anyone that is here for a visit. Muah my lovelies.

Next morning off to more lines to get my autographs. This time I notice a couple of chairs inside the room, so I ask if I could sit down there until my spot in line gets to the front, and to my shock they said yes! Of course, it was 12’ away from Sam and for 30-45 mins I had the absolute pleasure of watching Sam be gracious and charming with each and every one of his fans. What a treat that seat was! Then it was my turn and Cait was first up. I had a few moments to chat with her and to my surprise actually got tongue tied a bit. She was beyond gracious and then they moved me along to Sam. I remember his hair still looked wet… oh sorry. When I figured out how to make words come out of my mouth again, I asked if he would sign in a darker color than Cait did and would he also write my name and showed him how it was spelled. Of course his handler said “No names, signatures only”. Whatever. So I thanked him again for his portrayal of JAMMF and for his charity work and told him I was a first time peaker. Then he reached out to shake my hand in goodbye and said “thank you Perri”. What??? He just said my name. Yeah I heard him. Ok now I am dead. I literally floated out of there, forgetting my backpack on the chair and my girlfriend is laughing at my obvious fangirling. But I didn’t care. Nope. Nada. Not one iota because I got to meet and talk to Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe! Later that night, to my absolute delight I see that he did slip my name in there! Sometimes he just does what he wants. Ahhhh.

So that is my story. I am so glad I went and I have two big takeaways from this experience.
1. What we have here with each other is special and if we ever get the opportunity to meet with one another, we gotta make it happen. I will treasure always my time with you ladies. I love you 😘
2. I now feel differently about Sam and Cait. Before they were the wonderful stars of my favorite TV program. But now, now they are very special human beings to me and I feel very protective of them. It is hard to explain. Much more than just stars of the program who do wonderful charity work. Now they are multidimensional x 1000 and so deserving of respect and space to live their lives. Interestingly, I do not even feel I need anything further from them. I don’t need to now where they are or what they are doing. Meeting them and talking with them albeit briefly, changed my perspective somewhat. I know what I saw and I know what I felt. I am of course interested if they want to share, but most of all I want to give them their space and hope that all their dreams and aspirations come true. We always comment that all of their friends have nothing but good things to say about them and know I know why. Because they really are all that and more.

PS. If I ever figure out if they actually received the gift I’ll let you know because I said it was from all of us. 😘

Epic Movie (Re)Watch #166 - Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Originally posted by saturdaynightmovie

Spoilers Below

Have I seen it before: Yes

Did I like it then: Yes.

Do I remember it: Mostly.

Did I see it in theaters: No.

Format: DVD

This post is dedicated to the memory of Peter Sallis, who passed away while I was writing. The voice of Wallace, we’ll remember always the love he had for his dog and how he was crackers for cheese.

Originally posted by digitalcelluloidboy

1) Wallace and Gromit were the stars of three original short films published by Aardman animation before this movie was released. All of them were directed by this film’s director: Nick Park. All of them were nominated for an Oscar for best animated short film. The final two (“The Wrong Trousers” and “A Close Shave”) won that Oscar. Wallace and Gromit are icons of not only British animation but animation in general, yet this is their only feature film to date. Having said that…

2) According to IMDb:

Nick Park wanted the DreamWorks logo to play an epic theme, like something akin to Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977). He wanted audiences to think that Aardman had sold out to Hollywood, before the film reverts to the classic Wallace & Gromit theme over the opening credits. The intro was also one of the last scenes filmed.

3) As the opening credits play the camera pans across a series of family photos featuring the titular pair, telling it’s own little story in them. It’s actually a perfect way to introduce their relationship: Wallace’s love for cheese, Gromit’s sort of impatience with Wallace’s shenanigans, but also the deep friendship they have.

4) The vegetable shop in this film is called Harvey’s.

Originally posted by wish-for-the-moon

5) Peter Sallis as Wallace is a delightful treat.

Originally posted by sandowkm

Dreamworks originally wanted the performer - who had played the character since “A Grand Day Out” was released in 1989 - replaced by a bigger star. Nick Park firmly refused (casting Helena Bonham Carter and Ralph Fiennes in original roles to give Dreamworks this desire) and the film is better for it. Having a big name voice Wallace would be distracting. Sallis defined who Wallace was, playing the character until 2008′s “A Matter of Loaf and Death” (which is his last performance as the character). He brings with him a charmingly dimwitted yet sincere nature. There is no malice in Wallace, no annoyance. He is a totally warm and lovable character and I am grateful to Sallis for bringing that to him.

As I’m writing this I see that Peter Sallis has just passed away at 96. His agents announced, “It is with sadness that we announce that our client Peter Sallis died peacefully, with his family by his side, at Denville Hall on Friday 2 June.” I dedicated this post to his memory above but would be remise if I did not emphasis just how much of an impact he not only had on this series, but the world of voice over animation as a whole with his iconic character of Wallace.

6) Gromit is one of the finest examples of character animation ever.

Originally posted by casinoo

Gromit has the strongest personality of any character in the film without voice or even a mouth. His snark, his heart, his humor, who he is, is ALL in the eyes. In the movement of his eyebrows. It is truly remarkable when you think about it, especially considering how iconic a character he has become.

7) I have never related to a character as on this subject as deeply as I do with Wallace.

Wallace: “The fact is, I’m just crackers about cheese!”

8) Helena Bonham Carter as Lady Tottington.

Bonham Carter is one of the most sincere voice over performers I’ve ever heard, with her role in Corpse Bride just as delightful as in this film. There is no ego to Tottington, you don’t even think you’re listening to Bonham Carter. You are listening to the optimistic, earnest, trusting, kind, and sympathetic Lady Tottington and I think that works wonderfully.

9) Ralph Fiennes as Victor Quartermain.

Originally posted by the3deathlyhallows-blog

Like Bonham Carter, Fiennes is able to remove all sense of ego and just serve the character Victor is. No stranger to voice over work (notably The Prince of Egypt before this film), Fiennes is able to let loose and have fun with what is essentially a real dirt bag of a person. And although we may not like Victor we love to hate him and I credit both the filmmakers and Fiennes for making that possible.

10) The decision to go with the horror subgenre for this film is an interesting one. Much like how “The Wrong Trousers” felt like a Hitchcock movie, Curse of the Were Rabbit uses the established tropes of horror well by creating a unique atmosphere and having fun with its established tropes. A strong early example of this is when the priest in the film encounters the Were-Rabbit. He’s walking through a gloomy cemetery at night, hears a strange noise, goes into his church and then something is creeping up on him. Something we never really see. You could have opened the film that way and we would’ve understood what kind of tone it was aiming for.

11) There is also a lot of fine misdirection with the Were-Rabbit before the reveal towards the end. It is totally plausible and believable that it is one of Wallace’s rabbits run amok based on the way the filmmakers treat it, but also when you rewatch it you can easily see how the final twist works perfectly even if the filmmakers aren’t as in your face about it.

12) Like all Wallace and Gromit projects, this film has an incredibly strong sense of humor. The town meeting in the church is a wonderful example of this. From the organ player doing a, “dun dun dun!” after a startling statement is made, to this visual:

Strong visual and verbal humor are abound in a way which makes this film wonderfully funny.

13) I’m Gromit in this situation.

Wallace [after Quartermaine asks how they could catch such a big rabbit]: “With a big trap!”

Gromit: [Face palms.]

Townsperson: “By jove, he’s got it!”

[Townspeople start cheering.]

14) The lady rabbit trap is also another wonderful example of humor this film has. It is not only wildly creative but shows off some more of Gromit’s wonderful physical character.

Originally posted by allthingsgayandgeeky

15) While Gromit is alone waiting for Wallace to come back to the car we are given some surprisingly wonderful tension. The noises, the jumps, it is right out of a horror film and works wonderfully well.

16) Wallace transforming into the Were-Rabbit is wonderful. It’s straight out of the Wolf Man and a wonderful piece of animation. It is the big twist of the film: our hero is the monster! And the way everyone reacts to it is just hysterical.

17) They had to make this joke, didn’t they?

Victor [after the priest says the Were-Rabbit can only be killed with gold]: “Gold?”

Priest: “Yes. 24…carrot. [He chuckles].”

18) The rabbit Hutch turning into Wallace is absolutely fantastic.

Everything out of Hutch’s mouth is 1) a sped up version of Peter Sallis’ own voice and 2) a line that was either said earlier in this film or in a previous Wallace and Gromit. I think that concept is just hysterical and love that they included it in the film.

19) If you want to understand how wonderfully weird this film is, just consider this line.

Wallace [tearing up]: “Oh Gromit! I don’t want to be a giant rabbit!”

20) There are two jokes which I find straight up hysterical back to back.

Quartermaine [to the police officer]: “I don’t want to cause any panic, but the beast isn’t actually dead yet.”

Police officer [through his megaphone]: “The best isn’t actually dead yet?”

Quartermaine [after firing off a bullet to calm the crowd down]: “Now listen carefully. I’ve only got two [realizes he just shot off a bullet]…ugh, I’ve only ONE gold bullet left!”

21) I just love how THIS is what lets Lady Tottington know the Were-Rabbit is Wallace.

Originally posted by sandowkm

That hand gesture is so iconic for the character that even Hutch the rabbit spoofs it quite frequently.

22) The entire “Dogfight” between Gromit and Quartermain’s dog is an excellent showcase for how the series incorporates amazing action with wildly strong humor (as they did in the train chase in “The Wrong Trousers”). It is by far my favorite scene in the film, and when they have to insert another coin to keep going has my rolling with laughter.

23) The scene where the Were-Rabbit “dies” and turns back into Wallace is lifted directly from Lon Chaney Jr’s The Wolf Man and I just love that.

24) Of course cheese brings Wallace back and everybody has a happy ending.

25) I just need to get this out of my system:

(GIF originally posted by @marshmallow-the-vampire-slayer)

Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were Rabbit is another excellent piece of animation from Aardman studios. It has the warmth, humor, heart, and characters we’ve come to expect not only from the filmmakers but from the series itself. Peter Sallis SHINES as Wallace and the additions of Helena Bonham Carter and Ralph Fiennes works wonderfully well. It is an excellent piece of animation and filmmaking in general. And I would be regretful if I did not make one last dedication to the late Peter Sallis. He may be gone, but children and fans everywhere will always have the warmth of his voice through the character of Wallace.

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Deals Part 2

Jughead x Reader

Summary: It’s a give and take world. You and Jughead are going to have to make some deals to get to know one another.

Word Count: 2290

Warnings: Like one cuss word.

A/N: The second part turned into more of a bridge for the third part of the series. I hope you enjoy! Sorry for the length!

Originally posted by elizabethccoper

You promised your mom you’d be back after the movies, but not before you grilled you about the details. Where are you going? Twilight Drive-In. Who are you going with? Jughead, a boy from school (at least you assumed). Who names their kids Jughead? Some pretty chill people. What movie are you watching? Rebel Without A Cause. I love James Dean, maybe I should go? No, absolutely not.

You gave her one last kiss before whining that you had a movie to catch. Not to mention, you had to get there and find a good spot for the movie. You pulled up, paid your five dollars, and found yourself a spot near the front.

You locked up the 67’ mustang convertible and meandered about. It was a shame about them tearing this place down. You always enjoyed a good drive in.

Stepping under the awning of the concession stand, you propped up on the metal counter. “Hi, can I get a large popcorn and a cherry cola, please?” You laid out a five but the kid told you the concessions were being paid through the ticket sales tonight.

You nodded and tucked the five in your jacket pocket. The white screen sparked to life. A short drive in commercial started rolling. Dancing popcorn, smiling fountain drinks, and some raisinettes jumping around, nothing put a smile on your face faster.

“I’d pay to see that a thousand more times.”

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ACOHAD EXTRA (pre-chapter 19)

Hello! This was originally they start of chapter 19, but I cut it out. I thought some people might still enjoy it though, so here it is!


Kaden reached out, the bed still warm beside him but no Eleana to be seen. It was still dark out, the house quiet as Morrigan and Azriel slept. The luxurious bed sheets felt strange on his body, but stranger still was the feeling of waking up in a bed without Eleana next to him. As much as he shouldn’t, he didn’t like it. He didn’t like being enclosed in the cosy sheets if she wasn’t with him.

She was near though, she always was in a way, and when he rolled over he saw her standing at the window, observing the stars. She hadn’t noticed him yet, so Kaden took to opportunity to take her in. She had come in an instant when he’d asked – she’d had to sneak out of home, again. She hadn’t brought anything with her, and walked up to him and unbuttoned his shirt, claiming it as her own. She’s giggled as she pulled it from his body, stripping away the gear she was still wearing and shimming into his shirt. Kaden felt a strong sense of satisfaction at the sight, her tan, lean body now wrapped in his scent. He’d presented her with the book then, but she refused to read it until they were happily in bed and she was comfortable. Apparently, her being comfortable meant snuggling against his chest while he played with her hair – that, he didn’t mind at all.  

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ShieldShock One Shot- “’cause you matter


Darcy’s expression was a mix of awkward shyness and flirtatious pride as she turned his way and put one hand on her bare, cocked hip. “Well, hey there, Cap.” She waved to dissipate lingering smoke and forced herself still.  Hiding would feel cowardly, however unexpected and semi-public this situation was.

While they’d been seeing each other for a little over a month, and had perfected the passionate art of making out as they inched maddeningly closer, Steve hadn’t seen her… naked…. until now.  

Steve scanned the astrophysics lab, breathlessly seeking the source of the explosion that had ripped through the lab floor seconds earlier. He’d raced there and slammed the door to pieces while suspended in a state of horror and heartbreak.  Curtains were gone, allowing more light than usual to shine into the space and the wafting smoke.  Cloth that had covered the seats on Jane’s stool  and Darcy’s desk chair were gone. Smoke stained the ceiling (something he wished more rare), and both women had windblown hair and stood there naked as the day they’d been born. 

Seeing no apparent danger, he forced himself to meet Darcy’s eyes.  “What happened?  I heard…”  He was proud that his voice didn’t betray his emotions. Terror and adrenaline settled as other feelings began to rise. Darcy’s lush, dreamy curves were nearly enough to bring him to his knees.  It took Herculean effort not to babble.  His mouth had gone dry and his fingers itched to explore her soft strength- even as his heart rate settled almost back to normal.

Chin up, she padded closer.  “Jane…”  Darcy glanced towards the corner of the room where Jane Foster hid behind a file cabinet and waved at them, “apparently did something wrong in her calculations and exploded our clothes and stuff.”  Her lips shifted to a pout a piece of metal underwire clattered to the floor in front of her feet.  “Damn it, Jane!  That was my favorite bra.”

A meek, “sorry” drifted across the room.

Steve protested in darkly-amused mock horror, “not the black lace!”

Darcy nodded mournfully, “yep.  You seemed to like it last week, so I wanted to wear it for our date tonight.  I hoped it might finally look good on your floor.” She fluttered her lashes playfully.  

Steve swallowed hard as he stared at the forlorn piece of metal.  He let out a harsh breath and blushed mightily. “It would’ve.”  Will crumbling, his gaze traveled heatedly up her legs… and further.  His breath caught audibly. “So beautiful, Darcy.”

Darcy’s lips curved to a smirk as he crossed to her and his fingers curled over her naked hip and around her shoulders to pull her against him. He uttered a wanting noise in the back of his throat.  She felt then that he was trembling, so she shushed him, soothing, “Hey!  It’s okay.”

His voice was thick with emotion.“That explosion… I was scared I’d lost you.”  His long lashes brushed against his reddened cheeks. “I don’t want to lose you, don’t want to lose our chance.  I’m crazy about you. I’ve been taking things slow ‘cause you matter.  But now, I want to stop taking it slow… ‘cause you matter. I’m sorry if that’s inappro…”

Darcy put a finger to his lips, nodded, and hummed softly as she leaned up to nuzzle his neck and jaw with her nose and then kiss Steve on the lips. “Don’t apologize. Good thinking. Jane’s gonna let me have the afternoon off now, aren’t you, Jane?  Steve- go get us lab coats next door and then you and I can go to my place while Jane obsesses over what went wrong.”

Steve kissed Darcy hard and did as he was told so quickly that she laughed with delight and turned to her friend.  “Okay, boss lady.  You’re forgiven.  I’m gonna have JARVIS chase you out of here in a few hours.  Remember to eat and sleep later.  I’m taking tomorrow off, too.”

Steve was back, tossing a lab coat to Jane and wrapping Darcy in the other as he pulled her against him.  “Good thinking, Sweetheart.”  He hugged her again.  “I’m so grateful that you’re okay.”  His mouth snapped shut, wanting to save other words for a more private and relaxed moment.

Mischief gleamed in Darcy’s expression.  “You should probably check me over carefully, just to make sure.”  She wriggled against him.

He grinned and hugged her more tightly.  “Thoroughly.”

As Jane buttoned her lab coat and waved them out, Darcy laughed and kissed Steve again. “Thoroughly sounds good.”