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Jungkook: 50% Cotton

Genre: awkward shy Jungkook, 100% fluff, the lightest sprinkle of smut, based on this request


Word Count: 6.1k

A/N: AS PROMISED, BEFORE THE END OF THE WEEKEND. So because there was no setting suggested except “dorm,” which to me means uni is involved, I kind of took a little bit a lotta bit of creative liberty. I also added Hobi because… why not? Haha~ Hope you enjoy!!

Sequel: 50% Polyester (Rated M- as in, it’s literally just fluffy smut)

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You stare at the silver, white, and gold fish as they lazily swim around the pillars, a sight that still leaves you with a small prickling feeling at the back of your neck. Although, the more you come here, the less you seem to notice.

Even though you go to school in the middle of a big city, it’s been a while since you’ve actually legitimately gone “out” in the conventional sense of the term. For the past couple years, all you’ve done is vault the turnstiles, sneak onto the train with a group of friends, and ride out to an abandoned, flooded mall. There’s nothing to do except sit, talk, drink, smoke, and watch as a few smart men occasionally come by to feed or collect a sizable portion of the trapped fish. It’s not glamorous, but it rarely costs money and it gives you somewhere to be that’s not your dorm.

Loud laughter draws your attention. You would recognize it anywhere. Jung Hoseok.

You can’t help but smirk as his new girlfriend yelps helplessly, almost slipping on a stray patch of slippery moss. It’s her… second time coming to the mall? If he keeps her around, she’ll get used to it, but by the look on her face, you’re starting to think she might not want to.

Is she prettier than you? You don’t think so. Smarter? Maybe, but judging by the name-brands she’s wearing, probably not. Better in bed? For the two years you’d been together, you’d only slept with Hoseok maybe five or six times due to complicated work and class schedules.

That might be why he chose her over you. Well, this is the third “her” so far, but you can’t ever seem to pinpoint the reason they would be more qualified-

Why are you thinking about this? You should be over him and his ridiculously attractive smile, contagious laugh, and genuinely caring personality. The two of you broke up half a year ago. Okay, he broke up with you and you are still a little put off by it, but he’s a good guy, a great friend. You want to hate how nice he is, but you really can’t.

Alright, confession time. Hoseok was the one who first brought you here and introduced you to your current group of friends, the fifteen or so that make the thirty minute ride to the mall every weekend. You secretly wish this wasn’t the case, namely because it makes you feel like you depend on him. But at this point, what can you do?

You love him, even if it’s no longer in the romantic sense of the term. It’s ridiculous, but you do love Jung-

“This seat taken?”

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GD Scenario: "Hi~"

Words: 1446

Short summary: You are the leader of a girl group with 7 members. You attend Big Bang MADE concert and the fan meet with one og your members Hyori. Some of them recognize you and you made some plans together… 

Read the rest to find out what happened…


Hope you like this one. I am a little busy rn because I have a lot exams in April so I don’t know when will I open requests -.-

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Heart attack;Jisung

Genre: fluff, tiny angst

Request: ayooo ~~ i wanna request fluffy jisung based on AOA’s Heart Attack??? - anon that talks too much

A/N: this didn’t go as well as i thought it would be but i hope you enjoy reading it!! tbh it’s actually quite bad?? omg im so sorry,, it’s been long since i actually wrote scenarios ahh


I’ve completely fallen for you

Your soft voice

I’ve fallen for it

I’m trembling

You held up your shaking and trembling hand hesitantly in front of you, your head shyly looking down as your eyes couldn’t finds its way to meet his. Cheeks flushed red, you bit your lips nervously as your heart stopped beating for second once you felt his warm palm holding yours.

“I’m Jisung if you didn’t know! It’s great being able to talk to you… finally haha”

His soft and soothing voice called out to you as he shook your hand, a slight tone of excitement ringing loudly in your ears. You bit your lower lip and lifted your head slightly to meet his eyes, a big smile on his face, a slight expression of anticipation as he waited for you to reply.

“Haha, of course i know you…”

You mentally slapped yourself after you realised what you said-you could’ve done better Y/N, why did you say that.

“Oh, it’s great to be your dance buddy, let’s have lots of fun together!”

You took his hand into yours hesitantly, trying your best not to give yourself away. You gave him a small smile, which he in return, let out a small giggle.

Your heart melted.

His voice itself could make you go weak, as tbe butterflies in your stomach churned and turned, and your whole body was shaking from the nervousness- all because of him. Only he had that power.

I totally understand how people fall in love at first sight

Now I know, the first time I saw you

You first saw him three years back, when you started taking up dance lessons as a hobby and something you do during your free time, despite you not being too interested in dancing. You were fascinated and entranced in his dancing, the way he’d always be so confident in every move he did, but change into a complete shy and awkward person after every performance. He attracted you.

You remember yourself going to dance lessons and dragging your lazy body out of the house just for the sake of seeing him every week, and as soon as you knew, you were more passionate in dancing, and started putting in more effort.

All for the sake of Park Jisung.

You’d notice how he’d always laugh and joke around with his friends in the dance room, and as time went by you noticed how you’d unknowingly smile too, as though he’s the only main source of your happiness. The sweet and sincere smile he’d always give you when he caught eye contact with you always made you flustered and nervous, and soon enough, you were madly in love with him.

Oh my, I keep getting a heart attack

The more I see you

My heart keeps pounding, I don’t know

It’s like a heart attack, what do I do?

I keep wanting to be in your arms, baby

“I’ll be coming in 10 minutes, wait for me alrights!” the boy on the other line of the phone called out to you, his flustered voice making you smile. You hummed in response and placed your phone in the small pouch slinged across your back, as you adjusted the side of the dress you bought and wore specially for today. Your heart was pumping against your chest so loudly, it felt as though it was going to pop up anytime.

Time passed quickly and as soon as you saw the familiar figure approaching you, your heart was at the top of your throat, as you tried your best to stay calm.

“I’m sorry i’m late! School ended late today,” Jisung said out to you, his hands rubbing the back of his neck, as he gave you an apologetic look.

Your hands reached up to tuck the strand of hair behind your ear, “Oh.. No, it’s okay!”

Jisung smiled again, then placed a hand on your shoulder, “You look really good by the way” as he moved his hand up to pat your head, then giving you a cheeky smile.

Your heartbeats resembled the sound of the hitting of the drums, and you tried your best not to fall right onto the ground from the happiness and content you were feeling. Keeping your cool, you playfully hit his hand, then giggled, “Thank you, you look good too hehe”

Jisung raised his eyebrows, and you saw his cheeks turn bright pink too, as he bent his head down slightly, hiding his face from you. He muttered a small ‘Thank you’ shyly, before he held your wrist gently, pulling you to the cafe he wanted to bring you to, the one he had been telling you about for the past two weeks.

Your first date with him, and he had already done so much.

Your heart couldn’t take it, it felt surreal.

“What about him do you like so much?”

My friends ask and I answer, “Don’t talk if you don’t know”

Your best friend gave you a big smirk, then snatched your phone away from your hands, which caused you to sprawl over her lap, in attempts to take your phone back.

“see you tomorrow cutie- are you going on a date with him, AGAIN?” she read out the text message on your phone, then cooed, “my girl’s all grown up now, she has a boyfriend, i’m proud of you, he just called you cutie omg??”

You couldn’t help but blush, as you smacked her hand lightly, “Shut up omg- GIVE ME BACK MY PHONE”

“you saved him with three heart emojis, i don’t think i even have one? wow Y/N, i thought i was more important than your boyfriend” she ignored your whines, then teased again.

“He’s not my boyfriend for goodness sake, we’re just really good friends.”

She raised her eyebrows then smirked, “Yeah sure, good friends go on dates all the time almost every week and call each other cute nicknames, how cute”

You ignored her words, then reached forward to grab your phone from her hand. You stucked out your tongue as you managed to take it away, and you smiled immediately after you saw the message he sent after- it was a text full of heart emojis.

“You do know you look crazy right now, right?”

“Stop it, i swear i’ll kill you if you say anything else-”

“Jisung probably wouldn’t like to see that”

Oh my prince, where are you looking?

I’m right here

You’re so handsome, I just need you

I can’t live without you

Your heart sank the moment he entered the dance studio, totally ignoring you and your presence. You had looked forward to celebrating your one month together, but for some reason Jisung had been ignoring every single one of your messages and calls, and thinking that he was busy, you didn’t let it bother you too much.

It was not until he talked and laughed happily with his friends, leaving you completely alone in the corner of the room, that made you feel worst- this was so unlike Jisung.

He’d normally greet you with a big hug or small peck on the forehead, and even offering to head down together for dance sessions. But today was different, on the date of your monthsary.

Jisung, what are you doing? Why are you acting like this?

This ruined your whole emotional state for the rest of the lesson, and you didn’t have the mood or motivation to do your steps properly. Jisung didn’t even look at you once, in contrast to you, where your eyes never left him at all.

“One, two- Y/N can you please do your steps properly, what is wrong with you today?” your instructor called out to you sternly, causing the others to turn to you.

So did Jisung.

Your eyes left his for a brief second, “I’m sorry- I’m just not in the right mind today” Your teacher shook her head and walked away to the other students without saying any other words, leaving you feeling sad and deeply affected.

Jisung wasn’t looking anymore.

You couldn’t take it anymore. Like a breeze, you sped out of the room as your tears fell down your cheeks. You heard someone call out your name from behind, and as soon as you know, Jisung was hugging you, his hand on the back of your head.

“I-I’m sorry my princess, did i go too far? I was actually planning for a surprise, i didn’t mean to actually hurt you, i’m so sorry i love you” Jisung blurted out to you, a shocked expression on his face, his eyes on the verge of tearing up too.

You stared at him in shock, then slightly hitting his chest as you let out another cry of relief.

“Yuta hyung said this would be a good idea- I didn’t mean this at all, i’m so sorry” he said out to you again, his hands now cupping your cheeks.

Your arms wrapped around his waist, your head resting on his shoulder, “Please don’t do this ever again, it’s the scariest thing ever.”

Jisung gave a small smile, then nodded, “I promise i won’t. Happy 1st month together by the way, i wanted to make it special so i tried coming up with a surprise which failed but know that i love you and i can never live without you.”

You giggled, “I thought you had forgotten” you paused, giving Jisung a look, “But i love you too, happy first month”

Jisung took your hand in his, then pulled you back to the room, “There’s a food party inside there right now, that was what i wanted to surprise you with, wanna go in?”

Solar Eclipse

It’s impossible not to be aware of the event, even if one wasn’t in a weird live-in situation with two sun gods.  

All over the news and social media, there is constant talk of the solar eclipse.  People make jokes about not buying mysterious plants, or make plans to invade the Fire Nation.  They share instructions for creating pinhole cameras and seek out friends living in the path of totality, so they can stay there to see the moon completely eclipse the sun.

At the observatory where Icarus volunteers, there is a planned field trip for employees who can afford to pay, to spend a few days in Oregon before and after the eclipse. They’ll be going to watch it via one of the local observatory’s powerful telescopes, recording data about the sun’s corona that will only be visible during this eclipse, and otherwise having a great time.  

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Trouble With Gally

request: I’d absolutely loooveee it if you made an image of the reader and Newt where you are the only girl in the maze- and boys will be boys- you get hit on and flirted with in distasteful ways, some gladers end up taking it way too far (they get really reaaaaaaaallly rough with you) later on Newt finds out or sees whats going on and starts becoming really protective of you without leaving your side. Smutty and fluff would be amazing thank you deary! ilyyyyyyyyyy! <3

warnings: smut & slight language


 Why wouldn’t someone want to be the only girl amongst sixty cute guys working and sweating and taking their shirts off now and then? There’s only one answer for that: raging hormones. Not from you, though, from the guys. It’s only expected, boys are boys; and boys have needs. Still, the way some of them treated you was sickening.

 “What’s up, Y/N?” Gally walks over to you, moving a hand down your back until it reaches your butt. He gives it a rough squeeze and you wince quietly. Some other Gladers walk up to you and Gally, asking for a “turn.”

 “You’re so pretty,” one of them murmur.

 “I’d love to get with that,” another one goes.

 You find yourself being touched and fondled with in ways you found perverted and almost infuriating.

 “Get away from me!” you grunt, pushing away a hand that had gripped onto one of your boobs. You were getting irritated with the boys’ behaviour, they were pissing you off.

 “Calm down, Y/N,” Gally voiced. We’re just having a bit of fun and all.”

 “Well I don’t like it, get the fuck off,” you push your way through the circle of four or five boys around you. Not surprisingly, Gally wouldn’t back down. He caught up to you and gripped your shoulder roughly and turned you around.

 “Don’t ever talk to me like that, you little bitch,” he yells. His face was right in front of yours, looking you right in the eye. “You need to be punished, Y/N,” he smirked at you. You knew that whatever came next wasn’t going to be good for you — and you were right. Gally squeezed your face in his hand, forcing his lips onto yours.

 The last thing you would ever think of doing was kissing back. The grip he had on your shoulder was still hard, and you were soon being backed up against the walls of the Homestead. Gally’s hands moved to your hair, pulling at the strands. You had no idea a boy could be so harsh while kissing someone. He forced his tongue into your mouth, and you could’ve gagged.

 His hands moved down your body and took a firm grip onto your hips, digging into your skin with his nails.

 “Hey!” Newt’s British accent catches Gally’s attention, making him turn to face the boy only to get a fistful of Newt right in his jaw. Though Newt was a lot smaller than Gally, the shock and unexpectedness of the hit knocked Gally to the ground. “That’s no way to treat a buggin’ girl, Gally. Now get up and shucking do something with that pathetic life of yours that doesn’t involve being rough on Y/N, here.”

 Gally didn’t bother arguing back, knowing Newt is what one could call higher-up in the ranks. He walked off, pissed as ever.

 Newt turned his attention back to you, a totally different person than when the one that had just yelled at Gally. “You okay, love?” he asked sincerely.

 “Ugh, I hate that guy,” you complained, rubbing at the spot Gally’s hand had held onto your shoulder. “But yeah, I’m fine. Thanks to you,” you smile at Newt.

 “Hey, um, can I talk to you, Y/N?” Newt asks, running his hand up and down his arm.

 “Of course you can,” you follow Newt off into the woods. Newt was one of the only Gladers you actually liked hanging out with — along with Minho, Chuck, Frypan, Winston, and a few other guys who weren’t all about getting in your pants.

 He lead you to a secluded area surrounded by trees and stopped there. “Okay, so, I want you to tell me if you feel uncomfortable, okay? I don’t want to make you feel threatened or anything,” he started.

 “What could you ever say that would make me feel threatened, Newt?” you asked before Newt stepped closer, taking your hands in his. You were a little surprised, of course, but

 “I’ve been meaning to tell you this for a long time now, I just uh never really knew when to do it. I don’t know why I’m telling you this now, but I can’t keep it in any longer. It kills me to see the way the other Gladers treat you, Y/N. I hate how they’re always touching you and trying to flatter you and how they’re always up in your business. At first I didn’t really know why, but now I know. It’s because… Well, it’s because I’m in love with you, Y/N. And I always have been.“

  You were at a complete loss for words. You never expected anything like that. Unsure of what to do, you found yourself leaning up and kissing him. The kiss got heated pretty quickly, and - quite surprisingly considering the situation you were just in with Gally - you liked it.

  All you were focusing on at that moment was Newt and what he had just said. Of course you’d fallen for him, too. How could you not? He was such a cutie and was always so kind to you.

  "Are you okay with this, Y/N?” Newt asks, still worried you weren’t about to go along with whatever Newt wanted. Your mind was set, though, and you knew you wanted this. You simply bit your lip and nodded, and Newt reconnected your lips. His lips moved down to your neck, leaving little kisses all over the soft skin there. You stepped back until your back was up against the trunk of a tree – unlike the scenario with Gally, you went along with it fully and willingly.

  “Newt, I’m so happy you told me that,” you whispered as Newt continued kissing down your neck. His hands moved down to the inside of your shirt, bunching the fabric up before taking it off of you completely. His lips were immediately all over your chest, leaving butterfly kisses all over your bare skin. “I love you too,” you whined into his ear.

  Your hands found their way to the lower hem of his shirt, slipping it off of him. Newt had unclasped your bra by then, and was now using his mouth to suck at your boobs. You moaned at the feeling of his tongue circling your nipples, and that was when you felt his hard dick against your thigh. You gasped when it pressed against you. It was turning you on and you could feel the juices pooling in your underwear.

  Newt moved his face up and kissed you again. You felt his tongue brush against your lower lip and you quickly allowed him entrance, letting his tongue explore every corner of your mouth. Your hands moved down to the top of his belt, fiddling with it before slipping it out of the loops of his pants and he pulled them off of his legs. He stepped back so that he could unbutton your own pants and pull them down. He laid the discarded clothes out on the ground and picked you up, setting you down softly on the pile of clothing. He was so gentle.

  You pulled him in for another kiss, wrapping an arm around his neck while your other hand moved down to palm him through his boxers. Newt was fully hard by now, and it turned you on more than ever. He moaned into the kiss, making you smirk. He broke the kiss and winked at you. You were confused at first, but realized what he was doing when you felt him slip his hand inside your panties.

  “Shuck, babygirl, you’re so wet already,” he grinned, moving a finger up and down your folds. You breathed out at the feeling of him touching you. Being with him like this was something you’ve only dreamed about, and it was a thousand times better in real life. “Did I do this to you, Y/N?”

  You didn’t answer at first, too caught up in the situation. “Answer me, beautiful,” Newt whispered, slipping two fingers inside of you. You moaned when he started pumping his fingers in and out. “I made you this wet, didn’t I? Not Gally or those other shanks. Just me.”

  “Shuck,” you breathed as Newt pumped his fingers faster. “Agh, you did this to me, Newt. All you,” you whimpered. Suddenly Newt’s fingers were out of you and he sucked them clean.

  “That’s all I wanted to hear,” he said before pulling off your underwear and his. He lined himself up at your entrance and you could feel his tip toying with your folds. It took everything in you not to push yourself down onto him. You whimpered and felt Newt slowly push into you.

  “You’re so big, Newt,” you whined when he fully entered you. He moved his hips back and started thrusting in and out of you. It wasn’t a lie – he really was big, and it felt like heaven. He buried his cock deep inside of you fast and hard. Moans escaped your lips uncontrollably, not like you were really trying to hold them in anyway.

  Newt was thrusting in and out you almost animalistically, making you arch your back up to him. He leaned down and kissed you hard, muffling your loud moans. You allowed his tongue entrance into your mouth again as he moaned into the kiss. From this position he was able to hit an all new angle, and it only drove you crazier. The noises he was making were enough to make any girl want him, and they only increased each time he thrusted into you.

  “You’re so tight. Shuck,” Newt grunted in your ear. You felt his dick twitch inside of you, and his hand moved down to rub hard circles on your clit, pushing you closer to the edge.

  “Newt, I’m close- ah,” you manage to say between your moans. He didn’t reply, just kept pounding into you. Sweat dripped off of him and his eyebrows were knit together in concentration.

  You rolled your hips up to meet his. Newt grunted loudly and you felt his cum pouring into you. He groaned and carried on thrusting, helping you reach your own orgasm. It wasn’t long before you were coating his cock with your own juices. He collapsed next to you, breathing heavily.

  “You’re mine, Y/N. If any of those other Gladers ever lay a finger on you again, tell me and I’ll bloody kill them,” he told you after catching his breath.

  “Don’t worry, Newt. I won’t let them touch me.”

  *     *    *

  You and Newt have been dating since then, and he almost never left your side. He’d always hold your hand or have an arm around your waist when you were hanging out with other Gladers, making sure none of them touched you in disgraceful ways. He was the best boyfriend you could ever ask for.


a/n: hey hey hey, thank you for requesting bby. (:

ravenclaw! xiumin

a/n: hello hello! here’s a non-seventeen imagine, and another hogwarts au, but this time for xiumin of exo!
also! the request box is still open, so please, feel free to request (but pls read the rules before doing so) ♡

pairing: none
genre: fluff
warnings: none

Originally posted by secrethideoutme

  • sorted into ravenclaw without hesitation from the sorting hat 
  • & the sorting hat isn’t wrong 
  • minseok is a very intelligent student & the professors can back him up with receipts mANY RECIEPTS OF TEST SCORES, ESSAYS, AND JUST ANYTHING THAT SHOWS HOW CAPABLE HE IS IN ACADEMIC FIELDS 
  • does especially well in transfiguration and charms 
  • tbh is one of mcgonagall’s favorite students but she never admits it 
  • but everyone can totally tell by her attitude towards him her tone is way more calm and nurturing to minseok than it is to anyone else 
  • pureblood minseok is a thing tbh 
  • & pureblood minseok is a pro at anything to do with a wand 
  • he likes the elegance and power behind the wand 
  • with a gentle swish and a powerful flick, anyone can perform the spell 
  • and it’s just a beautiful concept to him 
  • something so small and so simple wields so much power and how it can be used both by brute, raw force and elegance 
  • but anyway, continuing on :) 
  • however, he’s painfully shy around strangers 
  • like painfully he’s very very awkward around people he isn’t familiar with and everyone in the room can just fell the awkwardness and the whole atmosphere just deflates… 
  • he’s in his own world most of the time 
  • whenever he’s not with his friends secludes himself from everyone else because he just doesn’t want to talk to people 
  • it’s just awkward? ? ? ?? 
  • but around his close friends, he’s very outgoing & very friendly 
  • the mature one out of his friends 
  • knows how to have fun & stuff but he’s constantly trying his best to not let the beagle line accidentally injure themselves 
  • literally looks after his friends along with suho 
  • he’s just a very caring person knows 
  • how to separate his academic life with his social life just a very balanced individual in general 
  •  not only is he academically talented, he’s also athletic (woW dream boy) 
  • at first look, you wouldn’t think that this quiet boy would be on the quidditch team 
  •  kim minseok? 
  • the quiet boy from ravenclaw?? 
  •  yeah. kim minseok ravenclaw’s star chaser 
  • ? ? ? ? ? ?????? ???” - probably sehun when he first saw minseok on the field 
  • he’s considered one of the best captains ravenclaw has had throughout the years 
  • he’s reserved but when it comes to quidditch, he’s a natural at leading the team 
  •  exudes confidence on the field 
  •  it’s as if.. he was born to lead a team and to play quidditch 
  •  his friends can’t even believe that he y e l l s at his team mates during practice and even during games to do the play that wonwoo created correctly 
  • marshmallow minseok is completely out of the picture during quidditch 
  • he’s just brutal & there’s nothing that can stop him once he’s on the field passing the quaffle and scoring points for his house 
  • but when the game’s over, he goes back to his calm and quiet demeanor 
  • even apologizes for his behavior on the field 
  • but his team mates don’t mind & just laughs it off bc they appreciate minseok and everything that he’s done for the team 
  • tbh, they believe that without minseok, the team wouldn’t have done as great as they have been
  • instantly rejected the beagle line when they asked if he could teach them how to play quidditch like a pro 
  • bc when minseok taught them how to ride a broom, 
  • chanyeol crashed into a tree 
  • baekhyun flew upside down and almost broke his arm 
  •  & chen’s broom flew and hit him in the face : ( 
  • poor boys 
  • xiumin: “no thank you. madame pomfrey doesn’t need to see you more than she already does…” 
  • helps out in the library putting books away 
  • just because this is hogwarts doesn’t mean that everything has to be done by magic (omg let me live) 
  • another student that madam pince loves dearly 
  • has access to the restricted section (bc you know, he needs to put books away there too) 
  • but the poor soul hates being in there bc of how the whole section feels 
  • restricted section aesthetics include cobwebs, chains, very very cold, & dark  
  • minseok aesthetics : everything BUT THE RESTRICTED SECTION 
  • first time he was in there, he accidentally knocked down two books and thEY STARTED SCREAMING AT HIM 
  • what a way to start off his job : ) 
  • but he likes the books that are put in there; he thinks they’re interesting to read 
  • ofc he makes someone else get the books for him bC HE ISN’T GOING TO BE LOLLYGAGGLING IN THE CREEPY RESTRICTED SECTION 
  • he eventually has to go in there sooner or later 
  • when he goes into the restricted section he literally bolts in and bolts out 
  • he really doesn’t want a repeat of what happened the first time he was in there 
  • (tbh I wouldn’t either, i love books but i don’t need one screaming in my face(: ) 
  • he looks towards the entrance of the section, takes a deep breath, and r u n s 
  • merlin, i am never doing that again” 
  • he knows that this is a lie bc he’s gonna have to do it again eventually 
  • poor minseok bc his friends never let him live this fear down 
  • “don’t give him that book, it’s going to scream in his face” 
  • how are you so brutal on the quidditch field but also like this now?” 
  • he gets them back by pranking them 
  • this is what happens when you make fun of kim minseok 
  • he l o v e s pranking his friends 
  • pranking junmyeon is his favorite past time 
  • but he does harmless pranks (unlike the beagle line, but that’s for another day
  • he enchants junmyeon’s shoe laces to untie every few hundred steps 
  • changed all of his friends’ uniforms who weren’t in ravenclaw into ravenclaw’s colors 
  • & whenever they were saying that *insert their house* is the best, it would always be “ravenclaw is the best”! 
  • but the plan would backfire right? 
  • no minseok is too clever and thought ahead 
  • “slytherin sucks!” - slytherin sehun when he meant “ravenclaw sucks” 
  • but of course, his pranks are harmless & he means well : ) 
  • ravenclaw kim minseok is just a very intelligent ravenclaw who looks sweet & innocent but then dominates the quidditch field and his friends 
Zoo Date with Yeo One (Changgu)

Zoo Adventures with Yeo One (Changgu)!
•I’m so soft for this boy it’s unhealthy
•he’s not even my bias
•okay so prologue changgu likes you but you’re blind af
•so you and the pentagon boys are hanging out at the dorms
•and somehow you and changgu got stuck making snacks for the boys AGAIN
•so you two are just hanging out in the kitchen eating the popcorn you told the maknae line you’d bring them
•and you’re talking about how cute red pandas are
•when !!!!
•changgu lights up!!
•of course you get hyPED
•needless to say the cutie agrees
•so you bring the half eaten popcorn and hand it to Yuto
•always trust Yuto to not snitch on you for eating half the food always
•and you go grab your jacket from one of the other rooms
•"guys y/n and I are going to the zoo!!“
•you definitely heard them
•so you walk back into the room acting totally innocent
•"ready to go?”
•and you swear he blushes
•so being the gentleman he is he’s opening doors and everything for you
•I’m sorry he’s so precious I love yeo changgu with my whole heart and soul
•so you guys are just driving in semi awkward silence
•until he remembers the pandas
•so you two yell about pandas on the ride there
•fast forward to you two walking in and him making sure to pay for your admittance before you get a chance
•"changgu!“ “What!” “I can pay!” “So can I!”
•no wonder everyone already knows you two like each other you bicker like a married couple
•so you walk into the zoo and BAM monkeys
•they’re so cute and playful!!
•not as cute as changgu tho oops
•so you’re wandering around and there’s this weird slight tension??
•and then you see a little ice cream stand
•which changgu drags you over to as soon as you point it out and buys your favorite
•that’s when you see it
•the directions to the red panda exhibit!!
•you don’t even think about it you just grab changgu’s hand and G O
•gotta blast
•so you’re pulling him along and he’s following you and giggling because of how excited he is
•and that’s when you reach the pandas
•luckily it’s not super crowded
•so you get really great views of the new babies!!
•you don’t notice you’re still holding his hand
•he notices tho
•and suddenly he’s bright red but he doesn’t wanna say anything bc then what if you pull away and he doesn’t want that oh no
•so he keeps his pretty mouth shut except for to talk about how cute the pandas are
•halfway through he accidentally ends up staring at you instead
•your blind self does not notice
•cute red pandas being lazy and napping (lol me too)
•so you and changgu move along
•you wander around the exhibits and see lions and tigers and bears (oh my!) and a bunch of other super cool animals
•eye spy cotton candy
•he drags you over and buys some
•p sure any member of pentagon could eat a house and not gain an ounce
•still holding onto your hand
•now you notice
•but you don’t pull away
•you just squeeze his hand and smile a little
•his heart is doing the !!!
•between conversations of how cute the animals are and how the maknae line eats three times as much as the rest of the group combines and about work and life
•you realize it’s almost time for the zoo to close
•time for you to venture out
•but wait there’s more
•there just so happens to be a cute little sunset viewing nearby
•y'all gotta go
•so you drive down there and get out
•excepts it’s chilly now
•so instead of being a normal boy and giving you his jacket
•he opens it up and pulls you inside to hug you
•"what! it works better and keeps you warmer!“ "Changgu I have to WALK” “Don’t be difficult” “I- chan-okay”
•you stay bundled in his jacket and waddle along beside him
•and you get up to the little viewing area
•and wow what a pretty sunset
•changgu wouldn’t know bc his eyes were glued to you
•but trust me it was pretty
•you look back and catch him staring
•"what are you doing”
•*inside* iVE BEEN CAUGHT
•"nothing wtf looking at the sun haha"
•you turn towards him
•his heart is doing the !!! Thing again darn you
•"can I tell you a secret"
•he is confused beyond explanation
•"I mean?? Sure?? Yeah definitely always totally go for it shoot"
•you have to stop for a moment to smile at how cute he is
•"I like you a lot"
•his mind literally blanked what are words I only know stunned silence
•"…changgu? Oh man I shouldn’t have said anything I’m-“
•he chooses this moment to regain his voice
•"oh my god no no I’m SO glad you said that you have no idea I REALLY like you too like a whole lot and the boys always said you liked me back but I never believed them because like look at you you’re so pretty and amazing and soft and wonderful and-”
•shut up changgu
•perfect time to interrupt him with a kiss
•he still swears his heart stopped when you did that
•"y/n… will you ah-“
•"be your girlfriend? Yeah, I’d really like that”
•he gets so excited he kisses you again
•I feel like he does that a lot
•like !! Good thing happened time for a kiss!
•and you can feel him smiling
•and now it’s time to go back to the dorms bc you’ve been gone all day and the boys are starved without you’re expertise (they’re lazy)
•on the car ride home
•"so… how many of the boys do you think have bets on this?“
•"probably all of them”

(Request for @vickyxmelonlove I hope you like it! Thank you so much for requesting; I hope your day is going well! 💕💕💕)

魔界イチのイケメンは誰だ ~能あるヴァンパイアはキバを隠す~
魔界イチのイケメンは誰だ ~能あるヴァンパイアはキバを隠す~

Diabolik Lovers Vandead Carnival ~ Animate Tokuten Drama CD

魔界イチのイケメンは誰だ? ~能あるヴァンパイアはキバを隠す~

Who’s the hottest guy in the Demon world? ~A wise vampire always hides his fangs~*

Heyo, cuties! ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ Today I’m bringing you more translations! My friend kinokotottekoi (thanks again for the help <3) already said I was going to translate this CD, so here it is! I’m like the laziest being on Earth so I’m actually surprised it didn’t take me that long to do it in the end (but like I started translating at 1AM?? Sleeping is overrated). Anyways, do enjoy!

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Dangerous // C.H.

A/N: LET ME TELL YOU.. So I saw this prompt and it was about how the reader could tell a dangerous a person is by rating them on a 0-10 line and well, just read it.

part 2

masterlist // request

Originally posted by luke-blurbs

Let me get straight to the point, and don’t think I’m crazy or weird, but I have special power. No, not a houdini kind of power but something a bit more crazy should I say.

I can rate people in my mind of how dangerous they are by just seeing them for the first time.

For example, a baby would be automatically rated in my mind as a 1, totally harmless, and a fully trained, grown man holding an assault rifle, would be a 7, mildly dangerous.

So, you’d best bet that as I walked in on the first day of school and saw a dark haired boy with a few tattoos standing by the stairs, I was scared.

Not by his tattoos or his intimidating demeanor, but as I flashed my eyes over to his figure, standing tall and confident, the number flashed through my thoughts like a warning signal.


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A Definitive Ranking of the Beifongs

Preface: I am a fan of all the Beifongs, and would happily date any one of them (x)(x). This was an agonizing order to come up with. I’m also only using knowledge from ATLA/LOK (not the comics).

11. Baatar Jr.

Someone’s gotta come in last place in this fierce family, and who better than the only Beifong to endorse labor camps? It’s true he’s got some positives, like being a better inventor than Varrick thought, or how he’s distinctly not oppressed by the patriarchy:

But that really doesn’t excuse being on-board with light genocide, developing a WMD with the intent of invading a different nation, or just generally acting like a dick.

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☏ Call me Handsome // Bobby

Originally posted by teambgasm

A/N: 4800+ freaking words and i’m finally finished. This is a Call-Center AU, the idea came to me at work since i’m actually working at one and this fic is based on my real life story– jk i wish. But some things indeed happened lol. Anyway, i’d like to tag some of my favorite Bobby blogs because i love you guys @ikonope @bobbykims @bobbillionaire and unnie @useumwoo

And a big thank you to @hwan-tastic for proof-reading (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Streaks of sun-rays pierced through your window to welcome you on this beautiful Monday morning. You groaned loudly, taking a peek at your clock, 6.25 am. It was in times like these, when you felt the heavy load of regret weighing on your shoulders like a big bucket of bricks because why on earth had you thought watching K-Dramas until 3 am was a damn good idea? It really wasn’t, you realized like every Monday morning.

With half-lidded eyes and a drowsy head, you threw your legs over the bed and groaned once more when you realized it was the wrong side—the side with the wall. Fuck. It worked with the second try, when you felt the icy ground underneath your feet, relieving you that neither of your feet were broken.  

It took you 3 handful of ice cold water to become alert and almost as much concealer to not scare any people with those huge zombie-looking circles underneath your eyes, thanks to Lee Joongki and his brilliant acting. (Or maybe just his holy jesus face because he was so fucking hot and maybe that was the reason you just couldn’t resist watching all 5 episodes at once.)

Today, on this beautiful cold Monday morning, you took a bus early, just in case your nagging boss decided to take her shit out on you again. As if it wasn’t enough that all of your friends and basically almost all of your college-mates enjoyed their break overseas with their families, while you were busy calling grumbly strangers on the phone who didn’t want to participate in the stupid surveys your company developed.  

The clock stroke 9 as you put on your headset with a super big portion of motivation as you started dialing the numbers that were on the long-ass list hanging beside your computer. A few “No, Thank you”, a bunch of “Where the hell do you have my number from?” and plenty of “Who the fuck is this?” later, your motivation, which wasn’t even there in the first place, vanished. You heaved a long sigh, dialing the next number.  


You put on your sweetest voice, “A wonderful good morning sir! I’m calling from the marketing research company IKONic. Today we’re doing a super short survey about grocery shopping. Do you want to participate?” It was probably your 100th times saying this on the phone and you almost pressed on “declined” out of habit, when a deep voice answered with a “Sure.”

You were a bit surprised as you mumbled a soft, “Okay,” and started the survey.  

“So first of all, may I register your age?”  

“23,” Wow, he was the first person this young taking one of these boring surveys. Your fingers typed over the numbers on the keyboard before pressing ENTER, “How about you?” There was a soft chuckle on the other line which made you a bit flustered.

“Haha…,” you let out a forced weird laugh, “I can’t tell you that.”

“Awe why, you have a cute voice though.” You weren’t sure If he was just wanted make a joke out of it and tease you a bit, yet you couldn’t help the light shade of red rushing to your cheeks.

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Give Into Me : part IV

It’s been about a week since the cook out, where I was graced with the information of Jack having a girlfriend. Since then, I’ve cut my ties from him. I didn’t reply to his texts, left them on read, but didn’t reply, and ignored his calls.

I was currently getting ready to go over to Johnson’s house, Nate was coming to pick me up and we were gonna go over there, pick up Johnson and we were gonna go down to a carnival down at the pier. After an hour I was finally ready, and just in time cause Nate was calling me as I was putting my shoes on.

I walked out to Nate’s car, sliding into the passenger seat.

“looking good.” he smirked.

“shut up and drive.” I laughed, turning up the radio, before I started to dance and sing along. Nate laughing next to me.

Before long we showed up at Johnson’s, who Nate called, and let Johnson know we were here. Johnson walked out and hopped into the car.

“yo Audrey, I’m sorry but-” Jack started, but the sound of the door to the house opening caused all our attention to turn to the house to see Jack and Madison walking out of the house.

“are you fucking kidding me.” I groaned, throwing my head back against the seat.

“I’m sorry. Madison heard me on the phone and wanted to come, and then wouldn’t stop whining.”

“dude.” Nate spoke, looking at Johnson in the rear view mirror.

Since the whole thing with Jack and I, I had told Nate about it. I mean, he was my best friend. I went to him for everything, so he knew I was lying when he asked me what was wrong one night when Kendall and I went over to his and John’s place and we were watching a movie. Eventually I told him and I’ve never seen Nate so pissed.

“I’m sorry but-hey” Johnson started, but cut himself off when Jack opened the car and Madison slid in the middle, and then Jack in next to her. Jack and I made brief eye contact before I rolled my eyes.

“hey.” Madison cheerfully spoke.

“you guys ready?” Nate asked, unamused.

“yeah. Please, just go so we can get there.” I spoke.

“hi. I’m Madison, I don’t think we’ve met before. I’m Jack’s girlfriend.” she spoke, leaning forward to look at me, flashing a fake smile at me.

“I’m Audrey.” I fake smiled back at her.

“my girlfriend.” Nate chimed in, smirking at me sideways.

I looked at Jack and his jaw was clenched. Nate knew, and he knew exactly what he was doing, so I decided to just go along with it.

“oh really? Nate I didn’t know you had a girlfriend.” Madison giggled, sitting back.

“yeah, me either” Jack spoke.

“yeah, we’ve been good friends for a while, and somewhere along the line I realized how important she was to me. I couldn’t let her go. Had to snatch her up before someone else did. You know what I mean Jack.” Nate spoke, smirking at me sideways.

“awe, that’s how Jack felt about me.” Madison spoke, and I turned and looked back to see her nuzzle up next to him. He was staring at me though, glaring at me actually.

I shrugged my shoulders slightly and turned around, looking in the mirror at Johnson who was trying to fight the smile on his face.

Nate reached over and grabbed m hand in his, lacing our fingers together and then bringing it up to his lips, kissing my hand.

When we got to the pier, Jack quickly got out, and Johnson got out too, and Madison sliding out after him, latching onto him again. Johnson getting out of his door, and Nate getting out and walking over to my door, and opening it for me.

I held in my laugh as he was really playing this out, closing the door behind me and then grabbing my hand and walking step for step to the pier.

“Ohhh Jack, let’s ride the ferris wheel.”

“I thought we’d hang out with everyone.” he said, as she held onto his arm, trying to pull him towards it.

“you guys should go.” Johnson spoke, looking at me and Nate. “I’ll stay down here, and probably talk to some fans, plus I hate ferris wheels.”

“let’s go babygirl.” Nate spoke, pulling me towards the ferris wheel, Jack and Madison following us.

“so, you’ve been together for how long?” Madison asked.

“technically like two weeks, but we’ve been friends for years.” Nate spoke, wrapping his arms around me from behind and resting his chin on my shoulder.

Originally posted by -ridopernonpiangere-

“awe, you guys are so cute together, aren’t they Jack?” Madison asked, looking up at Jack and drawing my attention to him. His jaw was clenched, and his nostrils flaring.

“she’s alright.” Nate joked, causing me to turn around and tease.

“alright?” I laughed.

“ma, you know I’m playing, my girl is fire.” he spoke, and I could hear the smirk in his voice, hinting at something that would happen in private.

We got on the ferris wheel first, Jack and Madison behind us. Nate and I laughed about what was going on as we went around. Seeing Jack so pissed gave me some sort of comfort.

“you really wanna piss him off?” Nate whispered in my ear. Since Jack and Madison were behind us they could see us, so Nate was still playing this whole ‘boyfriend girlfriend thing.’

“what do you have in mind.” I smirk as the ferris wheel stopped near the top, Jack and Madison behind us as well, perfect view of our little cart.

“we could do this.” Nate whispered out, grabbing my face gently and ghosting his lips over mine.

Originally posted by painfulblisss

I couldn’t take it. I mean, Nate was hot as hell, and Jack was a total fuck. Sure Nate was my best friend, but we’ve done shit like this before, sure we were drunk, but still.

“okay.” I smiled before leaning in the rest of the way and met his lips.

Originally posted by pleasingpics

when we pulled apart, Nate nuzzled his head into my neck, discretely looking behind us before letting out a low chuckle.

“dude, he’s so pissed.”

“good.” I muttered.

When the ride was over we got off, Jack and Madison right behind us, and we met up with Johnson. Jack’s arm around Madison’s waist, holding his close. She leaned up and kissed him.

“thanks for going on the ferris wheel with me baby.”

“mhmm.” Jack hummed.

“Nate, babe, can we go get something to eat please.” I cooed, running my hand along his chest.

“sure thing. anything for you babygirl.” he spoke. “you guys wanna get something to eat?” Nate asked.

“I could eat.” Johnson spoke.

“yeah, let’s go.” Madison spoke, taking Jack’s hand in hers.

We started walking, and I smiled, stopping acting like I was tying my shoe as everyone kept walking a bit. And when they were far enough ahead, I got up and ran and jumped on Nate’s back, forcing him to give me a piggy back ride.

“hey babe.” he laughed as he found his balance again.

“hey cutie.” I cooed, leaning forward and kissing his cheek.

“You guys are seriously so cute.” Madison spoke, swinging her hand in Jacks.


After the day at the pier, and a lot of fun, and pissing Jack off way beyond I knew possible. When we got to the Jack’s place, we got out, and Madison got in her car to leave, but not before kissing Jack. 

I rolled my eyes and followed Nate and Johnson inside. Nate rolling up a blunt on their coffee table, and Johnson turning on fifa, I sat next to Nate, having him show me how to roll one.

Jack walked in and sat down next to Johnson, but kept his eyes on me. When Nate finished rolling one, and lit it, after a few hits he held it out in front of me.

I rolled my eyes, taking it and taking a few hits from it, before offering it to Johnson, who took it.

“I’m surprised at you little mama.” Nate laughed.

“I know I usually don’t but shit happens.”

I got up and headed to the kitchen to get something to drink. I laughed, stopping in the doorway.

“Nate babe, you want anything?”

Nate let out a little chuckle “nah baby, I’m good.”

I walked into the kitchen, and grabbed a water, turning and leaning against the counter as Jack walked in. I rolled my eyes, closing the cap to the bottle before going to push myself off the counter, not wanting to be around him.

“wait, Audrey.” Jack spoke, reaching and grabbing my arm as I tried to walk past him, causing me to stop in my tracks and look at him.

“Hmm?” I hummed.

“can we uh, talk?”

“isn’t that what we’re doing now?”

“okay uh yeah.”

I waited for him to say something else. I had no words for him. I mean, I did, but none that were helpful. After a minute of him just standing there silent. I huffed in annoyance, ready to leave.

“so you and Nate?” he asked, looking up from the ground where our feet were, as we were leaning on the counters opposite from one another, so we were close, but not too close.

“so you and Madison?” I mocked, folding my arms over my chest. Jack sighed before talking again.

“why are you even with him?”

“why are you even with Madison when clearly all your friends have a problem with her, and she’s a bitch.”

“that’s not fair, she was nothing but nice all day.”

“oh, so you’re defending her now. cool”

“she’s my girlfriend!” he exclaimed

“cool, why don’t you go bother her instead then.” I fired back.

“Audrey please.” he begged, stepping closer to me.

“Please what Jack? let you explain? what’s there to even fucking explain. You just said it yourself, she’s your girlfriend. What else could you possibly have left to say?” I scoffed, turning to leave. I couldn’t deal with him. His very presence was pissing me off.

“Audrey please” he sighed, and the look on his face showed pain and hurt. His hands on my waist, holding me in my place.

“What do you want from me Jack.” I whispered out, my voice weak and cracking at the end.

“I want this.” he spoke out, before smashing his lips onto mine. 

It didn’t take long for me to get lost in this kiss. His tongue slipping into my mouth, His hands on my waist as he pushed me back against the fridge.

All these unknown feelings, something I’ve never felt before erupted in me. Anytime I was near him I felt different, and kissing him was completely different than anything I’ve ever felt before.

But as his hand slid under my shirt, his hand coming into contact with my newly exposed hip everything came rushing to me. My skin was hot where his touch lingered, and despite how much I enjoyed this feeling, I broke the kiss and pulled out of his grip, leaving Jack to look at me very confused.

“you have a girlfriend Jack.” I whispered out, grabbing my water.

“Audrey please, don’t do this.” 

“do what?” I asked, looking at him defeated. I was tired. I couldn’t keep doing this. Not only was it not fair to Madison, but to myself. 

“don’t push me away.”

“Jack, I can’t…” I started but just stopped talking. It was pointless. All of this.

“can’t what?”

“I can’t keep doing this. I can’t do whatever this is. the flirting and the kisses, hand holding, cuddling, all of it. I can’t. You’re screwing with my head, I’m fucking going crazy.”

“Audrey, I didn’t mean for it to be like this.” Jack sighed, reaching out and rubbing my arm.

“of course not.” I let out a short, sour chuckle. Like a little breath of ‘ha.’

“I’m serious though Audrey. I want this. I want me and you.”

“Jack, I want this too, but I can’t. You’re with Madison.”

“fuck Madison.” He threw his arms up. “she doesn’t make me feel like you do.”

He started pacing, running his hands through his hair, muttering.

“she doesn’t make me feel like you. I can’t stop thinking about you. You’re always on my mind, you’re driving me insane. I can’t focus. In the studio with Johnson, I can’t even get my verses right. I switch up the lyrics, I miss words, I fuck up my timing, all cause you’re always on my mind. And lately I can’t stop thinking about how bad I’ve fucked up.” he stopped in front of me, grabbing my face in his hands and resting his forehead against mine. “I know I’ve fucked up, but I’ll be damned if I don’t do everything in my fucking power to keep you in my life.”

“Jack.” I whispered out. I honestly don’t know what to say. 

“Audrey. Please. Give me one chance. Please. I want this, so bad. I want nothing more than you and me to be together. I want us to be like how we were before all of this. I want nothing more than us to go on dates. I’ll take you to the nicest fucking restaurant in the city. I want our lazy Sunday’s, where we sit around and watch movies all day, or listen to music. Fuck, I wouldn’t even care if you kicked my ass in fifa…again. All I know is I want you, in every way I can imagine.”

“Jack, you have a girlfriend.”

“I’ll break up with her. Audrey. Please. I can’t go on like this. I can’t not have you in my life. And I can’t be just friends either. I want you. I want us. Please.” he begged.

“how do I know you’re not just gonna find another girl in three months and cheat on me with her?”

“don’t you get it Audrey? I don’t want any other girl. I want you.”

“o-okay.” I whispered out as we were extremely close.

Jack looked at me shocked, wide eyed, before smiling, and pulling my face to meet his, our lips colliding. 

jumins-princess0  asked:

Quick question sorry if it bothers you but you know that one request you did about the mc being a junior would you be willing to do another one like that on what they would do for dates since the mc is younger than them? Could you possibly include v and saren? Sorry I just really loved what you wrote and if u can't I totally understand. Thanks cutie 😊

heheheeeeEEE you called me cutie c:


  • the!! MOVIES!!
  • Yoosung takes MC to the movies all the time
  • he always treats them to a large popcorn and a large slushie
  • and he takes them to the same movie theater every time
  • cause its the one with the arm rests that he can push up
  • that way him and MC can sit in the back row and cuddle up during the movie
  • and Yoosung knows not to pick a movie that starts after 7 PM because MC’s curfew is 11 on weekends and he needs a little time afterwards to grab some ice cream
  • and when it gets cold outside, hot chocolate~
  • Yoosung is so precious, so pure i just.wow


  • as an actor Zen has a lot of early mornings
  • and since MC is a student, literally every morning is early for them
  • so the two end up going on a lot of breakfast dates
  • Zen says he’ll get the check every time but most days MC’s like
  • “hey man, you’re a poor actor and i have an allowance. let me grab breakfast”
  • Zen usually gives in, but some mornings his pride still keeps him from letting MC pay
  • mostly, they end up splitting it
  • also, Zen finds it so adorable that MC orders strawberry pancakes literally every single time
  • they order strawberry pancakes so much that Zen even takes to calling them his little strawberry


  • sorry i know i do this to Jaehee all the time but
  • MC and Jaehee meet up at starbucks all the time
  • MC usually just studies and Jaehee will do some of her own work
  • depending on what they’re doing, MC and Jaehee will hold hands across the table while they drink
  • once Jaehee got to starbucks a little early so she bought MC’s coffee (pumpkin spice latte)
  • and the next time, MC got there a few minutes early so they get Jaehee’s coffee (americano) for her
  • and since then whoever gets to starbucks first gets the other coffee
  • sometimes they end up meeting half an hour before they said they would, just trying to buy the other coffee


  • lets go to THE MALL
  • Jumin will literally text MC like
  • “i’m in your driveway. can i take you to the mall again?”
  • ummm heLL YEA YOU CAN
  • MC doesnt even let Jumin spoil them as much as he wants to, though
  • every time they like something and he offers to get it for them they say something along the lines of
  • “i like coming to the mall with you for your company, Jumin. not your cash”
  • even thought MC wont let Jumin spend any money on them, he still likes taking them to the mall
  • he loves watching how excited they get when they find something really cute
  • they grab a ton of clothes and basically do a lil fashion show for Jumin
  • “Jumin, it’s this outfit so adorable?”
  • “of course. but you look incredible in everything, sweetheart”


  • when Seven is your boyfriend
  • you have to sneak out a lot
  • because the only time Seven isnt working is at night
  • so MC’s high school life is pretty much falling asleep in every class because they spend from 2 AM-4 AM hanging out with Seven
  • around 6 PM MC will usually get a text like
  • “hey, can we go for a drive tonight?”
  • and MC knows that means at 2 AM Seven’s going to park his convertible right outside their house
  • sometimes he’ll just drive with the top down and play some music while MC falls asleep in the passenger seat
  • he doesnt mind at all
  • he just loves being with them like this
  • driving through the crisp night air, Seven feels like him and MC are truly free
  • sometimes he’ll park the car and talk to them for a little
  • sometimes they’ll go to his place and watch a movie
  • it doesnt matter, as long as theyre together


  • V loooooooves dinner dates
  • treating MC to a meal is his favorite way to spend time with them
  • he takes them anywhere from fast food restaurants to expensive fancy places
  • but his favorite place to take MC 
  • is a cute, small diner that’s open 24/7
  • because they make the most fantastic milkshakes V has ever had
  • he and MC split a shake every time they go there together
  • thank god they both have the same favorite flavor: cookies and cream
  • V is just in love with the concept of sharing a meal with MC and hearing them tell him all about their day
  • cause honestly, some crazy shit happens in high school
  • like just the other day MC was ranting to V about this one bitch in their chemistry class and even V got a little pissed hearing about this chick
  • high school is a mess, V


  • Saeran is all about supporting his local music scene
  • he takes MC to local shows all the time
  • he does have rules, though!
  • no shows on school nights (no matter how badly MC wants to go)
  • MC has to wear earplugs (protecting your hearing is IMPORTANT)
  • and NO BARS
  • a concert venue with a small bar is fine,
  • but Saeran never takes MC to places that are more bar than venue
  • he just really hates drunk ass holes and needs to protect MC from them
  • but Saeran also makes a great body guard, for those rare occasions when some drunk shithead is trying to get close to MC
  • MC is so cute at shows, he loves the way they dance and practically scream lyrics instead of really singing
  • its just, an incredible way for him to live life

thanks for reading, i really hope you enjoyed c:

Protect Me - Grimmons

AU: ‘I’m pretending to be your bff/gf/bf bc you looked VERY uncomfortable with that person at the bar hitting on you’ AU AND Modern Day AU

Pairing: Grimmons, implied Docnut.

Summary: Simmons didn’t come to bars often. He despised them, actually. (AO3 Mirror)

Notes: I am not good at writing flirting unless it’s a cheesy pickup line. 0.0 Also kinda new at RT fanfics, so message me if I have the tags wrong!

Warnings: Groping.

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A Summer to Remember - Joe Sugg (Requested)

If someone were to ask you what your favorite season was, you’d say summer in a heartbeat. Life in general just seemed so much easier for you when you didn’t have things to stress over. For example, you no longer had to worry about perfecting that essay for Mr. Clymer or dealing with the constant drama that goes along with school. You could just sit back and relax. You could spend all day watching Netflix if your heart truly desired. However, you had a feeling this summer was going to be something special. You didn’t exactly know why, but you felt like something great was going to happen. You were looking forward to it.

You and your friend, Vivian have been waiting to go to the beach for a while now. As soon as you both were off from school, you packed up bags and headed to the closest beach. You needed to get your tan going.

“This is the life,” Vivian said as you were laying down the beach blanket. “I mean, what else could honestly make this better? It’s summer, I’m at the beach with my best friend, finally starting to work on a tan…This is pretty much picture perfect.”

“You can say that again,” You sighed happily. “I’ve been looking forward to this for such a long time now. I think Caspar the Ghost has a better tan than me at this point.”

Once the blanket was finally set out you both laid down on your stomachs. “Hey, cuties at 3 o’clock.” Vivian suddenly said to you. You glanced up and noticed a group of boys playing volleyball near you.

“How did we not notice them when we were setting up?” You asked. “They’ve obviously been playing for a while.”

“That’s a good question actually.” Vivian laughed. “I guess we’re just off our game today.”

“I guess so.” With that, you both stopped talking and focused on tanning. Vivian put in some headphones and you knew she was pretty much dead to the world until she was done. Eventually, your back started to get a bit hot so you decided it was time to flip  and even out the tan so far. You finally settle down in a comfortable position and suddenly something came and hit you in the face.

You sat up suddenly and saw that it was the beach ball. All four boys looked at you and suddenly one came running towards you. You noticed he had a strange expression on his face. “I’m guessing this is your ball?”

“Yeah thank you love,” He said and threw it back to his friends. However, he stayed there next to you.

“Can I help you with something?” You asked, getting a bit uncomfortable by how close he was to you.

“No, I think I need to help you though.” He said with a smile, Come with me.”

“What are you gonna do?” You asked skeptically. He grabbed your hand and pulled you up and took you over to the chairs for him and his friends. Why was he so serious about you coming along with him?

“Just wait here, I’ll be right back.” Before you had a chance to protest he left you there and ran over to a man selling water bottles. He came running back with three.

“Why do you have three?” You asked.

“Your nose is kinda bleeding, so I thought maybe you could rinse it off with some water.” He smiled, you could tell that he felt really bad for causing you an actual injury.

“Bloody hell… Okay, but why would you go and buy water when we’re sitting like 20 feet from an ocean?” You giggled. “You could have just gotten some from there.”

“I guess that’s true,” He said, realizing what you said was probably the smarter choice. “I guess I was just so focused on helping a pretty girl out.”

You felt your face heat up and it wasn’t because of the sun. You took the bottle of water from him, closed your eyes, and started to slowly pour it onto your face to rinse some of the blood off.  When you opened your eyes, you saw that he was handing you towel to dry your face off with. You took it from him with a thank you.

While you were drying your face, the strange boy decided he was going to take a drink of water from one of the remaining two water bottles. You got a good look at him. He was pretty attractive, you’re not gonna lie. He had sweet eyes and a jaw line to die for. You also liked the way that his hair still looked flawless even though it was completely windswept. You felt your face heating up again just from looking at him. He mumbled something but you were too focused on looking at him to actually understand what he said.

“Huh?” You asked, resuming wiping your face.

“I asked you if you wanted the other bottle.” He laughed. “I mean, your face is all red and you were watching me drink. I figured you were thirsty.”

“Oh, thank you.” You smiled, you were acting like a complete dork right now. Normally you’re pretty cool around guys, but for some reason you couldn’t stop yourself from doing something stupid.

“Can I ask you for your name?” He suddenly asked you.
“Uh, it’s uh- it’s Y/N,” You stammered out. Totally smooth. You thought.

“Y/N,” he smiled, testing out your name. “Very suitable. A beautiful name for a beautiful girl. My name’s Joe.”

“Well, it’s nice to meet you Joe.” You giggled. “Thank you for helping me clean up my face.”

“Of course, if it wasn’t for me you wouldn’t have had to in the first place.” He chuckled.

“Well, I should be getting back to my friend now, she’ll worry if she realizes I’m gone.” You said, suddenly remembering you came here with Vivian. You started to get up, but Joe grabbed your hand. You felt tingles shoot through your entire arm.

“Wait,” Joe said. For some reason he wasn’t able to look you in the eye. “Would you, uh…would you wanna go get dinner sometime? I mean, if you don’t want to, that’s totally okay. But it’d be great if I could see you agai-.”

“Of couse, I’d love to.” You smiled. Joe instantly relaxed and gave you a wink. The two of you exchanged contact information and you walked over to lay back down next to Vivian. You couldn’t stop yourself from watching the guys resume their game of volleyball. Joe noticed, and you could tell that he was trying to show off. You thought it was cute. While watching him, you began to think. Maybe this is what you were waiting for. The unknown reason why this was going to be a summer to remember. You’ve never felt tingles like that just from someone touching you before. You didn’t know what was going to happen after that dinner with Joe, but you were definitely looking forward to it.

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“You’ve locked yourself outside of your apartment and there’s a storm rolling in and I pity you so I’ll let you into mine” AU

 You’re digging into your purse, and eventually you get so angry you dump the entire contents of it onto the ground. No apartment key. You get so mad you kick the door. 

“….This…stupid…frick fracking key!” You groan. It’s about to thunderstorm. You hate thunderstorms. Especially since if the power goes out you don’t even have a candle. Should you call a locksmith? Would a locksmith even come this late–

“Cupcake, what’s going on?” 

You turn around. Carmilla has the door to her apartment open a crack, her head sticking out. You blush. 

“Nothing. What makes you think there’s anything? Ha.” 

“I don’t know.” The door opens just an inch more, and Carmilla smirks. “Frick fracking is kind of an intense choice of words for you. It must be pretty serious.” 

“Oh, uh, no, it’s not that bad. I’m just locked out of my apartment cause I’m a total idiot.” 

Smooth, Laura. Carmilla is actually talking to you–after months of your conversations consisting only of head nods at each other–and you call yourself an idiot. 

“Huh, that’s bad. Especially with this thunderstorm…” 

“Yeah. I’m going to have to sleep on the floor until morning I guess. Or climb up the wall like Spiderman.” You sit cross legged on the floor. Carmilla sighs. 

“Get in.” She says, opening the door. Your eyes widen. 

“You want me to get in.” 


“In your apartment. With you.” 

Carmilla rolls her eyes. “Don’t make me change my mind cupcake.” 

You scramble to your feet, grab your purse, and make a beeline for her apartment. 

“Thank you so much Carmilla!” You gush.

“Yeah, well. I had nothing better to do.” She shrugs. You look out at the apartment. It’s really messy. You wrinkle your nose and move some dirty clothes off the couch and sit there. Still, it was kind of a nice place. Cozy. You see a bunch of instruments lined up against the wall next to the TV cabinet. 

“…You play all of those?” 

Carmilla is busy doing something in the kitchen. “Every one, cutie.” 

“Even the ukulele.” 

“Yes, even the ukulele.” 

“That’s so cool.” You breathe. She was so cool. She was seriously so cool and now you’re in her apartment and gosh you knew you had a bit of a crush on her before this but now that you’re actually in her house you realize just how big of a crush it is. 


“Yeah, cupcake?” 

“You know we haven’t really talked that much before.” 

“Hmm. Guess not.” 

“So why did you invite me into your house and why are you giving me cute nicknames…?” 

Carmilla walks back into the living room from the kitchen, holding a champagne bottle and two glasses. “Just because we don’t talk doesn’t mean I don’t notice cutie.” She purrs. 

Holy frick frack. Was she seducing you? Was that on purpose? Because she always kind of exuded sex so it’s hard to tell. She sits next to you and you move a couple of inches away. 

“Uh…notice what?” 

“Well, you do live right across the hall. Every time you walk out your eating something sugary. Ergo, cupcake. As for cutie…well, that’s just a statement of fact.” She pours two glasses and holds one out to you. 

“Are we toasting or something? Wow this looks expensive. Shouldn’t you save it for a party or something?” 

“And have it be wasted on drunk idiots? No. Better to leave it to just us girls.” 

“…Why did you ask me into your apartment and offer me wine in a really sultry voice?” 

“I’m just being a friendly neighbor.” 

Maybe you should stop overthinking it. You take a sip of the wine. “It sounds like the rain started.” 

You both look at the window, where rain has started pounding the glass. Carmilla settles back in her seat a little. “I guess so.” 


Wow, that’s some loud thunder!” You exclaim. “Isn’t lightning the coolest thing? I always thought lightning was–” 

You stop. Carmilla is holding her glass so tightly you’re afraid it’s going to break. Her eyes are shut. 

“Uh, Carmilla, are you okay?” 

“Fine,” she hisses, but with another crash of thunder she flinches. 

“You’re sure?” As you watch her, it clicks and your face breaks out in a broad grin. 

“Oh my God, now it makes sense.” 


“You only invited me in because you’re scared of thunderstorms. You didn’t want to be alone.” 

I am not afraid of thunderstorms–,” another vicious crack of thunder fills the room, and Carmilla yelps. “…Just…loud noises.” She admits. “Loud, sudden noises.” 

You put the glass down, covering your mouth to stop yourself from laughing. 

“You know, this is a perfectly reasonable phobia, I don’t appreciate you laughing–”

“I’m not making fun of you, it’s just…I have this huge crush on you and I was so intimidated because you’re so cool so this is just information I didn’t expect–,” You freeze. 

Oh God Laura what did you just say take it back no wait you can’t take it back that would insult her–

…It’s kind of adorable, seeing you being all vulnerable. That’s all.” 

Carmilla arches an eyebrow. “Crush?” 

“Can we pretend I never said that?” 

It’s Carmilla turn to grin. “No. No we cannot.” There’s more thunder, and she tenses. Impulsively you lean back in and put an arm around her shoulders. 

“What are you doing?” 

“You invited me in to help you get through this thunderstorm, and that’s what I’m going to do.”

“Are you sure this isn’t just an excuse to cuddle with your hot musician crush?” 

“Maybe. Is that bad?” 

Carmilla shakes her head. When the thunder starts up again she inches closer to you. Before you realize it’s happened she’s curled up in a ball on the couch and you have both your arms around her, her head buried into your shoulder. Carmilla must have realized how close you both were too. 

“…You tell no one about this.” 

“I promise.” 

“I have an air of mystery I need to keep.” 

“Sure.” You laugh. “Man, we really should have went out to dinner before we got this close.” 

“We’ll work on that when this storm is over, okay? I mean, if you still have that huge crush on me after this.” 

You look at her, and your heart is beating double time. 


Send me a hollstein AU and I’ll write a drabble for it!

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Prompt: "my summer job is working at a coffee shop and this cutie comes in everyday so one day I finally write my number on their drink but then YOU grab the cup by accident and when you call me I don’t know how to turn you down so I end up going on a date with you but wow, actually you’re hotter and more charming than my original crush so it worked out well" PLS WRITE IT YOURE THE BEST

AHH well, anon, there comes a point in every fanfic writer’s life when they write a coffee shop AU. Here is mine. Thanks for the prompt! :)

Oh and I took your prompt and kind of changed it up because I’m a bad person like that. I hope you don’t mind! My brain is a jerk.

The title is from a Lights song ‘cause I clearly don’t do that enough *cough*. And it has not been beta’d or proofread because I’m sure platypiandi is asleep and my wife is asleep and I am hopeless without those two.

You are a cliffhanger ending; I’m the one that doesn’t know anything
Rating: G
Pairings: Hollstein, slight Hollence but only as a way for me to describe how pretty Sharon Belle is


Five more minutes.

Laura’s crush came in every day at 7:40 am, just before the morning rush, but never long enough for Laura to get the nerve to ask for her name or even her number. But! That was okay. Today she had a plan. And in ten minutes she was going to execute it, flawlessly, as she did all her plans.

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