what a cutie look at hm

Exo Reaction To You Randomly Kisses Them


*Amazed by your sudden action*

“wh, why?”


“Hm, cherry flavored lipstick”


“She/he loves me”


“What was that for?”


“You can’t do that. I’m trying to concentrate here”


*Thinks you’re too cute*


*Looks at you as you walk away*

“She/he’s weird”


*Happy shitue*


*Kisses you back* 


Got7 reaction to you doing aegyo

JB: I think he wouldn’t try to play the cool, chic guy he always does. Your aegyo would defo affect him, but he’d be playful about it.

“Jagi~ stop it! You’re making me shy” 

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Mark: “Ah you’re so cute babe but we both know that i’m in charge of aegyo! Just look at me!! Am i cute? am I? hm? HM?”  omg look at him being cute and adorable and asdfghj i’m done bye

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Jackson: “Wooo go little cutie! That’s my girl! You are so cute! OMG!” just loud screaming and  squealing tbh

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Jinyoung: He wouldn’t show a big reaction but would defenitely love it 

You’re so cute jagiyah~~

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Youngjae: He’d reply with aegyo

 “Jaagiyaah~ hihi…. bbuing bbuing”

BamBam: “Ehh what are you doing… just kidding you SO cute baby!!”

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Yugyeom: He’d just love you even more. 

“Gosh jagi i love you”

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Since we get the opportunity to ask you questions admin I'd like to know which sword boy is your favorite and why you like him so much!(:

This question is Touranbu related so I’m happy to answer it, remember on Saturday to ask me stuff about me. Yes I’m advertising again, I’d just fill silly not getting asked anything y'know ? Onto the question!

My favourite is Kuniyuki Akashi! Is there a reason I like him? Hm… Honestly, the first thing that got me with him is he’s a megane and I am very weak for anyone with glasses. Glasses make people look so cute… Right! So at first his looks got me interested then as the Hanamaru episode progressed and the cutie took the blame for the tanuki making a mess he just one me over. What can I say, a megane who acts like a jerk to protect people is best boi in my books. Also, his doting on Hotarumaru is very cute! Of course his title of best boi is at risk of being stolen by Kikkou, damn that kinky bastard.

“Why do you always look so nice in suits, hm?” You teasingly asked Jin as you straightened out his blazer.

“Why do you always look so beautiful all the time, hm?” He mimicked you, smoothing out the ruffles on your dress. “Oops, sorry baby.” He chuckles as his hand bumped your growing stomach, “You look nice in light pink—its appa’s favorite color, you know?” He kneeled down, holding your tummy with both hands. “A cutie such as yourself should learn from your eomma at an early age what dresses to wear,”

“Aren’t you going to help her, too?” You raised your eyebrow, “Appa has to help (Baby’s/Name)~”

“Of course I’ll help my princess,” He placed a gentle kiss on your stomach, “Anything for the princess.”

“What about me?” You pouted, “I thought I was the princess.”

“Ah, yeobo~” He stood up, “This just means you’re the queen now.”

“That makes you the king, then?” You looked up at him.

“Precisely.” He poked your nose lightly, “And (Son’s/Name) is the prince.”

“That would explain why he’s so spoiled,” You giggled, wrapping your arms around him.

“If you think he’s spoiled,” He held your lower back, “Just watch how this little doll is going to be.”

“I can’t wait,” You said sarcastically, rolling your eyes as Jin left little kisses on your cheek.

“You always take the fun out of things, (Y/N).” He frowned, “This is why (S/N) likes me better.”

“I don’t take the fun out of things,” You looked up as his lips trailed down to your neck now, “I just know discipline, and I can actually enforce it—instead of some people who can’t say no to a classic puppy face.”

“You try saying no to that boy’s face,” He mumbled against your skin, “It’s impossible.”

“Have you not met me?” You breathed a laugh, “I always say no to him when it’s something extravagant.”

Jin gently pulled the strap to your dress down your shoulder and kissed your collar bone, “That’s you, dear. I don’t understand how you can do that,”

“I’m as hard as a rock—no face he pulls will make me cave.”

“You say no to me all the time,” He laughs, “He looks somewhat like me; practice beforehand.”

“Thank you for preparing me for your son,” You pat his head.

“I hope she doesn’t look like you..” He nipped at your skin.

“You know it won’t matter who she looks like, right? Either way, you’re sure as hell not going to say no to the princess.”

“I never say no to the queen,” He pecked your lips, fixing your dress. “I guess I just spoil my whole family.”

“I see no problem,” You kissed his lips, “Just that we need to discipline them at some point.”

“Am I a good father to you?” He randomly asked.

“Why do you question your parenting now?”

“Well,” He scratched the back of his head, “We are on our second child, and you say I spoil (S/N) too much. You’re the one who disciplines him, and her in a couple of months.”

“Maybe you should try?” You suggested, putting your earrings on.

“Try to be a little more strict with (S/N)?”

“Yes, Jin.” You lightly laughed, knowing he wouldn’t last.

“Appa! Eomma!” Your son was running down the hall to your room.

“Now’s your chance~” You smirked, turning around as the door swung open.

“When can I have a cupcake?!” He whined, jumping up and down.

“It seems like you’ve already had one, you cheater.” You held a laugh, licking your thumb and wiping the corner of his mouth.

“N-No..” He looked down.

“(S/N), there was pink frosting on the side of your mouth.” Jin took over, “Look,” He brushed his matching suit, “You got crumbs all over your nice new outfit.”

“Appa, I want a cupcake now.”

“You can’t have one just yet,”

“But I’m hungry~” He sang, rubbing his tummy. “Can you hear it? It’s speaking,”

“Is it?” Jin raised his eyebrow, “What is it saying?”

“Feed me cupcakes, (S/N)!” He said in a ghastly voice, “Do it before I eat you!”

“If it’s that hungry, I’m sure you want actual food instead of sweets. You’ll have to wait either way until we get to the banquet hall,”

“Appa..” He pouted, looking up at him with those big brown eyes that were just like Jin’s. His bottom lip stick out exactly like his as well, and it seemed like you were staring at a mini Jin. “Please?” He swayed lightly.

“Agh,” Jin hung his head, “Only one.”

“Yay!” He ran out the door again.

“What happened to being a stricter parent?” You walked over to him.

“Did you see that adorable face he pulled?” He put his hand on his forehead.

“You do realize he looks like a clone of you, right?”

“No way,” He shook his head, “Maybe a little, but not entirely. His smile is from you,”

“Mm,” You laughed, “Okay~” You began walking away.

“(Y/N)!” Jin whined, following you down the hall. “He doesn’t look that much like me, because he’s adorable like you.”

“He looks exactly like you, Seokjin.” You used his full name when you were being serious, or while you were upset.

“We’ll ask around at the baby shower,” He held your hand as you slowly went down the stairs, “The most votes is what I’ll believe.”

“Deal.” You put out your other hand.

“It’s on.” He shook your hand.

“Eomma,” (S/N) said, “When is (B/N) going to be born?” He licked his tiny fingers from the frosting.

“Soon, sweetie.” You answered, stepping into the kitchen. “She’s just a little way to go,”

“I’m not sure if you’ll enjoy having a younger sibling,”

“Jin help me with the cupcakes, please?” You picked the tin container.

“I got it, jagi.” He carried it. “Are you ready?” He asked both of you.

“Yes, appa.” You two said in unison, holding each other’s hands.

“Beautiful..” He breathed a laugh, walking to the front door. Jin decided it was best if you held the cupcakes on you lap as you sat in the passenger seat, just to prevent any poking of them from your son. “(S/N),” Jin sighed as he began driving, “We need to have a little talk.”

“About what, appa?” He asked, swinging his feet.

“About the baby,” He looked in the rearview mirror, “You know how eomma is pregnant, and the baby will be here soon—I don’t think I quite explained what things will change when she arrives, however.”

“Will you guys not love me anymore?” His voice quivered.

“No!” Jin shook his head, “Wait—Yes, we’ll love you still!”

“Promise?” He sniffled.

“I promise, (S/N). But what I wanted to say was that once the baby comes, things will be slightly different. The baby will be the center of attention in the family, we have to take care of the baby first before you, the baby requires more care, and we’ll ask you to get along with her—please? I also need to have a little man to man with you—father to son.” He reached behind him to pat his knee, “You’re going to be a big brother; they have responsibilities. Once she’s born, you’re officially a big brother. You have to protect her no matter how upset at her you are, or how silly you feel for doing so. You should be kind to her, and you help us out when we ask you to. You have to listen extra carefully when we tell you to do things. I know this is a lot, but you are going to be her role model. Do you think you can do it?”

“Mhm.” He gave a determined nod.

“Good.” A smile appeared on Jin’s face. It was a not very lengthy car ride which was filled with jokes, giggles, and discussions of the baby. You didn’t expect as many people carrying baskets, bags, and boxes containing gifts.

“Noona!” Jungkook ran to you, “You’re big!” He rubbed your stomach in awe. “A baby is in here..” He said in a whispery tone, “Hyung, you did a good job.”

“What?” Jin laughed, “What do you mean?”

“Two children already,” He pressed his ear to your stomach, “You did a good job.”

“Ah, Jungkook.” He shook his head, putting his hands in his pockets as he looked down at him.

“Noona~” His head shot up to you, “She kicked, she kicked!”

You giggled, “I know.”

“Hey, (Y/N).” Namjoon greeted, hugging you and kissing your head. “What’s Jungkook doing?”

“I’m feeling the baby, duh.”

“You can feel her?” He squatted down, placing one hand on the side of your stomach.

“She kicked just before you got here,” He touched every inch of your stomach.

“Yah, stop feeling up the pregnant lady!” Yoongi yelled.

“But the baby is kicking!” Jungkook whined.

“That’s weird..” He mumbled, going to hug you. “How’s everything going?”

“Just fine.” You smiled.

“How’s (S/N)?”

You pointed to him running around with his cousins already, “Jin explained how the house is going to be when the baby is born, and how things will change—he took it pretty well, so I guess alright.”

“So long as he understands.”

“Guess what I got?!” Hoseok sang, dancing over to you. “Surprise!” He held a bag out to you, “Open it now!”

You open the bag up and see onesies with every animal on them, “Thank you.” You hugged him.

“The frog one is my favorite—it comes with a hat, too!” He excitedly pulled it out. “Isn’t it cute?”

“Extremely.” You agreed.

“Um, you know there are two boys feeling your stomach—right?”

“We’re listening,”

“And trying to get the baby to kick,” Namjoon finished.

“Whoa, she’s kicking?” Hoseok quickly dropped to his knees.

“Yeah! It was great, hyung! Jin is so lucky,” Jungkook gushed.

“We still have two more to go,” Jin told you, putting his hand on your shoulder.

“I’ll go take that to the gift table,” Yoongi took the bag from you.

“Thanks.” You kissed his cheek.

“Omo, what’s going on over here?!” Jimin and Tae bounced.

“Why is everyone crowded around her tummy? Is the baby talking?” Tae asked, pushing his way in. “Hello, baby.” He poked your belly button, “You can hear me, right?”

“Yah!” You flinched, “Don’t poke my belly button, Tae.”

“Hello.” Jimin kissed your cheek.

“Agh..” You held his arm tightly while shutting your eyes.

“What’s wrong, jagi?” Jin quickly asked you, “Is she coming early?”

“No,” You held onto him instead, “She’s moving around and stretching..”

“That was awesome!” Jungkook clapped, “We can feel her moving!”

“I wanna feel!” Jimin went to the floor as well.

“Agh, Jin!” You groaned, digging your nails into his arm.

“Jagi what’s wrong?” He held you sternly, “Baby,” He worriedly said, dragging a chair behind you. “Sit down.”

“Ow,” You took a sharp breath in.

“What is it?” Jin asked again, pushing the boys away.

“My ribs..” You held them weakly.

“She’s getting in position..” He smiled like he couldn’t believe it, “She’s coming soon..” He rubbed your stomach. “Do you hear me, (B/N)? It’s me—appa. Just hold on there,”

“Please don’t be born now..” You squinted your eyes.

“Does it feel like contractions?” He held your hand.

“No, but anything can happen.” You had a strong grip on him, “Ow!”

“She’s just getting ready..” He cooed, petting your hair. “Don’t worry.”

“Do you need anything?” The boys asked, standing up.

“No—No, I’m fine.” You shook your head, “She’s just getting ready.” You repeated Jin’s words.

“Feel better—We’ll be over there.” Namjoon rubbed your back as they all walked to a table.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Jin kissed your ear, while still holding your hand.

“It’ll pass.” You nodded, swallowing as you felt her elbow press against you.

“I’m here..” His thumb traced over yours, “I’m here, (Y/N).”

“I know..” You kept your other hand on your stomach.

“I’ll always be here,” He held your stomach as well.

“Eomma, what’s wrong?” Your son ran over to you worriedly, “I saw you.”

“The baby is just moving,” You sighed.

“Don’t come out yet, (B/N).” He rested his head on your stomach.

“Not just yet,” Jin traced tiny circles on your baby bump.

There you sat until your baby calmed down: playing with your son’s hair as your husband rubbed your tummy and you held hand.

“I love you.” You felt tears coming into your eyes.

“I love you, too.” Jin kissed you deeply.

im getting tons of funny requests and im very very very happy about that ~ thanks for requesting cutie @yasandtaetae

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Jin: Well, I guess not everyone is lucky enough to be as beautiful as me. ;)

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Suga: Jagi, you said you’d be done three hours ago…

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J-Hope: *doing his own hair* I’m never going to understand how you girls do this every single day…

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Rap Monster: Why are you putting stuff on your eyes? Just throw on some glasses like me! You look cute with glasses on ~

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V: What’s an eyeliner wing? I thought wings look like this ~

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Jimin: D-did you wake up an hour earlier to do your make-up??

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Jungkook: Hm? Oh, yeah you look ravishing, jagi~ totally not just staring at your lips right now

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Got7 Reaction to their Girlfriend's Big Blue Eyes


*every cheesy pick up line you could think of* “Hm? Sorry I didn’t hear you I was lost in your eyes”


*always trying to find a way to compliment you, even interrupting your sentences* “How can you look so beautiful?”*


*always surprised by how pretty your eyes are and always staring at them* “I cant believe someone like you can like someone like me”


*greasy bambam* “aishhh I really do have the cutest girlfriend with the prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen~~”


*always too shy to look at you* “Ah sorry jagi I cant concentrate on you when you look at me with those big beautiful eyes of yours…"  (what a cutie)


*this cute baby would be so shy oh gosh* "Ahh wait don’t look at me!”


*okay this goofball would nonstop be flirting* “Your eyes are like big beautiful oceans jagi~~”