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mark tuan as your boyfriend

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mark tuan as your boyfriend | 1,000 words

  • would be the Cutest and Softest Boyfriend ever
  • always wanting to cuddle or hold your hand and always looking out for you and thinking about you
  • one of his favorite past times is to wrap his arms around your waist, pull you in close and take a nap
  • he’d also be a super chill boyfriend too!! like Mark would be 101% happy with just staying home to cuddle and exchange kisses all day with you instead of going out
  • but he would like going out sometimes to spice thing up like from relaxing dates at the park or the beach where you two would just enjoy the scenery while snuggling closely to each other
  • of course he’d also take you out on exciting dates too filled with adventure like kayaking, skydiving, or going to an amusement park with extreme rollercoasters… only if you were down though

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Less than 48 hours till the tour starts! The cast is ready, and you?


the most beautiful 3-syllable-poem ‘beijing you like’ by cutie top hyung~

  • First Doctor: Badass Grandpa
  • Second Doctor: Flute playing fixes literally everything
  • Third Doctor: Messy hair don't care
  • Fourth Doctor: Dat Scarf Tho *aggressively bites lower lip*
  • Fifth Doctor: looks like a cinnamon roll and is a cinnamon roll
  • Sixth Doctor: Sin-amon roll
  • Seventh Doctor: My spoon tricks bring all the boys to the yard
  • Eight Doctor: "What do you mean ONLY one?"
  • War Doctor: "War.......War Never Changes"
  • Ninth Doctor: Sasstronaught
  • Tenth Doctor: Cutie with a Booty
  • Eleventh Doctor: "I'm sorry I can't hear you over how overtly awesome I am"
  • Twelfth Doctor: Badass Grandpa II: Revenge of the Eyebrows

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What is the most adorable gif you have of Tom

Oooh well that all depends on what kind of “adorable” you’re in the mood for.

Super cutie smiley adorable?

Heartbreaking and adorable?

That-smile-Jesus-Christ-kill-me-now adorable?

Trying-not-to-be-adorable-but-still-is adorable?

I have so many, anon. SO MANY. And I’ll be making even more now that I’ve reached Tom’s episodes on Banshee. ;)


can you believe that this bat actually got some sun today??? 🦇☀️

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I love Dragons. I love Victuuri. And you just mashed them together I can't. Your art is so beautiful! I love the designs of them. And the coloring UGH PERFECT. I wonder what Makkachin looks like? ❤❤❤ pls make more lovey dovey dragon dorks. Thank you!

Here we go!
Cutie little Makkachin

….and the biggest one.

I dunno which version is better but both looks fun

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People keep telling me that i can't be a little because i have short hair.. i feel actually terrible rn.. do you think little girls can have short hair?

Hey cutie, of course you can be little with short hair. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’re like, if you wanna be little, then you go right on ahead. Anyone who says otherwise doesn’t even deserve your attention! Best of luck 💕💕


iconic jeon jungkook lyrics
  • “the name is Jung Kook, my scale is nationwide” 
  • “you have a glass mentality, boy”
  • “ok mom, I’m going to the library right now”
  • “don’t wanna be fool, wanna be cool”
  • “after we broke up, you look better, pretty woman” 
  • “though i drink coffee and open my eyes
    it feels like i’ll fall asleep, oh no no”
  • “i want to be your oppa
    i’m so hungry for your love”
  • “Dad, just how exactly
    did dad ask Mom out?”
  • “hold me tight before i kiss you” 
  • “what is wrong with you? you’re crazy baby”
  • “you’re a cutie and i am pitiful”
  • “am i easy to you? are you playing with me?”
  • “i’m 18, i know what i need to know”
  • “yes i’m a bad boy so i like bad girl”
  • “your front is the best, your back is the best
    from your head to your toes, you’re the best”
  • “ayo ladies & gentleman” 
  • “every day is about the hustle life”
  • “i’m so into your converse highs”

Imagine Joshua getting shy and smiley when you keep complimenting his new pink hair.

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I love your art so much! I'm so happy that I found your blog. The way you draw them all is so cute and I'm in love. Help. I can't stop looking at your art! I have my notifications turned on for you so that every time you post something I can't see it. Drawing or not, I still get excited to see what it is. Thank you for existing! You're like... #1 as my favorite artist. I just wanna share it with the world. Too bad no one I know likes BTS. I can still show them your other art though. 💙💙💙사랑해