what a cutie i can't with you


well damn wonho, show kihyun what you really got 



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Hey I just wanted to say I really love your art style and work,and your characters, you really inspire me and my art, and I just wanted to thank you for making such outstanding art, keep it up, and I even a character inspired by your monsters , her name is Jessica , it would mean the world to me if you could check her out(if you have the time that is) thank you again for inspiring me and being such a chill guy, keep it up and I can't wait to see what you do in the future 😊 *gives sue a hug*

Thank you so much! Also she’s a cutie! Keep it up! don’t stop practicing! Make great things! 

mark tuan as your boyfriend

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mark tuan as your boyfriend | 1,000 words

  • would be the Cutest and Softest Boyfriend ever
  • always wanting to cuddle or hold your hand and always looking out for you and thinking about you
  • one of his favorite past times is to wrap his arms around your waist, pull you in close and take a nap
  • he’d also be a super chill boyfriend too!! like Mark would be 101% happy with just staying home to cuddle and exchange kisses all day with you instead of going out
  • but he would like going out sometimes to spice thing up like from relaxing dates at the park or the beach where you two would just enjoy the scenery while snuggling closely to each other
  • of course he’d also take you out on exciting dates too filled with adventure like kayaking, skydiving, or going to an amusement park with extreme rollercoasters… only if you were down though

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Webby and the Boys

I don’t ship them. I want to make that clear, right now, that I don’t ship Webby with any of the boys. 

In fact, if you know anything about me, you’ll know that I do ship her and Gosalyn. Which is the cutest thing ever. Fight me. 

But I’m not talking about that, right now. 

What I do want to talk about is Webby and the boys. 

Webby’s only family is her grandmother. Her entire life has been spent inside a huge house, mostly alone, mostly entertaining herself while Mrs. Beakley attended to the various needs of Scrooge McDuck and his manor. And so she’s incredibly used to being alone. Being alone is what she’s best at. 

Which is sad. To say the least. 

It won’t be long, then, before the boys start to see that. Before they start to realize that she’s been alone long enough for it to become a habit. A chore. Another fixture of her personality. They’re her friends. And she’s theirs. 

Actually… she’s not their friend, is she? They mull over it on their bunk beds one night. Scrooge was being crotchety, so Donald had moved them all out back to the house boat. Had tucked them into their bunk beds (sheets newly washed) after a dinner he’d scrambled together, and they’d been sitting on Dewey’s bed, quietly whispering to one another while Donald snores reached them from his own room, across the little floating pool boat.  

“She’s our friend. We should help her.”

“She’s not our friend,” Louie said. 

“What’re you talking about?”

Louie pointed towards Dewey. “She’s like you to me.”

“I’m your friend.”

“No. You’re my brother. There’s a difference.”


“So, she’s like my brother. Only a girl.”

Huey tilted his head and squinted his eyes and furled his lip. “There’s a word for that, you know.” He pat the bed. “A sister.”

“Sure.” said Louie, scrambling off the bunk towards his own. “Whatever you wanna call it.” 

They call it that. But only to themselves. They’re not sure how Webby would react to hearing them claiming her with a title they’d made up. It felt wrong. A little like roping her into something they weren’t sure she’d like. An adventure she hadn’t approved. 

But that doesn’t mean they can’t try to tinker. If only a little. 

So they talk to their Uncle. Who, for his faults, had always been loving and caring and the best at knowing what to do. And he nods and agrees. They pile into their car and go to the Bed BirdBath and Beyond store a mile away. 

Their cupboards are already stocked with plates. Blue ones, red ones, green ones, and white ones. So they pick out some pink ones. And a pink placemat. And a cup. 

There’s a spare bed, above Louie (who offers up the space he’d been using to store video games and the occasional candy bar) and find a set of pink sheets and a duvet and hull them into the cart with the rest of the stuff. The toothbrush and the molting comb. 

Donald had extra money from his side job being an accidental henchman, so they pay for it all. Plus an extra few video games. A reward, he tells them. For generosity. 

Then it’s back into the car, and back to the boat, and back to the room, where they pull sheet corners round mattresses and drop toothbrushes besides the old ones, and stack the plates onto the pile in the kitchen. 

When Webby does arrive the next time, for a sleepover that they’d been bothering her about all week, she’ll arrive in a place she recognizes but doesn’t. She’ll arrive home. 

Her own bed. Her own cup. Her own space in the closet they’d made room for. 

The boys and Donald act like nothing is different. But it is. And it isn’t. 

She eats with them at her own seat. She’ll sleep on her own bed. And when they veg out on cereal the next morning, cartoons blaring, she’ll have her own spot on the couch that they’d moved all the comic books away from to make for her. 

She integrates, slowly, her life into theirs. Donald makes room in the car. The boys make room in their dresser. Mrs. Beakley sees her half as much, but she’s fine with that. The commutes to school are easier, anyway, when she doesn’t have to search out Scrooge’s hired drivers. When she can just watch her grandchild be corralled into the car by Donald, who makes sure every one of them is buckled, hands out power bars, and fusses the entire way. 

Donald drivers her crazy, sometimes, and they tell her off the side that it’s her initiation. When Donald tell her to wear her socks in the house to avoid splinters or glares at her down his beak when she breaks his favorite vase or forces her to wear the horrible life jackets. 

“You’re one of his now,” they tell her, and she bites her lip to hide a squeal of delight. “Welcome to the family!”

She becomes one of them. 

Webby is so much more than a friend. She’s a sister. They see it. Donald sees it. She… she’ll see it. Eventually. 

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He tian is somehow more 'soft' in this uptade or is it just me?

Not just you, I think his overall vibe seems a bit more mellow in this chapter too! I’m still trying to figure out what he was thinking when he made this expression in this panel:

In the previous chapter he had that same calm expression throughout

In the chapter before that he was teasing Guan shan like a little sadist

This chapter feels like a mix of both, he’s smiling and joking around in some panels and serious in other panels, but he isn’t coming on as strong as he did in some of the other chapters. Idk if I’m making any sense?? Hope you understand what I mean 😂😂😂

  • First Doctor: Badass Grandpa
  • Second Doctor: Flute playing fixes literally everything
  • Third Doctor: Messy hair don't care
  • Fourth Doctor: Dat Scarf Tho *aggressively bites lower lip*
  • Fifth Doctor: looks like a cinnamon roll and is a cinnamon roll
  • Sixth Doctor: Sin-amon roll
  • Seventh Doctor: My spoon tricks bring all the boys to the yard
  • Eight Doctor: "What do you mean ONLY one?"
  • War Doctor: "War.......War Never Changes"
  • Ninth Doctor: Sasstronaught
  • Tenth Doctor: Cutie with a Booty
  • Eleventh Doctor: "I'm sorry I can't hear you over how overtly awesome I am"
  • Twelfth Doctor: Badass Grandpa II: Revenge of the Eyebrows

Onew laying down tracks for NaNa B’s CF “BB Song” 😍😍😍

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Less than 48 hours till the tour starts! The cast is ready, and you?


the most beautiful 3-syllable-poem ‘beijing you like’ by cutie top hyung~

When someone says that they are obsessed with Jerome Valeska

What's up butter cup?
  • Yoongi : Morning hyung-
  • Jin : What's up buttercup?
  • Yoongi :
  • Yoongi : I just wanted to say hi don't-
  • Jin : What's the Jazz~sweet little ass?
  • Yoongi : It's 7 in the morning I can't deal with this rn.
  • Yoongi : Please.
  • Jin : Lemon squeezy why so pissy~?
  • Yoongi : That doesn't even make sense!
  • Yoongi : Hyung I SWEAR-
  • Jin : *Cups yoongi's face with his hand*
  • Jin : Don't be grumpy my worldwide cutie~
  • Yoongi : *Flusters* W-what- I'm not... hyung stop it.
  • Hoseok : *Eating his bowl of cereal with a face of disgust*
  • Jimin : Please as Yoongi hyung said it's 7am, it's too early to throw up.
  • Jungkook : *Leaves* Eww.

atrouspine  said: Hey i saw you were lookin for raccoon art so here’s some doodles of my character named Ink. :]

My friend….this is very top tier high quality excellency, right here. WHAT A CUTIE….I would absolutely buy that ice cream one as a sticker. these coupla fanart submissions are all I’ve ever wanted everyone is so talented and i am a simple racon farmer

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I know it's gore day- but could you make me an Astronaut Matt please? :0 I can't find any good pictures of Matt in space or in a space suit that weren't screenshots for The End -TC

what a cutie….he’s gonna float away