what a cute whale

mandomarbles  asked:

What is your opinion on whales?

whales? whales are awESOME my dude

they’re like one of my favorite marine animals ever they don’t give a shit about anything theyre just huge and they look majestic as fuck and they dont do anything wrong ever they just swim and go about their business


Rose’s room theory

So I have a theory for everyone today and that is to do with episode 19 “Roses room.

in the episode we can obviously see Steven having trouble trying to get back to the outside world which makes the entire episode creepy in the first place yet what makes the episode spectacularly creepy is this.

Yet the cute pink whale is creepy, and why is that, well I think that the whale is a part of Steven’s mother, Rose Quartz. Yes i may sound really crazy right now yet hear me out. The whale is voiced by Susan Egan, who is the voice of Rose Quartz.

Maybe the reason of the room refusing Steven to leave is not because the Room isn’t being asked properly yet because it’s Rose’s way of being closer to Steven and maybe that’s why the room isn’t letting him leave. Because Rose whats him to stay longer with her.

Any way I am going to leave this theory here for you all to mull this over and please message me with responses and thought’s on my theory’s

my tutor is so CUTE, he loves whales and he’s in america at the moment so I emailed him and asked if he’s seen any and he said ‘yes Azra! there are many whales here!’ with an attachment of a picture of a whale. brilliant.