what a cute whale

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🐳 (I can't remember what question this is but I got excited cause the whale is cute)

🐳: What do you look for in a friend?

Oh gosh! What an appropriate question coming from you, smol!

Of course that isn’t to say I’m not open to striking up a quick and amicable relationship with just about anyone! I am very open and friendly and I welcome interactions with anyone.

But I’ve had a few people come into my private messages asking if we can be friends. It doesn’t work that way??

I am courteous and friendly to everyone I meet - and I try to remain as such even in the face of hostility. But it’s hard to try to cater to someone who is asking for a friendship based on… idk? Nothing? 

But to respond more directly to the question, in a friend, I look for respect. I want someone who will see me as someone who is worthwhile and deserving of respect. ^_^; I think I deserve that.


~ CONNICHI 2016 :D ! ~

Hellooo ( >w>)/ !! sry for being late :’D I wanted to show you Connichi-photos on sunday…but, meh, didn’t make it =.= too much exams. But today I surpassed my last exam, YUSSSSSSSS *^* ! now :

TADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA :D ! These are some photos I took at the Connichi on saturday 8(>////<)8 !! <3

as u know : I was ( a very tiny)  Tsubakyun there ~ and luckily a lot of people recognized me while walking around x'DD “ OMG TSUBAKYUN :O !! ”


not interesting at all. =w=) ”

An hour later I found Kuro, JEJE(!) and the first Lichtan :D! They had their regular place right when one is entering the huge garden of the Con. So… the Servamp-meeting attended right there 8D <3 ! A few minutes later @servampfanarts / @rhomilch​ found us and brought her Lichtan and this super adorable Misono !! *-* WITH THE ALICEIN-CHAIR <3

Moreover there was a Gül…..

G Ü L D E N S T E R N… ! The cute blue whale ! WHAT IS LIFE - Highlight of the day x'DDD <3 <3 unfortunately the dude who was wearing the Gül-Cos couldn’t see anything at all… so we were supposed to take care of him :’D <3 But gaawwwwd he was so cuuttteeee ! *-* Gül likes to huuuggg.

And then some GrOu3PhOtOs :3 !

 There actually were a loooot more Servampcosplayer than shown in all these photos. And it was difficult to take photos due to the rain =///= 70% of the day we were standing under umbrellas :’D we got wet anyway =w=)“ Furthermore not every ServampCosplayer were with us here all the time, that’s why I didn’t took photos of every single Cosplayer v.v) meh ~ ( Lawless 1 ‘n 2 : @heirofsilence and @stitching-string ) 

srsly, the rain was horrible… :'DDD wet, cold, muddy… but we had fun anyway, of course ! 8D <3

~ more photos comin~ :M !

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I need to know where to get one and what they are called! They are too cute!!

is this about the whale plushie :o? if it is its called jinbei san mr whale shark and i got mine at a con so i wouldnt be able to tell you the best place to get it but if you search around online you should be able to find one!!

Been listening to a variety this month. More favorites for February. 

Listen Here: More February Faves.


Here Comes The Weekend // P!nk

The Curse Of Curves // Cute Is What We Aim For

Happy // Pharrell Williams

Should’ve Kissed You // Chris Brown

Lightning In A Bottle // The Summer Set

Tally It Up, Settle The Score // Sleeping With Sirens

Drunk In Love // Beyonce

A Beautiful World // Tim Myers

If You Left Him For Me // Cody Simpson

Aeolus // Freelance Whales

Novacane // Frank Ocean

Arrow // Tegan And Sara

Flavor Of The Weak // American Hi-Fi

I like the idea of Ice going through a wicked growth spurt and proudly resting his elbow (though not comfortably) on Nor’s shoulder, so smug about this change and hella proud.

But it’s very short lived.

Then he gets disgruntled when Nor reaches over anyway pats his head, mumbling ‘cute’ and still babying him. The sudden tallness does not phase him one bit.

  • Aunt: so being pansexual means you like guys and girls and everything in between
  • Me: Yes I suppose so
  • Aunt: But you're straight. You've only had boyfriends
  • Me: Do you think beluga whales are cute
  • Aunt: What
  • Me: do you think beluga whales are cute?
  • Aunt: Well, yes
  • Me: I don't believe you. You haven't gone and pet one and fed it kippers. So your feelings towards beluga whales are invalid
  • Aunt: I-
  • Me: Exactly.
Rose’s room theory

So I have a theory for everyone today and that is to do with episode 19 “Roses room.

in the episode we can obviously see Steven having trouble trying to get back to the outside world which makes the entire episode creepy in the first place yet what makes the episode spectacularly creepy is this.

Yet the cute pink whale is creepy, and why is that, well I think that the whale is a part of Steven’s mother, Rose Quartz. Yes i may sound really crazy right now yet hear me out. The whale is voiced by Susan Egan, who is the voice of Rose Quartz.

Maybe the reason of the room refusing Steven to leave is not because the Room isn’t being asked properly yet because it’s Rose’s way of being closer to Steven and maybe that’s why the room isn’t letting him leave. Because Rose whats him to stay longer with her.

Any way I am going to leave this theory here for you all to mull this over and please message me with responses and thought’s on my theory’s