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Boyf riends 12 :)

(Boyf Riends 12) “I found you—snuggling with my jacket, peacefully asleep”

“Harder!” The voice of some chick getting it in moaned out. Thank god for low quality cable porn.

“Probably faking it.” Jeremy mumbled, sinking into the beanbag chair in his best friend’s basement. He scratched the top of his head, feeling…strange. Not his usually uncomfortable strange this was a …something wasn’t right strange. First off, he wasn’t really into the porn. Secondly, he was watching it with a less interested Michael. Both of them were just staring off at the tv.

“His dick is probably fake too.” Michael added reaching over to grab more chips out of the bag. “The pizza in this looks good though.” Yet another delivery boy plot, did porn always come with such cookie cutter story? Did people watch porn for the story?

Jeremy shot his small, lack-daisy friend a look of curiosity. “Why are you looking at the guy’s dick” He smirked a bit trying to be funny. He half expected a half assed answer from Michael. Instead, Mr. Mell fell silent for a long moment and reached for the remote.

He turned off the tv and chucked the remote control across the room. “Why are we watching porn together?”

“Well…did you have something else to watch?”

Michael’s lips turned into a small frown, he didn’t have anything else in mind other than getting high and hanging around with his best friend.

Nothing but Michael didn’t want Jeremy to go … not yet. There wasn’t a need to get high or pretend to be, he felt a natural calm and joy radiating off his best friend right next to him. There wasn’t a need to get high or pretend to be, he felt a natural calm and joy radiating off his best friend right next to him. Jeremy was like the sun, all the warmth and none of the burn. “We can play some Mario Kart” Michael smiled. “What do you say player 2?”

His tall friend eyed up the controller being offered to him. He reached out, his long fingers brushing up against Michael’s hand. “I’m always game to be your player 2.” Jeremy, when he didn’t try so hard, could manage to be so smooth. Those beady blue eyes under a light frame of pale lashes, Michael’s little heart hammered against his ribs. Michael practically flung himself at the beanbag chair beside Jeremy’s. “Michael I swear to god if you pick rain–”

“RAINBOW ROAD BABY!” Michael wailed giving Jeremy a wink.

“You’re the kind of guy that likes to see the world burn, aren’t cha?” Jeremy pressed the palm of his hand against his face, hiding the flushed smile he sported. Michael’s outbursts never ceased to make him smile. Even if they did come at the expense of sounding all too lame. It was good lame, the lame that complimented Jeremy’s lame. They were two lames that managed to be cool when they were only exposed to each other.

Michael picked his character and kicked up his feet, sinking further into the beanbag. “No way, I’m all about sunshines and rainbows!~” The game began and the room was filled with grunts, empty threats, toying taunts and laughter. So much laughter echoed off the walls of his basement. They had enough noise to drown out the biggest party and to Michael this was the raddest party around. He needed nothing more than good times and his best…

Michael made the mistake of taking his eyes off the third lap, he watched Jeremy. The say he swayed as if he was really riding the turns of the course. His eyes wide with competitive excitement. His arms so far out past his knees he looked like he was going to nose dive into the tv. What a dork. What a cute…dork, Michael’s face felt warm. Then— “AHH I FELL OFF” He screeched watching as his character barreled down the endless abyss and Jeremy’s character crossed the finish line.

“HAAAA, Kiss my ass Michael~” Jeremy laughed so hard his nose wrinkled and a snort slipped out. He brought a hand to his mouth and tried to smother the unattractive nose out. Meanwhile Michael melted into his cushion. He pulled the collar of his red jacket, trying to hid his clearly smitten expression.

“Rematch and we’ll see about that ass kissin’” He bit his tongue a little, his voice just a touch to high and excited. Hours of laughter drifted into soft conversations between matches. Finally, Michael heard a delicate yawn come out of his long legged friend.

 Jeremy leaned back against the beanbag, his body sinking into the cushion. Michael took that moment while Jeremy’s eyes were closed to look him over. His face looking more at ease than any time he had been high off Marley. “Mike…mind if I crash here?”

Michael felt a jolt of energy surge through him. It had been a good minute since Jeremy stayed over. “Course’ not!” The excitement was getting too real, he slid off his jacket and hopped to his feet. “I’ll get the spare pillows from upstairs” he started bounding up the stairs.

Jeremy chuckled and sleepily muttered just as Michael passed, “how are you always so happy, Mike?”

There was no answer. Michael scaled the stairs and went right to the linen closet. He pulled only the softest pillows and blanket for Jeremy. He felt his heart squeeze and everything in him coiled up like a tightly wound spring. He pressed the pillow against his face and sighed, what was he doing? These feelings, his crazy feelings for his best friend. “Stupid, stupid.” He shook his head, he couldn’t do this to himself. To Jeremy, it wasn’t fair. Why ruin this good thing they had? He wouldn’t, if keeping Jeremy meant hiding all these feelings for the rest of his life…then he would.

Once he calmed down he started back down the stairs. “Yo, I got you some quality linens, you can still smell the fabric softener in these puppies.” He chuckled and got no response. “Jer?” He peeked around and walked over to the beanbag and blushed. There was his best friend, his gangly long limbed bestie coiled awkwardly into a ball. Like he didn’t know how tall he really was, he tried to tuck those legs under Michael’s jacket he was using as a blanket. “A-ah…” He muttered watching as Jeremy pulled the jacket closer to his chest and held it close. “…you’re making it hard not to fall in love with you…especially when you’re snuggling my jacket, peacefully asleep like that…” He frowned a bit, his fingers itching to touch the small tuff of hair against his pale forehead.

You only live once ♡ Grayson

Request: ‘’Can you make an imagine? G or E being a tattoo artist and while tattooing you he slowly falls in love with you? You describe everything so well and I just 😫😍‘‘

Response: Thank you so much :) I had a really cute idea for this one, so I hope you like how it turned out! Btw sorry for the lack of Ethan imagines, I don’t get a lot of requests for him and most people like my Grayson ones better. Buuut I have an imagine for E coming up! xx (Y/F/N = your friends name)

Warning: English is not my native language, so if there are any vocabulary/grammar mistakes, please ignore them. I try my best :)

‘Come on Y/F/N, we really have to go now… This is getting out of hand,’ you say to your best friend. She leans onto you with her whole weight, almost causing you to fall. She was obviously very tipsy. ‘Noooo! I want to stay! Please, Y/N,’ she whines, but you had to be the mother-figure now. ‘No babe, I have a curfew. And so do you. I think your parents won’t like it when they see you like this,’ you chuckle. You put your arm around your friend’s waist to support her while you walk back to your car together.

You help her get in and put the seatbelt on, since she was too drunk to even open the porter. Or she was acting like she was, you didn’t really know. You also get in the car and start driving back to her house to drop her off.

You had decided to go out to a party since the first time in weeks. You weren’t really the type of girl to party every weekend, but now and then you did go out and if you were with your best friend, it was really fun. So, you didn’t regret it, but when Y/F/N was beginning to act drunk, you knew it was time to go.

‘Y/N,’ Y/F/N says suddenly. ‘I want to get a tattoo!’ You blink your eyes. ‘What?! Like, right now, you mean?’ you ask, looking at her. Her eyes were wide and she looked really exciting. ‘Yeah, come on! I heard there is a new tattoo shop around here somewhere. We should really get a tattoo.’ ‘What do you mean, ‘’we’’? I don’t need a tattoo! Besides, you are way too drunk. You’re going to regret it when you’re sober,’ you smirk. Your friend had some weird ideas sometimes.

‘Nahh, I won’t! I have wanted a tattoo for quite a while now. By the way, you only live once, right?’ She pokes you with her elbow, trying to encourage you. You sigh and can’t help but smiling. ‘Okay then, if you say so…’

You try to push the door open while you carefully held Y/F/N by her arm. You walk into the shop, but it’s complete empty. ‘I don’t think there’s anyone,’ you say, looking at your friend. ‘Sure there is. Hello?!’ she yells. ‘Sshh!’ you hush her, feeling a bit embarrassed. ‘Hello?’ you hear a soothing voice coming from behind you. You turn around to see a very tall, muscular guy. Not to mention a very handsome one, too.

He was wearing a plain white shirt, some jeans and in his ear a dangly earring. He had beautiful brown eyes, but his hair was the thing what attracted you the most. It was messy and fluffy, with blond highlights. You just wanted to stroke it. You assume he was the tattoo-artist since he got a few small tattoos on his arms.

‘Eh, hi there. We wanted – or actually she – wanted a tattoo,’ you say, stumbling over your words. Your friend raises her hand to greet him and giggles. ‘Yeah, sure. Just follow me,’ the guys says kindly. Your friend and you follow him and you can’t help but notice his delicious scent and his large, muscular back. Your friend whistles, causing him to grin. ‘Eh, sorry… She isn’t totally sober, so… yeah,’ you apologize and give your friend a warning look. The guy gives you a sweet smile, showing his white teeth. ‘That’s not a problem. Take a seat please. I’ll get my stuff and then we can get started.’ He looks at you and your friend and then walks back, disappearing into another room.

You help your friend to sit her down in the deckchair. ‘Behave yourself,’ you say, but she only giggles. ‘He is cute, right?’ she asks, a little too loud. You feel your cheeks heating up. ‘Yes, he is.’

‘There you go, all done,’ the guys says after about twenty minutes. ‘Wow! Thank you so much! You’re amazing,’ Y/F/N smiles at him, trying to be flirty. Normally she was really good at that, but the guy didn’t really pay attention to her flirty comments. He wasn’t being mean or anything, but it was quite obvious that he wasn’t into her. The guys strokes a hand through his hair. ‘Well… Thank you. I’m glad you like it.’ He helps your friend getting up from the chair by holding her hands. For some reason this really turned you on because his tensed muscles became clearly visible.

‘So, next one?’ he asks, looking at you with raised eyebrows. ‘What? Me? No thanks, I’m good,’ you protest, chuckling. ‘Oh come on, Y/N! You always tell me that you want that flower-thing on your wrist! This is your chance,’ Y/F/N says. The guys laughs. ‘Yeah, come on. You have to do something spontaneously at least once in your life.’ You’re weren’t sure, but Y/F/N was right… ‘Okay then, why not? You only live once, right?’ you say, looking at your friend. She claps her hands in excitement. ‘Yay!’

You sit on the chair while the guys shoots closer to you. ‘So, what’s that flower-thing that your friend meant?’ he asks with a sweet smile. God, he was even more beautiful from up close. You grab your phone out of your pocket and show him the picture. He grabs your hand that’s holding the phone so he could have a better look. Your hand almost drowns in his. It was so big and warm.

‘Hm, I see… That’s not too hard, I think,’ he says. ‘So, just lay your arm on here…’ The guy gently raises your arm and puts it onto the handrail. His stroking fingers against your skin causes you to get goose bumps. You hope he didn’t see it. When he has all of his stuff he starts on the tattoo with a concentrating and confident look on his face.

‘So, what’s your name?’ the guys asks curiously, a few minutes later. ‘Y/N,’ you answer. ‘What’s yours?’ ‘That’s a lovely name,’ he compliments you. ‘My name is Grayson.’ Grayson looks up with a crooked smile, making your heart pound ten times faster. You don’t know what to say. Or do. You were just speechless by his beautiful face.

‘I assume this is your first one?’ Grayson asks. ‘Yeah it is, actually. Don’t know how you guessed that.’ You guys laugh but he immediately puts a soft hand onto your arm, causing you to gasp quietly. ‘You have to lay still, though. Otherwise I’ll ruin it.’ You smile at his cuteness - and his hand that he doesn’t remove from your arm. 

He starts asking you all types of questions, simply because he wanted to know you better. Sometimes he looked up, but most of the time his eyes were focused on your arm, nodding or smiling when you said something. If it was true that you could fall in love at first sight, then that was what had happened to you.

Everything about his face was cute. His eyelashes, his eyebrows, his nose, his pink lips - that he licked very often. Sometimes he bit them out of concentration. He used one hand to make the tattoo, while his other one was touching the skin just above your wrist. Sometimes he stroked your arm with his thumb. You didn’t know why he did that; maybe it was just a habit. Or maybe it meant something else. 

‘I don’t know if I can ask this, but do you have a boyfriend?’ Grayson asks, not looking up. His cheeks get a little red. ‘Eh, no, I don’t.’ You exchange a meaningful look. ‘You don’t?’ he asks confused. You smile. ‘Is that so weird?’ Grayson chuckles and shakes his head. ‘No, it surprises me, to be honest.’

When he’s almost done, you realize you were falling in love with him. He was kind, funny, and looked just like a model. What more could you ask? Grayson pulls back, looking at the result. ‘Well, I think I’m done here,’ he says. You were actually kind of sad he was done. If it was up to you, he could go on forever. His warm touch on your arm was very pleasing, to say the least.

You look at his creation. It was absolutely beautiful. It exactly looked like the picture! No, even better. ‘Oh my gosh!’ you say happily. ‘This looks amazing, thank you.’ He bites his lips, looking at you with a big smile. ‘Thank you. I was happy to do it.’

He grabs your hands to help you get up. You place your feet on the ground, suddenly standing really close to Grayson. He looks at you intensely, almost as if he wanted to kiss you. You quickly take a step back. ‘Eh, so, how much costs it?’ you ask. Y/F/N had already gotten her wallet out of her bag.

‘No, it’s fine. These ones are on me, since they’re your first ones,’ he responds. ‘Are you serious?’ Your friend asks as her eyes grow wide. Your mouth drops open and you want to protest, but Grayson holds up a hand. ‘Really, it’s okay.’ ‘Wow… Thanks.’ you say gratefully, not believing that he meant that.

‘I really have to go to the toilet,’ your friend says. ‘Sure. Just walk up the stairs, it’s on your left,’ Grayson says while he points to the stairs. ‘Be right back,’ your friend says with a wink, trotting towards the stairs. Suddenly she had no trouble climbing up the stairs. ‘Sooo…’ you say, playing with your fingers. ‘Again, it’s really kind of you. But are you sure you don’t want us to pay? It isn’t a problem at all. I don’t want to feel guilty, like I just stole something,’ you say with a quiet laugh, looking up to him.

‘Don’t worry about it. But, if you do feel so bad, you can make it up to me,’ he says, taking a step closer to you. You could see the dark dots in his eyes and smell his shampoo. ‘How?’ you ask with a soft voice. ‘By going on a date with me,’ he whispers, giving you an intense look. You could tell he wanted to kiss you. ‘Yes. I’d love that.’ You felt happier than ever and were glad how this night had ended.

Jealous pumpkin. Harry styles imagine

I know it’s very long time that someone request this and I’m so lazy in updating. I’m sorry though. Hope you enjoy

:both are arguing about something stupid and the have sex by anonymous :


I throw my dress on bed as Harry pulling off his tie “are you stupid what were you thinking about?” He shout referring to the time when I was talking with one of his female friends and the models about some fashion thing.
I wasn’t export in fashion but I have my own opinion about the clothes and the sense of fashion that I have was special and I really want him to respect it. But that’s because he was furious and maybe ashamed of me talking about the things I like with some model

“what’s your problem” I shout at him “are you ashamed of me?” I ask him , he laughed an angry laugh “are you crazy? Of course I’m not ashamed of you, I just don’t like it when you argue with some person who doesn’t deserve it, and you just make a joke of yourself there everyone was laughing at you” he said throw his clothes on the chair.

“it wasn’t only me they were laughing at ,your little model friend was there too” I pushed him hard on his chest “no no no don’t start it” he said hold my hand, his eyes are red from madness, I know this is his weakness, however it’s so cruel to use this card against him but I’m so heartbroken and my pride is hurt. I love harry with all of my heart but still I don’t like when he care about his ex-girlfriend

“I know you still have a little crush on your Little cute ex-girlfriend” I tried to free my hand but he doesn’t let me “shut up y/n of course you know I don’t, why you think this low of me?“he looks hurt a moment but other emotions hide it in his eyes. I push him harder with my wrists in his hands "I don’t think low of you ,I knew she’s better ,more beautiful ,taller , with that beautiful body that everybody wants , why you choose me over her?” He hold me tight in his arms “then tell me y/n, why are you thinking this slow of yourself?”
I look everywhere but him. One of his hands run around my waist and the other Cup my face, make me stare in his eyes “tell me y/n why do you think you are less beautiful than her or than anyone ?”
I shake my head trying to push him but he hold me in his arms"I think every part of your body is way better than her or anyone” he said makes me blush in his arms. It’s just like always, out argument will end with his beautiful words, he knows what to tell me or how treat me to make me feel calm.

“your little cute eyes when they are shining of excitement” he kissed my eyes slowly and with passion “or your little nose when it crinkle when you concentrate” he slowly kissed nose “oh god don’t let me talk about her lips” he leaned on and our lips touched each other’s. his hand sneaks around my shoulder and he slowly unhooked my bra, with so passion and need.

We ran out of air but our lips which is still connected. He brushed his hand on my breast before squeezing it make me moan in his mouth. “I love these little breast of yours that are mine and only mine” he said push me on bed while unbuttoned his shirt and pull down his tight pants make me swallow my drool.

I stare at him in lust while he pull out a condom “do you like what you see?” I nod at him scared to open my mouth and moans leaves it.
He smirked before lay on me and pull down my panties “and don’t let me talk about these long legs” he ran his hands everywhere, every part of my body while he makes love to me.

He laid beside me breathless and I was run out of words. He pulled me in his arms “and your heart baby, it’s way more beautiful than any other in this world” he kissed my head as I kiss his chest “I love you harry” I told him while resisting sleep , it was a long night “I love you too little jealous pumpkin” he said before I fall sleep

XF Tipsy Challenge - Ice

discliamer: consistent perspective and accurate characteriization is for… sober people. 

Jesus fuck, what a little spitfire.

With her cute little ponytail. Sweet little lips. Fuck.

Palms his dick in the dark, over his pants.

Cute little ponytail… wanna pull on it.. mmm. Like the way you gasp. Are you saying, Ms. Scully, that mean old Fox Mulder pulled your ponytail at recess? Means he likes you, that’s all.

It’s hard to be rational in a winter storm. Hard to remember that she’s his colleague. Hard to remember there are worms here. Hard to remember that a guy died like… three hours ago. Hard. Very, very, painfully… hard. He slips his fingers under his waistband.

Mmmm. Cute lil ass tackling the Big Bad Bear… spunk. That’s what it is. She’s got spunk. Wanna… wanna pull that cute little ponytail. Make you say my name. Mmm. Fiery little thing. Wanna make you come.

Warm hand gripping his shaft. Mmm. Love your cute little hands… yes, Dr. Scully, I think you’d better take a very close look. Yes, closer. Mmmm. Wanna see it on your sweet little face. Wanna rub it on your pretty little nose. Why yes, Dr. Scully, it is a fine specimen, thank you very much. You like it? You want it?

Thumb traces the head of his cock, gently, precisely, like he imagines she’d touch him.

You’re a bad girl, Dana –
Um, yikes, maybe Dana was too intimateScully, then… You’re a bad girl, Scully… I’ve seen the way you look at me. What are you thinking about? My cock? You’re thinking about my big cock between those pretty lips of yours? You wanna suck me off? You wanna show me what else that smart little tongue can do? You wanna see if you can say ‘hypothalamus’ with my dick in your throat? Well… I’m nothing if not obliging…

Stroking, now, tight-fisted and jaw clenched. That’s right baby, swirl your tongue around the head. Good girl. Good, good, good girl. Yes, baby, play with my balls… mmm. Lick 'em. Good girl. Such a good girl. Yes, look up at me with those pretty blue eyes… mmm. You’re so good to me, Scully. You like my dick in your mouth? You’re so pretty with my dick in your mouth. So pretty.

Oh god, FUCK gotta make this last. Slow down. FUCK. Slow down. Slow down. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Phew.

Mmmmmmmm… So pretty. Wanna see your pretty little pussy.
Ooo, shaved? No. Not a bush… she’s no Phoebe… something neat and tidy and definitely red. Yes. Natural redhead. Of course. Sweet pink little pussy… gorgeous. Wet for me. So wet for me. Glistening. Dripping. Oh, fuck yesssss… Naughty girl. I’ve seen the way you look at me. Yes… do I make you wet, baby? I do? So wet that you keep an extra pair of panties at the office? So wet that you have to scurry off on those cute little legs and touch yourself in the bathroom sometimes?

You naughty little whore.
Oh, that didn’t feel so good… okay, not a whore. Slut? No. Um. Baby’s good. Scully. And baby. And good girl. Okay.

Scully, you’re a naughty little…. you’re so naughty, Scully. Sweet pink little pussy. Red hair. Cute little landing strip. Wonder if she’s got freckles on her belly, too. Souvenirs from sunbathing on holiday… Yes. She does.

Cute little freckles. Cute little pussy. Wanna lick it. Wanna taste it. Mmmmmmm, baby, so wet for me. So hot and sweet and good… yes, say my name… scream it, baby, no one’s listening… Fox!!
Oh, wow, yikes, no. Mulder!! That’ll work. Yes, Scully, grind on my face, baby, yes, come for me, come for me… wanna make you scream… yes FUCK grind your cute little pussy against my mouth… yesssssssssssssFUCK. FuckfuckfuckScullybabyfuuuuhuuuuuuccccccccccckkkHNNGGG…

… holy fuck. goddamn. phew. 

Shit, can’t keep doing that. Gonna get attached. Shit, chest’s all sticky now. Shit. You’re an asshole. She’s a scientist and a damn good agent. You dumb fuck. She’s your partner, you dumb fuck. Okay, that’s the last time. The last time. I swear.

Double Trouble Reunion, part 5

fandom: Stony (Steve x Tony), Avengers,

universe: Double Trouble universe (Steve and Tony, T2 and S2)

summary: While it seems that everything is going perfect, the truth about each other has to be revealed and change everything

length: 7 762 words

a/n: I am pulling a risky move here, and I hope you won’t kill me, hah! remember that likes and feedback make me happy, and I am very curious what you think about this chapter!


Double Trouble Reunion, part 5

It was funny, how easily a person could adjust to a new situation. From a couple, they became a threesome. From a threesome, a foursome. It was a good, satisfying experience, as they all experienced new boundaries, discovered things they never thought about before and enjoyed a whole lot of exciting opportunities.

There were definitely more advantages than drawbacks, and that was why, Tony often wondered why he had problems when T2 had fell out of the portal for the first time, many months ago. Back then, there were many feelings battling in him, many he couldn’t name anymore, or just didn’t want to admit to having them, and it all didn’t seem to matter in the new situation. He never in his life expected to have three people loving him in a way Steves and T2 did. It was something great, something that made him indescribably happy.

That was why he became so indescribably sad, when he woke up in an empty bed.

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Even More Important Things

(Because there still isn’t enough appreciation for this beautiful brooding sweetheart of an elf.)
• The way Fenris is so emboldened by having people to help and support him that he doesn’t show the fear he must be feeling when he first goes to Danarius’s mansion
• His magnificent jawline
• His nose. That nose needs smooches from Hawke.
• Submitted by @xiz0r: “The way he looks his cute little feetsies when he’s idle <3” and I quite agree; it’s very adorable
• The way he stutters if you bring him along to speak to Idunna
• The sassy little comment he makes in the warehouse district
• The way he comes to comfort Hawke after Leandra dies. Even though he doesn’t really know how or what to say, he stills tries his hardest to be there for the one he loves
• His voice. Just his amazing voice. Thank you, Gideon Emery. Thank you a million times.
• The little touches about him around Hawke’s house, like noting his opinion on the statues, that his reading lessons are going well, that he’s borrowing Hawke’s books, that he’s commented on Hawke’s wine. Just all these small details on how Fenris is such a big part of Hawke’s life even through the three year break up.
• The way Fenris has the strength to walk away for that three year break up. He recognizes that he’s not emotionally ready for a relationship, and he has the strength to wait until he is.
• The way he wears Hawke’s favor and family heraldry every single day, a silent sign of his continued love for and loyalty to Hawke.
• The way he has the strength to return to Hawke. He’s won his freedom, which means he can make choices for himself not just based on survival, and he chooses to be with Hawke.
• The way he clearly worries about Hawke’s safety all the time by mentioning that Hawke should have guards outside the estate
• That protective anger of his at the beginning of Legacy too
• The way he smashes that bottle of wine against a wall and all the little acts of defiance
• The way he slowly opens up to Hawke and learns to trust him
• The heartbreaking way he’s on the verge of tears when telling Hawke about why he killed the Fog Warriors and why he never tried to escape before that
• The way he rips hearts out of chests. Let’s face it: when he first ripped that slaver’s heart out and stated, “I am not a slave,” he stole my heart as well. And my Hawke’s.

A cosy day in - Sehun

Originally posted by dyobaekyeol

Group: EXO
Member: Sehun
Type: Smut
Warning: sexual content!

You step out of the shower, all clean and fresh again. Still, you weren’t feeling very active, rather a bit lazy.
‘___-?’, you hear, shouting from down the stairs. 

‘Sehun? Is that you?’, you reply. 

‘Who else could it be?’, he laughs while coming upstairs. He’s standing in your bedroom, looking around to see where you are. 

‘I’m in here, babe’, you say loudly from inside the bathroom,which is next to the bedroom. 

You put on one of sehun’s shirts that were flinging about. It was long enough to cover your bum and you actually looked really cute in it, since you’re really short and sehun is, you know. A Tall, blonde, handsome noodle. 

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Hello lovelies! I have one question. Don’t you guys like me? Because I always try to interact with you all somehow you but you don’t reply back. Well try taking to me I won’t kidnap you haha!



“Y/n behave!” Harry said as he kept walking. Harry, Y/n, Lou and Tom all four were out in LA shopping. Y/n was Harry’s friend in the eyes of public well except some of few Harry’s closest friends who knew that she was his girlfriend. Being a pop star he always has been followed by paparazzi all the time and so was today. Harry pushed y/n hand away as it crept closer to Harry’s to lock it with her own. Harry was more than mad at her right now. Not because she was being clingy but more because she was acting clingy on purpose so that he’d reveal their little secret to the world.

“But whyyyy???” She said as she once against tried to grab his hand but this time Harry lost it. He was already annoyed with paps following them halfway and now because how immature his girlfriend was behaving.  
Y/n’s eyes widen as she tumbled back when Harry pulled his hand from her grip but maybe a bit too forcefully that he unintentionally pushed her. Y/n gained her balance again and shifted away from angrily.

“Harry!” Lou hissed trying to be calm and she helped the poor girl.

“Oh please Lou. Cut this crap right now.” Harry said showing her hand to Lou’s face as he kept walking.

“Douche!” Lou mumbled as she turned her attention to Y/n who was at the verge of crying.

“Are you okay?” Lou asked y/n and she nodded looking down. Controlling her tears she excused herself from those three and rushed back to the hotel she was staying in. Despite the fact that Harry had a good big house he insisted her to stay in a hotel because he didn’t wanted anything to have a glimpse of them doing anything together. It wasn’t anything like he didn’t wanted to be with her. He liked y/n very much, he just didn’t wanted her to be hurt. As much to his experience so far being followed by paps and get bombarded with many inappropriate question and being greeted with hate sometimes wasn’t the best thing ever. No doubt Harry loved his job but he sometimes he wished he could live a normal that probably wasn’t possible after all this time now.


“Where’d she go Lou?” Harry asked her friend after like an hour later. All that Lou wanted was to smack Harry so bad.

“Back to her hotel.” She said ignoring him as she searched through racks to find herself the perfect dress for the night party she had to go.

“Wh-why?” He said and sighed rubbing his face in defeat when he realised what he did just an hour ago too. He didn’t mean it. But he knows was he did was wrong and disrespectful and he had to get it fixed somehow.

Harry first met y/n 5 months ago when they got their luggage exchanged at Heathrow and Harry had to follow her taxi like stupids because she thought some creepy stalker was stalking her. Y/n was something filled with excitement and joy and love. Her personality and bubbly self attracted Harry to her like a magnet. After being friends with her he finally gathered all his courage and asked her out on a date. Giggling she said yes when he confessed his feelings for her and kissed him as her boyfriend.

Y/n knew being in relationship with such a famous personality won’t be easy but she was ready-willing to give her everything to this bond. Harry had already gotten y/n understand that how hard this would be with all the touring and stuff but promised to be there everytime she needs him. First 2 months of their relationship were of complete bliss and pleasure. They did all the stuff that a normal couple would do. But the problem rose when she asked him to go public. Harry told her and tried to make her understand how much her life would be changed once the public gets to know about them to being together. Y/n was ready to accept all the challenge that may come but Harry wasn’t ready yet. He didn’t wanted y/n to get hurt. He made a promise to himself to protect her and all he was doing was keeping it.


Harry knocked against her hotel door as he stood there holding his breath. He knew that he hurt her. And all e wanted was to make her happy again.

“G-go away!” Y/n sniffled as she spoke. Harry was heart broken when he heard her breaking Voice from the other side of door. He remained silent  because he wasn’t sure what to say. Harry sighed and knocked again-dropping his head against the thick wooden door.

“I said go away!” Y/n said and she furiously opened the door probably to shoo away whoever it was but stopped in her place when she was Harry’s face. Her own was pink. Eyes blood shot and nose cute pink leaving no doubt that she was balling her eyes out. Harry peeked over y/n’s head and saw that her bead and floor was covered with discarded-used tissues.

“What do you want?” Y/n mumbled as she looked down. Probably too afraid for Harry to see her devastated.

“I’m sorry love. So sorry.” Harry whispered cupping one of her cheek and snuggled her face to the palm which was against it. She was still mad at him but always used to melt even with a little touch of Harry. She stepped aside creating space for Harry so he can step in. Y/n softly close the door behind Harry and walked to sit at the end of bed. Harry softly sat beside her and pulled her to his chest. Y/n inhaled his soothing around smell and calmed down in his arms.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it” Harry said rubbing y/n’s back as he kept kissing her head. All she did was snuggled her neck in crook of Harry neck-climbing on his lap with her legs on either side of him.

“I’m sorry for being clingy too.” Y/n uttered as she rested her head against Harry’s shoulder pressing a soft kiss to the toned flesh. Harry squeezed her petite body against his muscular one. Harry held her tightly as her chest pressed against hers.

“It’s fine sweetheart. I shouldn’t have taken you with me knowing there’d be lot of paps” Harry mumbled. Y/n’s eyebrows narrowed as she pulled away to look at Harry’s face.

“What do you mean? Ar-are you ashamed of me?” Y/n asked as her eyes searched through his green ones for an honest answer.

“Did you heard all the question paps were asking? They were all about confirming  you being my girlfriend !” Harry said. Y/n knew what she was thinking wasn’t anywhere bear to the truth but she did felt like a shame for Harry. She silently got off his lap and climbed under the covers.

“I-it’s fine. I probably should sleep. I’m tired anyways” she spoke muffled by covers as she closed her eyes drinking the hurt feeling in. Harry on the other side knew something wasn’t right and he knew what.

“How’s everything going?” Ellen asked who invited Harry on her show to interview him for his Upcoming movie.

“Great! ” Harry spoke in his thick British accent showing off his dimples.

“And what about your love life?” She wiggled her eyebrow as Harry laughed.

“Great too! I’ve asked myself to go on a date with me” he chuckled making the crowd laugh as Ellen giggled too.

“Give a big round of applause for this perfect lie!” Ellen announce sarcastically as Harry shake his head smiling.

“It’s true!” He argued cutely.

“Okay. Then who is this pretty lady?” Ellen asked shifting a bit so she can look at the big screen behind her back. His breath hitched as he saw the screen bringing up a picture of him and y/n holding hands which probably one of media man took while she tried holding his hand. He was in a tough situation. He has never felt so indecisive ever. He bite his lip lower lip trying not to look like he’s in a deep thinking.

Harry knew that he had to protect y/n but hiding her from the world wasn’t a solution. Harry also wanted to show we off to the world. He also wanted to be able to hold her, kiss her, travel with her without any fear and hesitation. He knew what he did wasn’t exactly right. She has the whole right to be with him freely. Harry closed his eyes as y/n smiling face came flashing to the screen of his eyes. He smiled and looked at Ellen who was eagerly waiting for his answer.

“Okay I give up. She’s my love. My girlfriend” Harry declared as the whole studio went crazy. Ellen laughed and patted Harry’s back proudly.

“And…I love her very much.” Harry said and the whole crowd went aww. He was aware of this feeling from a long time ago when he saw her. Harry smiled looking down as the interview carried on. That was the very first time in his entire life where he used those three words for someone except his family. He couldn’t be more happy and over the moon that time.

“Congratulations mate” Jeff said engulfing Harry in a hug as he welcomed him in the night party. Harry didn’t talked to y/n since afternoon in her hotel room.

“Thanks lad” Harry said as his eyes searched for his loved one.

“She’s out. In the balcony ” Jeff pointed out to where the balcony was. Harry nodded and walked following the path and stopped when he saw her standing in moon light. She looked beautiful, breathtaking as ever.

“Did you mean it?” Y/n questioned him as she turned around to face him. She was glowing like a petal in the light of moon miles above her head.

“With all I have.” He said moving close to her.

“I love you too” y/n said as she tilted her head to look at Harry who was towering her. A soft smile curving her lips up. Harry’s lips weren’t far away when he smiled showing his dimples as he pulled her to him locking his lips with his own. Their lips moved all the love they had been hiding for each other. Y/n’s hand flew up just to grab those short hair who had curls growing. Harry squeezed Y/n’s waist as they both pulled away to breath. Harry cupped Y/n’s face to stare in those perfect eyes which made harry fall for them.

“You’re my aesthetic baby.” Harry said making Y/n giggle as she playfully smacked back of harry’s head before pulling him to kiss him again.

“There… there’s something on my face. It’s in my whiskers, mum. What is happening what do I do it’s on my nose–

Lahi enjoys playing in the snow, particularly digging in it. But when rabbits dig, they use their noses like shovels, and Lahi always gets a very disconcerted (and slightly cross-eyed) look when he realizes that there’s now snowflakes on his face.

How dare they touch him without his say-so.

Sorry little man, that’s what happens when you shove your head in a snow drift.


See more about little old man Lahi!

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fuffy, 5. (also i might send you more of these if you want)

5. “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”

“Eee!” Buffy squeals delightedly, scooping up the tabby kitten napping on the couch. “Wills, you didn’t tell me you guys got a new kitty!” Buffy holds the cat up to her face and looks it in the eye. “What’s your name, little guy?”

The kitten peers back at Buffy curiously, and their noses touch. Buffy grins.

“Oh, that’s Tigger,” Tara says. “We found him on Tuesday.”

“He’s precious. Faith, look!”

Faith looks. “Uh-huh,” she says, trying to look unaffected. “It’s a cat. You never seen a cat before, B?”

“But he’s so small.”

Buffy cradles the kitten against her chest, and it nuzzles her soft turtleneck.

“We should get a kitty-cat.”

“We already have Scythe, babe.”

“Maybe Scythe wants a kitty friend.”

Faith’s still looking at the kitten snuggled against Buffy’s boobs. She looks disgruntled. She looks…

“Wait a minute. Are you jealous?” Buffy asks incredulously.

“What? No.”

“Yes you are! Oh my god, babe.” She sits down carefully in Willow and Tara’s armchair, still holding Tigger, and then frees up a hand and taps her thighs. “Come sit.”

“You’re already sitting with someone,” Faith says, unmistakably sniffy.

“Don’t be like that. C’mere.”

Faith rolls her eyes but acquiesces, settling herself down on Buffy’s lap. “You gonna move that furball?”

“Mm-hmm.” Buffy’s arms snake around Faith’s waist and pull her close. The kitten crawls over Faith’s shoulder and lands in a heap on her lap.

Surprised, Faith lets out a bark of a laugh and lifts Tigger up, trying to scowl at him and failing quite spectacularly.

“Is this so bad?” Buffy asks, as Faith leans back to rest her head against her girlfriend’s chest.

The kitten licks her on the cheek with its little sandpaper tongue, and Faith can’t help but be a tiny bit charmed.

“Yes,” Faith says, snuggling closer. “God-awful.”

Dating Wen Junhui.

- wow who knew grease could be fluffy too

- he’d come back from practice and bring u his old sweaty shirt and be all like

- ”i hope this reminds u of me when i have to leave”

- and you’re like

- you could’ve gotten me… a picture? or something?

- he’d try and cook for you

- key word; try

- he’ll end up with this soup like mixture with chunks of noodles and clumps of flavoring and you just

- “jun. it’s cup ramen. is it that hard”

- but hey, it tastes a little better because you know he made it out of love

- at least that’s what you tell him

- movie nights happen every night and he ALWAYS picks a wild card, you never know what to expect really 

- one night he’ll be asking to watch the exorcist

- and the next he’ll be all for mean girls

- he gets to the point where he thinks your life is a movie (or more accurately the office)

- although you’re probably jim

- will try and recreate any movie scene with you

- your relationship is full of a bunch of weird shit that’s said tbh

- and one day minghao will walk in and jun is talking about toe jam and he just ? leaves

- jun also likes to make out

- a LOT

- like catch that boy behind you with his lips on your neck about 75 times a day and who’s not for it honestly

- dances to orange caramel in ur living room with absolutely no shame

- will also dance to the weeknd with u in ur living room and that one ends a little less kid friendly

- loves touching u everywhere not even in like a sexual way, he just always wants his hands on you

- calls you his baby boy/girl

- let’s you put makeup on it and never regrets it

- he believes he looks good no matter what he’s wearing or looking like and u can’t even argue with that

- will kiss ur nose bc he’s cute and ur cute

- tries to plan your birthday and it ends with him yelling surprise at u at the front door

- but the real surprise is the icing and cake splattered all over the kitchen

- i mean everywhere and ur like jun,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, wtf

- likes playing with ur hair even if it’s long or short

- “your hair is so soft babe…… can we get a turtle”

- “where the hell did that even come from junhui”

- treats you like you’re his husband/wife honestly he’s so caring though

- will massage you after a long day of work

- tries his hardest not to make it greasy

- key word again; tries

- but regardless he loves u a lot

- long story short he’s greasy he’s lame he’s wen junhui

What Romantic Things The Signs Like Doing With Their Partner.


  • event dates (ex. concerts, movie premieres, conventions, etc.).
  • couple inside jokes.
  • hand kisses (kissing the back of someones palm).


  • movie dates at home or the theater.
  • cooking homemade meals together, whether it’ll be good or not.
  • cuddling.


  • going to places usually meant for tourists / doing the tourist stuff.
  • constantly complementing their partner.
  • passionate make out sessions.


  • walks at / to their favourite places.
  • being surprised / surprising with lavish gifts.
  • casual hugs.


  • visiting new places / trying new things.
  • leaving surprise love notes lying around.
  • little pecks on the lips.


  • surprising / being surprised with little gifts.
  • shopping.
  • twirling / touching / playing with one another’s hair.


  • fancy outings.
  • couple items and outfits.
  • flirty gazes.


  • candle lit dinners.
  • when alone; telling each other how much they love / what they love about each other.
  • tip of the nose kisses.


  • amusement / water park dates.
  • road trips to who knows where.
  • back hugs.


  • late night or early morning drives.
  • random phone calls just to hear their partner’s voice.
  • holding hands / linking arms.


  • visiting places like museums, zoos, or aquariums. 
  • star gazing.
  • forehead kisses.


  • park dates.
  • picking out each others outfits and accessories for the day.
  • sweet kissing.
Age Is Just A Number (C.D)

|based on the request: Can you do a cameron dallas imagine where y/n is younger and the age gap bothers her?

|•1.9k words lmao, it went a different direction idk (hahaha like Zayn), requests are open (why do you guys keep requesting Nate tho like ik he’s bae af but why), masterlist is in my DESCRIPTION BUB•| 

 “Baby girl!” Cam shouts from the balcony on the front of his house. “You’re finally here!”  I use my hands to shield my eyes from the sun, looking up at my boyfriend in amusement. “We’ve been waiting here for ages!” 

“Are you going to come and open the door then?” 

 He scrunches his eyes together in a laugh. “Oh shit, yeah, right, I’ll be down in a sec.” 

Nash and Matt suddenly appear on the balcony as soon as Cam sprints off to come and welcome me. “So, are we babysitting you again today?” Matt jokes, making Nash laugh and clap his hands. 

Of course he’s already making jokes about me and I’ve been here for less than a minute, I think this might be a new record with Matt. I am in a relationship with Cameron Dallas and I am 17 years old. There’s a 3 year age gap between us and the other guys seem to find it hilarious. They’re always cracking jokes about our relationship and how Cam is my ‘babysitter’ rather than my boyfriend.  

I roll my eyes at their immaturity. “I don’t know why you’re laughing, Nash, I’m older than you.” He just shrugs his shoulders, rubbing his hand across his bare chest. 

“Who cares? It’s a couple of weeks difference!” 

“Doesn’t Cam babysit you on a day to day basis?” Nash stares at me with a death stare before he grunts and walks back inside in a strop. 

What a child. 


Matt laughs once more before walking in after his friend. Cameron finally gets to the door and leans against the frame, holding the door open for me. “Are you coming in or are you just gunna stand there all day?” He smiles over at me and I slowly start to walk to him. “Are you ready for a long awaited lazy day?” 

I shake my head. Another lazy day? Why does he never feel like going anywhere else but the bed when we’re together? “Why can’t we go out and explore the city?” 

“We always do that.” I deadpan and breathe out a deep sigh. 

“Bullshit, all we do is lay around in your bed all day and watch Netflix, it’s getting boring, babe.” 

“I don’t feel like going out into the city though.” I look up at him with big, begging eyes and a hearty pout. I take another few steps towards him and increase the size of my pout. Cam takes one more look at me before he blinks and finally cracks. 

 “Fine,” He sighs. He grabs my hand and pulls my body into his chest, wrapping his big arms around my shoulders tightly. “But let my phone charge a bit first, I’ve got like, no battery.” He presses a kiss onto my head and hugs me into him even tighter. 

“We can just go on a walk through the hills and take Jaxx with us, you don’t need your phone for that.” 

“I need my phone to take photos of my beautiful baby.” 

“Are you talking about Jaxx again?” I ask, making Cam laugh a little bit and kiss my forehead. 

“I was talking about you, I need a new picture as my lock screen.” I awe and pull away from him so I can see his face. 

“That’s cute of you.” 

“You’re cute.” 

“I know.” He jokingly pokes my nose and kisses my forehead once again. “Get your cute butt in the house, miss.” And of course, his hands swoop down from my shoulders and grab my ass. 

“Cameron Alexander!” I gasp, sarcastically of course, and lightly slap his arm. 

“That’s pedophilia!” Shouts Nash from behind the door, thinking he’s absolutely hilarious, when really, it’s just uncomfortable. “Stop touching little girls like that, Cam.” 

“Shut up, Nash.” Cameron laughs. Why is he laughing? What was even the slightest bit funny about that? “I can touch my girl however I like.” 

Matt decides to join in on the ‘fun’ banter that’s being thrown about. “Well, I wouldn’t in public because I won’t be bailing you out!” 

I honestly don’t understand why these guys like to make fun of mine and Cam’s relationship. Yeah, I get it that I’m 3 years younger than Cam but what’s so wrong about that? There are couples in the world where one partner is double the age of the other? How is 3 years so bad? 

Nash nudges Matts arm and laughs a little. “I’m sure your 'girlfriend’ would bail you out after dropping the child molestation charges against you.” 

 Is he being serious? How the hell can he even joke about that? That is a new fucking low for Nash, really, that’s disgusting. 

“Is she even old enough to bail someone out of jail?” Matt asks, scrunching his eyebrows up and looking between Nash and Cam for an answer. 

It really isn’t funny. I feel so uncomfortable standing here, especially with Cam having his arms wrapped around me and being so close to me. My parents are fine with the age gap, Cam’s family is fine with the age gap, my friends are fine with the age gap, his other friends are fine with the age gap, so why aren’t these two guys? 

“I don’t think there is an age limit to bail someone out, I’ll have to search it.” Nash just shrugs his shoulders and looks back over at me. 

“Well, I’m pretty sure little kids can’t bail grown ass people out so clearly, Y/N wouldn’t be able to get him out herself.” 

“I’m a 'little kid’ now am I?” I scoff, completely pulling myself away from Cameron’s hug. “How is it that I’m a hell of a lot more mature than both of you?”  

“Maturity has nothing to do with age, Y/N.” Matt smiles. 




I roll my eyes and take a step away from Cameron, I’m standing closer to my car so it’s faster for me to leave the situation if needs be. “Well, maturity has a lot to do with puberty and we all know that neither of you two have hit it.” 

“Wow, okay, that was too far, Y/N.” 

“That, was too far? No, Nash, that’s where you’re wrong. You two have been taking it too far with all of your 'jokes’ about my age and the age gap between me and Cam and it actually makes me really uncomfortable when you bring it up. I’m completely fine about it normally, I never even remember it half of the time, until I come here and that’s all you can seem to talk about.” 

What did I ever do to these two boys to make them want to emotionally torture me so much? I can’t even come and see my boyfriend for two minutes without wanting to punch someone or run off and cry. 

Cam reaches out his hand to grab mine, but I jerk my body out of reach. “Hey, babe, calm down…” 

Telling someone to calm down when they’re in the midst of blowing up is not a good idea. It can trigger their anger even more and can lead to uncontrollable violence. But that is the ultimate worst case scenario 

“No! I’m not going to calm down because every time I come around to see your ass, I get bullied about my damn age to the point where I think about just ending it to make your damn friends happy!” 

It’s true. I thought that if I just ran away from my little problem it would eventually disappear, but then I realised that I would be running away from Cam and I don’t want to do that. 


“And why the hell are you even joking about child abuse? It’s fucking wrong! Real shit like that is actually going on in the world and its ruining those kids life’s and you’re stood there making jokes about it! You’re both sick, sick assholes!” 

Nash bows his head in shame and Matts eyes lower in embarrassment - damn right they should be feeling like that! 

“That was pretty low of me and I apologise on behalf of that incident.” Nash mumbles out his apology. 

I nod my head thankfully. “Thank you for that, but it doesn’t excuse the fact that you two seem to really dislike me for no actual reason.” 

“Babe, they don’t not like you, they’re just playing around.” Cam says, bouncing on the balls of his feet on the hot pavement. “Don’t take what they say seriously.” 

 I run my hand through my growingly sweaty hair and pull it away from my forehead.

“Cameron, they’ve actually hurt my feelings with what they were saying, I was fine with our relationship until they started making jokes about it.” 

 Matt rubs his forehead with his hand and makes the first move to actually give me a formal apology. “Hey, it was just meant to be a joke, I didn’t mean to upset you in any way, shape or form. I’m sorry if that’s how you really felt about what we were saying, we weren’t being serious.” 

“I’m sorry if it upset you that much, Y/N…” 

“I actually think you and Cam are really cute together.” Matt smiles. 

Cam grins and makes a quick move to stand behind me, wrapping his strong arms around my waist and kissing my cheek. 

Nash nods and hums in agreement. “If we make anymore jokes that make you uncomfortable, just tell us!” 

“I have told you before, you just didn’t pay any attention to what I was saying!”

“Sorry…” They mumble in sync, both giving me a closed smile. 

I take a deep breath in and accept their quiet apologies. “It’s okay guys.” 

I know that they are completely truthful with their apologies because they both look incredibly guilty right now and Nash looks like he’s about to cry, I can see his glistening eyes even when he’s hiding his face. 

 After a few seconds of awkward silence, Cam gestures for his friends to migrate back into the house and turns me around to face him. He rests his hands on my hips and lightly presses his fingers tips into the skin. 

 “Why didn’t you tell me that they were bothering you?” 

 “I didn’t want to upset you.” 

 “Baby,” He mumbles and sticks on a sweet smile. “You can tell me anything, you know that.” 

I nod my head knowingly but still shrug my shoulders. “I know I can, but they’re your friends and I didn’t want to make you annoyed.” 

No one wants to hear their girlfriend or boyfriend (or significant other) complain about their friends, do they? It just puts them in a position where they basically have to pick between their life long friends, or their possible long-term partner.

It’s just awkward and difficult. He softly kisses my cheek and pushes a strand of hair behind my ear. “Don’t listen to what anyone else has to say about us, your age is just a number, as is mine.” 

It’s so cliché hearing him say that, that age is just a number, but it’s completely compatible in this situation and he’s using it correctly. Nobody should care about how Cam is older than me, it’s only by a few odd years, it doesn’t matter at all. I guess the judging from the guys was the only thing that made me question everything. 

“You’re right.” 

“I always am.” I roll my eyes and scoff loudly. How arrogant can this boy get sometimes? “Oh, so cooking a pizza at nearly 350 degrees will cook it faster and not cause a fire?” 

“That’s our secret, sh.” 

 “Okay, Cameron.” I laugh quietly, nudging my forehead on his shoulder.

 “I love you.” 

 “I love you too.”

EXO Reaction #4: “Blushing & Flustered” OT9

Wishes Note : Some are slight squeals to the Reaction “Power outage”

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He was driving, as you sat in the passenger side next to him.  His hand wrapped in yours, as his other was was on the wheel.  He sighed as you smiled at the contact.  

“I hate these dates.”  He whispered as you picked up his hand kissing the back of it.  

“But we are alone.”  He grinned, as you recognized that evil glint he got.   “What?”  

“You like it when we are alone right?”  He let go of your hand placing it on your knee.  You began to slightly blush as he ran it up your thigh slowly.  “Especially when we can just be together.”  He whispered as your blush deepened.  Smacking his hand away, you turned away.  

“Oh, come on, I love it when you blush.”  

“Focus on driving.”  You held your hands to your cheeks as you tried to keep the memories of the last time you two were alone at bay.  

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You were boiling some water for tea, when Chanyeol entered into the kitchen.  A small grind on his face as he sat on the opposite side.  

“Yes?”  You asked, as he just kept smiling.  

“Nothing.”  He shrugged his shoulders as he placed his chin in his hand.  You went back to pulling out the cups, as he chuckled.  You turned around.

“What?” You asked as he shook his head again.  

“Nothing.”  Chanyeols’ grin grew as you blushed from his eyes.  

“Well stop.”  


“Why not?”

“Because I like seeing you blush.”  You covered your pink cheeks as he turned away.  Chanyeol bursting out into a bigger smile than you thought was possible.

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Living alone you felt comfortable walking around your apartment in nothing but a towel.  So when you went to grab a glass of water after your shower you thought nothing of it.  Walking in at first you didn’t see him as he was sitting on the couch in the living room, eyes wide as your best friend since high school peered at you.  Walking back from the kitchen, you lock eyes with him as your face quickly grows red at his gaze.

“Jong-dae!”  You yell as you drop the plastic cup.  Quickly gripping the towel closer to your body.  “How did you get in?”

“I know the passcode.  Your mom gave it to me in case of an emergency.”  He stammered, his gaze still not faulting from your barely covered legs.  

“Jong-dae what is this emergency?”

“My tv broke, and the new episode of Dance moms is tonight.  You said I could watch it with you.”  You quickly ran back into your room, face red from his eyes.  Sliding back down on the couch he put his own hands on his face.  The thought of how cute you looked all red and flustered made his heart began to skip.  

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7 + Jungkook! (it can be as smutty or as fluffy as you want to make it, it's fine either way! Thank you!)

Jungkook + A Love Bite

“Look, isn’t it cute?” You held up the turtleneck you’d bought for your boyfriend up to him. It was a little oversized and made with the softest material you’d ever touched so you thought it’d be perfect for him. It was also the most expensive present you’d ever bought anyone.

He wrinkled his nose. “I’m not really a fan of turtlenecks.”

You frowned and hit his arm. “What the hell, Jungkook? I took time picking this out because I love you.”

“I just don’t like the way they feel. I wouldn’t wear one normally unless I had something to hide.” 

He said it casually, looking down at the sweater now that it was in his hands. You took the opportunity before he could catch you. Jungkook had surprisingly fast reflexes and you almost never took him by surprise, but his eyes were on the sweater and you could tell his mind was on how not to break your heart.

You gripped his shoulders and latched onto his neck, kissing and sucking at his skin before he could come to his senses.

You could tell when he’d finally caught up with your actions when his hands came to grip your hips and you heard the little moan in the back of his throat. You kissed him until he was whining against you, his hips pressing into yours, and you were certain you’d made your mark then you pulled away.

His face was flushed and he was digging bruises into your hips. He looked at you like he’d already forgotten about the sweater but you picked it up from where he’d dropped it and held it to his chest. “Now you have something to hide.”

He blinked as he came back to his senses and his mouth turned up in a smile. “No fair.”

You reached up on your tiptoes and kissed him, a sweet small kiss on his parted lips. “I never said I’d play fair.”

Request: Anon

Oh how cute! So I will also do key points here C: And I only take a few characters- everyone would be too much! thank you for your request!

- loves to cuddle you. Anywhere at any time
- loves to give you some little surprise presents like flowers, pralines
- likes to to hold your hand in public and private
- loves to touch your nose with his
- kisses you very gently
- likes to spend his time with you on his couch cuddling and telling you about what happened at the Shack
- is also a great listener
- spends his whole money for your birthday to get you a special present
- prefers to be the big spoon

- always invites you to hang out with her and her friends 
- if you don’t want to, she says it’s okay and spends the day alone with you
- likes to sit on her bed and watch films with you
- kisses you in public and private, even a bit more passionately
- likes to put her arms around you from behind
- and likes to put one arm around your waist
- likes to hold hands with you in public
- shows you how to fight and gives you some training

- loves to cover your eyes with his hands from behind to confuse you
- loves to make bets with you about almost everything
- kisses you in public and private,
- would even make out with you in public, no shame here
- also likes to hug you from behind
- is secretly a big cuddler
- gives you the strangest presents you’ve never seen
- you can’t properly read a book without being annoyed by him because he needs your attention

- doesn’t really kiss in public
- hold hands only with you after a while 
- often works, so he likes to have you in his room to just enjoy your presence
- also often reads and sits on the couch so you can lay your head down in his lap and sleep
- mostly talks with you about serious topics and enjoys to talk about them
-  often forgets your birthday because of his work and remembers it one day before it (after someone told him)
- improvises then and builds something for you
- gives you his coat when you’re cold

- always chats you up, even though you’re already together
- likes to spend time with you doing ilegally things
- gives you badly self-made things
- likes to put his arm around your waist in public to show that you belong to him
- always makes bad jokes
- makes pancakes for him and you for breakfast
- also kisses you in public and grins at the people who are watching you
- likes to sit in his chair with you and watch some series

- gets embarassed if you two kiss in public
- embarassly holds hands with you in public
- buys you the most expensive things 
- secretly loves to be little spoon
- also loves to be hugged from behind
- first kisses are a bit shy, but get more intensive later
- if you two walk past something and you look at it with an interested look, she immediately buys it for you
- likes to lean her head against your shoulder 
- if someone talks bad about you and she hears it, this person should be ready to get burned with many insults and mean comments

i’ve decided to start a little papa!calum series. basically a collection of one shots about calum being a dad bc calum being a dad kills me and i need it in my life. there is nothing but pure, wholesome fluffy behind this cut- you’ve been warned. enjoy!

“Take off your shirt,” you speak up, breaking your boyfriend’s gaze away from your newborn son with your words.

He chuckles, sitting up from where he’s been leaning forward onto your hospital bed from his seat next to you, his biceps flexing as he reaches behind his head to grab the back of his shirt and tug it off. “You just wanna see my muscles don’t you angel?“ You know he’s teasing and you can’t help but roll your eyes as he flexes, wiggling his eyebrows playfully. You’re both sleep deprived having been awake since the early morning when you went into labor and now unwilling to close your eyes and stop looking at your son in favor of catching a few hours of sleep.

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Imagine Negan witnessing you taking care of the kids in Alexandria and is smitten by you.

(So I have been slightly uninspired lately and instead of writing the requests in order I just went through my request list and decided to write whatever inspired me first…Hope it’s alright with everyone and i’ll soon go back to writing them in order, promise :) Hope I got this request right and it makes sense and you all like it. Gif not mine/Credit to the original owner/Found it on google) 

As you had met the group, you were always drawn to taking care of Judith. 

Eventually when the prison was filled with the children of Woodbury, you had also taken upon yourself to care for them as well as teach them.

You were now in Alexadria and since your arrival the kids and the parents of younger children were all drawn to you.

They liked how easy it was to talk to you and how understanding you were. As for the parents, they liked that you were able to care for each of the kids despite how energetic they were.

Each morning you would take them to the park in Alexandria and keep watch of them and play around.

However as time past, the kids have been begging you to go out in the woods to play around. You had told them countless of times about the dangers outside the walls but they were so intent on seeing the world.

Their continuous begging had got to you and eventually you had talked about it during council meeting. You had suggested to clear a path near Alexandria, as much as you can and that the guards keeping watch from over the wall should keep an eye on you and the kids. While you were out you obviously promised everyone you would be cautious and keep a weapon close.

Many were reluctant about your idea but you managed to convince them and they went along.


It has now been a few days since you had eliminated the few walkers around the woods near Alexandria and you have now been able to take the kids outside.

The were all excited and kept pulling you to run with them.

“Y/N! Look! For you!” A young boy said as he showed you a leaf he picked up on the ground.

"Well, thank you Thomas! It’s lovely” you answered politely as he handed the gift to you.

“Y/N! Y/N! Over here! Look a lady bug! It’s so pretty!” Another little girl said while pulling you towards the bug.

“Wow! it is pretty just like you Lily!” You said touching her nose cutely and it made the girl giggle.

They were so happy it made you smile and apparently it also made another person happy.


From a distance, a man had been watching you but you hadn’t noticed.

The man who had keep watching was none other than Negan, the leader of the Saviors.


After what had happened to his men he had taken upon himself to watch your group’s next move. It has been weeks since the attack and he had watched your group for quite some time.

He had noticed you before but had seemed to always missed out on you when you played with the kids as he would keep an eye on Rick instead.


He had been walking in the woods for a while when suddenly he heard the laughter of children. Negan got weary but he slowly walked towards the noise and tightly held his bat.

He suddenly heard the children say a name and it eased him a little. He got closer and he looked through the woods.

He noticed you from afar as you were laughing and running around with the kids to keep them entertained.

Time seemed to stop as he stared at you. You were beautiful in the sunlight making the children laugh.

Motherly women weren’t usually his type but the way you took care of the kids totally changed his perception. Indeed, you were just so adorable he couldn’t stop looking at you. He started to feel his heart beat faster and now knew what love at first sight meant.

Seeing you smile from afar had drawn him over and unknowingly he kept walking towards you.


He walked so much he hadn’t even notice the proximity between you and him.

You heard the leaves rustling behind you and immediately put your hand over your gun. The kids suddenly shied away and you slowly got up. You quickly turned around and pointed your gun at him all while holding Judith in the other arm.

The kids hid behind you and Negan couldn’t help but think you looked so cute as an overprotective “mother”.

He bit his lip and smile at the sight and immediately put the baseball bat down. He raised his arms to show you he was unarmed and nervously said  "Hi… I noticed you have many children…you shouldn’t be out here all alone…“

Negan wasn’t usually a shy man but seeing you from up close had made him unable to be as confident as truly was.


You were weary about the man, you thought his smile was unsettling and kept your gun at him. You were also mad at the fact that your friends had kept you aware of the movement in the woods so you answered back "What do you want?”

Despite your anger your tone was quite sweet from Negan’s perspective and it made him chuckle.

“I-I just heard laughter while walking and thought I needed to see what it was…”

You then asked him “You’re alone?”

He nodded his head and saw one of the kids peered out from behind you and Negan waved at him.

You noticed his nervousness but his action had seemed to ease you and you lowered your gun.

Negan took it as a sign that he could put his guards down and lowered his hands.

“Where are you from?” You asked
continuing your interrogation.

Not wanting to ruin the moment, Negan knew he couldn’t tell you where he truly came from so he lied and replied  "I’m-I’m from the Hilltops" 

You furrowed your brows and said “Well you’re a far way from home…”

He laughed nervously and replied “I was on a run and I got a little lost…I’m really bad with directions…but i’ll be able to get back.”

You nodded and wanted to turn and leave but Negan asked “Are these kids…all yours…”

Obviously, a few of them could never pass for yours but he was just so excited of speaking to you that he blurted out a random question.

It made you laugh and you shook your head. “No…None of them are mine…i’m just taking care of them while their parents are taking care of business.”

He nodded and noticed his mistake and stuttered “Oh! Of course! You’re like a babysitter!”

His change in attitude made you smile and you couldn’t help but think that the man in front of you was quite friendly.

“Yes, I’m their babysitter…I’m Y/N…”

“I-I know…I heard the kids yell your name.”

The lighthearted atmosphere between you and him had eased the children and they suddenly slowly showed themselves.


You then started to ask more and soon enough the two of you were sitting on the ground talking to each other. You got to know the man a little “more” and the kids started to show interest in him.

“So what is a beautiful girl like you and kids doing out here?” He suddenly asked 

You got shy from his compliment and answered “The kids always wanted to come out here, that’s why I had arranged for it to be a somewhat kid environmentally friendly but…apparently I couldn’t keep it safe from lost strangers…”

He laughed and replied “Well, you’re lucky i’m the stranger…”

You laughed as well and suddenly a few of the kids noticed and started to tease you. 

A few sat around you and the man and suddenly Lily shyly asked “Sir? Do you like Y/N?”

It startled Negan and he could just answer “Euh…I-I don’t hate her…she’s been very nice to me up until now.”

He looked at you smiling and it made you blushed so you looked away.

The kids giggled and the little Thomas playfully told the man “You can’t like Y/N! She’s already mine! She accepted my gift! Look!”

Negan pretended to be taken back by his statement and suddenly got up. He then told the child “Oh really! We’ll see about that, come on! We’ll fight for her! Bring it!”

The boy ran towards him and Negan caught him and pretended to fight. 

It was a very out of the norm moment for Negan to act this way with children but spending a few hours with you had made him somewhat kind. In your presence he seemed to be unable to his usual self and could only show you and the kids kindness.


You then both continued to talk and time seemed to fly away. It was getting slightly darker. 

You told him “It’s getting quite late…I think we should go back…”

He nodded and said “Yeah…we wouldn’t want anything to happen to these kids.”

He slowly woke up Thomas who had fallen asleep in his arms. He lightly shook the boy awake and you couldn’t help but think the man was cute.

Negan got up and picked up his baseball bat that he had completely forgotten while spending time with you.

He then turned around and asked “I just wanted to say that I truly enjoyed spending the day with you…Can I assume you’ll be here often…”

You smiled and teased him “So what? So you could get lost in the woods again…”

He got closer to you and looked you in the eyes and said “If I get to see you every time I get lost then I would gladly do it over and over again! I don’t know if you noticed but…I am starting to like you…”

You blushed and shook your head and said “We’ve just met…maybe after a few meetings…you can be sure about me…”

He couldn’t stop admiring you and could only answer “Oh…i’m sure about you…anyways get these kids home…it’s late”

You nodded and turned around to leave.

He was about to leave as well and you suddenly realized you had spent the entire day with a complete stranger and hadn’t even bother to ask him his name. You then grabbed his arm and said “Wait! Y-you haven’t told me your name yet…”

Negan stood still in shock and couldn’t think of a random name in order to avoid you being alarmed by. He turned around and instead said “The next time we’ll meet, I’ll tell you…promise…”

He then turned to leave and you looked at him in slight confusion and hoped that the next day he would come across you would come soon enough.

As he made his way back to his camp kept rethinking if him and The Saviors should really go on with the plan against your group.

Baby Steps

Title: Baby steps

Band: EXO

Member/-s: Baekhyun

Genre: Angst

Warnings: commitment issues

Word count: 845


“Jagiya! I’m home!” Baekhyuns voice rang through the apartment. He was happy to come home this early. He couldn’t wait to tell you about work. About the stupid things, he and Chanyeol did during practice. About all the times when he and the rest of the beagles annoyed the hell out of Junmyeon. He didn’t feel surprised when he was greeted with silence though. He knew you were home, that wasn’t the problem. He just frowned at your lack of response.

Walking towards your shared bedroom, he already went through all the different things he could say to you. How would you react? He knocked, although he guessed you probably wouldn’t hear, and opened the door. Of course, as always, he found you in front of your laptop, sitting at your desk, headphones on. It didn’t surprise him. Of course not. And you weren’t surprised either when you felt someone pulling down your headphones and leaning in to press a kiss on your cheek. Baekhyun was surprised, when you turned your head away though. A small ‘Hi’ as a greeting gesture. Baekhyun frowned, then backed away and sat down on your bed. He was watching you. You could feel that. Questioning eyes burning holes into your back. His all too happy feeling had vanished. And you already blamed yourself, sinking further into the chair. He didn’t even have to ask you what’s wrong. He knew very well. But his mind was set on changing it.
You on the other hand were just waiting for it by now. The ‘I can’t do this anymore’ coming from his mouth. You were silently begging for it. It wasn’t because you didn’t love him because, trust me, you did. But you just couldn’t show him. You were scared. Scared of getting too attached. You couldn’t do this. What if he just left you then? When you finally felt comfortable enough to show him, would he just leave you? You knew he would. You knew he would leave, no matter what. You would never be able to fully give yourself to him. He never belonged to you in the first place. He’s an Idol. Idols don’t date people like you. That’s what you kept telling yourself.

And it broke Baekhyun to know that.

“Jagiya.” You knew what was coming. You knew today would be the day. “Jagiya can you look at me please?” So you did. Shutting your laptop, you turned in your chair, still not looking up at him though. “I think we should talk.”

His voice was calmer than usual. Deeper even. He seemed serious. “You know… I mean… It’s been six months now, right? Six whole months. And you know I uhm… I love you. You know this right? Come on Jagiya, please look at me…” His voice sounded so desperate now. You had to look up. It wasn’t easy, it was anything but easy. But you had to. His eyes were so red. He barely slept the last few weeks. The concerts, the comeback coming up, the practice… he was tired. And you didn’t make it any easier for him. You always showed him the cold shoulder. No welcome home kiss, no hug, no comfort. You just couldn´t do that. He wouldn’t like this about you. No one did. They never did.
You were too clingy. And you didn’t want him to think of you like this too.

“Jagiya… why don’t you answer me? I want to help us okay? I know this is difficult for you but it’s been six months… And you never said it back. I mean… we could just take baby steps.” He really sounded desperate.

“Baekhyun… I can’t.” “No, you can. I know you can. Jagiya we’re in this together. I’m not going to let you go through this alone. I’m sick of letting you believe that you’re too clingy or whatever. I love clingy. I am clingy. If I’m not annoying to you, then how annoying do you think you are? I’m the king of annoyance, gosh. You can be the queen, I promise, just… don’t hold it back anymore. I love you. I want to see your dorky side. I want your kisses and hugs and I want to sleep next to you so that I can hear your cute little snores when your nose is runny. I love you. I love you a lot already. And honestly? I finally want to tickle you. This is so frustrating, like, how do you expect me to prank you without a tickle fight? You can’t. I can’t. Let me touch you. I want to hold you so bad, please, Jagiya…”

And for the first time, you felt your walls crumble. Inch by inch. One by one. Baekhyun didn’t want to leave you. Baekhyun didn’t think you were annoying. You didn’t really process what was happening, but suddenly you saw black, and felt warmth around you. Baekhyun was holding you. And for the first time, you didn’t pull away. You wrapped your arms back around him in response.

“Baby steps?”

“… Baby steps.”

Jikook/Yoonmin Chronicles #3

Jungkook: *stares at Jimin licking a popsicle*

Jimin: Oh, hey Kookie bear. Do you want some? *popsicles leaks from his mouth to the bottom of his chin*

Jungkook: *stares at trail of popsicle and licks his lips, furiously nodding his head*

Jimin: *offers popsicle* Here bunny, have some.

Jungkook: *cages Jimin between his arms and innocently licks the sweet trail of dessert*

Jimin: *gasps and blushes*

Jungkook: Hyungie, your lips taste so good. Can I taste you again?

Jimin: Uh-

Yoongi: *breaks down kitchen door and gives Jungkook devil eyes* Jimin, what is this little shit saying and why does your lip taste good?!

Jimin: -

Jungkook: *smirks* Hyungie let me have dessert.

Yoongi: *pinches bridge of nose*

Jimin: Hyung, Yoongi Hyung-

Jungkook: *aegyo* Jiminnie Hyung, can you feed me more please.

-Hoseok&V from afar-

V: Hyung, why does Jungkook challenge that devil man.

Hoseok: Beats me, as long as we’re not involved.

V: I know. Yesterday Yoongi Hyung told me that I wasn’t as cute as Jiminnie. I’m cute right? *pouts*

Hoseok: Of course Taetae, your super cute. I think you’re cuter than Jiminnie.

Yoongi: *strangles Maknae* Stay in your lane kid. Don’t touch my favourite human!

Jimin: Guys-

Jungkook: *throws a few punch and uses derp face to throw Yoongi off* He doesn’t belong to you. Let me play with him, you’re so selfish when it comes to my Jiminnie!

Yoongi: Your Jiminnie! Know your place kid, that beautiful boy is mine, don’t fight me on this!

Jungkook: No! He’s mine. He likes me more!

Yoongi: No, he likes me more!

Jungkook: He likes me more!

Yoongi: No, me! Tell him you like me more baby-…. Jimin?!

Jimin: *softly whimpers with tears in his eyes*

Jungkook: Oh. Jiminie Hyung-

Yoongi: *shoves Jungkook out of line of vision* Oh no. Come here beautiful, let Hyung make you feel better. Tell Hyung what’s wrong.

Jimin: *sniffles* You guys threw down my popsicle while fighting. I don’t like it when you fight.

Yoongi: *rushes to the store and buys popsicle for Jimin*

Jimin: Oh, thank you Hyung-

Jungkook: *breathless from running 60 miles* Hyung, I bought you a box of popsicles.

Yoongi: Jiminnie, I bought you two boxes!

Jungkook: Hyung, here’s three boxes in case you run out!

Jimin: Guys I don’t think-

Soekjin: What is going on in here? Why is our Jiminnie crying and why is there so many boxes in here?

Jimin: Soekjinnie Hyung, save me please. All I wanted to do was eat my popsicle!

Soekjin: *picks up Jimin and carries him into his room*

Yoongi: Don’t test me brat. I will murder you in your sleep.

Jungkook: ….