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What people don't understand about abusive parents

What people don’t understand about abusive parents is that we can’t always hate them. We can’t just constantly hate them because a lot of them are quite nice half the time.
It makes it hard to hate them because it’s like “they’ve been horrible to me but they treated me to a present yesterday or a cute little chocolate bar so I’d me rude to hate them because of what they’ve done for me” and it’s destroys your mind because then people questions if they actually are abusive when you seen to like them at that time.

How you spend Christmas Eve with MONSTA X

A little festive something for all my followers? Love you guys, hope you enjoy your holiday no matter what you celebrate!! 

SHOWNU: probably spending it doing some last minute shopping together, going out to a shopping mall and buying extra gifts for one another, sometimes splitting up to buy bigger things. you two frantically try to hide the bags from each other when you meet up so the other person can’t see what their presents are. finally, the two of you go out for hot cocoa together to end the night. 

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WONHO: the two of you spend the night inside, building a gingerbread house. getting into cute little tiffs over how to decorate it, who gets to decorate what, etc. the whole thing would probably end up looking like a right mess, and hoseok might take a bite out of a couple pieces, but you have such a good time that you can’t possibly be mad.

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MINHYUK: ice skating! he wouldn’t want to just hang out in the house all day, so you’d probably end up trying something new and go ice skating! it’s really cute, you hold each others hands the whole time and sometimes he sneaks in a kiss on your cheek, but you both topple over so much that you’re relieved when you crawl into bed later and fall asleep instantly.

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KIHYUN: baking cookies for sure. kihyun would suggest it and even prepare all the ingredients to present it to you, and asmuch as you try to convice him that he should make them and you should eat them, he wouldn’t rest until you’ve agreed to help. warning: this will lead to a messy kitchen and a messy couple. followed by messy kisses. and the cookies don’t come out that badly either!

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HYUNGWON: one hundred percent not into leaving the house, or even the couch. you guys find a channel playing cheesy christmas movies and make some hot chocolate, and probably popcorn and bam, that’s your night. watching classic christmas movies, tangled up in sleepy cuddles on the couch with your boyfriend and ten million blankets to stay warm. it’s adorable.

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JOOHEON: he’s so ready to party, for real. you’re both excited to dress up and socialize, showing each other off in front of all your friends. he’d definitely make a big show of kissing you under the mistletoe, and everyone in the room would swoon. back hugs the whole night, holding hands, quick cheek kisses. just constantly reminding everyone that yes, he can snatch someone great and beautiful like you.

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I.M: it would seem innocent enough to play in the snow with your boyfriend, making snowmen and snow angels and trying to build snow forts. and it would be for a little while, the red cold glow on your cheeks and nose, which changkyun keeps kissing to warm up. until there’s a snowball smashed onto your face and war is declared. still, a memorable battle with your boyfriend.

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Baking Time!
  • Daddy: Hey princess, what are you up to?
  • Baby: I'm baking muffins daddy! Look, I have all these cute little muffin cups for the batter to go in.
  • Daddy: Aww it's cute. Just be careful, my little muffin.
  • Baby: *giggles* Okay daddy.
  • *5 minutes later*
  • Baby: Daddy.
  • Daddy: Yes, baby?
  • Baby: I have made a horrible mistake.
  • Daddy: What's wrong?
  • Baby: The batter is e v e r y w h e r e.
  • Daddy: Oh boy. You better clean it up with some towels.
  • Baby: Or I can use my fingers and then lick it up.
  • Daddy: No baby don't--
  • Baby: Too late.
  • Daddy: Baby that's ba--
  • Baby: Daddy, it's everywhere again.
  • Daddy: Oh my gosh, you're just my little mess. I love you💕

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can you do cute little headcanons for TFA and TFP Optimus with a cybertronian s/o?~~~

TFA Optimus

  • He’s shy and nervous at first; most of his “flirting” consists of gazing at you with goo-goo eyes with hopes that you’ll notice him.
  • Once he does build up the courage to ask you a date he’s a stuttering mess. He relaxes when you say yes.
  • He’s a perfect gentleman on the date. He brings you flowers, opens the door for you, and pulls out your chair.
  • Surprisingly, falling into a relationship is a pretty effortless thing. On the first couple of dates you get to know one another better, and from there it feels like you’ve been together forever.
  • He still acts like a love-struck puppy at times, especially when you kiss him or hold his servo in public. Sometimes he looks into your optics and swears he’s falling in love all over again.
  • On missions he tends to be protective of you. Not that he thinks you can’t handle yourself, he swears! It’s just… he can’t help himself.

TFP Optimus

  • You’d need to have had been in a relationship before the war; Optimus wouldn’t consider it during. It’s a distraction and a risk- and you’re in that much more danger when close to him.
  • He tries to be subtle about it, but you notice he backs you up on missions when you don’t need it. If it’s brought up he gets defensive.
  • Sometimes (a lot of times) Optimus overworks himself. Ratchet depends on you to get him to recharge and refuel.
  • You’re the only one who’s seen Optimus break down. There are days when everything is just too much. He presses his face into your shoulder and wraps his arms around you, silently asking you to hold him. Stroke his helm to make him feel better.
  • He takes every opportunity to tell him how much you mean to him. On those rare occasions that you get the chance to rest together he holds you close and whispers in Old Cybertronian how much he loves you- You are the light in his spark, the sun and moon and all the wonders the universe can hold. He gazes into your optics until you just can’t keep them open anymore.
  • After the war (and y’know after… all that) he wants to start a family… If you’re willing.
Reaction (Seventeen): When their girlfriend gets hurt by an anti-fan

S.coups: “Who hurt her? I need to know where to go to beat someone’s ass.”

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Jeonghan: “They did what to her? Is she alright? Who exactly do I need to kill?”

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Joshua: “Jihoon, unless you’re going to help me get revenge on the person who hurt my jagiya, then step back.”

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Woozi: “I knew that telling the public that we were dating would get you a lot of hate. I’m glad you’re okay though.”

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Hoshi: “They did what to her? But she is like the best person on this Earth. Why would anybody hurt her?” *cute little cinnamon roll who is probably more torn up than his girlfriend*

DK: “I’m glad you’re alright, but I’m gonna need to know who it was that hurt you, because I will hurt them.”

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Mingyu: “She really got attacked by an anti-fan? You’re messing with me. It can’t be true.”

Wonwoo: *doesn’t even wait to go on a rampage, trying to find the person who hurt his jagiya*

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Jun: “Baby girl, are you alright? I’m going to have someone with you at all times, so next time someone tries to do that, we’ll be ready.” 

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Minghao: *to the  anti-fan* “Hello, I heard that you are the one who attacked my girlfriend. Do it again, and you’ll be sorry.”

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Seungkwan: *DK comforting Seungkwan* “She’s alright Seungkwan. It wasn’t that bad. I promise that she’s alright.” 

Vernon: *to the anti-fan* “Who the hell do you think you are? If you hate my group, then hate us, but don’t ever lay a finger on my girl.”

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Dino: “I just want to let whoever hurt my jagiya know, if you ever touch her again, you’ll have to answer to me.”

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I didn’t mess up, right?

Jongdae as your Boyfriend
  • Kim Jongdae the king of getting away with things
  • not only is he a sneaky little shit, he’s a sneaky little shit that wants your attention no matter what
  • no matter how busy you are
  • he just *snakes an arm around your waist*
  • *hugs you from behind*
  • *randomly starts kissing your neck*
  • this boy is the definition of h u m a n  i n t i m a c y
  • he got them moves if you know what I’m saying *wink wink nudge*
  • but he’s cute too
  • like 110% cute
  • how can he be so cute???
  • his little pout and puppy dog eyes but he looks more like a cat?
  • that infamous “ah waeeeeee”
  • whoever ties this boy down good luck
  • you can tell him everything
  • he gives really good advice after all 
  • and obviously the queen of gossip
  • you both could probably mess around with makeup cause he knows he can work it
  • he’s the type to sing in the shower
  • free show! amirite
  • or just sing in general
  • cooking? he’s there singing
  • cleaning up? *hums hey mama*
  • your household will be filled with the voice of an angel
  • he’s like the boyfriends you read about in fanfictions or watch in movies. the one that’s your best friend but also perfect?
  • but he’s not perfect, and that just makes him more !!!11!!!11 you get what I’m saying
  • just him being the accepting and caring person he is makes you swoon
  • but he can also be a dick
  • little prankster likes to play too many games
  • *mixes mayo and your hand cream together*
  • then you see that face of ‘Oh shit!’ and can’t help but laugh, yelling at him but laughing nonetheless
  • if you’re ever stressed though he’s there for you
  • “Late night jams with Kim Jongdae and Y/N”
  • and there you are, slow dancing with him a box of pizza by your feet and your favorite songs playing
  • OM G
  • love is truly an amazing thing and he makes sure to remind you everyday

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- admin s admin c read this please :)

listen so. phil drives really badly and dan also probably drives really badly. but like.. hear me out. they’d get an awful rental car to go on a dumb roadtrip because they want to have their own personal little tour. and the whole time there’s so much arguing, over what music is playing and when and where they’re going to pull over and where not to turn. and phil hasn’t gone once without spilling crumbs everywhere but once he did it just on purpose so he could laugh when dan did this upset little sigh and whined about the car not being theirs so you can’t mess it up dumbass.

they go wherever they want, teaching each other slowly what to do and what not to do. leaning against the windows and watching the scenery flow by, excitedly shaking each others shoulders and pointing out deer and ducks and the occasional cute dog. marvelling at anything and everything and taking it all in as much as they can. taking a million photos.

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I don't mean to be a bother, but like soft Lancelot headcanons. If you wanna do a drawing, go for it, but I need me some soft Lancelot hc's

Okay, okay, i dunno if these are any good but let’s do this:

  • Lotor is a goddamn cuddler, Lance will wake up to a mouthful of hair because Lotor is on his chest and he can’t breathe and why does this huge alien think he can be the little spoon anyway, but the more you try to remove him, the more he snuggles in and honestly, its cute. You know what? Lance can die this way he doesn’t mind.
  • If you run your hand from the top of Lotor’s head down his back, he purrs. Its adorable and Lance will sometimes do it absentmindedly while Lotor turns into a languid, purring mess.
  • When Lance is bored, he’ll start playing around with Lotor’s hair. Its so soft, and he kinda misses braiding his sisters or nieces hair. Lotor doesn’t mind because Lance is actually quite good at it. He’ll sometimes come out to do his princely duties  wearing them.
  • Spa days. Just. Spa days.
  • Lotor has this fixation with kissing Lance, forehead kisses, cheek kisses, nose kisses, neck kisses, finger kisses. Lance blushes completely red every single time, which in retrospect is a terrible deterrent.
  • Lotor gets Lance a yupper, and because he couldn’t settle for a normal yupper its one of those purebreed ones that are six feet tall and freaking gigantic. Its the fluffiest cuddliest monster that Lance has ever seen and he adores it instantly. Its name is Chiquita.
  • Lance wakes up earlier than Lotor most times and just, watches him sleep, like he can’t believe this beautiful creature actually wants him, he could have anyone in the universe and he’s in love with Lance. It’s like a dream.
  • Sometimes, when Lotor has had a long day running the empire, Lance will already be asleep by the time he gets to bed. Lotor will kiss his brow and whisper “All of the universe is worth less to me than you, my love.”
Dating Fred Weasley Would Include:

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  • George’s endless teasing
  • Late nights wrapped in his F sweater
  • Going to the Weasley’s on Christmas
  • Molly making you your own sweater
  • “What are you gonna do about it love?”
  • Pranks, oh so many pranks
  • Helping them with new ideas for their shop
  • Anyone who messes with you is covered in boils the next day
  • Everyone knows you’re together
  • PDA, endless PDA
  • “Look we haven’t snogged there before!”
  • Your make up all disappearing, and him claiming to know nothing
  • Messing with his hair
  • Quidditch matches
  • Talking your way out of trouble
  • Cuddling, all of the cuddling
  • Puns
  • Him watching you study
  • “You look so cute when you concentrate”
  • “Do you know what’s better then homework, me”
  • Him wrapping his arms around you from behind
  • Always being the little spoon

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She’s Not A Doll (Young K)

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Type: Fluff

Request:  I’m the Day6 anon. I was wondering if you could do a Young K/Brian scenario with his wife and kid? I’ve been having major Young K feels.

Brian smiled happily at his daughter, Harlyn as she stood there showing her father the look you picked for her today. He quickly began messing up her dark locks as he rubbed her head. “Will you stop it I had her hair perfect” you whined “she looks too fake” he spoke taking the bow out of her hair as well. “Why?” you spoke “you make her look like a little doll. I want her to look like my daughter” he told you not to offend.  “She looks cute like that though” you pouted “are you saying Harlyn isn’t cute when she’s not dressed up?” he teased.

“You know that isn’t what I meant” you told him as he put his hands up. He wrapped his arms around you “she’s a natural cutie which means as her dad I don’t want her ever being fake. People are so fake these days and our baby doesn’t deserve to be in the lame trend right?” he spoke kissing the side of your head. “Starting young with the you being you thing aren’t you?” you asked him “never too early to tell your baby to be herself” he told you as he let go swooping in and grabbing his daughter.

“She’s gonna keep the dress on though. Daddy does like the dress” he cooed as he began kissing all over her face. She giggled at her father’s affection “daddy loves you just the way you are” he tells her as he looks her in the eyes. She did the same before she reached up and touched his face, he leaned against her tiny hand. “You two are so cute” you cooed leaning towards them and placing a kiss on his cheek making him gasp in a joking manner to get a laugh from his girls. Harlyn smiled at her dad’s face before she leaned in and kissed his lips lightly. “I’m being spoiled here” he spoke as you rolled your eyes at his goofy action.

Being a Hermit Crab Owner

People who don’t have hermit crabs: You got crabs? Doesn’t it pinch? It’s kind of cute, I guess. That a lot of shells. Can I hold it? I’m a little freaked out by it. What do they eat? I want one for my kids, heard they were easy pets.

Someone who has them as pets: They trashed the tank again. Should I bother straightening their mess up at this point? Don’t try pinching the hand that feeds. I see you buried food in your substrate. I hate you sometimes, but your little face makes you too easy to forgive. I wish you would stop eating everything you got your little clippers on, including my hand’s skin. Oh, you’re molting. Good luck and stay safe. It’s almost like you put ecoearth in the salt water just to annoy me.

Hermit crab owner problems. Yes, it is like a moody teenager in miniature form. Yes, they are difficult to be mad at for long once you see them crawling around looking adventurous. These are only easy pets if you give them proper care.

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notp / not really / meh / I could / sometimes / maker, yes / my otp babbies (cmon what else would u expect) 

Who is the most affectionate? Dude, Del is always begging for attention, he LOVES being affectionate

Big spoon/Little spoon? Evan is usually big spoon, and Del is lil spoon

Most common argument? They argue about youtube, and how they always spend too much time editing and not going out and being coupley

Favorite non-sexual activity? watching movies, Del loves it

Who is most likely to carry the other? Vanoss loves picking Del up :D

Nicknames? “Jon!” “Ev!” and other cute shit 

Who worries the most? they are both worrying messes

Who tops? they alternate

Who initiates kisses? Del does usually, and he’s surprised when Evan will initate it (”did u just kiss me? DONT WINK AND WALK AWAY”)

Who wakes up first? Evan, that fuckin owl is awake so early…but del never sleeps so

Who says I love you first? Evan, kinda accidentally and Tyler teases the fuck outta him

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'Oh, my God, I thought you were going to die. Please don’t ever scare me like that again.' cousland/alistair

Elissa doesn’t remember what happened, if she’s being totally honest. She can’t remember the last time she was even in a proper bed. It’s a hard mattress, a little uncomfortable. Standard Warden Bedding when in Standard Warden Buildings. 

She breathes in deep and finds her body aching from her chest to her hips. 

“Andraste’s knickers, woman.”

Her hand is immediately engulfed by two larger hands, and she’s astonished to find that he had ever broken physical contact with her to begin with. Because she knows that voice. It belongs to her husband, who should very much be in Denerim. Last she checked, she wasn’t anywhere near home. This is not a home bed. 

“I know you’re awake,” Alistair says. “You breathe differently.”

Elissa cracks an eye open, reluctantly, to stare at him. “You do realize that is a strange thing to say, don’t you?”

He brings her trapped hand to his chest. At some point, he’s either going to have to get into the bed with her or tug her off of it. Both options make her body twinge unhappily. 

“We’re already married. I don’t think there’s much of an escape now.”

“My hand is sweaty.”

“I’m not letting it go.”

“So there really is no escape.” She gives him a small smile, but even that hurts. 

His face goes suddenly solemn, eyes dark and serious. Now that’s not a look she often likes to find on his face. Sometimes she misses the naive boy she had met, so eager to teach her about the Wardens, filled with some idealistic hope and sense of adventure. No, that’s just her painting him how she wants to. He was serious and bitter then too; he just hid it better than she did.

“What happened?”

“You nearly died, Elissa. What were you thinking?” His voice goes up a bit at the end, and he sounds a lot like her mother used to.

Her mouth is already dry, but it suddenly feels like a desert. Her lips part, but there are no words for a moment. “That doesn’t tell me what happened, Alistair.”

She struggles to sit up with the one hand she has left to her as leverage. A moan strangles out of her from the effort, pain searing through her body, and she finally gives up. 

“You were outnumbered and took a beating from an ogre before help arrived.” Now he’s angry. 

It comes back to her in bits and pieces then. Forging ahead on her own to scout, following the trail of missing girls. Dead girls. Mothers. Panic had bubbled up into her throat, as it does now. What good is a Warden-Commander terrified of broodmothers? 

“I wanted to save them,” Elissa murmurs. “I was hoping there would be enough time to save them.”

“Alone?” He lets go of her hand gently, placing it on the bed, before he cups her face. His palms are sweaty and cool against her skin, but she doesn’t shake him off. “I almost lost you.”

And that’s the core of it there. He can’t lose her. She can’t lose him. 

“Alone.” Elissa knows that she isn’t - because the death sentence that hovers over her is always in the back of her mind - but the idea that she is invincible has begun to worm its way into her body. How many horrors and battles has she survived? “I’m fine, Alistair.”

“You - No? Your armor had to be peeled off by mages. Mages, Elissa. With their magic, tearing apart your armor. Quite terrifying, if you ask me. Imagine if they - they used that in battle.” His words come out in a rush, with barely a break between them. She can’t help it; she smiles. “This isn’t funny!”

“Andraste’s tits, Alistair, I have been through worse!”

“You could have died!”

“I didn’t!”

“You could have. We go together, Elissa.” He runs both hands through his hair. It sticks up at angles that defy reality, but she bites back the smile this time. It’s a nervous reaction on her part, really. “We go together.”

She reaches out, her hand running across the stubble that’s formed along his jaw. “Neither of us are dying anytime soon.”

“You promised me. Maker’s breath, Elissa, you promised. When our calling comes…”

They will go into the Deep Roads together and die together. It’s morbid. It’s a promise. 



“I love you.” Her hand drops to his white linen undershirt, fingers curling into the fabric as she uses what strength she has to pull him closer. He doesn’t resist, that anger and frustration bleeding out of him until there’s nothing but worry and exasperation left. “I love you, I am not dead, I do not plan on dying anytime soon. I especially don’t plan to meet the Maker without you.”

“You can’t just expect to say you love me and think I’ll forgive you,” he mutters.

“Of course I can.”

“Well, you’re wrong, dear wife. Very wrong. In fact, I don’t think there has been a more wrong person in the history of Thedas.” He lips brush against her forehead. “I’m livid.”

“I can’t tell.”

“I have a good kingly face. The kind that hides how I’m really feeling.” Alistair hugs her gently then, careful of her apparently peeled and pummeled body. “Meetings are incredibly boring, and I have to pretend I’m interested.”

“How horrible,” she says in a soft voice, stroking his hair back down for him. “Being the king is a tough job.”

There’s a definite pout in his voice now. “I know you’re making fun of me.”

“What a terrible thing to accuse your loving wife of while she rests in her death bed.”

He stiffens against her, huffing out a sigh against the side of her neck. 

“I’m kidding,” Elissa says.

“You are a terrible, awful, no good woman.”

“And there’s no escaping from me.” She presses a kiss to his cheek. 

“Don’t do this to me again, Elissa. I will leave the throne.”

Stability for Ferelden or her own need to toss herself into impossible situations?

“You didn’t say you love me back.” She can’t make promises she won’t keep against threats he won’t act upon.

Alistair moves her over carefully before climbing into the bed beside her. She’s missed this. Missed him in ways that she can’t comprehend. “I love you.”


TITLE: Daddy Duties

A/N: This is my first request! @always-a-marvel-addict asked if I could write a Daddy Shot with Steve! I hope you enjoy it!!

Warnings: Nothing too serious.

Tag Requests: @always-a-marvel-addict


“Sweetheart, your making a mess!” You came around to see your daughter covered spaghetti, red sauce in her hair, she gave you a grin that showed all her teeth. You could not help but smile at her cuteness, “Guess what, Sara, daddy–” Her eyes lit up at the word ‘daddy’, “DADDY!!” She kicked her little feet in the high chair,

“He’ll be home soon!” You smiled,
“I guess soon is sooner than you thought.” You spun around to see Steve placing his shield down next to the apartment door as he used his other hand to shut the door.
“STEVE!!” You ran and jumped into his arms wrapping your legs around his small waist.

He kissed you softly and hugged you tight, the moment was cut short when, “MAMA! MAMA!” Steve dropped you as his smile grew bigger, he tip toed to the corner and poked his head around, “Sssaaarrrraaaa…” Her head snapped to the sound of her daddy’s voice unable to see him, Steve was hiding behind the corner again. He slowly poked just his eyes around, Sara recognized her daddy’s blue eyes. “DADDY! DADDY!” She reached her arms toward her super soldier dad kicking her legs, he ran up to her and scooped her into his arms. Stroking her hair with one hand and bouncing her up and down, kissing her head. Seeing these moments melted your heart, Steve turned around and used his free arm to pull you into a small family group hug.

“And they lived happily ever after, the end.” Steve closed the book and looked at Sara who was asleep on her bed, he just gazed at her, smiling. He bent over and placed a kiss on her forehead and slowly made his way to the bedroom door, turning the light off. Sara’s castle night light automatically turned on, Steve once again frozen looking at his baby girl. Flash backs to the first time he seen her, her first tooth, first word, and first steps. She was a huge daddy’s girl, “Da-Da” was her first word and she only walked to him when she was learning to walk. Memories like that always flooded Steve’s mind whenever he was away on missions, and now he is home again. He walked out of her room, and into the two of you’s room. You were in the bathroom brushing your teeth as Steve was climbing into bed. You watched him in the mirror, smiling, thrilled he is finally home.
“I missed you.” You crawled into bed and right into his arms, you thought about going to a twin sized bed. Because whenever Steve was home, you always slept right on his chest. His arms wrapped around you always made you feel secure and safe,
“I missed you too doll…” He kissed the top of your head softly. You gazed up into his blue eyes, and bit your lower lip. Steve’s eyes changed from relaxed to more…desiring. He knew what that gesture meant, he didn’t hesitate to slide his hands down your back slowly. Never breaking eye contact, he slid your shirt up and over your head as he rolled you over on your back. For moments like these, your glad to have the queen sized bed. The moment was NOT lustful, but love-full. Slow passionate movements, enjoying, embracing each and every second of it.
The next morning, you were wrapped up in Steve’s arms laying on his chest. You slowly opened your eyes to see Sara standing by the bed smiling at you, causing you to jump. Which led to Steve jolting awake, “Mama! Potty! Potty!” You were about to sit up, but remembered you were not dressed. “Okay, sweety!” You seen Steve’s shirt on the other side of the bed, reaching for it to put it on, and began mommy duties. Steve rubbed his eyes at the sun shining through the curtains, getting up, he through on some underwear and began cooking breakfast.
In the middle of breakfast, Bucky walked inside the apartment, he never knocks. Sara’s eyes lit up, she LOVED her daddy, but Uncle James was another one of her favorites. “Jay! Jay!!” She jumped from her seat and ran to him, (she originally tried calling him Buck, but her 'B’s were a struggle. So, it would come out Uck. Which always caused people to raise an eyebrow at the two year old. So, for now he is Jay.)
“Hey there girl!” He scooped his niece into his arms and held her tight, “I hate to break this up, but (y/n), we have a mission.” Your heart sank, Steve just back last night, and now your having to leave. Changing into your uniform,

“Make sure Sara takes her medicine. The directions are on the container.” She has a perfect physical features of you and Steve, but she had everything Steve was born with.
“I know (y/n). I may not be Banner, but I can give Sara her medicine.” He smiled as he watched you change.

You gave Sara a hug and a kiss, and wrapped your arms around Steve’s neck. You gave him a slow kiss, “When I get back. We can have part two of last night.” Winking at the now blushing Steve Rodgers. Bucky cleared his throat, “I’m still here.”
You go to shut the door behind you, “I can’t wait babe!” Steve called as you look at him one more time before shutting the door. Sara came back with My Little Pony figurines in her hands, she looked around, “Mama?” Steve knelt down, “Mama had to go bye bye, sweety, with Uncle James.” She gave him a sad look, “She will be back later.” Steve played dress up, took her to the park, got ice-cream, watched a marathon of My Little Pony, played house, played store, and it was not even dinner time yet. His phone buzzed with a text message:

“Hey babe, the mission is taking longer we thought. I should be home sometime tomorrow night! Love you!”

He gave a sad smile, as he finished coloring a picture of a puppy with Sara. It was time for bed, Steve tucked Sara into bed and read her a story. “Good night baby doll..” He kissed her good night, “Night night daddy.” He couldn’t help but smile at his daughter. When you were gone on missions he could never sleep, he hated not being there to protect you. Bucky promised to always look after you, and he trusted Bucky with you. He should have felt more peace because not only was Bucky with you but Sam as well. His two best friends, but it didn’t. He finally fell asleep.

“STEVE!!” Bucky broke through the door, Steve flew out of bed to the scream of his friend. “What!?! Where is (y/n)!?!” Steve’s heart was pounding, “Daddy?” He turned to see Sara in her doorway sucking her thumb and holding her stuffed pink horse in the other hand, “Sweet heart!” He scooped her up in his arms as he looked back at Bucky who was pale, “(Y/n) has been captured.” Steve’s heart broke, his grip on Sara tightened at the words. Laura came in and took Sara as Steve suited up. He was quiet the entire way to the location, Bucky and Sam sat on either side of Steve. His leg was bouncing from the anxiety and anger flowing through his body. They arrived at the facility and Steve took off as soon as he could get off the jet. “Steve! Wait!” Sam called to him, Steve ignored the call of his friend. After fighting and killing several men, he came face to face with your body. Your strapped to a metal bed like structure. “(Y/n)!!” He ran to your side. His face turned pale as he seen took in the state of your body, bruised, cut up, and broken. “(y/n)!!” Tears filled his eyes as he tried to get you to respond. Silence. Bucky and Sam came into the room and froze, Steve ripped the straps of your wrists and ankles. Holding you in his arms as he fell to his knees, “Baby please!” You weren’t breathing and there was no heart beat. “No! No! No! (Y/n) please!!” His heart was beating fast as his breathes shortened, a panic attack came upon him.

Steve shot up in his bed, his pillow soaked in sweat. He was trying to catch his breathe as he looked at the digital clock, 3am, he let out a huff as he pushed the sheets back and went to the the punching bag. Time went by, his mind was flooding with the images of your deceased body in his arms. His anger and anxiety flooded, as his punches grew stronger and stronger. His focus was shifted when he heard, “Daddy?” He turned to see his little girl, with her bed head she got from you, “What is it Sara?” He moved his sweat soaked hair over, “Play wiff me!” She smiled,

“Not now Sara.”
“Pwease daddy, play wiff me.”
“No Sara.”

She made her way over to Steve and tugged his shirt, “Da–” “SARA! NO!” He boomed making the girl jump as her eyes widened and watered. Steve’s heart instantly broke at the fear in her eyes, like a piece of fine China falling onto the ground. “Baby doll, I’m sorry!” He tried to reach for her, “NO! MAMA! MAMA!” She took off running away from Steve, crying for you. Steve tried to catch up to her, but Sara had already locked herself in her room. “Sweety, please open up. I’m sorry I yelled at you.” “NO!” She yelled back from the other side of the door. Steve tried batting her out with candy, ice-cream, another My Little Pony marathon, anything to get her out. Nothing worked, Steve sat on the floor up against the pink princess bedroom door, with his head in his hands thinking of what to do. Then, he got an idea.

Sara sat in her room as she snuggled her stuffed pony, when all of a sudden she heard something.

“Been working so hard
I’m punching my card
Eight hours for what
Oh, tell me what I got”

She smiled as she wiped her eyes, she stood up and opened the door, and seen her daddy dancing in the living room. She drops her pony and takes off to dance with her daddy.

“I’ve got this feeling
That times are holding me down
I’ll hit the ceiling
Or else I’ll tear up this town”

You walk up the front door, and you commotion on the other side. Sticking your ear to the door you hear the 'Family Dance Time’ playlist, you made. You open the door and see Sara holding Steve’s fingers as they are crazy dancing around the living room. Spinning, jumping, and Steve twirling her around, you close the door and run to them joining in your favorite part of the song:

“Now I gotta cut loose, footloose
Kick off your Sunday shoes
Please, Louise, pull me off of my knees
Jack, get back, come on before we crack
Lose your blues, everybody cut footloose”

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Angel and demon au:))))

Okay I wasn’t sure who you wanted to be the angel and the demon, but I assumed you meant Jikook? So I just kind of went with Jungkook being the angel for once:) Here we goooooo~

+ Demon Jimin first sees Jungkook when he sees the angel struggling to get his halo, which had been stuck on a tree branch

+ Jimin, of course, does the liberty of helping the poor angel in need

+ Jungkook is stunned to see that the person who helped him was, in fact, a demon

+ Jimin takes an immediate liking to the angel with the bunny face while Jungkook feared Jimin

+ “What are you doing out here all by yourself little angel?”

+ Jimin sometimes trails Jungkook and watched him carry out good deeds on Earth (he wouldn’t admit it, but he found it extremely cute)

+ Jungkook scolds Jimin every time he causes havoc in someone’s life and he has to clean up the mess

+ Sometimes Jimin causes trouble just so that Jungkook could come and he would see him again

+ Jimin likes to pull Jungkook in close and nip at his ear, making the angel gasp in shock and push him away

+ Jungkook refuses to admit to Jimin that he loves his company

+ Jimin flicking Jungkook’s halo and calling him a “naughty angel” when he does something cute/hot

+ The first time they kiss was when Jungkook just finished buying a child ice cream and Jimin pushed him up against the nearest wall, slamming their lips together because he finds his kindness so attractive.

+ Jungkook thinks it’s so wrong to be sneaking around with a demon to kiss them, but he can’t stop

+ Jimin slowly stroking his halo as they drift off into sleep

+ Jungkook almost always slaps Jimin off when he tries to go for an ass grab. “Hyung! That’s sinful!” Jimin looks him up and down, biting his lip, “You’re the sinful one here, baby.”

+ Jimin makes sure to take off Jungkook’s halo before fucking the innocence out of him

Leon Dialogue
Fire Emblem: Fates
Leon Dialogue

What is it with Nohr men and going from “innocent” to raunchy beasts? FIRST JOKER AND NOW THIS GUY. Usual disclaimer applies about this being a fan translation and SPOILERS below.

Another version HERE! I think it’s missing the confession lines though and I didn’t know how to add it in _(:3/ can you add audio in reblogs?

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Anti. You're still so pathetic, yet I still love you. Altho seeing you so broken just makes me want to toy with you more~

“Huh? What is this.. You’re the one messing with my little Anti’s mind?” Dark looked you over curiously, a smirk tugging at his lips. “That’s… cute. Very, very cute. You think it’s fun to mess with demons, don’t you, Ethan?” His smirk grew as the red and cyan around him shifted as he stepped forward. A single movement of his hand sent you flying into a wall, as his eyes grew black again. “It’s not fun when they have someone to, pardon my language, fuck you up.”