what a cute drunk

Seeing that pin up picture with a girl, that had the focus on her legs and some dude actually sitting in the plane I couldn’t help myself. 
I know it’s not very Barry like but imagining him showing up there for a second and do this just to mess with Hal, who is getting ready for take off is still funny in my head. But I actually think that Hal loves his legs haha


USA is a big teddy bear that doesn’t like cuddles from drunk old broke people


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@huntressmaria LIKE LEGIT THO
iVE TRIED UNARMED BUILDS AND TO BE ABLE TO CAUSE ACTUAL DAMAGE and not just through viscerals like ???

History: When you get overly affectionate with skinship towards him when you're drunk.

Ah, this batch of requests I think is my best because I’m just having a ball with all of these (>w<)!!!~ Thank you for requesting and hope you enjoy!

Kyungil: You know… you don’t have to hold back from skinship when you’re sober, I’m okay with it. *Smiles*

Dokyun: No–[Y/n] I said no!–You’re drunk, you don’t realize what you’re doing! 

Sihyoung: Oh gawd, so this is the drinking habit you’ve been keeping secret from me! You’re so cute!~♥

Jaeho: If this is what your like drunk then you’re not allowed to drink with anyone else but me, got it?

Yijeong: I’ll cuddle with you later, I have to finish grilling this–Where are you taking me–[Y/n]?–[Y/N]!!!–THE MEAT’S BURNING!!!

I have a craving for a sappy modern au fic with lots of mutual pining where Steve is head over heels for Bucky in high school, but he powers through it, and then Bucky comes out in college as bi but he’s dating someone, and they just keep missing opportunities to be together so it just never happens. 

And then Bucky winds up with a crush on Steve and they both wind up on vacation in Vegas, get totally hammered, and get married, and have sex for the first time, all while totally black-out drunk. 

So when they wake up in the morning in their hotel room they have to piece everything back together, and they’re hungover and achy, and they both feel so guilty and horrible when they find the marriage certificate and used condom. 

Bucky blames himself, but Steve’s like, “no, it’s my fault - I was in love with you back in high school,” and Bucky’s like, “yeah, but I have a crush on you currently, so…” 

And just when they’re about to let their entire friendship implode, they find the letters they wrote to their sober future selves while completely wasted, and they’re not very legible, but they basically say “PLZ STAY MARRIED U LOVE EACH OTHER. ThiS SUch GOOD idea guys srsly yo’ll b best hubsands eVER. AND THE SEX WAS AWESUM IN CASE U DON’T REMEMBR.”

Doesn’t that just rot your teeth? God, I want that. I want that with whipped cream on top.

I still write? What? What is this?
I don’t know what this is. It was suppose to be cute Blaine dealing with drunk!mama anderson. That’s literally all I wanted this to be.

Super short. Written on my phone and only skimmed over. I’m sorry.
The sound of car doors slamming and tired farewells filled Kurt’s ears as he stepped out of the barn. Jacket off, his hand in his pockets he kicked at his own feet, feeling goosebumps rise down his neck as a cool breeze ruffled his hair.

Looking out at the few guests scattered chatting and the ones getting into their cars to drive back to Ohio, he spots his husband a several yards away. 

His husband.

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