what a cute

singer tyler hc

-ohohoh he can s i n g holy crap
-his songs are used by the entire gang in their videos
-mark and ethan use them for their end screens, amy uses them for her montages and kathryn… god knows what she does with his songs
-he refuses to get them copyrighted and actually gives out the link to were others can download his songs for free
-he’s pressured by his fans into starting a patreon so he earns money from his songs
-i mean how can you not pay for being blessed by that voice
-every charity livestream has a 1 hour singalong with tyler because it was requested so much honestly same
-he often sings to chica in a baby voice secretly
-ethan’s phone is full of videos of tyler singing to chica and only tyler doesn’t know about them
-the gang has a group chat without tyler to share random videos of tyler casually singing cuz they love his voice but he’s too shy to sing for them