what a crappy pic i know

(Sorry for the low quality pic, my tablet’s being crappy today)

Okay, so I was showing my sister my new Starboy!Tord drawing for my watercolor practice, and everything went downhill when I showed her, ya know why?

Well, one of my ‘TomTord doodles’ fell out of my sketchbook aND THEN SHE SAW IT, my sister said “Hey, something fell on your sketchbook” I was confused at first and when I saw what drawing fell HOLY HECK I WAS SCREAMING INTERNALLY. I quickly stepped on it so she doesn’t see it and she said “Ela what was that?” With a teasing smile on her face, heck everything went awkward, I was like “oH h a h a its n-nothing” (Its because my family members never know I draw gay stuff, I’m suffering help).


Meet Daniel Molloy

If you have read Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles you might know exactly who he is. If you dont, don’t worry i got you covered because i’m working on a Precuel-SpinOff-Unnecessary-Fan-Fiction-thing. Even when i dont have a decent graphic card or fancy photo poses to pull out dreamy and museum-worthy pics i’ll do my best to create an interesting storyline and make justice to Anne Rice Characters.

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(Meme anon) ok so I've seen the Germany one as a few low budget and crappy hetalia memes and I've seen it in a bad hetalia drawings collection thing (I don't know what it was called also I'm sorry if That offends you ) And then the person with the heart I've seen as like a reaction pic a few times (Granted they were a while ago and I was deep in the google search)


im not offended that was 6 years ago it actually excites me

if anyone can find those hetalia memes PLEASE send them to me i would love that so much

i would frame them tbh }

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You know what I realized? We have a B&W pic of DA, thanks to the new photoshoot. And, look at that, his hair is not black, like RY implied it was in the 'badass family' B&W pic. So, if his hair isn't black with a 1870s machine, how crappy can your phone/filter be, if they can turn dirty blonde into black?

That is true. 

When Markiplier promises Bathtub Pics:



All the fangirls be freaking out like they gonna get a full frontal in a few hours XD

Just kinda sketched these a few hours ago, so they’re pretty crappy. I didn’t want to spend too long on a joke that isn’t going to be relevant in the morning :P 

Okay, NOW I’m gonna go draw some punny shit…

New R-18 A/Z Doujinshi!

My new A/Z doujinshi came in recently! It’s Inaho/Slaine of course, haha. It’s by the same artist as my previous A/Z dj, which got scanned by someone else (dl links in this post). I took some shitty camera phone pics of the whole thing. I know I said I was totally gonna scan a few dj (Magi and GSNK) over winter break, but I got really lazy and didn’t. Story of my life But it’s totally happening in the future unless someone beats me to the punch. I might take crappy phone pictures of them later, but for now I just have this one.

As for this dj, from what I can tell there’s a sleepover at Inaho’s house, but there’s not a lot of sleeping going on :^) It seems like it’s based off the A/Z gakuen AU since they’re going to high school.

Edit: I scanned it!

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Giant Birthday Jolse haul in the order of makeup, skincare, and free samples!! (Hairtie, blotting sheets, and cotton squares samples not included in the pic)

Send me an ask if you want to know what is what. I wrote it out earlier but tumblr’s being stupid and didn’t upload it. Also sorry for the crappy lighting, I’m at my cousin’s house.

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stop making cringy pics about gandalf shipping ur crappy otp stop stop stop sto

What…This bag of trash?

And this beautiful otp?

Now the issue is with bagginshield and shipper trash Gandalf anon, as you can see, the pics make themselves. I just add the honest subtitles :) 

Happy new year and Have a Majestic day :)

Guys. Do you know who this cute man is? Do you???

This is Thomas Sanders. That guy who makes those funny vines. That guy who make those YouTube videos. That guy who helps and inspires people across the globe with his positive and life altering topics. That guy who makes the world a better place.

Thomas Sanders has for a long time now inspired me to do all I can to make people happy and such and to help spread positive message around. Recently I found myself staying in the same hotel as him (LUCKY RIGHT?!) and I wrote him a letter saying how good of a man he is and thanking him for what he does. The next thing I know, I’m face to face with him, shaking quite badly, and about to cry.
We talked a little bit and I asked for a pic, that which is above (I know it’s a bit crappy but my hands were shaking give me a break) and then he stopped and asked me if I was Lauren. And I said yes. And he basically gasped and said, “You’re the girl who wrote me that hand written letter!” From there he proceed to tell me how much it meant to him and how fate brought us together and allowed him to read it and how he read it before bed and went to sleep the happiest he’s ever been- yeah I basically broke down and cried. He told me all these nice sweet things and honestly just made my day.

Thomas, thank you so much for finding that letter and for being there for me and everyone else who needs people like you. God bless. ( thatsthat24 )


Okay I uploaded more than 2…


DISCLAIMER: Aside from the wig and goggles NONE of what I am wearing will be the final product. I don’t have what I need just yet so I threw together a costest but it’s not finished.

Not brilliant but not terrible, either, I guess?

I’m not good at styling hair, period, so I did what I could. It’s kind of recognizable, yeah?


What’s in Your Bag?: Silke Labson

Want to know all there is about a girl? Take a peek into her handbag, and you’ll find out a million secrets her closets friends won’t even know about. With that being said, we begged and pleaded art director/stylist/magician (not literally), Silke to give us the skinny on what she’s been carrying around in her handbag…and trust us…it’s juicy.

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Up until now, Christopher Steel’s house was basically a box, because I built the insides first and had no idea what to do with the exterior. It was bugging me, so I overhauled it a bit - I flipped the floorplan around completely (I so love having that option in TS4) and tried to give it a rustic-modern bungalow feel. Usually when I build without an inspiration pic, it ends up looking crappy, so I’m glad this one turned out OK!

Right now it’s next to the Red Box House, but I don’t know if I like how they look together, plus now the upstairs patio on the RBH has a great view of the side of Chris’s house. :-p Maybe the new modern district in Windenburg will be a good place for the RBH!