what a crappy pic i know

Sorry for crappy pic but does anyone know what this bone is? It’s very odd size for a horse. Seems too small. Also fully fossilised. It’s a metatarsal of something with only one toe I believe. It was found buried in my grandparents crop field in Indiana.

I know it might be difficult to identify but it’s stuck with me for so long because it always gave me an odd feeling. I would really like to know what it is.

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36, 48

36: My current obsession?

I’m trying to not be a bad person so I put my current obsession into queue

So you guys don’t fee like this

I even “saw” them in a game so I have a phone BG with a crappy pic I took with my phone

it’s spidypool 

I also very much love instant photography.

 What were you asking me again???

48: Top 5 blog on Tumblr that I follow?

  1. Onemagpie - great artist
  2. Crono8 - great friend and awesome transformer blog
  3. Cerdita-perezosa - awesome friend, time Squad fan and just everything a blog needs to be awesome
  4. The Discourse - just awesome stuff from comic books (mostly from xman) and such and she’s amazing I love her but shhh she’s my senpai and she shouldn’t really know about me so shhhhhhhh
  5. Spidypool fanfic blog - those girls saved my life, I have it open 24/7 on my phone

I have more awesome blogs for you tho! They are very good blogs 10/10 recommend and amazing people I call friends robots-in-drag,  scatterbone, flow-motion. And this blog is also amazing wadewilson-parker (a person I admire and love to know better)

Okay listen up coz ive found a new spoonie fav.

So you see these bras? These fuckers are the two comfy-est bras I’ve ever owned. Theyre Hanes “ComfortFlex Fit, Comfort Evolution” WIRE FREE bras. Now I know what youre thinking: “Wire free? Ain’t no way they provide any support!” Well let me get a lil personal for a sec. The E.D.s has run rampant in the collagen in my breast tissue so i have such an issue finding bras that support me without the added push-up/extreme discomfort of wires.

When suddenly one day in Target i came across this gem. It holds me up (and like, im a 36/38C so im kinda busty) and theyre made from that rly stretchy/comfy athletic material. They are so comfy that I (mind you i have Fibromyalgia,) actually fell asleep in these bras and didn’t hate myself for it.

Unfortunately they only go up to XL (42C) and i haven’t found any for those who are really busty. But I will def post if i find one and if anyone wants to add to this to include a good “Big Boob Friendly” bra, by all means, go for it.

Anyway this has been a PSA for my new favorite bras. Now back to your regularly scheduled blogging.

When Markiplier promises Bathtub Pics:



All the fangirls be freaking out like they gonna get a full frontal in a few hours XD

Just kinda sketched these a few hours ago, so they’re pretty crappy. I didn’t want to spend too long on a joke that isn’t going to be relevant in the morning :P 

Okay, NOW I’m gonna go draw some punny shit…

New R-18 A/Z Doujinshi!

My new A/Z doujinshi came in recently! It’s Inaho/Slaine of course, haha. It’s by the same artist as my previous A/Z dj, which got scanned by someone else (dl links in this post). I took some shitty camera phone pics of the whole thing. I know I said I was totally gonna scan a few dj (Magi and GSNK) over winter break, but I got really lazy and didn’t. Story of my life But it’s totally happening in the future unless someone beats me to the punch. I might take crappy phone pictures of them later, but for now I just have this one.

As for this dj, from what I can tell there’s a sleepover at Inaho’s house, but there’s not a lot of sleeping going on :^) It seems like it’s based off the A/Z gakuen AU since they’re going to high school.

Edit: I scanned it!

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Okay I uploaded more than 2…


DISCLAIMER: Aside from the wig and goggles NONE of what I am wearing will be the final product. I don’t have what I need just yet so I threw together a costest but it’s not finished.

Not brilliant but not terrible, either, I guess?

I’m not good at styling hair, period, so I did what I could. It’s kind of recognizable, yeah?

hey! so the break is almost over and idk i wanted to do something before it ended? and botm’s are fun and i havent had one in a while so–

-mbf me
-reblog this post / likes only for bookmarking
-must reach over 100 notes ??
-any type of (active) blog can join!
-sideblogs are also ok. just please tell me ur main on the tags (or send me a message)

-there will be 1 winner (featured on my blog for all of september) + 2 runner-ups (featured for 2 weeks) / no poll
-you get all the cool stuff: a follow from me (if not already) + promos to over 6k whenever u want + help with anything (reblogs/graphics/i mean literally anything) + for the winner: a doodle of ur face or OC or whatever (unless u dont want it)
-closes on august 28th / winners will be announced on september 1st

and thats p much it! if u have any questions or something u can ask me anytime // good luck!


Up until now, Christopher Steel’s house was basically a box, because I built the insides first and had no idea what to do with the exterior. It was bugging me, so I overhauled it a bit - I flipped the floorplan around completely (I so love having that option in TS4) and tried to give it a rustic-modern bungalow feel. Usually when I build without an inspiration pic, it ends up looking crappy, so I’m glad this one turned out OK!

Right now it’s next to the Red Box House, but I don’t know if I like how they look together, plus now the upstairs patio on the RBH has a great view of the side of Chris’s house. :-p Maybe the new modern district in Windenburg will be a good place for the RBH!


OMG GUYS!!! The concert was so amazing I just don’t know how to put it in words. Mark was beautiful, Jackson was so energetic, BamBam was literally the cutest thing ever. JB’s little English was amaazing, plus his Korean live made me like 5 months pregnant. OMG and Juniors English was on point!! They didn’t do the girl group dance but they came out into the crowd!! WHAT!? I ALMOST DIED! They even had the crowd chant Youngjae and it was just amazing and beautiful and I’m so glad I was a part of it. (sorry for the crappy pics, I was further up and shaking very bad hahah)