what a crappy pic i know

King Byron!

Sir Albert!

And Nico!

The Steiner Brothers!!!

This is my last MidCin crack post for the day, I promise.

noir0neko’s follow forever: with the long awaited arrival of a follow forever, also comes the exciting announcement that I reached 13,000 followers a little while ago, which is a huge milestone and I honestly, sincerely, and truly couldn’t have done it without every single one of you. Whether we follow each other, you follow me, or I follow you, each click of that little ‘follow’ button has furthered me immensely and made the experienced I’ve had here that much better. I’ve been on here for two years, writing, creating, and fangirling over bts, and I must say the journey would have been a lot less fun without all of you. Every ask still makes my heart smile, every message makes my soul sing, and to see how far not only I, but everyone I know here, has come, makes me a proud eggie,,

I follow over 1k blogs here, so I’m not gonna be sitting and going through them all to mention, but I will be adding all of the blogs I actively follow, admire, or talk to and that I wish to share with all of you, so finally! here we go:

bold: mutuals, ♡- favorites, 🌈- lil lov note at the end

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dun Dun Duuuuun!!! Dramaticicism!!What do ya think?😀

Lol this took me fooorevor to draw and ink and upload. I dont know why though.

Anyway this pic is based off of a fanfic I read on tumblr called rowan lance fanfic. Where lance has two set of wings instead of the usual one set. I loved the part where the sheer strength of his wings broke through the armor and I wanted to draw that. (Albiet with my crappy interpretation)

Funfact the wings were a huuge pain to draw.

The au if written from @blueplanettrash ;).

Napoleon shakes his head as Gaby leaves the room. He has been wondering a lot about Illya and her lately, and somehow, that afternoon, his curiosity finally gets the better of him.

“Will you ever make a move on her?” he asks Illya, unable to stop the words from spilling out of his mouth. Not that he wants to, because the uncertainty is like an irritating itch on his skin he couldn’t get rid off, grating and driving him a little mad. “It’s rude to make a lady wait this long.”

“Yes, definitely rude.”

Illya’s face is obscured behind the newspaper he is reading so Napoleon couldn’t tell what he’s thinking. And judging by his nonchalant remark, Illya obviously isn’t treating the conversation seriously.


“I heard you, Cowboy,” answers Illya, and when Napoleon clears his throat loudly, he finally lowers the newspapers in his hands and looks at his partner.

His mouth twitches into a smile at Napoleon’s frown. “And to answer your first question, no, I am not.”

“Why? Don’t you want her?”

Illya just shrugs halfheartedly, going back to his newspaper. And when he doesn’t say anything else Napoleon sighs. It’s so damn hard to break the Russian open and it’s so annoying to think that is all that Napoleon wants to do. Maybe if he shoots him with an assumption, something that might just make Illya admit what he wants to hear, he’ll finally have the answers to the questions swirling in his head.

“You don’t, do you?” he asks again, rubbing his jaw, “You don’t feel anything towards her.”

This time Illya places the newspaper aside and leans forward from his chair, arms on both knees. “Finally you are getting it right,” he says with a nod. “Although why have you come to this conclusion?”

“Anyone with eyes would find Gaby attractive. And the way you both batted eyes at each other in Rome, anyone would think the relationship was going somewhere. But it’s been six whole months now and nothing has happened. Nothing that I know of, of course,” Napoleon says.

A very small smile lights up Illya’s handsome face. “Yes, you are right. Nothing has happened.”

“Why?” Napoleon asks again. The questions in his head won’t stop now that the floodgates have opened. “Illya?”

“Because it’s not her that I want, Napoleon,” he says in answer, eyes lighting up, speaking to Napoleon, and finally Napoleon gives a small noise of understanding.

Oh. Oh!

Napoleon understands with clarity now, the implication of Illya’s answer, and of what it means to the both of them. The Russian’s already on his feet, and before Napoleon’s aware of what’s happening, he has knelt in front of him. Napoleon narrows his eyes at the man, reaches out to to touch Illya, but Illya is faster, catches Napoleon’s hand in one swift move.

“I’ve wanted us to happen for a long time,” he admits after some long seconds.

“B-But how come you’ve never said anything…haven’t done anything about it?“ Napoleon manages a question despite his heart racing at Illya’s admission.

Illya shrugs. “I wanted to be sure you wanted it. I needed to be sure.”

“But if I hadn’t asked, you wouldn’t have made your move. It’s like you’re contemplating. Perhaps you’re worried that you’d make a mistake.”

“In this case, I do not like to play games, Cowboy,” Illya says firmly, forcing his point, but Napoleon’s left thinking of all the flirting, all the tension, all of the lingering glances between them. Damn, it hadn’t been Gaby. It had been him all along. And he sees it, sees everything; from Rome right up to Cairo. Everything flashes by his eyes. He sees it now. And he smiles.

They had definitely played the dangerous game. And Peril knows it despite what he might have said.

“I’ve wanted us to happen for a very, very long time too,” Napoleon confesses in the end.

“I know,” Illya says quietly, eyes bright on his partner as he finally leans up to kiss Napoleon.

(Sorry for the low quality pic, my tablet’s being crappy today)

Okay, so I was showing my sister my new Starboy!Tord drawing for my watercolor practice, and everything went downhill when I showed her, ya know why?

Well, one of my ‘TomTord doodles’ fell out of my sketchbook aND THEN SHE SAW IT, my sister said “Hey, something fell on your sketchbook” I was confused at first and when I saw what drawing fell HOLY HECK I WAS SCREAMING INTERNALLY. I quickly stepped on it so she doesn’t see it and she said “Ela what was that?” With a teasing smile on her face, heck everything went awkward, I was like “oH h a h a its n-nothing” (Its because my family members never know I draw gay stuff, I’m suffering help).

That Got Away: A Criminal Minds Fan-fiction Part 9

Inspired by: Katy Perry’s “The One That Got Away”

Foo Fighters “Monkey Wrench”

Featuring: Spencer x Reader   Rating: Teen    Setting: Season 4

(I know this pic is from season 5, but come on!)
A/N: What does it mean when you make yourself cry while writing? Angst. Let’s see if the team can make up for the crappy hotel security… xoxo Stu

I do not own any of the lyrics, characters or images.

Part 1   Part 7    Part 8

Emily saw the envelope sitting neglected on the desk. The unsubs had the BAU rolling around this hotel like a tangled ball of yarn betwixt the claws of a pack of sadistic kittens. She grabbed a pair of gloves from a uniformed cop at the desk, knowing in her gut it was exactly like the one found at Reid’s hotel room that morning. She opened the gently pronged seal, a single sheet of printer paper with typical Times New Roman Font stared back.

Regarding: A Trade

When: At your earliest convenience

Who: Dr. Reid for Agent Jareau

Where: To Be Determined

How: Please have Dr. Reid pick up the security desk phone and dial #999 to receive further instructions

Don’t wanna be your monkey wrench
One more indecent accident
I’d rather leave than suffer this
I’ll never be your monkey wrench

You felt like you were trapped in a bad after school special about abstinence. How could your dad; your sweet, goofy, dork of a dad be this controlling?! You were an adult. You had lived on your own for an entire year of college. Why was it so bad to finally have a boyfriend? Even in your memories you could hear the whine of your voice in your thoughts. You had never felt so alone and angry before. What could you do with all these emotions?

You blasted Dave Grohl through the sound system and threw your stuff around your bedroom.

“JJ, can you see an exit? Can you get out of there before she catches up to you?” Hotch did not want to risk heroics, he wanted JJ back with the team.

“Yeah, Hotch, there seems to be a door at the end of the other hall. If I make it through, I will work on getting above ground.” JJ had controlled her breathing, yet she was still determined to move on to the next step of escaping. “If I don’t come back to the phone, take it as a good sign.”

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anonymous asked:

I know you wont post how harry looks in your pic which is fine :) he's all yours. but could you post a bit of what you look like?

It’s a crappy photo of my laptop back ground but it’ll do!

anonymous asked:

If Jared's Love Will Win pic was sending a message, then why is it followed up by Jensen posting a pic calling Danneel his better half? That's an insult to J2. I don't think it means anything. Gen made him take it. I think we're all reading into things to try to make the best out of this crappy weekend.

Did you actually expect Jensen to stop bearding after Jared posted that? And be like “guess what we’re gay! Love will win biatch! Time for some sex tapes!!”

Like lol no Jensens on bearding weekend and that’s it

To me that pic was a message of hope for j2. Jared hates Jensens bearding but he damn well knows Jensen hates it too so that post was for Jared himself and Jensen

Let me tell you, all those pics posted with Jensen and danneel and them going at jeffs house will be used and talked about on the live with kelly show, it’s just pr Jensen has to do

And if gen wanted that pic taken she would have been on it

And jensen has always use those kind of terms with danneel like when he writes she’s his best friend but when he’s in convention it’s Jared his best friend no one else lol Always trying to erase j2

anonymous asked:

I love your art so much, it's such a delight to see! I love Misha so much too. I do have one question though. What size canvas do you typically use in Firealpaca? I never know what size to use when I draw

thank you, nonny C:

i used to work on 2000x2000 pixels and it’s totally cool if you just want a pretty big pic to post on the internet or something, now i work on 3000x3000, i had to switch for the purpose of making prints, and i’m planning to switch to 5000x5000 but i dunno if my old crappy laptop will be able to handle it with the amount of layers i always work on

When Markiplier promises Bathtub Pics:



All the fangirls be freaking out like they gonna get a full frontal in a few hours XD

Just kinda sketched these a few hours ago, so they’re pretty crappy. I didn’t want to spend too long on a joke that isn’t going to be relevant in the morning :P 

Okay, NOW I’m gonna go draw some punny shit…

I have a lot of selfies saved on my laptop but they’re too artsy for facebook, too personal for insta (where people who know me could see them, god forbid) and too pretty for a whatsapp profile pic. But what do I do with them? Most are just for ego purposes, or to see how I’ve changed - how my hair has grown -, and are quite crappy.

This one I like. Taken after a concert (hence the black shirt which I spent hours looking for) with a filter (obvs, because my dorm room has terrible colouring. 70s bathroom tile green is not my colour).

❄️Merry Yule Everyone❄️

I hope everyone has a wonderful night. I for one will be enjoying the longest night of the year and meditating on what I wish to come in the new year coming up. Here’s a crappy pic of my altar, it’s not the best, but this is the first year I’ve had the space to do this. And I’m proud to be able to celebrate this year. If you’re also celebrating/observing Yule, let me know if you had a good holiday by tagging me. 😊

Have a great night everyone!


New R-18 A/Z Doujinshi!

My new A/Z doujinshi came in recently! It’s Inaho/Slaine of course, haha. It’s by the same artist as my previous A/Z dj, which got scanned by someone else (dl links in this post). I took some shitty camera phone pics of the whole thing. I know I said I was totally gonna scan a few dj (Magi and GSNK) over winter break, but I got really lazy and didn’t. Story of my life But it’s totally happening in the future unless someone beats me to the punch. I might take crappy phone pictures of them later, but for now I just have this one.

As for this dj, from what I can tell there’s a sleepover at Inaho’s house, but there’s not a lot of sleeping going on :^) It seems like it’s based off the A/Z gakuen AU since they’re going to high school.

Edit: I scanned it!

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anonymous asked:

stop making cringy pics about gandalf shipping ur crappy otp stop stop stop sto

What…This bag of trash?

And this beautiful otp?

Now the issue is with bagginshield and shipper trash Gandalf anon, as you can see, the pics make themselves. I just add the honest subtitles :) 

Happy new year and Have a Majestic day :)