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Happy Birthday, my dear friend - @sim-bubble ❤️

“Jesus fucking hell, Ale. Where do I even begin? You are well aware of what you mean to me, putting it in words is going to be hard, especially because you know how I hate expressing feelings.

 Ale, you are, without a doubt, one of the best people I have ever had the luck to meet. I am pretty sure that ever since I texted you for the very first time we have never stopped talking. In you, I found one of the most amazing friends ever, you were there for me throughout one of the hardest moments of my entire life, and you always managed to make things better or to make me laugh.

 Also, you have probably the biggest collection of selfies I took while on the toilet, so I think that explains how much you mean to me, I mean, you can make a photo album with those, and who wouldn’t want that? For real though, Ale, you are my chicken nugget, the person I spam almost every day, one of my closest friends and just overall amazing. 

Happy birthday, Ale, hope you spend the most amazing day ever because you really deserve it. And, I promise, one day I will let you put makeup on me, you can consider this a voucher for when you’re here. 

Hope we can keep having our portuguese wars for a long long time, even though it’s a war pt-portuguese definitely wins. I love you, Ale. Thank you. For being you, for always being there, for existing. Just… obrigada por tudo aquilo que alguma vez fizeste por mim. So, once again, happy birthday, my dear friend. Have a good one.”

hey guys! I just made another overwatch blog called @outofcontextoverwatch, which is basically a place where people can submit funny out of context screenshots of overwatch chats. it’s currently being run by myself and mod lucio, but we may get a couple other mods from this blog on board as well.

anyway, you should all go follow it and submit stuff!


And I never saw you coming…

And I'll never be the same…




song: State of Grace 

My rev!kevedd Fanfic: All We Are

anonymous asked:

I spend my weekends with my boyfriend and we have sex at least twice a day if not more. Yesterday we were watching TV in my living room, grandma was down the hall folding clothes and mom was in the bathroom. But he bent my over his lap anyway and fingered me with my pants down. 2 fingers, 3 fingers, and then 4. He didn't stop till I was shaking and kicking. He was so hard and he couldn't take it so we went to my backyard and he put me on my knees. "You make daddy so happy, baby. What's my name?"

@bbuncensoredconfessional needs to keep our name out of their fucking mouth. You want to play the victim about “we don’t make confessions we just post what anons are sending us. It’s not our fault, blame the people sending these bigoted views” and not realizing that YOU are publicizing these disgusting “confessions.” The reason why THIS blog doesn’t allow racism, transphobia, homophobia, and every other bigoted view you can think of is because we don’t condone that, and nobody in the tag (or even a houseguest) should have to feel targeted over an anon sending such a vile confession. We don’t need any of that garbage, especially in the world we are living in today. 

If not posting confessions that include racial, homophobic, transphobic slurs or ones that promote rape, makes us “biased” or “censored” then so be it. But none of that foolishness you promote on your blog will ever be said here. You are trash.