what a colorful fire

A few days ago a visibly Muslim man from the community in my area was driving when 2 guys in a truck asked him to roll down his window. Thinking they would just be asking for directions or something, he complied. Instead, they threw something in his car and drove off laughing. A few moments later his car was engulfed in flames and he was forced to jump out of his burning car while on the freeway.
The events resulted in him getting second and third degree burns on his arm and first degree burns on his face.

Do NOT tell me this isn’t an outcome of the recent elections.
Do NOT tell me this isn’t an outcome of the recent elections.
Do NOT tell me this isn’t an outcome of the recent elections.


And now for the stuff that *really* matters. We had some of your favorite musicians tell us all about the issues that are super-important to them. Don’t miss this.


Bran Stark, Prince of Winterfell

“Stark!” they called as Bran trotted past, rising to their feet. “Winterfell! Winterfell!” 

He was old enough to know that it was not truly him they shouted for— it was the harvest they cheered, it was Robb and his victories, it was his lord father and his grandfather and all the Starks going back eight thousand years. Still, it made him swell with pride. For so long as it took him to ride the length of that hall he forgot that he was broken.

alright but why does no one write colorblind character AUs??? 

(note: i am not colorblind, a friend of mine who is was just telling me about some of the shit that’s happened to him)

  • you accidentally took my bag instead of yours and i don’t know your name so i yelled “YOU IN THE YELLOW SHIRT” but you didn’t respond so i yelled “HEY ASSHOLE” when i finally caught up with you… and apparently your shirt is red??
  • we’re doing a lab in chemistry with the “flame test” where you set an element on fire and we’re supposed to record what color the flame is, but i have no fucking clue what color it’s supposed to be so i’m copying your answers and now you think i’m trying to cheat
  • i thought this tomato was ripe but it’s actually green and you saw me take a bite out of it and whispered “hardcore”
  • if you ask me “what color is this” one more time i’m going to punch you out don’t think i won’t
  • did you know i can’t be a police officer in certain states??? like what the fuck i will fight the system and become a police officer goddamn it, my partner can record that the perp’s shirt was fucking purple
  • you’re too polite to tell me that the colors of my outfit clash horribly but the jokes on you because i actually know what colors they’re supposed to be (because there’s an app for that!) and i just like making your eyes bleed

Monet week: Day 4 -  Color!Monet
Monet’s color palette is mostly green and orange, switch those colors! Or, if you like, you can revamp her color palette all together.

Sry for taking so long with this. The party’s been over for a while and here I come with this thing..!!