what a bunch of good looking brothers


Bucky Barnes- 

Safe – The reader has a nightmare and only wants Bucky. [Fluff]

Mother Nature’s a Bitch – When aunt flow comes to town, Bucky is the only one who can comfort the reader. [Fluffy humor]

Happy Girl Sad Soul (2) (3)(4) – He spent seven months in a cell with a girl who’s far too wise for her age. Fast forward seventy years and the two are reunited in the most bizarre way possible. [Angst]

Monday Night Cuteness  – College!Bucky spends the night in readers dorm and they have to share a small dorm bed [Fluff]

My Mind Keeps Me Awake (2) – The reader falls asleep on Bucky while binge watching in the middle of the night, the morning after is full of blushes and butterflies. [Fluff]

Tragedy  – The reader is kidnapped and tortured before she can finally return home to Bucky’s arms. [Angst]

It’s Not That Simple (2) – The reader is scared of commitment but Bucky’s tries to break down her walls.[Angst]

Kiss The Girl  – Just two sleepy people, a singing hawkeye and some fluff.[Fluffy humor]

Promise (2)(3)(4)– He made a promise he knew he couldn’t keep. [Angst with a fluffy ending]

Bones – Bucky comes home to find a super skinny reader and he gets worried. [Fluff]

Kinks – Reader has a daddy kink and when they all sit down for dinner one night the reader asks for the salt and when both her father, Tony, and her boyfriend, Bucky, reach for the slat, shit goes down. [Fluffy humor] 

JealousTony flirts with reader to make Bucky jealous. [Fluff]

Fall Extravaganza – The reader gives Bucky the full Fall extravaganza [Fluff]

DarknessThe reader fights alone side Steve during Winter Soldier [Angst?]

MonstersThe readers best friend loves Bucky but so does the reader. when the reader gets badly hurt thanks to her best friend, Bucky’s feelings for the reader start to reveal themselves, but will it already be too late? [Angst] 

Alone Together (2)(3)(4– After a mission gone wrong the reader becomes depressed and pushes everybody away. Bucky wants to help the reader but he’s a little too late (No death) [Angst] 

Comfort – Bucky comforts the reader through a thunderstorm [Fluff] 

Poison (2)(3)(4)(Alternate Ending) – The reader is a poison that everyone warned Bucky to stay away from, but he never listens. [Angst]

Friday NightBucky tries to help the reader overcome the fear of spiders, but it all pretty much ends in disaster [Fluffy humor]

Mornings – The mornings at the tower are always interesting… [Fluffy humor]

Adore YouBucky realizes he loves you [Fluff]

DistractionThe reader tries to distract herself while she waits for her boyfriend to return from a mission. however she annoys just about all of the Avengers in the process [Fluff]

GorgeousThe reader is feeling down about her looks when Bucky sweeps in and assures her of how gorgeous she really is [Fluff] 

Pretty Eyes & A Gorgeous Smile – The reader writes Bucky a letter after he leaves, after he breaks the heart of the girl who wasn’t even his. [Slight angst, slight fluff]

PerfectThe reader’s family shows Bucky pictures of way back when the reader was a baby, preteen, and during High School. But Bucky still thinks the reader’s perfect. [Fluff]

Steve Rogers- 

Habits  – The reader’s bad habits start to get on Steve’s nerves. [Fluff]

Silent Night – A fluffy song drabble involving a perfect couple, a dog and their baby. [Fluff]

I’ve Always Loved You – The reader falls in love with 40’s!Steve and is devastated when her brother, Bucky, and Steve go off to war. [Angst]

She Who Left  – Super sad sequel to I’ve Always Loved You, it tells the story of what happened to the young woman who disappeared after her lovers and brothers death. [Angst]

Captain’s Girl Steve gets protective over reader when someone flirts with her [Fluffy humor]

I’ll Be Damned – Reader asks Steve a bunch of questions, gets distracted by the city lights and doesn’t realize the way Steve is looking at them.  [Fluff]

Saturday Everything good seems to happen on a Saturday, after all it was a Saturday when you met Steve Rogers [Fluff]

Bruce Banner-

Max  – Bruce and reader adopt a dog [Fluff]

You’ve Got a Friend In Me – Bruce and Thor cheer reader up in a funny yet adorable way [Fluffy humor]

Tony Stark-

Thought That Counts Sweetheart – Tony flirts with reader at a party [Fluff]


Our Kind of Day – Thor and reader spend a fluffy morning together. [Fluff]

You’ve Got a Friend In Me – Bruce and Thor cheer reader up in a funny yet adorable way [Fluffy humor] 

ex-girlfriend ?

a/n: finally the jai request. sorry it took so long, but hopefully you like it.


There was nothing I hated more than moving. Trying to make new friends, getting situated, and then there’s the whole entire process of trying to fit in so people don’t think you’re weird.

Yeah I was outgoing, and crazy and funny, but some of that stuff takes people a while to get used too.

I had just finished unpacking my room, and my drawers were practically empty. My mom had us keep some clothes back at our old house. Her and my dad got a divorce and he decided to stay back in Florida, and my mom decided to move out to California.

So unfortunately in the split, more than half my stuff stayed with my dad, simply for the fact that shipping it out would cost way more than buying new stuff.

My dad won the lottery so he always gave me a generous amount of money for my birthday, and every holiday, simply cause he knew I couldn’t see him that much. And of course he paid for my flights between him and mom. And then my mom had a really high paying job, so money wasn’t an issue, we had enough.

And then I did have a job back in Florida, but of course had to quit to move, so I had my own money to buy things I wanted. But with this move, my dad gave me money to buy new clothes and anything else.

My mom had most of the stuff unpacked downstairs, and then the neighbor came over so she was currently sitting downstairs talking with her.

“hey mom, can I uh, go to the mall or something? I need some new clothes.”

“yes of course sweetie. Oh this is our neighbor Jessica.”

“hi.” I smiled

“hello.” She grinned.

“alright, I’ll be back.” I called out as I walked out the door. I decided to walk, simply cause traffic was so awful.

I had just walked into the mall and decided to go into my favorite store, urban outfitters. Finding a bunch of new tops and some shorts I ended up walking out of the store with 3 bags.

As I was walking to another store I decided to text my mom, tell her how things were going. Not paying any attention I accidently bumped into someone, stumbling back a bit.

“I’m so sorry” I rushed out, feeling so awful for running into someone. I looked to see who I had just ran into. He was tall, tan, dark hair, eyebrow piercing, sweet smile. He was probably the hottest guy I’ve seen.

“no, it’s fine.” his smooth voice spoke, with a hint of an accent I wasn’t familiar with. “I’m Jai.” He smiled, reaching out his hand.

“um (y/n)” you smiled, taking his hand.

He smiled and then scratched the back of his neck.

“um, I know we just met and everything, but uh, my ex-girlfriend is here with her new boyfriend, so do you think you could just walk around with me, and uh, act like my girlfriend possibly?”

I was a little taken back by his request. So shocked I was speechless. Did I even hear him right. He wanted me to pretend to be his girlfriend?

“look, I understand if you don’t, and I understand it’s childish, but I just want to make her jealous.”

“I have some serious shopping I need to do-“

“that’s fine, I just wanna walk around and stuff. I understand if you don’t want to bu-“

“oh no, it’s fine.” I cut him off. I mean, this would be a hell of a story for my first day. Pretending to be someone’s girlfriend. Why not? And it’s not like he’s gonna kill me in public, or kidnap me or something. He seemed pretty normal.

“awesome.” He smiled, reaching out to take my hand, but I pulled it away slightly, leaving him looking at me confused.

if you tell me what happened between you two.”

He stepped back and seemed to think about it. Humming, and rubbing his stubble before he finally, after 2 minutes he spoke “alright deal.”

He took my hand and we started walking.

“alright, where to first?” he asked.

“I uh, I’d like to go into forever 21.”

“alright, forever 21 it is.” He smiled, as we walked towards forever 21.

“so, your end of the deal.” I smiled up at him.

“okay okay, so uh, we were together for 2 years. And yeah I loved her, but apparently it was all just a lie. She told me she was feeling sick so she was just gonna stay home, so I thought I would be the good boyfriend I was and show up with flowers and some chocolate and make her soup or something. So her mom let me in and told me she was up in her room, so I walked up to find her on top of some guy.”

We had just walked into the store, still hand in hand, but I stopped and looked up at him, shocked.

“she was cheating on you?” I gasped.

“yeah.” He sighed. “I was so mad I just left, I threw her flowers in the trash and ate the chocolate on my way home.” He laughed.

“so did she like try to explain or anything?” I asked, as I searched a rack.

“yeah, she called me and tried to tell me it wasn’t what it looked like and all that bull.”

“did she really think you’d believe that?” I asked, holding up a top.

“you’d look good in that.” He smiled, “but yeah, she said it was an accident, she didn’t mean it.”

I smiled at his compliment and decided to get the top “so what did you do?” I asked

“I told her we were over. I didn’t care if it was a onetime thing or not, she just threw away the best thing that would ever come her way.”

“that’s great.” I laughed, looking for some shorts. Jai looked at me and got a cheeky smile.

“you should try those on, just to be sure.”

“alright.” So I went to the dressing room, Jai following and sitting in a seat, waiting for me. I tried on a pair of high waisted shorts. Not sure, of what I thought on them.

“so?” Jai asked.

“I’m not sure.”

“let me see.” He called out, so I walked out of the dressing room in front of Jai.

“hmmm, turn around?” so I turned around, twirling in a circle.

“wait, I think there’s something on the pocket, turn around again.”

So I turn around and stop, so he can get whatever it is off my pocket.

“well, what is it?” I ask, but Jai didn’t respond. I turn around and look at him to see that he’s just staring at my ass. “Jai!” I laugh, turning around.

“sorry, sorry” he laughed, throwing his hands up in defense, “but yeah, they look good you should get them.”

“alright, let me change and let’s go.” I laughed.


We were walking around the mall now, hand in hand again. He was currently telling me a bunch of crazy stories of him and his brothers and a few friends. He also told me about how he’s originally from Melbourne and him and his brothers and their friends moved out here.

“I feel like I’ve been talking, tell me your story.” He said as we walked into Victoria secret. I just needed some new bras and panties and other girly stuff.

“um, well, my parents just got divorced so my mom and I just moved out here, like today, hence the need for all these.” I said, holding up all my bags. “but I lived in Florida and I’m an only child, and that’s about it. I’m not that exciting.” I awkwardly chuckle.

We walked around some more, and talked some more. We did a little more shopping before we stopped at the food court to grab some food. I got pizza and Jai got a sub. We sat and ate and laughed over shit Jai said, making random comments about people, like ‘that guy over there, he’s a rejected mine. Failed outta mine school’ and just a bunch of completely random shit.

When we were done eating we walked around some more. Jai wanting to go to a shoe store. So as we were walking, holding hands again, Jai said some joke and I burst out laughing. Nearly half the people that were by us stopped and looked at us.

I blushed and buried my face in Jai’s chest, to hide my flushed cheeks. I felt so embarrassed.

“what are you doing?” he laughed, his arm now around me instead of holding my hand, since my head was in his chest.

“I’m so embarrassed.”

“why?” he asked.

“I hate my laugh.” I mumbled.

He pulled back and looked at me like I was crazy. Then he just shook his head and wrapped his arm back around me. “well I think your laugh is the cutest laugh I’ve ever heard.” He smiled.

“stop.” I blushed, turning my head into his chest again.

We were right about to walk into a store but he stopped suddenly.

“Jai, I didn’t literally mean stop.” I laugh.

“no, it’s just. I see my ex-girlfriend.” He said, looking over my shoulder. I went to turn around and look where he was, but he grabbed my shoulders to stop me from looking around.

He looked off in the distance and then his eyes got wide.

“what!?” I asked, curious.

“she’s uh, she’s looking over here. She didn’t see that I saw her.” He said, looking at me.

“so what do we do?” I asked. He briefly looked up and then back at me.

“okay, don’t hate me.” He said.

“why would I?” I laughed a little.

“cause of this.” He replied before he grabbed my face and his lips met mine.

At first I was shocked. But then I closed my eyes and dropped my bags as I rested my hands against his chest and kissed him back.

His lips were soft, and he was so sweet and gentle with the kiss. It wasn’t sloppy and all wet, it was kinda slow and super sweet.

He pulled away and smiled down at me, and I smiled up at him.

He grabbed my hand and we started walking towards where he was looking right before we kissed. I looked all around for his ex, him giving me a description of her earlier, and I couldn’t see anyone that looked like her.

“uh jai?” I asked, looking up at him sideways.

“mhmm yeah?” he asked looking back down at me.

“where uh, where’s she at?” I asked looking around.

“ohhh uh, about that.” He said, scratching the back of his neck. “my ex wasn’t here.” He said, shyly.

“what?” I quizzed, puzzled.

“um, I made it all up. When you bumped into me, I just really wanted to have an excuse to talk to you.” He awkwardly laughed.

“Jai” I gasped/laughed, playfully hitting his chest.

“hey, sue me, but can you really blame me for wanting to spend the day with a beautiful girl?” he asked, rhetorically. I just blushed.

“so uh, I was thinking, our second date could be a little more practical, lunch, tomorrow?”

“real smooth” I laughed, then stopped and he looked at me, confused as to why I stopped.

I just stood on my tip toes and kissed him again briefly. Pulling away and smiling.

“but lunch sounds great”

I wrote my number down for him before we parted, receiving a text a minute later, talking about our lunch plans for tomorrow.

Maybe this move wouldn’t be so bad.

Meeting Ghost after the show in Nov 10 ❤️️

• Aether Ghoul
Met him first :) he was so shy and signed everything for me with a big smile. When he signed my mask he said it was heavier than his. I’m a sucker for guys with accents and nose rings.

• Air Ghoul
He was soooo tall! His accent was really thick as well. He told my brother and I our jackets were nicer than his jacket. He also asked about our patches and where we got them. At which point we are like umm the bands store, lol!

• Water Ghoul
She came up to us and said she saw us from the stage! At which point Aether looks over and smiles and says he saw us!!! She said we looked good and said she felt like she was looking at herself. I asked her what it was like to be on the bus with a bunch of guy. She said as long as everyone is professional, everyone gets along. She had a really thick accent?! I thought she was American?!

• Earth Ghoul
He came out last and started with us for autographs. He said we looked awesome and then drew on my brothers hand with sharpie by accident. He’s tiny for sure, dressed like a stereotypical rockstar.

• Alpha Ghoul
OMFG!!! This man. So I met him second and he was awesome. All smiles and he seemed to enjoy meeting everyone. So first off he grabs my Grucifix and says that it’s a little bigger than his but that I looked really good and continued to compliment my outfit. He asked where we got the masks and thought they were really cool. I was surprised they were not aware they were being made. HERE’S THE KICKER… so I give him my mask to sign. I hand it to him upside and point to the other signatures… Alpha flips my mask over and signs the temple!! I was like ummm thanks smiling and HAPPY but trying to keep my perfectionism in check.

I guess looking back it makes a good story but now I have a freaking triangle on the side of my mask. IM STILL CONFLICTED!! &&& he took my sharpie as I’m walking up to the next Ghoul!!

• Papa
He comes up to us and compliments us on our outfit. He said he really liked it and thanked up for coming/dressing up. I was a total idiot and was like I saw you guys back in 2013 thinking to myself WTF are you saying, he doesn’t care, stop bragging. After that he was going to sign my vinyl with a black marker and I stopped him and I was I really want them all in silver. He just laughed and was like ok. I just felt like a stupid fan girl!! Ugh, he was so attractive with his hair slicked back and wearing a pea coat :)

anonymous asked:

How about an underfell sans AND papyrus with the reader? I love your take on underfell! I'm not sure if I want angst or fluff, so maybe a bit of both? ;) Maybe have them get jealous of reader hanging out with grillby or something? Thanks, love ya! xx

got your back, ‘nonny! thank you for waiting so patiently!

Pairing: UF!Sans/Reader, UF!Papyrus/Reader,

Summary: The brothers aren’t big fans of sharing. It’s too bad you don’t know that. Yet.


Underground, one of the most important lessons you learned was to take.

With resources at an all-time low, and trust nearly eradicated between several species of monsters, there was no room for alliances. All observed weaknesses were exploited; there would always be someone bigger and better aiming for exactly what you wanted and craved, so you had to be prepared for a fight. Stick to your guns, refuse to surrender, and most of all, don’t ever, ever shy away from anything you found, big or small. Because you never knew when you come find something to use as leverage against someone else.

For Sans and Papyrus, they worked as a duo. Most families had to because they knew they were stronger in numbers. These two did because they understood that this was the easiest way to win.

For them, victory was everything.

Papyrus, The Great and Terrible, was second-in-command for The Royal Guard. He trained every day to make sure no one ever caught him off guard, using harsh discipline against himself and his disciples so they wouldn’t make any fatal mistakes. He instilled in them the same values that he held for himself. Independence. Strength. Dedication. He was not a monster easily swayed by kindness.

Sans was merely someone who clung to his brother’s shadow, following him mostly because he understood that no one could best him. So long as he kept on Papyrus’ good side, he could reap the benefits. Cause a little bit of trouble to keep his brother on his toes. Make sure things were…entertaining, at least.

When you ended up Underground, you were considered the biggest prize their home had to offer.

Your SOUL was the key to everything. They could’ve used it to destroy the barrier and roam the surface once more. Wreaking havoc on unsuspecting humans, punishing the descendants of the original wizards and townspeople who cast them out.

It was all anyone could talk about. How they would break you. Make you snap under the pressure of their magic and haul your limp body over their shoulders to toss at the feet of King Asgore himself. Or maybe just steal your SOUL and become unstoppable monsters, gaining immeasurable strength so they could steal the throne for themselves.

Sans wanted it.

Papyrus wanted it.

They both did.

Instead, you took their hearts.

Because monsters Underground…they never fell in love. They formed alliances, not partnerships. All their relationships were temporary and goal-oriented rather than something that was based on love and trust.

When monsters were attracted to someone, they claimed them. They put their mark on them so all others would see. Nothing physical or emotional, but a simple presence that oozed possessiveness. Because for as long as they lived, they would let everyone know that this monster…or person, in your case…belonged to someone.

But neither of them would admit that to you. Maybe to the others, more subtly, with furtive looks and burning magic that threatened with every wrong move someone made. But actually coming out and saying those words to your face was…unspeakable. There was no way in hell that Sans or Papyrus would be honest with how they felt; not when there was so much at stake.

Besides…what if you had the nerve to reject them?




“uh huh.”

They both headed back from the forest. Another dirty scuffle that ended in a monster’s death. It was pointless to struggle against the guard’s presence; Sans wished the poor bastards would just give in and integrate. Rebellion under Papyrus’ watchful eye was impossible.

Snowdin was looking in better shape these days. Papyrus wouldn’t admit it, but the place did feel more like a home since you took up residence here. Your presence at the inn as a maid was a sure way for you to interact with travelers. You helped monsters get a good night’s rest; the family of rabbits didn’t care for much more than profits, but your gentle efforts made it so that weaker monsters had a chance to recuperate within safe walls without being taken advantage of. No one wanted to mess with the human guarding the bedrooms inside; they were afraid of what you were capable of and who you associated with.

The place wasn’t as rundown as it used to be. With monsters feeling safer, they were more productive in their efforts to at least make their own living spaces acceptable. The streets were no longer littered with dust and trash; Papyrus noticed the change almost immediately considering he only had to clean his boots once a month now instead of daily.

“h-heh.” Sans started to visibly sweat. He brought his hands up and adjusted the hood around his shoulders, trying to make himself look more presentable. “twelve o’ clock, boss.”

Papyrus shifted his line of sight and understood why his brother was so flustered. It was you. You trudged through the snow, bothered by the cold, your face already flushed at the cold air. He watched you head in the direction of the inn.

He was about to make a comment about your appearance when he realized Sans already left. His older brother had his gaze fixed on you, following your straightforward path to the inn, a lopsided grin on his face and magic blossoming from his SOUL.

Ugh. Papyrus would have to educate him on stifling his overzealous reactions. He was being too obvious; it was a little embarrassing.

Surprisingly, you didn’t continue toward the inn. You veered off and disappeared past the front doors of Grillby’s.

Sans stood outside the window. His hands clenched into fists. Papyrus took his time in following him, ending up behind his brother and peering through the foggy glass.

Grillby’s Bar was probably his least favorite place to be. The entire place was stifling and swimming with grease. He didn’t like the monsters who were regulars here, either. A bunch of lazy good-for-nothings, including some of the lesser guard members who skated on the bare minimum to get by.

It looked comforting inside, especially now that you were there.


“heh…what? hell no. she’ll get pissed off, think we’re stalkin’ her.” Sans would never forget the bathroom incident. You would never let him. “uh, let’s get outta here. gotta send in our report to the captain, right?”


You settled down at the bar and ordered a quick bite to eat. You made the mistake of purchasing some food from the bunny family before at their shop, and they basically charged you everything you’d made the last shift you completed. Worst day ever.

Grillby was fair. A little strange, but who wasn’t down here? You’d met a lot of…interesting monsters, and he seemed like the least threatening. At least outright. You knew that he was probably incredibly powerful and had more magic to spare than most, but instead he ran this dive that hosted some of the most brutal and vicious brawls you’d ever seen. Maybe he liked cleaning the dust off the floors with the way he merely watched people duke it out.

You glanced around at the crowd tonight. A few regulars. Some familiar faces that you’d seen in passing. The glow of the jukebox was soothing, although the music it played as the same track you heard every time you stopped by. Some old-school rock song. The monsters around didn’t pay you any mind, their belligerence only growing with every alcoholic drink they guzzled down.

At that moment, you were surprised to see Grillby slip a piece of paper toward you.

He left before you could read it. You were going to decipher his near illegible text when you realized what time it was.

Shit! You were going to be late for your shift!

You grabbed your things and dashed out the door, making sure to tip Grillby for his delicious meal. It wasn’t much considering your salary, but you understood he would be cross with you if you didn’t at least pitch in something extra.

“Aren’t you looking a little rushed this morning…?”

You laughed nervously. “Uh, sorry! I went to grab dinner before my shift.”

“Go look at your task board. We’ve got a few places that need to be cleaned. That and I need you to do some things for the shop. I’ve got some supplies that needs to be transferred from the warehouse to the storefront.”

You deflated. Aw, man! When the inn was slow, the shopkeeper was always roping you into doing her dirty work. Normally you wouldn’t have minded, but some of the ingredients she used in her shop were hard to resist. Handling the cinnamon bunnies was torture on an empty stomach, so hopefully you’d be able to avoid them since you’d already eaten.

It looked like the next guest wasn’t stopping by until much later. In the meantime, you busied yourself in preparing the rooms. Scrubbing the floors on your hands and knees, washing all the bedding, wiping down the walls and dusting. The place wasn’t exactly a four-star hotel, but you took great pride in the guest bedrooms’ appearances. Mostly because it was a direct reflection of your work.

You weren’t too bothered with the physical labor. It was taxing, sure, but it was an honest way to make a living here. Other dealings Underground were shady and violent, so you’d much rather have pruny hands from cleaning showers than be out there dusting monsters. It just wasn’t in your nature to want to go that far for the sake of the greater good, as Papyrus would put it.

Speaking of the brothers…

You weren’t sure what to make of them. You had a niggling feeling that they paid extra special attention to you, because they were always…hovering…but you couldn’t figure out why.

In all honesty, when you first fell Underground, you were terrified of them. From Papyrus’ abrasive personality to Sans’ foul mouth, it was easy to get intimidated. But as the months turned to years, you felt that your relationship with them blossomed? If that was even a thing down here?

It wasn’t easy to admit this, but you considered them to be some of your closest friends.

You stepped back to admire your work. One room down, a few more to go. It would take a few hours before you were allotted a quick break, then it was off to run errands for the shopkeeper.

The shop wasn’t that big, but she always ordered her supplies in bulk. There were literal crates of things that needed to be transported. Why she thought you would be okay for this task was beyond you; why couldn’t the wolf at the dock do something about it? Or hiring Aaron from Waterfall? Unless his muscles were just for show…

You crouched down and slipped your hands underneath the box. Testing the weight before bending your knees and lifting it upwards. It was going to be close, but if you hurried, you could get it where it needed to go.

Trudge, trudge, trudge.

The snow continued to fleck along your hair and nose, staining your eyelashes as you walked. Your vision went white before they finally melted, leaving melted droplets in their wake. You pushed past the blurriness and continued forward, freezing fingers going numb against the rough surface of the box. You hoped that your fingers didn’t slip, because if they did, you would be in big trouble.

Your forearms quivered and ached. God, you should’ve taken Papyrus’ offer for training more seriously. Then you could’ve handled this without making an ass out of yourself. Your pace slowed as your muscles screamed in protest, a familiar, aching burn spiking along your skin. Oh no, they were even starting to wobble! What the hell were you going to do now?!

One knee buckled. You went down and forced yourself to keep the box from touching the ground. You would not let it win! Not when the items inside laughed at your weakness! You…could do this!

With the last ounce of strength, and the doorway in plain view, you readjusted the weight of the box and tossed it backwards. Hoping that somehow, you would regain your steady grip on it and find the strength to make the last few feet toward the shop’s back entrance.


The box overwhelmed you, settling on your chest and sending you tumbling backwards into the snow.


You cried out in pain at the sudden addition of weight. Wiggling underneath it, testing its bonds against you. No use. You were trapped here all because you didn’t have the guts to refuse the job. You should’ve asked for help, as pointless as it would’ve been. Maybe someone out there would’ve lent you a hand for a split of your profits.

In that moment, staring up at the ceiling of the chasm you’d fallen into, you realized just how ridiculous this entire thing was.

It didn’t help that your self-deprecation in your inner monologue was met with some very real, boisterous laughter.

“ahahaha! oh man. lookit you down there. ya feelin’ ok, sweetheart?”

You groaned. Of course it would be Sans.


“the human took a spill. check it out.”

Aaaaand Papyrus was there, too. Perfect.

While Sans busied himself by making fun of you in every way imaginable, Papyrus bent down to lift the crate from your chest. The difference in your intake of air was incredible. You filled your lungs greedily and did your best to sit up, wheezing with gratitude and trying to spit out a thank-you.


“pfft, yeah. you’re real lucky we were the ones who saw ya.”

“Thanks, guys.” You shuddered and tried to shake the snow out from inside your coat. “It’s just right in here.”


“Uh, no! Please don’t,” you pleaded. “I’m not interested in causing trouble.”

“heh. fat chance.” Sans sized you up, not bothering to help you with any of the moving in the slightest. “yer a walkin’ bag o’ trouble. got it stitched into your jacket and tattooed on your forehead.”

“I think you need to look in a mirror sometimes, Sans. That sounds more like you.”


You snorted at that. Despite their harsh words, you knew it was meant to be taken lightheartedly. If the brothers wanted to hurt you, they could. They would know exactly what to say to make you feel worthless. This was more like…playful banter, if anything.

Papyrus set down the crate and peered along the shop. You wanted to thank him again when Sans stepped through the doorway.

“hey, ya dropped this.”


You turned around and caught wind of the complex expression on his face. You’d never seen him this serious, not since the last time one of the monsters threatened to kill you. It was a while ago, and an empty threat considering their magic did nothing to you, but it still caused quite the stir between Sans and Papyrus.

Sans held the slip of paper in his hands. Scanned over it. And shoved it in your face, his teeth gritted in a hard, uneven, sharp smile.

It was jarring to see him like that. He almost looked like he was…grimacing.

You ran your eyes over the words.

Meet me tomorrow night after closing, I’ll be waiting at the back entrance. -G

Hmm, weird. You had no idea why he wanted to see you, but it must’ve been important. Maybe something to do with the chores that you’d been completing for the bunny family?


Sans looked at you. At the crates. Scoffed…and turned heel.

“WHAT HAS GOTTEN INTO HIM? HOW CAN HE THINK YOU’LL HANDLE THIS ON YOUR OWN?” Papyrus growled, pushing you out of the way so he could call after his brother. “GET BACK HERE AND COMPLETE THIS TASK! ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME?”

It didn’t look like it, because he flipped his hood up and continued to walk further into the howling wind, ignoring the sting of the snow it whipped around.


You folded the note and stuffed it somewhere safe, happy to focus on the task at hand.

Time alone with Papyrus was…interesting. Any other day you would’ve been intimidated, but today he was surprisingly gentle.

It didn’t take long to finish everything. You were relieved that it all went well, and that you had a chance to focus on your actual assigned duties rather than tasks given to you by the innkeeper’s sister. It was nice to be on time. Maybe they would lay off once they found out Papyrus was the one who helped you, but you weren’t planning on bringing it up to them personally.

Papyrus snuck glances at you every so often. Despite being exhausted already, you pushed forward. Your work ethic was incredible. He wouldn’t admit it out loud, but it rivaled even his. While you weren’t considered as…accomplished as he was, seeing as how your job was something considered of a lower status, he saw the determination and perseverance in your eyes. You would do your best to thrive under pressure, which was why he…

He dropped the last box and peered at you through the heavy dust that billowed out from the floorboards. You were radiant. Enough that…well…

He tugged at the looping fabric around his neck and swallowed. He needed to leave. Now.

“Thanks, Papyrus, I really appreciate your help.”

“DO NOT MENTION IT. I HAVE OTHER THINGS TO ATTEND TO.” An apology for his abrupt departure lingered on his tongue, but he shelved it after sneaking a glance at your sparkling eyes. Why were humans so expressive?

He disappeared from the store and made his way home.

After work, you were content to head home. You were changing out of your clothes when you realized that the piece of paper you’d shoved in your pockets was still in there. Huh. Grillby’s handwriting was surprisingly elegant; you would’ve thought that his days cramming orders down on tickets would’ve made it nearly impossible to translate. But the message was clear. It was just…kind of strange that he wanted to meet you.

For a moment, you considered asking the brothers for their opinions on the whole thing. They knew the secretive grill cook more than you did. But…it was a little childish to rope them into something, and Grillby might’ve taken it the wrong way if you showed up on his doorstep with two powerful monsters flanking your side.

Oh well.

You would just deal with this on your own.


Sans tore through the chunk of meat on his plate, letting the juices slough down the front of his shirt in rivulets. “ain’t nothin’ wrong with me.”


“whatever.” He gobbled down the rest of what was on his plate. Papyrus was surprised he didn’t choke with how fast he was going.


Sans paused. He dropped the silverware on his plate and went for the meal with his hands instead. He must’ve gotten tired of being polite. “you don’t wanna know, boss. it’ll just piss you off.” He spoke between strips of sinew still clamped between his clenched teeth.


Sans swallowed. Sneered. “that human is off canoodlin’ with grillbz as we speak. so forgive me for bein’ crass here.”




“the day we were helpin’ her move her stuff like a coupla chumps, she had a love note in her pocket from him. goin’ to meet him now, i bet.”

The information hovered over the dinner table. Papyrus could scarcely believe it. No other monsters had showed any interest in you since you fell from the surface – at least, not in a way that wasn’t generated from fear. People were only as polite to you as they had to be. People in the town had learned to cope with your presence, but no one had outright befriended you. Or…even made it clear that they found you…attractive.

Because why would they? You were so different from them. Monsters and humans had…completely different anatomy. There was…no way they could be compatible, aside from the…obvious power of your SOUL and how magic course through your veins, far removed from your conscious effort. You were…strange, and kind, and…otherworldly, so no doubt people weren’t…




They both scrambled out of the house together, with Papyrus leading the way to the bar. He would get to the bottom of this.

When Grillby asked you to come to his place, you didn’t think that he would let you inside.

You guessed that maybe he just had some errands for you to run. That he somehow found some dirt on you and wanted to bribe you out of your funds. It wouldn’t be too far off from what you saw monsters doing to each other.

Instead, he opened the door for you, and led you inside the restaurant.

Handing you a piece of paper with a long-winded explanation as to why you were here.

“You want me to watch over the bar while you’re gone?”

He nodded, leaning on the counter. It was clear he wasn’t happy with this decision.

“But why me? I don’t know anything about this place. I mean, I’ll help if I can, but it’s a huge responsibility.”

His gaze beyond his glasses told you that he trusted you.

“I’m glad your daughter is starting her own business, and I’m happy to hear you’re taking some time off to help her. But this is…a lot to take in.”

He led you around the kitchen. The equipment was a bit dated, but he promised he would show you how to get it working. He said he’d already cleared this shift in duties with the innkeeper since she owed him a favor from a long time ago, though he never did say how big of a debt she owed him.

Grillby said that he would teach you how to use a lot of the stuff back here. He would prepare as much of the food in advance as he could. In the meantime, he would share a few basic recipes with you so you could get by without him.

He took you to the front of the restaurant and gestured to which tables needed some extra TLC after big weekends. You listened to everything he had to say and peered at his stoic expression, realizing that despite his frightening appearance, he was still a parent. And a good one, at that.

He reached down and placed a key in your hand. Pressing it against your palm. You glanced down at it and tried to find the right words to articulate how thankful you were that he picked you over anyone else in Snowdin.

You left the restaurant in good spirits. Humming as soon as you stepped out the door.

Until you realized there were two pairs of gleaming eyes in the darkness of the night.

You opened your mouth to scream and one of the monsters stepped forward and shushed you, clamping a hand over your mouth.

So what were you supposed to do? Just stand there while some creep assaulted you?

You bit down on the gloved fingers and were immediately released as the monster stumbled backwards.

“what the hell! you bit me!

You recognized the voice and your heartbeat skipped. “Oh my god. What are you guys doing out here? You nearly gave me a heart attack!”

Sans was still busy nursing his wound. Skeleton monsters didn’t bleed, did they? The look he shot you was downright murderous.

Papyrus didn’t look so good. His entire expression was blank.


You swallowed. “Um. What?”


“I…wasn’t unattended. We were in there together.”

Sans looked like you’d just punched him instead. “see, boss. i toldja.”

“SILENCE,” Papyrus snapped, his tone just as bitter and cold as the weather outside. “WHY WERE YOU WITH HIM? ALONE?”

“He…wanted to see me.”

You weren’t sure when Grillby wanted to break the news to his customers, but it wouldn’t be good to reveal the reason he was leaving for a little while. If anyone caught wind of his departure, they would make assumptions. And eventually try to take advantage of his reasons why; giving up his restaurant to a human just to visit with his daughter was sure to be a sign of weakness.


“Why wouldn’t I?” Grillby had been polite to you. Standoffish, sure, but never outright cruel.

Sans sneered at you. Absolutely nasty in the way he regarded you. “you…yer a fuckin’ traitor. that’s what you are. who do you think you are?”



You furrowed your brows at him. Both brothers were being rude as hell. “No.”


“give him yer fuckin’ hands.”

“Now I’m definitely not giving them to you.” You shoved them in your pockets for emphasis. “Move, I’m going home.”

They stood there. You were at an impasse. Why were they being so…awkward about this? So what? They knew Grillby and he would never do anything to hurt you. And yeah, it was a little weird that you were here so late, but why not ask you like a normal person? Why were they regarding you with such betrayal?

“she’s not budgin’, bro. let’s get outta here.”


“I’m…done!” You shouted, pushing past him.

The minute you did so, he recoiled as if he’d been burned. Staggering backwards with his hand clutching the exact spot you’d touched. From here, you could spot something ominous surrounding him. Like…numbers. Red, floating numbers that dropped down in value dramatically after every passing second.


You paled. You hadn’t meant to hurt him! You…just wanted him away from you. You…did you put that much negative intent in your shove that his HP fell?

“Papyrus, I…”

“DON’T. TOUCH ME…” His voice cracked. He looked crushed. “I SEE NOW…IT’S CLEAR WHO YOU’VE CHOSEN.”

“Chosen?” You took a shaky step backwards. “I…I’m sorry.”

“sorry doesn’t bring his health back up, human,” Sans hissed. “get away from us.”

You weren’t sure what just happened tonight. But you were getting out of here before you hurt anyone else.

You had more power than you knew what to do with, and you’d just brought down your wrath on one of the only people you cared about down here.

You spent the entire night crying. You’d hurt them. Somehow. Whatever you did, you lashed out and harmed monsters who held a special place with you.

The next few weeks were grueling.

Grillby wasn’t exactly a kind trainer. He scrutinized your every mistake to make sure his brand wasn’t tarnished with your inexperience. You spent long hours recreating his dishes to his taste. Underneath his watchful eyes and being judged by every monster who walked through his doors. They regarded you with distrust and were curious as to why you and the old flame monster were so close.

Sans didn’t stop by in the entire time you were working there. Sometimes you saw him and Papyrus pass by the front of the bar. Peering through the glass. You made eye contact once or twice, but the brothers merely ignored you.

It hurt. A lot.

You never knew that living here felt so empty. At least, not until they stepped out of your life. Why was that?

You were trying to do something nice for someone and it blew up in your face. It was a huge misunderstanding; you knew that much. But how were you supposed to approach them when they’d been so disagreeable the last time?

You had to make this right. But how? How, when you were being overwhelmed with memorizing recipes that Grillby didn’t even want to write down for fear of you losing it into his competitor’s hands?

It’d been a long day at the bar. Grillby left for Hotland to seek his daughter out. It was your first night running the bar and you were exhausted. The monsters were incredibly demanding, even more so than usual, and you had to stop three separate fights from getting fatal over the course of the night. You didn’t want anyone’s deaths on your hands.

Your back ached. Your feet ached. You had grease trapped in your hair and every inch of your skin felt like it’d been burned from the high heat of the grill. It was maddening.

Stepping out into the snow was simultaneously refreshing and painful on your sensitive body.

You lingered in front of your house. Wondering if you should go in and call it a night. But your senses told you otherwise, so you shoved your keys back into your pocket and headed towards the brothers’ place.

They were still up, judging by the argument inside. Something to do with puzzle calibrations. You ignored the sinking feeling in your stomach and rapped on the door.

The voices stopped immediately. Weapons drawn. Papyrus swung the door open and glared down at you without even thinking twice about it, his magic crackling with a silent dare for anyone to attack.

And then you locked eyes.

“what the hell’re you doin’ here?”

You swallowed. Sans looked like he wanted you to leave in a bodybag, but you weren’t having it.

“I came to…apologize.”

He squawked with laughter. “are you fuckin’ serious? that’s it?”


You felt your resolve falter. Your heart ached. They looked so done with you. You’d never seen them with such intense hatred in their eyes before, at least not directed at you. It hurt to see two people who you missed so much regard you so negatively.

“I should’ve told you that night that Grillby wanted to see me, but I didn’t know what it was about. If I’d known that you guys didn’t want me working there so bad, I would’ve just said no. But I need to understand why I can’t be there. Is it because you don’t want me handling other monsters’ food? Do you not trust me?”

You could feel the rant coming up, and it was getting harder to stop yourself. They were perplexed the longer you went on.

“And I don’t know why you wanted to take the key from me, but I wasn’t about to give it away after he trusted me with it! It’s safe and I’m not going to break that trust just because we’re friends! I’m sorry I bit you, you startled me, Sans. And I’m sorry I pushed you, Papyrus, I really didn’t even think about how it could hurt you. I just wanted you to get away from me because I was so creeped out and confused.”

“shut up a minute.”

You huffed. “No, listen, I have more to say!”

“just…give us a sec to process this, will ya?”

All three of you stood in silence. Papyrus was the first one to speak.

“LET ME…” He paused. Considered. “MAY I…SEE YOUR HAND?”

You didn’t understand the fascination. The key to the bar was tucked underneath your shirt in a necklace you hid away from everyone else. Why did he want your hand so bad?

Despite…being uncomfortable and confused, you stretched your hand out to him and offered it for inspection.

Papyrus tugged away at the knit gloves that wrapped around your wrist and fingers. He tossed it to the ground despite your protests. Turning your arm over so he could get a full view of your palms, which were sweaty from nervousness but otherwise unmarred from burns or cuts from the bar.

He gazed at it like it was his lifeline, Sans doing the same. Seeing the relief on their face was enough for you to swallow thickly.

“Um…can someone explain to me…what the big deal is?”

Papyrus refused to release you. Instead, he handed it over to Sans for his scrutiny.

Something flashed across their faces. First it was shock. Then relief. And lastly…glee.




“Mark me?” You snatched your hand back. “Why would he do that?” To what, slap an insignia on you? Something that indicated you were his slave?

“so that no one else would touch you, idiot.”

You recoiled.

Sans continued, his eyelights flickering with life. “so no one else would even think about callin’ you theirs. no one else would ever try to put their hands on ya. try to seduce ya. try to sit there and claim you as their one and only. you get it?”

You didn’t. Not at all.

“monsters down here are fuckin’ greedy. they put their hands on everythin’ that’s not nailed down. they take what they want and what they can get. if somethin’ ain’t claimed, it’s up for grabs.”

“So…” You trailed off. Your chest was getting tight. Cheeks warmer than usual.

“no one else should get to have ya. not when you’re ours.”




“ain’t got time to be slow about this, sweetheart. not with you out there makin’ monsters happy. drummin’ up business for his bar and snatchin’ hearts left and right.” He grinned ferally. “no one gets to have ya, not when we called dibs.”

Papyrus regarded you with such intensity you felt a little faint.


“It has…?” This was news to you.

“yeah, so s’cuse us for gettin’ a little testy when you sneak off to some secret rendezvous with another monster.”

“It wasn’t a…!” You chewed on your lower lip. “He just asked me for help.”

“know that now. didn’t before.”

“S-so…how do we resolve this?” You were starting to get cold out here. You didn’t even know how to process all the new information, especially not with two brothers who were looking downright smug after learning about how you were still single.

Sans grinned. “simple. you give us an answer.”


You trembled. Oh, god. This was real. Your feelings were real. You’d gone this whole time trying to articulate what it was, but seeing them up close made it clear. Having them dip out of your life for so long made it clear. Hearing their comments and describing you as someone they truly wanted was real.

This was…

A choice. Your choice.

You sucked in a breath and prepared yourself for the repercussions of your decision.

Grillby stepped off the ferry and was glad to be off that hellish river. He needed to get back to his bar. He knew you were competent enough not to destroy it, and heard promising things about how it was faring despite the temporary switch in leadership. You were quite capable…for a human. He wondered if his decision had anything to do with how desirable you were.

It was clear that a lot of the monsters held some strange fascination with you. Why wouldn’t they? Humans were the bane of their existence, but you were an enigma. As kind as you were beautiful. It was hard not to be attracted to you, especially with your soft smiles and musical laughter.

He was going to make you work for him full time. Just as soon as he was sure that you kept things intact.

He rounded the corner and put his hand on the doorknob. His gut told him something wasn’t right, but he pressed forward anyway.

The bell above his door jingled and he spotted you across the way. Manning the bar and taking orders specifically in the way he taught you to – without writing a damn thing down. Maybe he would keep you after all. The customers looked satisfied with their food, though a few of them were drinking much more than usual. Why was that?

Grillby approached the stools near the bar. As soon as he did, he heard a familiar voice behind him.

“heya, grillbz. what’re you havin’?”

He turned. Sans. With an empty platter in his hand and a toothy, smug little grin on his face. What the hell was this about? Since when did he give you permission to hire Sans as a waiter?

“NO LOITERING,” Papyrus called from the other side. He was dressed down from his usual armor and was…in the kitchen window. “TAKE A SEAT OR LEAVE. WE HAVE WORK TO DO, I DON’T CARE IF THIS IS YOUR BAR.”

You beamed at him when he stumbled up. He could barely believe what was going on.

“Sorry about them,” you told him bashfully. “They’re sort of…protective. But hard workers! Uh, let me get you something to eat, you must be starving.”

You called out the order to Papyrus and it came out in record time. You hand delivered it to him.

Hand delivered…

Grillby reached out to snatch the plate away from you, his eyes glued to your arm.

It was flaring with magic.

You snatched it back and stammered. “Um. Whoa. Sorry. I’ve been trying to keep it out of people’s faces, I kind of forget…”

You lifted it up and showed it to him. Their magic wound tightly along your wrist and settling along your palm. Invisible to the naked eye, but pulsing with a message that spoke across various barriers and languages.


He looked at Papyrus. At Sans. Theirs said the same.

Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine.

You didn’t even have magic. But there it was. Remnants of your SOUL swathing along their bodies, your name written in a delicate signature that very clearly told him this was mutual.

“So…anything else I can get you?”

He shook his head. What a shame.

You weren’t sure why he got so quiet, but reconvened with the boys in the back. Sans couldn’t stop reaching down to bring your hand to his mouth to cover it in nips and kisses. He’d been doing this for the last week. And Papyrus kept staring at his own mark with quiet wonder.

“heh, stop pullin’ away.”

“It tickles.”


“grillbz is back. sure they won’t miss us…for a coupla hours.”

“Oh my god.”


“uh, sorry, boss.”


Ugh. Was it too late to reverse your decision?

Sans had actual heart eyes. Papyrus’ scars weren’t as angry. Your heart felt fuller.

On second thought…

Always go with your first instinct.


You are the best friend of Sam’s girlfriend. And since Dean is single and lonely, Sam and his girlfriend are trying to make a match between Dean and Y/N.

Dean Winchester x Reader, Hannah x Sam Winchester, Hannah x Reader (friendship)

Warnings: none, maybe fluff idk

I called Sam’s girlfriend Hannah, there’s no real reason why.
When your name is Hannah you can change the name into something else.

Dean who’s making his way into the kitchen yawn’s and runs his hands over his face.
He and his brother just finished a stressful case in Ohio, and he was really happy to be back at the bunker.

“Good morning Dean.”, Hannah says happily, as soon as the oldest brother walkes through the door into the kitchen:“Have you slept well?”, she takes a sip of her coffee and gives him a smile.

“Not as good as you and Sammy, huh?”,he says and places himself on one of the chairs.
Even though Hannah tries to hide her face behind the newspaper he can clearly see how it turns slightly red: “Speaking of Sam, where is he?”

Even though he is always teasing Hannah and his brother, hes kind of jealous that he isn’t able to have what they have.

“He’s picking Y/N up.”, she answers and stands up to places her cup into the dishwasher:“ But he must be back in a few minutes.”

“Y/N?”, Dean’s asks and raises his thick eyebrows and Hannah hands him some coffee.

“She’s my best friend, and since I am kind of the reason her house burned out she’s staying here at the bunker for a little while.”, She explains but mumbles the last words, but before the brother of her boyfriend can complain about it she interrupts him:“ But you’re going to love her Dean, she’s truly amazing!”

“We’re back!”

Hannah’s head shoots up at the voice of her lover and she gives Dean a wink:“Believe me, you’re going to fall for her in a second.”
At with that she disappears.

Dean who sigh’s stands up and walks with the cup in his left hand into the war room.
At first he can only see Sam, then Hannah comes into his view and then she.

The woman, who must be Y/N stands in the middle of the war room.

She’s wearing a white t-shirts that seems a little bit too big for her body, it must be Hannah’s (since Hannah is taller than her) and blue jeans.

At Dean could swear to god her smile is the most beautiful thing in the entire world- in the entire universe. And in the minute his eyes are meeting her Y/E/C ones, his heart stopped for a second.

“You must be Dean.”, She says friendly and walks up to him:“ It’s nice to meet you finally, I’ve heard so many things about you.”

“I hope you only heard good things!”, He says and smiles down at her, when he realizes that he starts to blush he looks up at his brother and nods:“What happened to her house?”

“Hannah and I were chasing a bunch of demons and when they tried to stop us they set my house on fire.”, She runs a hand through her Y/H/C hair and looks at Hannah:“But if someone hadn’t told them my address my house would be ok!”

“It was a damn accident, we tried to kill them so I wanted to set a trap -”

“Remember me that the next time I am going to set the trap,ok?”, Y/N says and sigh’s:“Anyway I’m-”

Dean raises his hand and interrupts her:“Wait a second, you’re a hunter?”,the excitement in his voice is clear to hear, as soon as he can see the amusement in the eyes of his younger sibling he clears his throat:“ I mean -”

Y/N looks at the ground smiling, before she looks back up at him.
And it sends shivers down his back:“Yes, Yes I am. Since Hannah stepped into my life. She saved me a long time ago, and I learned everything from her!”

Sam lays his arm around her shoulders and looks down at his girlfriend:“Well, should I cut the pie while you talk about-”

“Pie?”, Dean asks and he almost chokes on his coffee:“Why do we have pie, and who-”

“You know, Dean.”,Hannah says while she follows her boyfriend to the kitchen:“Y/N isn’t just one of the best huntresses I know, she’s also bakes the best pie in the entire world!”

Dean looks back at Y/N who gives him a shy smile, he sighs and shakes his head.

He knows this woman is going to be the death of him.


Title: Burn - Keidge Week Prompt 1
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Pairing: Keidge; mild implication of Shiro/Matt
Summary: Pre-series with slight ret-conning. Big Brothers Shior and Matt decide that Katie and Keith might be good friends and decide to arrange a meeting between them at a Garrison-centric bonfire.
Standard Disclaimer: If you read and enjoy this, please give it a like/ reblog so I know if I should write more.
AN: Because, honestly, I kinda like the idea that Keith and Pidge met at least once briefly before the whole Kerberos thing. It’s also got some of my own headcanons in there, so please enjoy.

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This Is The Face of My Mental Illness

I took this picture of myself at the end of a day I spent in bed, scared and crying, feeling alone and hopeless and completely desperate.

This is the face of my mental illness. This is the face of my sadness when it is at its most inexplicable and its most pronounced.

I am not ashamed of it.

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Blind Hearts (3/7)

After returning from a tough mission, Aelin would like nothing more than a nice evening with the mysterious stranger she’d met online and had slowly been falling for over the last several months. That is until he suddenly stands right before her and she realizes that he isn’t as unfamiliar as she’d expected.

Chapter 3 of 7 (AO3) // Start at the beginning.

Rowan had fucked up. He’d known as soon as he’d seen the look of pure terror on Galanthynius’… on Aelin’s face when she’d looked at him. As soon as she had comprehended that he was her date for the evening. After that, all he could do was to try and somehow salvage what felt like a catastrophe in the making. It shouldn’t surprise him that he’d ended up making everything worse.

Never in a million years he would have expected the funny, charming, wicked woman he’d been texting with for the last several months to be the same woman he’d clashed with on an almost daily basis in real life for much longer. The same woman Lorcan loved to call “fire-breathing bitch-queen” which he not-so-secretly had always agreed with. Never in a million years he would have expected the night to end in her tears when she found out he was the one she’d nicknamed Buzzard. Never in a million years would he have expected it to hit him as hard as it did.

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Makeup Lessons, Boys and Bonding - Weasley Twins Imagine (Requested)

Request:  Can I have an imagine where I’m dating a weasley twin and staying at the burrow for a while and herminoe and ginny start asking questions and needs makeup/boy advice and we bond?


“Wait so… do you put it on under your eyelid too? Like on the bottom one, or just on the top eyelid?” The youngest and only female child out of the Weasley family sat excitedly in the middle of a pile, surrounded by various types of make ups. Ginny’s red head swung back n forth every time she went to grab a different stick of eyeliner or a shade of eye shadow. Hermione Granger rested properly on her knees, scanning over all the various varieties of skin care, lip stick, cover up, blush and mascara in amazement. Rounding the corner, (y/n) re-entered the room arms full with bags and small handheld containers. Hermione stood up, curious to what lied inside.

“Yes you can but I strongly suggest not to. Too many people don’t get it close enough to their eye to where it just looks like a bunch of squiggly line. Not very appealing if you were to ask me…” Ginny nodded hanging onto every word (y/n) spoke. She was extremely exceled in the topic of beauty and could give some of the best advice when it came to that. School… not so much.

Fred and George, Ginny’s older twin brothers and (y/n)’s boyfriends, had brought (y/n) along with them for spring break hoping to spend a good amount of time with their girlfriend. Unfortunately for them, their little sister seemed to be hitting the age where her looks matter to her. So, she turned to (y/n) for help. Hermione was clueless to most any types of cosmetics and had asked for guidance from the older girl as well. (y/n) planning on hitting two birds down with one stone, assumed she’d be able to teach them both together.

The frizzy headed brunette took hold of what looked to be a torture tool, examining to in her hands trying to figure out the exact use for it. Maybe it was to scoop out eyes, or clip the off?

“(y/n), um what is the purpose for this?” Holding the metal item up by the ends that resembled those of a scissors, Hermione gave her friend a questioning look. (y/n) giggled snatching the helpful tool from her hands, walking over to the mirror with Hermione following close behind her.

“I’ll show you.” Ginny looked over, wanting to absorb as much information as possible. (y/n) open it swiftly, letting both sides clamp down on her long eyelashes. Hermione shuddered at the painful look then relaxed when (y/n) easily pulled it off. Taking a full look at her new eyelash, Hermione noticed a difference from the other untouched one, besides a light coat of mascara. It waved upwards nicely in a lovely fashion.

“See, it’s an eyelash curler.”  Handing it back to the stunned Hermione after finishing the other eye, (y/n) smiled kindly. Ginny called her over again needing assistance on her attempt at eyeliner. She had taken (y/n)’s advice on not doing her lower eyelid but shook slightly while trying to perfect the first one. (y/n) cleaned her eye up in no time, demonstrating on her eye with liquid making effortless, flawless dark black wings. (y/n) suggested on Ginny using solid pencil eyeliner, before tackling the opposing difficult liquid option.

“Wow your eyes look stunning!” Both girls stated. (y/n) thanked them very flattered. She loved teaching others due to the fact she wasn’t skilled in much and nobody really needed her for anything very important. But this time it was totally different.

A pair on knuckles banged loudly on the door and the three girls jumped in surprise. Ginny dropped the bottles of face and eye primer she had been interested in. Hermione stopped her sentence short, staring at the door oddly. (y/n) waked over to the door, ready to unlock it before two voices broke out.

“Can we please have our girlfriend back it’s been almost 4 hours-“

“Yeah you guys have had enough time with her. It’s our turn-“

(y/n) covered her mouth to keep herself from laughing too loud. Fred and George stood clearly annoyed on the other side of the door. They continued to knock carelessly obviously not leaving until they got an answer.

“Go away! We’re almost done so calm down!” Ginny shouted retrieving back to her previous actions. Hermione smiled reaching for (y/n)’s basket filled with multiple sets of colorful nail polish, finding her favorite shade of red and then began painting her medium length nails. Fred scoffed loudly refusing to leave.

“You said that an hour ago! Honestly this isn’t fair were the ones who brought her!” George yelled into the wood that acted as a barrier between the groups. Truthfully, the boys were right. They would stop by every 45 minutes or so and beg for (y/n) to ditch the girls. (y/n) felt bad for abandoning the boys but the girls really needed her and she couldn’t really leave them alone to guess on what look good and what wouldn’t. Ginny and Hermione needed someone to be completely honest with them, so next year when they would be all alone without (y/n), they’d at least have an idea of what they were doing and could talk to each other.  

“Can I let them in for a little while? I promise I won’t let them distract me, but I feel sort of bad.” (y/n) asked turning to her friends. Ginny and Hermione shared a look. They both nodded and (y/n) pivoted back to the door twisting the lock open and allowing room for the boys to stumble in. Fred instantly wrapped his long arms around (y/n)’s stomach.

“You kidnapped our girlfriend our (y/n)!” The twins shouted in sync placing sweet kisses to both sides of her cheeks, then on her forehead. George pouted due to lack of attention. (y/n) side hugged him unable to release herself from the anaconda like grip Fred held. Ginny scoffed annoyed with her brothers, retrieving back to the skin care products. The boys slid theirs hands into (y/n)’s dragging her to the door but she protested.

“What’re you guys doing?” Scrabbling away (y/n) folded her arms across her chest, planting her feet like stones in the ground. Bewildered eyes glanced at her in pure confusion.

“(y/n) we haven’t hung out with you at all!” George stated in agony. Hermione whispered lightly with Ginny over shades of lips gloss compared to shades of lipstick.

“I know but the girls really need my help! Say, how about you two can spend some time with us in here?” She suggested leading them over to Ginny’s bed, who strongly disagreed. Giving up, Ginny moved all her blankets off the bed giving room for her brothers to sit nicely.

“Thank you kind sister!” Fred joked earning a displeased eye roll from her. Hermione crossed the room taking the open spot on the floor next to (y/n), chatting softly with her.

“Wait… are you teaching them how to use makeup…?” George took in the scattered cosmetics, finally understanding what they had been up to all day. The girls nodded and (y/n) returned to the conversation with Hermione. Hermione had the “hots” for a certain boy and wanted to make him take notice in her, so she turned to (y/n).

“I mean… I’m just all- well y’know me and awkward.” She explained in a hushed voice, not feeling very comfortable with the twins hearing in. (y/n) nodded, comprehending what was racing around Hermione’s head.

“I get it, but in all honestly a guy shouldn’t start ‘noticing’ or fancying you just for the fact that you all of the sudden are wearing makeup. Though, I’d still love to help you.” Hermione’s shoulder slumped down, (y/n) was right. Fred and George spied in smiling to each other before intervening.

“Who’s the lucky fellow, Mione?” The teased her with no hurtful intentions. The bright Gryffindor’s cheeks grew the same color of her house at the boy’s words. There was no way she could tell them she sort of fancied their brother, they’d just blabber on over to Ron. Ginny became interested walking over to listen in fully. (y/n) narrowed her (e/c) eyes at her boyfriend’s silently advising them to shut their mouths.

“Is it… Harry? You two seem to be very close if y’know what we mean.” George winked, ignoring (y/n). He was having too much fun messing with the brilliant girl. Ginny’s face flushed at their assumption, drawing in the attention of Fred. A sly, wicked smirk played on his face.

“Don’t worry Ginny we have none new to tell about you massive crush on dear Harry!” Fred broke out into a hysteric fit of laughter. Ginny avoided his comment, sitting with her back leaning on her dresser drawer. The other two girls giggled along with Fred already hearing out Harry all day long on Ginny’s part.

“Would you leave ‘em alone!” (y/n) threw her empty case at the gingers. George laughed sliding from the bed to sit behind (y/n), wrapping his arms carefully around her waist as Fred jumped to sit on her free side. Hermione held out the bottle of thick volume mascara asking (y/n) if she could put it on.

“Of course!” George loosened his grasp giving her enough room to have access to her friends face. With 3 strokes of each closed eyelid, (y/n) was done in no time falling back into George’s open arms. Fred held her hand lovingly rubbing his thumb along her small knuckles.

“Thank you.” (y/n) nodded as if she were a bobble head and boneless. The night went on with tips on makeup, boys, fashion and much much more. Fred and George wanted so badly to leave and sneak (y/n) out, away from the girls but they knew she wouldn’t obey. So, they spent the night listening and learning things they usually wouldn’t care to hear but it was worth it to spend time with (y/n).

~ Daizy

Request are open!! xxx

We Will Get Through This (Wang Jung Scarlet Heart Ryeo)

Can I get an imagine where Wang Jung (Scarlet Heart) and his wife were pregnant but something happened and it cause her to have a miscarriage. Angst(y)

Warning: Sensitive subject for certain people do not read if you uncomfortable about pregnancy/miscarriage    

P.S. I only know the basics of miscarriage so i am so sorry if its not right or offends anyone

 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  You and your husband Jung were sitting outside on one of the benches looking at the stars. Well more like you were and he was just sitting there because you asked him to and he never could never say no to you especially when you were pregnant. You have been getting really bad cramps lately and you thought that getting some fresh air would make it all better. So far it wasn’t helping and you let out a groan and lightly placed your hand on your stomach and leant against his shoulder. He smiled at the contact and wrapped his arm around you pulling you closer to him while one of his hands went and rested on your stomach too. You though the cramps finally subsided because they went away but a few minutes later the cramps came back even worse and you had to bend down and grip your stomach. The sudden movement startled him and when he saw the pain on your face he started to feel a little worried. One of his hands automatically went to her back and started to lightly rub it because he was not sure what else to do. You felt something trickling down your leg and saw red start to leak its way through your clothes. When Jung saw it his eyes widened and stopped his movements all together. When he realized he was not doing anything his eyes started to frantically look around for someone. He saw his brother Wook on the other side and called for him. Wook heard the call and when he laid his eyes on his brother and you his eyes widened and he rushed over to you two. When he got over to you two he squatted in front of you and looked you over. Jung tried to explain what happened but couldn’t since  he wasn’t even sure and just stuttered out words.  

“Look Jung I will be right back okay, I’m going to go find a doctor. Okay” Wook said placing his hand on his brothers shoulder and rubbing it in a comforting manner. Jung just nodded his head, not really sure what else to do. Even though he was confused about what was going on you were pretty sure you knew and when you though about that your eyes started to tear up. About a two or so minutes later Wook came back with the doctor following close behind him. The doctor examines her over but knew right away what was happening.

“We have to move her. Can you please lift her up and follow me.” Jung lightly picked you up and hurriedly followed the doctor into her area/room. The doctor pointed to a bed and Jung went and lightly laid you down on the bed. Wook was pulled over by the doctor and told that he should bring Jung out since it could get pretty nasty and that is he was to break down it would make this worse for y/n. Wook let out a sign and glanced at his brother who had a scared look on his face and nodded to the doctor. He slowly went up to him and rested his hand on his brothers shoulders and when Jung glanced back at him, he nodded his head towards the door. Jung knew what he meant and immediately shook his head and looked back at y/n.

“The doctor said its for the best.” Jung looked down thinking but nodded anyways and slowly stood up while pressing a kiss to your forehead. What Jung didn’t expect to see was all his other brothers outside; While Wook was looking for the doctors he ran into Won and somehow the rest of the brothers found out. They all had a sullen look on their faces and Jung couldn’t handle it so he just looked at the ground and sat down next to Eun and Wook. While staring at the ground a bunch of different scenarios started to roam around his head and non of them were good. He felt his eyes start to water and hes guessing Eun notice because he felt him wrap and arm around his shoulders. You knew what happened and when the doctors told you and confirmed it, you could not feel anything. The doctor came out and motioned Jung in and he immediately rushed in and went and grabbed your hand. One of the doctors assistants sat down next to Jung and let out a sad sigh. When she finally told him, they lost their child he could literally feel his heart break. While that was happening the main doctor went out and told his brothers what happened. Non of them could believe it and all felt a pain of sadness run through them. Wook cleared his throat and stood up.

“We should let them be for now. Us bombarding them with questions inst going to help, it will only make it worse.” As much as the brother didn’t want to leave, they knew he was right so one after another they started to head back into their own rooms. Jung had a few tears leave his eyes but tried not to cry in front of y/n. He grabbed a towel and dumped it in water and then lightly pressed it against your fore head while moving your hair out of the way. One the other hand you could not even cry because of how shocked and empty you felt. You both stayed like that for awhile until he picked you up Bridal style and started to carry you back into your guys room. Once you got there he placed you on the bed, he changed first and then grabbed a pair of clothes for you. He sat you up and started to peel of your clothes and out new clothes on you. When he was done he placed you under the bed sheets and crawled in next to you.

“You’re not going to leave me” You asked surprised that he was still with you. He was shocked at that question and went and sat up leaning his had on his elbow.

“Now, why would you think that.” You just shrugged and turned around so you were facing him.

“You need a wife who is strong enough to bare you children and I just killed our child, they were in my stomach and my only job was to protect him or her and I couldn’t even do that. You were suppose to have a little girl who would be your little princess or a son who would be your little fighter.” Before you could continue your rant he rested a hand on your face and put one of his fingers over your lips.

“Hey look at me, you did not do anything, were still young maybe it just wasn’t the right time.” He could tell you didn’t believe what he was saying and let out a sigh.

“We will get through this okay, I promise.” You let out a small nod and Jung leant forward and placed a light kiss against your lips. You turned back around onto your other side and felt him wrap his arm around your waist and pull you into him. He pressed another kiss on the back of your neck and murmured again.

“We will get through this… eventually” you let our a deep sigh and closed your eyes resting your hand onto of his and interlacing them. Both of you feel asleep hoping you would wake up and still have this child but both knew that their wouldn’t be one.

Imagine an Underswap AU where the skelebros have switched places with Alphys and Undyne.

“Y-you’re a human? That’s amazing! I d-don’t really care about capturing humans, but my gi- my FRIEND Undyne, she’s a human-hunting fanatic!”

All Undyne’s “puzzles” are just mountains of preciously-stacked spears that you have to edge around. Eventually she gets impatient and knocks them down herself. When you fight her, you keep talking about rad anime. She wants to join the Royal Guard and be the most awesome warrior ever, but how can she attack someone who loves the same shows as her? She grudgingly takes you on a date, but tells you her heart just isn’t in it.

Papyrus seems scary, but the he trips and knocks off his helmet. He didn’t mean to throw those bones at you, he just couldn’t see very well inside that thing! Those were presents, he only gives out the best quality bones! Now… would you mind coming to the prison for a nice capturing and a tasty home-cooked lunch?
Undyne eventually shows up at his house and forces the two of you to hang out because DAMMIT SHE’S NOT GONNA BE THE ONLY ONE WHO GETS SUCKERED IN BY THE HUMAN! Papyrus’ cooking lesson is…. interesting (you taste-test the finished result and lose five HP) but he’s pretty nice - he tells you how he’s read all about the old Queen, and he wants to follow her example of kindness. That’s why he can’t let Undyne into the Royal Guard, even though she’s tough - a warrior should be noble and chivalrous, like him!

You’re not sure why Sans has so much ketchup in his lab, but at this point you’ve stopped questioning things. He tells you that he originally built Mettaton to be the world’s greatest pranking robot, but he must’ve miscalculated somewhere because now it’s out for blood. Sorry, guess his engineering skills are a little… rusty.
Mettaton eventually confesses that he doesn’t want to kill you, but he made a bet with Sans - if he takes your soul, he’s allowed to date Papyrus! That might explain why Sans has been helping you escape him all day.

Papyrus gives you a present and asks you to give it to Sans, as a reward for being such a great brother.
“Slippers? For me? Kid, you don’t wanna date me, I’m a bone-a-fide mess… oh what the heck, let’s go to Grillby’s.”
He gives you hotdogs to improve your dating stats. So many hotdogs. Your neck hurts. This must be a good date. Eventually Papyrus shows up and Sans confesses to a bunch of stuff he’s done to get Paps to look up to him.
“Aww, bro, for real? You’d teach me?”
“Oh, boy.”

Alphys has various spots where she sells Pocky and advertises her anime club. She takes you to lunch in Mettaton’s restaurant, and tells you how she met Asgore a few times and he’s just the nicest guy ever and killing humans makes him sad but he’s just trying to be a good king and freeing everyone means so much to him.
Y-you understand what she’s saying, right?
If it weren’t for him, she’d have found a way to keep you safe in the Underground forever, whether you wanted to stay or not.

I Don’t Bite

Title: I Don’t Bite

Genre: Smut

Characters: Reader (Y/n) / Kim Jongin

Request: (I lost the exact request but it was about a Kai smut where you two are wolves and it’s his first mating season so ye..)

Notes: Omfg loved this idea honestly. I haven’t written anything like this tho so I hope its okay. Also hope it’s what you expected.. >-<


You’d gotten used to being the only female in the pack. It wasn’t usual for wolves, though.

It had all been his fault. Jongdae was the one who brought you in. At first it was an abnormal large family of twelve boys. Then it was a pack of what fairy-tails and myths would call ‘werewolves’.

It was a lot to process, but these so called wolves were your own kind now. The whole ‘be afraid because I have huge claws and growl’ thing was your story. So when you were surrounded by a bunch of tan, half naked, (not to mention good looking) boys - it was home.

Although they all felt like brothers, there was one who had appealed to you in a more sensual way. That was Jongin.

He had always appealed to you. His smile, his growl. He even showed a sense of protection over you.

He stepped up to you, leaning down and waving his hand in front of your face. You shook your head and looked up at him.

“The boys are going out to look for mates. Aren’t you going to come?” You nodded your head. “I don’t want a mate.”

Honestly, that was a lie. You did have one in mind.

He chuckled and sat next to you. “You’re so new, it’s cute. You can’t just not have a mate. It’s not your decision.”

You huffed and laid back on the couch. “Then I want you as my mate.”

Jongin paused, looking over at you. He wasn’t surprised. You two had plenty of times together where you shared the same feelings, but this was different.

“Are you.. Are you sure?” He questioned. You nodded your head. “I don’t think I’d want a different wolf.”

He smirked and leaned over to kiss you quickly. “There’s no rule that says it can’t be done.”


You could feel the difference in his kiss as his hands caressed your jaw. Your tongues mingled and flirted as you shuffled to get comfortable on Jongin’s lap.

“You’re sure you wanna do this?” He asked and searched your eyes for approval. “I’m sure, I wouldn’t want any other wolf.”

With that, you were flipped to your back and Jongin’s lips were pressed to your neck. You could feel his want as he pulled off your shorts and his teeth nipped your neck.

He trailed bites filled with lust down your neck and you pulled his shirt over his head. You crossed your arms and pulled your top up, revealing your uncovered chest. This made Jongin happy. He wiggled his shorts and boxers off, kicking them to the end of the bed.

Jongin’s fingertips gazed over your thighs lightly, sending goosebumps cascading over your body. He hummed when his fingers met the lace of your underwear and he slowly pulled them down your legs, making sure you noticed this.

Once they were lost, Jongin flipped you onto your knees and his hands held to your hips. One of his hands went to hold the base of his erection as he guided the tip in, waiting for a response from you.

You gaped your mouth, unable to speak. He assumed you were okay for him to keep going. He pushed the rest of himself in and you yelped, his force pushing you forward.

He growled lowly, the kind of growl that would be made to an enemy. But this was more lust filled and sensual. His fingernails became claws as he underwent a slight transformation, his skin unchanged but his teeth and claws noticeable.

He leaned forward and his teeth scraped your neck lightly. Pleasurably, you could feel his canines sharpen against your skin. You moaned out as his hips rolled painfully slow against yours.

He sunk his teeth into the skin on the very back of your neck, not to drawl blood but to hold you in place. You noticed you couldn’t feel a thing there, and you remembered Suho saying something about that.

Jongin’s hands held the headboard in front of you and he growled before his hips began to thrust mercilessly quick.

You panted and your head hung down. Sweat formed between your bodies as Jongin’s thrusts became faster and his grunts became louder. You moaned and his hands reached down to cover yours which gripped the dark colored sheets.

You felt your stomach boil as Jongin’s thrusts slowed down and got sloppy. “F-faster..” You panted and pushed back against him.

“Are you sure?” He mumbled with his teeth still attached to your skin. You whined as a response and he sighed, his hips bucking quicker than ever into yours.

You almost immediately regretted your decision, but forgot it as your stomach tied into knots. The feeling was all building up, and you were thrown off the edge as he hit that perfect spot and buried himself inside you.

The knots in your stomach untied completely as you came, the mere feeling bringing him to his release. You both relished in the feeling of each other.

Jongin’s body, heavy and hot, fell beside you and he closed his eyes. His mouth was agape and his chest rose quickly. He pulled you ontop of him and held you close, the feeling of finally calling you his was blissful.

“Wait. Aren’t you supposed to like, mark me as your mate or something?” You asked, breath still heavy. “What do you want me to pee on you?”

You laughed at his nasty joke.

“I mean, aren’t those canine bites on the back of your neck enough?” He said, the smirk on his face audible. You gasped and your hand wiped the back of your neck, blood coating your fingers.

“You’re lucky I can’t feel that.”

Place Your Bet

REQUEST: You are stranded at Avenger Tower during a storm, and find yourself playing strip poker with the team… and Bucky.

Bucky x Reader

You were finally done. The last pages printed, you placed them all into a manila folder. A very large manila folder. You hefted it up into your arms and took the steps two at a time, up one floor and deposited it through the slot on the door to Pepper Pott’s office. The taxes for this quarter, for the retail income for Stark Industries, were done. They just needed signatures from Tony and Pepper, and to be mailed off. Of course, all of it wasn’t in the folder- most was in a computer file ready to be sent to the IRS. But what was necessary for them to look over was now settled onto the throw rug just inside Pepper’s door.

You shone your cellphone flashlight along the corridor. The power was out in most of New York right now. A huge tropical storm had come pretty far north, and outside, torrential rains were pounding down on the rooftops and streets and sidewalks of the city. No one was driving, subways were closed, and hospitals were on backup generators. You had been informed at about 3pm today that you were in fact stranded at the Tower. Pepper had given you the key to a guest room on the third floor, an efficiency apartment really. Every employee was stuck here. There had only been a skeleton crew today anyways because of the storm, but Stark Industries was a big account for you and you’d braved the rain to get here and try to get Tony’s affairs in order. He’d also rounded up most of the Avengers last week to get you on board to do their taxes this year as well,because, even though it wasn’t glamorous, there were two things in life that everyone including a superhero could count on, and those were death and taxes. And because of that, they could count on you. Y/N Y/L/N, CPA for the Avengers.

“Tony, finished with the taxes. Need you to sign them and return them to me in the morning. They’re in Pepper’s office.” You dashed off a text as you walked, passing the office that had been on loan to you the last few weeks while you had been wading through the mess the last accountant had made of Tony’s finances. The office was nice, but it was made nicer by the memory of a certain hunky, dark haired soldier who’d been spending a lot of time hanging out there, asking you questions you really didn’t know the answers to. Like, “How does a guy file taxes if he’s been dead for 70 years?” Or “If he hasn’t really been dead but hasn’t been making money, does he have to file back taxes? Can he get audited for 70 years? Would the IRS do that?” You smiled as you walked. Incessant questions had turned into a dinner date last week, which had turned into a three hour conversation in the borrowed Buick of Captain America about which was better, Terminator 1 or 2, and then a kiss that was much more chaste than you’d have liked on your doorstep. You looked around. You weren’t sure if Bucky knew you were staying at the tower this evening. Last you’d heard from him was three days ago, when he’d texted to tell you the date had been nice and that he was going out of town on a mission and would be back soon.

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Grave Mistake: Chapter Four

“I made friends with a police officer today, err, yesterday.” Was the first thing out of Allen’s mouth after he had summoned Nea.

The summoned corpse in question cocked a brow as he yawned, stretching his arms above his head (more of a habit than actually needing to stretch.) “No, “Hello Nea, how are you tonight?” or  the simple,“Hey Nea.” at all? I’m hurt, kid.” Nea shot Allen a pout, placing a hand dramatically over his heart.

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“Wormtail should’ve been in Slytherin”

‘“You’d have thought Black and Potter were brothers!” chimed in Professor Flitwick. “Inseparable!”’

‘But he never finished the question, because what he saw made his voice die in his throat. Lupin was lowering his wand, gazing fixed at Black. The Professor walked to Black’s side, seized his hand, pulled him to his feet so that Crookshanks fell to the floor, and embraced Black like a brother.’

-Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

‘”For instance, we Slytherins look after our own – which is more than you can say for Ravenclaw. Apart from being the biggest bunch of swots you ever met, Ravenclaws are famous for clambering over each other to get good marks, whereas we Slytherins are brothers.“‘

-Pottermore, Slytherin welcome message

Friendly reminder that fraternity is a Slytherin trait. Friendly reminder that even the absolute worst of Slytherins are disgusted by Peter Pettigrew.

anonymous asked:

(brings in a bunch of homemade lollipops, taffy, and marshmallows in several different colors and flavors) Hi there, I brought a few sweets to the party. Some of them maybe a bit odd, hehe

Blueberry:  His interest is piqued by the sugar, so while his brother’s preoccupied, he bounds over, stars shining in his eyesockets.  “OOOOHHH, THEY LOOK GOOD!  WHAT’S ODD ABOUT THEM?  CAN I TRY ONE??”

Destined To Be Chapter 2: |Sorpresa Amico Mio| (Sam Drake x Reader)

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9

So after a few nice comments I got on my very first fan fiction of Sam Drake, I decided to write more on this one. This part is def longer then the first and I rewrote it like three times, so hopefully it’s as good as the first one!

Let me know if you like my writing, any requests; I like this a lot!

Now enjoy!

Three days later. Instead of binge watching your favorite series (again) at home, you were invited by Nate to go on an adventure with Sully, Sam and him to the Rossi Estate in Italy. You were very nervous, but also very excited. After Nathan spoke to his brother he called you. You asked if he was nuts, if this was all a dream and if he could slap you out of it.

“I’m god damn serious (Y/N). Well? Are you in or out?”

Of course you said yes. He filled you in on the mission, that you had to dress up nicely and that you were going to accompany his life long partner Sullivan to the auction.

“Why am I not going with you and Sam? I can climb if that’s a problem.”
“Just… go with him. Besides, I did do some research and you seem to be pretty good in talking your way out of things.”
“Who told you that? Anyway what about-“
“You’ll be fine! I’ll meet you there.”

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Today’s Tally II: Excerpt Edition


“Yes,” says Kankri, and points.  The girl with the big green eyes and oversized coat lowers her hand.  

“You said some of you left.”  She fidgets. “Is that…the ones who were after us?”

Kankri takes a deep breath.  You can feel it, you’re so attuned to him by now—the twinge of hurt and fear that comes with thinking about the deserters.  

“Yes,” he says, heavy. “There’s one whose allegiance we can’t confirm, but…the other three have nothing but their own interests and gain at heart.  I know a few others here had close calls with our enemies’ powers before they were recovered—I’m afraid that…in a world where there are real superheroes, there are always going to be real supervillains.”  He smiles, painful and crooked.  “As stereotypical as it sounds, uh…we think their goal is to instate themselves as the new world order.  World domination.”

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Hosts when they find their s/o's porn stash xD


“____-chan! WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?” He cried, waving the magazine infront of you.

“Ah, those belong to my brother,” you calmly said but he wasn’t listening.

“Am I not good enough for you?Tell me what should I do? Do you want do it now? I brought it this time!” he throw a bunch of questions at you before taking a condom out of his pocket.

And all he got for himself is a light slap from you.


‘Well, look like you have been naughty for a while,“ he smirked. You were shocked that you couldn’t make out a sentence. He flipped through the magazine and looked up with you, with that glint in his eyes.

“Let’s reenact some of the positions here shall we?”


“Am I not satisfying you enough?” he pouted, refused to look at you upon finding your stash. You were expecting him to tease you but instead he was… jealous?

“Of course you are giving what I want,” you laughed softly before pressing your lips against his.

“Then we can do it now right?” he asked suddenly.


“I never expect someone like you to read this kind of thing…” he frowned.

You looked down in shame, not knowing what to reply him.

“D-do you w-want to do it? I mean I c-can try a few here and t-there if it makes you happy,” he stammered, blushing. He finally covered his face in embarrassment before peering at you to see your reaction.


“____-chan! What is this?!” he asked. For the first time, you see Honey looked so angry.

“Those are not mine, they belong to my friend,” you explained.

“Ehhh? ____-chan have some bad friends. Promise me not to get influence by them,okay,” he asked, smiling at you sweetly. 


“…..” he put back your porn stash and looked away.

“Don’t act like nothing happened!Say something!” you were pretty much irritated at his ignorance.