what a bunch of good looking brothers

Meeting Ghost after the show in Nov 10 ❤️️

• Aether Ghoul
Met him first :) he was so shy and signed everything for me with a big smile. When he signed my mask he said it was heavier than his. I’m a sucker for guys with accents and nose rings.

• Air Ghoul
He was soooo tall! His accent was really thick as well. He told my brother and I our jackets were nicer than his jacket. He also asked about our patches and where we got them. At which point we are like umm the bands store, lol!

• Water Ghoul
She came up to us and said she saw us from the stage! At which point Aether looks over and smiles and says he saw us!!! She said we looked good and said she felt like she was looking at herself. I asked her what it was like to be on the bus with a bunch of guy. She said as long as everyone is professional, everyone gets along. She had a really thick accent?! I thought she was American?!

• Earth Ghoul
He came out last and started with us for autographs. He said we looked awesome and then drew on my brothers hand with sharpie by accident. He’s tiny for sure, dressed like a stereotypical rockstar.

• Alpha Ghoul
OMFG!!! This man. So I met him second and he was awesome. All smiles and he seemed to enjoy meeting everyone. So first off he grabs my Grucifix and says that it’s a little bigger than his but that I looked really good and continued to compliment my outfit. He asked where we got the masks and thought they were really cool. I was surprised they were not aware they were being made. HERE’S THE KICKER… so I give him my mask to sign. I hand it to him upside and point to the other signatures… Alpha flips my mask over and signs the temple!! I was like ummm thanks smiling and HAPPY but trying to keep my perfectionism in check.

I guess looking back it makes a good story but now I have a freaking triangle on the side of my mask. IM STILL CONFLICTED!! &&& he took my sharpie as I’m walking up to the next Ghoul!!

• Papa
He comes up to us and compliments us on our outfit. He said he really liked it and thanked up for coming/dressing up. I was a total idiot and was like I saw you guys back in 2013 thinking to myself WTF are you saying, he doesn’t care, stop bragging. After that he was going to sign my vinyl with a black marker and I stopped him and I was I really want them all in silver. He just laughed and was like ok. I just felt like a stupid fan girl!! Ugh, he was so attractive with his hair slicked back and wearing a pea coat :)

“Wormtail should’ve been in Slytherin”

‘“You’d have thought Black and Potter were brothers!” chimed in Professor Flitwick. “Inseparable!”’

‘But he never finished the question, because what he saw made his voice die in his throat. Lupin was lowering his wand, gazing fixed at Black. The Professor walked to Black’s side, seized his hand, pulled him to his feet so that Crookshanks fell to the floor, and embraced Black like a brother.’

-Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

‘”For instance, we Slytherins look after our own – which is more than you can say for Ravenclaw. Apart from being the biggest bunch of swots you ever met, Ravenclaws are famous for clambering over each other to get good marks, whereas we Slytherins are brothers.“‘

-Pottermore, Slytherin welcome message

Friendly reminder that fraternity is a Slytherin trait. Friendly reminder that even the absolute worst of Slytherins are disgusted by Peter Pettigrew.

Evening Star

I think I draw too much of the same OCs so recently I’ve been wanting to take the time to draw other people for some variation (I’ve probably forgotten how to draw other people haha)…Anyway, why not draw a childhood favourite?

I hear a lot of people grew around and was inspired by Sailor Moon, but for me it was CCS that was constantly on TV! (Plus other CLAMP stuff… I hope I can get around drawing the MKR girls someday.) My brother and I loved it so much that we even tried multiple times to draw our own Clow Cards lol. Back when internet was just dial-up I also used to collect a bunch of wallpapers, looked at those early 2000s fansites with the pretty layouts, also came across a fanfic for the first time without knowing what it was… ah, good times.

I Believe in Miracles

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I Believe in Miracles

Anonymous said to 5minutefanfiction:

Can you write a dean x reader where Dean walks in on the reader singing and dancing to Miracles Happen (the girl version) from The Princess Diaries and a bunch of fluff

Authors Note: Hope this is ok. I decided too add a bit more too it. xxx


Dean listened as Y/N laughed at something Sam said, he couldn’t help but smile, her laugh was so musical. He watched as she walked into the motel room with his brother, chatting about something.

‘So what are we looking at? Ghost? Demon?’ Dean asked pushing aside Y/N’s laptop he had borrowed and taking the dinner she handed him.

‘Worse,’ she told him with a sad look.

Dean frowned, this wasn’t sounding good.

‘Prank gone wrong.’

She tried hard to look serious but her eyes gave away.

‘What?’ Dean was dumbfounded, he was sure there was a case here.

‘Yup, dodgy ass prank, resulting in the car collapsing on the guy,’ Sam explained.

‘Homeward bound,’ Y/N added excitedly.

Dean tried to hide his smile; he knew she was hanging out for a break for a couple of days. He wanted nothing more than to give it to her. The trio ate their dinner joking around, chatting as normal.

After dinner Y/N decided to go for a walk. It was such a beautiful town they had stopped in, the temperature was almost perfect. The fresh air would be great for her.

Dean watched as she pulled her jacket on, concerned.

‘Where are you off too?’

‘Walk, I figured it’s a nice night for it.’ She smiled.

She knew Dean was worried. He always was good ol Dean. She just wished it were more of romantic worry than a brotherly worry.

‘It’s late. Why not wait and do it tomorrow? Night’s aren’t safe.’

Dean frowned at her. He did not like the idea of her out there alone. The risks involved. He hated the thought of her being hurt. He watched as she smiled again at him, tilting her head slightly.

‘It’s a good thing then that I know how to keep myself safe then. Isn’t it? I’ve had a couple of good teachers Dean. Don’t worry too much.’

Dean went to object, ‘Y/N-‘

Y/N bent down and kissed the top of his head, ‘I promise not to talk to strangers and be home by curfew and I won’t hook up with strangers, unless of course they are like super hot but I promise to make sure they don’t bite me,’ she teased lightly and headed out.

Dean’s leg bounced, he was agitated. He hated how she treated him more as a Dad or a brother. He fought every inch of him to not kiss her when lent down like that. He saw Sam’s smirk, and pulled a faced. Grabbing his jacket he ran out after Y/N.

‘Hey Sweetheart, wait up.’

The two walked together and talked. Stopping at a park to watch the stars.

‘Do you believe in miracles?’ Y/N asked, just randomly out of nowhere.

Dean didn’t know what to make of her question; he looked at her watching as she looked up at the sky, he shifted hair from her face.

‘I think anything is possible, we’ve seen that.’ He smiled. ‘But unfortunately, it’s usually caused by something bad,’ he admitted.

He watched as she sighed. She knew he was right, he always was. She knew their relationship would never be more than it was. Not unless it was the result of a spell. Dean watched the sadness take over her eyes. Worried he had said the wrong thing. He watched as she stood to leave.

‘We should probably get back,’ she smiled.

‘Y/N?’ Dean placed his hand on her arm, moving her so she was facing him as he sat on the back of the bench seat. ‘What’s wrong?’

He watched as she bit her lip, considering her options. He wanted to run his finger over that lip, kiss it. He instead brushed more hair off her face. That one strand always found its way back, not that he complained it gave him an excuse to touch her.  Y/N fought to not move into his hand as he shifted her hair.

‘Nothing honest, I’m fine.’

He knew then she wasn’t. He knew she would go back and put her earphones in and use music to escape what ever was bothering her. He considered pulling her in tight and spilling but changed his mind. He climbed down off the seat and stood in front of her, looking down, trying hard to read her expression. He thought he was seeing something, his mind playing tricks on him. He could have sworn he saw desire, love, need in her eyes when he looked at her. Y/N thought that maybe there might be something there, the way Dean was looking at her, maybe she wasn’t just another friend. He brought his hand up, brushing hair away from her face, but left his hand on her cheek. She closed her eyes and lent in to it. Dean couldn’t help but smile. So many times he had pictured that. He lent down to kiss her, his lips just brushing hers when his phone rang. He swore as she gave him a small smile and started to walk back to the motel. Dean had never hated anyone as much as he hated who ever it was that rang then.

‘What!’ he snapped.

‘Dean?’ his brother’s voice came through the other end.

‘Yeah Sammy?’ he sighed.

‘Did I interrupt something?’

Dean watched as Y/N made her way back towards the motel.

‘What’s the matter?’

‘We have a hunt, Garth needs help.’

Sam gave details and listened as Dean sighed. He felt bad, he knew it was bad timing. He knew he had interrupted something. Dean hung up and ran after Y/N, she was almost at the motel by the time he caught her.

‘We have a case.’

He passed on Sam’s message, holding the door open for her as they entered the boy’s room.

‘Any chance you can drop me at the bunker on the way? I think I might sit this one out.’

‘You ok?’ Sam was concerned.

She was sadder than when she left. He looked between the two. He knew how they both felt, but never said anything, he was hoping they would work it out. Y/N nodded. She was just tired, and needed some time to clear her head. And well let’s be honest after what just happened it was going to be awkward, especially if Dean went off on a one night stand binge. Dean watched her, he knew this was somehow his fault. He crossed a line and felt bad. Well not entirely bad, that half a heartbeat had ignited all his senses. But he never meant to make her feel uncomfortable.

The three packed up and jumped in the impala, by passing the bunker. The trip was quiet, Y/N spent it with her earphones in listening to music, barely talking. Dean knew she was off in thought. The far away look in her eyes giving her away. The boys grabbed fresh clothes and showers. Y/N went into her room, turning her music on and up. Dean listened, smiling as Myra’s- Miracles Happen came through her speakers. He knew she loved this song. He walked softly down the passage, her door was cracked he watched and listened as she sung to it dancing around her room. His heart fluttered, he wasn’t leaving on this case while things were awkward between them.

He stepped into her room, watching as she spun in a circle, he caught her as she came around, surprising her. Scaring her is more like it, she stumbled slightly but he held her stopping her from falling. She smiled slightly at it.

‘Is it too loud? Oh God, was I too loud?’ she cringed.

Dean wrapped his arms around her and started dancing with her.

‘No. Just thought I’d join you.’

He smiled down at her, pulling her in just that bit closer. She rested her head on his chest, listening with a smile as Dean sung the lyrics softly. Neither noticed when the song finished and the next one started.

Eventually Y/N spoke, ‘I didn’t think I listened to it out loud that often.’

‘You don’t, I just know you love it, so I figured it was worth listening too.’ Dean mumbled, trying to hide his embarrassment. He felt her smile against his chest. ‘About last night…’ he spoke, surprised when Y/N jumped back quickly.

'I am so sorry. Really Dean. I don’t want things awkward between us. I understand if you want to forget it happened.’

He watched as she bit her lip again.

‘What? No. I don’t want to forget.’ He grabbed her hand and pulled her in towards him. ‘I’ve been dreaming of it since we met. I don’t want to forget.’ He lent to kiss her again, his face falling as she stepped back so she could look at him.

‘What? I’m confused. I thought you looked at me like a sister.’ She was frowning; Dean could as her eyes were starting to glisten over.

‘No, God no. Not with what I want to do to you.’ He moved in to kiss her again, stopping right before he did. ‘Wait, do you look at me like a brother, cos this is going to be really bad if you do.’ He watched as a tear fell down her cheek and she laughed.

‘No Dean I don’t. I have always looked at you as more.’

Dean wiped the tear from her cheek, ‘Thank God.’ He mumbled as he kissed her. Finally kissing her the way he wanted too. He heard Sam calling from the garage, telling him to hurry up. But they both chose to ignore him. The kiss deepened, before Dean reluctantly pulled back. They could hear Sam getting closer to the bedroom calling for him.

‘We will finish this discussion when I get back. You sure you don’t want to come?’ he asked hopeful he could finish once they found a motel. Y/N gave him a small smile and nodded. He kissed her again, and backed out the room, stopping by her dock and putting the song back on.

‘Look’s like I was wrong last night. Miracles can happen without the bad crap.’ She watched as he left, unable to wipe the smile off her face. She walked towards the door, and almost ran into Dean, who had come back. He crashed his lips into hers again.

‘Ok. I’m good now. I’ll be back soon.’