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Yet another Pokemon headcanon, hear me out. So the Host probably isn't one for fighting, and he doesn't keep his team in their goofballs because he likes to let them wander. The Host never looks for Pokemon, the Pokemon all just come to him and he enjoys their company. I've also pictured him one day wandering by a lake when suddenly oh shit there's an Uxie following him around. He doesn't try to catch them for power, nor brag about being by them. The Host is just a practical Pokemon magnet.

Um yes?? I’m so for this (and imagine combining this with the kid au so he’s a smol and there’s a big bird pokemon following him around, but not quite close enough for him to sense what it is and one of the others is like “holy crap?? What is that???” The Host is like, “a fearow, I think?” Cue zapdos screeching from the air)

He doesn’t really talk about his encounters so anytime someone stumbles upon him calmly and gently petting Xerneas, they lose it.

Imagine Taking Loki To Eat Ice Cream For The First Time

“Come over here, Loki!” You giggled as you led Loki to the ice cream truck. Loki had been visiting Earth and you wanted to give him the best experience. So, you took him to a carnival to give him a break. Seeing the god of mischief in casual and normal clothes was an amusing sight.

You waited in line while Loki looked around. “These places in Midgard… they’re bizarre.” He said confused. “And what’s ice cream?” You gave a big smile. “You’ll love it.” You laughed as you ordered. “Two chocolates please, with sprinkles.” You said casually, trying hard to contain he excitement.

Yes, you knew you were being overly excited but hey, how many times do you get to spend the day with the god of mischief? As the man handed you the two cones, you gladly payed him and walked with Loki. “And what is that?” Loki said flatly. His “sassy” side was clearly showing.

“It’s called ice cream, Loki. Try it.” You said as you handed one to him. He eyed you suspiciously. “I didn’t poision it.” You snorted. Loki gave his usual eye roll before he took a bite of the treat. You smiled as his eyes widened at the taste. It was like he was a kid again.

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I think I'm going to take a hiatus from fandom, it's so hard and sad to be here right now and I feel sick getting flashbacks to fall 2014 and the day my heart sunk with those tweets . This is giving me such anxiety, I want to be strong for louis' sake because he deserves support but I just can't watch this every day with no end in sight for him :((((

i’ve always been a big believer of putting yourself first so i think that’s exactly what you should do and you shouldn’t feel guilty over it i’m sure louis would understand

BB19 Evening Updates - 7/25 - Day 35 (Complete)

Updater: Hannah

Recent evictee: Dominique
Returning houseguest: Cody
HOH: Jessica
Nominees: Josh & Ramses
POV players: Jessica, Ramses, Josh, Christmas, Jason & Cody  
POV holder: Jessica
Have nots: Josh, Kevin, Paul & Mark

3:08 PM – cam 3

Kevin and Paul in the lounge.

Kevin asks what Paul thinks about Raven.

Paul says she is too nice and it is forced.

Kevin says she is using her disease for sympathy and he would like to know what is really going on with her health. He says she looks healthy to him.

Paul says she is a downer and tries to make them feel bad for her all the time. He says he wants to help her any way he can, but it is too much.

Kevin talks about how Raven is always jumping around dancing and acting fine. Kevin says when Raven hurt her foot she acted like she got shot several times the way she was limping around the house.

3:42 PM

It has been completely silent on the feeds for the past few minutes. Everyone is sunbathing on all cameras.

4:24 PM – cam 1

Kevin and Jason in the yard.

Kevin sees Raven yelling and hitting Matt from across the yard.

Kevin says he would never let a woman hit him like that.

They start talking about Raven being sick, basically the same convo Kevin/Paul had earlier. Jason says he’s not disputing that she is sick, but he doesn’t get it.

Kevin says when Raven hurt her toe she was walking like quasimodo and it looked like her shoulder was injured too.

Raven and Matt are still play fighting across the yard, BB tells them both to stop.

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“So tell me how you did this again?” You asked Yoongi. He was sitting on the covered toilet caked in blood and cuts from another night out with the boys. He wasn’t wasted or anything, hell. He didn’t even drink but if anything was said about his ‘gang,’ shit went down. And it went down fast.
“Some guys had started running their ignorant mouths about me and you because they saw us at the park the other day holding hands and what not. They kept insulting you and I didn’t like it. So I beat the shit out of them, no big deal.” He shrugged, hissing over the alcohol wipes as you cleaned him up.
“Min Yoongi. What have I told you about bar fights.”
“But ba-”
“No Yoongi. You know what I’ve said. No fights. There’s punishment” you chided. Pouring more alcohol on the swabs
To help where he had gotten glass in his skin.
“You can’t do that babe come on. Girls should be turned on by fighting. Don’t do this to me!” He pouted. Whining at your motionless face.
“Yoongi I’ve already told you what happens. Maybe if you really want it you’ll work for it and not have me worry about you when you go out for drinks” you sighed. Cleaning the wash clothes in the sink and waving him off. He walked out of the room letting out a loud groan as he plopped on the couch hand running over the scratch under his eyelid.
“You know I’m doing this to help you Yoongi.”
“No sex for two weeks is no help. It’s torture.” He whined. You sat down next to him hands still wet from washing them multiple times.
“Says the one who has a black eye and probably need stitches. If you want sex then you’re not allowed to fight. It’s your choice Yoongi.” You told him causing him to release another sigh.
“Baby. Jagi. Y/N. You know I love you. You look beautiful today”
“Oh really? I’m surprised you can see me with your black eye. Yoongi just give up. Nothing is going to work. I’m mad at you. You know I hate it when you fight. I get anxious enough when you leave” you muttered. A pout forming on your face. He chuckled, throwing his arms around your shoulder and holding you to his chest.
“I come home to you every night my love. I’m not going anywhere at this point. You’re stuck with me. And I’m trying not to fight, they were saying foul things about you and I did not like it. I love you”
“I love you too” you squeaked out.

This is just a psssst! for all 647 of you…

You’re all unbelievable and wonderful individuals. I’m just constantly overwhelmed that you people like me even a little and want to write and talk with me. I never in a million years imagined my Jughead would ever be well received or get this big ( I hit 100 and truly thought that was the end of the line for me ). When I hit 500 followers I didn’t know what to do besides double the prizes I did for my 400th milestone. But now that I’ve let this milestone come and go I’m still at a loss?? ( I’ll do something, eventually )

So for now I just want you to know that I adore you all so much. I love getting to write my little Jugnugget every day and I love being able to write him with you guys. You’re amazing. Thanks for being here xx

Emotions vs. Little: Busy Daddy

*When Daddy is busy all day*

Me: I miss Daddy!

Needy me: I just wanna talk to Daddy! Maybe I’ll text him…

Big me: He’s busy though, I don’t want to bother him…

Princess me: I am a princess, I demand attention.

Grumpy me: *grumpily eats snacks, grumpily drinks water, grumpily stomps around the house carrying stuffie, grumpily mumbles about missing Daddy*

Lonely me: I miss Daddy’s voice

Worried me: I’ll message him to check in on him…
Message: “Hi Daddy! I hope you’re having a good day! I love you and miss you!”

Insecure me: What if Daddy likes it better when we don’t talk?! What if he doesn’t want to message me!

Daddy: I am, I love and miss you too kitten

Me: *sigh of relief* Much better!

Homestuck Beach Headcanons

John: hot sand hot sand hot sand *makes it to the water* cold water cold water cold water (this goes on for like an hour before he settles finally). Brought one of those fake shark fins and straps it to the top of his head. He fools no one. Brought approximately 53 kites and loses All of them because Dave said “hey I bet your kites can’t hold up against your windy thing”. He was right. Tells Karkat that the ocean speaks to ppl through conch shells, he holds one up to his ear, nods, “sorry Karkat, the ocean says you’re an idiot”. Karkat is horrified and John is dying trying to keep a straight face.

Dave: has a SBAHJ swimsuit and a SBAHJ surfboard. Challenges Jade to a surf-off. “Are you sure, Dave? I’ve had a lot of practice and it’s not as easy as it looks! I’ve got it, Dave reassures her. How difficult can it be. She warned u, bro. She warned u about the surf. He does not get back in the water. Fills a bucket with crabs of various shapes and sizes throughout the day, at the end he calls Karkat over to where he’s standing by the waters edge. Hey. Hey Karkat. Look what I found. He pours the crabs out at Karkat’s feet. Karkat looks unsettled. Dave. Where did you even find all these crabs Dave. They’re your children Karkat. I did this for you.

Jade: spends the whole day in the water and also she is a surf goddess did I mention that? Doesn’t put any sunscreen in and everyone is concerned but she barely even tans. After getting out of the water she does the Wet Doggo Shake™ Jade can u pls just warn us before u do that pls you’re getting us all soaking wet. Smells suspiciously like wet dog but everyone is too polite to point it out. Helps Dave collect his crabs bc she has an uncanny knack for finding them (she’s sniffing them out with her doggy nose but doesn’t tell Dave bc she wants to show off).

Rose: builds sand castles with Kanaya bc Kanaya is deadass terrified of the ocean. They surpass sandcastle tbh it’s more like a sand palace. Rose found a bunch of nice purpley shells to decorate with and also some rocks that look suspiciously arcane and vaguely powerful. High tide somehow wipes out the group’s chairs but doesn’t touch the sandcastle. Hm. Chastises Dave for building dicks out of the sand. Is there something you’d like to tell us, Dave? *Dave sweating* what’s a penis I don’t even know anyone named Karkat. Rose smiles innocently. Of course not. Throughout the day, Rose brings water for Kanaya to drink and also to dump on her so she can regulate her body temperature. Since she’s a cold-blood her body temp is lower so she overheats v easily.

Kanaya: is deadass terrified of the ocean. Does the detail work on the castle she and Rose are making, carves out little stairs and turrets and makes flags out of spare ribbon she keeps in her bag. It’s beautiful. She cries at the end of the day when they have to leave it even though they’ve taken lots of pictures. . Karkat comes up to her with a conch shell and holds it out to Kanaya, “john told me the ocean said I was an idiot Kanaya what is it saying I can’t hear anything” She takes the conch shell and listens. Mmhm. Yes. Oh My. “What did it say???” It Was Really Quite Rude, I Shouldn’t Repeat It. Karkat is about to cry. Kanaya and Rose secretly fist bump.

Karkat: oh boy this has really been A Day for him. He’s nervous around the ocean already but apparently it thinks he’s an idiot??? He loves the crabs they remind him of his lusus, it was slightly horrifying that Dave put a bunch of them in a bucket for obvious reasons. Wants to be buried in the sand, Jake helps him dig a big hole and he and Dave and Dirk all work together to make it big enough and fill it in afterwards. Dave writes “im gay” underneath Karkat’s head poking out and Karkat yells at him for taking pictures. Sollux falls asleep on his towel and Karkat writes “beefucker” on his forehead.

Terezi: before they got there everyone told Terezi not to lick the sand. Guess what she did. Also, accidentally popped the beach ball with her teeth because she was licking it. There’s a theme here can u find it. Is in the water a lot because Vriska is desperately trying to regulate her body temperature and has v little energy to say mean things which everyone is grateful for. To make her feel better, Terezi engages in wildly uncreative insults that Vriska can easily latch onto without having to put much energy in. “Hey Terezi is the water cold?” I don’t know john, is your FACE cold? “Terezi that doesn’t even make any sense”, your face doesn’t make any sense! She cackles as if this is some High Brow Humor every single time.

Jake: has an irrational fear of seagulls, they keep coming for his food and that makes him nervous because the monsters on his island were one thing but this? This sly and wily creature? Dirk is like,,,buddy,,,it’s just a seagull? It’s just a bird? “They’re eating my fries, Dirk, I won’t stand for it!” Jake has a little ukulele that he knows like five songs on, he sits outside by the boardwalk and just strums it sometimes after dark. One night, two little kids come by and give him 6 dollars in crumpled singles for his playing and he started crying he was so touched.

Jane: is having the TIME of her life, and is also the Mom friend. She’s simultaneously kicking ass at beach volleyball and reminding everyone to put on their sunscreen and reapply every two hours please! She’s also having a good time experimenting with cooking seafood some nights, though once she made the mistake of bringing in crab and Karkat did Not take it well. It took an hour to calm him down. Jane felt awful and made it up to him by buying him a nice hoodie w a happy crab on it. Bought a cute little blue boogie board and hangs out with Jade and Roxy in the water, she’s not very good at it but she likes swimming around a little.

Dirk: he’s that one friend that goes way too hard in casual games tbh. Like, they’re just playing a friendly game of volleyball Dirk can you please stop spiking it every five seconds. The grind never stops, Roxy, don’t hate the player hate the grind. Jane looked at him w so much disappointment in her eyes after he said it that he felt the force of her stare physically and had to take a step back. Tries to show Jake that seagulls aren’t scary by feeding them, but they start attacking him for his fries which does not help prove his point at all.

Roxy: “the babe” Lalonde has been ready for a beach trip her entire life. She is checking out the lifeguards, she’s checking out the other gals and dudes strolling about the beach, she’s got her best friends with her, what more could she want??? She buys a cutesy pink surfboard and Dave makes fun of her for it and she smiles sweetly. Oh sorry Dave? I forgot you were so good at surfing?? No one knows how or when Roxy learned to hang ten but THERE SHE GOES. She finds a lot of pretty shells and rocks and sand dollars and is just enthusiastic about everything tbh. She brightens everyone’s mood always.

Calliope: cherubs can’t float so Roxy’s overprotective ass won’t let her near the water unless someone is with her and making sure she’s safe. This is Fine with calliope bc that means that she’s never alone and therefore she’s never lonely and really that’s all she’s ever wanted so!! She’s v content to watch Jade and Roxy surf, she will sit w Jane sometimes when she isn’t in the water. She also likes digging for sand crabs with Karkat bc she likes their little legs. She wants to dig deep enough to find a lobster and no one has the heart to tell her that’s not how it works.

Sollux: this idiot. This boy. My sweet sweet son. Makes the horrible mistake of falling asleep on his towel. He was underneath the big umbrella when he started, but as the sun moves and he’s not putting on more sunscreen?? John, Dave, and Karkat take it upon themselves to not only write “beefucker” on his forehead, but also draw dicks on his whole body in sunscreen so he burns (trolls turn a darker shade of their blood color) and ends up with these pale gray dicks surrounded by a horrible dark, mustardy burn.

Dress Code (m)

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➾ reader x CEO!jimin

➾ word count: 6.3k words

➾ warnings: incredibly filthy smut with no plot at all | cumplay | dirty talk | tit fucking | slight demeaning names/ name calling | face fucking | oral sex | unprotected sex

➾ summary: ceo!jimin takes it upon himself to discipline you when your attire doesn’t exactly adhere to HR regulations

➾ a/n: okay look this is just my excuse to write a ceo!jimin smut… i just felt like i owed him big time after what i did to him in instant gratification :”) i speed wrote this in a day and didn’t proofread whatsoever rip…

The clattering sounds of typing, clicking and pages flipping lull you into a state of lethargy as your eyes flutter half-shut in your cubicle. Having graduated as an arts major two years ago, you’d never imagine being holed up with a mundane 9-5 office job that had almost nothing to do with your major. But bills needed to be paid and rent had to come from somewhere, so you find yourself trudging to work soulessly every morning, day in day out.

“Hey, are you almost done with those files I gave you this morning?” The voice of your co-worker Mingyu in the next cubicle jolts you into awareness immediately.

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Don’t Call Me That.

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When he first hears you say it, it’s faint and he’s not sure if you actually said it or if his mind is playing games. All he hears his your voice,a mere whisper even calling the name “Alex” in your sleep. He can also here you whimpering and a change in your breathing pattern which he recognises as how are when you’re about to cum and he knows he doesn’t like it when you’re having wet dreams about another man, he hates it really.

So when morning comes along with it comes having to face reality and for you to deal with a very distant and angry Harry. When you confront him to talk about it,he promises it’snot big deal and that he’s just having an off day but having been with him for so long, you know he’s lying. You’ve finally had enough after dinner and you corner him when he’s the most vulnerable and his guard was let down : the shower.

“Harry you have to tell me what is wrong or else there’s nothing I can do to help you.”

“Who is Alex, love?” The nickname which was once used as a way to express his love for you and how it was not measurable is not used in a spiteful tone filled with hatred.

At first you're​ shocked and then you stop for a second and think which brings back the faint memories of a dream that you had the previous night. A dream starring your boyfriend as his character in his film, an arrogant look on his face as he nailed you against a wall and kissed you with all his might. At this you start laughing finally realising why Harry has been so bitter all day, he gets angry when he hears laughter bubble from your lips. it pisses him off about how you find the thought of you cheating on him with a man named Alex funny.

“What’s so funny? Is this relationship funny to you?”

“Oh harry, my sweet innocent baby boy, do you remember what happened when I came to visit you on set during the film?”

“You had fun. You spoke to Fionn, Barry, Aneurin, Tom and Jack and you told me how proud you were. What does this have to do with an Alex?”

You laugh at your daft and apparently clueless boyfriend. “ All that aside, what happened in the bedroom? After you came back from set?”

“Well the condoms I bought for your week long visit got over in two days. You loved my uniform, didn’t you?”A smile slowly grew on his face as he understood where this was going. Well two could play this game, he concluded as a sly smirk formed on his berry pink lips.

“And why was that?” You gasped as you felt his hand slide against your core,already slick and wet at the thought of him fucking you.

His left hand begins to gather your hair against one shoulder, his mouth planting spongy kisses against your neck as his right hand just lingered over where you needed him the most. Two of his fingers slowly entered your hole while his thumb rubbed circles against your clit without any rhythm. 

“So wet for me, aren’t you? Who did this to you baby?” his voice rough and husky as it was laced with desire, you failed to notice his accent was also a little thicker.

“You, Harry. You did this. Oh god, please don’t stop.” One of your hands went down to hold his that was still steadily pumping his fingers into you while his thumb continued it’s motion against your sensitive nub. He suddenly stopped, his fingers pulling out of you as his other hand released your hair from it’s gasp. 

“What did you call me? That’s not my name, is it baby girl?”He bought him fingers up to his mouth, his tongue peaking out and licking all the wetness that was coated on them as his jade irises stared point blank into your eyes, a lustful look in them.

“Daddy please.”

“Well, I would. But that’s not my name either.” His arms were crossed in front of him as he looked at you, finally having you in the place where he wanted you, All pliant and willing to do anything for him.

“Well I’m running out of answers and I need you Harry please.” You stomped your foot frustrated, tears pooling in your eyes as you were desperate for him. Desperate for his cock to be in you, to reach that sweet spot that made you see stars and feel like your were in heaven.

He stepped forward, cornering you completely  into the wet shower wall. Your back hit the cold tiles as you looked at him all doe eyed and desperate, his favourite look on you if he’s being honest.

“Well darling, you can call me Alex.


So that’s little thought I had this morning. I hope you all liked it, I can do part two of her actually calling him “Alex” in bed if y’all are up for it. @trulymadlysydney @oh-styles , you can’t beat me at my own game. Payback is a bitch, isn’t it?

Love you all so much, xx.

every big brother cast

in honor of the new season of big brother i decided to make this post detailing who is in the cast each season

Loud  ™

Average white guy. Louder than everyone else. Makes an all guys alliance on the first day but no one sees him as a threat. Everyone listens to him for some reason. He’ll be booted off in a few weeks but isn’t seen as a failure. Had a showmance with a girl he doesn’t respect

Old  ™

Old man or woman. Only on the show so it doesn’t look like a dating show. Booted off in the first few weeks and everyone who voted for him to go cries anyway because they were “best friends”. They’ll be missed. Not really.

Gay  ™

All he talks about is being gay. The straight guys are friends with him to look accepting but talk shit about him behind his back. He’s also friends with all the girls which is why he stays in the game for so long. Acts dumb but actually has a strategy, to the surprise of all the straight people. Kind of racist.

The Single Mom  ™

Hot. Won’t have a showmance but she’ll come close. Playing for her kids. Talks about them a lot but it never makes it into the show. Everyone will call her kids ugly behind her back. Makes it to jury even though she didn’t have a very good strategy. 

The Lesbian  ™

Has no strategy. Makes you wonder why she’s here. All the girls think she’s flirting with them even though she’s not. Tries to be one of the guys but they’re all uncomfortable around her. Doesn’t make it to jury and has no friends. She gained some twitter followers though and exposes all the houseguests after she leaves.

Country Bumpkins  ™

Really annoying but no one thinks so. Makes it into like 1000 alliances. Everyone finds out halfway through the season that they’re racist and is somehow surprised. The girl is always in a showmance and wins a lot of competitions. The guy is really close with all the other guys and he saves the girl he likes from eviction like once. That’s it. Also what is loyalty? They’ve never heard of it.

The Minorities  ™

Only on the show so Big Brother doesn’t seem racist. Really religious. Has a touching backstory. The girl is always Sassy and is seen as a threat though no one will admit why. Can’t catch a break. Have to fight their way to jury because they’re always on the block. 

Unemployed  ™

Kinda ugly. Easygoing. Just lost his job. Lives with his mom. In a lot of alliances. Everyone sees him as a threat for some reason (he’s really dumb but no one thinks so). Somehow lands a showmance with a cute girl. Doesn’t make it to the end but comes close.

The Superfan  ™

Youngest one in the cast. Seen as a threat the first week but then everyone forgets about him. One of the only people who knows what’s going on. Good at mental competitions/challenges. If he doesn’t win he comes really close. 

Girl With Makeup  ™

Everyone hates her because she’s pretty. None of her houseguests respect her. She’d have a good game if literally anyone would make an alliance with her. Gets pretty far because of a showmance. 

Mr. Exercise   ™

Works out. Really dumb. Flirts with everyone. Has zero strategy, his Boys carry him through the game. Has a showmance that no one cares about but the girl will make it further because of him. Talks to the cameras on the live feed. Loves his mom.

The Pawn  ™

Average guy. Does everything his boys asks him to. On the block every week but never goes home, at least until the end of the season. The other side of the house will tell him he’s being used to get his vote but he won’t believe them. Wins one HOH and his Boys make all the decisions anyway. Probably in a showmance but backstabs her without a second thought. Definitely not a fan favorite. 

Quirky  ™ (aka She Wears Glasses  ™)

Won’t stop following the guys around but constantly talks about Girl Power. Has two friends. She makes everyone uncomfortable but stays around because she wins a few competitions. Makes it to jury and the fans kind of like her even though she won’t win fan favorite. Her game is really messy which is why she doesn’t win. Can’t keep a secret. 


one of them is Very Italian and won’t stop talking about it. One of them is related to a past houseguest. One of the girls won’t stop crying. One of the guys call all the girls “too emotional” but has a literal mental breakdown.

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I've been gone all day so can you please tell me what happened with josh and mark? Also with Christmas and Dominique

Okay so Mark, who we all know is a giant bitch baby, got mad at Josh over a pool game because he thought Josh’s scratched on the 8 ball or some shit like that. So Elena’s citizen of whovile looking self jokes that Mark should throw the drink of pickle juice and hot sauce in Josh’s face. Mr. Big Body Little Head actually throws the drink in Josh’s face and it got into his eyes  and nose.

Josh, having every right to do so, comes back and retaliates by throwing ketchup and mayo on Mr. My Head Is Too Small For My Body.  Things get heated and Josh comes for everyone, their edges, their parents, their cat and dogs, EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. The house decides that this is a show and people gather around etc etc. Paul and Christmas show their asses during the confrontation and show they think they are better than black people. 

Eventually things cool down and Dominique and Trash Day have a talk. Holiday plays the victim in this conversation qwhite to the t. She tells Dominique how she was trying to hear her out, but Dominique just shunned her. When Dominique is trying to tell One leg peg the truth about her alliance saying she was the one who voted to evict Ramses, she gets mad that Dominique is part of everyone, like the dumb ass she is. She ask Dominique a question and when Dominique beings to respond she turns away talking about no you can’t talk to me.

Now, Dominique is a better person than I am because I would’ve snatched New Years’ crutches and shoved her ass in the pool, but we’re not talking about me. Anyways Grandparents Day is a complete and utter bitch to Dominique, and yes I said bitch, for no reason. Dominique obviously frustrated with the situation gets up and walks away.

Then Master Splinter’s rat ass gonna tell Christmas how she gave him a boner by shutting Dominique down like that when the GAG is, President’s Day, you’re the next one they want out of your alliance. 

Basically Little Head Big Body is a bitch baby. Columbus Day is an overgrown child, and rat man needs to shut up before he’s on TMZ for a second day in a row. 

And that’s what you’ve missed on Big Brother: Racism is Alive and Well 19

Hang on To That Feeling


A/N: This is a planned post. I’m going to put a trigger warning on this just in case. This one is a bit different, so feedback would be lovely. 

Word count: 3,278

”Hey Brian, I don’t have much time. What is it?” I asked, struggling holding the phone to my ear using only my left shoulder. 

My fingers moved across the keyboard on the computer without my eyes gazing down once as I continued to type. 

Multitasking had never been my thing and talking on the phone while typing in corrections for the next meeting at work, wasn’t really working out for me. 

“It’s Shawn” he stuttered and then the air in my lungs what punched out entirely. 

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off limits | 04 (m)

pairing: kim seokjin x reader
genre/warnings: smut, dom! Jin, dare I say fluff…? followed by an ‘oh shit’ moment
words: 12,051
summary: you’ve been lusting after your brother’s best friend for a while now, ever since you met him at a house party, flirting it up a storm as you failed to realise who the other was. That was months ago now and things are still awkward, but you can’t ignore the sexual tension that’s simmers between the two of you…and it keeps getting worse…

  » playlist | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 |

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Professional Behavior, Please

Request: @hmltntrsh51  Prompt 18 with Bucky? Maybe smut? (That parts up to you) But congrats on 2,000 followers!!!!!!!

@widowsfics   And also a smut one with 13 and 18 with Bucky pleasee

Prompts:   13)  “You can hurt yourself with that- *uses weapon skillfully*
You were saying?”

18)  ‘Let’s talk dirty to each other.’ ‘Babe… we’re at work. Remember? Professional. Behavior. Please.’

Words: 1327

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Today is my birthday but you are the ones who win this gift.


Thank you @widowsfics for beta this for me

Credit to the gif owners

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Visiting Bucky at work was one of your favorite things to do, you love how he kisses your cheek when he sees you, how he introduces you as his best girl to every single person that you to meet in the halls and how he always has his arm protectively around you.

But for sure your favorite part is watching him train, seeing his muscles move and how much he gets into what he is doing makes you feel things that you shouldn’t feel at your work place “Come on, babe kick his ass. Finish him and I will kiss you all over that beautiful face.” You said cheerfully, making him pin Steve down in seconds on the floor.

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will i ever get over isak asleep on even's chest and even looking up like he's so thankful to the universe for getting to have isak

and it’s something he purposefully showed him by putting it in the video?? He wants him to know he’s grateful to have him?

Even is such a demonstrative person, in both words and actions. I don’t think he leaves Isak in the slightest doubt about how much he loves him but, with all that, I get the idea he still feels like it isn’t enough? Like, he hasn’t gotten across just how much he loves him? This video is him trying to bridge that gap, trying to capture what Isak means to him and how thankful he is to have him. Showing it in a way Isak (and the whole world) could see it. :`)

It’s why the Nattergal lyrics were so apt too:

You would last for days, write you in different colors, you should’ve known
I have way too big plans, I wish you knew, I’m only yours, yours, yours, yours