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Small Coco Things I Appreciate
  • The fond little smiles Óscar and Felipe give Miguel before they realize OH NO HE CAN SEE US
  • Pretty much all the little background interactions between the Riveras (Victoria helping Julio put himself back together really stands out)
  • The regular-cat body language Pepita displays (batting at the show polish tin, bunting Miguel)
  • The way Héctor lays his hand on Miguel’s chest when he tells him he’s proud of him (and 800 other ‘god what a DAD’ moments)
  • The ridiculous little scream Imelda does when she almost walks straight into Ernesto (the whole encounter is beautiful but I lose my shit every time at that scream)
  • Ernesto falling for the Frida disguise (…honey….)
  • The implication that Frida finds the disguises entertaining
  • The look of joy on the Departures Agent’s face when Héctor is able to cross over at the end (she’s so happy for him!!)
  • The insane amount of parallel between how Héctor and Miguel emote and express themselves (okay that one’s not small BUT IT’S GOOD)
  • The huddle shot right before they go after Ernesto, with everyone holding up the petals (not small either I guess but maybe my favorite shot in the movie? The Riveras united and ready for some flower power!)

I appreciate a lot here but that all comes to mind immediately

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Hearing Tom sing for the first time and you’re roommates

  • fUCK YES 
  • ok so we know, thanks to haz’s livestream ages ago, that tom has a little habit of wandering around the house with earbuds in, singing along to whatever is streaming through his headphones 
  • you had been out the whole morning running some errands and tom was completely unaware of your returning presence as he lightly swayed his head to the beat of dive by ed sheeran 
  • what was even more of a surprise 
  • was the voice that was coming out of him 
  • you set your bag down quietly, following his voice to the kitchen where his back faced you as he was getting something to eat for lunch 
  • and holy shit
  • did he have the most beautiful voice you had ever heard 
  • once the song finished, you started clapping lightly 
  • “holy shit, tom you never mentioned you that talented”
  • your voice would surprise him then
  • and let’s be real
  • he’d probably accidentally throw his fork or whatever was in his hand before pulling an earbud out of his ear and quickly turning to face you 
  • “h-how much did you hear, and nO I-I DON’T SING-” 
  • “i just heard you, wtf that was absolutely beautiful-” 
  • “la la la la earbuds going back in” 
  • he’d deny every compliment you gave him
  • but the redness on his cheeks and grin was a contrast to his denies of your praises 
  • and let’s continue to be real 
  • you two had been venturing to the grocery store a few days later 
  • and dive just happened to come on again
  • or you played it from your phone since it was on aux 
  • whoops
  • you’d give tom a raise of your eyebrows, poking him in the arm 
  • “hey it’s your song” 
  • “actually this is ed sheeran’s song and i nEED TO FOCUS ON DRIVING” 
  • but he couldn’t help himself 
  • he’d lowly sing along to the song just barely loud enough for you to hear it
  • and lol the next time he was singing it was gently to you at around 3:00 in the morning in the kitchen as you two swayed back and forth to the melody
  • bye 



So finally finished it! :D

Cartoon: Disneys Tangled: the series (go watch it)

Song: Little lion man by mumford & sons

Characters: Quirin, Varian, Rapunzel (and family)


I just needed and excuse to put all Varian scenes together. Also I suck at amv’s with lyrics. What do I do? Do I listen to the lyrics or the music … can’t compute.

Look at little Varians denial .. beautiful. Rise my little villain … rise and probably become good again but still I enjoy you being heartbroken … I am a bad person.

No seriously I really like how much Varian is in denial and he sees everyone at fault for what he is doing expect him. I think if he actually would accept that he is no better … probably worse … than the others, he would break under his regret so it’s easier to run away than face this feelings. Love it!


Yellow: Happy Varian

Pink: Kinda not knowing if I turn evil or not Varian

Darker Blue: Bad Varian

Blue: Neutral Varian (kinda because the episode has both sad and happy varian)

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TBH, no matter what kind of monster id end up bringing home, the only concern my family would have would be if they knew how to cook 😂

Haha this makes me think of a monster that meticulously prepares a beautiful dinner for you and your family, but when it comes time to eat he just buries his face in the food and messily slurps it all up

Sometimes I worry that all our preconceived notions about Thirteen will be completely false, that she won’t be a lighthearted fun-loving space exploring cloudcuckoolander with a perpetual gleam in her eyes, but then I remember the warm tone of the reveal video and that fucking glorious costume and the marblemouth accent, and Jer-deh Whittaker’s own “fireball of mischief and irreverence” personality which is what I believe Chibnall wanted to hire her for after working with her for three years, and that she believes the Doctor is all about hope, and I mean just look at her is that the face or the fucking clothes of some moody broody calculating cynic who only does Serious And Important things, NO the answer is NO that is our precious space biscuit full of life and hope and wonder at the infinite beauty and mystery of the cosmos!, and then my anxieties regenerate into fluffy clouds of peace and comfort and I float away on them to the land of VWORP VWORP LET’S GAY GO MOTHERFUCKERS

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Can we also get some weekend morning fluff with the Smoak-Queens? Like some soft in the bed just waking up moments with the married couple and them going into the kitchen to get their day started with their kid?

olicity || teen || fluff & humor || 706 || more fics

a/n: i cried a little while writing this tbh // felicityollies’ follower appreciation fics

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“Felicity,” Oliver dragged out her name this time.

“No,” she dragged out the word an equal amount.

He chuckled. His finger moved down the bridge of her nose, gently tickling. She wriggled it at him and hid her face in the blankets. He wrapped his arms around her, kissing the top of her head.

“I guess I have to get up without my beautiful wife.”

“Mmm…” she hummed, “Say that again.”

“Say what again?”

“You know,” she mumbled.

“Beautiful wife?”

She could feel his cheeky smile in her hair.

“Sexy… adorable…” he put his hand on her butt, “Pinchable wife,” he pinched her cheek and she immediately smacked his bare chest.

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I place my hand delicately on her face and mold my fingers onto her features. My thumbs kindly caress the two veils belonging to her beautiful eyes. I’ve never seen them, of course - I haven’t ever seen mine either - but I just know it. Oh, I wonder what they’ve seen, what they hold, what beauty and ugliness await her innocent orbs. Sensitive, yes, but far from fragile.

I wish to show her happiness, even if I cannot see it with her. I want to have her hear and radiate delight, not just simply emulate others’. I want her to someday embrace trust and let her feel abundant love without payment.

My ‘eyes’ continue down to roundly trace over her cheekbones. They raise and I can’t help but smile with her too. This… please always smile like this.

Slowly, my fingers glide down her soft face. I thoughtfully stroke her lips. I could be wrong, but I’m sure the first thing that comes to mind for many when touching, feeling, or looking at pretty lips is to… kiss them? I find myself not relating. Instead, I tend to think ‘How many times has this person said what they truly felt today?’ Oh, call it odd if you will - I prefer unique - but, as I caress her mouth, I really wonder how often she has kept it closed, locking and throwing away the key, just to hide that regret behind a pair of beautiful lips. I want to keep her from the fear of hiding away her emotions, her feelings; her ideas, complaints, joys, cries, anger… because, truly, these emotions are what make us human.

—  E.G. Darling, my blindness cannot burden my view of you.

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I know this is such a cliche, but it's important to remember that the gold medal isn't everything. Yes, they want it. Badly. I admire them for saying it. But in just a few weeks, they'll be flag bearers, the face of their country, team captains, surrounded by family, friends old and new, their mentors, and each other (and their relationship seems stronger than ever). They'll walk away as the most decorated skaters of all time. Silver would suck, but they'll have beautiful memories regardless.

Exactly. And saying it isn’t admitting defeat, it’s just being adult and realizing that there is more to life than winning (even if I desperately want them to win because I truly believe they deserve it) and that what they have achieved so far in their careers already qualify them as GOATs.

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How about Scriddler kissing in the rain or something as cheesy and romantic? I can't think of anything angst at the moment, so...

“Have you ever read Indecent?”


“It’s a play. About Jewish lesbians,” Edward says. “Well, a play about a play about Jewish lesbians. It’s very good, I saw the premiere with Harley.”

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Okay, so I headcanon the first time Cullen sees Solone naked is when she falls asleep in the bathtub in her room. Cullen comes up into her room because they usually sleep together now.

He sees that she isn’t in her bed so he goes into the back room and sees her in the bath. Cullen’s face goes tomato red. He feels almost dirty looking at her without permission. To make sure she’s alright, he walks over trying not to look as much as possible, then nudges her shoulder.

When Solone realises what’s happening, seeing how Cullen isn’t looking at her directly, he’s fidgeting, stumbling over his words and his face is red, she assures him with a smile “Cullen, you can look at me.”

His tense body feels a release from this “Andraste preserve me” he breathes. “You are so beautiful.”


Oh gosh I tried I’m sorry 👀

“If he hadn’t been spacing out like this, he would have noticed Bakugou staring, his brows narrowing and that typical scowl returning on his face. He would have noticed Bakugou’s expression changing to a curious one, a little surprised even. He would have noticed Bakugou closing the distance between them as he approached him, he’d have seen Bakugou’s hand reaching for his face and cupping his cheeks. And only when Kirishima feels the warmth of Bakugou’s palms and the softness on his skin, he realizes what’s happening. Bakugou’s face is so close to his, so very close, these beautiful fierce eyes piercing through him. Kirishima’s own eyes can’t leave Bakugou’s, but soon enough he shuts them tight, feeling his cheeks becoming the color of his hair.”

Something I drew based on @moriano ’s fic “Chasing Home”

(I apologize for the quality, it’s been a while…)


Bucky x Reader

When Bucky woke up he saw Y/N’s beautiful face peacefully asleep next to him. He was happy with her and wanted to be with her for a long time but these last couple days he couldn’t help but feel like something was wrong. He constantly felt like he was being watched and he knew who it was.


I awoke to the sweet scent of cocoa and went downstairs to greet Bucky. “Good morning what’s for breakfast” “nothing much just the usual” something about Bucky was off he seemed nervous about something and was always looking behind him something was definitely wrong.

Bucky’s POV

Y/N could tell something was wrong so I decided to tell her. “Y/N do you ever feel like your being watched?” “No why?” “It’s just that I think someone’s been following us around and I have a feeling it’s–“ before I even get the words out they come bursting through the doors. “Hello Winter Soldier are you ready to comply.” “Leave us alone we aren’t any use to you anymore “but that’s where your wrong soldier. Longing, Rusted, Seventeen” “Y/N run!”


I hear Bucky tell me to run and I try but one of the men grab me” “Dawn, Stove, Nine, Kind-hearted ,Homecoming, One–“ just as he was about to say the last word Bucky broke free and fought back taking them by surprise and one by one he took them down.

“Y/N I’m so sorry are you ok?” Right away I start to cry “ they could have took you Bucky the could have killed you.” “I would never let that happen doll not to me and not to you.” I melted into Bucky’s warm embrace as he comforted me and I slowly started to feel ok again. “I love you doll” “ I love you too Bucky” “ don’t worry I’m never going to let this happen again.”

I would love love love an itachi- AU where the massacre just didn’t happen. And he’s happy, healthy and whole!!! The beautiful ray of sunshine… has inherited the position of the clan head from his father rather reluctantly- because let’s face it- he just wouldn’t let go of the freedom if his father was alive. And theres this little get together at their home. Clan females just wont stop hitting on him even though he’s clearly married, ahemahem- to the reader. You can add a bit of humour in there. It gets so bad that Itachi is forced to announce that they’re expecting their first child together. Lol sorry if that’s a rather desperate sort of request… i just keep imagining such scenarios… the guy deserved so much… and to think he died at 21… 😭😭😭😭😭 Oooo you can add Sasuke too… entertaining his fangirls of the clan for once but can’t help his crush on his sister-in-law. Because again, let’s face it/ no way Sasuke won’t ever idolise someone his big brother loves!! Lol @tsukuyomi011

Itachi had been standing in the corner minding his own business, watching the crowd of people within his family home interact with one another talking about false gossips and whatever else people spoke about when they were inebriated - really, he didn’t want to know any of the details, that would mean that he cared - when a woman dressed completely inappropriately for a formal Clan meeting latched herself onto his arm, pressing her breast into his elbow. With a barely concealed sneer he pushed her off, wondering how many times he would have to tell people that he was married before they stopped trying to get into his bed?

“Uchiha-san, I want to talk to you~” The woman was whining now, her eyes half lidded because of how drunk she was. She slipped and Itachi let her fall, no longer wanting to be polite to such a vulgar person. Despite being the Head of the Uchiha Clan (reluctantly, of course. He was perfectly happy being an elder son but he hadn’t wanted all the strings that came with it), no one took his marriage seriously and that both unnerved him and angered him. His wife, Y/N, had worked hard to prove her worth, perhaps even harder than he would have in her position, and it wouldn’t do for him to be seen being polite to someone who, quite frankly, didn’t even deserve to be at a Clan meeting.

“No, thank you.” Itachi firmly pushed back from the wall and began to navigate through the crows, smiling and nodding when he was greeted. It was exhausting being around people but here he was, going through the motions and thinking of nothing more than going to bed with his sleeping wife.

As Itachi walked out of the living room, he saw his younger brother Sasuke entertaining his own horde of fangirls. Itachi smirked; Sasuke enjoyed the attentin even though he complained about it. As another woman’s eyes lit up at the sight of Itachi, he ducked into an empty room and locked the door. Just for five minutes. He really was tired, both emotionally and physically, but he had responsibilities to fulfil. 


He sighed and unlocked the door, forcing a smile on his face. Don’t murder them, Itachi. It would make too much mess and I’d end up cleaning it. Perhaps if I maim them they’ll leave me alone.

Murderous thoughts kept him company as he looked down on the crowd of women around the doorway, each of them desperate for one thing or another. A kiss, some advice, a hug, a night together… All they want is the money and status of my family. He really was too cynical for his age, but then it came with being the Clan leader.

“I’m sorry.” He wasn’t at all sorry, in fact, but they didn’t need to know that. “I’m sure you’re all aware that I am, in fact, married.”

“Oh, forget about her!” One of the women had the audacity to grab his hand and try to pull him forward.

Anger replaced his apathy. 

“May I have everyone’s attention, please?”

Itachi had to raise his voice about the crowd’s noise and soon the whole room was silent. 

“I have an announcement to make,” Don’t murder them, don’t murder them, “My wife and I are expecting our first child soon.”

Itachi’s eye twitched when he heard more signs of discontent coming from various women around the room, including Sasuke’s fangirls, when he had finished speaking. Not all the women were interested, of course, that would be highly unrealistic, but it was enough of them that the only one Itachi wanted anything to do with was currently in bed with an upset stomach.

Sasuke pushed his way through the crowd, happiness and affection in his eyes as he looked at Itachi. “Congratulations, Itachi.” He held out a hand for Itachi to shake. Itachi took his hand but, in a very rare form of affection, pulled Sasuke into a hug. 

“Thank you, Sasuke.” and then, murmuring, he said, “Can you deal with this crowd while I escape?”

Sasuke groaned but nodded. “Yeah, I’ll distract your fangirls.”

“I owe you.” 

The hug and the brother’s exchange was over pretty quickly and Itachi flitted away from the crowds before anyone realised he was gone, the ghost of many hands all over his skin. He shuddered and resolved to shower before greeting his wife.

He hadn’t wanted to tell anyone of Y/N’s pregnancy yet but he also couldn’t be expected to deal with his fangirls for much longer. He was only ever irritated by them; their attentions had stopped being flattering long ago. Itachi sighed once again; even with a child on the way, his fangirls were still convinced it was either a publicity stunt or that he didn’t truly love Y/N. Delusional, the lot of them.

Some time later, showered and clean of clammy palms, Itachi climbed in beside Y/N and laid a gentle hand on her stomach. Then, exhausted and wanting to sleep forever, Itachi closed his eyes and joined Y/N in his dreams. It was the two of them against the world to begin with, but now it was three of them against the world and he couldn’t be happier.

Dake - Information and Interview from Artbooks 1 & 2

Artbook 1 info:

“So, tell me which high school you go to so I can register right away!”

Dake appears for the first time in episode 9, at the beach.

“I know how to be nice to beautiful girls.”

Of a very friendly nature, Dake enjoys being in the company of beautiful girls and never hesitates to compliment them to get what he wants.

With your pretty face having caught his eye, he will take you on a few adventures that won’t necessarily please your classmates, but if you like guys with big egos, the risk is worth it!

“Don’t worry, anyone would have chosen me over that idiot!”

Artbook 2 Info:

There is no half-way with Dake. People either like him or hate him. An avid flirt, he can be quite tiring, but also quite nice. His habit of ignoring all negative answers to his questions makes him quite a clingy boy for the girls who interest him. He doesn’t hold out on compliments, and if you want to be flattered or taken care of, he is the ideal companion.

His Uncle: Boris is the gym teacher at Sweet Amoris and takes care of most of the extra curricular activities. He really likes romantic comedies and the theater, for which he has quite the talent. Quite close to his nephew, Dake uses him as an excuse to spend time with the students at Sweet Amoris and enjoy the “charms” of their country.

Artbook 2 Interview with Peggy: 

Peggy: Hey, excuse me! I’m looking for a “Dakota”, do you know where I could find him?

Dake: He is just in front of you, but please, call me Dake!

Peggy: Ah, okay! Nice to meet you. I’m Peggy. I have some questions to ask you. There are people from my school who would like to know more about you! Do you have five minutes?

Dake: Yes, of course. This is like an interview, right?

Peggy: Exactly!

Peggy: Have you ever had several girlfriends at the same time?

Dake: No, never. Actually, I’ve never had a girlfriend. 

Peggy: Oh yeah? Never? From what I’ve heard about you, you are a pretty big flirt… 

Dake: Well, I never say no to charming company! But you can’t really call girls you only see for a few days “girlfriends”.

Peggy: What would you call them then?

Dake: Conquests!

Peggy: Is that your natural hair color?

Dake: Yes! They are just a little discolored from the sun and the water.

Peggy: Oh, that’s why your roots are lighter?

Dake: Yep!

Peggy: Will you ever go back to Australia and never come back here?

Dake: Haha! No, that’s not in my plans! I like this country, the ladies are quite charming!

Peggy: W-Why are you looking at me like that?

Dake: Well… You are a lady.

Peggy: N-Next question!

Peggy: Have you already won a surfing competition?

Dake: Oh, yes! And not just one! I win them quite often!

Peggy: So, you don’t just do it for fun, then?

Dake: You can compete against others all while having a good time.

Peggy: What do your tattoos mean?

Dake: They don’t really mean anything. I just like the Maori style is all.

Peggy: And why did you get tattooed?

Dake: Because I have the body for it, so, I might as well take advantage of it!

Peggy: Are you close to your uncle?

Dake: Close enough to spend most of my vacations with him…

Peggy: But you spend most of your time out and about when you are here.

Dake: If I can enjoy my uncle and the city at the same time, why should I deprive myself?

Peggy: You don’t think that your style is a bit… Outdated?

Dake: Uh… No? Why?

Peggy: The blond hair, the tan, the tattoos… It’s a bit “cliche”, don’t you think?

Dake: The “press” badge and the microphone in your hand is also quite “cliche” for a journalist.

Peggy: Y-yeah, but they are useful to me! Yours are just to be pretty!

Dake: I think if my look was really “outdated”, girls wouldn’t be so in to me.

Peggy: Yeah, well… If you say so. Anyway, thanks for having answered my questions!

Dake: It’s already over? There are lots of other things to know about me!

Peggy: I don’t doubt it! But I have other things to do!

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In the weeks that followed the paint fight, Hiro was drawn further into the fold. She started going on reccies, usually with Jooheon.  She’d accompanied Minhyuk to the clinic a couple of times too, he was intent on making sure that not only her first aid was up to scratch, but that she’d also be able to lend him a hand quickly and efficiently should the worst ever happen. She’d finished Annabel’s portrait and it had been successfully delivered. Kihyun had taken it, and returned with a beautiful bouquet of flowers that the Mayor had ordered from a local florist.  They were a stunning explosion of yellows and oranges and Hiro cooed over them for a good ten minutes before she noticed Kihyun’s hair.

‘What did you do?’ she gasped. His face fell a little and she hastily carried on, ‘No, no, it’s good, it looks really good. It’s just so different…’ she stared at him, processing the difference a haircut could make. The pink had gone, replaced with his natural black, and not only was his hair that little but shorter, but he’d got an undercut as well. Parted slightly to one side, his hair was swept back off his face and his eyes watched Hiro, gauging her reaction.

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Hux tries to relate to Doctor with Corsairan slang, but he makes some mistakes. 

Hux: You look very beautiful today, Doctor. 

Doctor: This is just my uniform. 

Hux: It makes you look like a thot.

Doctor: … Excuse me?

Hux: You know, a thot.

Doctor: And what do you think a thot is?

Hux: A hottie that I have thoughts about.

Doctor: *cracks up* That Ho Over There

Hux: *turns beet-red* *face-palms* *under his breath* oh my stars no I’m so sorry

Doctor: *losing her shit* 

Hux: You’re my best anyone ever please don’t be mad

Doctor: *barely suppressed laughter* Your what?

Hux: My bae

Doctor: *losing her mind* Before Anyone Else

Hux: *fucking in tears* 

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i got a surprise £60 today and i want to spend it on something girly maybe a perfume or some makeup or something? something nice to treat myself with. what would you buy or recommend? i was thinking of some dior beauty products or too faced but i'm not sure what to go for. thank you and happy sunday! xx

oooh, how exciting! :D i always think of beauty products when i receive money, too, hehe 💕 too faced is brilliant, and you may even be able to get two cheaper products from them, or one really nice palette! my personal favourite palette right now is the Chocolate Bar 🙊🍫 as far as dior goes, it’s definitely pricy, but worth it, and you may be able to get a smaller bottle of Miss Dior perfume!! it’s the absolute love of my life, and the bottle is so divine! whichever you decide, i hope you have fun choosing, and totally love your little gift. :,) warm wishes, darling! 🌸😊🙏🏻

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Maybe she’s dating a highly successful, accomplished, Oscar nominated writer. Maybe he’s dating a girl old enough to be his actual daughter. But u know what? I have seen millions of pics & video of them & I have never, ever, seen those two as comfortable, intimate, lovey, happy, & giddy as I have than when they are looking in each others’ beautiful, wrinkly old faces. Her bf’s can keep getting more prestigious, & his gf’s can keep getting younger. But they only look at each other that way.


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