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what's so iconic about the Viscosity Exchange ??

listen here. LISTEN. hERE. it’s just so good. (for anyone who wants to watch it back it starts at like :33 of the first undertale video.) okay first of all. the second phil first says viscosity dan immediately breaks off and turns to him with the crinkliest eyes and a lil wrinkled nose and it’s already aggressively cute and we are like a quarter of a second into this exchange. incredible. beautiful. to me it was such a significant thing that he doesn’t mock phil’s word choice to US in the way that he used to on dapg ALL THE FUCKING TIME, but instead he turns to PHIL and rather than mocking him he just does that cute confused face and kind of asks phil to clarify why doing a let’s play would involve viscosity at all. 

CUTE!!!! and then there’s A JUMP CUT!!!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!! WHY? it HAUNTS ME TO THIS DAY! when we cut back, dan has completely dropped his on-camera voice and his body is pointed a little more inwards at phil. amazing. what happened in the lil bit that was cut out of this? we can ONLY GUESS. so then dan proceeds to ask in his much deeper/softer off-camera voice, “how can a let’s play have viscosity?” and honestly i am just left asking “how can such a dumb fucking question sound so soft and enticing wtf.”  and then phil tries to explain it in his silly way, he’s saying it’s “deep and sticky” and dan just gives a TEENY TINY SMILE and then turns to share it with us and THIS IS HOW HE IS REACTING TO PHILS WEIRD BRAIN NOW it’s no longer MOCKING it’s SOFT AND FOND and he’s smiling at us to sort of tacitly communicate how adorable he finds phil’s mind and i want dEATH and then, as if this weren’t enough, his voice drops even further and gets all hoarse as he asks phil, “do you know what viscosity is?” and just turns that same fond smile towards him 

and honestly if at this point you haven’t gone back to the video to watch this you really need to just for this part because holy shite man,,, that voice dan uses is Something and phil himself looks a lil shook and he gets all flustered and giggles 

and dan giggles while watching phil giggle and then phil says “let’s keep going!!!!!!” rly promptly and phil’s whole reaction was so unwarranted based on the actual words they are saying which makes me feel like phil is just reacting to dan’s flirty voice and basically wow this whole scene is everything to me ok you need to rewatch and appreciate it fully i still wake up in cold sweats thinkin about it

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Prompt: Robert and Aaron spend the morning in bed. The fluffier the better! 💖💖💖

So this is quite short, but very, very fluffy. Beware :)

Robert woke up first. He glanced to the clock and saw it was just ten through. It was so nice, sleeping in, having nowhere to be. He glanced over and saw Aaron, still, asleep and he looked so beautiful, his dark hair against the white pillow, the bit of light coming through the curtains were hitting his face just right.

Robert thought about getting up and making some coffee and breakfast for them, but he just couldn’t move. He stayed and just kept watching Aaron.

After a bit Aaron woke up, slowly, turned and looked at Robert.

“Are you watching me?” Aaron asked and scrunched his nose.

“Maybe,” Robert said and leaned down to give him a soft kiss.

“What time is it?” Aaron asked.

“Doesn’t matter,” Robert said. “It’s Saturday, Liv is not home, we can stay in bed as long as we like.”

His hand slipped under the cover and over Aaron’s stomach.

“Oh, really?” Aaron said with a smirk and pulled Robert down to him.

Afterwards they were still tangled up together, legs intertwined and arms encircling the other.

“I love you,” Robert whispered in Aaron’s ear.

Aaron smiled and moved his head a little, leaving a light kiss on Robert’s lip.

“I love… sleeping in…. and having sex with you….and….,” Aaron said with a smirk.

Robert laughed. “Nice, keep going.”

“And the way you look at me when you tell me you love me,” Aaron said, the smirk gone and his face went all soft.

Robert cupped his face in his hand. “it’s because I never meant anything more.”

“I know,” Aaron said and kissed him again. He pulled his lips away just an inch and whispered: “And I love you.”

Shadowhunters 1x12, Malec, aired a year ago today AKA March 29th. Malec kissed for the first time, in front of a bunch of people from the Clave and Alec’s friends and family. They kissed and it was beautiful. Today marks the year anniversary of when Malec finally got together. When Magnus finally faced his fear of falling in love again, when Alec finally decided to do what makes him happy. What a time to be alive.


Happy BFSN!!! 

I don’t know exactly how happy can it be, cause we’re facing a month long hiatus (sounds like a prison sentence if you ask me). 

BUT to keep things positive, I think I found a way to deal with our bellarke separation issues - 30 days of bellarke challenge. I’ll try to keep up with it and I encourage my peeps to do the same! :)

God Complex more like Where is Bellarke…Anyways I’m excited for Bellamy x Jasper scenes and also for finding out what is this Second Dawn all about. 

Tagging these beauties cause why not: @bellamyblakesgun @bellamybb @bellamyaugustus @craterhead @octaviakomearth @ocataviablake @freckledd-constellations @clarkeswalkabout @blakebird @bellarce @ethereal-bellarke + anyone who wants to take part in this!

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23 w/ Nessian

23. Who asks who out on the first date?

Well, that depends on who you ask to tell the story my friend. Did you ever see that episode of Friends where Rachel and Ross argue about who comes on to who when they had their one night stand and Rachel gets pregnant? Well if you did, that’s basically what happens to Nessian minus the whole baby thing.

Cassian swears up and down that Nesta did it. And Nesta refuses to speak to anyone ever again until Cassian admits that he did it. The truth is, Cassian has been asking Nesta out for ages and every time, she turns him down because ugh you are gross and you drive me nuts and I hate you and please just go away, but what she really means is damn you’re hot and I hate that I think you are but you are in fact the yummiest thing I’ve ever seen and I wanna bang your beautiful grinning face. One night the squad goes out to Rita’s. Mor convinces Nesta to go with her, and Cassian ends up pulling her into a dance before she can say no. Nesta is gonna leave but decides to stay on the condition that Cassian not ask her out - not once. He can’t even so much as look at her the wrong way or she is gonesville. Then the music gets really soft and low, but super sultry and Cassian has such a nice hold on her that ooh is that his hand on my lower back? It feels kind of nice…. Damn he smells good too… and then the lights are getting really low and Cass’s lips are right there and he hasn’t said a single word to her all night, they’ve just sort of let the dancing do the talking for them. But Cassian looks so good and he smells amazing and he’s been so nice and Nesta just can’t stand it anymore that she kisses him and oh oh oh yes ma’am this is nice. They kiss, deepening and intensifying it as it goes on and when the music finally stops, Cass breaks the kiss off much to Nesta’s displeasure. He steps away, prepared to be rejected again, except Nesta looks at him, looks at his lips, his eyes and the words fall out before she can even think about what she’s saying: “Do you wanna…” Cass grins ear to ear and Nesta’s face flushes. Her hands drop away from him instantly. “I never actually asked you.” “It was implied.” “I could have been about to say anything. Do you wanna… go sit down? Dance again?” “Go home and fuck?” “Excuse you, you pig!” “Tell you what, I’ll give you a second chance to finish and I promise, I won’t tell anyone what you said.” Nesta scowls and stalks off because she definitely did not ask Cassian out and she’s Over It but since she didn’t try again to finish her question, Cassian has no promise to hold himself to and goes on until the end of time telling everyone that Nesta asked him out first. It is a never ending battle in their love life.

Liam Imagine (smut)

SMUT WARNING!  For anyone unfamiliar with the term, it means there is sexual content ahead!  Read at your own risk!!

“Okay,” you said as you looked down at the homework sitting in your lap, as you began to hit some buttons on your calculator.  “The longer side of the triangle is the hypotenuse, and we don’t have a measurement for that so we’re finding the tangent…”  You stopped talking when you realized that your boyfriend wasn’t even paying attention to what you were saying.  He was just staring at you with a smile on his face.  “Liam, we need to study.”

“Sorry,” he said, snapping out of his daze.  “It’s just that you’re…  So beautiful.”  He moved his homework from his lap so he could lean over, and he placed a gentle kiss on your lips.

“Solve the next problem and I’ll kiss you,” you said with a smile.

He smiled back at you before grabbing his work and quickly doing out the problem.  He finished it a minute later, then looked at you with a cocky grin.  “Done.”

You rolled your eyes and moved your work from your lap, so you could lean over to kiss him.  He put his hands on your waist, pulling you closer to him as he connected your lips.  

You kissed him back for a moment before pulling away to continue working.  “There, you got your prize.”

He looked at you for a moment, a smile on his face.  “I want a little more than that, y/n.”

You shook your head.  “We’ve never gone that far, Liam.  Besides, we’re working.”

“We can work after,” he said as he brushed a piece of your hair away from your neck, so he could leave a gentle kiss there.  “Plus, now’s a good  time to start as ever.”

You looked down at your work, not meeting his eyes.  “I don’t know how…”

“Let me show you.”  He moved your work again, then pulled you over to him and positioned him so you were straddling him.  “This is always a good place to start.”  He leaned in and kissed you gently.

You kissed him back slowly, pulling at the hair on the nape of his neck, but stopping when you felt the fabric of your shirt beginning to move.  You moved your hands to cover his, and gently pushed the shirt back down.  “N-no…”

He nodded slowly and let go of the shirt.  “I’m sorry, I took it a little too far.”

You shook your head.  “No, it’s not you.  I’m just…”  You hugged your arms around yourself, still not looking at him.  “Afraid.”

He pushed some of your hair out of your face, and his hand trailed down to cup your cheek and make you look up at him.  “What are you afraid of…?”

You sighed.  “That you’re not going to like what you see,” you said quietly.

He gently kissed you yet again, then looked into your y/e/c eyes.  “I’m sure you’re beautiful, y/n.”  

You took a deep breath, and slowly reached for the hem of your shirt.  You pulled it off, reveling your plain black bra to Liam.  

He smiled at you, and quickly removed his own shirt.  “There, now it’s fair.”  

You admired his body for a moment, smiling to yourself.  You’d never seen him shirtless before, though you’d been dating for months by that point.  You kissed him again, and you slowly felt something poking into your leg.  You looked down to realize it was a bulge in his pants.

He kissed you again.  He licked your bottom lip and you granted his tongue entrance to your mouth, and you immediately let him win dominance.  “Let me know if you want me to stop, if you think we’ve gone too far.”

You had a strange feeling between your legs.  You knew it meant you were turned on, as Malia called it.  “I’ll let you know.”

The two of you kissed for another moment, before he slowly reached for the waistband of your leggings.  He looked at you for approval, and when you nodded he quickly pulled them off of you.

You were left in only your underwear and your bra, and your face blushed pink.  You looked down at your body, then quickly hugged your arms to yourself again in an effort to hide it.

Liam gently moved your arms and began to kiss your neck.  “You’re so beautiful,” he said as he began to kiss downward, going from your neck to the valley between your breasts.  

You moved yourself slightly so you were even closer to Liam, causing your leg to brush against the bulge.  He let out a moan and pulled you closer by your hips.

He then pulled away from you, looking into your eyes.  “Do you trust me?”

You nodded slowly, nervous yet excited for what he was going to do.  “Y-yes, I trust you,” you said.

He flipped you over so you were laying on the bed, and kissed his way from your neck all the way down to your hips.  He gently pushed your legs apart and looked at your womanhood for a moment before inserting one finger into it.

“Ow!” you said as you looked down at his hand.  “That hurts!”

“You just need to adjust to it,” he said as he slowly inserted another digit.  His hand stayed there for a moment as the pain subsided, and you looked at him.  

“Okay, I’ve adjusted.  Now what?”

He smiled at you and gently began pumping his fingers inside of you.  You let out a moan as the great feeling of pleasure began to take over your body.  You tangled your hands in his hair as he quickly switched his fingers for his tongue, and he licked your core as you moaned.  

Soon, you felt some sort of a knot in your stomach.  “L-Liam…” you said, hardly able to get his name out of your lips before the knot disappeared, and you released.  You felt a sort of euphoria that you’d never experienced, and laid back on the bed.  He quickly licked you clean, then sat up to kiss you.  You looked at him as you kissed, then pulled away and looked into his eyes.  “What can I do…  To make you feel like that?”

He smiled at you.  “I’m glad you asked.”  He quickly removed his pants and underwear, which you’d forgotten he was still wearing.  

You slowly crawled out from under him and reached for his hard member, which was finally free from the cage known as his navy blue boxers.  You gently touched the tip of it, and slid your finger upward to the base.  You looked to Liam for approval, but he wasn’t looking at you.  His eyes were closed and his head was leaning back, with a smile on his face.  “What…  What do I do now?”

He slowly opened his eyes and took your hands, closing them around his member.  “Just pump it, okay?”  He guided your hands for a moment then let go, letting you do the work.  You remembered him using his mouth on you, and you decided to do the same.  You lowered yourself down to cock level and took him into your mouth until you felt as if you were going to gag.  You slowly bobbed your head up and down, causing him to moan.  “And you say you’re inexperienced,” he said with a laugh.

You chuckled, sending vibrations up his member.  He opened his mouth to speak, but before he could make a sound there was a hot liquid in the back of your throat.  Seeing as he ate the substance that came from you before, you swallowed it down and looked at him.

You were quickly beneath him again, and he was holding himself above you with one arm as he positioned his member at your entrance.  

“This is going to hurt,” he said to you quietly.  “Adjust to it, then let me know when you’re okay.  Okay?”

You nodded, and he eased himself into you.  Your eyes watered slightly from the pain, but he was quick to kiss the tears away, then place a kiss on your lips.  “I’m good,” you said to him after a moment.

He began to move, slowly at first then gradually picking up speed.  It felt even better than what he’d done before, and you tangled your hands in his hair as you kissed him again.  

“Faster,” you said, noticing how when he sped up the pleasure intensified.  He obeyed your command, and your head lolled against your pillows.  Soon you felt the same knot in your stomach as you’d felt before.  “Liam!”

“I’m close too,” he said, his thrusts becoming sloppier and sloppier.  Soon you released all over him, which also sent him over the edge.  He slowly pulled out of you and laid beside you, pressing a loving kiss to your lips.  “Did you enjoy that?”

You nodded enthusiastically with a smile on your face.  “We’re definitely gonna have to do that again.”

He smiled.  “I couldn’t agree more.  I love you.”

“I love you too.”  You laid there for a moment, then sat up.  “But we really do need to finish our homework.”

He laughed and reached up to pull you back down beside him.  “Later, okay?  Right now, we’ll rest.”

This is the first smut I’ve ever written.  Did I do okay?  I’m sorry if it isn’t that good

Green With Envy (Hal Jordan x Reader)

Schninner: This is a story for my good friend @king-wolfie ! I hope you like it hun! Also, this was REALLY short, so I’m sorry :C

(Reader is Female)

Key: [L/S/C] Lip stick color [F/C] Favorite Color

Warnings: Mentions of the alcohol, the sexual references here and there

Word count: 645

Gods you were beautiful.

Hal thought as he walked with you through the doors of a rather popular night club; your arms linked walking toward a nearby booth. You flashed him a [L/S/C] smile, as he sat you down, sliding along next to you in the booth, slipping his arm over your sleeveless shoulder.

“So, what do you want to do first?” He whispered into your ear with a smirk.

You giggled, pushing his face away with your hand, “Well, I for one, am in need of a drink.”

He watched as you stepped out of the other end of the booth, admiring the way that the [F/C] dress fitted on you.

You turned around, catching him checking you out, causing a blush to form on his cheeks. You let out a light laugh that eased his tension. “Are you coming? Or are you just going to sit there ogling me?”

Hal gave you a sly smile, and leaned back in the booth, “Nah, I’m good here. Besides, somebodies got to save our seat.”

“Okay charmer,” You said, smiling right back at your wonderful boyfriend, “Do you want anything though babe?”

“I’ll just take whatever you’re getting,”

“magic word?”

“… I love you?”

You laughed once more, ruffling his naturally messy hair, “Close enough.”

He watched you take leave, a cheeky grin plastered on his face the entire time, that is, until he saw the bar tender flirt with you.

Anger boiled in his chest as he watched the guys hand graze your when handing you your drinks, with the most flirtatious smile on the planet. You forced a smile, quickly grabbing the drinks and walking back over. Hal surveyed the heads that swiveled around to look at you as you strode by. A frown developed on his face as he observed the numerous eyes, men and woman alike, gawking at you with lust in their eyes.

“and here you go!” You chirped, snapping him out of his jealous brooding as you placed a red liquid in front of him.

You sat next to him, gazing into his face, “Okay Hal, I’ll bite. What’s wrong?”

“Wha-? Me? Wrong? No, nothing’s wrong at all!” He replied, slamming the liquid down.

“Really? Are you sure?” you questioned, raising an eyebrow while stirring your own red liquid.

“Yep!” He responded, a false smile on his face, his eyes looking at pretty much everything except yours.

“Hal, Sweetie, my eyes, they’re down here.” You stated, gently placing your hand on his cheek, and guiding his face downwards toward yours. “That’s better, now Hal, tell me what’s wrong.”

He sighed, letting his smile slip. “Nothing, I just saw the bartender flirting with you, then everyone was looking at you…” He trailed off, a scowl setting into his face.

“Hal Jordan, you were jealous?” Your eyes widened in surprise, and suspicions confirmed when his cheeks tinted crimson.

You pulled his face closer to yours until your foreheads touched, “Hal, babe, I can’t help it if I look like a goddess.”

He gave you a sweet smile, “Yeah, but just remember that you’re my goddess.”

“Always,” you replied with a small chuckle, “and, hey, maybe when we get home we could maybe…” You pulled your face up to his ear, and began to whisper things that caused his entire face to turn bright red.

“You- “He cleared his voice and let out a nervous chuckle, “-Your serious? Like, if we went home right now-?”

You nodded, a mischievous grin imprinted on your face. He quickly dug into his pockets and gave you the keys, scrambling out of the booth he shouted over his shoulder, “You start the car, I’ll get the bill!”

You let out a joyful chuckle, as you watched your boyfriend awkwardly make his way to the bar to pay the tab. This was going to be an interesting night.

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Do you think Lena is familiar with selfie? Like if Kara randomly takes her phone out and takes their selfie Lena might not really sure what kind of face she should make (and end up looking awkward)

Ha! I love this. Lena would probably find selfies to be a bit pointless and never bothered to take one herself. But when Kara takes her phone and decides to try and snap a cute one, Lena tries because Kara would just be too adorable. Of course it would look at little awkward at first and Lena wouldn’t be too pleased with the picture and would just kind of wince and say it looks awful. Kara would be so sweet about it and tell Lena she looks beautiful. Then they would take a few more. Funny faces, cute smiles, Katie’s famous cheek kisses. Perfect. Headcanon accepted!

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What's your favorite Lana del rey album and songs and lyrics?

Born to Die is still my favorite album!! and i have a hard time choosing a favorite song but i guess Young & Beautiful and i love the lyrics too esp

Hot summer nights, mid July
When you and I were forever wild
The crazy days, city lights
The way you’d play with me like a child


Hot summer days, rock ‘n’ roll
The way you play for me at your show
And all the ways I got to know
Your pretty face and electric soul

idk what it is about those lyrics i think its more about the way she sings them i adore. i need to see her live again soon, the last time was in 2013 i think….

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Would you mind writing a drabble of Morgan with the quote "Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work"?

As Morgan hunched himself over his paperwork, a smile on his face as he scribbled across file after file, you heard him chuckle to himself…and it prompted you to look up at him with curiosity.

“What’s gotten into you?” you ask.

“Whaddaya mean, beautiful?” Morgan asked as he flickered his eyes over towards you.

But before you could answer his question he was looking back down at his paper…

…and this time?  He was humming.

“I didn’t know you could sing,” you smirk as you set your pen down on your desk.

“Only in the shower, baby,” he smiled.

“And apparently in the office,” you quip back.

“Just love what I do,” Derek said as he raised his head and connected his gaze to yours.

“Even the paperwork?” you ask.

“Especially the paperwork,” Derek emphasized.

“And why’s that?” you inquired.

And as he put his pen down and looked hard in your direction, you saw a raging fire behind his eyes that caused you to hold your breath.

“Because it means we got ‘em,” he said lowly.

And you thought on his answer as you watched him slowly get back to his paperwork.

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You don't seem very confident in the way you look, for such a beautiful girl?

I’m trying to feel more confident in myself and to love myself more, it’s a slow but steady process.
I was ill as a teenager and the illness/meds I needed changed my body in a big way and I lost all confidence. I didn’t feel like myself and I didn’t look like myself. Bouncing back from that after recovering was difficult, but I am getting there. I’m a big believer that beauty is so much more than what you look like physically. There’s a Roald Dahl quote that I love: “If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like the sun and you will always look lovely.” It’s so true.

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can we talk about how sometimes when the daylight is just right, angling itself on mikael's face, creating these perfect shadows & highlights, yousef cannot stop looking at mikael, can't take his eyes away from him, because of how naturally beautiful mikael is in these moments, like on a late summer afternoon in july, and when mikael turns to look at yousef, he knows exactly what yousef is thinking & becomes so shy, glancing down, smiling, & yousef simply kisses mikael's cheek & lingers there.


but also yes???

because the two of them know each other so well now that they know how to communicate with just a simple look. that’s not to say they don’t say how they’re feeling but they just…don’t always need to say it? and that look – of complete fondness and love and just oh my god, you are so beautiful – that is something they can both recognise in each other

and it comes out in moments like that; on sunny evenings wrapped up in bed together, in the quietness they feel when it’s just the two of them on their own, sunlight streaming through the window and giving everything this lazy golden glow; when Yousef is just so in awe of how beautiful Mikael is that he just can’t help looking at him like he’s the world

but he’ll also give him that look in other moments, too

like when Mikael is babbling about a new film he just saw – Yousef will just smile and his eyes will soften and he just thinks we are so lucky; how miraculous is it that we were blessed enough to have found each other? – and Mikael, again, he recognises that Look™ and he’ll stutter half way through his speech and forget what he was saying, stumbling over his words, and he’ll laugh shyly and Yousef will just smile and lean in and kiss him; warm little smiley kisses that grow and grow

or when Yousef scores a goal at a football match, he’ll catch Mikael’s eye – Mikael will be clapping and smiling and just feeling so proud, and sometimes the light will hit Mikael just right, and suddenly there’s no one else in the crowd, there isn’t a match to play or a ball to kick or a game to win, because oh, hello you, I love you so much

and it’s a little silent look between the two of them, something quietly passing between them, and no, they don’t necessarily say anything; partly because they don’t need to, but also because words don’t really do justice to just how much they both feel in those moments


Zander started to look like he was having a panic attack.

Juliette- “Zander, are you ok? What’s wrong”

Zander got down on one knee.

Zander- “It’s not what’s wrong it’s what’s right. Juliette Loomis you are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe I’m so lucky to have you love me. I’m just an anxious mess, I tend to say and do the wrong things, yet you still chose me. I just want you to know I choose you too. I love you Jules, make me the happiest man ever and marry me?”

Tears began to stream down Juliette’s face. She didn’t ever think she’d get her happily ever after. Her life was always just a roller coaster ride. She had given up on finding love. And yet here it was staring her in the face.

Zander laughed nervously- “Already second guessing your choice?”

Juliette snapped back to the real world- “YES YES YES YES I’LL MARRY YOU!”

Zander scooped her up into his arms and stared lovingly at her- “You had me worried there for a second.”

Juliette just smiled and leaned up and kissed him.

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Hey!! I saw your post about your OC's and I just wanted to say that Serena and Ava are beautiful names!! I was wondering if you could describe what they look like? I would be interested to know. I hope you feel better sweetheart, I appreciate everything you do!!

Thank you so much, I honestly don’t remember how I found the names but I am really glad you like them


Serena has warm sepia skin with a rich red undertone and is of average height, standing at 5′6″. She has milk chocolate brown downturned eyes and a button nose, thick lips all on a square shaped face. She has a curvy, athletic frame; round hips and ass, thick, muscular thighs and toned calves. Her upper body is as impressive as her lower, muscular arms and a toned back and stomach. She has full-bodied, thick black hair that falls to her chin, and more often than not, the ends are dyed whatever color is her pick of the moment. She is usually seen with Reyes’ beanie on her head because she has stolen it for the umpteenth time. Her fashion sense is jokingly called new goth, black cargo pants or leggings with tighter, fashionable tops or dark colored hoodies (often stolen from Reyes). She does have a good fashion sense, but prefers comfortable when she returns from the field. 


Ava has warm, golden tan skin with a slightly yellow undertone and she is covered from head to toe in copper colored freckles. She stands at a meager 5′1, radiation completely stunting her growth upwards as a kid, her body tiny, smaller chested and waifish. The longer she spends in regular society after joining the Junkers, the more her body begins to fill out, a small but perky rear and slightly fuller and softer all over. She has thick and fluffy curly-wavy long hair that falls to her rear, her auburn hair full of natural lighter brown and dirty blonde highlights. Her eyes are large and hazel, her nose small and round with full lips. She has a gap in her two front teeth that she never plans on getting corrected.  She has absolutely no fashion sense and usually prefers to wear overalls, combat boots and a sports bra. When finally out of Oz she loves anything brightly colored or fun patterned and she pulls together outfits that make absolutely no sense. 

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Loooove your blog, your so beautiful 😍 all I can think of is what your pussy would taste like and I would ❤️ to buried my face between those sweet 👄 Ever need a good 💦 you give me a сall I'll be your huckleberry!

Nice! I’ll keep that in mind😚