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You can see it.It's right there.He talks about H's film and then he talks about how what Niall says melts his heart.And we all know he loves both of them.We can hear it in his voice but just look at his face!His damn beautiful eyes!How they shine when he talks about how proud of his baby he is.Look at that smile and that fond he wants to hide so badly but he can't because you say Harry and his body knows.

it’s always been a different kind of fond when he talks about harry which is what made them stand out to us in the first place and it’s still there even after all these years

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Your art. I just found it. It wounds my soul. In a good way. My heart literally jumped to my throat when I saw it. And as a fellow artist I have a question about how tf your noses always look so damn good, like it's just like a lil whip of oh here the illusion of this cartoon character having a nose is complete how how do you do that?? ❤❤❤❤❤❤

hi anon! and thank you that’s so incredibly sweet ack is this the second message i’ve gotten about noses 😂? a personal inspiration for me on this topic is MACK’s art! their beautiful work gives a great sense that, when done right, the nose is a really effective way to give dimension to a face! 

although i still struggle with illustrating more diverse nose shapes, here’s some tips i hope could help??(OTL i have no idea what im doing 124% of the time)

presented in ¾ angles b/c im weak & it’s the easiest way to show dimension

studying (not tracing!) from reality is the best way to improve anatomy, and honestly if you put in the effort to not make your noses an imperceptible slit with a spot of shading you’re lookin damn fine already!

@imagine-sterek Its the middle of the night and I’m bored as hell so here’s a midnight ramble ❤

Alright so Stiles drags Derek to a costume party one of the frats on campus are having and the werewolf is extremely reluctant to go because Stiles wants them to dress up as each other and really Stiles? Thats the best you can do? Costumes of each other? Are you kidding me? But Stiles just rolls his eyes and says “its either that or we go dressed up as superman and batman” so Derek groans but eventually agrees because Stiles is looking at him with those stupid Bambi eyes and Derek wants to punch his stupidly beautiful face for being so evil.

In the end Derek gets dressed up in jeans, converse, a random T-shirt, and a red flannel shirt he didn’t even know he had. He feels rediculous. Flannel is Stiles’ thing for a reason! Derek can’t pull off flannel okay? (At least that’s what he thinks but Stiles makes sure to fill him in on the fact that he looks like a sexy lumberjack)

Then Stiles finishes with his ‘transformation’ whatever that means (its just changing your clothes Stiles) and his jaw drops to the floor because what the fuck Stiles looks like sex on legs! Stiles has always been gorgeous in Derek’s eyes but the way he’s dressed makes him look like the embodiment of lust. He has on these tight dark jeans that leave Derek salivating because hot damn his ass looks like it was sculpted by the gods along with a gray shirt that clings to his chest and although it doesn’t show the abs that Derek knows are hidden under the fabric it does an amazing job of showing off Stiles’ pecks. Then there’s the leather jacket. Derek has no words for the way the leather jacket gives Stiles this aura of mystery and he’s not even sure they’re going to make it to that damn party because Derek is going to fucking ravish Stiles any minute.

That’s when Scott and his oblivious ass calls to ask if they’re on their way and Derek is going to strangle the idiot because he had plans okay? Plans that involved him, stiles, and every single surface of their apartment.

At the party Derek doesn’t leave Stiles’ side, glaring at anyone who gave them lustful glances and couldn’t keep their unwanted interest to themselves. Derek doesn’t even care that some of those looks were directed at him and not Stiles, he glared at them all the same. He was taken, Stiles was taken, they were both taken, everyone else could back the hell off because this gorgeous man was his and he was going to make sure everyone knew it! If he just so happens to suck a particularly large hickey on Stiles’ neck whenever someone blatantly flirted with either of them, Stiles wasn’t complaining.


Request :
Pairing: Jimin + Reader
Genre: Romance, Angst
Word Count: 362 Words
Warnings: None

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When Jimin first lays his eyes on you he thinks you’re a piece of art. Taehyung always dragged him to art museum, so he had seen plenty of beautiful art in his life, but you took his breath away. He wondered what you thought of him. His face flushed when you caught him staring and he couldn’t help but look away, embarrassed and ashamed of ogling someone to the point of their discomfort. But when you passed by him you couldn’t help but smile.

He didn’t know why he chased you, but he ended the day with your number.


Jimin took you to a pretty café next to the art museum and to the art museum itself Tae always dragged him to. It was only appropriate for someone as beautiful as you to be surrounded by something as equally beautiful.

He couldn’t help but smile and laugh as you admire everything with a childlike wonder. You were just so cute.

By the end of the date he managed to score a picture of you kissing his cheek. He went to sleep smiling so much he woke up with his face hurting.


Jimin first said I love you when you had your 3rd month anniversary. Your eyes went wide at his confession and he felt his stomach drop, expecting rejection of some sorts. But you had only thrown your arms around him, kissed him, and said the words he longed to hear back.


Jimin asked you to marry him on the second birthday the two of you were celebrating for you. He had given you a pretty necklace as a birthday gift over diner.

When you had turned to put the flowers he got you in a vase he got down on one knee.


Jimin married you loving you as much as he did since day one.


Jimin smiled at the bundle of joy in his arms. He couldn’t believe that you and him had created such a masterpiece.

You smiled from your seat and watched the two men in your life stare at each other.

It was a moment so beautiful that it could be captured and placed in an art museum.

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why do you like finncessmana so much?

She’s a survivor. She’s been through a literal hell which some people don’t come back from. We’ve got that in common. She clings on to life and refuses to give up even though many days she feels like she wants to. She’s one of the strongest people I know and also one of the kindest. She is very sweet to everyone and everything unless you cross her then she’s a hedgehog and I like that. She’s also beautiful not just in face and body but in soul. That’s why I like her. She’s what I like in the whole package and she likes me too. We’ve both been beaten up and abused but we aren’t broken.


Południca 🌿 Lady Midday

At the stroke of noon, during the hottest part of a summer day, the demon known as Południca makes her appearance. Taking the form of a beautiful girl, she glides through the fields filled with golden wheat and flowers, incredibly bored and looking for company. She chats up the people she meets on her way, her pretty face and witty demeanour drawing the unsuspecting souls deeper and deeper into the conversation. 

You see, what no one can gage from the initial exchange is that Południca has a bit of a temper and a low tolerance for foolishness. One wrong word, one stray answer, and she will permanently jumble the thoughts in your head or, worse, relieve you of them altogether. Those who are not entirely convinced by eyewitness reports of her existence claim that she is simply the personification of a heat stroke. Through sheer coincidence, they also happen to be the ones who should take extra care when taking a stroll in the fields on a hot summer day, at the stroke of noon.

PS: This blog has been inactive for far too long. I have recently been too overworked to properly play the Sims, but since I kind of really miss the game, I have decided to channel whatever I have left of my energy and creativity into a small side-project. Instead of traditional playthrough pics, I’m going to faff about, combining two of my favourite things: sims and Slavic demonology.

The most beautiful and intense thing of all this Ambrollins angle is that Dean was the final, ultimate, unavoidable step for Seth’s redemption. Seth’s face turn wasn’t complete yet, we were all feeling it deep into our hearts, because what happened during the last Raw is what we were all expecting eventually.
Dean is the one who was almost murdered by Seth’s steelchair that night of three years ago: Seth hit him a thousand times, for a minute that seemed endless, again and again and again, tearing him apart outside and inside. While Roman was unconscious on the floor after the first shot, Dean witnessed EVERYTHING. And he was loaded with all Seth’s rage, all his grudge, all his repressed fury. That turned Dean into the mirror Seth HAD to look into for all this time, since his return after the knee injury; a mirror where he could see the decay of his inner self just like Dorian Gray did with his own portrait. 
Dean was the arrival, the milestone at the end of this journey. And at the same time, he represents a new beginning for Seth. Just like Seth may represent a new beginning for Dean as well. 

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I liked The Gay and Wondrous Life but anytime Caleb called a dude "beautiful" or "hot" they were ugly white boys

Ok thinking back I could agree with you. Then again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that cheesy stuff. BUT I think maybe that’s who Caleb was supposed to be. He’s supposed to be this flawed, kinda shallow character.

Idk if the blunt of what you’re saying was directed at the fact that all the “beautiful” guys were white… in which case I think the show made up for it a little with Freckle’s story-time.

“He had the most beautiful face… Asian.”

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Do you have any descriptions of what Adrienne looked like from her contemporaries?

The only description I’ve ever seen of her physically is that her elder sister was the beauty and that she had large, doe-like eyes. Most the time when people spoke of her, they complimented her mind and grace. She was also described as not painting her face despite beauty standards of the day, so she was seen as somewhat plain, but a noble and kind woman. If I find anything further, I’ll post it.

Also, the painting that many people attribute to Adrienne with the hat on her head is debated. A lot of people think it is actually Anastasie.

Make You Break - Chapter Three

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New chapter, where things actually happen!

Word Count: 2335

Warnings: None yet… I don’t think… Implied sexual references I guess?


“His head snapped up suddenly and his eyes immediately met with hers as his arms ceased all movement. It wasn’t often that Tove found herself admiring a man’s appearance, one always seemed much like the other, but her first thought as she looked at him was how beautiful his face was and how strangely blue his eyes were. She felt a strange sense of familiarity as they looked at each other, as though she had seen him somewhere before. But before she could open her mouth, his expression turned cold and unfriendly, the sheer ferocity in his gaze made her take an involuntary step back.

“What?” he snapped, tilting his head to the side as he eyed her, “Do you want something?”

Tove didn’t say anything, his unjustified hostility had shocked her into silence and all she could do was watch as his face grew darker. He leaned forward and visibly tightened his grip on the axe, “You should know that I do not take well to people staring”


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I was listening to that song by kiri's voice actor and then scrolling down your blog I find that pic of Kirishima listening to some music and apparently thinking about something *cough* bakugou *cough* and I lost it. Beautiful.

and now we know how Kiri would sound as a singer in a band au lmaoo

or what he would sound like singing in the shower. And Bakugou overhears him one day and his face goes red

For season 3 I want Lotor’s squad of ladies Galra to talk with him about his crush on Lance.

Lady Galra 1: Lotor, we have to talk about how hard you’re pining for the Blue Paladin.
Lady Galra 2: You write poems about his beautiful blue eyes.
Lady Galra 3: You punched a guy in the face just because he said something bad about him.
Lady Galra 4: Yeah, and remember that one time he finally talked to you and you couldn’t even focus on the mission because you were too happy about it.

Lotor *putting up a poster of Lance on his bedroom wall*: I have no idea what you’re all talking about.

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I just- if I were with Peter I'd end up just admiring him all the time. Like he's so beautiful and angelic and handsome?? And cute?? Bc Peter is so awkward and bashful if he ever caught you staring he'd turn red and be all shy and "W-what?" Which you'd respond "Nothin' I just like your face," and he combusts bc how could his beyond gorgeous s/o think he's the amazing one when its clearly you?? And every time he catches you looking at him with heart eyes he goes all soft and blushy. •Ari•

ari ari ari i love these & you (btw tho i won’t answer anymore tonight because i should start sleeping at a healthy time for once) 

  • man i briefly talked about how peter is admirer 
  • but you? 
  • have you seen peter parker????? 
  • there’s no way u can’t gaze at him dreamily
  • like its impossible
  • you do it a lot when you’re bored or when peter’s not paying enough attention to you
  • you just like look 
  • ofc he turns into a blushing mess when he catches you staring
  • the first time he caught you, you turned red but then peter blushed too and oh my god peter ur so cute
  • now you do it so you can also see peter blush 
  • but yes he’s in a constant state of ?????? 
  • because you 
  • amazing, spectacular & 100% out of his league you 
  • is staring at him??/ 
  • it also means you get to see all his little quirks & figdets
  • which are so so cute
  • whenever he’s thinking real hard he’ll poke out his tongue just a lil 
  • no you don’t tease him about how adorable that is
  • when he puts up his hand to answer a question, he always chews his lip nervously and like taps the desk 
  • if he gets stuck, like thinking for the right word, he kinda squints at the ceiling & its like you can see the gears in his head turning
  • he does the cutest smile when he gets an answer right
  • a sneaky little celebratory fist that he thinks no one will see
  • you do 
  • but man, pre-relationship peter + your gazing? 
  • dude
  • you both blushed to the max when he caught you gazing 
  • especially when it was like just you two studying, because then it meant you were definitely look at him 
  • w-what? do i have something on my face? 
  • n-no! i’m just…looking” 
  • you cringed so much at that but peter still found it so cute
  • basically even after you got together & had confessed your feelings peter still couldn’t comprehend the idea of you admiring him?? 
  • don’t worry, u do your best to assure him 
  • “babe, i’m staring because i like your face”
  • and peters just ???♥?♥♥? 
  • he loves u

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Do you use korean beauty products? I need your help, my nose has some pores and it feels sooo uncomfortable. What do I use to get rid of them? 😩

I do! 

I wash my make up off every night with grape seed deep cleansing foam, and I use Hell pore cleanup toner before I use a face mask a few times a week. (I also like popping my face mask in fridge before I use it because cold, shrinks the pores and face masks feel so good cold)

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hey fuck face.....i have a crush on you....you have a beautiful soul <3 in case you didn't see the post that's what you write to your crush...i would never write that for the heck of it....ok bye <3

Occ:What????? Please explain dear anon. Ps.I have a girlfriend,but still explain

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Ah, so THAT’S what you were talking about! 

BuffSapphire was one thing, but I don’t know if the world is ready for this other drawing… not pure enough to look in the face of a god

HELLO HELLO !! SO i’m super H Y P E about this just warnin’ because this is gonna be a disaster from the excite. i’m BB & i’m comin’ at y’all from the PST. though i’m usually around at ridiculously late hours. a bit about my babe, her idol is lana del rey GET READY. ( if it’s any indicator, i typed this up on Wednesday ha )

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