what a babie!

In regards to Baby Jones' arrival..

Whilst we’re all very excited that baby jones has arrived, we must remember that it is not okay for people to make fan accounts or post fanfiction including her in the story. It is not okay for you to do anything along these lines as she is a baby, whose parents, whilst famous, have not given permission for fans to use her in any way, and we are not at liberty to do so unless they give us permission, if they ever do (which I highly doubt will happen, and personally I would feel uncomfortable using a child in any works if I were to create them). So do not include her in any fan works, do not make fan accounts, just appreciate the pictures and tweets we get from the proud parents and be happy and excited for the growing family!!

My predictions for season 5:

Monty&Murphy are best buds (as well as they can be)

They are still trying to find a way back to earth.

I hate to say it but, Bellamy shacked up with either Raven or Echo (most probably Raven)

Someone on the Arc got knocked up. (Probs Harper)

Someone on the Arc died (probs Emori or Echo)

Someone in the bunker got knocked up (Abby?? No…Octavia?? No…)

Someone in the bunker died (take your pick)

Things didn’t work out with Abby & Kane

Jaha will have new hair or probably no hair with the way it’s been evolving.

New main(ish) character will be introduced

Things between Clarke and Bellamy will not be good i.e awkward, bad, sad, heartbreaking

Really anything can happen in SIX FREAKING YEARS and seven days. And something is telling me I won’t like it.

(Just the thought of which characters could be so easily killed or written off at this point is making me nauseous…)

Everyone calling Elias sexist…..can you not??? I’m sorry but I don’t believe that all of you: 

1. Don’t have siblings

 2. Have never told your sibling to do something for you. Especially a younger sibling. 

 3. Believe this is the worst sexism you’ve ever seen that your life. That you think he is misogynistic pig.  

4. Your mom has never been like ohhhh you have friends over here is 57 things to eat. 

Just relax. Its really not a big deal. You’re really just causing drama now and being dicks. 

Playing DARKSIDE CHRONICLES (Memory of a lost city) and Leon just said: “Hey! I am a Rookie,don’t ask me! I just got here!” Made me go like:

Yeah, just a rookie…

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