what a babe. he plays piano too

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What would the main 4 + Grilby do if their soulmate was a amazing musician, but they always played their songs in private, like in Waterfall?


He doesn’t really bother you about it. He’ll listen to you play from the shadows, then get back to his station. He never brings it up with you, but does ask now & then how your practices are going, since he knows that you play, but he won’t ask where & when. What you do is your business, after all.


He listens for a little bit in silence, & immediately bursts into applause the moment you stop playing. Wowie!! What a show!!! You’re so talented–he’s sure Waterfall would clap, too, if it weren’t a mass of land that had no hands. He’s not sure why you like to play to an empty room, but if there are any ghosts around, he bets they enjoy it too!


She listens to you from afar, but confronts you when you get back home. Babe, you’re amazing–why don’t you share your talent more often? She’s got a piano for a  reason, & you won’t even play for her? What is it that you’re so scared of? She’s desperate to get you more comfortable with playing in public, you’ve gotta show people what you’re capable of!


She watches you via her cameras, adoring your performances from afar. Her shame keeps her from ever really telling you that she’s heard your music before, but she does offer now & then to give you music to practice with (it’s mostly anime openings/soundtracks) on the hopes that one day you’ll play for her personally.


It’s a shame. He can’t venture out to Waterfall very often, it’s too humid & damp for his liking. But he hears about your ventures through the grapevine, & only then does he question you about it. He doesn’t beg you to play for him or anything, but he does get a little frustrated that you don’t even feel comfortable enough around him to play one song.

Jared had been on tour for about nine months now, they started across seas and now they are working their way back into the States. I just had to wait one more month then they would have a stop in California with a two day rest. 
Since he has been over seas we haven’t had all that much time to talk. The time changes, their shows and my own life at home. 
I was staying at Jared’s place while he was gone and working from his place as well, I just run a small jewelry business online. I was basically like his assistant while he was gone though.
They were expected to be in New York in exactly one week and I couldn’t wait, just to be able to have an actual conversation with him again. 

I let out a sigh as I walk through the office doors and take a seat behind the desk, I start to listen to messages that have come over since this morning. I make a stack of important messages, not important and a maybe. 
I go through each important message and call, email or text them back letting them know Jared is away but as soon as he makes it back in town I would have him reach out to them. I haven’t had to deal with anyone difficult yet and it’s a sigh of relief when the conversations end on a good note. 
The maybe stack, I take a picture of each note with my phone and text them over to Jared, I end the text with “I love you & I miss you! Send me pictures of where you are today.” I add a red heart and a kiss lips emoji. 
The not important messages pile up in a stack that Jared will go through when he comes home just to make sure. 
My phone buzzes on the desk, I wonder where he might be in the world to make this a decent hour for him to reply. 
I open the text and its a picture that is mostly black but I can see a glimpse of his pale skin, or maybe its a pillow.

I shake my head and laugh, “What time is it wherever you are?” I reply.

I slide my phone in my back pocket and close the office door behind me. It’s Saturday in the late afternoon, I decide to go mess around on the piano in the upstairs loft. I haven’t touched it since Jared left.  
Another buzz.

I read the reply, “It’s about 2am here in Berlin. What are you up to? I’ll get to the messages later, don’t worry. I love and miss you too.”

A smirk comes across my face but I really miss him, nine months is a long time to be away from each other. I am sure it is a little easier on him since he is busy almost 24/7. 

“Why are you up babe? I’m sure Berlin is beautiful… but California is beautiful too. Just in case you forget.” I hit send.

I don’t even get my phone in my pocket and it buzzes again, “Can’t sleep. Berlin, California, You. I fucking miss you.”

A small ache comes over me, I know something must be bothering him if he can’t sleep, “You make me blush even when you’re thousands of miles away. Whats on your mind baby? Everything ok?”

I see the three dots pop up almost instantly so I wait for his response, “I’m alright babe, don’t worry. I love you, talk to you soon I hope.”

Too late, I’m worried, “Love you babe.”

I know he is busy so i don’t press it. 
I head up to the loft and take a seat on the piano bench. I trace the keys with my fingers.
I haven’t played since Jared left on tour, a chill runs down my spine and smile spreads across my face thinking of the last time I was sitting on this bench.
I take a picture of the keys and send it to Jared, no words attached because no words were needed.

I woke up before Jared, which is rare, but we had a late night out so I decide not to wake him up. I get up from our bed slowly and close the door behind me. I wrap my arms around myself getting used to the cool air. My pajamas consist of misprinted 30 Seconds To Mars shirts that are a little too big. Usually a pair of boy shorts are worn underneath and a pair of fuzzy sock to protect my feet from the cold tile.
Not wanting to walk downstairs just yet, I make my way into the loft on the other side of the house, a piano, a drum set and a a few guitars are set up throughout the open room. I take a seat on the black bench and scoot into the piano. I brush my disheveled curls from the night before behind my ear and out of my face. I start to play just a simple melody, nothing too loud. My fingers dance on the keys and my eyes watch them. The sound is soothing to me even though the melody is dark.
As I get lost in the sounds I’m creating it comes to a stop with a loud mess of keys being pressed as I grip the piano and jump in my seat. Warm hands fell on my shoulder, once I realize who it is my fingers lift from the keys. His hands trail down my arms with a gentle touch and my hands fall weak. He runs his hands back up my arm to my shoulders, he applies pressure as he works his thumbs up the sides of my neck. His hands run down my arms once more all the way to my hands that he intertwines his fingers in. He leans down and I feel the soft touch of his lips against my neck, he lingers there and lets out a breath before kissing the same spot again. He lets his tongue trace circles on my skin with each kiss. I close my eyes and stay perfectly still thinking if I move he will stop, I take in the smell of his cologne from the night before, the strands of his hair that fall over my shoulder. I let out a deep sigh as his teeth bite gently into the skin on my neck. The grip he has on my hands tightens and I let my teeth dig into my bottom lip.

“Good morning.” His whisper is almost like a growl that sends waves through my whole body.

“Hi.“ I breath back to him.

His hands leave mine, he grabs onto the piano bench and pulls it away from the piano, he is quickly kneeling in front of me in just a pair of briefs. I push his hair back with my hands, he raises his head to me with his eyes closed and a hint of a smile comes over his lips. He leans forward and plants a few kisses on my knee working his way to my upper thigh. I watch his every move, I keep my hands tangled in his hair and as he gets further up my grip tightens. 
He reaches up and places his hands on the outside of my thighs, he glides them up my legs and gives a tight squeeze at the top, I bite my lip to resist a moan. He runs his hands back down the tops on my thighs and when he gets back to my knees he opens up my legs. He leans in closer and trails small kisses up my inner thigh, I give a sharp inhale as one of his hands softly rubs the outside of my underwear. He finally looks up at me, his eyes blue and burning and I can feel the rush of fire through every vein in my body. 
He kisses the outside of my underwear and I grip onto the bench a little tighter, I can feel his hot breath against me and I tense up from how close he is. I keep my bottom lip tucked between my teeth holding back any sound as he does it again. His hands reach to my waist and he starts to tug down, I rest back on my hands and lift myself up so he can slide off my underwear. He slides them down my legs and tosses them to the side, I can hear a faint growl from him as he palms himself through his briefs. He rests his thumb on my slit and slowly adds pressure which adds to my need for him, he rubs it over my clit and I can’t hold back the quiet moan. His thumb moves in circles and it doesn’t take long for my hips to start grinding against his finger. I lean my head back and close my eyes, small moan and whimpers escape my lips.
With no warning I feel his tongue run up my slit. My head jolts forward, one of my hands reaches back into his hair and I let out a loud groan. His tongue doesn’t stop dancing inside me, he moves his thumb away from my clit and the I get a deep breath in at the release of his touch. His thumb is quickly replaced with his tongue, the movements of his tongue against my clit has me gripping onto the bench with one hand and pulling him into me with the other. I hear his muffled groans as he is buried between my legs, I can’t help but write against his mouth. 
His hands are gripping my thighs, his fingers digging into my skin. I lean my head back again, his tongue does laps and then comes back to pay extra attention to my clit. My breathing is rigid and I can feel myself start to tremble on the inside. 
I cry out his name as he enters two fingers in me, I can hear how wet I am against his fingers sliding in and out of me at a teasing pace. My moans grow louder as his pace picks up, I can feel myself growing weak at the approaching orgasm. He presses his fingers deep inside me and curls them upwards, he continues the motions for a few short moments. The trembles I felt earlier inside me are now making their way down my legs, my moans and cries are filled with his name. He waits until I cum to remove his fingers and tongue. 
He lifts his head and wipes his mouth with his forearm, both of us are breathing heavy. 
His eyes are still filled with lust, his shoulders are glistening sweat and his hair is tossed in a mess from my fingers intertwining with it. 
I stand up from the bench and my knees go weak, his hands are quickly grabbing onto my legs and we let a slight laugh come between us. He stands up in front of me and his arm reaches around my waist pulling me into him, his hard length pressed firmly against me. I tuck his hair behind his ear and let my fingers trail down the side of his face, I place a few fingers behind his jaw and his stare it tight on me, I pull him in and our lips meet. I can taste me and him in the kiss and I let out a quiet moan. 
I push his shoulder telling him to turn around, he kisses me once more before moving. I tug at the hem of his briefs and he pulls the down the rest of the way, he takes a seat on the piano bench and his hands grab onto my waist and he pulls me closer. 
I straddle on top of him and put my shins against the bench. I rest my arms on his shoulders and lean down to bite his lower lip. He lets out a soft groan as his eyes close, I lower myself onto him and I receive a louder moan. His arms wrap around me to help hold me in position and holding me close to him. 
I use the bench as leverage and slowly ride him. 
His smell of cologne is replaced with a scent of sweat and sex, a deep exhale is heard from him every time I meet his lap.
Our eyes meet and warmth floods me as I stare back into the crystal oceans, words don’t seem to make their way out just breathy moans as I keep a steady pace on him.
One of his hands leaves my back, he places it on the side of my face and he pulls me in and our lips meet. I felt him let his shoulders down like it was a sigh of relief, he tasted of sweat and desire as our lips parted and our tongues rolled over the each others.
Heavy breathing into the kiss, he became even more intoxicating.
I pull away and his eyes stay closed as I continue to bounce on him, his moans become more frequent and his fingertips dig into my back. I rest my head against his shoulder as the whimpers and cries escape me, I sink my teeth into his shoulder as shockwaves run through me. A roaring groan comes from deep within him as he pulses into me, by bite becomes deeper as the last shockwave leaves my body. 
I kiss the bite mark I left and rest my forehead on his shoulder. Our chests breath heavy against each other, he turns his head and kisses the side of my face. 
He helps me come to a stand keeping his arm still wrapped around my waist, I kiss his bare chest and let my hands rest on his arms.

Silence falls over us as our breathing slows, his fingers lift my chin and my heart rate picks up from the gaze he has on me, “I love you.” his voice a deep whisper. He places his mouth over mine before I can reply. 

The words leave a sensation over me, my heart pounds in my chest and my arms grip around his waist holding onto him tight, “I love you.” I whisper back once our lips come undone.

A buzz from my phone breaks me from my flashback, “Forever engraved in my memory, my love.” 

Dating chanyeol would include
  •  you feeling like the third wheel when Baekhyun is around
  • “okay can I please get my boyfriend now”
  • studio dates cz he’s there 24/7
  • netflex and chill dates
  • “ Hey jagii feel up my biceps”
  • forming a workout squad with chen suho  xiumin and beakhyun and you being chanyeol’s personal trainer
  • “babe i heard making out burns 230 calories in 30min wanna try”
  • ” no you should probably do some cardio”
  • ” you’re my favourite cardio workout”
  • “PARK  CHANYEOL !!!”
  • Ohohooo~ Get it, hyung!
  • trying to seduce with his rap like :  

Oh yeah my pee is bright yellow·        
 You taste so sweet like jello·                                                                     
 Gurl i hope u got the memo ·                                                                  
Cz I’ll be doing u in the bathroom with no problemo·        

  • He’d have to lift you up every time he hugs u
  • you tiptoeing to kiss him and him not bending down to tease u
  • Everyday running up after him to keep up with his pace
  • phone calls at 2am
  • listening to music together
  • him composing songs about you
  • Putting stuff on top on the shelve to make u feel short
  • “you wanna get that? Better gimme a kiss”
  • “Never mind I got it asshole”  
  • Teasing you nonstop
  • “-Chan can you massage my shoulders for me ?”
  • “-Sure bae”
  • -”Oops  , my hand slipped”
  • If something embarrassing happens to you he’ll never let you live in down
  • -Remember when your pants were torn from behind and I-
  • Being the loudest couple ever and always getting kicked out because of it
  • Annoying the hella out of kyungsoo
  • Kyungsoo : “could you two not laugh so loud i can’t hear myself think”
  • Singing off tunes each time you go to the karaoke but daaamn making you melt when he does it seriously CUZ THAT VOICE Urg
  • Corny jokes and pickup lines
  • “Jagii if you were a booger I’d..”
  • “Omg chanyeol stop”
  • not having a trouble with finding him whatsoever
  • his shirts would be like dresses on you
  • “I gave it to you , to borrow not to keep”
  • “Where is my shirt ?”
  • Catching him staring admiringly at you
  • “you like what you see babe?”
  • Playing piano and guitar for you all the time
  • Teaching how to play the guitar so you can do a duet
  • V-I-D-E-O-G-A-M-E-S . Don’t be surprised if he drag you in a pc bar for a date
  • -Bow down to the king of games
  • Getting kicked out because you are just too loud
  • You feeling like you’re dating a 5 years old when you see how much he love plushies  
  • “yeol let’s go”
  • “ just  gimme 15 min i swear this is my last level in Candy crush”
  • “Okay i’ll just go out with baekhyun then”
  • “nevermind im coming”
  • Constantly call you or facetime you when he is on tour , even if it’s just few minutes
  • “How is the weather down there”
  • “Better than the jokes up there”
  •  just when things get heated baekhyun walks on both of you
  • “when will we ever get it on in peace”
  • members always laughing on your height difference
  • Chen: “ Y/N i would suggest for you to drink milk but it wouldn’t help you considering Yoda’s height you don’t need calcium you need a magic potion”

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