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030715 weibo update: I just saw the news that yesterday someone spent 40,000 to buy a press permit. I know that you want to support me, but next time don’t do this, I always know you guys are by my side. After this, I will find the opportunity to meet with everyone more! So save money and do more meaningful things with it! Also, I heard that a lot of people are questioning my selfie skills???

1. Xiumin

“Well…i see….I’ll know it from now on…..please never ask me to buy it again for you ohmygod.…”

2. Luhan

“Good thing I’m not a woman….”

3. Kris

“I didn’t really need to know that….”

4. Suho

“…the more you know….”

5. Lay

“Wait, you stick that in what?!”

6. Baekhyun

“Wait, doesn’t it feel weird?”

7. Chen

“Well, now it’s all clear…no wonder you’re so petty when you’re on your period…”

8. Chanyeol

“…just….do your thing, babe….don’t get me involved…I don’t want to know anything more….”

9. D.O.

*Okay, Kyungsoo…she told you to buy the sticks, not the flat ones….the sticks, not the flat ones….just ask, Kyungsoo, it’s OK, be a man!*

10. Tao

“Wait…but isn’t it uncomfortable?….doesn’t it hurt? Are you alright?”

11. Kai

“Wait, I have two older sisters, why didn’t I know that?!”

12. Sehun

“So…you’re like a pipe?”

What the planets teach you...
  • Sun:how to be yourself
  • Moon:how to feel
  • Mercury:how to communicate and learn
  • Venus:how to love
  • Mars:how to act
  • Jupiter:how to expand
  • Saturn:how to discipline and respect
  • Uranus:how to rebel
  • Neptune:how to see the hidden
  • Pluto:how to transform
  • Chiron:how to heal
  • Pallas:how to create art
  • Ceres:how to nurture


saltyjub asked:

Is Cicadot just like a freaking frog, swelling up her chest, staring at the person that ticked her off straight in the eyes and just emits sound and everyone else goes "What fuck is happening? Why are you doing this? Are you going to stop?" and she just friggin' continues until they go away? Now I imagine tiny Peridot making the same sound as a tiny frog and it is hilarious to me.

OHHH…she’d be like that one tiny frog….


It’s a defense mechanism