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Yellow as a symbol of hope for the Turners?

Just something I noticed while rewatching 4x05. 

I’ve noticed that the appearance of the colour of yellow in relation to the Turners often comes at a time or after a time of uncertainty and heartbreak. 

In the first two images we see the colour yellow in the form of the sunflower on Angela’s cot. This comes after what was an awful period for the Turners in which they didn’t know how to and couldn’t communicate with one another. There was a divide between them and as they were still learning about one another it took time for them to reconcile. But Hope is what followed when they did. Hope for their relationship, hope for a child. Angela marked a new beginning for the Turners, and what remained was hope. 

In 4x05 we see the reappearance of the colour yellow during a difficult time for the Turners. While awaiting Patrick’s return from taking the Raymond baby to the hospital we see Shelagh stood by the window, wearing the colour yellow. For Patrick it is a time of little hope. He’s lost belief in himself and his abilities as a Doctor, which leads to his breakdown. It’s during this period that Shelagh needs enough faith and hope for both of them. In this scene she has to have hope that Patrick will return to her and hope that she’s able to help him through a difficult period. At the end of the episode we see Shelagh wearing yellow once more, as is Angela. This again comes at the end of a difficult period for the Turners. But in this moment Patrick has restored faith in himself and is back at work, doing what he does best. His face paints a thousand pictures here. Shelagh is his hope. His family and hope saw him through his darkest time. 

In series 6 we see Shelagh wearing a yellow nightgown. In the first scene in which she is wearing this nightdress hope is explicitly mentioned. It’s a time of uncertainty, they are in limbo waiting to find out the fate of their baby. During  this time hope is all they have. Hope that their baby is alive and healthy but also hope that if they do have to face the worst they need hope that they can get through it together. In the final image Shelagh is once again wearing the yellow nightgown and this is the scene in which she hears her baby’s heartbeat for the first time. Hope got them through another tough period, and though “happy ending” is cliche in this moment that is what yellow symbolises again. They never gave up hope.

Writing a essay on Viking husbandry and butchering to take my mind off the fact that the show that has defined the past 12 years of my life is ending in 2.5 hours.

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66. “How could I ever forget about you?”

Ashley’s funeral had been brutal. Robert hadn’t even known the vicar particularly well, but as Laurel gave her eulogy, he had felt his heart clench and his eyes water.

He couldn’t imagine how it would feel to lose the love of your life the way Laurel just had, with him not even remembering who you were. It was Robert’s worst nightmare, to ever think that Aaron would forget him.

Robert shifted slightly as Aaron got into bed beside him, tugging his sleeves down over his hands. It had taken a lot out of the both of them, Ashley’s funeral, and they’d tried their best to make up for Liv not being able to be there.

“Alright?” he asked quietly, watching as Aaron settled himself under the covers, tugging them up around his chest. 

“Today was awful,” Aaron admitted, lying on his side so he could look at Robert properly, his blue eyes bright as he scanned Robert’s face. Robert could see the beginnings of tears in Aaron’s eyes, the furrow of his brow making his heart ache.

Aaron had known too much sadness in his life, Robert decided. 

“I can’t even imagine how Laurel feels,” Robert agreed, reaching out and tangling their fingers together, admiring the way their wedding rings looked against each other. “Losing Ashley the way she did.”

“How could he forget her?” Aaron asked, biting down on the side of his lip. “I mean, I know why he did, I’m not stupid, but how could he just forget how much he loved her?”

Robert shook his head. “I don’t know how she’s coping.”

“I wouldn’t, if you ever forgot about me.” Aaron admitted, blinking back furious tears. 

Robert pressed a tender kiss to the inside of Aaron’s wrist, tugging him closer. “How could I ever forget about you?” he said quietly, hoping his eyes portrayed all the love he never felt like he had the words for. “You’re my soulmate, remember?”

As the Long, Long Nights Begin: Chapter Two

AU.  After the fight with Gaston, Belle is just in time to save the Beast’s life-but too late to break the spell. Can they manage to find some happiness anyway?

You can read Chapter One here or on fanfic.net.

Two days ago, the servants had seen the last petal fall from the rose, its faint, eerie glow extinguished forever. The stem had immediately crumbled into ashes on the table.

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Darling One
A one-shot, told through Jaal's perspective. [1098 words]
By Organization for Transformative Works

He understood the repercussions of falling for a human, much less someone whom people refer to as a hero. But everyone else be damned, he loved you and would proclaim it at the top of his lungs… again.


If some of you have seen a previous post where I mentioned some screenplay ideas that I had and I thank those that responded really positively! So if you don’t know, I want to go into my masters into screenwriting. In comparison with the music training I have, I have almost no official screenwriting training (besides a couple of classes). I know one of the best ways to get better at writing in general is to ask people to read your script. However, since I know everyone is busy (and I’m really bad at asking people because I’m an anxious piece of shit)  I know not everyone is up for this. However, it would help a lot if a couple of people would read it over and tell me if you would watch this on your TV or in the theaters. You don’t have to edit my writing skills (which is much appreciated though!) you just need to tell me if you would watch it or not. And if you would not, what would you do to make it better?

I know I could ask friends, which I will, but one of the best advice I’ve ever heard is ask the general public, people you don’t know very well, and see what they think. So that’s where you come in. I know everyone has different taste in movies and TV so I don’t expect everyone to read everything I have to offer. 

Anyway, if you are interested, either comment here or message me and when the script is done I can send you the draft and you can read it over. So here are the scripts I am working on/would like to finish eventually. (and please signal boost this if you can. you may not be interested but someone out there might!) 

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I have an odd and very specific problem... I was writing a fanfic for voltron and I realized that I want to write the plot of my fanfic into an original story since it's completely mine but with obviously voltron characters... do I continue the fanfic or cancel it so that I can write it out for my original?

As odd and specific as your problem may feel, I can promise you this is a burning indigestion that lives inside many writers, my dear. 

The original idea for my Citrus Witches, actually came from a Merlin fanfic I wrote back when Geoffrey of Monmouth was still alive.  It ended up veering far and wide from the original plot, only about 15% of it comes from that original fic I wrote, but the fact remains, it’s still there.  I also took an entire scene from a Free! fic I wrote for this story.  

If you feel a real connection with this story, and you want to see it take on it’s own life outside of an existing show, and become your own thing, I would definitely encourage you to do that.  I think fic is a really great place to fine tune your writing and to spark new ideas, it’s up to you to decide what you want to do with that.  

I just saw the most idiotic anti Tony statement and I honestly cannot believe I really read that

and yet

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you… are really reaching for that hate

how have you managed to survive for this long if this is your thought process?? 

I am shocked 

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you describe it better than i ever could–
the feeling when you’re with
the right people in the right place
at the exactly perfect time.
and maybe the lights are flashing
or the bass is loud but
maybe the sun is shining on us,
siting on a beach towel in the park
fighting over a board game


i’m comparing strict grammar to
the your laughter, vocabulary to
the way your smile lights up a room–
there are no words to explain this,
how you look away and suddenly
i’m the empty one


you brought me back from the
edge of the world, knife already
embedded in my sunset sky that
raged, blazing above–
this is the love you’ve shown me


if all we are is
inevitable death, why not
create a desire for life?

– l.m. 
italicized bits are quotes from the song “glory,” by bastille

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29., Spones :)

Sweat - Spones

It doesn’t happen quite right the first time. It’s too careful, their hands and lips reserved and incredulous.

The second time is too fast, because they still can’t believe it, and they rush to the end because they heard somewhere that jaded and naïve don’t go together.

The third time is just right though. They look at each other brazenly and smile while they figure out how to move their bodies together, over and over, until they’re tired limbs and sweat-slicked skin. They lie afterwards and laugh because they’ve never listened anyway, and everything they are is fucking perfect together.



Drabble #338

III: allergic reaction

Arthur hasn’t always been allergic to strawberries. Sometimes Carolyn wishes he had been from birth, because at least he might remember by now, but instead it had appeared quite abruptly in his mid-20s, a brand new bane upon his mother’s life.

Not his own. He doesn’t really go in for that sort of thing.

Which is a blessing, really - he never seems to realise how close he comes to suffocation, like a cut that doesn’t sting as long as you can’t see any blood. Somehow, it’s symbolic of his very nature: the bright side, always, because the dark is inconceivable.