what I would give to see that

That new Thrones trailer tho...

I am SO down for Jon Vs D@n¥ because that’s what I see happening in the books and damn that would be a sight. It would be EPIC.

So, in the trailer, I noticed that Danita is not happy AT ALL seeing some Red Witch coming to her new castle and giving her news.


“Yooo bitch it ain’t you, you ain’t shit, I know who’s the real McCoy. I saw it in a fire and I raised him from the dead. He’s the one, not you tho. So whatchu gonna do about it??”

Danita: *internally screaming*
“Find him. Fight him. Kill him unless he swears loyalty. Everything under the sun is now mine.”

Meanwhile, back in Winterfell…

“Okay we need dragon glass, like a shit load and oh, hey you know, some chick named D@n¥ got it at Dragonstone plus she has dragon fire. How abt it, crew?”

Crew (of tired men and ten yr old kids):
“Her family killed your uncle and grandfather and you wanna go to her for help? Damn son you need a history lesson, don’t fuck this up again you twat.”


*reads something out of a fortune cookie in an overly dramatic fashion*


omg I can’t wait to see these two Targs fight it out yooo *evil laughs*


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i have no reason to believe this will happen but i think it'd be neat if the anthony/phil collab is something to do with like their age. since phil and anthony were born in the same year so they are both ~30yo youtubers who've been doing youtube forever

oooooohhhhh thats a great concept, i would honestly kind of love that, especially if they tried to be a bit forthright with it and actually give somewhat real opinions on what it’s been like seeing youtube grow and change and evolve so much in all these years they’ve been on the site. at the same time i could see them making something comedic from that premise as well and that could also be really great!!!!! i hope it ends up being something like this :) 


Hey all, it’s been a while since I had these open, but I kind of need to right now to make a little bit of money since I pretty much have nothing.

So.. these are only going to be for Mass Effect, or Dragon Age characters/OC’s. Sorry, but they’re what I understand the most (and I’d love to see your PC’s!). Also sorry I don’t really have that great of examples up there, it’s all I got really.

Please send me any screenshots, or detailed descriptions you have of your character. The more info you have, the better. Give me all the details, big or small, I’d like to get whoever you want as correct as possible!

As always, payment will be sent to my Paypal


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If you aren’t able to get one, I would really appreciate reblogs!

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Can we please just let ika loose in that house instead of zingbot and let her read every single house guest and then give dom the 500,000 dollar check all while replacing Julie chin as the new host of bbus? Is that to much to ask?

Ika would’ve scalped the shit out of all these bitches. She came for Kevin like it was her day job. After all she does have a degree in dragging bitches. I would love to see her come for them after she saw what they said about her in the house. 

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I love your match ups (thank you for the match up earlier) and I've been exploring your blog and it's fantastic <3 if you're still doing HC requests I would LOVE to see a Mint Eye role reversal au, where Rika and Saeran were the good guys, and the rest of our cinnamon buns were in Mint Eye doing nefarious things. What would they be like? What would their specific jobs be? A world where Rika isn't a snake?! Poor Saeran feeling so weak, but just wants to help everyone!! Omg.

Thank you so much!! ❤️ and oml I got so excited when I read this request I hope I did a good job lol

Jumin: he’d be the leader yanno. He’d give the orders and just sit on top of his money. He’d want to be the most powerful man in the world. Whenever someone doesn’t agree with his ideas they get thrown into jail for life… Or worse….

Zen: ahhh the Casanova, he’s the one who seduces the targets or people who get in the way. It works on everyone because well.. have you ever looked at him lmao. He wants to be the prettiest man alive everyone who insults his beauty will pay…

Yoosung; he’s the one who usually takes care of the distraction. He’ll cry like a crybaby or yell louder than sirens so that people can only focus on him. He wants everyone to know how it feels to lose someone ( Jumin told him he killed Rika bc she did horrible things) so he’ll make sure everyone knows

Seven: the hacker (surprise) of course he’s the one who makes sure the security cameras are off, the alarms and that all the doors are open. He feels like the world is full of lies and liars, his brother betrayed him and he’ll make sure to make him and everyone else suffer, it’s all his fault after all

Jaehee: she makes sure everyone in the team does their job. She makes sure the locations of the missions are safe and she plans how they’re gonna do it. She wants Zen for herself and will hurt anyone who even looks at him

Saeran: he’s the one who’s sad 24/7 and tries to make everything alright but unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. His brother wanted him to join the bad side but he refused and since then seven tries to make his life a living hell seven keeps hacking into his computer so Saeran has to change the security 5 times a day which takes a lot of time. He also needs to track where their base is but that’s very difficult.

Rika: Jumin Stared the organization because Rika choose V instead of him. So of course she feels like she caused it, she’ll do anything it takes to stop them. She’s the leader of the RFA the mother Saeran never had and together they try to stop the bad guys

V: He’s the guy who’s stuck in between. He loves Rika but he also cares for Jumin. So he tries to stay out of it as best as he can

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What do you think the other Cullens would be like as parents?

Unpopular opinion, maybe, but I can’t see Jasper and Alice as parents at all. I think they’re more likely to be the exciting, world-traveling child-free aunt and uncle who just aren’t into the idea of having kids–don’t want to give up their lifestyle, don’t want to deal with diapers and parent-teacher conferences, etc. I think they’d become closer to nieces and nephews when they are older, but babies might not do much for them.  Alice’s interactions with Nessie seemed to be solely related to dressing her up for fashion shows and photoshoot which is a contrast to Rosalie who also liked to hold her and feed her and brush her hair. and Jasper had like, nothing to do with Nessie at all?

Rosalie would be a good mom but would have high expectations which could sometimes stress her kids out.  Emmett would be the balance to that, the fun dad, but sometimes too fun and not good for serious things. But they’d work well as a unit, their strengths compensating for the others weaknesses, and Rosalie could get Emmett to be more serious when needed, and he could get to to lighten up when she needed to. I think the first few years of the first kid(s) might be rough because she’s sort of romanticized motherhood so much, but I think once she learned to let go and be a bit less of a perfectionist (and Emmett would help there) she’d get into the swing of it. 

Esme’s whole essence is that archtypical mother vibe; she’s a natural. I do think it would be a different vibe with children she raised from babies (either her own or adopted) vs ‘mothering’ grown or nearly-grown ‘children’ as in canon.  She’d be warmer than Rosalie, more indulgent, but firm when she needs to be. She’s have all sorts of cute pet-names for the kids and would love singing to and with them, making arts and crafts, building them little playhouses and tree forts. I think Carlisle might be a little out of his element with very small babies and kids–loving but kind of like ‘what do I do with it??’—and rolling around on the floor and giving pony-rides might make him feel silly at first but he’d get there. As they got older he’d find his stride and be a present, if busy, father who loved to read to the kids and help them with homework and take them on nature hikes.  He’d be very conscious of his own relationship with his father and trying not to make the same mistakes but there would surely be missteps along the way. I think Esme would be better at laying down the law than Carlisle.  But no spanking from either, lol. 

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Hello! I have an idea for this one Camp Camp AU/comic idea that I would love to see! Unfortunately I don't have a good artskill, so I wanted to know if you can take the idea yourself? It's something I like to call "Camp Camp : The musical AU"! Basic idea is that you give each Camp Camp character a musical note (it can be original or change the lyrics of other musical songs like Disney to match the chracter traits) and you draw the scenes out! What do you think?

Anon, this is the most beautiful AND fantastic idea I have ever read! How did you know I was dying to see a musical episode of Camp Camp?! Even though it will not be in motion but comic would still be nice! I am so honored that you want me to take the idea ;u; I will definetly work on this as soon as I get all my art trades done, and try my best not to let this idea to be a waste!

But it WOULD be hard for me to choose all the songs for each character so I might need a lil help from you or my followers with that! Feel free to send me a character with a MUSICAL song that you think it might go well! Heck i guess it’s time for me to have a disney marathon -

Zane~Chan & Zane's Development

So with the latest episode (kind of) confirming Zane~Chan was like a breath of fresh air. As much as I love Aarmau it’s been so good to see other characters and ships.

What I find good about Zane~Chan was that they both have a mutual crush, they ‘like’ each other but not 'love’ (seeing as they’re relationship has only truly developed a little before and during Aphmau’s Year). This gives both the characters room to grow and develop their relationship into whatever Jess has planned and even if things dont work out Zane would still end up with another close friend.

And seeing as Zane is stilll somewhat anti social just shows that it makes up part of his character, so even if he only ever has Aphmau, Garroth and KC as close friends it may be all he needs to grow as a character. We can see he is already more tolerable of other characters and that would be deffinitly the influence of those I mentioned above.

Good character development doesn’t mean major immediate changes.

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"Hello, Stretch. So, I've a question for you. What would you do if I said I completely and utterly ship Ty and you?" Shy gives a Stretch a quick hug and a smile. "Tibia honest, you two are one of my OTPs."

“heh, you really ship us?  that’s actually pretty cool.”  His grin widening, Stretch wraps his arm around Shy, chuckling over the pun.  


“YOU’RE KINK-SHAMING AGAIN, EDGE!”  Blueberry puffs out his cheeks, his hands on his hips.


*You do realize I’m standing right here.  

“doesn’t bother me.  and it’s not like she’s always a tortoise.  we met when she x-rayed my arm, actually.  the film may not’ve turned out, but she captured my heart perfectly.”



“…. this is becoming a train-wreck, but i can’t look away.”

I keep seeing shit that says that Louis’ interview,particularly the one he did with the Sun focused too much on his personal life.But here’s what Louis said in the interview:

“I want to make everything as honest and obvious as possible.” 

Meaning, he WANTS to talk about his personal life because it serves as the inspiration for his music! So don’t give that bullshit when all you’re really saying his you don’t believe what your supposed fave says about his son and girlfriend because you would rather believe in a fictitious relationship that has been stated fake SEVERAL TIMES over the years and you can’t accept that.

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Hello! Hope you're having a lovely day! I love your art so very much, it gives me life💕 💕 I want to try digital art, but I have no idea where to start or what to do. If it is not too much trouble, would you help me out with what tools and programs are there to get me started? Thank you! Take care :)

Hi! Thank you, I have just woken up! <3 I’ll do my best to help!

When I first started digital art, I started with Adobe Photoshop 7. I just clicked every button to see what they did and experimented a LOT. Since there is so much you can really learn on your own, I took a Digital Imaging class and it helped me understand Photoshop better.

But it wasn’t until I got SAI Paint Tool, that I realized this was a simpler drawing program! Adobe Photoshop is heavy, and excessive for me. It takes up a lot of space, takes too long to load, and too much features I don’t bother using. This one is portable, so I can just move this program to harddrives/thumbnails and never have to reinstall. I think it’s a very simple program and doesn’t do a lot of the graphic stuff Photoshop can do, but there are always ways around it, you just have to check out tutorials! ^^ So, maybe you could invest in getting SAI Paint Tool? (You can always do a free trial first, and also I believe there are free downloads up on the net but yea). 

Another option is Clip Studio Paint Pro. I use this also, and I just got this recently through a sale. I found that this program is more in-between Photoshop and SAI, and I really love it. This one has a lot of really helpful tools for artists and mangakas, and this might be my new default drawing program now.

Anyways, there are so many drawing programs out there, but these are the ones I have the most experience in—feel free to dabble in other programs, just find what is a better fit for you.

Drawing tablets, definitely! It is not required, but omg, it is a blessing! I used to color my pieces with a mouse and it was horrid.

Wacom brand is my go-to for drawing tablets. Doesn’t have to be expensive or large–it does the job quite well. My old one looked like this:

It’s a lot different from drawing on paper, so practice a lot with it!

And if you’re ballin, then you can spring for these babies! Tablets with screen displays *Q*

They are a lot easier imo. I don’t have a cintiq but I want one. I use an alternative and it gives me trouble sometimes, so I don’t even want to recommend it lol.
(though I do not recommend these tablets if you’re just starting out or if you’re not planning on being constantly drawing digitally bc $$$$)

I hope I didn’t forget anything else, but let me know!

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I totally get what you mean! They have a sort of disconnect to the rest of the world. Something I'd love to see (just bc of my own person experience) is how you'd write a character that's rich but very humble, and understands life isn't the same for everyone? It would be such a refreshing thing you know! I love the planning and detail you always put in your writing, have you actually considered writing a book?

I find that most wealthy people who earn their wealth are indeed humble. They give a lot back to the world and they work very hard. They know the effort it takes to acquire wealth. People of inherited wealth are often the ones who struggle with humility. They’ve never been in a place of struggle, which builds the ingredients for humility. It’s why some people squander the wealth their parents/grandparents worked hard to obtain, they have no clue how hard it was to earn it. The kids in this story aren’t humble…they were born into extreme wealth and their world view is one of entitlement. Their parents are too indulgent with them. My plan is to show the teens evolving and growing during the summer ( their “Best Summer” because of what they learn and experience on the island) perhaps to a place of humility or at least an open mind. lol The nasty character of Nico Jr is going to be my biggest challenge! I actually do have a novel I’m working on, but ugh…it’s on the back burner as I work through the worse writer’s block of my life which is why I am doing Sim stories for now :( Thanks so much for your Asks, they have made my day!!! Love discussing character development so sorry for the long essay response! lol.

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Honestly, what I think is happing with the Black Lion thing with no Lance is that the team might be trying to find another to be the Black Paladin and Lance might volunteer. So the team is waiting for something to happen while Lance is inside trying to get it to work. Keith is probably distant in the screenshot because he knows it's him who should lead but he doesn't want to say. Then Lance realizes it's not working so he gives up or stops. But what we see at the end is Keith waking Black up.

yeahh that seems possible.. although i don’t want lance to be sad when he doesn’t get Black to work ahh that’d be cruel like that would basically be saying nope you’re not a leader

Am I the only one who is not at all disappointed about the last chapter of fairy tail? I admit I also wanted a sort of canonization of the ships, seeing their children might have made me happier but even this finale is not bad. There is hope that they will be canonizzed maybe with some one shots, this is not a final one that can not be continued. It ends with them going into an adventure and Hiro could continue their adventure in a thousand ways, I would prefer a one shot or maybe another story rather than seeing a final where they are all happy with their kids. There is always that little hope that tells me “ it’s not over ” and plus is still missing Acquarius’s key to find, a very important character and I do not think he will not draw this part.
So do not give hasty answers, do not say the finale sucks just because there are no ships. There is so much time left to see what’s going to happen. Maybe there will be a continuous in the anime, who knows? Hiro has done a great job all these years, this last saga will not be one of the best but he was the only mangaka who made me scream every Friday for spoilers, Thanks Hiro for all weekly sore throat.

For years it has been like this… we’ve always been like this. One day we talk, hang out for weeks, and then all of a sudden we stop talking. A few months will pass by without us communicating or contacting each other. And then out of the blue, we will start talking again. We would see each other, and the next thing I knew we wouldn’t be talking again.

It’s crazy to think that we have something special going on between us. I don’t even know what are we anymore. Sometimes we behave like were more than just friends, we do things that “friends” don’t usually do. But often times we also act like we don’t give a damn about each other. One day you make me feel special, and the next day you make me feel like I’m nothing and that I don’t matter.

How do you even define this relationship that we have? Until now, its been screwing me up and fucking with my feelings. How do I get over from someone like you? From something like this? The world is bizarre. And so are we.

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So, something Tumblr does that everyone hates is them introducing updates that are not helpful at all. (One I'm mostly referring to is the new Safe Mode) They introduce it and then everyone hates it but they don't change anything. Before you add a new feature, I would like that you guys please ask the users of tumblr if that feature would be useful to them, or if you then see that after an update people don't like said feature, that you remove it. It's really annoying how Tumblr ignores us

Our ToS states that we have to give you guys 30 days to comment on any updates so that we can react to what users think!

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I need more triplekim in my life but they don't seem as close anymore is that just me? I don't know but I really like them together, maybe it's just time makes it so they don't have to be super close to show each other they care? Lmk what u think :)

Ahhhh triple kim gives me so many warm feelings! T_T I am sure they are still super close! Like the anonny said before just because we don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Of course it would be nice to see them close on camera but even if we don’t let’s not doubt their strong bond because we don’t see them interact in a few videos (Also triple kim did have a bowling date on JinhwanTV recently so if you haven’t seen it please go see it now!) 

But always remember these boys have been together for a long time,  they love each other and have been through a lot together. And I don’t think a friendship like that can easily fall apart :)

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"Blake loves kids, and I would like to see him have children with Gwen. I've heard the baby rumors, and when I ask him about it, he says, 'You'll be the first to know!'" Sure Jan.

What?! Is that from Star?? Wow. That’s all I can say. Wow. If she really said that, that’s an awfully personal quote.

If you have a scan or can give us some more tidbits from the article, we’ll owe you big! 🙏

– M

I’ve had HP on the brain a lot lately and I’ve been thinking a lot about quills. Like, even in the time zone the books were set in, I would think that muggle borns and probably a lot of the half bloods would feel so much more comfortable using pens and pencils. I just can’t see a whole school full of kids and teens using quills all the time unless they grew up with them.

So what if, after the HP characters left school and all, pens and pencils started showing up more and more. I think quills would kinda be treated like #2 pencils (at least American schools do that.). Quills would still be required for the end of year exams, simply because they can get cheat proof quills easier than pens and pencils.

Some teachers would probably require quills be used on tests they give in class, maybe even for some essays. But all the notes and homework and quick assignments would be done using muggle writing utensils. I’ve just….I’ve just been thinking about quills a lot.

Look I know some of y'all couldn’t give a damn about the books but they do have some good storylines that could be so interesting to see on the show. I know that they have to move away from the books but it would be so cool to see some of those storylines changed on screen and improved on. Seeing all the constant negativity surrounding the books is very disheartening can’t we all just enjoy things without hating on others.