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Tons of glitter, hours of listening to 1989 on repeat, and endless trips to Michael’s.

taylorswift scrapbooking is one of my biggest passions so I had to make this for you! When I first listened to the songs on 1989, I started to picture what they would look like on a scrapbook page and it was so much fun to put all this together! There is one page for each song on the album, these are just a few of my favorites! It would be a dream for you to see this and I would love to give this to you on August 14th in Santa Clara!! Floor M, row 27, seats 3-4! taylorswift

You love somebody, right? you love them so much that you would die for them, but maybe they don’t love you back. and every time you look at them it’s like you’re drowning, like you are standing on the edge of a cliff and they are about to push you over, like giving all the best pieces of yourself away only to find they don’t mean a thing.

you would sell your love to the first person who looked at you if it meant you wouldn’t miss him anymore.

you think you’re better off without a heart but you are wrong. love doesn’t always give you back what it stole, and you might not be like you once were but that doesn’t mean you can’t love again.

you are so wrapped up in the ways he doesn’t love you that you can’t look around and see who does.

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write– Lily Rain

New video is up! I think this video has been like the most requested one so far and it’s just me showing what a normal day of eating looks like for me :) Please keep in mind that this is just one day and that my daily intake varies a lot, this was just one day :) If you would be interested to see more videos like this, please let me know by leaving a comment and it would make me so happy if you wanted to give it a thumbs up and subscribe but it’s okay if you don’t, I still love you :)xx


Taylor! I cut 12 inches of my hair off yesterday!!! I never thought i’d ever have the courage to cut my hair because i’ve always had it so long but I DID IT!!! And i’m so excited about it because i’m donating those 12 inches to the little princess trust so it can help make a real hair wig for boys and girls across the UK and Ireland who have unfortunately lost their real hair through cancer treatment.
You can see on the top photo that i’m wearing my fearless necklace, and that sure is what i was yesterday! Thank you for giving me the courage to cut my hair and give it to children who need it a lot more than i do☺️

From the girl who said she would never cut her hair, Yasmin❤️

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Liz.. It's been like 15 years.. Will I ever like myself and be confident? I'm not even brave enough to post a selfie like what if people reblog it to laugh? What if I become a meme? I wish I was pretty

Honey :( I’m sorry you feel like that. I don’t know you so I feel like I can’t help you so much cause I don’t want to give you any words that would be inconsiderate. What I can assume is that there’s probably a lot of reasons why your self esteem is so low:( if it’s been 15 years of being terrified, so self conscious, id suggest maybe seeing a therapist that can help you with tools to help you realize you’re a wonderful, prize of a woman.
I don’t think there’s a quick fix to confidence. Theres a lot of love and support that nurtures confidence. You’re worth it. Maybe if ur in school you can see a counsellor because you don’t deserve to feel that way bout yourself.

I figured I should start to talk about some of the couples I support. Since people probably know the moments between these two, I will talk about why I support Faithshipping:

Why do I support it: Because what Yusei did in their first duel, at the Fortune Cup, was a lot farther than any friend would go. Plus, no one was forcing him to help her. On top of that, he said or implied that he already liked her after that duel, as Martha teased him about it, before he had to go help her a second time.

Why do I see it as my OTP/Canon: There were so many scenes that implied they both liked each other (skating rink, Yusei giving her Stardust, etc.). The biggest one was from the scene above (last episode). I thought nothing would happen, but in the end, it was heavily implied that they have mutual feelings for each other, and that they would get together when Akiza was done with school. I’m sure they met up during her Summer and Winter breaks as well.

I know a lot of people say, “We didn’t see them together, so they didn’t get together.” However, with what they said, did, and their reactions in this scene (also in the ending and in the future), it was heavily implied. Plus, even Yusei’s Japanese VA said that Yusei wasn’t going to be in ARC-V, because he was too busy dating Akiza. For me, that puts the nail in the coffin on whether or not they were going to end up together.

Why Don’t I see them with other people: Akiza could have really only ended up with Sayer, but he left her life after 64 and what he did to her. Yusei’s pairing are mostly with Jack, Crow, and Bruno, but Bruno died and Crow and Jack don’t make sense. Jack was implied straight, Yusei was implied straight, and Crow seems like a perverted straight guy.

Conclusion: If you have other Yusei pairings, that’s fine, and I’m not trying to bash you. However, at the end of the day, it seems like the writers heavily implied (to me) that Yusei and Akiza were/are going to get together, even if it wasn’t blatantly said or shown. With all the scenes they had together, the very last scene, and Yusei VA saying it too, it seems like the writers wanted to leave it open ended as to how they reunite, date, and get married. That way, the fans could come up with their own theories and stories to how they tie the bow on it.

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What is the best advice you would give someone for writing college essays? I'm planning on applying to the University of Chicago, UC Berkeley, UCLA, and UC Santa Barbara. (Plus other ones but I really want those schools). I want to give it my all when writing the essays, so any advice would be very helpful. Thank you

Hi! Here’s some tips for any college applications:

  • The college essay is probably the most important component of the application because this is the one chance admissions officers get to see an applicant as a person with hopes, fears, stories, etc. rather than a set of grades and scores.
  • Be yourself: Let the admissions officer get to know you and fall in love with you! If you are a naturally the class clown, be funny. If you’re the next Shakespeare, write poetically (just don’t get weird). Don’t attempt to try out a new persona during the application process; save that for college!
  • Be positive: Some people have extremely tragic stories to share, and that’s okay. However, admissions officers don’t want to hear about your downward spiral that keeps going down. Briefly retell the situation/event, describe your initial feelings, address any fallout (bad grades, medical treatment, etc.), then focus on how you’ve recovered, even if you’re still on the road to recovery. 
  • Don’t blame others: On the same note, don’t use your short, precious 500 word essay to trash talk your algebra teacher to explain “how totallyyyy unfair” they were to you, and that’s why you have a bad grade. Reference the previous advice if you choose to talk about a person who affected you negatively.
  • Yes, it matters: Lately I’ve been getting a lot of messages from people who think their story doesn’t matter, and I felt the same way. No matter how insignificant you think your dining room table story is to others, it’s significant if it has shaped you! Not everyone is going to have a heroic tale to share, so, make your “simple” story unique by making sure you effectively share why it’s so important to you. Both of my main essays were relatively common, but each of the subjects meant so much to me, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share my passions/experiences with the admissions committee. So don’t waste the space by writing something seemingly impressive; write about something that is dear to you.
  • Ask for others’ opinions: Reach out to your teachers, counselor, appblrs, and even friends (be careful with that though) to read your essays. Your teachers and counselors will obviously help you clean up the essays, and appblrs can give you advice. If you have a close friend you can trust to read the essays, have them tell you if the essay is “you.” If they can hear you say the words off the essay while they read it, you’re golden!

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Which Kamen Rider series are your personal favorite and least favorite and why?

Favourite (narrowed down): Kuuga, Agito and V3

Kuuga and Agito are two fine, fine shows that really aren’t something that you would see often, that I thought did the best (or as best you could) in telling a Rider story in a modern setting while combining other ideas either from Ishinomori or others (e.g. in Kuuga’s case, Go Nagai’s Devilman. Seriously compare the two sometime).

Deconstruction gets thrown around like candy nowadays, but Kuuga really was what deconstruction is really about; giving real-life ramifications to fantastical situations, while still at its heart being a superhero show that promotes hope and kindness.

Agito is fantastic and is the perfect followup to Kuuga. The thing most underrated by people I think is just how much Agito really kinda is basically reconstructing all the aspects of the old Rider that Kuuga was deconstructing, with Kuuga’s about humanity vs inhumanity and a positive depiction of police force turned upside down in Agito into a story where humanity is still flawed and institutionalized authority is inherently a suffocating presence, latter being much closer to what Ishinomori’s idea of Kamen Rider, or really most of any of his superheroes. Also the presence of other Ishinomori’s ideas such as PSI, God’s War and the icky monstrous Rider he never had the chance to use properly in live action is fun too.

Plus they are just overall really well directed and composed and there’s just a lot of heart and ambition I think with these shows.

V3 is a just a classic superhero show that has good dramatic elements to it and is fantastic at what it does and more, with character of Kazami Shiro and Yuuki Jouji and their struggles. Nothing really can be elaborated without lengthening this post more than necessary.

Least Favourite: Gaim and Drive

Gaim was a real disappointment to me and was a poor pastiche of the shows from Early-Heisei it takes after. A lot of what Gaim tries to do has been done and done way better in other shows, and a lot of what Gaim itself offers is very poorly thought out and typical edgy anime schlock in its writing and the characters. I laud its ambition of trying to be different in amidst of the still prevailing sameness of post-Decade shows, but it just fell flat for me.

I fully admit that Drive is mostly here for personal reasons than any real tangible fault of the show (though what little I’ve seen or heard of it has not impressed me much). A lot of what Drive does and represents just repulses me, which easiest to define is how the show without any thought or talent completely switched the power-dynamic of the Rider story, by changing the rebel fighting against an evil authoritative majority into a superpowered police authority hunting down rebel robots, and has thus far from all I’ve gathered yet to say anything about this (outside the movies probably), which is frustrating.
Plus, everything looks fuck ugly.

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could you pls give an analysis of what brian meant exactly when he said "it's only time" to justin? :)

Well, I feel I’d be remiss in not quoting Daniel Lipman and Ron Cowen, who gave a beautiful explanation when they were asked about this:

Dan: Regarding Brian’s “Its only time” speech: Brian didn’t mean that he and Justin would never see each other again. He was merely implying that even if they DIDN’T see each other again they would still know that they were bonded forever. That’s what their story was always about. An unlikely romance, an unconventional romance, but a great romance that would embrace them for a lifetime.

Ron: The idea for the speech came from a Shakespeare sonnet we all read in high school –#116. “Love’s not Time’s fool”….“Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks, but bears it out even to the edge of doom.” [x]

That really says it all. What Brian and Justin share is so much more than just an on-and-off relationship that spanned five years. Their entire worlds were changed on a profound level because they met and because they loved each other. Neither of them would be who they are if they had never crossed.

This is a relationship that was never meant to be. They had so many things working against them, so many obstacles that could have easily torn them apart for good. But every time the world tried to tear them apart, they fell back together, stronger and more in love than ever. 

And Brian knows all this. It’s not that he doesn’t think he and Justin will never see each other again, although we do know he’s afraid that will be the case. It’s that he knows that even if they don’t, it won’t make a difference. It will never diminish their love. They are both such a huge part of each other’s lives now that it doesn’t matter if they go decades without seeing each other, it doesn’t matter if they live on opposite sides of the world. They will always love each other as deeply as they do in that moment, if not more. 

It started as an unlikely one-night stand between an idealistic youth and an emotionally scarred, cynical man who doesn’t believe in love, and blossomed into a relationship of two men who’ve seen each other through for better or for worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health. They’ve been through so much together, these two men who had so many odds stacked against them, and the love they share now is deep and all-consuming. And it’s so powerful that it transcends time itself. 

It’s a gorgeous, romantic sentiment that fits perfectly with Brian’s personality. Even knowing how much he loves Justin and how much Justin loves him in return, he would never be the type to say “I love you and this is absolutely 100% going to be okay.” Brian’s a realist. He knows it’s going to be hard. He knows there’s a chance they’ll never see each other again. But this is a couple that has a history of fighting for each other and has always won, and they’re both prepared to do so again. But even if they never see each other again, it’s never going to change how much they love each other or how important they are in each other’s lives. Because even a great and powerful concept as time pales in comparison to the love he and Justin share.

Mugwort Meditation

I went to my local occult shop the other day (actually, they specialize in hoodoo, but it’s one of the only places that has a selection of obscure herbs for magical purposes) mostly to see if they had any deity statues for my altar.  What I ended up walking away with, however, was a nice package of dried mugwort.  I had read that it is used in flying or divination salves, as well as incense during meditation/divination.  I decided to try burning the loose leaves during my usual candle meditation.  I sprinkle them on a hot coal in my censer, positioned so I would be surrounded by the smoke.

Usually, when I meditate, I become intensely relaxed, forget about my body, and just give my mind over to whatever images appear.  With the mugwort burning, however, I had an entirely different physical experience.  When I was getting deeper into my mediation, it felt like the inside of my body started vibrating.  I could feel my heartbeat pulse through every inch of my body and my chest felt bright and open (for lack of a better description).  I felt highly energized, yet still calm.
Images of old stone castles surrounded by clouds and misty flashed in my mind momentarily before I slowly pulled myself back (there were too many noisy distractions thanks to my neighbors).

This was kind of like a way for me to test the waters of mugwort before I delve into more work with it, like using it to aid in lucid dreaming/”flying” and eventually hedge crossing. I definitely enjoyed it and hope to continue working with it more!

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top 5 tips on how to successfully adult?

Step one: ask someone who doesn’t brush her hair with a Beauty & the Beast hairbrush.

Honestly, though, I don’t know. I don’t even know how I would define being a successful adult. Are we measuring success in interpersonal relationships? Job prospects? Time between felonies? Internet popularity?

I mean, I can give it a shot.

Step one: Define what success means TO YOU. To me, my #1 priority was to marry the jerk I married. I didn’t see a happily ever after without him. Priority #2 was to not be at a desk job. To my friend Tim (who I should mention is aro ace) success doesn’t involve another person at all. His goal was to have a job where nobody would look down on him and a physique that meant he could date if he WANTED to.

Step two: Keep an open mind about your life steps. The two jobs I always said I’d never work were stock room and commissioned sales. The two best jobs I’ve ever had were stock room and commissioned sales. We don’t always get to choose our paths.

Step three: Own your choices. The statute of limitations for blaming your parents for your choices runs out on your 18th birthday. You are a product of your upbringing and environment, but ultimately your decisions are YOUR decisions. I mean, you can blame whoever you want for them but it’s not going to get you anywhere.

Step four: Don’t hurt yourself. You’re the only person you have to live with for the rest of your life. Treat that relationship the same way you’d treat your spouse. Give yourself permission to not be perfect and to love yourself anyway.

Step five: There’s no one right way to adult. Do what gives you fulfillment and fuck the rest of it. Live in a caravan if you want to, join the circus, whatever. Just whatever you do, don’t regret it or think somebody else is doing a better job than you. You do you and the rest will come.

Packing Heat In The Pews

Anonymous asked:
As a response to the Charleston church shootings, a lot of congregations around the U.S. are now encouraging their people to arm themselves with some form of conceal carry or having trained undercover security personnel interspersed amongst the crowd. What are your thoughts on this? Would Jesus have approved?

I answered:
If I was in charge at a church, I would have serious reservations about that course of action. It could certainly be a case of giving into fear. And I tend to be of the opinion that introducing more guns into an area mostly just increases the likelihood of someone getting shot.

However, I can see the other side of this. While it could be driven by fear, one could make the argument that it is a very well founded concern. A white supremacist walked into an African American church and killed 9 people, and then several black churches across the country were burned down shortly after. If you attend an African American church, Latino church, or any other group that might be a target for white supremacist domestic terrorism, then I don’t think I have the right to to tell you how you should feel or react.

I have the privilege to know and work with many African American pastors and churches in our work in Chicago. They are Godly, wise, and servant hearted in their decision making. They do so much good with such unimaginably scarce resources that I am constantly amazed. So if one of them prayed about it and thought that having a security team was the right move for their church, then I would support their decision.

In fact, wouldn’t it be an amazing gesture for a group of men from a white church who have the equipment and the proper training to offer to volunteer security services for African American churches in their area? That way no member of the congregation would even have to miss church. I don’t know that the church would take them up on it, but it could be a powerful gesture. What an amazing statement to say “We stand with our brothers and sisters in Christ. No matter what color they are, they are family to us, and to attack them is to attack us.”

It just occurred to me- is there a chance you mean white churches encouraging people to bring guns to church in response to the shooting at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church? Obviously, that would just be ridiculous. That would be people who really want an excuse to bring a gun to church, and for no real reason. Domestic terrorists aren’t threatening white churches.

-Matt from The Bridge

Ask A Question

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I am positive I am on the spectrum but am hesitant seeking professional diagnosis (bad experiences w psych doctors for most of my life). It just seems like there's no point getting official validation as an adult. If it came out I'm afraid I could lose my job (they don't have to say it's bc of how they feel about autism, in my state they don't have to give any reason) & it seems like all support resources are for kids anyway so what's the difference? Is there any reason I should get a diagnosis?

Shortly, the pros of a professional diagnosis are:

  • Validation
  • Protection under the law *
  • Resources/accommodations*

Since none of these applies to you, it seems like you have a lot to lose and nothing to win on getting a professional diagnosis. My advice is to carry on without a professional diagnosis. I don’t see any reason why one would benefit you.

-Mod E

*This depends on where you live

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I hope you know that on Chapter 27, page 432 of the Composer Rulebook, there is a very particular line that roughly states, "COMPOSERS MUST SLEEP." Give or take a few bolds, underlines, and lots of arrows markered in by just about every higher-up there is.

      Ahhh … yes, I do see that you (however it is that you came to possess such a sensitive article of literature) are stretching the truth only by a just perceptible amount. 

      Rats. How could I have not noticed? It’s directly above the Shibuyan Preservation Enactment, which … oh. Oh, dear. Appears to expressly call for prohibition of any and all illicit courses of action which may, by fault or by intent, lead to the destruction of the City within the Composer’s domicile. 

      … Who knew? Oopsies.

Core Science Discussion #1

So, for our first day of class, we’re going to start out with a couple simple questions. Or rather… questions that seem simple, but might not be.

  1. What is science? Is there one clear definition for it? If so, what is it?
  2. Is there a right, or wrong, way to do science? If so, can you give me an example?
  3. Are the different disciplines in science distinct and separate, or are they all interrelated and connected? Is it possible to look at one branch and completely ignore the others?

You aren’t required to answer every question, but I would like to see everyone in my class for the summer answer at least one.

“What would I do to see you... smiling at me?”

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This Is For You

For the impossibly sweet doomedtemperament who gave me quite a bit of liberty with this prompt-

We have to meet up at least once a week to trade mail because someone keeps messing up our addresses”

She prompted me from here (I take all ships), but really I take anything.


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Well our date would consist of a nice dinner. I'm a great cook so I would cook you your favorite meal, get you favorite bottle of wine or liquor, play your favorite slow jam in the background. Then after we have dinner we'll move on to desert and I'll feed it to you. After that run you a nice bath and bathe you, following giving you a full body massage (head to toe) and then see what comes up after that. How does that sound to you?

Sounds like marriage, lol.


Okay so I have to make money urgently for my Europe trip and this means i have to sell my red metallic 3DS and my brand new Polaroid Z340. Give them a quick google if you’re not sure what they look like, but mine are both in brand new/perfect condition! 

I would be looking for £50 for the DS and £125 for the Polaroid, but message me with offers (also pls only if you are serious about buying because I have no time to be wasting)

I also have 60 sheets of ZINK paper (aka the stuff you print Polaroids on) which is worth about £40, so if you want this feel free to ask about buying it separately or with the Polaroid. I can sell it to you for £25, or do some sort of offer if you get it with the Polaroid idk message me and we can discuss it all

I need advices on how to deal with a break up. I constantly switch between “Fuck that asshole, why did he give up on me?” And “I really miss him but would drown in tears if I ever had to see him again”.
I really wanted to go to the Resist-to-exist Festival, but I wont because I’m scared of seeing him because I know he’s likely to go there.
And I don’t know what’s going on in my head because I am in love with someone so precious and I really feel bad spending so much time thinking about my Ex-boyfriend.