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looking for new blogs!!

Hi! I’m currently looking for new blogs to follow so please reblog (and maybe check out my blog) if you post any of the following:

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  • Arin:Jesus ass titties!
  • Dan:Wow, I don't believe that's how the Lord our Christ would want you to speak
  • Arin:He can go suck a dick. I don't give a shit. He can go fucking do whatever he does in his free time, fucking Jesus
  • Danny:What do you think Jesus does in his free time?
  • Arin:I think he's dead Dan
  • Danny:No I mean like..
  • Arin:AHH SHIT!
  • Danny:See what happens when you talk shit on Jesus

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Ring-around-the-rosy, how do you do it? The same tired questions, just asked in endless assorted ways. And maybe I'm mistaken. Maybe you don't find them tedious at all. Guess I just pick from some of your responses that you might wonder if this is the best you're going to get until the current situation changes. But here's a new one maybe: what sorts of questions do you wish people would ask? All snark aside, what would be a refreshing surprise to see in your inbox?

In no particular order

1.  Can I give you some money? 

2.  Do you know how incredibly awesome you are?

3.  When shall I serve cocktails?

4.  Is there any area in particular that needs an extra massage?

5.  Where to, m’lady?

6.  Would you like that in small denominations or will thousand dollar bills do?

7.  Now that I’ve gagged Terry, what would you like me to do with her?

8.  What time is convenient for you to interview Sam and Cait?

9.  Chicken or beef?

10. Now that you’re in charge, how would you like to handle the character of Frank Randall?

11. When would you like to start your new job as head of marketing and promotion for Outlander?

12. Now that I have the antis corralled and in the pen, how much hog feed should I give them?

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About that Odin deleted scene, I am upset about whole situation. I do not blame Odin for doing what he is doing. I blame writers, I wish whole scene would have beed developed diferently: Odin would show his power and rage (like during Thor´s banishment) towards Elves, Frigga would survive somehow, Loki would see whole thing (Kurse would actually release him) and he would join Odin in raging madness against Elves. Along with Thor of course.

See. This is what I wish had happened.

Odin still needs to put Gungnir down and surrender because I think that’s a wonderful progression to his character arc. So much personal growth there. I refuse to give that up.

But then I want Frigga to rear around and kill both Kurse and Malekith with a single blow, then look at Odin like, “Why didn’t you kill them like I told you to? You put everyone in danger.”

And Odin just smiles knowingly and says, “I knew my queen could take care of herself, just as she has always taken care of me.”

And then Thor rushes in, ready to fight, and is like “oh” because there’s nothing left to do.


Imagine trying to convince Darry to wear his new glasses…

“Darry, just wear them, hear” You grabbed the glasses from out of the case and you slid them behind his ears. “See, it’s not so bad, is it?” 

“I look ridiculous.” He grunted, tapping your hand away so he could yank them off again. “I ain’t wearing them.” 

“You’re going to have to, okay? You can’t see a thing without them.” You slid your arms around his neck, looking up into his eyes. “And besides… I think you look hot in them.” 

He gave you a smile, looking down as a laugh escaped his lips. “You would.” 

“What’re you so worried about, huh? The guys? Screw them. If they say anything I will give them a piece of my mind. Now wear the damn things.” 

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so some tumblr user decided it would be fun to invalidate self diagnosis bc their brother has autism lol can you maybe help give some validation? ;;

Okay, what? I don’t see the logical connection between those at all. Like “my brother got a professional DX so nobody else can?” Allistics are fucked up.

I don’t know what I can do here other than say this: You are valid. If you have done your research and identify with a majority of what autistics say, you are autistic. And contrary to popular belief, there are things about your own body and brain that you will always know better than any doctor will.

Take care, anon. <3

Boyfriend Jinhwan
  • super sweet in every way you could imagine like you’d feel so blessed to have someone like him in your life
  • would a 110% spoil you and treat you like a queen or a princess, however you like
  • but he would have his own mind tho but he’d just love to give you attention because he doesn’t see you often
  • and may feel like you’re sad without him which you probs are but like…he just feels like he needs to do something to make up for that
  • for some reason I see him being really cute when he misses you like sending cute texts and stuff but when it comes to videochat he would be quite awkward
  • just doesn’t really know what to say
  • or then the reason would be because…well, he’s emotional
  • he wouldn’t be embarrased to cry in front of you but then he’d always apologise for crying and that you had to comfort him
  • a very cute bf but not like childish cute if you know what I mean
  • all in all, he is so appreciative of you and everything you do for him
  • he’d be the super supportive boyfriend who, even though is busy, still cheers you on
  • he would prefer to stay inside rather than going out with you because he feels more comfortable that way
  • you’d just be lying on the sofa when he would suddenly just get up and request that you’d go buy some instant noodles and watch a movie or like play a game
  • not too much into skinship but he would looooove to hold your hands, kiss your hands, everything
  • which is why he likes handjobs goodBYE
  • uhhh but he would just like to show his affection in other ways than skinship
  • would always or most of the time ask you what he should wear for the day
  • if you’d tell him to go naked because he looks better like that hah he’d just raise his eyebrows and later on that evening be like…so…naked
  • gives the best kisses honestly and during sexy times ya better get ready to die like omg i bet his lips are so soft
  • he would love to feel you up during sex
  • sex in general would be very intense but you could feel all the love
  • he would ask you if you liked it and all that because he wants it to be as great as possible for you
  • for him the sex is perfect because he’d just get to turned on by you

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honestly, your outlook on not giving a shit what ppl in fandoms think is very refreshing. i love the way you draw sera. i adore the fact that you make isabela larger and chubby. i LOVE that you give characters stretch marks. Do you know how rare that is? I am not a poc but i have stretchmarks, and they are never represented in art. To see them portrayed and done in a way where the character is still alluring, sexy, and desirable it matters so much. you keep doing what you're doing. it's perfect!

tbh if it wasn’t for the shitty dragon age fandom and their horrible af attitude i would still give a fuck abt what ppl thought abt my art (so like thanks da fandom for being so shitty). you see artists and writers left and right getting shit on by terrible ppl or are just tired of having to deal with their shit, that they just leave, either the fandom or the whole website. its embarrassing that you have to be in the same fandom with these kinds of ppl. 

but it makes me so happy to get messages like these, to know that the hcs i have for characters bodies match their own. makes me really wish that the next da game has body sliders for our characters or just different body types for companions and whatnot. but until then i’ll keep doing my thing; thanks so much anon!!!

Today, I took the crazy decision to cut the prices of the prints I’m exhibiting now in Accra.

The turn out at the launch event was mind blowing but I had too many people corner me and ask if they could get a discount?

It has been an expensive exhibition to put together. I made the finest prints in New York with Beth Schiffer. I framed them with the best: Heather Badger, in Accra.

Today, I asked myself, “what do you want the most: to be rich or to make impact?

I’ve decided that I would want my work on as many African walls as possible. I want African children, growing up, raise their heads everyday to see a positive image on their walls. I would want them to know they’re just as good as everyone else and better than most in most things. I want my work to give them truth nothing else can take away from them.

I never became a photographer to be rich. I wanted the world to hear another voice. I choose to make impact.
#theunicorn #portrait #africanwoman #pride #creative #ghana #accra
#@alueducation #LeadTheChange; #AfricaRising; #InspireAfrica, #ALU Photo by Nana Kofi Acquah @africashowboy (Copyright: 2016).


Treating a woman like a princess In Ho’s style. You know, the guy who got rosy cheek over Seol.

When you meet the woman for the first time (you don’t know the woman, you are not in friendly terms with them) but this is how you should do it or NOT:

* Say awful things about her appearances. Check.

* Give her name calling, cute one, like dog fur because that is exactly how you treat a woman that you just met. Check.

* Rob the poor woman over something that she can not even afford. Check

* Insult her style and then give an excellent advice. Check. (coming from total stranger that is, what would you do if you meet this kind of prince IRL?)

* Then talk bad about about someone else.

I see what you did there, Baek In Ho. The same asshole attitude that usually reserved for the first male lead of Kdrama . Bravo!

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RE:"In other words, would you like a professionally crafted trailer of the movie you’re dying to see or listen to some guy who saw parts of it in advance tell you what he remembers?" False advertising is a thing, have you seen the snow dogs trailer? by only showing the good parts you overhype, by only showing the bad things you dont give the set credit, leaks are just parts, i can decide if they are good or bad myself and it doesnt affect the quality of the final productm, be it movies or MTG.

You miss my point. It interferes with the presentation which is part of the overall experience.

I want your feedback!

I figure i’ve been doing this long enough now to where ya’ll can give me an accurate rating of how i’ve been doing so far. So on a scale of 1 star to 5 stars please put a number and reblog this status and let me know how i’ve been doing. If you rate me anywhere below a 3 please let me know what you would like to see more of or what i can improve on. Take factors into account on how much i post, the quality of the pics, if it fits the theme, etc. Doesn’t take long to reblog and put a number guys. Please let me know. Thank you!

and as a bi person i see lots of debate over whether to interpret characters as gay or bi and you fucking know what??? i don’t give a shit!!!!!!!

because for starters a character being bi instead of gay isnt gonna fuckin make lives easier for bi people than a gay character would. it certainly doesnt make the thought of being attracted to the same sex easier, in anything more than our internalized lesbophobia making us believe women who exclusively date women are predatory.

secondly there is a massive fucking disconnect between fiction and reality for nearly everyone on this planet!!!!!!!

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Random question cause you seem to know what's going on in the TMI fandom but does Cassandra Clare not like the show cause i keep seeing people say that around tumblr

yeah, she seems to hate it because they’re really straying from the books and pointing out things that need improvement. also they’re not giving her a say in really anything since all she wants to do is make it like the books, and I guess she’s salty about that. so far she’s favorited tweets slut shaming izzy/emeraude and even wrote a long thing saying Izzy would never dress like that when literally half the outfits are from the books or based off the ones in the books (like her silver dress, she wore something like that in the books)
and I’ve heard in interviews she’s worse. she just constantly shades it.

Chara would totally be a “grump when they don’t get what they want” kinda kid, and I love it. Asgore would probably give into their tantrums and give them sweets after dark if they asked because he doesn’t like it when his children are unhappy. XD 

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What next would you like for Zollie?

Hello :D. Well, this probably seems like the most obvious thing to say but at the moment I don’t really want to see anything major happen between them. At the moment I’m just really enjoying seeing the two of them happy together :3. I mean, how adorable is happy, smiley Ollie though? However, I would also like Guy to realise what an idiot he is being for not approving of Zosia’s relationship with Ollie or even giving him a chance to prove himself.  I would really like to see him admit that he was wrong and just accept that Zosia is happy with Ollie and that there’s nothing he can do about it :).

I would also like to see a scene with either Zosia at Ollie’s flat or Ollie at Zosia’s flat :), just so that we can see how they interact with each other outside of work (preferably at Zosia’s flat so that we can get some Ollie/trio interaction, ;3).  I think it would be really cute if we got to see Dom and Arthur react to Zosia’s relationship with Ollie :), particularly Arthur as he can sort of relate with him also being in a current relationship with Morven. 

In the long-term however, I definitely think that it would be interesting for them to explore Zosia’s bipolar disorder again. Just after Ollie told Zosia that he loved her at the end of January’s standalone episode, Zosia said to Ollie “look I know there are going to be times when I am sick and if you don’t truly love me then you will probably leave just like everyone else has,” and Ollie tried to say something back but couldn’t and went to kiss her instead. I think that it kind of implied that Ollie considered himself truly ready to commit himself to Zosia and that he wouldn’t just walk away from her when times got hard, although I think it would be interesting to see that being put to the test :).

Anyway thank you for asking Anon :). What about you?

love all the whiny thatcherites getting pissy about that thing in the times about how thatcher would have voted to stay in the eu. i mean i don’t give a shit what she would have wanted but it’s nice to see a meltdown that doesn’t involve the labour right or the snp

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what about using target's pen names and given alias or their blog url as taglocks? would those still work? I know this person as S, but recently they changed their name to E (though both are alias and not their real name), should I use E as my taglock or still use S, seeing as it was the name I came to know them as.

I mean, I took “twitter handle” as a blanket term for any name you give yourself on the internet. 

It probably depends on whether you value personal connection or the power in which a person gives themselves a name generate more. And the purpose of the spell - would it be better fueled by personal connection or by a given name?