'Timeless' Saved From Cancellation as NBC Reverses Course With Season 2 Renewal


This is not a drill: NBC has reversed course on its decision to cancel Timeless.

The network has renewed the Sony Pictures Television-produced time travel drama for a second season.

Season two of the drama will return with 10 new episodes in summer 2018 after producers Sony TV fought hard to keep the show going. Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that the independent studio had been offering the lion’s share of the profits to NBC in exchange for the renewal as SPT believe in the show’s creative and that it has a solid chance to be a long-running, family-friendly franchise.

What I Read This Week


I am SO ready for summer, I can’t wait until my finals are over so I can read more fics! There were some awesome updates this week and I also read some great new fics, enjoy!

Of Bright Stars and Burning Hearts by Reiya, Explicit, 70k (WIP)
One small change alters the course of both Viktor and Yuuri’s entire lives, throwing them into a bitter rivalry that spans across many years and creates a world where they both tell a very different side to the story. THIS UPDATE KILLED ME ONFNJSDKBF every update kills me tbh bUT STILL

Canoe-dling: Not Prohibited by shereadsthestars, Mature, 12k
Yuuri is a seasoned counselor at Camp Okenoko who thought he was in for just another run of the mill, shenanigan filled summer with his friends. But he could not have been more wrong as he’s inevitably blindsided by the newest arrival.Enter one Viktor Nikiforov, who’s got the charms and good looks to woo whomever he pleases, and who’s interest is instantly peaked by none other than, Yuuri Katsuki. SO FUNNY OMG I died laughing while reading this omg LOVE!!

Singular by TrashKanForLife, Explicit, 14k (WIP)
Yuuri fiddled with the hem of his sweater, overwhelmed by the sheer formality of this floor. He’s sure his favoured pair of sneakers only cover about twentieth of the costs for the workers’ footwear and he wonders if they pay the salon daily for their sharp appearances. Yuuri does not belong here.
“Mr. Nikiforov will see you now.” 50 Shades of Grey AU but a kajillion times better!!! Must read!!!

The Bulge (Don’t Bring a Weapon to a Public Beach) by nagoyadelay, Mature, 2.9k
Victor posts a photo of Yuuri on instagram without realizing that it’s somewhat suggestive. A thirsty skating fandom collectively loses their shit. Another HILARIOUS fic, you have to read this!!

The Suffering of Potya by kiaronna, Teen, 3.8k
At first, Potya believes he’s going to the veterinarian. This means a great deal of cursing from Yuri, as he tries to unsuccessfully lure Potya into the pet carrier. But as in all things, his human wins, and Yuri stalks out the door with carrier in hand, only twenty minutes late. Potya accepts his fate.
Soon, he realizes greater horrors are in store for him: Yuri’s dropped him off with the dopey poodle couple, the snuggly and curly bastards. SO cute, I love how this is from Potya’s and the other pets POV!

Nocturne by Nostalgia-in-Starlight (UniverseEndingParadox), Mature, 6.9k (WIP)
It’s a charmed life, rife with luxury and glamour and a doting husband who gives him the world on a silver platter. But it’s also a peculiarly lonely life, being married to the underboss of one of the biggest ‘yakuza’ in operation. Victor wouldn’t trade it - or his husband - for any other world. Wow, LOVE this mafia AU, one of my faves for sure!

Money Shot by Ashida, Explicit, 21k (WIP)
So Yuuri waited, felt his heart edge back down from his throat as Victor let him catch his bearings, as he just sat and watched Yuuri calm down, patient even though the time he was paying for was ticking. “Strip for me, Yuuri.” came his first instructions in the lull of silence, the same words he always got, and this is how it always began. Guuuuuuuuuuurl I cannot WAIT to see what happens next after that update!!!

And Once Upon a Song by missmichellebelle, Teen, 12k (WIP)
A popular high school ice hockey star and a shy, academically gifted transfer student discover they share a secret passion for singing. When they end up accidentally auditioning for the lead roles in the school musical, it threatens East High’s rigid social order and sends their peers into an uproar. High School Musical AU!! Do I need to say more?? So good!

Kintsugi by witchbane, Explicit, 90k (WIP) ***Graphic depictions of violence (read the tags!)
Yuuri Katsuki is a hitman burdened with a debt he can never repay. His target: Viktor Nikiforov, next Pakhan to one of the most dangerous families in the Russian mafia. When the two are drawn into a treacherous alliance after a mission gone wrong, the bonds of love and loyalty to family and duty begin to unravel—even as they get more tangled up in each other. SUPER intense mafia AU that I am absolutely obsessed with! Not for the light of heart, but if you’re interested I would HIGHLY recommend this if you’re into mafia AUs!

(˃̶͈̀_˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾( ノ_ಠ)₍₍ (̨̡ ‾᷄♡‾᷅ )̧̢ ₎₎

Here’s to another week of great fic reading! Be sure to give the authors some love!

Lena: Kara, I need to ask you something
Kara: Sure. What’s up?
*Supercorp Fandom: OH MY GOD! IT"S FINALLY HAPPENING!!!!!!*
Lena: How…ummm…*coughs* How would you feel if I…..
*supercorp fandom: We’ve been waiting for this moment since there first scene together*
Lena: How would you feel if I….. Would you come to my halloween party?
Supercorp fandom: 

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any hidgance headcanons? this ot3 is severely underrated and needs more love

-whenever pidge has a nightmare she asks hunk to sleep with her bc cuddles, lance joins in bc he wants to hold them both while they sleep
-lance likes doing hunk and pidge’s hair even though their both a short length but tHAT AINT STOPPIN HIM
-hunk usually makes coffee first before making breakfast, lance will likes hugging him from behind and pidge does the same with lance
-they watch horror movies and pidge is as solid as a rock during it bc her boyfriends are the ones screaming their heads off
-hunk carries his gf and bf on both his arms and walks around with them
-before missions, they sneak each other kisses–doesnt matter, either on the lips, cheek, or forehead
-karaoke nights are a fuckin riot with these three; total eclipse goes on and they start screaming the lyrics
-heck–how do i live starts playing and hunk and pidge are serenading lance (when i say serenade i mean scream)
-lance, hunk, and pidge are that couple that makes cute ukulele songs??? aaaaa
-whenever they feel down, they do Deep Talks–nobody hides their feelings they’re really open with each other
-you wanna know how pidge and lance kiss their bf hunk? lance puts pidge on his shoulders and they both kiss him its the cutest shit

Basically this has all messed with my head…

I had a dream that I was either me or Aaron, can’t remember and we were having an argument with Robert about how we were going to look after our baby! I think Paddy might have been there!

Anyway, at the end I just grabbed Roberts face and kissed him but when I kissed him it wasn’t Robert it was Eric! WTF!

I was kinda glad to wake up! 😮