what! i'm weird ok

Since I’m being super fucking open and honest at the moment I might as well talk about the fact that I like boys and I like girls but I don’t tell anyone because I am in a relationship with a boy and I feel like there’s no point in telling people because I will always be with this boy but people should know because it’s an important part of me but it also doesn’t feel all that valid or something idk it’s confusing I guess

@springdaymv replied to your post “Do you have like food combo you like that other may find strange like…”

pickles… on ur pizza…and ur pasta, sorry idk u

LISTEN at least i’m not one of those people who drinks milk otherwise I’d literally block myself

Do you like the beach?

I do! Sometimes I try to invite everyone to come, but usually only Alli, Lulu and Mattie show up ┐(‘~`;)┌  Not pictured: Lulu lying face down on the towel contemplating his life

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Not really! From my experience, love takes time! Good thing I’ve got plenty! ()

Who was the last person that you pinky promise?

Al, I think… Yeah! He pinkie promised he wouldn’t steal the cookies while they were cooling… he lied.

Has anyone ever told you you have pretty eyes?

No, no one ever has!

Hi there!!

Hello to you wonderful tumblr users who somehow stumble upon this “blog”. This blog is going to be run by myself, @xpanicatthespnx, and my cousin, @fandomtrash1017. We are going to be both a writer and an editor, and we’re just gonna see how this goes. So we might do like a “get to know you/us” type thing or maybe a small drabble, but wE DON’T KNOW YET. Sorry for my awkwardness, and I apologize in advance for anything crappy you may see on this blog. But bye, and we hope to see you soon😁❤

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there was definitely a taste of it in the air, a bethyl fanmix
listen part 1: you used to be somebody’s
listen part 2: now you’re just yours

AU in which Erin is a physics teacher at a high school and Holtz is the eccentric evening janitor who just so happens to be a genius engineer in her free time. They run into eachother most days, because Erin always stays late at work and Holtzmann’s shift starts after her last class is over. For some reason, Erin starts finding reasons to stay later and later in her classroom.

Ok so I feel like Andrew Hussie is the type of person that would set a house in fire just to watch it burn but like he would eat black liquorice to whole time and hate every bite (because let’s be real that shit is gross) but he’d keep eating and would stare you down the entire time while your house burns rapidly in the background

Will Graham & Hannibal Are Dead

“Do you think death could possibly be a boat?”

Oh yes, I’ve written it. With deep apologies to Tom Stoppard. And Bryan Fuller. And punctuation. I used all of you to hell. But mostly Stoppard, thank you for a good third of this dialogue u are a tru bro.

1743 words, rated H for Hands

It was grey.

The sky was grey, and the sea. Hannibal’s stubble, too, that was grey, which was surprising. Will had never seen him unshaven, hadn’t even imagined it. That was a good sign, he felt, that maybe this was all real — the boat, the grey sky and the grey sea. Hannibal.

He stared at Hannibal’s grey cheek, this one piece of strangeness like an anchor in all the rest of it. He stared a bit longer, just for good measure. Will’s own cheek was stitched and sore and tight in the breeze. That was another good sign. I wouldn’t imagine myself in pain, Will thought.

That’s not true, Will thought.

He looked away at the waves.

Will’s stitches stood out stark in the grey light, a crimson black slice beneath his cheekbone. Hannibal knew it ached, he could tell by the way Will held his jaw. I wouldn’t imagine him in pain, Hannibal thought.

That’s a good sign, he thought.

He looked at Will, looking at the waves, and pretended that were true.

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LT question tag

So guys… I never did question tag before but… I wanna know this fandom better. Awwww sooo cute right?
But there’s may questions you don’t want to answer so don’t. Idk if there was this kind of tag already I think it was for sure. I would like you to write as much as possible. I wanna read long stories. Have a fun!

What do you do
Thanks  to what/who you know Les Twins:
Song describing your life:
When you became LT lady, which one was your favorite at first and did you change teams then? :D 
5 things you are proud of yourself
Did you meet them? If so, your first meeting was
(if you didn’t it really sucks, I feel you :3):
Tell us something nice about your really close person, anything:
Where’s Carter at? >:|
What do you think Les Twins should change
(except for cut those fingernails, bringing the twists back or changing a hoe please lol):
What is your biggest dream:
Is there any story behind that Les Twins changed your life(and if):
Do you dance?
How long you’re in the best fandom ever:
What is your most favorite pic/gif/vid/quote of LT:
How many languages do you speak:
What was the last LT video you saw (link):
Do you live on your own:
You have to explain to other person why s/he should join LT fandom. Go:

Tag as many people as you want (or as its possible): @officiallestwinslol?! ihill46 twins-addict myway-stuff raychel96 iamthatspecialgirl radweirdo mildredmurder troughthecloudstothesky nicekittie denisefromoffgrovestreet laudrea sica49 mateioosama
Just do it. I want all the LT ladies(gentlemen) to do it!!!

(Ok I can’t tag everyone right)