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Ch 1 of 2 - What If? - Jack Frost/Pitch Black/Gwyn ap Nudd

Title: What If? (Ch 1 of 2) (9000~ words).
Rating: Explicit
Pairing: Jack Frost/Pitch Black, Jack Frost/Pitch Black/Gwyn ap Nudd
Characters: Jack Frost, Pitch Black, Gwyn ap Nudd
Warnings/Tags: AU, threesome / menage, negotiation, consent, bittersweet, hurt/comfort (mild), oneshot in two chapters, temperature play, more kinks as I figure them out but probably: bondage, dominance, submission, for starters.       

Summary: Jack sometimes finds his thoughts straying to Gwyn, King of the Seelie, and wonders how life is going for him, and Pitch has always been one to fantasise strongly and often about all the different ways he can bring Jack pleasure. So when Jack expresses a wish to see the King of the Seelie again, Pitch has a suggestion that will unite the three of them in ways Jack could never have foreseen.

What If? - Chapter 1 of 2 - Jack/Gwyn/Pitch

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