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Grand Blues 781 Katalina and the Lyria of the Past

[Katalina found her clothes from her time in the Erste Empire among her luggage]
Lieutenant of the Erste Empire, Katalina: “Wearing these reminds me of when I first met Lyria in the Empire.”

Vyrn: “Huh… what was Lyria like back then?”
Ka: “Unlike now, she spoke very little and gave a very subdued impression.”
Ka: “But of course that’s because she was being imprisoned by the empire…”
Lyria: “Wai- stop that, Katalina!”

Vy: “Ahaha! Though I kind of would like to see what it’d be like to have a quiet Lyria!”
Ly: “Geez! Vyrn-san, not you too!”
??: “You can’t!!

Zehek: “The power to control primal beasts… the girl in blue… and on top of that, if she became a silent type character…
(The Empire’s Secret/The Girl in Blue/Linked Fates/Primal Beasts/Lost Memories/SHWOOOP)
Lunalu: “Lyria’s chuuni-power would go beyond mortal limits!
Ly: “Chuuni-power!?

Orchid: “…if Lyria were silent, she’d overlap with me so…”
Or: “You can’t…”
Lyria: “Even Orchid!?

So a friend got me into Space Odyssey 2001 (the old movie anyways) and I find myself thinking about a certain AI all too often. So naturally the first thing i did was try designing a humanized form. Just some thoughts so far, it’s not a solid design.


👑✨My favorite Jaebum looks✨👑 (Top 3) #3

       ↳ Changi Airport + Incheon Airport 150426

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The first draft (if you can still call it that when I edit as I write) of the second chapter of The Sleepless Wake is finally done! \(;v;)/

Of course, I still need to edit it more, and then my beta reader will take a look at it, and then if she doesn’t kill me for writing it I’ll possibly have to make more edits, but then! At long last, I’ll be able to post it!

Depending on how many changes I need to make and how big those changes are, this might take a few weeks? But I’m hopeful it won’t be much longer.

Man this chapter has been a challenge! Thanks for all your patience! And I apologize in advance, uhuhu~