I did a silly warm up sketch of markiplier, bob, wade, and yamimash as the penguins from madagascar. (featuring tiny box tim!)

check them all out on youtube:

Mark // Bob // Wade // Yamimash

p.s., glad you are back home mark!

I forgot about the thing. Sorry.

Here is FANTASY HERO: Markiplier!!


  • Non-descript tennis shoes
  • Pants: Pinstripe Pink on Black with hearts strewn randomly
  • Belt: Wharfstache belt buckle
  • T-Shirt: Giant pixelated red M, Short sleeved, Jacket with same design as pants
  • Gloves: Wharfstache design
  • Weapons: Chair, Fists, TNT/Pyromancy, Pulse Rifle(Dead Space)
  • Ultimate:ZOMBIE!(Conjures a massive block of TNT and blows it up)
  • Pets:Tiny Box Tim
  • Enemies: Gertrude(PMMM), Necromorphs(Dead Space), Amnesia Monsters(Amnesia), Chief Mendez(RE4), Ultimecia(FFVIII[There could be a moment where she’s about to do her evil plan and she’s all like “I can give you your father back”]), Manikins, Darkiplier(original where he’s actually evil) 
  • Allies/Summons: Shiva(FFXIII), Ellie(Dead Space),Joel(Last of Us), Jaune Arc (RWBY), Wade(LordMinion777)and Bob(muyskerm)