Since I’m unspoiled, I feel like my Fanforum friends are waiting for the new episode to air and for me to post something like: “Remember when I used to love evil Wil Wheaton so much and I even crackshipped Whamy, and now I hate him cause he’s fighting with my bby Amy?”

But in reality, I’ll probably end up posting something like: “OMG Whamy fight, OMG OTP 2.0 Whamy FTW, crackship it like dodgy Mafia deliveries, I need evil!Wil like I need air, bitch please my bby Amy is flawless.”

And then my fellow Shamy fans would be like:

Sorry, I’m not sorry.

If all else fails, I’ll operate on a “blame it all on Sheldon” policy.


anonymous asked:

Amy x Wil Wheaton or Sheldon x Amy x Wil Wheaton

Good one Anon. This is hard for my kinky cracky fangirl heart.

I prefer Whamy if it’s set up against Shamy, because jelly!Shelly waving Longclaw to protect his claim on his woman. Rawr.

But if it’s just the Amy x Wil Wheaton couple versus the Sheldon x Amy x Wil Wheaton threesome, then I prefer the latter. It’s hot. Whether it’s Wil being surprised by the Shamy’s secret sexcapades [like in the kink meme] or Wil coaching Sheldon how to please Amy with the three of them wearing Starfleet uniforms [like in my imagination… LOL I was supposed to make that prompt], it’s just hot.

I’m about to implode.

I’m usually not tempted by TBBT spoilers, because it’s so satisfying to watch the episodes while unspoiled…


I know I’m getting ahead of myself—BUT HOT DAMN. It might be the episode where all my crackshipping dreams come true—PLUS MY OTP DREAMS!!!

Or it might not be. But I don’t care. BECAUSE WIL WHEATON!!!

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