I kind of want to quit Facebook for a while. It’s not helping me socialize, in fact it just makes me feel bad that so many people have things to do with others and I’m always alone. I know FB only shows the highlights and people only post the most exciting things they do on there, not the mundane day to day, but that reality doesn’t make me feel any better. 

I try to reach out, but unfortunately all but one of my friends here in Denver are also my coworkers… and they all have lives/activities apart from me, or they work when I’m off. I’m on day 4/7 of my days off and I have no plans, I went rock climbing on day 2, but that’s been it. The rest of the time it’s been the usual… breakfast (alone), gym (alone), lunch (alone), read (alone), walk the dog (alone… do you see a pattern here?), dinner (alone), and watch Netflix or read until I decide to go to bed (alone… that one is a given). As an introvert I do appreciate my alone time, but I need it to recharge from being social, unfortunately I’ve got nothing depleting my socializing batteries, so instead I’m just bored and sad. 

Sorry, just had to get that out. I’m sad, grumpy, and lonely. I’m sure I’d be a great time to hang out with at the moment. :/ 

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“Curses, Hexes & Whammies”

I got the chance to contribute this set of hexes to the Brooklyn LaunchPad’s ”Magic Show” which opened last night. There are some fantastic artists in the show, and if you have the chance to see it in person I would definitely recommend it. A framed 10” x 13” print including all of the hexes above is available for $100. (Email me if you are interested!) Thanks to everyone who came out and to Jess Worby for pulling together another great event! 

For some reason, “front” vowels made with the tongue forward in the mouth (i and e) bring to mind “small, fast, or sharp” things, while vowels made with the tongue further back in the mouth (o, a, and u) make us think of “larger, heavier” things. And this applies not only across languages, but also to made-up words: In a study where researchers pulled some brand names straight out of their asses, participants assigned names containing front vowels to objects like small cars and knives, while they preferred back vowels for objects like Thor hammers and SUVs. In other words, guys, be sure to consult at least one linguistics expert before naming your penis.

This effect is so strong that it overpowers things you’d think we would have pretty much grasped by adulthood, like, you know, counting to 10. “Six” has the double whammy of a sissy non-plosive sound at the beginning and a puny-sounding front vowel, while “two” has a badass face-punch plosive followed by a powerful back vowel. So subjects who were told to mentally repeat the prices $7.66 and $7.22 for a scoop of ice cream (Starbucks serves ice cream now?) ended up rating $7.66 as the better value, simply because the larger numbers at the end sound so teeny-tiny.

5 Tiny Wording Tricks That Can Totally Change Someone’s Mind

Okay, but no joke – I really want to write a Hangover-style Spideytorch fic that involves Peter and Johnny waking up in Vegas and figuring out they were married the night before. Probably on a dare, maybe as a joke. Either way, they can’t remember any of it.

Except, after investigating a bit, they discover they weren’t drunk, they were mind-whammied by the bad guy they were chasing (dunno who, but the more embarrassing the better. Maybe an amateur magician/wizard gone bad?), who interrupted their guy’s night out – it absolutely was NOT a date, no matter what Ben says, just like all of the other not-dates they’ve been having lately. Peter brought Johnny those flowers on accident, Ben. He just found them somewhere and Johnny assumed they were for him. That’s his story, and he’s sticking to it (really he had to go to three different flower shops before he found the ones Johnny likes). 

Of course, they wound up getting married in costume. It was videotaped and has now gone viral on Youtube. Everyone in the comments argues that they were just not-very-convincing impersonators, like the Elvis chaplain. (Johnny’s favorite Youtube comment: “the REAL torch is TALLER and BUFFER than spidey i call FAKE!!!” Peter’s favorite: “plz. the torch is a lot better looking than this loser.. this guy’s chin is just weird”)

Reed or somebody points out eventually that the marriage maybe isn’t entirely legal since Peter, as far as he can tell from the drunken scribble on the marriage license, wrote that his first name was “THE,” middle name “AMAZING,“ last name “SPIDER-MAN,” and Johnny wrote “THE ONE AND ONLY HUMAN TORCH” for his.

Legal or not, Johnny wants to get that disaster of a marriage license framed. Peter desperately – and somewhat ironically – wants to burn it.

i mean for a while everyone used to think sappho’s works were straight because that’s what they were taught, I think we’re going to witness the same kind of revelation happening with the Holmes canon right in front of our very eyes with the double whammy of BBC and Guy Ritchie


Challenge Your Shelf Day 230: Something Borrowed

Here are some absolutely fabulous books based on other fabulous books/stories!

The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh is based on 1001 Nights

Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys is based on, and is read as a prequel to, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas which is based on Beauty and the Beast

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell is a double whammy borrowing elements from Harry Potter and also being connected to one of Rainbow’s other books Fangirl

We Were Liars by E. Lockhhart borrows elements from Shakespeare’s King Lear

Wyrd Sisters by Terry Pratchett is also based on a Shakespeare play- this time Macbeth

Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan is based on stories from Greek mythology

Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce is based on Little Red Riding Hood and its source text Snow White and Rose Red 

Cinder by Marissa Meyer is of course, based on Cinderlla

Join the August Challenge and maybe win a bookish prize!


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Hi! I've looked around on the blog/used the search and looked on AO3 and haven't found what I'm looking for. Do you know any fics where Steve or Bucky gets whammied and can suddenly read the other's mind and that's how they find out about their feelings? All I've seen are ones where they've always been able to read each other's mind. Thanks for all your awesome work for the fandom!

i dont know any where they get whammed and can suddenly do that. you can check out this post with x men aus for some super powers

update: one person sent it Hooked on a Feeling by fmo, and another recced 20th Century Limited by Speranza!