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Sweetie, We’re coming home (Ricky Horror Imagine)

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It’s been about two or three months since your boyfriend, Ricky Horror, went away on tour with his band, Motionless in White. You would have went along with them if there was space on the tour bus, but unfortunately there wasn’t. Now you are forced to sleep in your shared apartment alone. You didn’t mind the lack of company, but it was the quiet that was driving you insane. Usually you are surrounded by the constant conversations and sounds of the guys of Motionless in White, but with their presence missing, everything just felt wrong. 

You even tried hanging out with some of your friends, including Ryan-Ashley and Kylie, but it still wasn’t enough. You missed the morning kisses from your boyfriend when you barely just woke up, and constant comfort when you had a night terror. And they unfortunately occurred often.

It was just about midnight when you finished watching the last scenes of Sweeney Todd the movie and decided to go to bed. You figured Ricky wasn’t sleeping yet where ever he happened to be on his tour. He was probably up practicing, or talking, or maybe even just writing a random story like he often did, but one things for sure, he definitely wasn’t sleeping. You didn’t want to text him, in fear of bothering him, but you sucked it up and pulled out your phone.

‘Goodnight, sweetheart.’ You texted him before falling into your bed to sleep unsuccessfully. You heard the quiet buzzing of your phone and you contemplated looking at your lit up screen to see who it was. You didn’t want to get your hopes up it was just some random person and not Ricky, like you hoped.

‘Sweetie, we’re coming home soon :)… sweet dreams, princess.’ It read. You could help the smile that played on your lips or the hot blush that crept onto your warming cheeks. You fell asleep no problem that night. But not for very long, before a night terror snuck into your previously pleasant dreams. Your heart rate increased rapidly in your sleep as your heart pounded against your rib cage. 

In your dream you were being chased by all different sorts of creatures that haunted you. You ran as fast as you could away from them, but it felt like your legs were stuck in tar and they were hopelessly fast. Finally once you got free from the grasp of the forest, you stood in the middle of what seemed to be an abandoned highway. And when you thought you were safe, Wham!

(Y/N)…” You heard your name faintly in the distance. 

“(Y/N)!” You heard again but this time it shook you from your sleep. Ricky sat next to you looking quite concerned, but was quickly comforted when you attacked him with hugs and kisses. He was finally home after what seemed like forever! 

“When did you get here? How long have I been sleeping?” You looked around worriedly. 

“Calm down, Rip Van Winkle,” Ricky joked. “It’s only twelve in the afternoon and i got here about an hour ago.” He kissed you again, because you two just couldn’t get enough of each other after those long three months. “C’mon, i made you some food.” He ushered you out of bed and to the kitchen where a plate of pancakes smothered in syrup awaited the both of you. 

“Yummy.” You licked your lips then dove into the delicious pancakes that were filled with blueberries. 

“I love you, snowflake.” He kissed your cheek softly and smiled.

“I love you too.” You said with your mouth completely stuffed with pancakes.

Drunk kisses & fairy lights | Rami Malek

It’s currently 4.30am here and I’ve spent the last few hours writing this Christmas fic/imagine because I was feeling very festive last night. It’s been such a long time since I’ve written anything so please, be nice - be warned it’s probably ridden with a lot of grammatical errors. It’s kind of sweet, fluff, not really smut, happy and festive time all around.

P.S Yes, I realise (Y/N)’s best friend is named after me. I just really wanted to be your wing man. 

Word count: 2082
Disclaimer:  To be edited

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