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Your Excellency! What an honor to speak with you! What majestic gown will you be wearing to your birthday party, my lord? And do you have a song for when you enter the ballroom? I can’t wait to see all your magnificence, glamour and radiance! It’ll influence all the fashion tendencies, for sure. A very happy birthday, your grace!

get this im thinking gold 🏆, gucci 👠, glitter ✨, sparkles 👑, sunglasses 🕶, pitbull🐶, mr worldwide 🌍, champagne 🥂. wham bam pow 💥.

- Lucio 🌹🐐 

We have to break up... (Raphael)


   It was an unfortunate circumstance, but it was simply inevitable. College was pricey in New York and takes a long time to complete, especially for what you wanted to go for. But there was a small glimmer of hope; there was a community college in your home town that cut the completion time in half and was still accredited.
   There was just one problem: your hometown was six states away.

   This unfortunately made the possibility of a long distance relationship an impossible option. Although you would be living with family, you felt like you had an obligation to contribute to the household and would be working during your summer and holiday breaks; and of course the turtles couldn’t just hop on a plane to see you either, especially with your college being so far away. There wouldn’t even be anytime for the two of you to communicate online either; there was the time zone difference to worry about, plus the turtle’s patrols were always irregular and hard to schedule around, especially if they happened to run into a Foot patrol. Then there was the possibility of enemies finding out where you were. If they were to hack into one of your e-mails and find out where you were currently living, there would be no way the turtles could come save you. You would be putting yourself and your family in danger. There was no other option…

   You had to break up.


   As soon as you broke the news, Raphael immediately started to come up with ideas and plans on how you could make it work. You knew he would but you were ready for it. Every suggestion he made you had already asked yourself; none of it would work.

   “College kids get breaks don’t they?” He asked. “Why can’t ya just come back and visit?”

   You couldn’t help but sigh. Every question made your heart clench a little tighter. “I have to work during the summer and my family will want to spend time together during the holidays.”

   There was a low grumble emanating from his throat and he shifted his weight. “Okay but, there’s the internet. Or I could call right?”

   This one would be the hardest to explain to him. It would be easy, using face-time or even texting. But there was just one glaring problem with it.

   “Raph, what if the Foot trace the call?” The moment you mentioned the enemy clan he frowned. “Or what if they hack my email? If they find out where I’m at, you can’t help me. I’d be putting you and my family in danger.” It was the one thing you couldn’t allow. If the Foot got your family, you weren’t sure if you could keep the turtle’s secret. As much as you loved Raphael and his family, you loved your family too and would do anything to save them. You would hate yourself if you ever parted with sensitive information about him to the enemy, regardless of the reason.

   “Hey, c'mon. You know I’ll protect you,” He tried to smile and bumped your arm with his elbow.

   “Six states away though Raph?” The reminder of just how far you would be made the smile disappear from his face. He seemed to shrink away from you and his eyes hardened.

   “Yeah…yeah, you’re right.” He mumbled. The giant mutant turtle stood and began to pace back and forth.

   It was clear as day that he was upset about this. Anytime he started to pace it meant he was starting to bottle things up. Usually all he would need to do is beat something, or someone, up and then he would be ready to talk more about it; but this was a completely different situation. Who knows when he would want to talk about it again, if ever. Originally you wanted to keep the relationship going until the day you had to leave, but with how upset he was that may not be the best choice. You could feel your heart squeeze from the idea of ending it now, but if it was what he needed you would respect that. After all, you were the one leaving.

   “Raph?” You could see his eyes dart in your direction but he kept pacing without a word. You shifted in your seat, trying to figure out a good way to say it; but really, there wasn’t a good way. “Do you…just want to end it now?”

   “What?” That made him stop in place. His jaw was tense, clearly in an attempt to keep some unsavory words in his mouth, along with the rest of his body. It was his bright green eyes that showed the hurt.

   Just looking at them made you feel guilty for the suggestion but this had to be done. “I mean, if it’ll be easier for you I’ll understand,” you paused for a second so you could collect yourself. “Or uh, if you want…we can just hang out? Until it’s time?” You tried to blink away the tears, not wanting him to make a decision based on guilt.

   For a long time he just stood there, his muscles slowly relaxing as he weighed the options. He looked around the room, trying to avoid your stare as much as possible. What was only a minute felt like hours until he finally spoke. “Yeah. Sure,” His head began to nod until he finally looked at you. “We can still hang out.”

   You couldn’t help but smile at the answer. Without knowing it, your arms were around his neck as you hugged him tightly. The familiar feeling of large arms enveloping your body surrounded you as he returned the hug. You closed your eyes and pressed your cheek against his.

   “Thanks Raph,” you whispered before planting a kiss on his cheek. He squeezed tighter at the kiss and it pained you to pull away; but you still had a lot of work to do back home. You kept your hands on his massive forearms and smiled. “So, I’ll see you tomorrow?”

   There was a weak smile on his face, but a smile nonetheless, “Yeah. Sure.”

   “Alright! I’ll see ya then,” You patted his arms before leaving quickly; the sooner you got out of there, the less time he had to rethink his decision.

   The moment you were out of sight, Raphael let out a loud sigh. His hand ran over his bandanna as he walked over to the main room of the lair. He could hear Michelangelo following him and braced himself for the onslaught of questions his little brother would no doubt berate him with.

   “Well that looked tense,” Michelangelo grinned.

   Raphael tried to ignore him at first, hoping the the orange-clad mutant would read the air even if it was a long shot. He sized up one of the punching bags, tapping it lightly with his two knuckles before starting his warm-up. There were so many knots in his stomach, his blood felt like it was on fire, and every fiber of his being felt like it was shaking.

   You wanted to break up. Pow! He never thought it was something that could happen. Pow! Pow! Break-ups were for troubled relationships, not yours. Wham! Po-Pow! You two had something good going on. Pow-wow! Why was it even an option? Po-POW!

   “Sooo good talk? Bad talk?” Michelangelo piped in from his seat. He had a can of soda in his hands, taking small sips in between each of Raphael’s punches.

   “She’s moving away,” Raphael grunted as he continued to hit the punching bag.

   “Oooh, okay. Where?” He kept pressing on in genuine curiosity.

   “Colorado.” Wham! Pow!

   Michelangelo frowned behind the tin can. “Oh. Well, I mean she won’t be gone long right? It’s only like, two or three months.”

   “Try years,” The word came out as a hiss. His fist collided with the bag hard enough to push it backward.

   He could hear his little brother cringe. “Oooh…that’s a long time. She leaving tonight?”

   “No,” he growled. It was amazing how the little brother’s naivete could annoy him so much. “We’re gonna hang out her last month here.”

   “Aww, that’ll be nice,” Michelangelo smiled. He was quiet for only a second before speaking up again. “Man you guys are probably gonna have the best time ever. Then she’ll be gone for three weeks?”

   “Years, Mikey,” The larger mutant turned quickly and smacked the soda can out of his three-fingered hand. “She’s gonna be gone for three years!”

   His big blue eyes widened in surprise and he held his hands up in defense. “Alright! Years! Geez!” He huffed and lowered his hands before speaking once more. “Man…that’s gonna be rough,” he looked down at the floor, almost thoughtful for a second; but it was short lived. He looked up at Raphael with a smile and stood. “You guys can handle it though!” He patted his older brother’s shoulder encouragingly before leaving.

   Raphael stood alone in the room. You would be gone for three years. No visits, no calls, no e-mails, no texts. The loneliness he felt now wasn’t going to go away. His jaw clenched, his throat tightened, and his eyes began to burn. With one loud yell, he kicked the punching bag across the room and stormed out of the lair to be by himself.

   The next day Raphael stared at the phone-like device Donnie had made for all of them. On the screen was a text message from you that had been sent an hour ago. You had asked if he would like to watch a movie at your place; you had even offered to let the red-clad turtle pick out the film. But he had a lot of thoughts swimming in his mind.

   All day Raphael’s head was tumbling over what Michelangelo had said yesterday. Three years was a long time. There was no way you would ever come back after college. Why would you? Three years was plenty of time to forget about him and the horrors that lived in New York’s shadow.

   But would it be plenty of time for him to get over you? To get over your smile? Your laugh?To forget the feel of your skin? Or even how small your hands felt inside of his?

   If he spent any more time with you, he wasn’t sure if he would be able to let you go when it was time. Maybe the two of you should’ve ended it last night. Then it might give him more time to get over you. However, despite his courage in the arena, he lacked any when it came to sharing his feelings with you. And the last thing he wanted to do right now was upset you. With a heavy sigh he decided to go for the next best thing.

   “Sorry, can’t tonight. Leo sprung a surprise patrol on us.”

   He hit the send button and tossed the device aside, not planning on answering it for the rest of the night. He figured if he could at least avoid you, then he could at least upsetting you with the truth. And for the next couple of weeks, that’s exactly what he did. With each passing day, and with each half-assed lie, you started asking less and less.

   One night after realizing it was almost midnight and you still hadn’t messaged him, Raphael figured you had given up. It was bittersweet for him; on the one hand, you had started to forget about him. On the other hand, he was now alone with his thoughts and on possible ways he could try to get over you.

   As he began to sulk back to his room he heard a pair of light footsteps moving quickly towards him. His brow furrowed and he turned around quickly, surprised to see you power walking up to him. The tall turtle gulped nervously, never before seeing such fury burning in your eyes.

   You stopped right in front of the moody ninja turtle and glared up at him. Your hands were on your hips angrily; your knuckles turning white as they squeeze at your flesh.

   “Alright Raphael,” you snapped at him. “We’re going to do one of two things. We are either going to hang out or you are going to admit that you lied to me!”

   Raph furrowed his brows and his shoulders tensed. He knew he was guilty, but he felt like he had to defend himself. “I don’t have nuthin to admit, so I guess we’re hanging out!” He huffed and shrugged. “So, whadd'ya wanna do? Train in the dojo? Watch a movie? Apply for a school that’s states away? Oh wait– Ya already did that, so we can check that off the list of fun ideas!” He made an invisible hand gesture of the motion.

   You gawked at him, still completely shocked at how he was acting. You knew he was upset after the second time he declined to hang out, but you didn’t think he would act like this! “Oh, I’m sorry. That was my best option so that way I can have a decent paying job because I have bills to pay! Unlike you, I have human responsibilities to take care of!”

   He growled a little, not having a logical response to counter that statement. He chewed on the inside of his cheek, and huffed again. He wanted to say something along the lines of how he could take care of you, and provide you with everything you needed but he knew it would never be true. You were raised in the light of this world, unlike him, who was born in the shadows. You needed the sunlight, fresh air, human contact. His fingers clenched into fist and started to shake. He soon let out a loud yell, and then kicked the nearest object to him, a crate of junk that burst when making contact with the wall.

   "Fuck!“ He cursed.

   You jumped at the sound of his foot colliding with the trash can and heard a familiar voice behind you.

   "Oooh, Raph is piiissed…” Michelangelo cooed. It was then that you and Raphael noticed the audience that had gathered.

   Your cheeks burned a little in embarrassment but your eyes never left Raphael. Donatello smacked the younger turtle upside the head before shushing him. You cleared your throat and held your head up high. Just because Raphael might throw a tantrum did not mean you had to.

   "Look, I asked you if you wanted to end this sooner. Why couldn’t you have just said so in the first place instead of stringing me along?“ You couldn’t help but end the sentence in a hiss. It had hurt, knowing he had lied to you this whole time. You understood why, but it did not make the situation easier.

   At this point, Raphael wasn’t able to look at you. He knew what he wanted to say, what he needed to say, but his throat would choke him every time he went to speak. He grumbled and tried clearing his throat. "I..I thought it would be okay. ” He shook his head. “But it’s not… Not even in the fucking slightest. Just-” He paused for a moment. “Why couldn’t you have picked something closer? It feels like you didn’t even try! Like from the beginning, I was the only one fighting for this!” Not thinking logically, his heart clearly had control of the reins now.

   Your heart clenched at the accusation and tears welled up in your eyes. “That place was my last choice!” You stomped your foot on the hard floor and you lost all composure. “Everywhere else would either have me in debt for the rest of my life or barely able to afford rent while going!”

   You paused and stared at him, your heart heavy with sadness and anger. How could he not understand this is just as hard for you as it was for him? How could he even think you would do this if you had another choice?

   "You really think I wanted this? Seriously? You think I picked this place just so I could get away from you?“

   Raph crossed his arms and stared at his two giant toes. "Well…yeah. It kind of feels that way! I mean, I am a giant mutant turtle, with one hell'uva ugly mug for a face!” He pointed at himself, his eyes still focused on the ground. “All I’ve ever heard of about college is how it’s supposed to be the best years of your life! Where you have the most fun, and find out who you are. And you’re going to be doing all that without me! You’re gonna move on, and be happy. While I’m stuck down here in this shit-hole!” He jabbed a finger at you, his lips curled back into a snarl.

   Leo watched from a distance with his other brothers, shaking his head in disappointment. His hand covered his mouth in order to stop himself from saying anything. On one hand, he understood his brother’s frustration; on the other, Raphael was just making himself the victim. Lashing out at the one and only being that had shared a connection with him on a totally different level than anyone before.

   He knew Raphael was going to regret this, but there was nothing he could do to stop him now.

   You just stared at him with teary eyes and a quivering chin. Your entire body shook with anger and grief. He had a point; you were going to experience a large chunk of your life without him. It hurt, knowing you wouldn’t have him to talk to at two in the morning when you couldn’t sleep, or feel safe walking alone at night knowing he would be there to help you. You wanted him to be there, more than anything, but it just wouldn’t work. There was just no way any of it could work.

   "You’re right. I am going to experience things,“ you said as your shoulder slumped in defeat. "And I’m sorry I can’t bring you with me or share them with you. But…but Raph I have a life up there!” The truth hurt you and you knew it hurt him just as much. You could feel the three other pairs of eyes on you as you continued. “There are I things I have to make sure I do and damn it. I can’t…I can’t screw myself over for the rest of my life because I didn’t want to hurt your feelings!” The tears flowed down your cheeks as you sobbed. “I love you and I care about you. But I need your support in this one thing!”

   Raph looked down again, not speaking for a long while. When he finally looked back up at you, he was teary eyed but his expression was stern. “ I can’t be with you on this…” He stated and walked off to his room in the lair.

   Your final day in New York was finally here. The truck was parked on the street, already almost completely full of your things. Raphael did not come to you the night before despite your invitation. It did not surprise you though, especially since he had not spoken a word to you after your fight. Your heart was heavy with disappointment and sadness; you really were hoping he would at least say ‘good-bye’ before you left, but even that was too much to hope for apparently.

   You stood in your now empty room with your messenger bag clinging to your shoulders. There was no doubt you would miss the place and you hoped you could move back to New York one day. Maybe then Raphael would want to speak to you again.

   Originally you were going to leave through the door like a normal person but some sort of sixth sense tugged at your gut. You wanted to go down the fire escape one last time; after all, you had climbed down that rickety old thing before when you would sneak out to go see the turtles. Going down one more time would not hurt anybody. You adjusted the strap of your and climbed down the old metal stairs and into the alley below.

   It never seemed to matter what time of day it was but the alley always seemed to be very dark. As you stepped forward your eyes snapped down to the manhole cover in the ground and a flood of fond memories overwhelmed you. Your throat tightened and you sniffled a bit, but you kept moving forward. As you passed the round slab, you noticed it was not quite back in place. You stopped dead in your tracks and turned around quickly, catching a glimpse of a familiar red bandanna disappearing behind a corner.

   Immediately your heart pounded quickly and a smile spread across your face. You ran up to the corner and jumped in front of the retreating turtle, blocking his path.

   You both stared at each other, neither daring to speak first. Your happiness was overwhelming; you could not believe you actually got to see him one more time. Unable to contain yourself, you jumped up and hugged him tightly. Tears ran down your cheeks like a small stream trickling through a forest as you embraced him. You tried to appreciate everything your felt, smelled, and heard from him; this may be the last time you ever see him again and you would need to rely on your precious memories.

   Raphael returned the hug but did not embrace you nearly as tight. He was afraid if he held on too hard or too long that he would take you back down to the lair. It was hard enough coming up here, he did not want to make it harder to watch you go.

   You finally pulled away and tried to give him a kiss but he pushed you gently back. He did not need to say a word to you, but you could see the pained pleading look on his face. A part of you wanted to ignore his silent request and kiss him anyway, but knowing it would just hurt him more kept your feet at bay. Instead you simply stared at him through the tears, taking in every detail in his clothing and skin.

   “I love you,” You whispered loud enough for him to hear. You could see his chest and shoulders raise slightly as he inhaled. Your feet stayed planted as you waited for a response from him, but the sai-wielding turtle did not utter a sound.

   Very slowly you began a frown as he just kept staring at you. You knew he had things to say and you wanted to hear them. You didn’t care if they were insults or even pleads for you to stay, you just wanted to hear the sound of his voice one more time before–

   Beep beeeeep!

   The honking of the truck’s horn snapped you out of your train of thought. You looked down the alley and then back at Raphael. You felt your jaw clench and your lips press together in a thin line, trying your hardest not to sob.

   “Well…Bye, Raphael.” You mumbled, lifting your hand in a weak attempt to wave. You walked past him, not daring to look at him again, and stopped at the end of the alleyway. The morning sun hit your face and you took a deep breath in. You were about to take the next step to your new life.

   Your life without Raphael.

   The sound of your shoe stepping on pavement had never been so loud to him before. You seemed to move faster than he expected and your form quickly disappeared behind the building. He waited until he heard the truck start up and pull away. It was not until he could not hear the large vehicle anymore did it suddenly dawn on him.

   You were gone. You really were gone. Ever since the fight he had with you the temperamental turtle had thought this was all one big nightmare. He kept waiting to wake up, but nothing happened. Doubt began to fill his belly and his heart raced at the realization of what he had and had not done.

   He wanted a re-do. He wanted to go back in time and accept all of your invitations to hang out; he wanted to hug you again, to not push you away when you wanted to kiss.

   He wanted to tell you he loved you.

   Grief and rage overtook every fiber of his being. He slipped back into the sewers and spent the remainder of the day demolishing every training dummy they had in the lair.

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I actually feel bad for those who are new to the fandom and fall right into the tv series... they didn't get to appreciate fully the characters in the movies before they fall into that mess of characterizations... it's sad. I wish the series didn't exist in the first place... it ruined so much for me idk

I mean, I learned early on not to take it too seriously, so I can’t say it ruined anything for me. It’s nice that it exists in the sense that more people will be drawn to the HTTYD franchise. I agree that it’s a shame they didn’t come in with the experience of the first movie, even if everything after is practically disappointing.

The thing about HTTYD is that it was a very, very old story of the Underdog, and the Alliance, and the Saving of the Day. Its the same story told a thousand times in a thousand different ways. But there was something extra in this one, something that made hundreds of thousands of people lean on it. Despite the crappy marketing and the basic-bitch plot line, the execution was phenomenal. It was so organic, and meaningful, and nuanced, and alive. From Hiccup’s strained relationship with his father and the village, to Astrid’s drive to protect the village, to the teens’ clique culture, down to Ruffnut rolling her eyes at Astrid’s self-critique. It wasn’t just WHAM BAM POW DRAGONS, it was the soft intricacies of relationships. Every glance and sigh and glare and gesture painted a far more colorful picture for each character and their relationship with one another.

It’s what anchored so many of us to this story, and when we learned there was going to be a TV series “bridging” the movies, we already had certain expectations. Many were even simple necessities.

We needed Hiccup coming to terms with being accepted by the village… for old habits to die hard. We needed struggles and adjustments to his leg: pain and learning and frustration. We needed home interactions of each Berk teen. Stoick’s pride in his son and his acclimation to Toothless. Ruffnut’s interest in Hiccup. Snotlout’s interest in Astrid. We needed more bitterness and escape and annoyance and joy. All those tiny emotions and actions that enriched the film.

It didn’t need to be as beautifully rendered as the movie, we just needed the same quality of story.

Not poop jokes, or the gary stu protagonist, or command attacks.


Here is a #nailtutorial for my #maniswap with Devon @polishhisnails. For this #watermarbletutorial I used ANIV Collection from @pipedreampolish. However…after I did this one nail, I messed up every other nail. For the still shots, I used my #neon #nailpolish from @colorclubnaillacquer. That is why the patterns aren’t identical.
The colors I used from Color Club are:
Purple- Disco Dress
Pink- Warhol
Orange- Wham Pow
Yellow- Almost Famous
Green- Feelin’ Groovy
Blue- Endless Summer
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You Make My Dreams

for @hollyspacey

Pairing: Darcy Lewis/Pietro Maximoff
Length:  1186 words
Prompt:  [You Make My Dreams - Hall & Oates -1980]
Tags:  Soulmate AU; Dream Sharing Soulmates; Three-Clues Soulmates; Post Avengers: Age of Ultron; AU: Pietro Lives; Witness Protection
Warnings:  None
Ao3:  [Link]

A/N:  AU where Soulmates share a dreamspace and get three clues about where they’re going to meet via the dream.

Darcy was nervous.  

And the reasons for her anxiety were threefold.

First off, this was her first big assignment for S.H.I.E.L.D.  She was a fresh agent.  A n00b, if you will.  And here she was shacking up with some dude for an indeterminate amount of time in what would be called witness protection, but this guy wasn’t a witness.  

He was a dead Avenger.  

She was playing house with Pietro Maximoff for the next…foreseeable future.  

Secondly, she’d had to move from her comfy condo in Virginia Beach to this teeny tiny apartment in SoCal.  Seriously, this place was tiny.  It was a one-bedroom for crying out loud.  And it was a fourth floor walk up.  Gag.  

At least the building was pretty.  On each floor, the bricks were painted a different color.  The fourth floor was purple.  

The apartment was that bland beige/white that all apartments are, but outside the door was that purple brick.  

Which brought her to the third reason she was nervous.

Purple bricks just so happened to be one of her clues.  Yep, one of her soulmate clues was purple bricks.  The other two were the smell of garlic and the sound of a doorbell.  

So she was possibly…maybe…most definitely going to meet her soulmate while she was here.  

Pretending to be with some dead guy.  

On her first work assignment.  

Yeah, thanks universe.  Only all the most stressful things were happening to her at the same time.  Moving.  Soulmate.  First day on the job.  

She took a deep breath.  She had this.  As far as she knew, there was no garlic smell going on at all.  So she was in the clear for the soulmate thing.  

For now.  

Also?  She’d only gotten the one shared dream with her soulmate so far.  So she was probably just psyching herself out.  She didn’t even know his name.  He was so jittery in the dream that he’d forgotten to give it to her.  He knew her name, but she didn’t know his.

And she couldn’t meet him without knowing his first name.  So, this was all needless worrying.

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Adam West dead: Bat-signal to light up LA skies in tribute to late Batman actor

Adam West is getting the tribute only Batman actors deserve in Los Angeles tonight (15 June) - a bat-signal will light up the night skies in honour of the late star of the 1960s Batman TV series who passed away last Friday (9 June) aged 88.

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti and LAPD Chief Charlie Beck will light the ceremonial signal which is a trademark of the legendary Caped Crusader character.

West’s tongue-in-cheek performance earned him universal recognition with the series generating a cult status thanks to its onscreen fight graphics depicting the words ‘Wham!’ and 'Pow!’.

“Our dad always saw himself as The Bright Knight, and aspired to make a positive impact on his fans’ lives. He was and always will be our hero,” his family said in a statement.

West’s family have also requested that donations be made to the Adam West Memorial Fund for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Idaho-based charity for children diagnosed with cancer, Camp Rainbow Gold.

Following news of his death, tributes poured in from across the entertainment world with Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane stating: “Family Guy has lost its mayor, and I have lost a friend. [He] was a joy to work with, and the kind of guy you always wanted to be around.“

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loved your project runway fic! do you have any more crack fics written for atla?

Darling anon - I do now! Also that Project Runway fic continues to and I suspect always will haunt me, but I’m glad you liked it, and I hope you like this one as well. (I would like to add as a caveat that I do not know anything about Dungeons and Dragons! I remain flagrantly unaware of the rules of the game! It is used here merely - and shamelessly - as a plot device.)

roll the dice (Some Zutara, some gen, 100% crack)

“D and D in the D,” Sokka says, spreading his arms dramatically - Katara can just catch a glimpse of the movement, the excited gleam of his eyes. “Dungeons and Dragons in the Dark!

“Really?” Suki asks him. “That’s what you want to do right now?”

“What else are we supposed to do during a blackout?” Sokka says. “Our options are kind of limited here!”

“It sucks, not being able to see anything, huh?” says Toph.

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Consider: Story time with Toshinori

Toshinori tells the kids stories of some the fights he was in as a hero. Izuku and Bakugou know the fights, but sit and listen excitedly. Toshinori tells the stories animatedly complete with pows, whams, and smashes. Todoroki is watching the man awestruck with his mouth open. When Toshinori would get to a suspenseful part they would all be on the edge of their seats. The girls gasp in fear. “And do you know what happened next?” he’d say then Izuku and Bakugou exclaim in unsion what happened next. Toshinori chuckles at the boys enthusiasm.