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Close Call Joker X Reader

J stood in front of the Lamborghini brushing his slick green hair back the pinkish sky illuminating around him like one of those old catholic drawings of god. Frost stood close behind him with a brief case, a few more men were present  waiting next to my car door, they were all stern faced and dull. We were waiting on some guy J was working with to make a new gun deal. Whether it was going to work out or not J didn’t tell me he just smiled his hot silver smile saying “Oh baby it will go directly as planned” so really that told me nothing but I glad to be along for the ride. A black Cadillac pulled up next to us and a tall guy with a rose neck tattoo stepped out shaking my babies hand. 

J smiled widely at him “Welcome boys!” He said loudly laughing Frost stepped forward with the brief case and put it on the hood of the car opening it to show the new visitors. The man smiled looking at J they shook hands again. “Pleasure doing business with you J, your trust is honoring” The man kissed J’s many rings. J laughed loudly seeming to wait for the man to bring out his side of the deal. “Oh right!” the man smacked himself on the forehead ushering men that brought  out five large duffel bags, all filled with firepower. “You did well son!” J said fatherly patting the guy n the shoulder  “Kill em’ boys” he said turning around heading towards the car. The man had a intense look of panic a crossed his face. “But I have a wife and family!” J smiled laughing heartily barely looking at him as a couple of the henchman grabbed his arms. “Oh I’ve got a wife too sonny. It’s all part of business! You will find it in yourself to forgive me I know. Good day or in your case goodnight!” J opened the door “But I did everything you asked!” J nodded at the man’s cries a horrible guilty feeling drained throughout my body I felt side and couldn’t bare to hear the man beg any longer. “Come on baby. Let’s go”  said softly to him. J peered at me with his dreamy, icy blue eyes. I felt everything bad go away when I looked at him. 

He smiled at me his hand reaching for my face when suddenly a splash of red exploded from his shoulder. My eyes widened as he struggled to get into the car blood pooling around him. My mouth let out a blood curdling scream, my hands panicking reached for him, aiding however I could to get him back into the driver’s seat. “Go boss Go!” Frost yelled firing a machine gun in the direction of a new bunch of thug’s directions. “Baby are you okay?” I said small tears welling up in my eyes. The beautiful orange sky that made my baby looks like a god washed away into a dark blue showing him in a new light. He reversed the car speeding away once he got turned around. Nodding weakly yes to my question. His face was drained and ghostly white his eyes hung open lazily with a dead mans expression. “Baby I’m worried about you” I said resting my head on his shoulder. “Don’t you worry your pretty self kitten, Daddy’s okay” I kissed his cheek hoping he would make it the couple miles back to the hideout. He smiled weakly at me.

J roared upto the hideout which was really a huge mansion he had the men keep spruced up so nobody expected any Joker living here, plowing through the garage door. Ten of his men came flooding out of the door helping J out of the car and whisking him out of my sight. I yelled at them to wait but they slammed the door in my face, I looked down at the clean cement floor in defeat. They were just going to bring him to the basement to one of the doctors that would bring him back to his normal stuff but my mind wanted me to doubt that. I made my way up to the room we shared melancholy hanging over me.  
 How many times have we gone through this process? He had been shot in front of my more times than I could stomach, seeing his own life source splattered a crossed walls, staining my expensive outfits had become a strange sort of normalcy, it brought tears to my eyes but brought with it no panic.. Normally. This time was different seeing his face drained of what little color there was left and the sound of his voice softened and.. vulnerable? That wasn’t the psycho that roped me happily into his word of explosions and laughter. I buried my head into the satin purple pillow that laid on his side of the bed. I nose breathed in his scent Coach mixed with blood and gun powder, the scent of heaven. A sigh escaped my mouth regretting the fact his scent was going to leave my body. bringing out tears and heavy sobs. If he left me now there would be nothing for me. My best bet would be to turn myself rotting away in his memory accompanied by a padded cell. 

“Is our pleasant business partner dead?” I heard a soft voice chuckle. “No boss but we know where he is. We were just waiting on your plan.” The door burst open revealing my love and Frost. J laughed putting his hand on his bandaged chest. “So thoughtful Frosty. No we won’t kill him-” J locked his eyes on my reddened ones blowing a kiss before turning to prance around the room. “First we are going to destroy what he calls a ‘business’ then-” He picked up one of the little trinkets I kept around the room; he threw it in between his left and right hand as he paced. “-then we will kill his family give him a bit of hope then WHAM-O!” J threw the trinket o the ground. Frost and I jumped slightly meeting each others gaze he smiled shyly at me. “Tie his up and well you know the rest my good man” J said patting Frost on the shoulder before running and body slamming the bed. I winced as he began coughing and laughing due to the impact. He held his chest looking up at me. “I may have to cancel Bats and my’s date night” I buried my head into his neck letting warm tears freely flow again. “Don’t get soft on me now dear.” He said stroking my hair softly. He stayed silent as I cried most likely because he didn’t know what to say. He was crap when it came to that but being able to feel his hear beat was enough for me.  

Thanks for reading guys! More to come Same Bat-time Same Bat-channel!

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Any specific discs you'd recommend for someone just getting into disc? We've only been playing with one of those floppy rubber ones. Also where do you get your discs? So many sites seem like they have crazy shipping.

Yeah, shipping can be super painful for discs.

For recommendations:
    Light biting regular sized: Xtra 235 distance or Xtra 235 freestyle both by Hero disc USA

    Bite resistant regular sized: Opto bite by latitude 64 (only valid in UpDog, USDDN, and K9 Toss'n'fetch league) or Eurablend Fastback by Wham-O/Discovering the world (get the white or black since they are opaque) or Superstar/Superswirl (same plastic) by Hero disc USA

    Puppy-sized: Superatom 185 by Hero disc USA - it’s halfway between light and bite-resistant.  They do have three new plastics for this coming out soon. I got one at UPDIF because apparently UPDIF likes to tempt me with discs I can’t get a hold of easily. 

    also puppy-sized: Latitude 64 just released (like I got some of the first run at UPDIF) a puppy Opto Bite disc that is amazeballs. Maybe stalk the UpDog store for it. *cough* Or talk to me in a couple months since I’ll probably be ordering direct-from-factory*cough*

    If you are in Europe, go for the mamadisc medium (regular sized) or mini medium (puppy sized)

I highly suggest having at least two discs. If you are every going to play UpDog or do freestyle, you want to get your dog used to having more than one disc on the field. 
Ummm… and I usually order my discs direct from the companies in 100+ lots. Optos used to be hard to find in Canada, so it was cheaper for me to order custom discs for dynamic discs. And apparently no one in North America sells the mamadiscs, so I pretty much have to import from the manufacturer there. Oh, and I also have a local store here that sells hero discs at a very decent price. 

Stores you can try
    In Canada
        - (superstar) http://www.discentral.biz/k9-discs/ - has 8$ flat rate shipping 
        - (Xtras, superstar, atom185) https://www.rrpetparadise.com/disc-dog-supplies 
        - (Xtras, superstar, superswirl, atom185, opto bite) https://www.exondisc.ca/collections/all-discs-toute-la-collection 
        - (xtras, superstars, has very expensive atom185s)http://www.oxforddogsgear.com/apps/webstore/products/category/1535808
        - (xtra freestyle, superstar, superswirl) http://www.onestopdogshop.com/ - my local store - not an online store, but they will ship and their prices are good enough that it could be worth a call. 
    In USA
        - (opto) https://www.dynamicdiscs.com/Latitude-64-Opto-Bite-Dog-Disc-Catch-Frisbee-p/2174.htm - looks like it has free shipping on the disc to continental US. 
        - (eurablend) http://www.dtworld.com/Eurablend-Fastback-Frisbee-p/licwhd02.htm - shipping between 3 and 7$ to continental US. Dog discs are lighter than golf discs if you go by the weight - two eurablends will be under .8lbs for the 3$ shipping. 
        - (Xtras, Opto, keep and eye on it because they might get more stuff) https://updogchallenge.com/the-store/ - has flat 6$ shipping
        - (everything hero) http://www.herodiscusa.com/canine-dog-discs - they have misprints here which could offset shipping

white person 1: hmm… lit? fam? oh, hey! i think i know what those mean. these are those sentence enhancers!
white person 2: sentence enhancers?
wp1: you use them when you want to talk black! you just sprinkle it over anything you say, and wham-o! you’ve got yourself a spicy sentence sandwich!
wp2: oh, i get it! let me try. ahem, hello, montgomery. lovely on fleek day we’re having, isn’t it, fam?
wp1: why, yas it is, toirdhealbhach . this hella af day is particularly lowkey lovely!
wp2: how 💯😂👏🏻🔥right you are, montgomery!
wp2: ooh, you’re right, montgomery, my lips are tingling from the spiciness of this conversation :)

Why Physicists Love Super Balls

by Joel N. Shurkin, Inside Science

Super Balls are toys beloved by children because of their extraordinary ability to bounce. Physicists love them for exactly the same reason.

Drop a baseball on the floor and it will hardly bounce at all. Drop a Super Ball from shoulder height, and it will bounce back 92 percent of the way to the drop-off point. Super Balls also are just as bouncy vertically as they are horizontally, and they spin oddly.

“Physicists love it because it has interesting physical properties,” said Rod Cross, retired professor of physics at the University of Sydney in Australia, whose latest paper on Super Balls appears in the American Journal of Physics. His research also demonstrated the odd way all balls roll.

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Because I am a loser, I figured that I would put together 100 of the things that most people skip through to get the good part of tv. Commercials! (more masterposts)

Kool Aid ● First Barbie Ad ● Jell-O and Racism ● Ipana Toothpaste ● Hamm’s Beer ● Tootsie Roll Pops ● Pepsodent Toothpaste ● Swiss Creme Sandwich ● Skippy Peanut Butter ● Ritz Crackers ● I can’t do anything, but thanks to the copy machine that doesn’t matter! ● Doctor’s recommend smoking! ● “let’s make this woman’s face radioactive to test our cream” ● Ajax Cleaner ● Colgate ● Halo Shampoo ● Rapid Shave 

Moutain Dew Soda ● The Flintstones support Busch Beer ● Cereal sold by a creep clown?? ● Coke keeps you thin! ● Maybe Folgers can teach this woman to make coffee ● The Flintstones reccomend Winston Cigarettes ● Pink Panther Flakes ● Dick Tracy silent ray gun ● Tang ● Cracker Jack ● Swing Wing ● Polaroid Swinger ● Maybe Folgers can teach this woman to make coffee, part two ● Even a woman can drive this! ● Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum ● Twister ● Green Giant ● Mattel “V-rroom!” ● Robot Commando ● “We put human souls in life like dolls” ● Cheerios ● Gillette razor ● Hoover ● Surf washing powder 

McDonald’s ● I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing ● Star Trek Communicators ● Say Cheeseburger ● Milky the Marvelous Milking Cow ● Tang, for earthmen ● Astronaut Breakfast ● Big Mac ● Faberge Shampoo ● Shake & Bake vs House-i-tosis ● Folger’s coffee ● Kool-Aid ● Land of the Jawas Playset ● Millenium Falcon Kenner ● Baby Laugh A Lot ● Star Trek: the McDonald’s meal ● Whirlpool Portable Washer ● 22 Explosive Hits ● Dodge Charger 500 

The Apple Bra ● Kentucky Fried Chicken ● Nintendo Cereal System ● Pepsi Generation ● Connect Four ● Micro Machines ● Chia Pets ● Wham-O Slip-n-Slide ● Castle Grayskull ● Dino-Riders ● Smooshees ● Do The Arches ● Ayds ● You & Your Johnson ● ET the Video Game ● Zack the Lego Maniac ● The Slim Suit ● Color Computer ● It’s Gonna Be A Great Day 

The new mobile phone, from radio shack! ● KFC with MC Hammer ● Nintendo 64 ● The Wunder Boner ● Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Pies ● Apple Jacks ● Ecto Cooler ● WHAM-O Bubble Thing ● Skip It ● Gotta have my pops! ● Nerf Arrow Storm ● Liquid Cool ● “Bud” “Weis” “er” ● Batman & Robin ● How to enjoy Disney World, Larry 

The Brother/Sister Folgers ad ● Dude Dell ● M&M’s ● Capri-Sun Coolers ● Go-Gurt ● Trix - Fashion Show 

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Krabs is a *dolphin chirp*

“That’s one of those sentence enhancers.”

“Sentence enhancers??”

“You use them when you want to talk fancy. You just sprinkle it over anything you say, and Wham-o! You’ve got yourself a spicy sentence sandwich!!”


The Guns of Wham-O, Hamilton Dueling Pistol, PowerMaster Rifle, PowerMaster Pistol.

Have you ever heard of the company called Wham-O (or Wamo! as it was called in the 50’s), what is their legacy?  For starters; the frisbee, the hackey sack, the hula hoop, and the superball. However few know that in the late 1950’s Wham-O dabbled in the firearms market.  While they did make dart guns, air guns, crossbows, and cap guns they decided to create a few youth model .22 lr firearms.

First was the Wham-O Hamilton Dueling pistol, modeled after Alexander Hamilton’s famous dueling pistols.  While more toy than gun, with crude sights and a toy like appearence it was an actual single shot breachloading .22 firearm.  Only 900 were produced.

Then there was the Wham-O Powermaster Rifle. Crude and toylike it was modeled after the Thompson submachinegun.  It was a single shot .22 rifle but when fired the bolt would lock back, allowing the user to load another round without retracting the bolt.  I can’t find specific numbers but few of these were made.

Finally there was the Wham-O Powermaster Pistol.  A .22 single shot like the other firearms, this gun is more like an actual gun than the others.  It was well machined, accurate, and sported real sights.  Again I can’t find specific production figures but not many were made.

Wamo’s line of toy/guns were not very popular.  The fusion between toy and gun was not a good mix, people either wanted a toy or a gun, not a cheap crude mixture of both.  The Hamilton Pistol and PowerMaster Rifle designs would be scraped.  The PowerMaster pistol design would be sold to Daisy Air Rifle Company, who converted it into an air pistol.