wham burger


Hi. Just got home from MoA. I bought a new laptop. Hee. I'm currently typing this on it, actually. We went there at 2 pm (I think) and we got home just now because.. I honestly don’t know why. I guess installing stuff on the laptop took a while. :))

So yeah. We didn’t do anything there but sit inside the shop. My mom and I walked around a bit because we thought that by the time we get back to the store, it will be done; but no, it still wasn’t so we waited for a bit more. Then I got hungry so we went to eat at Wham Burger. I wanted Japanese food but my mom didn’t so we ended up there.

I ordered their Bronco Burger and Onion Rings. The burger contained ½ pound beef patty, bacon, cheese, onions, and barbecue sauce (I think?). The burger was big, like Zark’s burger. It tasted good but it’s so big that I didn’t get to finish it. :))


That’s the Bronco Burger and Onion Rings. It was really huge. :)

It’s now time to do my homework. Ugh. Hee. Just as I promised, there was a picture! Less boring right? Kidding. It’s still pretty boring, I know. :))

Okay. Bye now. I’m gonna multitask. I’ll do my homework my installing stuff on this laptop. :))