wham burger

The Wake Me Up Before You Go-Goji Berry Burger
Bob’s Burgers Comics: Issue #1

A feta stuffed lamb burger set atop a bed of arugula and topped with a goji and black berry sauce and feta cheese crumbles. Comes on a French Bun

Smooth and complex flavor without being overly sweet.  The sauce seems to fit naturally with the lamb, and the feta adds a bit of tang to it.

Recipe and Alternative Burger Ideas Below

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The Six Scallion Dollar Man Burger
Season 5, Episode 15: Adventures in Chinchilla-sitting

 A ginger stuffed beef burger on a bed of steamed bok-choy and slathered in tamari soaked scallions.

This Asian inspired burger is definitely one to turn heads.  I mean how often do you have bok choy on a burger? How often do you even eat bok choy. Okay admit it - you have no idea what bok choy is… It’s okay, neither did the guy at the grocery store. (it’s a kind of cabbage that looks like the pale love child of celery and kale)

Nothing says Asian-inspired like soy sauce and ginger, so mix those together and let some green onions soak. Dump that over your gingery burger and wham! It’s like your mouth just flew to Southeast Asia. Recipe below!

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Hi. Just got home from MoA. I bought a new laptop. Hee. I'm currently typing this on it, actually. We went there at 2 pm (I think) and we got home just now because.. I honestly don’t know why. I guess installing stuff on the laptop took a while. :))

So yeah. We didn’t do anything there but sit inside the shop. My mom and I walked around a bit because we thought that by the time we get back to the store, it will be done; but no, it still wasn’t so we waited for a bit more. Then I got hungry so we went to eat at Wham Burger. I wanted Japanese food but my mom didn’t so we ended up there.

I ordered their Bronco Burger and Onion Rings. The burger contained ½ pound beef patty, bacon, cheese, onions, and barbecue sauce (I think?). The burger was big, like Zark’s burger. It tasted good but it’s so big that I didn’t get to finish it. :))


That’s the Bronco Burger and Onion Rings. It was really huge. :)

It’s now time to do my homework. Ugh. Hee. Just as I promised, there was a picture! Less boring right? Kidding. It’s still pretty boring, I know. :))

Okay. Bye now. I’m gonna multitask. I’ll do my homework my installing stuff on this laptop. :))