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What if Daud got the power to summon Whalers, before he even recruited any…? XD That would explain where they got all those uniforms. XD

Sorry for sketchiness, it’s a quicky.


Since I’m playing again The Knife of Dunwall/The Brigmore Witches DLCs, in these days, I redesigned how I imagine Thomas and tragically discovered that I’m not a coherent person.
Looking forward to a 2018 vision of him.

Also, I’m sorry for the long absence, but University and work are sucking my time like hell are really exciting!

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Thomas/Daud. Daud was his first; Thomas never told him but the assassin still knew.

It’s in a noble’s house, of all places. There is a body rotting on the first floor and they’re on the third, originally digging through old correspondences and anything useful they can take to the hideout. It’s his first mission with Daud without the company of others. While his leader is calm and at ease, going through their target’s desk, he can hardly keep himself still. His eyes keep on wandering back to Daud, watching him. He nearly knocks over a few decorative items and he’s roasting within his own mask.

Rarely do they find time alone. Daud is usually in the company of other Whalers, off for business or pouring over his own work. All Thomas has is the memory of lips pressed against his and exposed fingers tracing and digging into his ribs. However, that moment occurred after the twenty-eight day of the Month of Songs, the Fugue Feast announced and held. While it is a period of time that goes unrecorded and unfocused, he still remembers. His admiration has always been present for Daud, but what sparked from the Fugue Feast left him with something more complex.

Daud was his first kiss. Thomas hardly knew what he was doing, but Daud showed him with great care. It was a first kiss that lasted for hours and it was more than what he could ask for. He still recalls Daud’s scent, the feel of his scars against his fingertips, and the tickling sensation of Daud’s breath against his lips. He wonders if Daud knows or even remembers the moment.

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