This is something that I very rarely share on tumblr and social media but please. Share this. Please.

This is my Aunt. She’s been missing for 14 years, and while hope is hard to come by, my family just wants answers at this point.

14 years is an incredibly long time for my mom and aunt to go without their older sister, my Nana to go without her oldest daughter, and two kids to go without their mother.

Please reblog this to gain awareness, and if you have any info, please share.

Her birthday is on April 20th, and for her birthday we want to try to gain recognition for her.

Thank you.

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Lindsay Whalen may normally be pretty understated, but you can’t deny she’ll show a little bit of swag on occasion.

Thanks to the SwishAppeal game thread regulars for encouraging and inspiring me to make this (as well as a big thank you to the subject herself for being generally awesome enough to talk about to begin with)!

One last pic for the night, but definitely not the last pic of the Wyatts’ mini-vacation - I’ll be posting more throughout the weekend. (I’ve been planning this trip for weeks, and I’m going to savor it. ;) If you’d rather not see these, you can block “jenba stories” or “the wyatt mystery trip”.


Here’s the piece I did for Ladies of Literature Volume 2! I chose Queen Helen of Eddis from one of my favorite fantasy series, The Queen’s Thief by Megan Whalen Turner. Composing this piece gave me a chance to do a bit of costume design, which is always fun!

I bought LoL Vol. 1 last year but completely missed the call for artists, so I’m thrilled I got to participate this year. The Kickstarter is over (vol. 2 was successfully funded, woohoo!), but you can check out more art on the ladiesofliterature Tumblr!


Mondo’s salute to Batman’s 75th Anniversary

Batman and Man-Bat - Alex Pardee

Mr Freeze - Phantom City Creative

Batman - Brandon Holt

Harley Quinn - Craig Drake

The Dark Knight Returns - J.C. Richards

figure - Tiny Kitten Teeth

Victorian Batman - Tom Whalen

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Everything about her brought to mind the old religion, and I knew that the resemblance was deliberate, intended to remind her subjects that as Hephestia ruled uncontested among the gods, this woman ruled Attolia. Too bad that I had seen the Great Goddess and knew how far the Attolian queen fell short of her mark.

Imaginings #4

Irene and Eugenides on their way to another meeting and casually holding hands. The two of them sharing inside jokes. Each of them tries to make the other laugh in the middle of court dinners. Complaining to one another in the evenings about how long their day has been and sometimes arguing over who’s had it worse. Hiding coded notes in each other’s room. Just basically being the cutest couple in the world yet no one else ever realizes. 


NEW JACK WAS ON MY TV SHOW. In this episode, the newly retired Bobby Blayze reaches out to some troubled youth. Plus, an interview with the King of the Streets himself, New Jack. Known for his outrageous balcony dives, attacking his opponents (sometimes legitimately) with weapons and we discuss the time he straight up stabbed a guy. 

Plus, there’s a performance from the killer Nuclear Santa Claust. Check out more of their music here!

Featuring Steve Whalen, Matt Barats, Andrew Tisher, Annie Donley, Gary Richardson, Carmen Christopher, John Reynolds, Conner O'Malley, Darren Mabee & Steven DeSiena.