whale world


So I recently visited the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto and they had a special exhibit on blue whales. It literally felt like visiting Whale World. They had a section where you could listen to different Whale noises and they had a game where you have to dive under water and eat fish and go up to get oxygen to survive. The game was harder than the one from DDI though and I gave up after one try.

I can’t believe it, but I just found this photo in a box in my basement, this is a photo of Sea World, 1980 (before I was born)! I wonder which one of the whales this is…poor thing…

UPDATE: I’ve been informed by @dutchorca-art of the identity of this whale: “That’s Ramu, a Southern Resident from K-pod, captured in February of 1967, at an estimated 4 years old. He lived in captivity for 11 years, dying at around 15 years old at SeaWorld Florida in 1982. He was also rented by the US Navy for an experiment on orca hearing. He’s easily recognized by his gorgeous open saddle!”