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huffle-cheese-puff  asked:

Hey can you do a blue whale patronus fact lost thingy? Hahah love this blog btw 😊💛

  • i mean it’s the biggest animal on earth that’s pretty rad
  • a blue whale’s tongue weighs more than an elephant. and their heart can be the size of a mini cooper. still trying to wrap my head around this
  • they’re pretty solitary creatures but they’re also super loud so sing to other whales up to 1000 miles away <3
  • and while they don’t tend to form large groups, they form strong attachments with a few individual whales (BFFs 4 lyfe)
  • before the late 19th century people didn’t know much about blue whales and basically treated them like mythological sea monsters lol
  • the global population of blue whales was reduced by 99% in the 20th century
  • humans suck
  • especially as blue whales are super chill
  • I mean they’re the biggest animals to have existed on earth EVER and they just eat tiny krill they’re like the BFG
  • blue whales are actually grey #PSYCH
  • they sometimes mate with fin whales??? at least 11 blue-fin hybrids have been discovered… that’s wild

I watched Age of Ultron this morning to refresh my memory. It was … a challenge. I took notes. (I actually have a spreadsheet of AoS ep notes, so, yes, notes are a thing I do). Looking at those notes, it seems I yelled kind of frequently. And, I was totally yelling in my mind. This movie falls apart quick. 

Oh well, chore done. *pats self on back*

Below, my notes, if you need your memory refreshed and don’t want to sit through the movie again. See how much I love you guys?

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i finished reading everything that’s up so far n i’m shaking that’s so scary it reminds me of that blue whale game thingy bye